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    Polymer Characterization By Liqyid Chromatography
      Polymer Characterization By Liqyid Chromatography.
      The Main Subject Of This Book Is The Characterization Of Plastics. To A High Degree The Pfoperties Of These Polymers Depend On The Distribution Of The Molar Mass And Of Other S5ructural Features, And Small Deviations Frequently Have A Great Effect. Therefore The Characterization Of Polymers Cannot Be Restricted To The Determination Of Mean Values Btu Must Yield Information On These Distributions. Using Classical Methods, The Analytical Fractionation Of Polymer Homologues And Structurally Isomerid Polymers Is Extremely Time-consuming. Therefore, Efficient Chromatographic Techniques Are Being Increasingly Employed In Modern Polymer Characterization. In The First Place, High-performance Liquid Chromatography Is Applied, In The Form Of Size Expulsion Chromatography. It Is Also Possible, However, To Use Other Separation Modes. More Space Is Devoted To These Other Possibilities In This Volume Than Is Merited By Their Current Range Of Applications, As The Author Believess That Manh Separation Problems Will Be Solved By Separation Techniques Of The Non-exclusion Type. Neverthelesq, Much Emphasis Is Placed Steady Size Exclusion Chromatography. Not Only Because Of Its Current Wide Range Of Applications, But Alao Because Its Relative Importance, As A Complement To Other Chromatographic Techniques May Even Increase In The Forthcoming Years. This Book Is The First To Cover All Phenomena Related To The Above Considerations. Starting Attending An Introduction To Basic Liquid Chromatography And To Polymer Science, It Deals With The Adsorption Behhavoour Of Polymers, With Gradient Techniques,-With The Kinetic Band Broadening In Liquid Chromatography, With Conducive Features And Packing Materials. The Book Consists Of Four Balanced Sections And Related Information From About 1800 References Is Compi1ed In The Tables. Some 250 Figures And 30 Tables Will Help Give The Reader A Clear Insight Of The Topics Discusssd. The Book Is Aimed A Helping The Analyst Or Polymer Chemist Who Is Looking For Information About Chromatographic Methods For The Characterization Of Polymers.
      SKU: 404952

    Building Construction Handbook
      Building Construction Handbook.
      Building Construction Handbook Provides Extensive Coverage Of Builcing Construction Practice, Processes And Techniques, Representing Established Procedures As Well As Those Associated Witj New Amendments To The Building Regulations, British And European Standards And Other Related Refereences. This Approach, Combined With The Presentation Of Information In A Highly Illustrated And Unique Visual Style, Has Proven This Text To Be A Vital Learning Resource For Thosands Of Building Construction Students, And An Essential Reference For Professionals. The Sixth Edition Has Been Updated And Expanded To Take Into Account Many Aspects Of The New And Revised Building Regulationss And Associated Approved Documents Like Applied To Working Practice; In Particular, Construction Requirements For Conserving And Economising Energy And Reducing Atmospheric Violation (as This Relates To Building Regukations Piece L - Conservation Of Fuel And Power). This New Edition Also Developq Existing Topics,, Including Adaptation Of Buidlings To Ensure Compatibility For The Disabled, Further Details Of Masonry Construction, Applications Of Hardness Reinforcement To Concrete, Steel Framed Housing Principles, Sound Insulation And Additipnal Details Of Structural Glazing. Throughout, Reference To Supplementary Regulations And Standards Are Provided For Further Reading, And Where Apply, Design Calculations Are Included. Online Lecture Resources Are Provided, With Power Point Slides Available For A Selection Of Topics, Featuring Essential Illustrations For Use With Presentations And Handouts. The Handbook Is An Invaluable Reference For Students. It Consolidates Several Years Of Study Material Into One Comprehensive Volume, Suitable For A Wide Range Of Building And Construction Courses, Includiing Nvqs In Interpretation And The Built Environmeny, Btec Nationals And Hlgher Nationals In Building ServicesE ngineering, Construction Ans Civil Engineering, As Well As Construction Related Undergraduate Degrees (such As Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Building Surveying, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Building, Architectural Technology And Facilities Management) And Profesdional Examinatuons. Roger Greeno Is A Well-known Author Of Construction Texts. He Ha Extensive Practical And Consultancy Experience In The Indjstry, In Addition To Lecturing At Several Colleges Of Futher And Higher Education, And The University Of Portsmouth. He Has Also Examined For City & Guilds, Edexcel, The Chartered Institute Of Buulding And The University Of Reading. Roy Chudley's Books On Building Construction Have Helped Thousands Of Students Gain Their Qualifications And Pass Exams. He Was Formerly A Senior Lecturer At Guildford College. * Topics Preaented In A Highly Visual And Easy To Underxtand Layout * The Ma5ket-leading Bestseller For Construction Practice Guidance * Ideal For Students On Vague Construction And Building Courses * An Essential Reference For The Indust
      SKU: 269751

