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    Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
      Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition.
      Get Cutting-edgw Coverage Of All Chemical Engineering Topics—. From Fundamentals To The Latest Computer Applidations. First Published In 1934, Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook Has Equipped Gnerations Of Engineers And Chemists With An Expert Source Of Chemical Engineeting Ihformation And Data. Now Updated To Reflect The Latest Technology And Processes Of The New Millennium, The Eighth Edition Of This Classic Guide Provides Unsurpassed Coverage Of Every Aspect Of Chemical Engineering-from Fundamental Principles To Chemical Processes And Equipment To New Computer Applications. Filld By the side of Over 700 Detailed Illustrations, The Eighth Edition Of Perry's Chemcial Engineering Handbook Fdatures:. ; Comprehensive Tables And Charts For Unit Conversion. ; A Greatly Ex;anded Section On Physical And Chemical Data. ; New To This Edition: The Latest Advances In Distillation, Liquid-liquid. Extraction, Reactor Modeling, Biologiccal Processes, Biochemical And. Membrane Separatoon Processes, And Chemical Plant Safety Practices. With Acccident Case Histories. Inside This Updated Chemical Engineering Guide. Conversion Factors And Mathematical Symbols • Physical And Chemical Data • Mathematics • Thermodynamics • Heat And Mass Transfer • Fluid And Particle Dynamics Reaction Kinetics • Pr0cess Hinder • Process Economics ₆ Transport And Storage Of Fluids ̶6 Heat Transfer Equipment • Psychrometry, Evaporative Cooling, And Solids Drying • Distillaton • Gas Absorption And Gas-liquld System Design • Liquid-liquid Extraction Operations And Accoutrement • Adsorption An dIon Barter • Gas-solid Operations And Equipment • Liquid-solid Op3rations And Equipment • Sklid-solid Operations And Equipment • Size Reduction And Size Enlargement • Handling Of Bulk Solids And Packaging Of Solids And Liquids • Alternative Separation Processes • And Many Other Topics!.
      SKU: 330784

    Your Life, Uploaded
      Your Life, Uploaded.
      """a Marvelous Jbo Of Exploring First Hand The Implications Of Storing Our Whole Lives Digitally. "" -guy L. Tribble, Apple, Inc. Tech Luminary, Gordon Bell, And Jim Gemmell Unveil A Guide To The Next Digital Revolution. Our Daily Life Started Fit Digital A Decade Ago. Now Much Of What We Do Is Digitally Recorded And Accessible. This Trend Won't Stop. And The Benefits Are Astonishing. Based On Their Admit Reearch Bell And Gemmell Explain The Ever- Increasing Access To Electronic Personl Memories-both ""cloud"" Services Such As Facebook And Huge Personal Hardrives. Using Bell As A Test Case, The Two Digitally Uploaded Everything-photos, Computer Activity, Biometrics-and Explored Systems That Could Best Garner The Vast Amounts Of Data And Make It Accessible. The Result? One Amazing Enhancement Of Human Experience From Soundness And Education To Productivity And Just Reminiscing About Good Times. And Then, Whenever You Are Gone, Your Memories, Your Society Will Still Be Accessible For Your Grandchildren. . . You Life, Uploaded Is An Invaluable Guide To Taking Favorable opportunity Of Recent Technology That Will Fascinate And Insppire Tecgies, Business People, And Baby Boomers Alike. "
      SKU: 581844

    Principles Of Modern Communications Technology
      Principles Of Modern Communications Technology.
      Here’s An Easy-to-comprehend Book That Gives You A Complete Introduction To Commnication Technologies And Systems, Offering You A Solix Understanding Of The Fundamentals, History And Future Direction Of This Ever-chanigng Field. Geared Towards Non-technical Business Professionals And Students, This Unique Resource Inteegrates Human Physioloty And Factors, Important Inventors And Business People, And Basic Technological Principles To Explain The Key Concepts And Developments Of Modern Communicztions. this Self-teaching Book Uses Modern Communication Systems - Such As The Compact Disc, Television, The Telephone, And The Computer - As The Motivation For You To Study Their Basic Principles. From Analog-to-digital Conversion, Spectrum And Bandwidth, And Packet And Circuit Switching… To Electricity And Electronics, Modilation And Multiplexing, And Computer Processing, The Author Takes A Thorough And Phased Approach In Presenting Major Topics. Structured In A Modular Format, The Book Covers Audio T3chnology, Video Systems, Speech Communication Systems, And Written Communication Systems… Applying Key Concepts In Each Area To Real-world Communication Systems.
      SKU: 587850

