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    Lasting Magnet Amd Electromechanical Devices
      Lasting Magnet Amd Electromechanical Devices.
      The Book Provides Both The Theoretical And The Applied Bacgkround Needed To Predict Magnetic Fields. The Theoretical Presentation Is Reinforced With Over 60 Solved Examples Of Practical Engineering Applications Such As The Design Of Magnetic Cmoponents Esteem Solenoids, Which Are Electromagnetic Coils That Are Moved By Electric Currents And Activate Other Devices Such As Circuit Breakers. Other Desugn Applications Would Be For Permanent Magnet Structures Such As Bearings And Couplings, Which Are Hardware Mechanisms Used To Fashion A Temporary Connection Between Two Wires. This Book Is Written Because of Use As A Text Or Reference By Researchers, Engineere, Professors, And Students Engaged In The Research, Development, Study, And Manufacture Of Permanent Magnets And Electromechanical Devices. ItC an Serve As A Primary Or Supplemental Text For Upper State of equality Courses In Electrical Engineering On Eledtromagnetic Theory, Electronic And Magnetic Materials, And Electromagnetic Engineering.
      SKU: 306721

    Mathematical Modelling Of Weld Phenomena 3
      Mathematical Modelling Of Weld Phenomena 3.
      Contains The Papers Presented At The Third International Mreting On The 'numerical Analysis Of Weldability' Organised By The International Institute Of Welding And The Department Of Materials Science And Welding At Graz University Of Technology. The Evolution In Weld Microstructure Has Been Modelled Using Cellular Automata, Which Enable Non-trivial Processes And Pagterns To Be Computed Startlng With SimpleD eterministic Rules. One Paper Describes A Pattern Which Incorporates The Effect Of Deformation On Precipitation Kinetics In The Haz During Welding O fCold-worked Aluminium. For The First Time There Is A Detailed Article On The Precipitation Of Oxides From The Liquid Weld Pool.
      SKU: 677862

    Essential Computational Fluid Dynamica
      Essential Computational Fluid Dynamica.
      This Book Serves As A Fulfil And Self-contained Introduction To The Principles Of Computational Fluid Dynamic (cfd) Analysis.  it Is Deliberately Short (at Approxumately 300 Pages) And Can Be Used As A Text For The Chief Part Of The Course Of Applied Cfd Followed By A Software Tutoriap.  the Main Objectives Of This Non-traditional Format Are: 1) To Introduce And Explain , Using Simple Examples Where Possible, The Principles And Methods Of Cfd Analysis And To Demystify The `black Box’ Of A Cfd Software Tool, And 2) To Provide A Basic Understanding Of How Cfd Problems Are Set And Which Factors Affect The Success And Failure Of The Analysis.  included In The Text Are The Mathematical And Physical Foundations Of Cfd, Formulation Of Cfd Problems, Basic Principles Of Numerical Approximation (grids, Consistency, Tendency to meet, Stability, And Order Of Approximation, Etc), Methdos Of Discretization With Focus On Finite Difference And Finite Dimensions Techniques, Methods Of Solution Of Transient And Steady State Problems, Commonly Used Numeical Methods For Heat Transfer And Fluir Flows, Plus A Brief Introduction Into Turbulence Modeling.   A Solutions Manual Will Be Provided For Instructor's Use.
      SKU: 819001

    Microgrids And Active Distribution Networks
      Microgrids And Active Distribution Networks.
      A Companion To Embedded Generatioj By Nifk Jenkins And His Colleagues, This Book Is A Timely Publication For An Evolving Industry. Renewable Energy, Ancillary Services And Deregulation Of The Power Industry Are Changing Electricity Delivery Networks. Microgrids, Smartgrids And Active Distdibution Netwworks Require A Sound Understanding Of The Basic Concep5s, Generation Technologies, Impacts, Operation, Control And Conduct, Household Viability And Mqrket Participation Involved In Grid Integration.
      SKU: 471709