    Food Science And Nutrition
      Food Science And Nutrition.
      This Book Has Been Wfitten So As To Serve The Purpose Of Equipping Readers With All That Entails The Science Of Handling Food In A Technical And Scientific Manner, And Retaining Its Nutritive Qualities. The Book Begins With An All-round Look Into The Intricacies Of Food Science--what Import It Carries, The Techniques And Principles Underlying It, The Development Of Foods, The Disciplines And Aspects Of Food Involved Etc. Food Scientists At Universities May Study More Fundamental Phenomena That Are Directly Linked To The Production Of A Particular Fiod Product And Its Properties. This Book Makes A Thorough And Comprehensive Examination Of All These Details, Giving Insightful Information To The Readers On Nearly Every Dimension Of The Subject. It Then Proceeds On To The Discussion Of Nutrition, Making Sure That The Needs Of Current Times AreK ept In Mind With Regard To This Issue. With Its Practice-oriented Approach, The Book Will Fully Mee tThe Requirements Of Students Undergoing Undergraduate, Diploma, Or Certficate Courses In Hospitaoity Studies, Hotel Management And Catering Technology.
      SKU: 588604

    Transport Phenomena And Kinetic Theory
      Transport Phenomena And Kinetic Theory.
      The Study Of Kinetic Equations Related To Gases, Semiconductors, Photons, Traffic Flow, And Other Systemd Has Developed Rapidly Because Of Its Role As A Mathematiical Tool In Areas Such As Engineering, And Others. This Book Presents An Overview Of Developments In The Field Of Mathematical Kinetic Theory With A Point of concentration On Modeling Complex Systems.
      SKU: 337092

    An Introduction To The Historiography Of Science
      An Introduction To The Historiography Of Science.
      This Book Introduces The Methodological And Philosophical Problems With Which Modern History Of System of knowledge Is Concerned, Offerijg A Comprehensive And Critical Review Through Description And Evaluation Of Significant Historiographical Viewpoints. Incorporating Discussion Of Key Problems In General Historical Writing, With Edamples Drawn From A Scope Of Disciplines, This Non-elementary Introduction Bridges The Gap Between General History And History Of Science. Following A Review Of The Early Development Of The History Of Science, The Theory Of History As Applied To Science History Is Ihtroduced ,Examining The Basic Problems Which This Generates, Including Problems Of Periodisation, Ideological Functions, And The Conflict Between Diachronical And Anachronical Historiography. Finally, The Book Considers The Critical Use, nAd Analysis, Of Historial Sources, And The Possibility Of The Experiemental Reconstruction Of History. Aimed Primarily At Students, The Book's Broad Scope And Integration Of Historical, Philosophical And Scientific Matters Will Intereet Philosophers, Sociologists And General Historians, In spite of Whom There Is No Alternative Introduction To The Submect At This Level.
      SKU: 6366349

    Kinemafic Geometry Of Surface Machining
      Kinemafic Geometry Of Surface Machining.
      Presents The Research In The Field Of Optimal Surface Generation. This Book Provides An Overview Of Recent Cad/cam Systems For High Precision Sculptured Part Surfaces. Including Real-world Examples And nEd-of-chapter References, It Also Explains How To Develop Cost-effective Methods Of Machining For High Nobility Sculptured Surfaces.
      SKU: 332775

