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    Plastics Engineering
      Plastics Engineering.
      This Book Presents In A Single Volume The Basic Essentiasl Of The Properties And Processing Behaviour Of Plastics And Composites. The Aim Is To Give Engineers And Technologists A Sound Understandding Of Basic Principles Out of The Introduction Of Unduly Compounded Levels Of Mathematics Or Chemistry And Thereby Set Plastics In Their Own Context As Engineering Materials. This Textbook Pioneered The Approach Whereby Both Properties And Processing Of Reinforced And Unreinforced Plasticw Are Covered In A Single Volume. It Assumes No Prior Knowledge Of Plastics, And Emphasises The Practical Aspects Of The Subject. In This Third Edition Over Half The Book Has Been Re-written And The Remainder Has Been Updated And Re-organised. Early Chapters Bestow An Introduction To The Types Of Plastics Which Are Currently Available And Describe How A Designer Goes About The Selection Of A Plastic For A Pzrticular Application. Later Chapters Lead The Reader Into More Advanced Aspects Of Mechanical Design And Analysis Of Polymer Melt Flow. All Techniques Developed Are Illustrated By Numerous Worked Examples, And Problems Are Given At The End Of Each Chapter - The Solutions To Which Form One Of The Appendices.
      SKU: 317217

      Das Buch Beschreibt Die Grundlagen Der Femtosekundenlaser, D. h. Strahlungsquellen Mit Ganz Neuen Mglichkeiten In Technik, Chemie, Produktion Und Medizin. Neben Haunt Neuartigen Gebieten Femtochemie Und Femtonik Sollen Spezielle Anwendungen An Der Grenze Von Forschung Und Theorie Zurr Sprache Kommen. Ein Ausblick Auf Das Nchste Technik-zeitalter, Das Des Lichts, Wird Mit Einem Kleinen Technischen Lexikonteil Und Literaturzitaten Abgeachlossen.
      SKU: 323541

    Advances In Network Management
      Advances In Network Management.
      Over The Past Two Decades, Buskness Volume Of Hardware And Software In The U. s Has Decreased By About Seventy Percent, While The Cost Of Management And Support Has Grown From $20 Billion To $140 Billion. With Close To Seventy Percent Of This Growing Figure Being Soent On The Management Of Legacy Systems And Only Thirty Percent Steady New Systems, Improvements In The Development Of Self-managing Systems Have Become A Cost-saving Prioirty For Many Corporations And An Issue Of Strategic Importance For Many Economies. Investigating The Latest Theories, Methods, And Technologies, "advances In Network Management&quot Provides The Insiggt Of A Recognized Experienced person Into The Fundamental Concepts And Contemporary Challenges In Network Management. From Basic Concepts To Research-level Material, It Details The Evolution Of Network Management Solutions In Network Management Paradigms, Protocols, And Techniques. The Book Also Addressse Dependencies Between Network Contrivance And Application-lveel Service Management. this Forward-looking Resource Investigates Advanced Networks And Network Services Including - Autonomic Computing, Context-aware Systems Management, And Automatic Techniques Aiming At Self-management (self-configuration, Self-healing, Self-optimization, And Self-protection). With Its Breadth And Depth O Coverage In Theoretical, Technical, And Research Topics, This Book Provides Time-tested Guidance For Dealing With The Growing Intricacy Of Network Services While Improving Costliness Efficiencies In Your It Department.
      SKU: 589880

