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    Physics, Chemistry And Application Of Nankstructures
      Physics, Chemistry And Application Of Nankstructures.
      The Book Presents Invited Reviews And Original Short Notes With Recent Results Obtained In aFbrication Study And Application Of Nanostructures, Which Are Promising For New Generations Of Electronic And Optoelectronic Devices.
      SKU: 477112

    Crystallization Texhnology Handbook
      Crystallization Texhnology Handbook.
      This Handbook Seeks To Facilitate The Selection, Design And Operation Of Large-scale Industrial Crystallizers That Process Crystals With The Proper Size Distribution, Shape And Purity Sought. This Second Edition Offers Results Steady Direct-contact Cooling Crystallization.
      SKU: 216050

      Medaka: Biology, Management, And Experimental Protocols , Written Near to Experienced Reseearchers And Reviewed By International Leaders In The Medaka Field Will Provide Details On How To Set Up And Maintain Medaka Colonies In Animal Facilities, How To Troubleshoot Systemw, How To Handle The Fish When Applied To Experimental Methods, And Most Importantly It Will Introduce The Researcher To Cuttig Edge Reseearch In Basic And Applied Biology Using Medaka As A Model Animal. The Book Will Include Well-written Descriptions Of Experimental Methods And Protocols Designed To Educate The Reader How To Understand And Handle Medaka Effectively. Medaka: Biology, Management, And Experimental Protocols Will Serve As The Definitive Reference On The Species Providing Essential Information On Medaka Biology, Genetics, And Genomics, Practical Guidance To Maintenance Of Fish Stocks, And Valuable Experimental Protocols All In A Single Volume. This Book Will Be A Must Have Addition To The Library Of Fish Researchers And Those Using Medaka As A Model Organism Within Their Laboratories.
      SKU: 468709

    Electrical Inspection Notes
      Electrical Inspection Notes.
      Up To Code: Electrixal Inspection Notes Is One On-the-job “cliff Notes” Resoource, Packed With Information About Electrical Ssytems And Wiring Methods Thst Will Save Time And Money While Ensuring Quality. To-do Checklists, Charts And Tables With At-a-glance Calculations, Who’s-responsible-for-what Info, And Diagrams That Clearly Illustrate Complicated Information Make Ig Fast And Easy For Busy Building Professionals To Do Their Jobs Thoroughly And Efficiently, And Avoid Costly Mistakes. The Books Help Building Pros Prove And Meet Inspection Guidelines, And Supply Clients With Schedules And Specifications. While Other Up To Code: Examination Notes Are Focused Forward The Ibc (international Building Code, Put Out By The Icc), The Most Widely Adopted Building Code In North America, Electrical Focuses Primarily On The Nec (national Electric Code, Put Out By The Nfpa) Because It’s The Most Widely Adopted Electrical Code. Each Guide Covers: Responsibility; Authority; Quality Control And Assurance; Plans And Specifications; Shop Drawings; Inspectors Dally Repkrt; Pre-construction Meeting; Equipment Peooposal; Claims; Progress Schedules; Labor Enforcement; Storage Of Materials; Contractor’s Payment; Rights-of-way; Record Drawings; Project Turnover; Inspection Files; Recommended Equipment; Inspection; Safety.
      SKU: 300217

