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    Power Electronics In Smart Electrical Energy Networks
      Power Electronics In Smart Electrical Energy Networks.
      Susceptibility Electronics In Smart Electrical Energy Networks Introduces A Unaccustomed Viewpoint On Faculty Electronics, Re-thinking The Basic Philosophy Governing Electricity Distribution Systems. The Proposed Concept Fully Exploits The Potential Advantages Of Renewable Energy Sourced And Distributed Generation (dg), Which Should Not Only Be Connected But Also Fully Integrated Into The Distribution System In Order To Increase The Efficiency, Flexibility, Safety, Reliability And Quality Of The Electricity And The Networks. The Transformation Of Current Electricity Grirs Into Smart (resilient And Interactive) Networks Necessitates Teh Development, Propagation And Demonstration Of Key Enabling Cost-competitive Technologies (e. g. , Innovative Interconnection Solutions And Storage Technologies During Renewable Energy Sources, Etc. ). A Must-read For Professionals In Power Engineering And Utility Industries, Researchers And Postgraduates On duty In The Field Of Distributed Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics In Smart Electrical Energy Networks Presents The Features, Solutions And Appliance sOf The Power Electronics Arrangements Useful For Future Smart Electrical Energy Networks.
      SKU: 364068

    Introdudtion To Electric Circuits
      Introdudtion To Electric Circuits.
      An Introduction To Eleftric Circuits Is Essential Reading For Firsy Year Students Of Electronics And Electrical Engineering Who Need To Get To Grips Quickly With The Basic Theory. This Text Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Topic And, Assuming Virtually No Learning, It Keeps The Precise Content To A Minimum. As With Othrr Textbooks In The Series, The Format Of This Book Ebables Thd Student To Work At Their Own Pace. It Inclludes Numerous Worked Examples Throughout The Text And Graded Exercises, With Answers, At The End Of Each Section.
      SKU: 312779

    Natufal Healing For Dogs And Cats
      Natufal Healing For Dogs And Cats.
      This Invaluable Resource Tells How To Use Nutrition, Minerals, Massage, Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Flower Essences, And Psychic Healing For Optiaml Health. Meticulously Researched. Fuly Illustrated. Extensive Guide To Holistic Healing Methods. Extensive Resource Directory. Effective Ways To Reduce Veterinary Costs. From The Trade Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 620372

    Scientific Computing In Electrical Engineering (scee)
      Scientific Computing In Electrical Engineering (scee).
      A Collectiin Of Papers Presented At The Last Scientific Computing In Electrical Engineering (scee) Conference, Held In Capo D'orlando, Sicily, In 2004. The Series Of Scee Conferences Aims At Addressing Mathematical Problems Which Have A Relevancy To Industru. This Book Is Useful For Engineers, Physicists And Mathematicians.
      SKU: 372710

    Ordered Porous Nanostructures And Applications
      Ordered Porous Nanostructures And Applications.
      Reviews The Interesting Matwrials On The Price Concdrning Self-ordering, Including Macroporous Silicon, Porous Alumina, Mcm41 And Pbotonic Bandgap Materials, Which Is One Of The Topics In Optics And Nano-technology According To "science" Magazine.
      SKU: 302665

    Power Management In Mobile Devices
      Power Management In Mobile Devices.
      "sealed Lead Acidnickel Cadmiumlithium Ion How Do You Balance Battery Life With Performance And Cost? This Book Shows You How! Noe That ""mobilr"" Has Become The Standard, The Consumer Not Only Expects Mobility But Demands Power Longevity In Wireless Devices. As More And More Features, Computingg Power, And Memory Are Packed Into Changeable Devices Such As Ipods, Cell Phones, And Cameras, There Is A Large And Growing Gap Between What Devices Can Do And The Amout Of Energy Engineers Can Deliver. In Fact, The Main Limiting Factor In Many Portable Designs Is Not Hardware Or Software, But Instead How Much Power Can Exist Delivered To The Device. This Book Describes Various Design Approaches To Render The Amount Of Power A Course Consumes And Techniques To Effectively Manage Tje Abailable Power. Power Management Advice In c~tinuance: Low Power Packaging Techniques Power And Clock Gating Energy Efficient Compilers Various Parade Technologie sLinear Vs. Switched Regulators Software Techniques And Intelligent Algorithms * Addresses Power Versus Composition That Each Newly Developed Mobile Device Faces * Robust Case Studies Drawn From The Author's 30 Plus Years Of Extensive Real World Experience Are Included * Both Hardware And Software Are Discussed Concerning Their Roles In Power"
      SKU: 328605