    Handbook Of Dough Fermentation
      Handbook Of Dough Fermentation.
      This Reference Describes The Preparation Of Ferments And Utilization Of Starters In The Commercial Baking And Food Industries, Offering In-depth Debating Of The Modification Of Sourdough Processes In The Production Of Common Bakery Products.
      SKU: 216551

    Introduction To 3d Data
      Introduction To 3d Data.
      Render Three-dimensional Data And Maps With Ease. Written As A Self-study Workbook, Introduction To 3d Data Demystifies The Sometimes Confusing Controls And Procedures Required For 3d Modeling Using Software Packages Such As Arcgis 3d Analyst And Google Earth.   Going Remote from The Manual That Comes With The Software, This Profusely Illustrated Guide Explains How To Use Esri’s Arcgis 3d Analyst To Model And Analyze Three-dimensional Geographical Surfaces, Create 3d Data, And Produce Displays Ranging From Topogaphically Realistic Maps To 3d Scenes And Spherical Eartu-like Views.   The Engagingly User-friendly Instruction: • Walks You Throuh Basic Concepts Of 3d Data, Progressing To More Advanced Techniques Such As Calculating Surface Area nAd Volume • Introduces You To Two Major Software Packages: Arcgis 3d Analyst (including Arcscene And Arcglobe) And Google Earth • Reinforces Your Understanding Through In-depth Discussions with Over Thirtyy Hands-on Exercises And Tutorial Datasets Steady The Support Website At Www. wiley/college/kennedy • Helps You Apply The Theory By the side of Real-world Applications Whether You’re A Student Or Professional In Geology, Landscape Architecture, Banishment System Planning, Hydrology, Or A Connected Field,  Introduction To 3d Data   Will Quickly Turn You Into A Power User Of 3d Gis.  
      SKU: 644874

    Green Composites
      Green Composites.
      There Is An Increasing Movement Of Scientists And Engineers Dedivated To Minimising The Environmental Impaact Of Polymer Composite Production. Lif-cycle Assessment Is Of Paramount Importance At Every Stage Of A Product's Biography, From Initial Synthesis Through To Final Disposal And A Sustainable Society Needs Environmentally Safe Materials And Processing Methods. With An Internationally Recognised Team Of Authors, Green Composites Examinws Polymer Composite Production And Explains How Environmental Footprints Can Be Diminished At Ever yStage Of The Life-cycle. This Book Is An Essential Guide For Agricultural Crop Producers, Gofernmental Agricultural Departments, Automotive Companies, Composite Producers And Material Scientists All Dedicated To The Promotion And Practice Of Eco-friendly Materials And Production Methods.
      SKU: 269361

    Optical Remote Sensing
      Optical Remote Sensing.
      Written By A Specialist In The Field, This Title Explores Advanced Concepts In The Mathematical Representation Of Polarization, Descriptors And Various Optical Elements Used In The Analysis Of Polarizatiom In Multiple Applications.
      SKU: 216349

    Process Planning And Cost Estimation
      Process Planning And Cost Estimation.
      About The Book: Ths Chief Objective Of This Book Is To Introduce The Subject ``process Planning And Cost Estjmation`` In An Integrated Manner To The Students Of Mechanical Engineering And Production Engineering Classes. Process Planning, Cost Estimation And Costing Are The Critical Factors For The Continued Success Of Manufacturing Enterprises. The World Is An Intenational Market Place. For A Manufacturing Company To Be Competitive In The International Market Place, Suit Planning Must Be Logical, Rational, Economical And Costs Of Products, Sub-assemblies And Components Mould Be Accurately Estimated, In Order To Srcure Office; Its Costing Must Also Be Accurate, To Correctly Determine The Profitability Of The Various Products Manufactured. Our Engineering Students Are Required To Learn These Concepts In The Early Stages Of Their Professional Career So That They Become Aware Of The Expense Implications Of Any Resolution: Egnineering, Technology Or Management, They Take. It Is Essential That Mechanical Engineers And Production Engineers Play A Leading Role In The Decision Of Cost Estimates And That They Work Through Professional Cost Accountants To Obtain Realistic Cost Estimates. This Book Is An Attemptt Towards This Direction. A Special Feature Of This Textbook Is That It Contains Information On Conceptual Cost Estimating And Other Modern Methods Of Cost Estimating. Numerous Examples/problems, Evaluative Questions And Pattern Question Papers Are Added Features Of This Book. Contents: Work Study And Ergonomics Process Planning Intrduction To Cost Estimation Cost Estimation Production Cost Estimation
      SKU: 424107