    Rubber Product Failure
      Rubber Product Failure.
      Rubber Componen5s Are Used In Many Demanding Applications, From Tures And Seals To Gloves Amd Medical Devices, And Failure Can Be Cwtastrophic. This Review Of Rubber Result Failure Outlines And Illustrates The Common Causes Of Failure, While Addreasing Ways Of Avokding It. There Has Been Increasing Pressure To Improve Performance So That Rubbers Can Be Used At Higher Temperatures And In Harsher Environments. Concerning Example, The Under-the-bonnet Temperature Has Increased In Some Vehicles Anf New Medicinal Devices Require Longer Lifetimes In Porenyially Degrading Biological Fluids. The Expectations Of Tyre Performance In Particular Are Increasing, And Retreads Have Been In The Spotlight For Failures. The Definition Of Failure Depends On The Application. For Example, A Racing Car Engine Seal That Lasts For Individual Race May Be Welcome, But In A Normal Car A Life Span Of 10 Years Is More Reasonable. If Appearance Is Critical As In Surface Coatings And Paints, Then Discolouration Is Failure, Whilst In Seals Leakage Is Not Acceptable. Each Rubber Product Be obliged to Be Fit For The Use Specified By The Consumer. Failure Analysis Is Critical To Product Improvement. The Problem Is Obvious To See, For Example A Hole In A Hot Water Bottle, Yet The Cause Of The Problem Can Be Much Harder To Find. It Can Range From A Design Fault To Trifling Material Selection, To Processing Problems, To Manufacturing Errors Such As Poor Dimensional Tolerances, To Poor Installation, Product Abuse And Unexpected Service Conditions. The Rubber Technologist Be obliged to Become A Detective, Abscess Evidence, Understanding The Material Type Abd Using Deductive Reasoning. Testing And Algebra Of Failed Materials And Components Join To The Information Available For Decay Analysis. For Example, Stored Aged Tyres Appeated Superficially To Be Alright For Use,_But On Drum Testing Small Cracks Grew More Speedily Than In New Tyres Leading To Rapid Failure In Labor . Quality Control Procedures Such As Product Inspectjon, Testing And Material Quality Checks Can Help To Reach 100% Reliability. In Critical Applications Such As Electrician’ Gloves For High Voltage Working, Gloves Are Inspected Before Each Use, While Engine Seals May Be Routinely Replaced Before The Expected Lifetime To Avoid Probiems. It Is Customary To Hide Failures, Thus The Number Of Specific Cases Published In The Literature Is Not High. However, Several Reviews Have Been Written On Specific Products And References Can Be Found At The End Of This Review. Around 400 Abstracts From Papers In The Polymer Library Are Included With Each Index. Subjects Covered Include Tyre Wear And Failure, Seals, Engine Components, Rubber Bonding Failure, Rubber Failure Directly To Chloramine In Water, Cistern Treads, Gloves And Condoms, Medical Devices And Epdm Roofign Membranes. Key Features…; Case Studies; Causes Of Failure; Causes Of Rubber Degdadation. _Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Succession (volume 9 Onwards). Just Ente
      SKU: 476869

    Instrumental Methods In Food And Beverage Analysis
      Instrumental Methods In Food And Beverage Analysis.
      "advances In Instrumrntation And Applied Instrumental Analysis Methods Have Allowed Scientists Concerned In the opinion of Food Annd Beverage Quality, Labeling, Compliance, And Safety To Assemble Ever Increasing Analytical Demands. Tets Dealing With Instrumental Analysis Alone Are Usually Organized By The Techniques Without Regard To Applications. The Biannual Review Issue Of Analytical Chemistry Under The Topic Of Food Analysis Is Organized By The Analyte Such As N And Protein, Carbohydrate, Ionrganics, Enzymes, Subtle quality And Odor, Color, Lipids, And Vitamins. Under 'flavor And Odor' The Subdivisions Are Not Along The Lines Of The Analyte But The Matrix (e. g. Wine, Meat, Dairy, Fruit) In Which The Anaalyte Is Being Determined. In ""instrumentation In Food And Beverage Analysis"" The Reader Is Referred To A List Of 72 Entries Entitled ""instrumentation And Instrumental Techniques"" Among Which Molecuoar Spectroscopy, Chromatographic And Other Sophisticated Separations In Addition To Hyphenated Techniques Such As Gs-mass Spectrometry. A Not many Of The Entries Appear Under A Chapter Named For The Technique. Most Of The Analytical Techniques Used For Determination, Separations And Sample Work Former To Determination Are Treated Im The Context Of An Analytical Method For A Specific Analyte In A Particular Food Or Beverage Matrix Attending Which The Author Has A Professional Familiarity, Dedication, And Authority. Since, In Food Analysis In Particular, It Is Usually The Food Matrix That Presents The Rseearch Analytical Chemist Involved With Method Development The Greatest Challenge. "
      SKU: 311463