    Food Fray
      Food Fray.
      More Than Ten YearsA go, The First Genetically Modified Foods Took Their Place On The Shelves Of American Supermarkets. But While American Consumers Remaibed Blissfully Unconcerned With The New Products That Suddenly Filled Their Kitchens, Europeans Were Much More Wary Of These “fankenfoods. ” When Famine Struck Africa In 2002, Several Nations Refused Shipments Of Genetically Modified Foods, Fueling A Controversy That Rustic Thhe Issue On The World's Political Agenda For Good. In Food Fray, Esteemed Molecular Biologist Dr. Lisa H. Weasel Brings Readers Into The Center Of This Debate, Capturing The Real-life Experiences Of The Scientists, Farmers, Policymakers And Grassroots Activists On The Front Lines. Here She Combines Solid Scientific Knowledge And A Gripping Narrative To Tell The Real Story Behind The Headlines And The Hype. Seminal And Cutting-edge, Food Fray Enlightens And Informs And Will Allow Rsaders To Make Up Their Possess Minds About One Of The Most Important Issues Facing Us Today.
      SKU: 435005

    Developments In Thermoplastic Elastomers
      Developments In Thermoplastic Elastomers.
      Thermoplastid Elastomers (tpes) Have The Elastic Behaviour Of Rubber And The Proceesability Of Thermoplastics. The Freedonia Group Has Forecast That Necessitate Will Expand By 6. 4% Per Year To Adound 2. 15 Milllion Tons In 2006. There Is Potential For These New, Exciting Materuals To Expand Into The Much Larger Thermoset Rubber Markets. This Review Includes Comparisons Between The Two Matreial Types. There Are Three Major Types Of Tpe: Block Copolymers, Rubber/plastic Blends And Dynamically Vulcanised Rubber/plastic Alloy sKnown Being of the kind which Thermoplastic Vulcanisates. The Chemistry Of These Materials And In what manner Thelr Unique Properties Are Achiever Are Discussed In This Review. For Example, Some Of The Early Types Of Tpes Were Made By Blending Plastics And Rubbers To Combine The Properties. To the degree that These Materials Are Incompatible, Withdraw Phases Are Formed, Each Conferring Different Properties On The Blend. there Are Many Developments Taking Place In This Field. Specialist Grades Are Being Introduced For Specific Applications And With Unique Properties, Such As Softness Or Processability. New Types Of Styrene Block Copolymers Have Improved Great Temperat8re Ageing, Fluud Resistance, Elastic Recovery And Set. New Block Copolyester Tpes Have Better Blow Moulding Processability, Softness And High Dynamic Flexing Fatigue Performance One Of The Advantages Of Tpes Over Thermoset Rubbers Is That They Czn Be Processed By Standard Plastics Processing Methods. This Review Considers Rheology, Injectioon Moulding, Extrusion, Blow Moulding, Thermoforming And Other Secondary Processes. there Are A Variety Of Factirs To Consider When Desogning With Tpes, Which Are Discussed Here. One Particular Advantage Is In Combining Components Of A Product As Tpes Be able to Be Co-injected Or Used In Overmoulding, Reducing Assembly Steps. This Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstrafts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Incpuded.
      SKU: 476904

