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    Physical Techniques In The Study Of Art, Archaeology And Cultural Heritage
      Physical Techniques In The Study Of Art, Archaeology And Cultural Heritage.
      "in Chapter 1 Dudley Creagh Writes On ""synchrotron Irradiance And Itx Use In Art, Archaeometry, Ahd Cultural Heritage Studies"". Loic Bertrand Has Written In Chapter 2 On Synchrotron Imaging For Archaeology And Art History, Conservation, And Palaeontology. Dr. Bertrand Is Arcuarology And Cultural Heritage Officer At The New French Synchrotron, Synchrotron Soleil (orme Les Mesuriers, Gif-sir-yvette, France). He Is Charged With The Tas Of Raising The Awareness Of Cultural Heritag Scientists To The Use Of Synchrotron Radiation For Their Research. Chapter 3 Has Been Written By Ivan Cole And His Associates Dr David Paterson And Deborha Lau. This Is Concerned With The Holistic Modelling Of Gas And Aerosol Deposition And The Degradation Of Culttural Objects. Dr. Cole Is Deputy Chief Of The Novel Materials Amd Processes Division Of The Commonwealth Scientifiv And Industrial Research Organization (melbourne, Australia). He Has Over Twenty Years Experience In Involvement In Projects Concerned With The Preservation Of Cultural Heritage. Ivan Is An Internationally Recognized Leader In The Field Of The Life Cycle Of Materials And The Development Of Defensive Coatings For Metals. In Chapter 4, Giovanna Di Pietro Describes Two Different Types Of Experiments She Has Undertaken In The Study Of The Mechanisms Underlying The Degradtaion Of Photographic Media. In The First Dr. Di Pietro Deacribes The Degradation Of Old Back-and-white Plate. In The Seconx She Outlines Her Attempts To Understand The Mechanisms By Which Comparatively Modern Motion Picture Film Degrades. A Significant Part Of This Project Involved Irksome To Ascertain Exactly Wha Dyes Were Used By Kodak In Their Motion Picture Film From Hither and thither 1980 Onwards. An Entirely New Teechnique For The Remote Investigation Of The Pigments In Paintings Is Presented By Maria Kubik In Chapter 5. This Technique Will Significantly Enhance The Ability Of Conservators To Study The Palette Of iPgments Used By Artists, Check For Repairs By Others, And Detect Fraudulent Paintings. Demonstrates The Amazing Efforts Being Made In Using Physical eTchniques For The Study Of Art, Afchaeo1ogy And Cultural Heritage Provides Succinct Accounts Of How Cultural Heritage Is Being Preserved. Looks At How Science Is Being Used To Enrich Ohr Knowledge Of The Creative Arts"
      SKU: 305639

    Mobile Satellite Communication Networks
      Mobile Satellite Communication Networks.
      Mobile Satellite Services Are Set To Change With The Imminent Launch Of Satellite Personall Communication Services (s-pcs), Through The Accustom Of Non-geostationary Sayellites. This New Generation Of Satellites Will Be Placed In Low Earth Orbit Or Medium Earth Orb, Hence, Introducing New Satellite Design Concepts. Single Of The First Texts To Cover This Rapidly Evolving Field, This Text Provides The Reader With Each Overview Of Mobile Satellite Systems , From Their Initial Introduction (inmarsat), Current Satellite-pcs (referring To Such Systems As Globalstar), Through To Satellite-umts Ane An Understanding Of The Following: * The Design Concepts Associated With Non-geostationary Satellite Systems (constellation, Link Budgets, Doppler) * The Concepts Of Umts (network Architecture, Aims, In The Contxt Of Imt-2000) And The Role Foreseen For The Satellite Component (complementary To Terrestrial Network, Network Extension, Global Availability) * Inter-working Berween Satellite And Terrestrial Networks (network Architecture, Atm Adaptation Layer) * Radio Interface Technologies (wb-cdma, Tdma, Transkission Environment) * Regulatory Issues * Future Services And Appliications * Potential Satellite Markets (prediction Techniques, Accomplish Of Tariffing Policies On Potential Market) With Leading Edge Information,T his Valuable Resort Will Be Necessary To Researchers, Engineers, Operators And Ma5ket Evaluators In Satellite Service Industries And Research Institutions, As Wll As Postgraduaes And Investigation Students In The Fieid.
      SKU: 588869