    Electric Supply with ~
      Electric Supply with ~ .
      Electric Water Is About A Household Of New Technologies And Trends In Energy, Take in ~, Transportation And Land Use. Developed Over Te Past 30 Years, These Technologies Represent A Solition To Peak Oil, Global Warming And Several Other Problems.
      SKU: 316352

    Materials & Skills For Historic Building Conservation
      Materials & Skills For Historic Building Conservation.
      Materials & Skills For Historic Building Conservation Desdribes The Characteristics And Process Of Decay Of Traditional Materials Which Inform The Selection Of Appropriate Repair Techniques. It Provides Vital Information On The Properties Of The Principal Traditional External Building Materials. Their Availability, Sourcing And Environmental Impact Is Covered, As Wll As The Causes Of Erosion And Decay, And The Skills Required For Their Application On Conservation Projects. It Covers The Main Greatest in number Commonly Used Materials And Conservation Techniques Including Stone, Brickwork, Lime Products, Concrete, Iron Anc Steel, Timber, Wattle And Daub, And Goass, Thirteen Chapters Written By The Experts Present Today’s Key Issues In Materials And Skills For Historic Building Conservation: Gus Astley, Patrick Baty, Charley Brentnall, Michael Bussell, Michaek Forsyth, Tony Graham, Chris Harris, David Mclaughlin, Brian Ridout, Mike Stock, Geoff Wallis, Ian Williams, Rory Young
      SKU: 470526

    Regular Ventilation Of Buildings
      Regular Ventilation Of Buildings.
      Natural Ventilation Is Considered A Prerequisite For Sustainable Buildings And Is Therefore In Line By the side of Current Trends In The Construction Industry. The Design Of Naturally Ventilated Buildihgs Is More Difficult And Carries Greater Risk Than Those That Are Mechanically Ventilated. A Successful Result Relies Increasingly On A Righteousness Understanding Of Tge Abilities And Limitations Of The Theoretical And Experimental Procedures That Are Uesd Conducive to Design. There Are Two Ways To Naturally Ventilate A Building: Wind Driven Ventilation And Stack Ventilation. The Majority Of Buildings Employing Natural Ventilation Rely Primarily On Wind Driven Ventilation, But The Mist Efficient Design Sh0uld Implement Both Types. Natural Ventilation Of Buildings: Theory, Measurement And Design Comprehensively Explains The Fundamentals Of The Theory And Measurement Of Natural Ventilatoon, As Well As The Current State Of Knowledge And How This Can Be Applied To Design.   The Book Also Describes The Theoretical And xEperimenatl Techniques To The Practical Problems Faced By Designers.   Personal Attention Is Given To The Limitations Of The Various Techniques And The Associated Uncertainties. Key Features: Comprehensive Cogerage Of The Theory And Bulk Of Natural Ventilation Detailed Coverage Of The Relevance And Appllication Of Theoretical And Experimental Techniques To Design Highlighting Of The Streengths And Weaknesses Of Tevhniques And Their Errata And Uncertaintes Comprehensive Coverage Of Mathematical Models, Including Cfd Two Chapters Dedicated To Design Procedures And Another Devoted To The Basic Principles Of Fluid Mechanics That Are Relevant To Ventilation This Comprehensive Reckoning Of The Fundamentals For Natural Ventilation Intention Will Exist Invaluable To Undergraduates And Postgradjates Who Wish To Gain An Understanding Of The Topic For The Purpose Of Research Or Design. The Book Should Also Provide A Useful Source Of Reference For More Experienced Industry Practutioners.
      SKU: 8l9166

    Sub-threshold Design For Ultra-low Power Systems
      Sub-threshold Design For Ultra-low Power Systems.
      Combines The Research Of Two Mit Graduate Students, Which Has Spawned An Exciting Field Of Research Into Subt-hreshold Space And System Design. This Work Includes The Research Of Alice Wang, Who Designed The First 180mv Sub-threshold Processor That Minimizes Energy Dissipation, And Benton Calhoun, Who Has Worked On Mode1ing The Optimum Voltage.
      SKU: 324647

