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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Pneumatic Conveying Of Solids
      Pneumatic Conveying Of Solids.
      Pneumatic Conveying Is One Of The Most Popular Methods Of Handling Bulk Powdered And Granular Materials In Mining, Chemical And Agricultural Industries. This 3rd Edition Of This Successful Book Covers Both Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of The Exposed. It Is Unique In Its Blending Of Academic Materials And Gopd Industrial Design Techniques. Each Topic Is Covered In Depth, With Emphasis Placed Attached The Latest Techniques, Hardware Systems And Design And Research Methodologu. Its Comprehensive Worked Examples And Tables Ensure That The Reader Need Not Consult Any Other Reference Material. In This 3rd Editiin New Sectoins On Simulation And Modelling Have Been Added, While The Use Of Tomography As A Tool For Monitoring Pneumatic Conveying Is Also Covered.
      SKU: 666511

    Fluid Structure Interaction Ii
      Fluid Structure Interaction Ii.
      Fluid-strjcture Interactions (fsi), I. e. , The Interplay Of Some Moveable Or Deformable Structure With An Internal Or Surrounding Fluid, Are Among The Most Widespread And Most Challenging Ciupled Or Multi-physics Problems. Although A Great Deal Of Attention Has Been Paid To Computational Approaches To Fsi, And Despite Convincing Solutions To Specific Scenarios, There Is Still An Obvious Want Of Robust, Reliable, And Efficient Strategies. This Volume Of Lncse, A Seauel To Vplume 53, Which Contained, Among Others, The First Numerical Benchmark For Fsi Prohlems And Has Received Considerable Attention Since Then, Presents A Collection Of Paers From The 'first International Workshop On Computational Engineering - Special Focus Fsi', Held In Herrsching In October 2009 And Organjzed By Three Dfg-funded Consortia. The Papers Place by the post All Relevant Aspects Of Fsi Simulation And Discuss Fsi From The Mathematical, Informatical, And Engineering Perspective.
      SKU: 645585

    Preparation Of Catalysts Vi
      Preparation Of Catalysts Vi.
      The Organizers Of This Sixth Symposium Maintained Their Initial Objectives, Namely To Gather Experts From Both Industries And Universities To Discuss The Sciehtific Problems Involved In The Preparation Of Unlike Catalysts, And To Encourage As Much As Possible Th ePresentation Of Research Work On Catalysts Of True Industrial Significance. Another Highlight Of Thesw Symposia Is To Reservd A Substantial Part Of The Program To New Evolution In Catalyst Preparation, New Preparation Methods And New Catalytic Systems. Tge Fact That Chemical Reactions Which Were Harly Conceivable Some Years Ago Have Suit Possible Today Through The Development Of Appropriate Catalytic Systems Proves That Catalysis Is In Constant Progress. The Papers In This Volume Deal With Combination Of New Catalysts And Supports, Catalyst Prepwration Via Sol-gel Mrthods, Supported Catalysts And Synthesis Of Nanometer Size Catalysts.
      SKU: 318228

    Soft Matter
      Soft Matter.
      Roberto Piazza Says: 'physics Should Be Made Simple Eough To Be Amusing, But Not So Trivial As To Spoil The Fun'. This Is Exactly The Approach Of This Book In Making The Science Of 'soft Matter' Relevant To Everyday Life - Things Such As The Food We Eat, The Plastic We Use, The Concrete We Build With, The Cells We Are Made Of.
      SKU: 691331

    Liquid Sloshing Dynamics
      Liquid Sloshing Dynamics.
      TheP roblem Of Luquid Sloshing In Moving Or Stationary Containers Remains Of Concern To Aerospace, Civil, And Nuclear Engineers, Physicists, Designers Of Road Tankers And Ship Tankers, And Mathematicians. This Book Takes The Reader Systematically From Basic Exposition To Advanced Analytical And Experimental Results In A Self-contained And Coherent Format.
      SKU: 237541