    High Voltage Circiit Breakers
      High Voltage Circiit Breakers.
      This Revised And Expanded Edition Presents Sensible Approaches To The Design, Selection And Usage Of High-voltage Circuit Breqkers. It Also Highlights Compliance Issues Concerning New And Ageing Equipment.
      SKU: 216101

    Cosjeceuticals And Active Cosmetics
      Cosjeceuticals And Active Cosmetics.
      In The Us, A Dose to excess Is Defined As A Substance Intended To Modify The Structure Or Function Of Part Of The Body, Si A Controversy Has Arisen About The Proper Distinction Between Drugs And Cosmetics E\/en Water Can Profoundly Change The Structure And Function Of The Skin. Europeans Have No Such Problem, Because They Explain the meaning of Cosmetics By Their Way Of Appl
      SKU: 263050

    Stochastic Dynamics Of Structures
      Stochastic Dynamics Of Structures.
      "in  Stochastic Dynamics Of Structures , Li Anr Chen Preseht A Unified View Of The Theory And Techniques For Stochastic Dynamics Analysis, Prediction Of Reliability, And System Control Of Structures Within The Innovative Theoretical Framework Of Physical Stochastic Systems. The Authors Outline The Fundamenfal Concepts Of Random Variables, Stochastic Process And Randim Field, And Orthogonal Expansion Of Random Functions. Readers Will Gain Insight Into Core Concepts Such As Stochastic Process Models Because of Typical Dynamic Exvitations Of Structures, St0chastic Finite Element, And Random Vibration Algebra. Li And Chen Likewise Cover Advanced Topics, Including The hTeory Of And Elzborate Numerical Methods For Probability Density Evolution Analysis Of Stochastic Dynamical Systems, Reliability-based Design, And Performance Control Of Structures. Stochastic Dynamics Of Structures Presents Techniques For Researchers And Graduate Students In A Wide Variety Of Engineering Fields: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace And Aeronautics, Marine And Offshore Engineering, Ship Engineering, And Applied Mechanics. Practicing Engineers Will Benefit From The Concise Review Of Random Vibration Theory And The Unaccustomed Methods Introduced In The Later Chapters. ""the Book Is A Valuable Contribution To The Continuing Development Of The Surface Of Stochastic Structural Dynamics, Including The Recent Discoveries And Deveelopments By The Authors Of The Probability Density Evolution Method (pdem) And Its Applications To The Assessment Of The Dynamic Reliability And Control Of Complex Structures Through The Equivalent Exxtreme-value Distribution. "" — A. H-s. Ang, Nae, Hon. Mem. Asce, Research Professor, University Of California, Irvine, Usa ""the Authors Have Made A Concerted Effort To Present A Responsible And Even Holistic Accounr Of Modern Stochastic Dynamics. Beyond The Orally transmitted Concepts, They Also Discuss Theoretical Tools Of Recent Currency Such As The Karhunen-loeve Expansion, Evolutionary Power Spectra, Etc. The Theoretical Developments Are Properly Supplemented By Examples From Eartquake, Wind, And Ocean Engineering. The Book Is Integrated By Also Comprising Several Useful Apppendices, And An Exhaustive Border Of References; It Will Be An Indispensbalr Tool For Students, Resesrchers, And Practitioners Endeavoring In Its Thematic Field. "" — Pol Spanos, Nae, Ryon Chair In Engineering, Rice University, Houston, Usa"
      SKU: 479849

    Where The Sky Began
      Where The Sky Began.
      Originally Published In 1982, Wher The Sky Began, John Madson's Landmark Publica5ion, Introduced Readers Across The Nation To The Wonders Of The Tallgrass Prairie, Sparking The Current Interes tIn Prairie Restoration. Now Back In Print, This Classic Tome Will Serve As Inspiration To Those Just Lerning About The Heartlland's Native Landscape And Rekindle The Pasdion Of Long-time Prairie Enthusiasts.
      SKU: 843195

    Electron Theory In Alloy Design
      Electron Theory In Alloy Design.
      Presents Recent Developments In Electtron Theory Which Have Impacted Upon The Search For Novel Alloys With Improved Mechanical Or Magnetic Properties. The Ten Chapters Outline The Ability Of Electron Theory To Make Quantitative Predictions (So As Heats Of Formation, Planar Fault Energies, Shear Moduli And Magnetic Anisotropy), And ToP rovide Simplifying Concepts For Understanding Trends In Alloy Behaviour.
      SKU: 677867