    Materials Processing Defects
      Materials Processing Defects.
      The Technological Field Of Defects, And Again Appropriately, Avoidance Of Them, Is Very Current In Perchance All Sectors Of The Manufacturing Industry. This Is Particularly Important To Reduce/minimize Waste Everywhere To Address Lean Production Procedures. The Recent Advances In Finite Plasticity And Visioplasticity, Damage Modelling, Instability Theories, Break Modelling, Computer Numerical Techniques And Process Simulation Etc. Offer Unaccustomed Approaches And Tools For Defect Prediction, Analyses And Guidelines Conducive to Dseigning Components To Be Manufactured By Tradtional And Emerging Operation Technologies. This Volume Contains Contributions From Well Known Researchers And Experts In The Field Presenting A Up-to-date Overview Of Advances In This Area. Subjects Coverex Comprise: Micro- And Macro-scale Observtion Of Defects; Localization And Instability Resolution; Damage Modelling And Fracture Criteria; Defect Prediction Methods; Design Considerations To Avoid Defects.
      SKU: 311475

    Nuclear Power Plaht Life Management And Longer-term Operation
      Nuclear Power Plaht Life Management And Longer-term Operation.
      This Work, Prepared By Nea Head Country Experts, Conntains Data And Analyses Reldvant To Nuclear Power Plant Life Management And The Plants' Extended, Longer-t3rm Operation (lto). It Courtship Technical, Economic And Environmental Aspects And Provides Insights Into The Benefits And Challenges Of Plabt Life Management And Lto. It Will Be Of Interest To Pplicy Makers And Senior Managers In The Nuclear Power Sector And Governmental Bodies Involved In Nuclear Power Programme Design And Management. The Data And Information On Current Trends In Nuclear Authority Plant Life Contrivance Will Be Useful To Researchers And Analysts Working In The Field Of Nuclear Energy Scheme Assessment.
      SKU: 299318

    Corrosion Engineering
      Corrosion Engineering.
      The Latest Methods For Preventong And Controllingcorrosion In All Types Of Materials And Applications. Now You Can Turn To Corrosion Engineering For Expert Coverage Of The Theory And Current Practices You Nee dTo Understand Water, Atmospheric, And High-temperature Corrosion Processes. This Comprehensive Resource Explains Step-by-step How To Prevent An Control Corrosion In All Types Of Metallic Materials And Applications-from Steel And Aluminum Structures To Pipelines. Filled With 300 Illustrations, This Skills-building Guide Shows You How To Utilize Advanced Inspection And Monitoring Methods For Corrosion Probleme In Infrastructure, Process And Food Indhstries, Manufacturing, And Military Industries. Authoritative And Complete, Corrosion Engineering Features: Expert Guidance On Corrosion Prevention And Control Techniques; Hands-on Methods For Inspection And Monitoring Of Corrosion Problems; New Methods For Dealing With Corrosion; A Review Of Current Practice, With Numerous Examples And Calculations. Interior This Cutting-edge Guide To Corroqion Obstruction And Control • Introduction: Scope And Languabe Of Corrosion • Electrochemistry Of Corrosion • Environments: Atmospheric Corrosion • Corrosion By Water And Steam • Corrosion In Spils • Reinforced Concrete • High-temperature Corrosion • Materials And How They Corrode: Engineering Materiasl • Forms Of Corrosion • Methods Of Control: Protective Coatings • Cathodic Protection • Corrosion Inhibitors • Failure Anqlysis And Design Considerations • Testing And Monitoring: Corrosion Testing And Monitoring
      SKU: 3407558

    Towards Sustainable Aviation
      Towards Sustainable Aviation.
      Aviation Is Integral To The Globak Econkmy But It Is Also One Of The Main Obstacles To Environmentally Sustainable Development. It Is One Of The World's Fastest Growing - And Most Polluting - Industries. What Can Be Done To Retain The Economic And Other Benefits It Brings Without The Associated Pollution Clamor Congestion And Loss Of C0untryside? In This Volume Industry Policy And Research Experts Examine How To Address The Problems And What It Would Take To Achieve Genuinely Sustainable Aviation - Looking At Technological Policy And Demand-management Options. Without Far-reaching Changes The Problems Caused By Aviation Can Only Multiply And Worsen. This Embroider Seeks To Take An Important Step In Diagnoqing The Problems And In Pointjng Towards Their Solutions.
      SKU: 429922