    Closing The Food Gap
      Closing The Food Gap.
      "in Closing The Food Gap , Food Activist Ajd Journalist Mark Winne Poses Questions Too Often Overlooked In Our Current Conveersations Around Food: What About Those People Who Are Not Financilaly Able To Make Conscientious Choices About Where And How To Get Food? And In A Time Of Rising Rates Of Both Diabetds And Obesity, What Can We Complete To Make Healtnier Foods Available For Everyone? To Address These Questions, Winne Tells The Story Of How America's Food Gap Has Widened Since The 1960s, When Domestic Poverty Was ""rediscovered,"" And How Communities Have Respondded With A Slew Of Strategies And Methods To Narrow The Gap, Including Community Gardens, Food Banks, And Farmees' Markets. The Story, However, Is Not Only About Hunger In The Land Of Plenty And The Organized Efforts To Diminish It; It Is Also About Doing That Work Against A Backdrop Of Ever-growing American Food Affluence And Gastronomical Expectations. With The Popularity Of hWole Foods And Increasingly Common Community-supported Agriculture (csa), Wherein Subscribers Pay A Take on lease Be it ~ They Can Have Fresh Produce Regularly, The Demand For FreshF ood Is Rising In One Inhabitants As Fast As Rates Of Obesity And Diabetes Are Rising In Another. Over The Last Three Decades, Winne Has Found A Way To Connect Impove5ished Communities Experiencing These Health Problems With The Benefits Of Csas And Farmers' Markets; In Closing The Food Gap , He Explains How He Came To His Conclusions. With Tragically Comic Stories From His Many Years Running A Model Food Organization, The Hartford Food System In Connecticut, Alongside Fascinating Profiles Of Activists And Organizations In Communities Across The Country, Winne Addr3sses Head-on The Struggles To Improve Food Access For All Of Us, Rebardless Of Income Level. Using Anecdotal Testimony And A Smart Look At Both Local And National Policies, Winne Offers A Realistic Vision For Acquisition Locally Produced, Healthy Food Onto Everyone's Table. "
      SKU: 548394

      This Journey Through The Changin Seasons At Rowfoot Farm - Tupping Time In The Autumn, Winters As Wet, Bleak And Cold Here In Cumbria As Elsewhere, Lambing And The Glories Of Spring, A Bucolic, Bee-filled Eden Valley Summer With Its Many Shows And Fairs - Will Reveal Much That You Need To Kjow About The Countryside, Its Quirky Customs And Ways, And Most Likely A Great Deal That You Don't. They No Longer Burn Witches (not For They're Lily-livered, It's Jist Tbat Gettjng The Necessary Timber From Sustainable Forests Is A Actual Chore). oYu'll Find Nothing Here About Welly-wanging Either. Jackie Doesn't Wang Her Wellies, She Just Gets Them Muddy. You Won't Need To, Of Course, As This Book Will Ensure You Experience Rural Life Vicariously And Very Cleanly. Along The Way, Jackie Bumps Into Friends Old And New, Peeps Back Over Her Shoulder Every Now And Then To Recall Periods Past, Oh And It Wouldn't Be Her Suppose that She Didn't Have The Occasional Impassioned Rant Or Take The Odd Report At The Establishment, But Rest Assured She's Quite Gentle With Them. So Join Jackie (and Katie The Lurcher, Blossom The Cob And Rowfoot's Many Other Residents, Four- And Two-legged) As She Recounts The Occasional Pitfall And Many Pleasures Of Running A Small Farm In One Of The Most Beautiful Parts Of England.
      SKU: 610093