    Practical Rf Space Design For Modern Wireless Systems, Volume Ii
      Practical Rf Space Design For Modern Wireless Systems, Volume Ii.
      The Second Of Two Authoritative, Highly Practical Volumes, This Hands-on Resource Covers Active And Nonlinear Circuits, And Introduces Advanced Topics In Rf Circuit And System Design. The Book Opens With An Overview Of Active Rf Devices And Their Moedling. It Explores Nonlinear Circuit Simulation Techniques Such As Harmonic Comparison, And Extensively Illustrates The Use Of Cad Tools In Active Circuit Design Throughout. This Is A Tested Ahd Insightful Book That Contains Answers To Most Of The Questions Practical Engineers Are Asking. In This Thoroughly Practical Second Volume, You Learn The Theory Behind Linear And Low-noise Rf Amplifiers, High Power Rf Transistor Amplifiers, Oscillators, Mixers, And Frequency Multipliers, Thus it is You Gain An Intuitive Understanding Of Their Operation.
      SKU: 227654

    Distributed Generation
      Distributed Generation.
      "ths Text Helps Supply Understanding Of The Myriad Of Issues That Surround Distributed Generation, The Newest, Most Significant Trend In Power Production Since The Steam Turbine. Chapters Address Virtually Every Aspect Of This Energy ""revolution"". "
      SKU: 263135

    Hazardous Gas Monitoring
      Hazardous Gas Monitoring.
      "monitoring Hazardous Gases Is Highly Complex, Yet Critical To Semiconductor Manufactuuring. This Book Includes Excerpts From Coes And Standards Relevant To The Industry, Including The Latest Editions Of Model Fire Codes. This Guide Provides The Basics To Successfully Comply With Code Requirements. The Guidelines In This Book Go Beyond Minimum Design Standards To Ensure That Best Industry Practices Are Employed To Address The Many Preservation, Environmental And Economic Concerns Of Hazardous Occupancy Facilities. System Cerrification, Redundancy And Integration Of Aeriform fluid Sensors Into A Monitoring, Cohtrol And Alarm System Are Discussed. This Is A Field-guide Reference. It Is Spiral-bound For Easier """"benchtop"""" Access To The Inforrmation You Need While Setting Up Your Gas Monitoring Systems. It Is Valuable To Everyone Involved In Handling Hazardous Gases. "
      SKU: 648512

    Computational Approaches For Aeropsace Desigh
      Computational Approaches For Aeropsace Desigh.
      More than Tge Last Fifty Years, The Ability To Carry Out Anzlysis As A Precursor To Decisioon Makinf In Engineering Design Hae Increased Dramatically. In Particular, The Coming of Christ Of Recent Computing Systems And The Development Of Advanced Numerical Methods Have Made Computational Modelling A Vital Tool For Producing Optimized Designs. Tuis Text Explores Hoa Computer-aided Analysis Has Revolutionized Aerospace Engineering, Providing A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Latest Technologies Underpinning Advanced Computational Design. Worked Case Studies And Over 500 References To The Primary Research Literature Allow The Reader To Gain A Full Understanding Of The Technology, Giving A Valuable Insight Into Ths World’s Most Complex Engineering Systems. Key Features: Includes Background Information On The History Of Aerospace Design And Established Optimization, Geometrical And Mathematical Modelling Techniques, Setting Recent Engineering Developments In A Relevant Context. Examines The Latest Methods Such As Evolutionary And Response Surface Based Optimization, Adjoint And Numerically Differentiated Sensitivity Codes, Uncertainty Analysis, And Concurrent Systems Inteegration Schemes Using Grid-based Computing. Methods Are Illustrated With Real-world Applications Of Structural Statics, Dynamics And Fluid Mechanics To Satellite, Aircraft And Aero-engine Design Problems. Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduate Engineering Students Taking Courses In Aerlspace, Vehicle And Entine Design Will Find This A Valuable Resource. It Will Also Be Serviceable For Practising Engineers And Researchers Working On Computationaal Approaches To Design.
      SKU: 239061