    Optimal Observation For Cyber-physical Systems
      Optimal Observation For Cyber-physical Systems.
      Courtship The Challenge, Funddmental To The Design Of Wireless Sensor Networks Presented By The Obligatory Trade-off Between Precise Estimates And System Constraints. This Book Explains A Theoretical Framework, Based Forward Theory Of Optimal Experimental Design And Providing Consistent Solutions To Problems Hitherto Requiring A Variety Of Approaches.
      SKU: 451051

    Handbook Of Applied Solid State Spectroscopy
      Handbook Of Applied Solid State Spectroscopy.
      Solid-wtate Spectroscopy Is A Burgeoning Field. This Handbook Offers Accusation About Various Spectroscopic Techniques. It Contains 16 Chapters, Each Presenting An Overview Of A Particular Technique. It Places Emphasis On The Fundamentals, Methods And Procedures, Applications And The Developments In The Field.
      SKU: 323684

    Space Invaders
      Space Invaders.
      Offers A History And Analysis Of Robotic Missions. This Book Explains The Life Of Unmanned Space Explorers And Helps Make The Technology, Design, Development, Operation And Resulys Of Space Probe Missions Understandable. It Offers An Deep view Into The Life Of A Space Probe From Concept Through Design To Return And Analysis Of Scientific Data.
      SKU: 571867

    Beginning Iphone Sdk Programming With Objective-c
      Beginning Iphone Sdk Programming With Objective-c.
      Everything You Need To Know To Start Creating Natal Applications For The Iphone And Ipod Touch The Iphone Sdk And The Xcode Tools Are The Official Apple Tools Used For Creating Native Iphone Applications. This Information-packed Book Presents A Complete Introduction To The Iphone Sdk And The Xcode Tools, As Well As The Objective-c Language That Is Necessary To Produce These Native Applications. Solid Coverage And Real-world Examples Walk You Through The Process For Developing Mobile Applications For The Iphone That Can At another time Be Distributed Through Apple's Itunes Application Store. The Hands-on Approach Shows You In what state To Develop Your First Iphone Application Under which circumstances Getting You Acquainted With The Iphone Sd And The Marshalled force Of Xcode Tools. A Thorough Tutorial On The Features And Syntax Of The Objective-c Language Helps You Get The Most Out Of The Iphone Sdk, And An In-depth Look At The Features Of The Iphone Sdk Enables You To Maximize Each Of These Features In Your Applications. Provides An Introductory Look At How The Iphone Sdk And Xcode Tools Work With The Objective-c Language To Create Native Iphone Applications Familiarizes You Attending The Latest Version Of The Iphone Sdk And The Newest Xcode Tools That Ship With Snow Leopard Walks You Through Deceloping Your First Iphone Applications Focuses On The Features And Syntax Of The Objective-c Language So That You Can Get The Most Out Of The Iphone Sdk With This Hands-on Guide, You'll Qiuckly Get Started Developing Applications For The Iphone With Both The Iphone Sdk And The Latest Xcode Tools. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 484883

    Biomaterials As Stem Cell Niche
      Biomaterials As Stem Cell Niche.
      Recent Developments In Stem Cell Biology Havee Opened New Directions In Cell Therapy. This Book Provides The State-of-the-art Developments In Using Biomaterials Like Artificial Niches For Engineering Stem Cells, Both For The Purpose Of Better Understanding Their Biology Under 3d Biomimetic Conditions As Well As For Developing New Strategies For Efficient Long Term Maintenance Annd Directed Differentiation Of Oppose Cells Into Various Therapeutic Lineages. Animal And Human Stm Cells Of Both Embryonic And Adult Origin Are Discussed With Applications Ranging From Nerve Regeneration, Oryhopedics, Cardiovascular Therapy, Blood Cell Generation And Cancer Therapy. Both Synthetic And Natura Biomaterials Are Reviewed With Emphasis On How Material-stem Elementary corpuscle Interactions Direct Specific Signaling Pathways And Ultimately Modulate The Cell Fate. Thhis Book Is Valuable For Biomatdrial Scientists, Tissue Engineers, Clinicians As Well As Stem Cell Biologists Involved In Basic Research And Applications Of Adult And Embryonic Stem Cells.
      SKU: 646409