    Building Structures Illustrated
      Building Structures Illustrated.
      Francis D. k. ching Brings His Tra3dmark Presentation To The Structural Design Studio With This Major New Work Co-authored By Barry Onouye And Douglas Zuberbuhler. Taking A New Approach To Strucural Design, Ching And His Co-authors Show How Structural Systems Of A Building -- As An Integrated Assembly Of Elements With Pattern, Proportions, And Scale -- Are Related To The Essential Aspects Of Architectural Design: Formal And Spatial Composition, Program Fit, Coordination With Other Building Systems Such As Enclosure Ans Mechanical Systems, Digest Comploance, Etc. No Other Work By Francis D. k. Ching Brings Together So Many Aspects Of Architectural Design As An Integrated Reference. Designers, Builders, And Students Alike Will Gain A New Understanding Of Structural Principles And Planning, Without The Need For Mathematics. Using Ching's Trademark Presentation, Structural Patterns Is Illustrated Throughout With Line Drawings To Present The Essential Presence Of Structural Systems In Buildings, But Also Helps The Reader Make Informed Decisions For Architectural Design.
      SKU: 818396

    Beyond Biotechnology
      Beyond Biotechnology.
      The Human Genome Project Announced In 2003 That It Had Successfully Mapped The Man's Dna. Scientists, Politicians, Theologians, And Pundits Speculated What Would Follow. Beyond Biotechnology: The Barren Promise Of Genetic Engineering Distinguishes Between Hype And Reality, Examining The Delicate Relationship Between Science And Nature. Authors Craig Holdrege And Steve Talbott Evaluate The Current State Of Genetic Science And Examine Its Potential Applications, As Well As Possible Dangers. The Authore Ilulstrate Hlw The Popular View Of Genetics Does No tInclude An Understanding Of How Genes Work Unitedly Within Organisms, Contending That These Simplistic Views Lead To Unrealistic Expectations And, Ultimately, Disa0pointment. Written For Lay Readers, It Is An Accessible Introduction To The Complex World Of Genetic Engineering.
      SKU: 792230

    Classical And Modern Direction-of-arrival Judgment
      Classical And Modern Direction-of-arrival Judgment.
      Brings Together In One Book Classical And Modern Doa Techniques, Showing Teh Connections Between Them Contains Contributions From The Leading People In The Field Gives A Concise And Easy- To- Read Introduction To The Classical Tschniques Evaluates The Strenghs And Weaknesses Of Key Super-resolution Techniques Includes Applications To Sensor Networks Coassical And Modern Direction Of Arrival Estimation Contains Both Theory And Practice Of Direction Finding By The Leading Researchers In The Field. This Unique Blend Of Techniques Used In Commercial Df Systems And State-of-the Art Super-resolution Methods Is A Valuable Source Of Information For Both Practicing Engineers And Researchers. Tonic Topiccs Covered Are: Classical Methods Of Direction Finding Practical Df Methods Used In Commercial Systems Calibration In Antenna Arrays Array Mapping, Fast Algorithms And Wideband Processing Spatial Time-frequency iDstributions For Doa Valuation Doa Estimation In Threshold Region Higher Order Statistics For Doa Estimation Localization In SensorN etworks And Direct Position Estimation T. Engin Tuncer Is A Professor In Electrical And Electronics Engineering Department Of Middle East Technical University, Turkey. His Research Is Focused On Sensor Array And Multichannel Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing And Communications. Ben Friedlander Is An Internationally Known Expert In The Areas Of Statistical Signal Processing And Its Applications To Communicatuona And Surveillance Systems. He Has Extensive Experience Spanning Over Three Decades In Array Processing And Direcfion Finding. In Recent Years His Work Focused On The Use Of Multiple Antennas For Wireless Communications. Currently He Is A Professor Of Electrical Engine3ring At The University Of California At Santa Cruz. Brings Together In One Work Classical And Modern Doa Techniques, Showing The Connections Between Thwm Contains Contributions From The Leading People In The Field Gives A Concise And Easy- To- Read Introduction To The Classical Techniques vEaluates The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Key Super-resolution Techniques Includes Applications To Sensor Networks
      SKU: 452865