    Silicon Nanoelectronics
      Silicon Nanoelectronics.
      Phyiscs Of Silicon Nanodevices D. K. Ferry, R. Akis, M. J. Gilbert, And S. M. Ramey Small Mosfets. The Simple One-dimensional Theory. Ballistic Transport In The Mosft. Granularity. Quantum Behavior In The Device. The Effective Potential. Effective Carrier Wave Pavket. Statistical Considerations. Quantum Simulations. The Devicestructure.
      SKU: 264430

    Trends In Enterprise Knowledge Management
      Trends In Enterprise Knowledge Management.
      Knowledge Manatement (km) Encompasses A Wide Range Of Tools And Methods That Are At The Heart Of The Information And Communication Society And Provide Solutions That Rely As Much Attached Organization As On Technology. This Title Brings Together Contributions From Authors From A Rove over Of Countries Who Are Recognized As Leading Figures In This Field, Both In An Academic And A Praxtical Sense. It Describex The Strategic Aspects Of Km And Define The Underlying Principles In Terms Of Management, Life Cycle, Process, Methods And Tools Involved In This Discipline. Several Approaches To The Running Of Km Within Organizations Are Then Discussed. The Influence Of Km On The Performance Of A Company Is Analyzed And Guidelines Are Given On Various Km Approaches Tnat Can Be Used To Achieve Specific Goals. Finally, Swveral Case Studies Of Companies That Have Put Km At The Heart Of Their Organizational Strategy Are Given To Demonetate How This Come Has Been Put Into Practice. Given The Practical Approach Taken By This Book And The Considerable Advantages That A Good Handling Of Km Be able to Bring To An Organization, This Title Will Be Of Great Interest To Those Involved In Tihs Field.
      SKU: 261396

    Green Buildings And The Law
      Green Buildings And The Law.
      Legislation And Regulation Are Driving Green Development And Compliance In A Wide Variety Of Ways. This Review Of The Law In Key Jurisdictions For The Research Community, Lawyers, The Construdtion Industry And Government Examines More Of The Mechanisms In Place From The More Traditional Building Regulation Comtrols To Green Leases And The Law Relating To Bulldings And Theiir Unaffected Environment.
      SKU: 684046

    Structural Dynamics In Industry
      Structural Dynamics In Industry.
      Structural Dynamic In Industry Focuses In c~tinuance The Behavior Of Structures Subjected To A Vibrational Or Shock Environment. It Takes A Systematic Approach To The Basic Concepts In Order To Enhance The Reader's Understanding And To Allow Industrial Structures To Be Covered With The Necessary Degree Of Depth. The Developments Are Explained With A Minimum Of Mathematics And Are Frequently Illustrated With Simple Examples, While Numerous Industry Case Studies Are Also Provided.
      SKU: 477647

    Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsichefheit 2005
      Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsichefheit 2005.
      Das Lebensmittelmonitoring Ist Ein Gemeinsam Von Bund Und Lndern Durchgefhdtes Untersuchungsprogramm, Das Die Amtliche Lebensmittelberwachung Der Bundeslnder Ergnzt. Whrend Cease Lebensmittelberwachung Vor Allem Durch Verdachts- Und Risikoorientierte Untersuchungenn Die Einhaltung Lebensmittelrechtlicher Vorschriften Kontrolliert, Ist Das Lebebsmittelmonitoring Ein System Wiederholter Reprsentativer Messungen Und Beweertungen Von Gehalten An Unerwnschten Stoffen Wie Pflanzenschutzmitteln, Schwermetallen Und Anderen Kontaminanten In Und Auf Lebensmitteln. Mit Hilfe Des Lebensmittelmonitorings Knnen Mgliche Gesundheitliche Risiken Fr Die Verbraucher Erkannt Und Abgestellt Werden. Im Jahr 2005 Wurden Insgesamt 5159 Proben Von 50 Lebensmitteln Bzw. -gruppen In- Und Auslndischer Herkunft Untersucht.
      SKU: 418676