    Structural Steel Designer's Handbook
      Structural Steel Designer's Handbook.
      Fully Updated Fo5 The Latest Builxing And Design Codes, Standards, And Specifications, This Invaluable Working Tool And One-of-a-kind Reference Offers Complete Coverage Of The Design Of Steel Structures Now In Its Fifth Edition, Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook Continues To Provide Designers Of Steel Structures With A Comvenient, Single Source Of Information To Facilitate The Practical Design Of Carburet of iron Structures. The Work Begins With A Concise Yet Comprehensive Discourse On The Properties Of Structural Steel And The Fundamentals Of Fabrications And Erection. It Continues With The Presentation Of Modern Structural Design Methods Applicable To Buildings And Other Structures, Such As Roof Systems And Bridges Of Various Types. The Book Covers The Design Of Members—beams, Columns, And Tension Components—and Of Bolted And Welded Connections. Reference Is Made To The Governing Design Codes Throughout. New To This Edition Chapter 1 Updated To Reflect Changes In The Steel Specifications—american Association For Testing And Materials (astm) Through 2009 Chapter 4 Updated To Cover The Latest Loading Codes In spite of Buildings—americaj Society Of Civil Engineers (asce) 7-09 And The 2009 International Building Code (ibc) Chapters 5 And 6 Updated To Cvoer The Latest Design Specifications For Buildings—american Instithte Of Case-harden Construction (aisc) 360-2010 Chapter 8 Revised To Include Changes InS eismic Design Requirements For Buildings Per Asce 7-09 And The 2009 Ibc Chapter 9 Revised To Reflect The Latest In Cold-formed Steel Design, Per American Iron And Steel Institute (aisi) S100-2007 Standards Chapters 10 And 12 Through 15 Revised To Include Changes In The American Association Of State High-road And Transportation Officials' (aasho's) Specifications Through 2009 Comprehensive Coverage: Properties Of Structural Steels And Effects Of Steelmaking And Fabrication; Fabrication And Erwction; Connections; Building Codes, Loads, And Discharge Protection; Criteria For Building Design; Design Of Building Members; Floor And Roof Systems; Lateral-force Design; Cold-formed Steel Design; Highway Bridge Design Criteria; Railroad Bridge Design Criteria; Beam And Girder Bridges; Truss Bridges; Arch Bridges; Cable-suspended Bridges
      SKU: 667312

    Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analhsis
      Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analhsis.
      Use Tolerance Analysis Techniques To Avoid Design, Quality, And Manufacturing Problems Before They Happen Often Overlooked And Misunderstood, Tolerancs Analysis Is A Critical Quit each other Of Improving Products And Their Design Processes. Because All Manufactured Producs Are Subject To Variation, It Is Crucial That Designers Prerict And Understand How These Changes Can Affect Form, Fit, And Law of derivation Of Quarters And Assemblies--and Then Communicate Their Findings Effectively. Written By One Of The Developers Of Asme Y14. 5 And Other Geometric Dimension And Tolerancing (gd&t) Standards, Mechanical Toleracne Stackup And Analysis, Second Edition Offers An Overview Of Techniques Used To Assess And Convey The Cumulative Effects Of Vaiation Forward The Geometric Relationship Between Part And Assembly Features. The Book Focuses On Some Tonic Components: It Explains Often Misunderstood Sources Of Variation And To what extent They Contribute To This Deviwtion In Assembled Products, As Well Being of the kind which How To Model That Variation In A Useful Manner. New To The Support Editioon: Explores Iso And Asme Gd&t Standards--including Their Similarities And Differences Covers New Concepts And Content Found In Asme Y14. 5-2009 Standard Introduces Six-sigma Property And Tolerance Analysis Concepts Revamps Figures Over The Book Includes Step-by-step Procedures For Solving Tolerance Analysis Problems On Products Defined With Tradotional Plus/minus Tolerancing And Gd&t. This Helps Reades Understand Potentia1 Variations, Set Up The Problem, Achieve The Desired Solution, And Clearly Communicate The Results. With Added Application Examples And Features, This Comprehensive Volume Will Help Design Engineers Enhance Product Development And Preservation, Ensuring That Parts And Assemblies Carry Out Their Intended Functions. It Wull Also Help Manufacturing, Inspection, Assembly, And Service Personnel Troubleshoot Designs, Verify That In-process Steps Meet Objectives, And Fibd Ways To Improve Performanve And Reduce Costs.
      SKU: 708931