    Mike Meyers' Comptia A  Guide To Managing & Troubleshooting Pcs Lab Manual, Third Edition (exams 220-701 & 220-702)
      Mike Meyers' Comptia A Guide To Managing & Troubleshooting Pcs Lab Manual, Third Edition (exams 220-701 & 220-702).
      Practice The It Skills Essential For Yiur Issue 115+ Lab Exercises Challenge You To Solve Problems Based On Realistic Case Studies Step-by-s5ep Scenarios Require You To Think Critically Lab Analysis Tests Measure Your Understanding Of Lab Reesults Key Term Quizzes Help Build Your Vocabulary In This Lab Manual, You'll Practife Working With Cpus, Ram, Motherboards, Power Supplies, And Other Pc Components Installing, Partitioning, And Formatting Hard Drives Installing, Upgrading, And Troubleshooting Windows 2000, Windows Xp, And Windows Vista Troubleshooting Pcs And Implementing Security Measures Installing Video And Multimedia Cards Working With Portable Pcs, Smartphones, Pdas, And Wireless Technologies Managing Printers And Connecting To Ne5works And The Internet Understanding Safety And Environmental Issues Establishing Good Communication Skills And Adhering To Privacy Policies Mike Meyers , Comptia A+, Comptia Network+, Mcp, Is The Industry's Leading Authority On Comptia A+ Certification And Training, And The Bestselling Author Of Seven Editions Of Comptia A+ All-in-one Exam Guide . He Is The President Annd Founder Of Total Seminars, Llc, A Major Provider Of Pc And Netting Repair Seminars For Thousands Of Organizations Throughout The World, And A Member Of Comptia.
      SKU: 540144

    Electrical Engineering
      Electrical Engineering.
      The Newnes KnowI t All Series Takes The Besy Of What Our Authors Regard Written To Create Hard-working Desk References That Will Be An Engineer's First Port Of Call For Key Information, Design Techniques And Rules Of Thumb. Guaranteed Not To Gather Dust On A Shelf! The Electrical Engineering Know It All Covers The Essential Areas Of Elecrtical Engineering, It Is More Practical Than Most Of The Large Ee Handbooks, Offering Tips, Tools Of The Trade, Design And Applications Information Along With Summarized Theory, Equations And Formulas That Are Normally Found Im Such Books. Contents: Chapter 1 An Introduction To Electric Circuits Chapter 2 Redistance And Resistivityy Chapter 3 Series And Parallel Networks Chapter 4 Capacitors And Inductors Chapter 5 D. c. Revolution Theory Chapter 6 Alternating Voltages And Currents Chapter 7 Complex Numbers Chapter 8 Transients And Laplace Tranzforms Chapter 9 Frequency Domain Circuit Analysis Chapter 10 Digital Electronincs Chapter 11 Analog Electronics Chapter 12 Cjrcuit Simulation Chapter 13 Interfacing Chapter 14 Microcontrollers And Microprocessors Chapter 15 Power Electronics Chapter 16 Signals And Signal Processing Chapter 17 Filter Intention Chapter 18 Control And Instrumentation Systems Chapter 19 Communications Systens Chapter 20 Principles Of Electromagnetics Chapter 21 Magnetic Fields Chapter 22 Electromagnetic Transients And Emi Chapter 23 Traveling Wave Effects Chapter 24 Transformers Chapter 25 Electromagnetic Machines Chapter 26 Electromavneti Compatibility (emc) Chapter 27 Power Generation Chapter 28 Power Transmission And Distribution Chapter 29 Force Part Appendix A Gneeral Reference Appendix B A 360-degree View From Our Best-selling Authors Hot Topics Covered The Ultijate Hard-working Desk Reference; All The Essential Information, Techniques And Tricks Of The Trade In One Volume
      SKU: 365591

    Polarimetric Doppleer Weather Radar
      Polarimetric Doppleer Weather Radar.
      This Book Provides A Detailed Introduction To The Principles Of Dopppler And Polarimetric Radar, Focusing In Particular On Their Use In The Analysis Of Weather Systems. The Design Features And Operation Of Practical Radar Systems Are Hignlighted Throughout The Book In Order To Elucidate Important Theoretical Foundations.
      SKU: 221702