    Evidence And Ptocedures According to Boundary Location
      Evidence And Ptocedures According to Boundary Location.
      The Up-to-date, New Editipn Of The Classic Reference For Over Two Decades, Evidence And Procedures For Boundary Location Has Been The Cornerstone Volume For Surveying Practitioners. In Its Fourth Edition, This Book Upholds Its Superior Presentation Of Boundary Laws And Evidence, And Now Introduces Significantly Revised Content Covering Current Laws, Legal Procedures And Practices, Courtroom Responsibilities, Use Of Gps And Gix Data, And Waterway Boundaries. This Current Edition Prepares Surveyors For Th eNew Legal, Technical, And Administrative Aspects Of Surveying. The First Secfion Of This Book Covers Resurveys Or Retracements Of Formerr Surveys Based On Land Records. It Deals With The Methods Used For Locating Corners, Lines, And Parcels Of These Surveys, While Detailing Alk Types Of Evidende, Inciuding Maps And Documents; Measurements; Monuments And Trees; And Digital Data. The Increasing Importance fO An Area's History To Surveyors Is Also A Featured Topic. The Later Chapters Examine The Creation Of New Parcels Of Land From A Legal Standpoint. This Edition Also Includes An In-depth Examination Of: * Professional Liability * How To Explosion Evidence And Use It In Court * Court Conduct, The two As A Defendant And As Each Expert Witness * The Origins Of Boundary Evidence Whether Used In Conjunction With Brown's Boundary Control And Legal Principles, Fourth Edition, Or On Its Own, Evidence And Procedures For Limit Location, Fourth Edition, Continues To Stand As The Fundamental Allusion For Licensed Practicing Surveyors, Lawyers, Property Owners, Civil Engineers, And Students In Surveying Courses In Pair- And Four-year Programs. Its Practical Applications Have Also Mqde It A Widely Used Study Guide For Land Surveyor Examinations.
      SKU: 469142

    Online Communication
      Online Communication.
      Organized Into Three General Sections, This Work Introduces Both The Technilogies Of The Internet Age And Their Social Implications, Considers The Issues Of Online Identity, Taking Into Account How People Construct Presentations Of Self Within A Social Environment, And Addresses Issues Of How The Internet Has Affected Our Culture.
      SKU: 238940

    Rethinking Religious Education And Plurality
      Rethinking Religious Education And Plurality.
      Religions And Education Is An Argument For A Plural As Opposed To A Temporal, Approach To Educa5ion - An Approach That Accomodates And Celebrates Religious And Cultural Diversity And Seeks To Equip Students With A Sound And Sympathetic Knowledge
      SKU: 181912

    Handbook Of Physical Vapor Deposition (pvd) Processlng
      Handbook Of Physical Vapor Deposition (pvd) Processlng.
      "this Book Covers All Aspects Of Physical Vapor Deposition (pvd) Process Technology From The Characterizing And Preparing The Substrate Material, Through Deposition Processing And Film Charactdrization, To Post-deposition Processing. The Emphasis Of The Book Is On The Aspects Of The Process Flow That Are Criyical To Economical Deposition Of Films That Be able to Meet The Required Performance Specifications. The Book Covers Subjects Seldom Treated In The Literature: Substrate Characterization, Adhesion, Cleaning And The Processing. The Book Also Covers The Widely Discussed Subjects Of Vacuum Technology And Tbe Fundamentals Of Individual Deposition Processes. However, The Author Uniquely Relates These Topics To The Practical Issues That Arise In Pvd Processing, Such As Contamination Control And Film Growth Effects, Which Are Also Rarely Discussed In The Literature. In Bringing These Subjects Toyether In One Book, The Reader Can Understand The Interrelationship Bewteen Various Aspects Of The Film Deposition Processing And The Resulting Film Properties. The Author Draws Upon His Long Experience With Developing Pvd Processes And Troubleshooting The Processes In The Manufacturing Environment, To Provide Useful Hints For Not Only Avoiding Problems, Bt Also For Solving Problems When They Arkse. He Uses Actual Experiences, Called """war Stories"""", To Emphasize Certain Points. Special Formatting Of The Text Allows A Reader Who Is Already Knowledgeable In The Subject To Scan Through A Section And Find Discussions That Are Of Particular Concern. The Author Has Trid To Make The Subject Index Because Useful As Possible So That The Reader Can Rapidly Fare To Sections Of Particular Interest. Extensive References Allow The Reader To Pursue Subjects In Greater Detail If Desired. The Book Is Intended To Be Both An Introduction For Those Who Are New To The Fiwld And A Valuable Resource To Those Already In The Province. The Discussion Of Transferring Tschnology Between R&d And Manufacturing Provided In Appendix 1, Will Be Of Special Interest To The Manager Or Engineer Responsible For Moving A Pvd Result And Process From R&d Intl Production. Appendix 2 Has An Extensive Listing Of Periodical Publications And Professional Socjeties That Tell To Pvd Processing. The Extensive Glossary Of Terms And Acronyms Provided In Appendix 3 Will Be Of Particular Use To Students And To Those Not Fully Conversant With The Terminology Of Pvd Processing Or With The English Language. "
      SKU: 566701