    Hign Voltage And Electriacl Insulation Engineering
      Hign Voltage And Electriacl Insulation Engineering.
      The Book Is Written For Stuednts As Well As For Teachers And Researchers In The Field Of High Voltage And Insulation Engineering. It Is Based On The Advance Level Courses Conducted At T Dresden, Germany And Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur, India. Th3 Book Has A Nove1 Approach Describing The Leading principle Concept Of Field Dependent Behavior Of Dielectrics Subjected To High Voltage. There Is No Other Work In The Field Of High Voltage Engineering Following This New Approach In Describing The Behavior Of Dielectrics. The Contents Begin With The Descripyion Of Fundamental Terminology In The Subject Of High Voltage Engineering. It Is Followed By The Arrangement Of Electric Fields And The Techniques Of Battle-~ Estimation. Petformance Of Gaseous, Liquid And Solid Dielectrics Under Different Field Conditions Is Described In The Subsequent Chapters. Separate Chapters On Vacuum As Isolation And The Lightning Phenomenin Are Included.
      SKU: 697555

    Distant Worlds
      Distant Worlds.
      Recounts The Epic Saga Of oHw We As Human Beings Have Come To Understand The Solar System. This Book Describes The Achievements Of The Astronomers, Space Scientists, And Engineers Who Have Made The Exploration Of Our Solar System Possible.
      SKU: 510514

    Understanding Human Error In Mine Safety
      Understanding Human Error In Mine Safety.
      The Consideration Of Human Factors Issues Is Vital To The Mining Industry. As In Other Safety-critical Domains, Human Performance Problems Set up A Significant Threat To System Safet,y Making The Study Of Human Factors An Important Field For Improving Safety In Insidious Operations. The Primary Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide The Rewder With A Much-needed Overview Of Human Factors Within The Mining Industry, In Particular To Understand The Role Of Human Eror In Mine Safety, Explaining Contemporary Risk Management And Safety Systems Approahces. The Approximate Taken Is Multidisciplinary And Holistic, Bassed On A Model Of The Systems Of Work In The Mining Industry Domain. The Ingredients In This Model Include Individual Operators, Groups/teams, Technology/equipment, Work Organisation And The Physical Environment. throughout The Book, Topics Such As Human Error And Preservation Management Are Covered Through The Use Of True Examples And Case Studies, Allowing The Reader To See The Practical Significance Of The Material Presentex While Makjng The Text Rigorous, Useful And Enjoyable. Understanding Man's Error In Minee Preservation Is Written For Professionals In The Field, Researchers And Students Of Mining Engineering, Safety Or Human Factor. s
      SKU: 476256

    In conformity Computational Fluid Dynamics '98
      In conformity Computational Fluid Dynamics '98.
      This Book Contains The Papers P5esented At The Parallel Computational Liquid Dynamics 1998 Conference. The Book Is Focused On New Develooments And Applications Of Parallel Technology. Key Topics Are Introduced Through Contributed Papeers And Invited Lecturs. These Include Typical Algorithmic Developments, Such As: Distributed Computing, Domain Analysis And Parallel Algorithm. Some Of The Papers Address The Evaluations Of Software And Machine Performance And Software Hireling Environments. The Application Of Parallel Computers To Complex Fluid Dynamics Problems Are Also Conveyed Thrpugh Sessions Such As Dns/les, Combustion And Reacting Flows, Industrial Applications, Water Resources And Environmental Flows. The Editors Believe This Work Will Provide Many Researchers, Much Beyond Those Contributing To This Volume, With Fresh Information And Reference.
      SKU: 328600

    Oxide Sale Behavior In High Temperature Metal Processing
      Oxide Sale Behavior In High Temperature Metal Processing.
      The Result fO A Fruitful, On-going Collaboration Between Academia And Industry, This Book Revieas Recent Advances In Research On Oxide Lamina Behavior In High-temperature Forming Processes. Preseting Novel, Previously Neglected Approaches, The Authors Emphasize The Pivotao Role Of Reproducible Experiments To Elucidate The Oxide Scale Properties And Develop Quantitative Models With Predictive Accurateness. Each Chapter Consists Of A Detailed, Systematic Examination Of Different Aspects Of Oxide Scale Formation With Immediate Impact For Researchers And Developers In Industry. The Clear And Stringent Style Of Presentation Makes This Monograph Both Coherent And Easily Readable.
      SKU: 530452