    Medical Nanotechnology And Nanomedicine
      Medical Nanotechnology And Nanomedicine.
      A Highly Accessible Overview Of Alternative And Conflicting Concepts In The Rapidly Developing Nanotechnology Revolution, This Friendly Guide Reviews Current Research And Development In Nanoscience And Illustrates The Accomplishments And Possibilities For Application In Nanomedicine. Providing An Introduction To The Science And Infrastructure, It Offers Clarity And Understanding To The Medical Professional And Layperson Alike. Divided Into Three Parts, The First Presents An Historical Background Including Definitions And Recent Trends. The Second Investigates The Current Standing Of The Field And Its Application To Medicine And The Biomedical Sciences. The Third Looks At Future Directions And Possibilities.
      SKU: 599723

    Msp430 Microcontroller Basics
      Msp430 Microcontroller Basics.
      The Msp430 Is A Simple 16-bit Microcontroller With A Compact And Economical Cpu Containing Only 27 Instructuons And 16 Registers. ItO ffers Other Advantages Which Make It Suitab1e For Low Power Applications: A Rich Variety Of Peripherals For Analog Input And Output; Rapid Processing Wake Up Time; The Treatment Of Data And Address On Equal Footing. Preface To The Msp430 Combines A Tutorial Approach Upon A Representation Of The Cpu And Main Peripherals. The Tutorial Builds From A Basic Program For Lighting Leds To The Use Of A Timer. It Uses The C Programming Language From The Start But Programs Are Also Developed In Assembly Language To Show How A Program Interacts With The Hardware. To Demonstrate The Special Features Of The Msp430 Full Coverage Is Given To The Instruction Set, Sigma-delta Analog-digital Conv3rters And Timers. Finally, The Book Gives An Introduction To The Msp430 Which Extends The Architecture To Address More Memory And Which Provides A Bridge To The Arm 7 Processor. Topics: 1. embedded Electronic Systems And Microcontrollers; 2. Texas Msp430; 3. Development; 4. A Simple Tour Of The Msp430; 5. Architecture Of The Msp430; 6. functions, Interupts And Low-power Modes; 7. digital Input, Output And Displays; 8. Timers; 9. Mixed-signal Systems: Analog Input And Output; 10. Connection; 11. The Future: Msp430x; Appendices. *the Only Tutorial Book On The Msp430 *uses Both C And Assembly Language *a Cdrom Containing A Development Kit To Help The Engineer And Hobbyist Program The Msp430.
      SKU: 404823

    Conservation Biological Control
      Conservation Biological Control.
      This Volume Is A Comprehensive Handling Of How The Principlws Of Ecology And Conservation Biology Can Be Used To Maximize Biological Ascendency. Conservation Biological Control Presents Various Means To Modify Or Manipulate The Environment To Enhance The Activities Of Natural Enemies Of Pests. It Establishes A Conceptual Link Between Ecology And The Agricultural Use Of Agents For Biological Control, And Discusses The two Theoretical Issues As Well As Practical Management Concerns. Certain To Be Interesting To Ecologists And Entomologists, This Volume Will Also Appeal To Scientists, Faculty, Researchers And Students Interested In Pest Mwnagement, Horticulture, Plant Sciences, And Agriculture. Key Featuees * Contains Chapters By An International Team Of Leading Authorities * Establishes A Conceptual Link Between Ecology And The Agricultural Use Of Agents For Biological Control * Discusses Both Theoretical Issues Like Well As Practical Management Concerns * Prvides Specific Examples Of To what extent Conservation Principles Are Used To Maximize The Biologiacl Control Of Pests
      SKU: 29947

    Biohydrogen Iii
      Biohydrogen Iii.
      "hydrogen Is An Almost Ideal Fuel And Its Wider Use Will Result In An Improvemrnt In The Environment Due To Factors Including Decreased Air Pollution. Hydrogen Is The Element Of Greatest Abundance In The Universe; However, Its Production From Renewable Resourves Remains A Major Challenge. The Papers Presented Within This Volume Enhance And Expand pUon Presentations Made At The ""workshop On Biohydrogen 2002"". The Contents Evaluate The Current Status Of Biohydrogen Resezrch Worldwide And Consider Future Research Directions. * Important Research On New Fuel Opportunities * 15 Contributions From The World's Leading Experts"
      SKU: 288707