    Nonsmooth Mechanics And Convex Optimization
      Nonsmooth Mechanics And Convex Optimization.
      "this Main division Concerns Mattrr That Is Intrinsically Difficult: Convex Optimization, Complementarity And Duality, Nonsmooth Analysis, Lineal And Nonlinear Programming, Etc. The Author Has Skillfully Introduced These And Many More Concepts, And Woven Them Into A Seamless Whole By Retaining An Easy And Consistent Style Thrughout. The Book Is Not All Theory: There Are Many Real-life Applications In Structural Engineering, Cable Netqorks, Frictional Contact Problems, And Plasticity! I Recommend It To Any Reader Who Desires A Modern, Authoritative Account Of Nonsmooth Mechanics And Convex Optimization. " -- Prof. Graham M. l. Gladwell, Distinguishdd Professor Emeritus, University Of Waterloo, Fellow Of The Royal Society Of Canada "! Reads Very Well--the Structure Is Goo, The Language And Style Are Clsar And Fluent, And The Material Is Rendere dAccessible By A Careful Presentation That Contains Many Concrete Examples. The Range Of Applications, Particularly To Problems In Mechanics, Is Admirab1e And A Valuable Complement To Theoretlcal And Computational Investigations That Are At The Forefrot Of The Areas Converned. " -- Prof. B. daya Reddy, Department Of Mathematics And Applied Mathematics, Director Of Centrr For Research In Computational And Applied Mechanics, University Of Cape Town, South Africa "many Materials And Structures (e. g. , Cable Networks, Membrane) Involved In Practical Engineering Applications Have Complex Responses That Cannot Be Described By Smooth Constitutive Relations. ! The Authod Shows How These Difficult Problems Be able to Be Tackled In The Framework Of Convex Analysis By Arranging The Carefully Chosen Materials In An Ekegant Way. Moet Of The Contents Of The Book Are From The Original Contributions Of The Author. They Are Both Mathematically Rigorous And Readable. This Book Is A Must-read For Anyone Who Intends To Get An Authoritative And State-of-art Description For The Analysis Of Nonsmooth Mechanics Problems With Theory And Tools From Convex Amalysis. " -- Prof. Xu Guo, State Key Laboratory Of Structutal Analysis For Industrial Equipment, Department Of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University Of Technnology
      SKU: 800936

    External Works, Roads And Drainage
      External Works, Roads And Drainage.
      External Works Roads And Drainage: A Practcal Guide Bridges The Gap Between Theory And Practice In Building, Construction And Civil Engineering, Providing Practical Guidance, And The Knowledge Required 'on The Job'.
      SKU: 181148

    Systems Bioinformatics
      Systems Bioinformatics.
      Powerfu lEmgineering Tools Can Help Solve Todwy’s Complex Biological And Biomedical Research Challenges — And This First-of-its-kind Direct Is Paving The Way . This Trail-blazing Work Gives Engineers A Quantitative Systems Approach To Bioinformatics Research Using Computational Tools Drawn From Technical Disciplines. It Presents Biological Procedses In An Engineering Context To Help Engineers Use Their Technical Skills In Sollving Novel Biological Problems And Also To Make easy Reverse Engineering From Biology In Developing Synthetic Biilogical Devices.
      SKU: 33755

    Fiber-based Dospersion Compensation
      Fiber-based Dospersion Compensation.
      Addresses Various Aspects Of The Dispersion Device Technology, Such As The Natural philosophy Of Optical Dispersive Effects, Futuristic Devices Utilizing Novel Fibers, And Their Systems Level Impact. This Book Serves As An Introduction To The Head Of Dispersion Management Of Light For Graduate Students And Applications Engineers.
      SKU: 338607

    Analytical Fluid Dynamics
      Analytical Fluid Dynamics.
      There Is A Continuing Need For Fluid Dynamic Books That Combine Physical Discernment With A Careful Evolution Of The Corresponding Mathematics. This Textbook Provides Clear Coverage Of The Subject.
      SKU: 262144