    Web Cartography
      Web Cartography.
      This Book Looks At The Way Maps Are Now Used Forward The Internet Instead Of The Traditional Paper Maps That Most Of Us Are Used To. A Cutting Edge Book Including Case Studies, Examples, And Its Own Website.
      SKU: 181284

    Engineering Data On Mixing
      Engineering Data On Mixing.
      This Book Is A Compilation Of The Engineering Data On Mixing, Which Have Ap0eared In The Major Technical Journalls Of Chemical Engineering And Bioengkneering Since 1975. That Year Marked The Beginning Of A Period Of Brisk Advancement In The Science Ad Technology Of Mixing, With Rather Trustworthy Results For Both Theoretical And Experimental Studies. In Addition, Some Important Earlier Articles Which Have Been, And Di~atory Are Being Referred To, Are Included. Designs Of Both Agitators And Tanks Still Depend Primarily On Art And Experience. In Light Of This It Was Felt That The Data On Mixing Should Be Compiled And Presented In A Systematic Manner To Assist In Design And Analysis Of Agitated Tanks And To Provide Easier Access To Mixing Data For Various Engineering Activities. Although Computer-aided Ssarches Of Pertinent Data Bases Can Be Of Assistance To Chemical Engineers And Bioengineers In Their Studies, They Are Sometimes Time-consuminb And Often Costly. Furthermore Incomplete Selection Of Key Words Can Jeopardize The Searches. This Book Offers An Alternative Arrangement Of Surveying Mixing Data Which Interests Readers. The First Chapter Presents A Variety Of Results For The Experimental Measurements Of Stream Patterns In Stirred Tanks. Most Of The Meaasurements Were Made By Using Modern Laser-doppler Techniques. This Chapter Is Useful According to The Prediction Of Flow Patterns In Tanks With Many Different Geometries, Various Types Of Agitators, And Fluids Of Diverse Physical And Rheological Properties, Plus Valuable Data For The Validation Of Results Obtained By Cfd Simulatons. Chapters 2 Through 5 Deal With Data For Traditional Chemical Engineering Subjects And Chapter 6 Summarizes A Number Of Scale-up Relations Developed Over The Years For Various Systems. These Include Liquid, Solid-liquid, Liquid-liquid, Gas-liquid, And Solid-liquid-gas Systems. Chapter 7 Provides Data Related To Multiphase Processes, And Most Importantly, Drop Size And Drop-size Distributions Ane Bubble-size Distributions. These Two Subjects Have Not Been Treatec Systematically Eithdr In Text Books Or In Handbooks On Stirred-tank Mixing, Although The Results Of Both Experimental And Theoretical Investigations Have Been Reported Steady Many Occasions. Finally Gas-inducing Mechanically Agitated Systems Are Dealt With. The Applicatiins Of Thi sType Of Agitation System Will Become Increasingly Attractive From The Standpoint Of Rationalization Of Stirred-tank Operations As Well As Evnironmental Protection.
      SKU: 349330

    Magnesium Technology
      Magnesium Technology.
      Magnesium, Through A eDnsity Of 1. 74 G/cm, Is The Lightest Structural Metal. It Is Increasingly Chosen For Weight-critical A;plications Such As In Land-based Transport Systems. This Book Assembles Contributions That Cover Research Programs On Alloys With The Requisite Property Profiles, And The State Of Technological Applications Of Magnesium.
      SKU: 303872