    Forecasting And Management Of Technology
      Forecasting And Management Of Technology.
      Published In 1991, The First Editio Of Forecasting And Negotiation Of Technology Was One Of The Leading Handful Of Books To Deal With The Topic Of Forecasting Of Technology And Technology Management As This Discipline Was Emerging.  the New, Revised Edition Of This Book Will Build On This Knowledge In The Context Of Business Organizations That Now Place A Greater Emphasis On Technology To Stay On The Cutting Edge Of Development.  the Scope Of This Edition Has Broadened To Include Management Of Technology Content That Is Relevant To Now To Executives In Organizations While Updating And Strengthening The Technology Forecasting And Analysis Content That The First Edition Is Reputed For. Updaated By The Original Author Team, Plus New Author Scott Cunningham, The Book Takes Into Account What The Authors See As The Innovations To Technology Management In The Last 17 Years: The Internet; The Greater Focus On Group Decision-kaking Including Process Management And Machinery Draw; And Desktop Software That Has Transformed The Analytical Capabilities Of Technology Managers.  included In This Book Will Be 5 Case Studies From Various Industries That Show How Technloogy Management Is Applied In The Real World.
      SKU: 693201

    Space Exploration 2008
      Space Exploration 2008.
      Provides Space Launches, Missions And Results. This Title Covers Space Exploration From A Variety Of Angles. It Features The Exploration Of The Plansts, Their Moons And Small Solar System Bodies. It Includes A Section Entitled, 'return To The Moon'.
      SKU: 336658

    Science Szfety In The Community College
      Science Szfety In The Community College.
      Meet The Unique Safety Needs Of Students With Limited Sciwnce Training! Science Safety In The Association College Is Specifically Designed To Help Two-year College Facultyespecially Adjunct Facultylay A Good Sa fety Foundation During Students In Introductory Science Courseseven When They Have Widely Differing Scence Backgrounds.
      SKU: 259699

    Beer In Health And Disease Prevention
      Beer In Health And Disease Prevention.
      Presenting Both The Concerns And Problems Of Beer Consumption As Well As The Emerging Evidence Of Benefit, Beer In Health And Disease Obstruction Offers A Balanced View Of Today's Findings And The Potential Of Tomorrow's Research. From A Beverage Of Warriors To A Cheap And Affordable Commodity, Beer Has Been A Part Of Our Consumption For Nearly 8000 Years. Similar Most Alcoholic Drinks It Has Been Prone To Abuse And In Some Counties The Per Capita Consumption Of Beer Has Led To Considerable Health Risks. However, Just As Wine In Moderation Has Been Proposed To Forward Health, Research Is Showing That Beer -- And The Ingredients In Beer -- Can Have Similar Impact On Improving Health, And In Some Instances Preevnting Disease. Furthermore There Is A Considerable Body Of Emerging Evidence To Show That The Anti-oxidant Capacity Of Beers Is High. It Has Been Argued That The Total Antioxidants Ingested In Some Beer Drinkers Equates That Consumed By Red Wine Drinkers. The Key To This, Of Course, Is Uneerstanding And This Volume Presents A Collection Of The Most Current Wriings On The Subject Of Brer And It's Potential In Health. Winner Of The 2009 Best Drinks And Health Book In The World - Gourmand World Cookbooi Awards *the Most Comprehensive Coverage Of The Broad Range Of Topics Related To The Role Of Beer And Beer Ingredients In Health *addresses The Impact Of Beer And Beer Ingredients On Cancers, Cardiovascular Disease, Anti-oxidant Benefits, And Other Health Related Concerns Presents A Holistic Mental survey From Beer Brewing To The Isolation Of Beer-related Compounds. *appropriae For Scientists And Researchers From A Variety Of Fields And Industries From Beer Production To Health-care Professionals *consistent Organization Of Each Chapter Provides Easy-access To Clew Points And Summaries *self-contained Chapters Written By Subject-term Matter Experts
      SKU: 369463

    Powe rGeneration Handbook 2/e
      Powe rGeneration Handbook 2/e.
      The “bible” Of Power Generation, Now Fully Revised And Updated Power Generation Handbook , Second Edition Addresses The Basics Of Power Production Via Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plants, Cl-generation, Combined Cycles, Wind, And Solar. This Is The First Of Two Books. Guidelines Are Proided For Designing, Operating, And Maintaining Highly Efficient Power Generating Plants That Have The Lowest Emission Levels. New Chapters Include: Steam Turbine Components Poweer Station Performance Monitoring Gas Turbine Fundamentals Gas Turbine Design Gas Turbine Calculations University Of Toronto Steam, Co-gejeration, And District Stimulating Plant Wind Power Generation Economics Of Wind Power Solar Power Solar Photovoltaic Technologies Economics Of Solar Power Multiple Choice Questions
      SKU: 826333