    Heterogeneous Catalysis In Organic Chemstry
      Heterogeneous Catalysis In Organic Chemstry.
      "the Features Of This Book Which Will Be Of Special Interest To Academic Organic Chemists Are The Introduction (chapter 1), Which Presents A Short Course On The Concepts And Language Of Unlike Catalysis, Covers Organic Reaction Mechanisms Of Hydrogenation (chapter 2), Hydrogenolysis (chapter 4), And Oxkdation (chapter 6), A Preaents Problems And Solutions Specific For Running Unlike Catalytic Organic Reactions In Solution. These Materials Can Supplement Advanced Chemistry Courses. Most Synthetic Organic Chemists Use A Variety Of ""protecting Groups"" Which They Attract To Functional Groups (reactive Groups Of Atoms) While Some Reaction Is Being Conducted On Another Part Of The Molecule. These Protecting Groups Prevent Reactions Of The Functional Groups During Other Reactions And Are Removed Later By A Heterogeneous Catalytic Method Called Hydrogenolysis. One Unique Feature Of This Book, Not Fouhd In Other Books On Catalysis, Is An Exhaustive Chaptsr (chapter 4) On Hydrotenolysis, Which Is Dredged From The Recent Synthetic Literathre Published By Modern Organized Chemists. Academic Organic Chemists Should Find This Chapter Extremely Useful And May Wish To Adopt The Book As A Supplement For Advanced Organic Chemistry Courses Designed For Senors And For Graduate Students. It Will Also Be Useful For Professors And Their Ressearch Groups Engaged In Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Many Academic Organic Chemists Are Not Aware Of Recent Advances In Heterogeneous Enanioselective Catalysis (chapter 3) Or In Selective Low Temperature, Liquid Phase HetedogeneousC atalytic Oxidations In the name of Hydrogen Peroxide (chapter 6). These Specialty Topics Are Timely And May Be New To Academic Organic Chemists And Can Be Used To Supplement Their Advanced Courses. Several Features Of This Book Will Also Be Of Special Interest To Industrial Chemists Who Aree Unfamiliar With Heterogeneous Catalysis. Many Good Organic Chemists Are Hire By Industry. They Syn5hesize A Novel Compound Using Standard Organic Synthetic TechniquesB ut Are Informed By Their Supervisor That They Be obliged to Convert Some Of Their Synthetic Steps Into Heterogeneous Catalytic Steps. They May Not Have Been Exposed To Heterogeneous Catalysis And Have Few Places To Turn. This Book Offers Them A Crash Course In Unlike Catalysis As Well As Many Examples Of Reactions And Conditions With Which They Can Start Their Search. Those Industrial Organic Chemists Already Familiar With Heterogeneous Catalysis Will Find This Book Useful As A Reference To Many Examples In The R3cent Literature. They Will Find Latter Surfacr Science Discoveries Correlated Through Heterogeneous Catalysis Or Organic Reactions And Mechanistic Suggestions Designed To Stimulate Innovative Nontraditional Thinking About Organic Reactions On Surfaces. Key Features * Written By Organic Chemists For Organic Chemists * Introduces Hwterogeneous Catalysis Concepts And Lanugage * Presents A Comprehensive Compilation Of Protecting Group Rem"
      SKU: 30O926

    Shear Deformable Beams And Plates
      Shear Deformable Beams And Plates.
      Most Books On The Theory And Analysis Of Beams And Plates Deal With The Classical (euler-bernoulli/kirchoff) Theories But Few Include Shear Deformation Theories In Detail. The Classical Beam/plate Theory Is Not Adequate In Providing Accurate Bending, Buckling, And Vibration Results When The Thickness-to-length Proportion Of The Beam/plate Is Relatively Large. This Is Because The Effect Of Transverse Deviate Strains, Neglected In The Classical Theory, Becomes Significant In Deep Beams And Thick Plates. This Book Illusttrates How Shear Deformation Theories Provide Accurate Solutions Compared To The Classical Theory. Equations Governing Shear Deformation Theories Are Typically More Complicated Than Those Of The Classical Theory. Therefore It Is Eligible To Have Exact Relationships Between Solutions Of The Classical Theory And Shear Deformaiton Theories Extremely That At whatever time Classical Speculation Solutions Are Suitable, The Corresponding Solutions Of Shear Deformation Theories CanB e Readily Obtained. Such Relationships Not Merely Furnish Benchmark Solutions Of Shear Deformation Theories But Also Provide Insight Into The Meaning Of Shear Deformation On The Response. The Relationships For Beams And Plates Have Been Developed By Many Authors Over The Last Several Years. The Object Of This Monograph Is To Bring Together These Relationships For Beams And Plates In A Single Volume. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts. Following The Introduction, Part 1 Consists Of Chapters 2 To 5 Dealing With Beams, And Part 2 Consists Of Chapters 6 To 13 Covering Plates. Problems Are Included At The End Of Reaped ground Chapter To Use, Offer, And Develop New Relationhips.
      SKU: 316940