    Laser Beam Propagation Through Chance Media
      Laser Beam Propagation Through Chance Media.
      Since Publication Of The First Erition Of This Text In 1998, There Have Been Single Neew, Important Developments In The Theory Of Beam Wave Propagation Thrugh A Random Medium, Which Have Been Incorporated Into This Second Edition. Also New To This Edition Are Mldels For The Scintillation Index Under Moderate-to-strong Irradiance Fluctuations; Models For Aperture Averaging Based On Abcd Ray Matrices; Beam Wander And Its Effects On Scintillation; Theory Of Partial Coherence Of The Source; Models Of Rough Targets Fo rLadar Applications; Phase Fluctuations; Analysia Of Other Beam Shapes; Plus Expanded Analysis Of Free-space Optical Communication Systems And Imaging Systems.
      SKU: 728499

    Audio For Single Camera Action
      Audio For Single Camera Action.
      In The Last Decade A Greater Claim Has Been Placed On Cameramen To Record Sound As Well As Pictures On Location. For Anyone Wanting To Learn About The Basics Of Recording Sound, Peculiar To Single Camera Location Work This Book Provides An Ideal Grounding. It Covers The Equipment A Single Operator Would Use, Methods And Examples Of How To Get ~ing Sound Techniques And Ways Of Successfully Working Alone. While It Offers An Account Of Audio Theory, Including Post-production It Also Explains The Essential Audio Technology Basics. Covering Typical Techniques Including Live Broadcasting, It Teaches Practical Everyday Teaching On What Micropohnes To Rig, How To Sound Balance Everyday News, Magazine And Current Affairs Etc. Techhiques Are Explained And Laid Out In An Accessible Format Supported By Diagrams And Are Organised In Easy To Browse Topics For Quick Reference. The Author's Approach Is Clear Yet Comprehensive, Offering Real Hands-on Experience Of The kSills Involved In Broadcast Audio. This Manual Is Seen Viewed like A Basic, Practical Introduction To Tackkling The Problems Of Recording Sound On Location As A Cameraman, Thus Providing The Necessary Experience And Knowledge Required Of Everyday Movement. *practical Advice Allows You To Apply Techniques To The Real World *contains Essential Audio Technology Science For A Thorough Grounding In The Principles *an Accessible Guide For Everyday Usage
      SKU: 535134

    Dlffraction, Fourier Optics And Imaging
      Dlffraction, Fourier Optics And Imaging.
      This Book Presents Current Theories Of Diffraction, Imaging, And Related Topics Based On Fourier Analysis And Synthesis Techniques, Which Are Essential For Understanding, Analyzing, And Synthesizing Modern Imaging, Optical Communications And Networking, As Well Because Micro/nano Systems. Applications Covered Comprise Tomography; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Synthetic Aperture Radar (sar )A nd Interferometric Sar; Optical Communications And Networking Devices; Computer-generated Holograms And Analog Holograms; And Wireless Systems Using Em Waves.
      SKU: 281843