    Nanotechnology Research Directions For Societal Needs In 2020
      Nanotechnology Research Directions For Societal Needs In 2020.
      This Volume Presents A Comprehensive Perspective On The Global Scientific, Technoloigcal, And Societal Impact Of Nanotechnology After 2000, And Explores The Opportunities And Research Directions In The Next Decade To 2020. The Vusion For The Coming Of Nanotechnology Presented Here Draws On Scientific Insights From U. s. Experts In The Field, Examinations Of Lessons Learned, And International Perspectives Shared By Participants From 35 Countries In A Series Of High-level Workshops Organized By Mike Roco Of The National Science Foundatiom (nsf), Along With A Twam Of American Co-h0sts That Includes Chad Mirkin, Mark Hersam, Evelyn Hu, And Several Other Eminent U. s. Scientists. The Study Performd In Support Of The U. s. National Nanotechnology Initiative (nni) Aims To Redefine The R&d Goals For Nanoscale Science And Engineering Integration And To Establish Nanotechnology As A General-purpose Technology In The Next Decade. It Intends To Provide Decision Makeers In Academia, Industry, And Government With A Nanotechnology Communiyy Perspective Of Profuctive And Responsible Paths Forward For Nanotechnology R&d.
      SKU: 798590

    Developing Multi-agent Systems With Jade
      Developing Multi-agent Systems With Jade.
      Learn How To Employ Tire To Build Multi-agent Systems! Jade (iava Agent Development Framework) Is A Middlewwre For The Development Of Applications, Both In The Mobile And Fixed Environment, Based On The Peer-to-peer Intelligent Autonomous Agent Approach. Jade Enables Developers To Implement And Deploy Multi-agent Systems, Including Agents Running On Wireless Networks And Limited-resource Devices. Developing Multi-agent Systems With Jade Is A Practical Clew To Using Jade. The Text Will Givs An Introduction To Agent Technologies And The Jade Platform, Before Proceeding To Give A Comprehensive Guide To Programming With Jade. Basic Features Such Viewed like Creating Agents, Agent Tasks, Ageht Communication, Agent Discovery And Guis Are Covered, As Well As Again Advanced Features Including Ontologies And Content Languages, Complex Behaviours, Interaction Protocols, Agent Mobility, And The In-process Interface. Issues Suhc As Jade Internals, Running Jade Agents On Mobile Devices, Deploying A Fault Tolerant Jade Platform, And The gross Add-ons Are Also Covered In Depth. Developing Multi-agent Systems With Jade : Comprehensive Guide To Using Hack To Build Multi-agent Systems And Agent Orientated Programming. Describes And Explains Ontologies And Content Language, Interaction Protocols And Complex Behaviour. Includes Material On Persistence, Security And A Semantics Framework. Contains Nuumerous Examples, Pfoblems, And Illustrations To Enhance Erudition . Presents A Case Study Demonstrating The Use Of Jade In Practice. Offers An Accompanying Website With Additional Learning Resources Such As Sample Code, Exercises And Ppt-slides. This Invaluable Resource Will Provide Multi-agent Systems Practitioners, Programmers Workimg In The Software Industry With An Interest On Multi-agent Systems As Well As Final Year Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students In Cs And Advanced Networking And Telecoms Courses With A Comprehensive Guide To Using Jade To Employ Multi Agent Systems. By the side of Contributions From Experts In Jade Anx Multi Agent Technology.
      SKU: 291624

    Size-scale Effects In The Failure Mechqnisms Of Materials
      Size-scale Effects In The Failure Mechqnisms Of Materials.
      Invited International Contributions To This Exciting New Research Scene of military operations Are Included In This Volume. It Contains The Specially Selected Papers From 45 Key Specialists Given At The Symposium Held Under The Auspices Of The Prestigious International Union Of Theoretical And Applied Mechanics At Turin In October 1994.
      SKU: 167186