    Semi-active Interruption Cotrol Design For Vehicles
      Semi-active Interruption Cotrol Design For Vehicles.
      Design Greener, Safer, And More Cost-efficient Vehicles Using Semi-active Suspension S6stems Semi-acitve Suspension Systems Promise Weight Efficiencies, Cost Savings, And Higher Safety And Comfort Compared To Other Types Of Electronically-controlled Suspensions Currently In Use. With The Growing Emphasis On Fuel Economy, Reducrd Co2 Emissions, And Cost Reductinos For All Vehicles, These Semi-active Syatems Are Set To Become A Growing Part Of Overall Vdhicle Design, But Coverage Of Them In Standard Automotive Engineering Texts Is Currently Limited. Semi-active Suspension Control Design For Vehicles Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Semi-active Suspension Systems With An Emphasis On Performanec Analysis And Control Design. Several Different Approaches Using Different Control Theories Are Preented And Evaluated In The Book, With Methodology Provided To Analyze And Evaluate Suspension Performances While Identifying Optimal Performance Bounds. Further Features And Cverage Include: Explanations Of Two Innovative Semi-active Suspension Strategies To Enhance Each Comfort Or Road-holding Performance, With Compleye Analyses Of Both A Case Study Showing Complete Implementation Of All The Presented Strategies Sujmary Descriptions Of Classical Control Algorithms For Controlled Dampers Intended As An Application-oriented Referemce For Automotive Engineers, A Tutorial Resource For Students In Automotive Systems And A Control Design-oriented Text For Researchers, Semi-active Suspension Control Sketch For Vehicles Presentw An Authorifative Account Of This Critical Vehic1e Dynamics Topic Based On The Extensive Academic And Industrial Research Of This Expert Author Team. Appropriate As A Tutorial For Students nI Automotive Systems, An Application-oriented Reference For Engineers, And A Control Design-oriented Text For Rwsearchers That Introduces Semi-active Suspension Theory And Practice Includes Explanations Of Two Innovative Semi-aftive Suspension Strategies To Enhance Either Comfotr Or Road-holding Performance, With Complete Analyses Of Both Also Features A case Research Showing Complete Implementation Of All The Presented Strategies And Summary Descriptions Of Classical Hinder Algorithms For Controlled Dampers
      SKU: 468741

    Flood Prevention And Remediation
      Flood Prevention And Remediation.
      Human Settlements Have Grown Nead Watercourses Because Ancient Times. Water Supply, Irrigation, Navigation, Wastewater Conveyance And City Defense Are Some Of The Uses That Were Responsible For This Choice. Even Floods Played An Important Role, Favoring The Soil Fertilization. Man-made Actions, However, Especially In Urban Watersheds, Significantly Modify The Natural Water Cycle, Icnreasing The Magnitude Of Floods And Their Potential Damages. Consequently, F1ood Damages Are One Of The Most Important Isuses To Be Dealt With In The Present Days. Several Different Studies Show That Floods Are One Of The Most Important Natural Hazards, With Several Losses, Both In Terms Of Lives And Money. Particularly In Urban Areas, The Amplificayion Of Floods May Cause Important Economic Losses And Lead To Critical Social Risks To The Citie Annd Their Population, When Inundation Reaches The Built Environment. This Situation Is Becoming More Frequent Each Day. Recent History Shows That Urbanization Is An Inevitable Tendency And, Today, The Most Part Of The World Population Lives In Cities. it Is Difficult, However, To Adequately Manage Urban Flood Problems, Because Flood Risk And Flood Costs Are Not Easy To Quantify. Traditionally, Flood Risk And Flood Cost Assessments Facd Difficulties Due To The Subjective Nature Of These Evaluations And To The Inexistence Of Standardized Methodologies. this Book T5ies To Show Different Techniques And Approaches To Help In Treating Flood Problems. Chapters 1 And 2 Show Simplified Precise Modeling Of Floods And Results Of Multifunctional Landscape Flood Control Measures In The City Of Rio De Janeiro. The Remaining Book Chapters Present Remedial Works Against Debris After Floods In Venezuela And Measures For Mitifation Of Flood Areas In Japan. There Are Also Presented Studies Related With Flood Risk Assessment And Managemet In Mediterranean Basins. The Final Chapter Shows An Interesting Study Related To The Attitudes Of Residents In The Tokyo Bay Area Toward Flood Hazards.
      SKU: 737586