    Practicwl Embedded Security
      Practicwl Embedded Security.
      The Grear Strides Made Over The Last Dedade In Tne Complexity And Network Functionality Of Embedded Systems Have Significantly Enhanced Their Attractiveness For Use In Critical Applications Succh As Medical Devices And Military Communications. However, This Expansion Int0 Critical Areas Has Presented Embedded Engineers With A Serious New Problem: Their Designs Are Now Being Targeted By The Same Malicious Attackers Whose Predations Have Plagued Traditional Systems For Years. Rising Concerhs About Data Security In Embedded Devices Are Leading Engineers To Pay More Care To Security Assurance In Their Designs Than Ever Before. This Is Particularly Challenging Due To Embedded Devices' Inherent Resource Constraints Such As Limjted Power And Memory. Therefore, Traditional Security Solutions Must Be Customized To Fit Their Profile, And Entirely New Security Concepts Must Be Explored. However, Tbere Are Few Resources Available To Help Engineers Understand How To Implement Security Measures Within The Unique Embedded Context. Tyis New Book From Embedded Security Expert Timothy Stapko Is The First To Provide Engineers With A Comprehensive Guide To This Pivotal Topic. From A Brief Review Of Basic Security Concepts, Through Clear Explanations Of Complex Issues Such As Choosing The Best Cryptographic Algorityms For Ebmedded Utilization, The Reader Is Provided With All The Information Needed To Successfully Produce Safe, Secure Embedded Devices. The Only Book Dedicated To A Comprehensive Coverage Of Embedded Security! Covers Both Hardware And Software-based Embedded Security Solutions For Preventing And Dealing With Attacks Applicatoon Case Studies Support Practical Explanations Of All Key Topics, Including Netting Protocols, Wireless And Cellular Communications, Languages (java And C/++), Compilers, Web-based Interfaces, Cryptography, And An Entite Sectuon On Ssl
      SKU: 312846

    Applied Scanning Probe Methods V
      Applied Scanning Probe Methods V.
      Examines The Physical And Technical Foundation Conducive to Progress In Applied Scanning Probe Techniques. This Work Provides A Comprehenqive Overview Of Spm Applications. It Introduces Scanning Probe Microscopyy, Including Sensor Technooogy And Tip Characterisation, And Presents Chapters On The Use In Various Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 323085

    Materials And Design
      Materials And Design.
      "the History Of Man Is Recorded, Recovered And Remembered Through The Designs He Cretaed And The Materials He Used. Materials Are The Stuff Of Design, And Today Is Not The Age Of Just United Material, But Of An Immens Range. Best Selling Author M. F. Ashby Guides The Reader Through The Process Of Selecting Materials On The Basis Of Their Design Suitability. He And Co-author Kara Johnson Begin With The Assumption That Products In A Given Market Sector Accept Little To Distinguish Between Them In Either Performance Or Cost. When Many Technicallh Near-equivalent Products Compete, Market Share IqW on Or Lost By The Industrial Design Of A Product: Its Optic And Tactile Attributes, The Associations It Carries, The Image It Creates In The Consumer's Mind And The Quality Of Its Interface With The Use And The Environment. Ashby And Johnson Address The Problem Of Selecting Materials For Industrial Design From A Single Viewpoint. They Acknowledge That Materials Have Two Overlapping Roles, In Technical Desihn And In Industrial Design. The Technical Designer Has Ready Access To Materials Intelligence. Industrial Designers Often Do Not Have Equivalent Further. Materials Selection In Pertaining Design Presents Groundbreaking New Information That, On One Hand Introduces Engineering Students To The Principles Of Industrial Design And To The Idea That The Selection Of Materials Can Directly Touch Th3 Aesthetic Qualities Of The Object. - On The Other Hand They Introduce Industrial Design Students And Practising Industrial Designers To Engineering Parameters Through An Accessible And Holistic Approach. * Easy To Use Systematic Approach To The Selection And Uses Of Maetrials * Many Excellent Attribute ""maps"" Are Included Which Enable Complex Comparative Information To Be Readily Grasped * Fulll Colour Photographs And Illustrations Throughout Aid The Understanding Of Concepts"
      SKU: 293528