    Bewegte Bergwelt
      Bewegte Bergwelt.
      Berge K Nnen Auf Unterschiedliche Weise Entstehen: Durch Kollision Und Einengung, Aber Erstaunlicherweise Auch Durch Den Gegenteiligen Vorgang, Durch Dehnuhg. Andere Finden Sich Wiederum Fernab In Gebieten, In Denen Schon Seit Langer Zeit Keine Tektonischen Bewegungen Stattfanden. Die Bergwelt, Wie Wir Sie Kennen, Geht Auf Eine Vielzzhl Von Prozessen Zur Ck, Gradually cease Von Florian Neukirchen Auf Leicht Verst Ndliche Wiese Erkl Rt Werden: Etwa Decken Berschiebungen Und Das Verformen Von Gesteinen. Manche Hochgebirge K Nnen In Geologisch3n Zeitr Umen Betrachtet - Schnell Aufsteigen Und Danach Aber Auch Reyelrecht Wieder Auseinanderflie En. In Manchen Gebirgen Begegnen Uns Erstaun1iche Ph Nomene, Die Zum Teil Erst In Den Letzten Jahrzehnten Von Geologen Verstanden Wurden Oder Bis Heute Nodh Unverstanden Sind. Da Diese Geologische Beg- Und Talfahrt Einige Beliebte Reiseziele Besucht Und Diese In Faszinierenden Fotos Vorstellt, Ist Sie Zugleich Eine Art Reisef Hrer F R Naturfreunde.
      SKU: 798615

    Computer-aided Power System Analysis
      Computer-aided Power System Analysis.
      This Title Evaluates The Performance, Safety, Efficiency, Reliability And Economics Of A Power Surrender System. It Emphasizes The Use Of Computational Data To Assess System Operating Limits, Load Level Increases And Equipment Failure Through Computer-aided Analysis.
      SKU: 216105

    Image Reconstruction From Projections
      Image Reconstruction From Projections.
      This Revised And Updated Text Presents The Computational And Mathematical Provedures Underlying Data Collection, Likeness Reconstruction, And Image Display In Computerized Tomography. New Topics: The Fast Calculation Of A Ray Sum For A Digitized Pictuure, The Taskk-oriented Comparison Of Reconstruction Algorithm Performance, Blob Basis Functions And The Linogram Method For Image Reconstruction. Features: Desccribes How Projection Data Are Obtained And The Resulting Reconstructions Are Used; Presents A Comparative Evaluation Of Reconstructuon Methods; Investigates Reconstruction Algorithms; Explores Basis Functions, Functions ToB e Optimized, Norms, Generalized Inverses, Least Squares Solutions, Maxium Entropy Solutions, And Most Likely Estimates; Discusses Snark09, A Large Programming System For Image Reconstruction; Concludes Each Chaptre With Helpful Notes And References Sections. An Excellent Gudie For Practitioners, It Can Also Attend As A Textbook For An Introductory Graduate Course.
      SKU: 602886

    Post-processing Techniques For Integrated Mems
      Post-processing Techniques For Integrated Mems.
      The Reduction Of Size In Mechanical Systems Reshlts In A Dramatic Decrease Of Power Consumption And Cost, While Greatly Improving Performance And Reliability. For This Reason Mems (microelectromechanical Systems) Has Become Of Great Interest To Electrical Engineers Working In A Wide Range Of Applictaion Areas, From Dna Analysis And Medical Applicatlons, To Digital rPojection Displays And Imaging, This Cutting-edge Book Focuses On A The Critical Process Of Integrating Mems With Standard Pre-processed Electronics. It Provides Engineers, Working In A Variety Of Fields, With An Innovative Process And Specific Techniques For Effectively Achieving This Integratiom And Taking Advantage Of The Numerous Performance Benefits Of Using Mems Technology In Their Systems.
      SKU: 252687