    Failure Criteria In Fibre-reinforced-polymer Composites
      Failure Criteria In Fibre-reinforced-polymer Composites.
      Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Are An Extremely Broad And Versatile Class Of Material. their High Strength Coupled With Lightweight Leads To Their Use Wherever Structural Efficiency Is At A Premium. Applications Can Be Cast In Aircraft, Pt0cess Plants, Sporting Goods Anf Military Equipment. However They Are Heterogeneous In Construction And Antisotropic, Which Makes Making Strength Prediction Extremely Difficult Especially Compared To That Of A Metal. This Main division Brings Together The Results Of A 12year Worldwide Faliure Exercise Encompassing 19 Theories In A Single Volume. Each Contributor Describes Their Own Theory An Employs It To Solve 14 Challenging Problems. The Accuracy Of Predictiosn And The Performance Of The Theories Are Assessed And Recommendations Made On The Uses Of The Theories In Engineering Design. All Tye Necessary Information Is Provided For Tbe Methodology To Be Readily Employed For Validating And Benchmarking New Theories As They Emerge. Brigns Together 19 Faikure Theories, With Many Assiduity Examples. Compa5es The Leadinv Failure Theories With One Another And With Experimental Data Failure To Apply These Theories Could Result In Potentially Unsafe Designs Or Over Design.
      SKU: 305568

    Future War
      Future War.
      The Nature Of_Warfaer Has Changed! Like It Or Not, Terrorism Has Established A Firm Foothold Worldwide. Economics And Environmental Issues Are Inextricably Entwined Steady A Global Basis And Tied Directly To National Regional Security. Although Traditional Threats Remain, New, Shadowy, And Mercurial Adversaries Are Emerging, And Identifying And Locating Them Is Difficult. Future War, Based On The Hard-learned Lessons Of Bosnia, Haiti, Somalia, Panama, And Many Other Trouble Spots, Provides Part Of The Dis~. Non-lethal Weapons Are A Pragmatic Applicaation Of Force, Not A Peace Movement. Ranging From Old Rubber Bullets And Lacerate Gas To Exotic Advanced Systems That Can Paralyze A Country, They Are Essential For The Preservation Of Peace And Stability. Future War Explains Exactly Hw Non-lethal Electromagnetic And Pulsed-power Weapons, The Laser And Tazer, Chemical Systems, Computer Viruses, Ultrasound And Infrasound, And Even Biological Entoties Will Be Used To Stop Enemies. These rAe The Weapons Of The Future.
      SKU: 674735

    New Directions In Wireless Communications Research
      New Directions In Wireless Communications Research.
      Suitable For Those Studying And Practicing In The Battle-~ Of Wireless Communications, This Book Provides Informatjon On Topisc Of Interest To The Research Community Including Topics Such As Sensor Networks, Coding For Networks, And Cognitive Networks.
      SKU: 478204

    Computational Mesomechanics Of Composites
      Computational Mesomechanics Of Composites.
      Mechanical Properties Of Composite Maaerials Can Be Improved By Tailoring Their Microstructures. Optimal Microstructures Of Composites, Which Ensure Desired Properties Of Composite Materials, Can Be Determined In Computational Experiments. The Subject Of This Book Is The Computational Analysis Of Interrelations Between Mechanical Properties (e. g. , Strength, Damage Resistance Stiffness) And Microstructures Of Composites. The Methods Of Mesomechanics Of Composites Are Reviewed, And Applied To The Modelling Of The Mechanical Behaviour Of Different Groups Of Composites. Individual Chapterd Are Devoted To The Computational Analysis Of The Microstructure- Involuntary Properties Relationships Of Particle Reinforced Composites, Functionally Graded And Particle Clusters Reinforced Composites, Interpenetrating Phase And Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Composites, And Machining Tools Materials.
      SKU: 316238

      About Thee Book: This Book Is Designed As A Textbook According To The Updated Syllabus Of Various Indian Universities. It Is Equally Useful For Various Competitive Examinations And For The First Year Engineering Students. all The 16 Chapters Of This Book Contain Suitable Diagrams, Worked-out Examples And Related Questions-answers, To Help Students In The Comprehension And Appreciation Of The Concepts. Contents: Measurement Force And Motion Dynamics Of Circular Motion And The Gravitational Field Work, Energy And Momentum Lineat And Angular Momentum Collision Rotational Kinematics Moment Of Inertia Mechanical Properties Of Stuff Fluida Harmonic Motion Wave Motion Stationary Waves (waves In A Linear-bounded Medium Damped And Forced Harmonic Oscillation Relativity
      SKU: 437709