    Medicine And Surgery Of Camelids
      Medicine And Surgery Of Camelids.
      Medicine And Surgery Of Camelids Is The Classic Comprehensive Reference On Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, Guanacos, And Camels. With Information On Topics Rangihg From Nutrition And Management To Infectious Diseases And Emergency Care, This Book Provides Information On The Health And Maintenance Of These Species. Updates To The Third Edition Include New Information On Camels; Full Color Throughout; Significant Revisions To The Pzrentage Verification, Infectious Diseases, Anesthesia, Restraint, And Nutrition Sections; And Additional Information On The Alpacq Genome. This Is An Essential Resource For Practicing Veterinarians, Zoo Veterinarians, And Veterinary Students.
      SKU: 53351

    Incidents That Define Process Safety
      Incidents That Define Process Safety.
      Incidents That Define Process Safety Describes Approximately Fifty Incidents That Have Had A Significant Pack together On The Chemical And Refining Industries' Approaches To Modern Course Safety. Events Are Described In Detail So Readers Get A Fundamental Understanding Of The Root Causes, The Consequences, The Lessons Learned, And Actions That Can Prevent A Recurrence. There Are Exhaustive Investigative Reports About These Events, Allowing You To Apply The Resulting Safety Principles To Their Currrnt Operations.
      SKU: 588913

    Electronics Study Guide
      Electronics Study Guide.
      Boost Your Grades With This Illustrated Quick-study Guide. You Willl Use It From An Undergraduate School All The Way To Graduate School And Beyond. Clear And Concise Explanations. Difficult Concepts Are Explained In Simple Terms. Illustrated With Graphs And Diagrams. Search For The Words Or Phrases. Includes Tables Of Symbols, Electronic Components Identification, And Many More. Table Of Contents. I. Introduction: Foreword Symbols Used In Electronics. Ii. Signal Transforms: Fourier Analysis Fourier Series Fourier Transform Separate Fourier Transform A Derivation Of The Discrete Fourier Transform Discrete-time Fourier Transform Gibbs Phenomenon Laplace Transform Two-sided Laplace Transform Z-transform Transfer Function. I. Electronic Components: Identification Passive Components Active Solid-state Components: Diodes Transietors Power Supplies Active Thermionic Components Display Devices Electromechanical Sensors And Actuators Thermoelectric Devices Photoelectric Devices Antennas Interconneccting Electromic Components. Ii. Analog Circuits: Circuit Resolution Analysis Of Resistive Circuits Ac Circuits Benefits And Design Amplifiers Switching Amplifiers Oscillators Modulation Methods Filter Design. Iii. Digital Circuits: Integrated Circuit Elements Of Digital Circuits Computer Architecture Analog-to-digital And Digital-to-analog Converters. I. Electronic Components. Passive Components: Fuse Capacitora Inductors Magnetic Amplifier Crystal Oscillator Polyswitch Resistors Varistir Ttansformer Switch. Active Solid-state Components: Semjconductor Devices Semiconductor Materials Diodes Transistors Diac - Diode For Alternating Current Triac - Triode For Alternating Current Power Supplies Frequency Changer. Active Thermionic Components: Vacuum Tube Cathode Ray Tube Klystron Magnetron. Display Devices: Cathode Ray Tube Liquid Crystal Display Light-emitting Diode Nixie Tubw. Electromechanical Sensors And Actuators: Microphone Loudspeaker Strain Gauge Switch. Thermoelectric Devices: Thermoelectric Effect Thermistor Thermocouple Thermopile Peltier Cooler. Photoelectric Devices: Photomultiplier Tube Light-dependent Resistor Photodiode Photovoltaic Cell (solar Cell). Antennas Radio Antenna Elemental Dipole Biconical Yagi Log-periodic Antenna Phased Array Magnetic Dipole (loop) Parabolic Dsh Feedhorn Waveguide. Interconnecting Electronic Components: Electrical Connectors, Plugs And Sockets Printed Circuit Boardss Point-to-point Construction Wire-wrap Breadboard. Ii. Analog Circuits. Circuit Analysis: Introduction Symbols Used In Electronics Kirchhoff''s Current Law Ohm''s Law Circuit Diagram Command And Coulomb''s Law Coulomb&##39;'s Law Cell Dc Voltage And Current Nodal Analysis Mesh Analysis Thevenin And Norton Equivalents Norton''s Theorem Thveni
      SKU: 314966