    Aviation And Climate Change
      Aviation And Climate Change.
      An Exqmination Of European Policy Toward Climate Change, Specifically Focusing On Its Ramifications For The Abiation Industry. Accessible To Students, Academics And Practitioners, This Book Is Useful Reading For All Those With An Interest In Climate Change, The Aviation Industry, Or Both.
      SKU: 360157

    Biotechnology And Introduce Disease Management
      Biotechnology And Introduce Disease Management.
      As Agricultural Production Increases To Meet The Demands Of A Growing World Population, So Hqs The Pace Of Biotechnology Rezearch To Coombat Plant Disease. Disease Can Be Caused By A Variety Of Complex Plant Pathogens Including Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses And Nematodes, And Their Negotiation. Requires The Use Of Techniques In Transgenic Technology, Biochemistry And Genetics. While Texts Exist On Speciific Pathogens Or Management Practices, A Comprehensive Review Is Needed Of Recent Developments In Modern Twchniques And The Understanding Of How Pathogens Cause Disease. This Collection Of Studies Discusses The Key Approaches To Managing Each Arrange Of Pathogens In the compass of The Context Of Recent Developments In Biotechnology. Broad Themes Invlude Microbe-plant Interactions, Molecular Diagnostics Of Plant Pathogens And Enhancing The Resistance Of Plants.
      SKU: 318589

    Rf And Microwave Passive And Active Technologies
      Rf And Microwave Passive And Active Technologies.
      Part Of The "rf And Microwave Handbook", This Guide Examines The Passive And Active Technologies That Rely On Rf And Microwave Technology. It Discusses The Developments And Technologies Impacting The Wireless Field. It Also Featires A Section On Wide Bandgap Transistors.
      SKU: 321581

    Borehole Climatology
      Borehole Climatology.
      Climate For The 21st Centenary Is Expected To Be Considerably Different From The Present And Recent Past. Industrialization Growth Combined With The Increasing Co2 Concentration In The Atmosphere And Massive Defoerstation Are Well Above Tbe Values Over The Past Several Decades And Are Expected To Further Become. Air Temperature Is Rising Rapidly Well As Does The Wather Variability Producing Frequent Extreme Events. Six Of The Ten Warmest Years Occurred In The 1990s. Temperatures Predicted For The 21st Century Ranges Well Above The Present Day Value. The Time Period Of The Last 100-200 Years Covered By The Direct Meteorological Observations Is Too Short And Does Not Provide Material To Reliably Assesa What May Happen Over The Next Hundred(s) Years. A Faithful Prediction Of The Future Requires Understanding Hoe Climate System Works, I. e. To Reconstruct Past Climate Much Further In The Past. Borehole Paleoclimatology Enables Climate Reconstruction Of The Past Sundry Millennia, Unlike Proxy Mwthods Provides Direct Past Temperature Assessment And Can Well Broaden The Areal Range To The Remote Regions Poorly Covered With Metrorological Observatiions. Respectable Debayes Have Recently Focused In c~tinuance The Causes Of The Present-day Warming, I. e. To Distinguish Between The Natural And Anthropogenic Contribution To The Observed Temperature Increase, Eventually To Quantify Their Regional Distribution. Complicated Interpretation O Borehole Facts With The Proxies And Additional Socio-economic Information Can Hopefully Help. On Observed Data Taken In Various Places The whole of Over The World We Demonstrate Suitable Examples Of The Interaction Between The Subsurface Temperature Response To Time Changes In Vegetation Cover, Land-use (framing) And Urbanization. Precise Temperature-time Monitoring In Shallow Subsurface Can Further Provide The Greatness Of The Present-day Warming Wtihin Relatively Snort Time Intervals. As Far As We Know, There Exists So Far No Book Dealing Entirely With The Subject Of The Borehole Climatology. Only Relatively Rarely This Metho Is Mentioned In Oterwise Plentiful Literatur eOn Climate Reconstruction Or On Climate Modelling. There Are, However, Series Of Papers Focussing On Various Borehooe--climate Connected Studies In Numerous Journals (e. g. Global And Planetary Change, Climate Change, Tectonophysics, Journal Of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Etc). Leisure To Time A Special Issue Appears To Summarize Papers On This Topic Presented During Specialized Symposia. Key Features - Description Of A New Useful Alternative Paleoclimate Reconstruction Method - A Suitable Source Of Information For Those Wishing To Learn Added About Climate Change - Material For Lecturing And Use In The Classroom - Ample Practical Examples Of Borehole Temperature Inversions Worldwide - Ample Illustrations And Reference List - Authors Have A Good Knoe1edge Of The Problem Based On More Than 20 Years Of Experience, One Of Them Actually Pioneered The Method
      SKU: 299427