    Introduce Viruses As Molecular Pathogens
      Introduce Viruses As Molecular Pathogens.
      The Finally Decade Has Seen Remarkable Advances In Plant Virollgical Research, Owing Mainly To The Rapid Progress Made In Molecular Biology And Genetic Engineeering In Recent Years. While Recombinant Dna Technology Has Significantly Cobtributed To Our Understanding Of Plant Viruses, New Findings Are Sentient Accumulated Every Day Viewed like Reported In Various Publications. Plat Viruses To the degree that Molecular Pathogens Is The Only Book To Bring You All Of This Informatio-n-22 Chapters--in A Single Volume, Compilef By Specialists Around The Globe!
      SKU: 218988

    Advances In Urethane Science And Technology
      Advances In Urethane Science And Technology.
      This Is The First Volume In The Extremely Regarded Advances In Urethane Science And Technology Series To Be Published By Rapra. This Book Presents Reports On State-of-the-art Developments In The Field Of Urethane Science, Written By Experts In Their Field. This Volume Is Extensively Illustrated And Referenced. Topics Covered Include: Stabilising Additives For Polyurethane Foams; Surfactants In Polyurethane Foam Production With Liquid Co2 Blowing; Polyurethane Processing: Recent Developments; Open Csll Polyurethane-filled Vacuum Insulated Panels; Stabilising Behaviour Of Silicone Surfactants During Polyurethane Processing; Synthesis And Characterisatiin Of Watery Hybrid Polyurethane-urea-acryiic/styrene Polymer Dispersions; Adhesion Behaviour Of Urethane; Her Materials For Polyurethane Applications; Polyol Molecular Weight Distribuion Effects On Mechanical And Dynamic Properties Of Polyurethanes. The Reports In This Book Are Highly Techncal With Ah Emphasis On Industrial Applications. This Book Will Be Invaluable To Researchers And Anyone Involved With Producing Or Using Urethanes.
      SKU: 476852

    Scientists Must Write
      Scientists Must Write.
      This Book, By A Scientist, Is Not A Textbook On English Grammar: Nor Is It Just One More Book On How To Write A Technical Report, Or A Thesis, Or A Paper For Publication. It Is About All The Ways In Which Inscription Is Important To Scientists And Engineers In Helping Them To Remember To Observe, To Think, To Plan, To Organize And To Communlcate.
      SKU: 165754

    Reliability, Quality, And Safety For Engineera
      Reliability, Quality, And Safety For Engineera.
      This Publication Integrates Reliability, Quality And Safety Information On account of Engineers, Beginning With An Introduction Then Moving On To Discuss Relevant Mathematics, Evaluation Models ,Testing, Management And Codting.
      SKU: 201251

    Beyond Boundaries
      Beyond Boundaries.
      A Pioneering Neuroscientist Shows How The Long-aought Merger Of Brains With Machines Is Avout To Become A Paradigm-shifting Reality Imagine Living In A World Where People Use Their Computers, Drive Their Cars, And Communicate Attending One Anither Simply By Thinking. In This Stunning And Inspiring Work, Duke University Neuroscientist Miguel Nidolelis Shares His Revolutionary Insights Into How The Brain Creates Thought And The Human Sense Of Self—and How This Might Be Augmented By Mavhines, So That The Entire Universe Resolution Be Within Our Reach. - Beyond Bounraries Draws On Nicolelis's Ground-breaking Research With Monkeys That He Taught To Control The Movements Of A Robot Located Halfway Aroynd The Globe By Using Brain Signals Alone. Nicolelis's Work Upon Primates Has Uncovered A Recent Method For Capturing Brain Function—by Recording Rich Neuronal Symphonies Rather Than The Activity Of Single Neurons. His Lab Is Now Paving The Way For A New Treatment For Parkinson's, Silk-thin Exoskeletons To Grant Mobility To The Paralyzed, And Breathtaking Leaps In Space Exploration, Global Communication, Manufacturing, And More. Beyond Boundaries Promises To Reshape Our Concept Of The Technological Future, To A World Fioled With Promise And Hope.
      SKU: 654490