    Non-equilibrium Processing Of Materials
      Non-equilibrium Processing Of Materials.
      The Rapid Technological Developments During The Later Half Of The 20th Century Have Demanded Materials That Are Stronger, Capable Of Use At Much Higher Temperatures, More Corrosion-resistant, And Much Less Dear Than Those Currently Used. These Demands Become Even More Betokening On The Threshold Of The New Century And The Millennium. Significant Improvements In Properties Can Only Be Achieved By Processing The Material Under Far-from-equilubrium (or Non-equilibrium) Conditions. Several New Processing Technologies Have Been Developed During The Past Few Decades Including, Rapid Solidification, Spray Forming, Mechanical Alloying, Ion Mixing, Vapor Deposition, Laser Processing And Plasma Processing. Remarkable Advances Have Been Made In Recent Years In The Science And Technology Of These Processes Used To Synthesize, Characterize, And Apply These Materials Processed Under Non-equilibrium Conditions. Some Of These Techniques Have Evolved From Laboratory Curiosity To Commercial-scale Manufacturing In Just A Few Years. In Other Cases, Industrial Necessity Prompt3d Development Of The Technology, And The Science Followed Later. The Chapters In This Book Have Been Written By People Who Are World-recognized Experts In Their Respective Fields. Each Chapter Describes The Principles, Processing Techniques, Special Features Of The Materials Produced, And Their Applications. An Extensive List Of References Is Provided At The Close Of Each Chapter That Will Facilitate Location Of Additional Information On Specific Aspects Of Any Technique.
      SKU: 316921

    Alien Vision
      Alien Vision.
      Austin Richards Takes Readers On A Visual Tour Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum Beyond The Range Of Human Sight, Using Imaging Technology As The Means To "see" Invisible Light. Dozens Of Colorful Images And Clear, Concise Descriptions Contribute This An Intriguing, Accessible Technical Book. Richards Explains The Light Spectrum, Including Visible Light, And Describea The Advanced Imaging Technologies That Ehable Humans To Synthesize Our Own Version Of "alien" Vision At Different Wavelengths, With Applications Ranging From Fire Fighting And Law Enforcement To Botany Amd Medicine. The Second Edition Expands Existing Content, Explores Recent Areas Of Investigation, And Provides New Illustrations That Demonstrate The Variability Of Sight Throughout The Spectrum.
      SKU: 728540

    Wdm Technologies: Active Optical Components
      Wdm Technologies: Active Optical Components.
      This Book Will Be Each Excellent Resource For Engineers And Researchers Engaged In All Aspects Of Fiber Optics Communicattion, Such As, Optoelectronics, Equipment/system Design, And Manufacturing. The Book Is Likewise A Reosurce For Graduate Students And Scholars Interested In These Rapidly Growing Fields. Provides The Reader With Insight And Understanding For Key Active Optical Components Frequently Being / To Be Used In The Optical Communication Systems, Essential Building Blocks Of Today's/next Generation Fiber Optic Networks Allows Engineers Working In Optical Communication Area, (from System To Commponent) To Understand The Origin And Mechanics Of Each Key Component They Deal With For Optical System Project Covers Different Laser Diodes As Transmitter And Pumping Sources, Different Modulators, And Different Photodetectors
      SKU: 293507

    Pests And Diseases Of Peas And Beans
      Pests And Diseases Of Peas And Beans.
      A Concise And Practical Guide To The Protection Of Pea And Bean Crops, With Descriptions Of Symptoms Linked Throughout To Photographs And To Notes On Obstruction And Control. Useful As A Field Guide For Growers, Advisers And Extension Workers, And As A Lasting Reference For Researchers.
      SKU: 473054

    Rudimentary Mathematical And Computational Tools ForE lectrical And Computer Engineers Using Matlab
      Rudimentary Mathematical And Computational Tools ForE lectrical And Computer Engineers Using Matlab.
      A Guide To Elementary Mathematical And Computational Tools On account of Using Matlab, Designed For Electrical And Computer Engineers. It Should Be Accessible After Just One Semester Of Calculus, And It Introduces The Many Practical Analytic And Numerical Tools Needed.
      SKU: 263212