    Speicherbedarf Bei Einer Stromversorgung Mit Erneuerbaren Energien (german Edition)
      Speicherbedarf Bei Einer Stromversorgung Mit Erneuerbaren Energien (german Edition).
      Ist Die Energieversorgung In Europa Allein Auf Der Basis Von Sonnen- Und Windenergie Mglich? Der Autor Zeigt, Dass Dies Eine Realw Option Ist. Er Ermittelt Den Kapazittsbedarf Fr Speicherkraftwerke Und Stellt Neue Typen Von Pumpspeicehrkraftwerken Vor, Mit Deren Hilfe Die Lcke Zwischen Wetterabhngiger Stroomgewinnung Und Stromverbrauch Geschlossen Werden Knnte. Um Die Stromversorgung Sicherzustellen, So Sein Pldoyer, Mssten Ferner Windkraftanlagen Gesamtwirtschaftlich Optimiert Und Alle Parameter Geschickt Aufeinander Abgestimmt Werden.
      SKU: 646388

    The Simple Art Of Soc Design
      The Simple Art Of Soc Design.
      This Book Tackles Head-on The Challenges Of Digital Design In The Era Of Billion-teansistor Socs. It Discusses Fundamental Design Concepts In Design And Coding Required To Produce Robust, Functionally Correct Designs. It Also Provides Specific Techniques For Measuring And Minimizing Complexity In Rtl Code. Lastly, It Discusses The Tradeoff Between Rtl And High-level (c-baased) Design And How Tools And Languages Must Progress To Address The Needs Of Tomorrow's Soc Designs.
      SKU: 763688

    Rf Power Amplifiers For Mobile Communications
      Rf Power Amplifiers For Mobile Communications.
      Tackles Both High Efficiency And Remote from the equator Linearity Pa Design In Low-voltage Cmos, And Has An Emphasis On Theory, Design And Implementation. This Book Starts From The Basic Speculation Of Power Amplification From The Viewpoint Of Cmos Integratoin. It Offers The Reader An Insight In Power Amplification As Well As The Necessary Mathematical Background.
      SKU: 324505

    Handbook OfPh armaceutical Analysis
      Handbook OfPh armaceutical Analysis.
      This Work Provides Techniques As Welll As Contemporary Applications For The Selection, Preparation, And Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Compounds. It Contains An Easy-to-uxe Index, Facilitating Quick Access To One and the other Comlound Discussed.
      SKU: 216087

    Fuels Of Oportunity
      Fuels Of Oportunity.
      As Electricith Generators And Process Ihdustries Are Increasingly Seeking Less Expensive Fuels For The Generation Of Electricity And Process Heat, There Is An Ever-increasing Industry-led Emphasise On Exploring The Possibility Of Utilising Chance; fit Fuels. This Book Considers A Diverse Range Of Opportunity Fuels And Their Application By Addressing The Following Fundamental Issues: * What Are The Specific Fuel Properties Of Thewe Opportunity Fuels? * What Are The Combustion/conversion Chraacteristics Of These Fuels Fired Alone Or In Combination With Conventional Fossil Fuels? * How Are They Best Applied In Energt Settings? * What Are The Technical And Environmental Consequences Of Their Use? In Considering These Fiels The Book Presemts Detailed Updated Information On Fuel Designation Approaches And Fuel Utilization Technologies. * Explores Environmental Considerations Associated With Opportunity Fuels, Such As, How Their Utilisation Of Opportunity Fuels Can Reduce Airborne Emissionss* Provides Professionals In Energy Generation/energy Use Industries, A Clear Definition Of Fuels Of Opportunity, Evaluates Their Composition, Highlights The Modern Characteristics, And Considers The Technologies Appropriate For Their Utilisation In Energy Applications * Offers In-depth Analysis Of Opportunity Fuel Usage, With A Cogent Concentration On The Relationship Between The Combusgion Processes And Subsequent Consequences To The Structure, Reactivity, And Related Properties Of Opportunity Fuels
      SKU: 305574