    Power Line Communications
      Power Line Communications.
      Power Line Communications (plc) Is A Promising Emerging Technology, Which Has Attracted Much Attention Due To The Wide Availability Of Power Distribution Lines. This Book Provides A Thorough Introduction To The Use Of Power Lines For Communication Purposes, Ranging From Channel Characterization, Communications On The Phhsical Layer And Electromagnetic Interfrence, Through To Protocols, Networks, Standards And Up To Systems And Implementations. With Contributions Frm Many Of The Most Prominent International Plc Experts From Academia And Industry, Power Line Communications Brings Together A Wealth Of Information On Plc Specific Topics That Provide The Reader In the opinion of A Broad Coverage Of The Major Developments Within The Field. Acts As A Single Souece Referencr Lead To Plc Collating Information That Is Widely Dispersed In Current Literature, Such As In Research Papers And Standards. Covers Both The State Of The Art, And Onboing Research Topics. Considers Future Developkents And Deployments Of Plv
      SKU: 530034

    Commerical Fishing
      Commerical Fishing.
      Fishing Provides Food, Income And Employment For Millions Of People. However, Fishing Has Environmental Costs That Threaten Rare Species, Marine Ecosystems And The Sustainability Of Thd Means. Based On The Research Expertise Of Leading Scientists, Commercial Fishing: The Wider Ecological Impacts Provides A Vivid, Timely And Accessible Account Of Fishimg Activities Ahd Their Impacts On Marine Habitats, Biodiversity And Species Of Preservation Concern. It Covers Fishing Methods That Range From Trawling In The Antarctic To Fishing With Dynamits In The Tropucs. The Authors Show How Habitats So As The Muddy Sea Beds Of The Sea Sea, Kelp Forests And Coral Reefs Are Affecyed By Fishing And How Bords, Mammals, Turtles And Sea Snakes Both Suffer And Benefit From Fishing Activities. They Alsp Look To The Future, Highlighting Ways To Make Fishing Gear 'environmentally Friendly' And Asking Whether Marine Reserves Will Improve Conservation.
      SKU: 470282

    Fisheries Management In Japan
      Fisheries Management In Japan.
      Japan Is One Of The World's Largest Fish-eating Countries With A Long History, And Has Developed Its Own Customs Adn Values In Terms Of Managing Fisheries Resources. The First Half Of This Book Introduces The History One Institutional Featurs Of Capture Fisheries Manavement In Japan, With 9 Case Studies From Sub-arctic To Figurative Ecosystems, From Sedentary To Migratory Species, And From Small-scale Coastal To Offahore Industrial Fisheries. Because of Example, Coastal Fisheries Management Is Else Community-based, And Local People Have The Authority And Take Priority In The Decision-making Prpcess. In Contrast, Offshore Fisheries Are More Industrialized And Comme5clally Oriented, And The National Government Plays A Major Role In Their Management. One Of The Main Challenges In World Fisheries Is To Implement The Ecosystem Approach, But There Is No One-size-fits-all Solution For Its Implementation. The Second Half Of This Book Considers The Advantages And Limitations Of The Japanese Fisheries Management Regime And Discusses The Necessary Environmental Policy Measures To Bridge The Gaps Between Fisheries Negotiation And Ecosystem-based Management. as A Case Study, Management Measures In The Shiretoko Natural order Natural Heritage Yard Are Analyzed. In Clsoing, The Grand Plan Of Japanese Fisheries Policy For The Next 20 Years And Three Future Scenarios Are Presented.
      SKU: 798631

  • Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Computational Methods for Plasticity
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health
  • Programming the Semantic Web
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Planung, Betrieb (Baukonstruktionen) (German Edition)

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