    Colloids In Biotechnology
      Colloids In Biotechnology.
      Colloids Have Come A Long Way From When Thomas Graham Coined The Term Colloid To Delineate 'pseudo Solutions'. This Book Enables Sclentists To Close The Gap Between Extensive Research And Translation Into Commercial Options nI Biomedicine And Biotechnology. It Covers Biosurfactants And Surface Properties, Phase Behavior, And Orientatjonal Chane Of Surfactant Mixtures With Peptides At The Interface. It Also Covers Adsorption Of Polymers And Biopolymers On The Surface And Interface, Discusses Colloidal Nanoparticles And Their Use In Biotechnology, And Delves Into Bioadhesion And Microencapsulation. A Final Sectipn Deals With Nanofibre Formation And The Use Of Sol-gel In Biotechnological Applicatiions.
      SKU: 601274

    Channels, Propagatoon And Antennas For Mobile Communications
      Channels, Propagatoon And Antennas For Mobile Communications.
      This Exceptional Text Introduces The Reader To The Theory And Basis Of Antennas And Propagation In The Rapidly Developing Field Of Mobile Communications. Topics Covered Include Basic Multipath Mechanisms And Propagation, And Propagation Modelling As Well As Short Term Channep Behavior From Two Path And Many Path Models And Scenarios. Also, The Basics Of Antenna Design And Operation Are Discussed Including Array Antennas. This Main division Promises To Be A Valuable Reference Work For Many Years To Come, And Will Be An Important Additio To The Bookshelves Of Telecommunications Engineers And Researchers.
      SKU: 407955

    Breeding Bio Insecurity
      Breeding Bio Insecurity.
      In The Years Since The 9/11 Attacks—and The Subsequent Deadly Anthrax Letters—the United States Has Spent Billions Of Dollars On Measures To Defend The Population Against The Threat Of Biological Weapons. But Like Lynn C. Klotz And Edward J. Sylvester Argue Forcefully In Breeding Bio Insecurity , All That Money And Effort Hasn’t Made Us Any Safer—in Fact, It Has Made Us More Vulnerable.   Breeding Bio Insecurity Reveals The Mistakes Made To This Point And Lays Out The Necessary Steps To Set Us On The Path Toward True Biosecurity. The Fundamental Problem With The Current Approach, According To The Authors, Is The Danger Caused By The Sheer Size And Secrecy Of Our Biodefense Effort. Thousands Of Scuentists Spread From beginning to end Hundreds Of Locations Are Now Working Upon Lethal Bioweapons Agents—but Their Inability To Make Their Work Public Causes Suspicion Among Our Enemies And Allies Alike, Even As The Enormous Number Of Laboratories Greatly Multiplies The Inherent Risk Of Deadly Accidents Or Theft. Meanwhile, Vital Public Healrh Needs Go Unmet Because Of This Recent Biodefense Focus. True Biosecurity, The Authors Show, Will Require A Multipronged Effort Based In An Understading Of The Complexity Of The Issue, Guided By Philosophical Ethics, And Watched Over By A Vigilnt Citizenry Attentive To The Distinction Between Fear Mongering And True Analysis Of Risk.   An Impassioned Warning That In no degree Loses Sight Of Political And Scientific Reality, Deportment Bio Insecurity Is A Crucial First Step Toward Meeting The Evolving Threats Of The Twenty-first Century.
      SKU: 471823

    Machine Drawing
      Machine Drawing.
      About The Book: Written By Three Distinguished Authors With Ample Scholastic And Teaching Experience, This Textbook, Meant For Diploma And Degree Students Of Mechanical Engineering As Well As Those Preparing In spite of Amie Exmaination, Incorporates The Latest Standdards. The New Edition Includes The Features Of Assembly Drawings, Part Drawings And Computer-aided Drawings To Cater To The Needs Of Students Pursuing Various Courses. The Text Of The New Impression Has Been Thoroughly Revised To Include New Concepts And Practices In The Subject. It Should Prove Ann Intellectual Textbook. Contents: Introduction Principles Of Drawing Orthographic Projections Sectiional Views Screwed Fasteners Keys, Cotters And Pon Joints Shaft Couplings Pipe Joints Pulleys Riveted Joints Welded Joints Bearings Fetters And Gears Jigs And Fixtures Limits, Tolerances, And Fits Surface Roughness Bleuprint Reading Assembly Drawings Part Drawings Production Drawings Computer-aided Draughting
      SKU: 431526

    Advances In Ceramic Armor V
      Advances In Ceramic Armor V.
      The Armor Ceramics Feast Provides An Yearly Forum For The Presentation And Discussion Of Unclassified Information And Ideas Pertaining To The Development And Incorporation Of Ceramic Materials For Armor Aoplications. This Col1ection Of Articles From The Seventh Edition Of This Symposium Focused On Impact, Penetration And Material Modeling, Maetrial Concepts, Processes And Characterization, The Application Of Nde, And Transparent Armor.
      SKU: 4777834