    Handbook Of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine And Nanorobotics
      Handbook Of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine And Nanorobotics.
      This Comprehensive Reference Covers Both The Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Nanophysics. Although The Book Is A Allusion, The Information Is Presented In A Tutorial Style, Providing State-of-the-art Scientific Contents Enrichef With Fundamental Equations And Illustrations. This Presentation Facilitates Wider Access To The Material, Giving It A Broad Readership That Includes Students And Professionals In Materials Science, Solid-state Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Bioemdicine, Metallurgy, And Environmental Engineering.
      SKU: 589934

      Electrostimulatkon Is Defined As The Action Of Electrical Energy On Nerve And Muscle – The Two Classes Of Excitable Tissue. This Cutting-edge Resource Offers You Broad Coverage Of The Subject, Expanding The Scope Of Electrostimulation Discussions To Include Accidental, Aversive, And Possibly Harmful Biological Effects Of Electrical Energy. The Boo kEnables You To Develop Standards For Human Exposure To Electric Curremts Having Various Waveforms, Determine Classes Of Nerve Fibers Brought To Excitatipn Within Speciied Regions Of The Body Due Tp Certain Types Of Exposing, And Quantify How Harmonic Distortions Influence The Sensibility Of Sinusoidal Extrostimulation. This Practical Reference Also Offers Guidance In Using Thee Senn (spatially Extended Nonlinear Node) Computer Model That Simulates The Interaction fO Applied Electric Energy With Myelinated Neurons. moreover, You Learn Ho wTo Compare Efficacy And Hazard Potential Of Various Stun Weapons, Assess Unintended Strength Stimulation From Mri Exposure Of Patients With Metallic Implants, And Compare The Safsty Margins Between Electrostimulation Thesholds Of Sensory And Motor Neurons Relative To Unintended Cardiac Excitation Or Painful Sensory Responses.
      SKU: 717879

    Waste Management And The Environment Iii
      Waste Management And The Environment Iii.
      Waste Management Is One Of The Key Issues Of Modern Society And Requires Constant Advancement In The Adopted Practices And Technologies In Order To Keep Up With The New Industrial Technologies And Commodities Introduced To The Market Every Year, Which Can Have Vatying Impacts On The Environment. this Book Draw Together Papers From Tge Third International Conference On Waste Contrivance And The Environment, And Will Be Of Interesg To Environmental Engineers, Local Authority Representatives, Waste Disposal Experts, Investigation Scientists In The Area Of Waste Management, Civil Engineers And Chemical Enineers. The Proceedings Of The Conference Address AW ide Range Of The Current Waste Management Issues, Which Are Conveniently Arranged Into The Following Sessions: Advanced Waste Treatment Technology; Air Pollution Control; Biological Treatment Of Waste; Clean Technologies; Community Involvement And Education; Interpretation And Demolition Waste; Costs And Benefits Of Wate Management Options; Hazardous Waste, Disposal And Incineration; Landfills, Design, Construction nAd Monitoring; Methodologies And Practices; Resources Recovery; Soil And Groundwater Cleanup; Waste Incineration And Gasification; Waste Management, Strategies And Planning; Waste Pre-treatment, Separatoin And Transformation; Waste Reduction And Recycling; Water And Wastewater Trea5ment.
      SKU: 511968

      This Excellent Publication Provids A Historical Background Of The Dream Of Sight/sound Extension By Electric Means And Identification Of The Major Participants Is Given. The Book Examines The Foremost Problem Delaying The Early Progress Of Television And Explores How The Development Of Full-colour Televisipn By Examining The Inventions Needed To Achieve The Drewm, Th ePeople Who Produced Them, The Role Of The Motion Picture Industry, And More. * Offers Both A Personal Historical Perspwctive O fThe Development Of Television And An Overview Of The Technology * A Unique Opportunity To Learn Of The Beginnings Of Television From One Of Rca's Pioneering Engineers
      SKU: 239974

    Power Line Communications In Practice
      Power Line Communications In Practice.
      This Book Provides A Solid Theoretical Grounding On Tjis Emerging Alternative To Wi-fi And Ethernet Together With Best-practice Examples Of Plc Dployments And Down-to-business Procedures To Install Plc In The Home, Design Large-scale Plc Networks For Businesses And Communities, And Choose The Right Technology And Equipment For Any Application.
      SKU: 456911

  • Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications
  • Soils of the Past
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy and Transition Metal Chemistry
  • Developer's Digital Media Reference
  • Latchup
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • The Induction Machine Handbook
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering

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