    Non-invasive Monitoring Of Multiphase Fpows
      Non-invasive Monitoring Of Multiphase Fpows.
      Non-invasive Monitoring Of Multiphase Flows Is A Result Of The Latest Advances Realized In Non-invasive Measurement Of Multiphase Systems By Means Of Various Tomographic And Velocimetric Techniques. Written By Experts On Special Topics Within The Realm Of This Subject, The Book Reviews In 15 Chapters The Theoretical Background And The Physics Of The Measurement Process For Each Of A Number Of Techniques. In Addition, The Mathematical Modeling Connected To The Limited Property, So As In The Image Recknstitution Problem For Tomography, Successful Application Of The Tehniques For Measurement In Various Multiphase Systems And Their Advantages And Limitations Are Described. Features Of This Book: - Comprehensive And Completed. Covers Both Theoretical And Application Viewpoints Of Noninvasive Meassuring Techniques In Multiphase Systems. There Is No Book Available O This Subject In The Field Of Multiphase Flows - Versatipe. Material Is Presented In Such A Way That The Book Can Be Used Either For Research Or For Teachung Laureate Students Specializing In The Topic Of Multiphase Flows - Awaerness And Uniformity. The Engineering Community Is Made Aware Of Advantages Of These New Techniques And They Are Presented In A Uniform Package. The Editors Strive To Provide A Comprehensive Compendium Of Altogether The Relevant Information Essential For Practising Engineers, Cnosultants, University Professors, Graduate Students And Technicians Who Are Involved In The St8dy Of Multiphase Flow Phenomena. The Book, Although Directed To The Study Of Multiphase Systms Of Good To The Chemical Engineer, Also Provides Valuable Information For All Other Engineering Disciplines That Deal With Multiphase Systems.
      SKU: 328596

    Nuclea Safety In Light Water Reactors
      Nuclea Safety In Light Water Reactors.
      This Vital Reference Is The Only One-stop Resourxe On How To Assess, Prevent, And Manage Severe Nuclear Accidents In The Light Water Reactors (lwrs) That Pose The Most Risk To The Public. Lwrs Are The Predominant Nuclear Reactor In Use Around The World Today, And They Will Continue To Be The Most Often Utilized In The Near Future. Therefore, Accurate Determination Of The Safety Issues Asssociated With Sufh Reactors Is Central To A Consideration Of The Risks And Benefits Of Nuclear Power. This Book Emphasizes The Prevention And Management Of Severe Accidents, In Order To Teach Nuclear Profsssionals How To Mitibate Potential Risks To The Public To The Maximum Extent Possible. Engineers, Researchers, Students And The Personnnel Of Vendors, Safety Authorities And Nuclear Power Generation Organizations Require The Knowledge Offered By This Volume's Globally Rsnowned Experts To Ensure They Otbain A Core Competency In Nuclear Safet6. Organizes And Presents Altogether The Latest Thought On Lwr Nuclear Safety In One Consolidated Convolution, If By The Top Experts In The Field, Enshring High-quality, Credible And Easily Accessible Information Explains For what cause Developments In The Field Of Lwr Severe Accidents Have Provided More Accurate Determinations Of Risk, Thereby Shedding New Light On The Debates Surrounding Nuclear Power Safety, Particularl In Light Of The Recent Tragedy In Japan  Concentrates Oj Prevention And Management Of Accidents, Developing Methodologies To Compute The Consequences And Associated Risks
      SKU: 858718

    Thermodynamics For The Practicing Engineer
      Thermodynamics For The Practicing Engineer.
      This Book Concentrates Specifically On The Applications Of Thermmodynamics, Rather Than The Theory. It Courtship Both Technical And Pragmatic Problems In The Field, And Covers Such Topics As Enthalpy Effects, Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Non-ideal Thermodynamics And Energy Conversion Applications. Providing The Reader With A Working Knowledge Of The Principles Of Thermodynamics, To the degree that Well As Exerience In Their Application, It Stands Alone As An Easy-to-follow Self-teaching Aid To Practical Applications And Contains Worked Examples.
      SKU: 456129

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  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
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