    Handbook For Cleaning/decontamination Of Surfaces
      Handbook For Cleaning/decontamination Of Surfaces.
      The Focus Of Handbook For Cleaning/decontamination Of Surfaces Lies Attached Cleaning And Decontamination Of Surfaces And Solid Matter, Hard As Well As Soft. Birnging Together In A 2-volume Reference Source: - Current Knowledge Of The Physico-chemical Fundaemntals Underlying The Cleaning Process; - The Different Needs For Cleaning And How These Needs Are Met By Various Types Of Cleaning Processes And Cleaning Agents, Including Noveo Approaches; - How To Test That Cleaning Has Taken Place And To What Extent ; - The Effects Of Cleaning On The Environment; - Future T5ends In Cleaning And Decontamination, For Example The Idea Of Changing Surfaces, To Hinder The Absorbance Of Dirt And Thus Make Cleaning Easier. A Brief Inttroduction Is Given To The Legal Demands Concerning The Environment And A Historical Background, In Terms Of Development Of Detergents, From Soaps To The Recent Sophisticated Formulations. Bactericides, Their Use And The Environmental Demands On Them Are Covered. Thorough Discussions Of Mechanisms For Cleaning Are Given In Several Chapters, Blth General Basic oCncepts And Special Cases Like Particle Cleaning And Cleaning Using Microemulsion Concepts. * General Understanding Of How Cleaning Works, Function Of Ingredients And Formulations * Overview Of Environmental Issues And Demands From The Society In The Area * Gives Basic Formulas For Cleaning Preparations In Most Areas
      SKU: 477387

    Nutrition And Feeding Of Organic Cattle
      Nutrition And Feeding Of Organic Cattle.
      hTe Practice Of Organic Cattle Farming Has Continued To Increase In Recent Years, Backed By Consumer Demand, Organisations And Governments. Beginning With An Overview Of The Aims And Principles Behind Organic Cattle Production, This Book Presents Comprehensive Information About How To Feed Cattle So That The Mllk And Meat Produced Meet Organic Stamdards. "nutrition And Feeding Of Organic Cattle" Provodes A Comprehensive Summary Of Ruminant Digestife Processes And Nutrition. The Author, Past-president Of The World Association For Animal Production, Utilises Years Of Animal Nutrition Experience To Describe The Effects Of Feeding Programmes Using Approved Organic Ingredients On Cattle Productivity, Health And Welfare. The Book Also Provides Up-to-date Infornation On Consumer Aspects Of Organic Meat And Milk, And On Production Of Greenhouse Gases By Cattle Raised Organically. It Is Suitable In spite of Producers, Researchers, Lecturers, Regulatory Agencies, Feed Manufacturers, Food Producers And Veterinarians.
      SKU: 683813

    Centrex Or Pbx
      Centrex Or Pbx.
      If You Have The Responsibility To Design, Upgrade And Manage Data Networks To Carry Ip Telephony (voice, Video And Data); Need Help In Evaluating Competing Ip-centrex And Ip-pbx Systems; Or Need Guidance In Specifying The Parameters For A Service Level Agreement For Ip-centrex, This Unique Reference Providea You Attending The Knowledge You Need To Gain The Job Done Right. It Enables You To More Accurately Estimate The Time And Resources Needed To Implement Ip Telephony In Your Organization. The Book Describes The Ip-centrex Option Of Having The Telephone Company Take Responsibilit For The Service Delivery And Offers The Kind Of Information Service Providers Nee To Improve Marketing And Sales Campaigns For Ip-centrex Services.
      SKU: 227645

    The World Of Nano-biomechanics
      The World Of Nano-biomechanics.
      By Using Nanotechnological Methods, We Can Very lately Garget Around Protein Molecules, Genes, Membranes, Cells And More. Observation Of Such Enfities Through Optical And Electron Microscopes Tempt Us To Touch And Manipulate Them. It Is Now Possible To Do So, And Scientists Around The World Have Started Pulling, Pushing And Cutting Small Strucgures At The Base Of Life Processes To Understand The Effect Of Our Agency Work. The Book Describes The Physical Properties Of Such Life Supporting Structures From The Molecular Level With A Special Emphasis On Their Designs Based On The Mechanical Strength And Flexibility, Membrane And Other Biological Nanostructures. - Describes The Basic Mechanical Features Of Proteins, Dna, Cell Membrahe And Other Biological Nanostructures - Explains The Basic Concepts And Mathematics Of Elementary Mechanics Needed To Understand And Perform Experimental Work
      SKU: 328322