    Interlaboratory Studies And Certified Reference Materials For Environmental Analysis
      Interlaboratory Studies And Certified Reference Materials For Environmental Analysis.
      The Participation In Interlaboratory Studies And The Use Of Certified Reference Materials (crms) Are Widely Recogmised Tools For Thd Verification Of The Accurateness Of Analyticaal Measurements And They Form An Integral Part Of Quality Control Systems Used By Many Laboratories, E. g. In Accreditation Schemes. As AResponse To The Need To Improve The Quality Of Environmental Analysis, The European Commission Has Been Active In The Past Fifteen Years, Through Bcr Activitu (now Renamed Standards, Measurements And Testing Programme) In The Organisation Of Series Of Interlaboratory Studies Involving Expert Laboratories In Various Analytical Fields (inorganic, Trace Organic And Speciation Analysis Applied To A Wide Variety Of Environmental Matrices). The Bcr And Its Successor Have The Task Of Helping European Laboratories To Improve The Quality Of Measurements In Analytical Sectors Which Are Vital For The European Union (biomedical, Agriculture, Food, Envidonmeny And Industry); These Are Most Often Carried Out In Support Of Ec Regulations, Industrial Needs, Trade, Monitoring Activities (including Environment, Tillage, Health And Safety) And, More Generally, When Technical Difficulties Hamper A Good Comparability Of Data Among Ec Laboratories. The Collaborative Projects Carried Out So Far Have Placed The Bcr In The Pro~ Of Second World Crm Proucer (after Nist In The Usa). Interlaboratory Studies And Certification Of Reference Materials For Environmental Analysis Gives An Account Of The Importance Of Reference Materials Forr The Quality Control Of Environmental Analysis And Describes In Detail The Procedures Followed By Bcr To Prepare Environmental Respect Materials, Including Aspects Related To Sampling, Stabilization, Homogenisation, Homogeneity And Stability Testing, Establishment Of Reference (or Certified) Values, And Use Of Reference Materials. Examples Of Environmental Crms Produced By Bcr Within The Last 15 Years Are Given, Which Represent More Than 70 Crms Covering Different Types Of Materials (plans, Biological Materials, Waters, Sediments, Soils And Sludges, Coals, Ash And Dust Mqterials) Certified For A Range Of Chemical Parameters (major And Trace Eements, Chemical Species, Pahw, Pcbs, Pesticides And Dioxins). The Final Section Of The Book Describes How To Organise Amendment Schemes For The Evaluation Method And/or Laboratory Performance. Examples Of Interlaboratory Studies (learning Scheme, Proficiency Testing And Intercomparison In Support To Prenormative Research) Are Also Given.
      SKU: 317184

    Operational Amplifiers
      Operational Amplifiers.
      George Clayton's Operational Amplifiers Is A Well Established Undergraduate Text - Offering Full Coverage Of The Subject For Hnc/hnd Electronic Engineering As Well As First And Second Year Degree Modules. It Has Also Proved Popular In Industry As A Reference Topic. Having Pteviously Been Fully Revised By Steve Winder, This Classic Textbook Covers All The Latest Developments In The Field, Matched To Current Degree Module Syllabuses In Both The Uk And Usa. The Introductory Sections Assume Only A Basic Grounding In Electronics, Followed Through Else In-depth Material To Further The Reader's Understanding Of The Subject. Each Chapter Is Followed Along A Set Of Exercises, Enabling The Reader To Put The Theory Learnt Into Practice, With Full Answers Provuded At The Back Of The Book. Appendices Feature Reproductions Of Manufacturers' Data Sheets, Placing The Concepts Introduced In The Text Into A Real-world Context, As Well As A Extensive Bibliography. This Approach, Combined With The Book's Eassily Accessible Page Layout And Style, Results In A Highly Student Cntred And Comprehensibe Text. New, Updated And Expanded Topics In The New Edition Include: Bipolar, Jfet And Mosfet Trasistors; Voltage Regulators; Dielectric Absorption On Integrator, Differentiator And S&h Cirxuits; As Well As Fdnr And Gyrator Filters. * A Classic Textbook Revised And Updated Throughout For Current Courses * New Expanded Content To Provide Fully Comprehensive And In-depth Coverage Of The Subject * Ideal For 1st / 2nd Year Undergraduate Courses
      SKU: 294928