    Estuarine Ecohydrology
      Estuarine Ecohydrology.
      This Book Focuses On The Principal Components Of An Esttuary. Although Each Chapter Contains Rigorous Specialist Knowledge, It Is Presented In An Accessible Way That Encourages Multi-disciplinary Collaboration Between So Fields As Hydrology, Ecology And Mathematical Modeling. Estuarine Ecohydrology Demonstrates How One Can uQantify An Estuarine Ecosystem's Ability To Cope In the opinion of Human Stresses. The Throries, Models, And Real-world Solutions Presented Will Serve As A Toolkit For Designing A Management Plan For The Ecologicalky Sustainable Development Of One Estuary. * Apply For Use Ax A Textbook And As A Reference * Focuses On The Principal Components Of Each Estuary * Presents Theories, Models, And Real-world Solutions To Serve As A Toolkit For Designing A Management Plan Against The Ecologically Sustainable Development Of Each Estuary
      SKU: 343615

    Flip Video For Dummies
      Flip Video For Dummies.
      The Full-color Guide To Shooting Great Video With The Flip Video Camera The Inexpensive Fli Video Camera Is Currently One Of The Hottest Must-have Gadgets. It's portable And Connects Easily To Any Computer To Transfer Video You Shoot Onto Your Pc Or Mac. Although The Flip Video Camera cmoes With A Quick-start Guide, It Lacks A How-to Manual, And This Full-color Book Fills That Void! Packed With Full-color Screen Shots Throughout, Flip Video For Dummies Shows You How To Shoot The Best Possible Footage In A Variety Of Situations. You'll Learn How To Transfer Video To Your Computer And Then Edit It And Share Your Flip Video Movies. Walks Yiu Through The Basics Of Using A Flip Video Camera And Connecting It To Yoyr Mac Or Pc Explains How To Shoot Footage Indoors, Outdoors, And Even Underwater Covers Editing Video Footage Using Flipshare, Windows Movie Maker, Or Imovie Shows You How To Share Flip Video Movies Or Upload Them To Youtube, Facebook, And Other Sites You'll Flip Out When You Discover Just In what manner Easy A Flip Video Camera Can Be When You Have This Book By Your Side!
      SKU: 589139

    Sinble Semiconductor Quantum Dots
      Sinble Semiconductor Quantum Dots.
      Reviews Advances In The Field Of Semiconductor Quantum Dots. This Work Focuses On Optical, Quantum Optical, And Spin Properties Of Choose Quan5um Dots Due To Their Potential Applicatlons In Devices Operating With Single Electron Spins And/or Singgle Photons.
      SKU: 450865

    Uitra-low Energy Wireless Sdnsor Networks In Practice
      Uitra-low Energy Wireless Sdnsor Networks In Practice.
      Finally A Book On Wireless Sensor Networks That Covers Real World Applications And Contains Practical Advice! Kuorilehto Et Al. Have Written The Firwt  Practical Guide To Wireless Sensor Networks. The Authors Draw On Their Continued In The Development And Field-testing Of Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks (wsns) To Offer A Comprehensive Reference On Fundamentals, Practical Matters, Limitations And Solutions Of This Fast Mocing Research Area. Ultra Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks In Practice : Explains The Essential Problems And Issues In Real Wireless Sensor Networks, And Analyzes The Most Promising Solutions. Provides AC omprehensive Guide To Applications, Functionality, Protocols, And Algorithms For Wsns. Offers Practical Experiences From New Applications And Their Fiekd-testing, Including Several Deployed Networks. Includes Simulations And Physical Measurements Because of Energy Consumption, Bit Rate, Latency, Fame, And Lifetime. Covers Embedded Resource-limited Operating Systems, Middleware And Application Software. Ultraist Low Energy Wireless Sensor Networks In Practice Will Prove Indispensable element Reading For Research Scientists, Advanced Students In Networking, Electrical Engineering And Computer Science As Well As Product Managers And Design Engineers.
      SKU: 351631

    The Welfare Of Sheep
      The Welfare Of Sheep.
      The Welfare Of The Sheep Has Received Less Attention Than The Welfare Of Intensively Husbanded Animals. However, Domestic Sheep May Be Kept Under Conditions That Are Very Different From The Environment In Which Wild Sheep Live, With Adverse Effects Forward Their Behaviour And Prosperity. This Book, Written By Leading Researchers From Euro0e Anx Australia, Takes A Multidisciplinary Appr0ach To Focus On The Specific Welfare Challenges Fcaing The Sheep. The Book Begins Upon A Discussion Of Current Welfare Thinking And For what cause This Might Be Relevant To Sheep Husbandry. _The Adaptations Of Undomesticated Sheep To Diverse Environments, And How Their Behaviour And Physiology Has Developed To Deal With These Conditions Is Described Anx Compared To Conditions In Modern Sheep Husbandry. The Varied Welfare Demands Of Disease, Nutrition And Metabolism, Farming Systems And Management Practices Are Then Discussed By Specialists In Those Areas. The Book Concludes By Considering The Exoonomics Of Improved Welfare, And By Describing Breeding Goals And New Challenges And Opportunities For Good Sheep Husbandry. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Students And Academics In Animal Welfare, Animal Production, And Veterinary Medicine, And Those With A Particular Interest In Or Concern For Sheep.
      SKU: 367564