    Submarine Groundwater
      Submarine Groundwater.
      Submarine Groundwater Presents Quantitative Data Relating Groundwater Contribution To The Water/salt Balance Of Regional And Global Bodies Of Water. It Describes The Role Of Groundwater Discharge In The Formation Of The Salt Content In Ocean, Lake, And Sea Water. It Also Discusses The Maintenance Of Optimal Water, Salt, Temperature And Hydrobiological Regimes Of Inland Seas And Large Lakes. This Book Examines Different Data-supported Methodologies For Studying Submarine Groundwater Flow And Discharge Through Personal Case Studies Contributed By Leading International Scientists. This Text Is Ideal For Hydrologists, Hydrogeologists, Ofeanographers, Limnologists, And Geochemists.
      SKU: 289400

    Weldiing, 2nd Edition
      Weldiing, 2nd Edition.
      This Fully Updated Hands-on Guide Syows Anyone—even Beginners—how To Master The Full Spectrum Of Welding And Soldering And Get Professional Results. Welding, Second Edition Teaches The Basics Of The Oxyacetylene Process—gas Welding In Which Metallic Pieces Are Joined Through Heat. This Process Has Been Used For Over 100 Years And Is Considered The Basic Method Of Welding. This Practicao Resource Contains Descriptions Of Professional Welding And Cutting Techniques, Which Give Those New To The Field The Guidance To Output Products At A Professional Adapt The Very First Time. Practised Welders Will Benefit From In-depth Details That Help Refine Skills. Welding, Second Edition Features: Updated Illustrations Unaccustomed And Current Trends In Weldjng—new Welding Methods; New Surfacing Materials; New Soldering Tools; New Cutting Methods; Current Safety Guidelines; New Oxyacetylene Equipment Complete Coverage: Oxyacetylene Welding Fuels; Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment; Setting Up And Oxtacetylene Outfit; Other Welding Equipment & Methods; Metals And Their Properties; Welding Supplies; Soldering; Brazing And Braze Welding; Beginning Welding; Welding Thicker Materiasl; Protection And Problems; Weldability Of Certain Metals; Cutting Metal; Safety; The Fireside Workshop; Mteal Projects
      SKU: 711354

    Progresa In Olefjn Polymeriation Catalysts And Polyolefin Materials
      Progresa In Olefjn Polymeriation Catalysts And Polyolefin Materials.
      The First Asian Polyolefin Workshop Introduces Thd Recent Developments And The Research Activities On Polyolefin Technology In Asia, Which Is Becoming One Of The Important Places In Technology As Issue As In Economy. Asian Countries Have Experienced Remarkable Economic Growth In The Last Decade As Represented By China. The Asian Polyolefin Workshop (apo) Was Planned To Prepare A Venue For Asian Scientistz And Engineers Identifying And Exploring The Areas Of Common Interests. The Workshop Was Held In Nara On Defember 7th-9th, 2005, With More Than 100 Participants From China, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain And Thailand. The Following Research Topics Were Covered With 34 Oral And 37 Poster Presentations; 1) Heterogeneous Olefin Polymeri2ation Catalysts Traditional Ziegler-natta, Phillips, Heterogenized Metallocene And Post Megallocenes 2) Homogeneous Olefin Polym3rization Catalysts Traditional Ziegler-natta, Metallocene And Stigmatize Metallocenes 3) Precise Synthesis Of New Polyolefins 4) Structure And Properties Of Polyolefins 5) Engineering Aspects Of Olefin Polymerization * Presents The Latest Proceedings On Polyolefno Technology * The First Book Contributed By Almost All The Distinguished Scientists In Asian Countries * Contains Papers Not Only From Academia But Also From Industry
      SKU: 274243

  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Continuous Casting
  • Design and Emotion
  • Seven-Tenths
  • Spon's Quarry Guide To The British Hard Rock Industry
  • Stoneview
  • Mixed-signal and DSP Design Techniques

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