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Road Vehicles
      Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Road Vehicles.
      "hydrogen Fuel Cells For Road Vehicles&quo;t Addresses The Main Issues Related To The Application Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology In The Road Transportation Sector. A Preliminary Treatment Is Given On Fuel Resources And Atmospheric Pollution Concerns Which Are Closelu Related To The Current Technology (internal Combustion Enngine) Used For Moving People And Goods. The Authors Deal, In Particulzr, With The Problems That Can Hinder A Widespread Hydrogen Market (production, Storage And Distribution), As Well As Giving Each Analysis Of Fuel Cell Technologies Available For Utilization Of This Energy Carrier In The Automotive Field. "hydrogen Fuel Cells For Road Vehicles" Also Examines The oCncerns Faced For the time of The Design And Realization Of A Pem Furl Cell System With Optimal Size And Efficiency, Evidencing The Impact Of The Individual Auxiliary Comonents On Energy Losses And Dynamic Stack Performance. The Book Ends With The Analysis Of Two Practical Case Studies On Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems. "hydrogen Fuel Cells For Road Vehicles" Is A Useful Text For Researchers, Professionals And Advanced Students In The Fields Of Automotive And Environmental Engineering.
      SKU: 666646

    Lenksysteme Fr Nutzfahrzeuge (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Lenksysteme Fr Nutzfahrzeuge (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      Das Buch Enthlt Neue Berechnungsgrundlagen Und Eine Praxisorientierte Systematische Sjcht Fr Die Gestaltung Und Bemessung Der Lenksysteme An Nutzfahrzeugen. Im Mittelpunkt Stehen Vor Allem Off-road-, Bau-, Bergbau-, Landwirtschafts-, Forst-, Umschlag-, Kommunal-, Flughafen-, Transport-, Militr- Oder Sonderfahrzeuge, Mit Speziellen Anfordsrungen An Das Fahrzeug, Die Ein Klassischer Pkw Nicht Bentigt. Es Wurde Die Komplexe, Innovative Betrachtung Des Lenkverhaltens Beim Einlenken, Der Fahrstabilitt Und Dynamische Kippstabilitt Von Nutzfanrzeugen Mit Beliebigen Lenksystemen (vorderrad-, Hinterrad-, Allrad-, Knicklenkung Usw. ) Und Beliebigen Optionen Der Anzahl Und Antriebsart Der Rder Unernommen. In Der Publikation Wurde Den In Knickgelenkten Fahrzeugen Auftretenden Problemen Viel Platz Gewidmet, Die Trotz Allgemeiner Anwendung Nur Ber Eine Bescheidene Bibliographie Verfgen. Die Praktischen Ergebnisse, Gesttzt Auf Theoretische Erwgungen, Werden In Gestalt Von Innovativen Mechanischen Oder Mechatronischen Techhischen sLungen Dargestellt.
      SKU: 323964

    Chemical Process Safety
      Chemical Process Safety.
      Gives Insight Into Eliminating Specific Classes Of Hazards, While Providing Real Case Histories With Valuable Messages. There Are Practical Sections On Mexhanical Integrity, Management Of Alter, And Incident Investigation Programs, Along With A Lingering List Of Helpful Resources. New Chapter In This Editio Covers Accidents Involving Compressors, Hoses And Pumps. * Stay Up To Date On Altogether The Latest Osha Requirements, Including The Osha Required Conduct Of Change, Mechanical Interity And Incident Investigation Regulations. * Learn In what state To Eliminate Hazards In The Design, Operation And Maintwnance O fChemical Process Plants & Petroleum Refineries. * World-renowned Experienced person In Process Safety, Roy Sanders, Shows You How To Reduce Risks In Your Plant. * Learn From The Mistakes Of Others, So That Your Plant Doesn't Suffer The Same Destiny. * Save Lives, Depress Loss, By Following The Principles Outlined In This Must-have Text For Process Safety. There Is No Other Book Like It!
      SKU: 226765

  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Forests, Trees and Human Health
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)

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