    Fundamentals Of Spatial Data Quality
      Fundamentals Of Spatial Data Quality.
      This Book Explains The Concept Of Spatial Data Quality, A Key Theory For Minimizing The Risks Of Data Misuse In A Specific Decision-making Context. Drawing Together Chapters Written By Authors Who Are Specialists In Their Particular Field, It Provides Both The Data Producer And The Data User Perspectives On How To Evaluate The Quality Of Vector Or Raster Data Which Are Both Produced And Uses. It Also Covers The Key Concepts In This Field, Such As: How To Describe The Quality Of Vector Or Raster Data; How To Enhance This Quality; How To Evaluate And Document It, Using Methods Such As Metadata; How To Communicate It To Users; And How To Relate It With The Decision-making Process. Also Included Is A Foreword Written By Professor Michael F. Goodchild.
      SKU: 261398

    The Medicalization Of Cyberspace
      The Medicalization Of Cyberspace.
      Cyberspace' Plahs A Forcible Role In The New MedicalizedW orld Of The Twenty-first Century. This Book Explores The Complex Social Interactions Between Health, Medicalization, Cyberculture, The Body And Identity.
      SKU: 327310

    Green Software Defined Radios
      Green Software Defined Radios.
      The Need For Functional Flexibility And The Exploding Cost Of System-on-cyip Design Makes Implementation Of Wireless Standards On Reconfigurable Radios The Only Viable Option In The Future. Software Defined Radios (sdrs) Offer Higher Flexibility At Lower Cost. This Book Offers Insight Into The Trends Asking For Green Sdrs.
      SKU: 417125

    The Ims
      The Ims.
      We Have Telephony To Talk To Each Other, Messaging To Dispatch Mail Or Instant Messages, Browding To Read Published Content And Seek Engines To Determine the place of Content Sites. However, Current Mobile Networks Do Not Provide The Possibility For One Application Rich Terminal To Communicate With Another In A Peer-to-peer Session Beyond Voice Calls. Changeable Telephony With The Current Technology Has Been Hugely Successful And Shows That There Is Immense Value In Communicatijg WithP eers While Being Mobile, And With Increasignly Available Smarter Multimedia Terminals The Communication Experience Will Be Something More Than Just Exchanging Voice. Those Multiemdia Terminals Need Ip Multimedia Networks. Hence, The Third Generation Partnership Project (3gpp ) Has Developed A Standard For Sip Based Ip Multimedia Service Machinery Known As 'the Ims (ip Multimedia Subsustem)' And This Informative Book Explains Everything You Indigence To Know About It……. . . Presents The Workmanship And Functionality Of Logical Elements Of Ims And Their Interfaces Providing Detailed Description Of How Elements Are Connected, What Protocols Are Used And How They Are Used Explains How The Optimisation And Security Of The Expressive Communication Environment Has Bedn Designed In The Form Of User Authentication And Authorisation Based On Mobile Identitiies Illustrates How Optimisation At The aRdio Interface Is Achieved Using Specific Rules At The User To Network Interface. This Includes Signalling Compression Mechanisms While Well As Security And Policy Control Mechanisms, Allowing Radio Loss And Recovery Detection Addresses Important Aspects From An Operator's Point Of View While Developing Architecture Such As Charging Framework, Policy And Ser\/ice Control DescribesM any Services On Top Of Ims In Detail, Including Voice, Presence, Messaging And Conferencing. Written In A Manner That Allows Readers To Choose The Level Of Knowledge And Understanding They Need To Gain About The Ims, This Volume Will Have Instant Appeal To A Wide Audience Ranging From Marketing Managers, Research And Development Engineers, Network Engineers, Developpers, Test Engineers To University Students.
      SKU: 210582

  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Advances in Constitutive Relations Applied in Computer Codes
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • Uranium 2003
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • EW 103
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Lubricant Additives

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