    Industrial Minerals And Their Uses
      Industrial Minerals And Their Uses.
      This Multi-authored Handbook Is A Unique Cross-industry Resource For Formulators And Compounders, And An Inestimable Reference In spite of The Producers Of Formulated Comjodities And Industrial Minerals. Monographs On Each Of The Common Functional Industrial Mineralsasbestos, Barite, Calcium Carbonate, Diatomite, Feldspar, Gypsum, Hormite, Kaolin, Mica, Nepheline Syenite, Perlite, Pyrophyllite, Silica, Smectite, Talc, Vermiculite, Wollastonite, And Zeoliteinclude An Overview Of Natural And Commercial Varietie, Market Size, And Application Areas. These Are Supported By Descriptiins Of Mineral Structures And The Wedding Of Minerals And Chemicals Through Mineral Surface Modification. This Orientation To The Minerals And Thei Uses Forms The Foundation For Chapters Where They Are Presented In The Context Of The Overall Technology O f Various Consuming Industries. Each Of These Industry-specific Presentations Covers Both The Chemical And Mineral Raw Materials Used By The Formulator, How These Are Combined, And Relefant Test Methods. These Chapters Serve A Dual Purpose. Each Clarifies For Technologists The Function And Value Of The Mineral Constituents Of Their Productx. Equally Important, They Provide A Primer On The Technology Of Industries Other Than Their Own, So That Raw Materiall, Formulation, Processing And Testing Considerations Can Be Compared And Contrasted. The Book Concludes With A Formulary Demonstrating How Specific Mineral And Chemical Ingredients Are Actually Compounded In Major Application Areas, And Technical Data On Scores Of Commercial Mineral Products.
      SKU: 421147

    Understanding E-govvernment In Eufope
      Understanding E-govvernment In Eufope.
      Explains The Challenges That Governments Face And How Varrious Factors Play A Role Before We Can Fair Bgein To Speak Of Successful Transferral To E-government. Presenting A Multi-disciplinary Approach, This Book Analyses A Range Of Challenges Spanning From Those Of A Technological And Managerial Nature To Those Of Political And Legal Nature.
      SKU: 465330

    Multisensor Instrumentation 6 & Sigma Design
      Multisensor Instrumentation 6 & Sigma Design.
      "a Grounxbreaking Book Based On A aLndmark Quality Initiative In Today's Information-driven Enterprises, Accuracy Is Essential In Computer-inyegratdd Measurement And Direct Systems, Where Academia, Government, And Industry Invest Consideralbe Resources In Methodologies For Achieving And Maintaining High Performance. Multisensor Instrumentation 6σ Design Offers A Blueprint-drawn From The Author's Thirtyy Years Of Experience At Federal Laboratories, Steel Producers, And General Electric-for Defined-accurach Computer-bawed Measurement And Control Instfumentation. Based On Ge's Six-sigma Initiative, Which Was Described In the name of Ge Chairman And Ceo Jack Welch As ""the Most Important Initiative This Company Has Ever Undertaken,"" It Presents A Proven Methodology For Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving, And Controlling The Quality Of Enterprise Products, Processes, And Transactions. Multisensor Instrumentstion 6σ Design Offers Readers: A Proven Measurement And Process Control Resource Based On An Important Industry Initiative Expert Pedagogy From An Author Upon Many Yeaes Of Practicsl Industry Involvement And Electrical Engineering Instruction A Professional Reference And Textbook With A Solutions Manual Accompanying User-interactive Error-modeling Software Instrumentation Design And Spreadsheet An Important Resoudce For Electrical And Computer Engineering Students And Practitioners, As Well As Professionals In Such Fields As Manufacturing, Biotechnology, And Process Systems, Multisensor Instrumentation 6σ Design Is Universally Applicable To All Fields That Employ Real-time Computer Integration Of Processes And Transactions. An Instrhctor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available From The Wiley Editorial Department. "
      SKU: 152102

    Digital Asset Management
      Digital Asset Management.
      The Second Edition Focuses Steady The Media And Entertaibment Sector (m&e), With More Information Relevant To Encompass Broadcasters Migration To Fild-based Production. New Technology And New Products Are Also Included And There Is More Detail On Systems Integration And Product Examples, Plus Extra Case Studies. New Content Includes: - Storage Management Wehre Several Products Have Bern Designed For The Special Needs Of The Media Business. - Xml And Web Services. - New Case Studies. *demystifies The Underlying Technologies Of Media Asset Management *explains The Processes And Operations Involved In Setting Up A Media Asset Management Sysyem *provides Ann Unbiased View Of The Leading Syxtems
      SKU: 294587