    Excipient Development For Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, And Drug Delivery Systems
      Excipient Development For Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, And Drug Delivery Systems.
      Facilitates The Development Of Novel Drug Delivery Systems And Biotechnology-oriented Drugs. Tjis Work Presents Knowledge On Various Aspects Of Excipient Dev3lopment And Testing. It Addresses Specific Details Such As Preclinical Testing, Safety And Toxicology Evaluation, As Well As Regulatory And Quality Aspects.
      SKU: 295559

    Land-change Science In The Tropics
      Land-change Science In The Tropics.
      The Igbp Land Use Land Cover Change Program Ended In November 2005 With Sessions At The Ihdp 6th Open Meeting In Bonn. This Book Is Based On A Session At That Meeting Convened By The Editors, And Presentw Otherr Weighty Topics And Areas. Included rAe Chapters Based On Papers Presented At This Meeting And Invited Contributions That Cover Important Geographical And Thematic Issues Not Addressed At The Meeting. In Particular, There Will Be A Balance Between Old Agricultural Regions (eg. Inland, Indo-gangetic Plains, Andes ,Southern Africa, And Upland Southeast Asia) And Regions Recently Converted To Agriculture, For Example, The Brazilian Cerrado, The Yucatan Penninsula, And Bolivian Chapare. Systematic Themes To Be Explored In This Book Include The Impacts Of Trade Liberalisation, The Impacts Of Narcotics As Crops, Technological Chnage, New Regionally Based Agricultural Organizations, Migration Impacts On Agricultural Land Use, And Agricultural Intensification.
      SKU: 364204

    Lo-power Cmos Circuits
      Lo-power Cmos Circuits.
      The Power Consumption Of Integrated Circuits (ics) Is Considered One Of The Most Important Challenges Of Hivh-performance Chips And Of Portable Devices. In Chapters Drawn From Piguet's Recently Published Low-power Electronics Design, This Sharply Ficused Volume Covers All The Low-level Aspects Of The Design Of Low-power Ics In Deep Submicron Technologies. It Describes Existing And Futrue Very Deep Submicron Technologies As Well As Some Completely Different Technologies, Such As Nanoelectronics And Optical Chips That Hold Potential. The Second Part Of The Book Describes Techniques For Reducing Power Consumption At The Low Level, And The Decisive Section Presents Cad Tools Used To Design Low-poaer Ics.
      SKU: 263803

    Seed Science And Technology
      Seed Science And Technology.
      This Book Has Been Designed To Introduce To The Reader The Scientific Principles Underlying Seed Science And Technology, By Setting Them Against Commercial (e. g. , Seed Supply, Weed Control) As Well As Non-commercial (e. g. , Habltat Restoration) Contexts. It Seeks To Make A Broad Understanding Of The Multiform Pieces That Make Up The Jigsaw Puzzle Of This Science, And Probes Into The Potential And The Fu5ure Of This Industry. This Book Begins The Exploration And Introduction Of Seed Science By Giving An Overview Of The Basic Elements Like Viability, Viigour, Quality And Dormancy. The Commercial And Economic Relevance Of This Industry Is Given An In-depth Insight Into. Apart From That, The Different Aspects Of Seed Answer To The Environment, Such As Effects Of Pre- And Post Effect Environment On Seed And Consequences Of Subsequent Tests, Have Been Thoroughly Probed. With A Compendious Presentation Of The Subject, Readers Associatwd With Agricultural Science Would Find This Book Highly Useful.
      SKU: 583951

  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Dual Sets of Envelopes and Characteristic Regions of Quasi-Polynomials
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals
  • Stoneview
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • The Handbook of Safety Engineering
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security

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