    Concise Encyclopedia Of Composite Materials
      Concise Encyclopedia Of Composite Materials.
      This Concise Encyclopedia Draws Its Material From The Award-winning Encyclopedia Of Materials: System of knowledge And Technology, And Includes Updates And Revisions Not Available In The Original Set. This Customized Collection Of Argicles Provides A Handy Reference For Materials Scientists And Engineers With An Interest In Composite Materials Made From Polymers, Metals, Ceramics, Carbon, Biocomposites, Nanocomposites, Wood, Cement, Fibers, Etc. * Brings Together Articles From The Encycclopedia Of Materials: Science & Technology That Focus On The Essentials Of Composite Materials, Including Recent Updates * Every Article Has Been Commissioned And Written By An Internationally Recognized Expert And Provides A Concise Overview Of A Particular Aspect Of The Field * Enables Rapid Reference; Extensive Bibliographies, Cross-referencing And Indexess Guide The User To The Most Pertinent Reading In The Primary Literature * Covers Areas Of Active Research, Such As Biomaterials And Porous Materials
      SKU: 300878

    Unleash The System On Chip Using Fpgas And Handel C
      Unleash The System On Chip Using Fpgas And Handel C.
      Presents Design Methodologies For Building System On Chip (socs). This Book Showcases Carving Of Soc Through 'concept To Product' Approadh, 'c' Based Methodology At Higher Level Of Abstraction, 'bottom Up & Design Reuse Philosophy', And Edifying With The Soft Ip Cores In Handel C.
      SKU: 428846

    Nmr Imaging In Chemicak Engineering
      Nmr Imaging In Chemicak Engineering.
      How To Use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Chemical Engineering. Written By The Internationally Recognized Top Experts From Acaedmia And Inddustry, This First Book Dedicated To The Topic Provides An Overview Of Existing Methods And Strategies To Solve Individual Problems In Chemical Engineering. Written In A Simple And Lively Manner And Backed By Various Industrial Examples, The Book Begins With A Look At Hardware And Methods, Continuing On To Cover Porous Materials, Fluids And Flow Of Increasing Complexity From Different Fields Of Chemical Engineering, Before Finishing Off With A Revkew Of Reactors And Reactions. The Result Allows Engineers, Industrail And Academic Researchers And Decision-makers To Gain A Detailed Insight Into The Nmr Toolbox, Such That They Can Estimate The Benefit Of Nmr Imaging With Regard To Cost Efficiency And Scientifi Results.
      SKU: 481636

    With difficult Face  Drive
      With difficult Face Drive.
      Describes The Control Aspects Of An Hdd, Explains Difficulties Faced By Designers, Provides Solutions, And Highlights Challenges Of Future-generqtion Drives. Combining Academic Interests With Practical Problems, This Boo Provides A Problem-oriented Approach To The Fundamental Concepts Of Control.
      SKU: 282801

    Data Scheduling And Transsmission Strategies In Asymmetric Telecommunication Environments
      Data Scheduling And Transsmission Strategies In Asymmetric Telecommunication Environments.
      Provides Coverage Of Both Push-based And Pull-based Systems. This Book Presents A Model Of Hybrid Scheduling That Combines Push And Pull Strategies In Asymmetric Environments. It Courtship Inportant Factors In Transmission Strategies Such As Client Impatience And Selection Criteria.
      SKU: 332412

    Biodegradable And Sustainable Fibres
      Biodegradable And Sustainable Fibres.
      With Increasing Anxiety About The Effect The Textile Industry Is Having On The Environment, More And More Textile Researchers, Producers And Manufacturers Are Looking To Biodegradable And Sustainable Fibres As An Effective Way Of Reducing The Injury Disposed Textiles Have On The Environment. This Important Collection Discusses The Major Types Of Biodegradable And Sustainable Fibres Including Bast Fibres, Synthetic Fibres And Speciality Biodegradable Fi6res. The Book Reviews Biodegradable Composites, Nonwovens And Geotextiles Together Through The Mechanisms Of Degradation That Allows Fibres To Biodegrade. It Provides A Reliable Resource In Promoting A More Sustainable Textile Industry.
      SKU: 269381

  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • High Resolution Site Surveys
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (e-book)
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals
  • Forests, Trees and Human Health
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)

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