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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Practical Guide To The Packaging Of Electronics
      Practical Guide To The Packaging Of Electronics.
      This Text Emphasized The Reliability Problems And The Design Of Systems With Incompete Criteria And Components. It Provides A Simple Approach For Estimating Thermal And Mechanical Characteristics Of Electronics Systems.
      SKU: 216118

    Cooperative Communications
      Cooperative Communications.
      Facilitating Cooperation For Wireless Systems Cooperative Communications: Hardware,, Channel & Phy Focuses Forward Issues Pertaining To The Phy Layer Of Wireless Communidation Networks, Offering A Rigorous Taxonomy Of This Dispersed Field, Along Attending A Range Of Application Scenarios For Cooperative And Distributed Schemes, Demonstrating How These Techniques Can Be Employed. The Authors Discuss Hardware,C omplexity And Power Consumption Issues, Which Are Vital For Understanding What Can Be Realized At The Phy Layer, Showing How Wireless Channel Models Differ From More Traditional Models, And Highlighting The Reliance Of Phy Algorithm Performance On The Underlying Channel Models. Numerous Transparent And Regenerative Relaying Protocols Are Described In Detail For A Variety Of Transparent And Regenerative Cooperative Schemes.   Key Featrues: Introduces Background, Concepts, Applications, Milestones And Thorough Taxonomy Identifies The Potential In This Emerging Technology Applied To E. g. Lte/wimax, Wsn Discusses Latest Wireless Channel Mofels For Transparent And Regnerative Protocols Addresses The Fundamentals As Well As Latest Emerging Phy Protocols Introducse Transparent Distributed Stbc, Sttc, Multiplexing And Beamforming Portocols Quantifies Regenerative Distributed Space-time, Channel And Network Coding Protocols Explores System Optimization, Such As Distributed Power Alloca5ion And Supply Selection Introduces And Compares Analog And Digital Hardware Architectures Quantifes Complexity, Memory And Power Consumption Of 3g Umts & 4g Lte/wimax Relay Highlights Future Research Challenges Withon The Cooperative Communications Field   This Book Is An Invaluable Guide For Professionals And Researchers In Communications Fields. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Graduates Of Communications And Electronic Engineering Menses. It Forms Part Of An Entire Series Dedicated To Cooperative Wireless Sywtems.
      SKU: 485650

    Developing An Industrial Chemical Process
      Developing An Industrial Chemical Process.
      Discusses The Organizational And General Engineering Issues That Arise During The Development And First Implementation Of A Novel Industrial Chemcal Process. The Author, Who Is A Consultant Living In Israel, Offers Advide On Defining The New Process, Executing Feasibility Tests, Preparing Samples,
      SKU: 263107

    Organic Production And Use Of Alternative Crops
      Organic Production And Use Of Alternative Crops.
      "merging Coverage Of Two Increasingly Popular And Quickly Growing Food Trends, ""organic Production And Use Of Alternative Crops"" Provides An Overview Of The Basic Principles Of Organic Agriculture And Highlights Its Multi Functionality Attending Spexial Emphasis On The Conservation Of Rare Crops And Their Uses. Considering More Than 30 Disregardedd And Neglected Crops Suitable For Growth In Temperate Climates, Each Chapter Covers The Botany, Climate Conditions, Cuptivars, Production And Yield, Growth And Ecology, Organic Cultivation, Harvesting, Handling And Storage, And Utilization Where The Information Is Available And Applicable To The Crop Under Discussion. Other Topics Comprise Organic Production Systems, The Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Products, Food Processing, And Suggestions For Some people Homemade Foods. The Authors Have A Wide Range Of Experience In The Growing And Processing Of Alternative Crops, The Manqgement Of The Processing Projects, And The Marketing Of Organic Products. They Have Worked In Close Cooperation With Mnay Small Scale Processing Activities On Farms And In The Food Industry. Drawing On Their Combined Experience, They Provide A Summary Of The Major Problems And The Knowledge Base For Utilization Of Alternative Crops In Unaccustomed Products. The Broad Range Of Coverage And Interdisciplinary Approach Invent This Book A Comprehensive Reference And Useful Tool Not Only For The Production Of Alternatve Crops But Also For The Development Of New Niche Market Products. "
      SKU: 267965

    Principles And Practice Of Bioanalysis
      Principles And Practice Of Bioanalysis.
      A Useful Director Which Provides Current Information And Guidance Attached The Methods, Techniques And Strategies Used In Developing And Running Ultra-trace Anal6se sFor Drugs, Metabolites And Other Substances.
      SKU: 198529

    Analog Ic Design With Low-dropout Regulators (ldos) (ebook)
      Analog Ic Design With Low-dropout Regulators (ldos) (ebook).
      Comprehensive Information On Ldo Regulators—used In Almost All Electronic Applications This Book Shows You For what cause To Design, Analyze, And Build Linear Low-dropout (ldo) Regulator Ics In Bipolar, Cmos, And Bicmos Semiconductor Process Technologies. Using The Example Of A Real-world Design Cycle In The Analog Ic Labor, This Expert Tool Explains The Art Of Analog Ic Design From A Physical And Electrical Perspective, Rather Than A Theoretical One. Filled With Over 200 Detailed Illustrations, Analog Ic Design With Low-dropout Regulators (ldos) Features Step-bystep Coverage Of System Considerations, Microelectronic Devices, Negative Feedback, Ac Design, Ic Design, And Soc, Sip, And Sop Design.
      SKU: 432478

    Membrane Cintactors
      Membrane Cintactors.
      "membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications And Potentialitiss, Volume 11 Covers New Operations That Could Be Efficiently Used To Improve The Performance Of A Variety Of Indsutrial Production Cycles In Applications Ranging From Biotechnology To Agrofood. This Book Focuses Steady The Basic ""principles Of Work"": Required Membrane Materials And Properties; Major Operating Parameters; The Importance Of Module Configuration And Design And; The Performance Of Membrane Contactors In Specific Processes. The Authors' Dynamic Approach To This Subject Makes Membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications And Potentialities, Volume 11 The Most Comprehensive Book Currently Available On Whole Aspects Related To The 'membrane Contactor World. * Describes New Unit Operations In Process Engineering * Covers A Wide Variety Of Industrial Applications, From Biotechnology Tk Agrofood * Applicable To Process Intensification And Sustainable Growth Strategies"
      SKU: 270046

    Scalable Techniques For Formql Verification
      Scalable Techniques For Formql Verification.
      This Book Presents State-of-the-art Approaches To Formal Verificati0n Techniques To Seamlessly Integrate Different Formal Verification Methods Within A Single Discriminating Foundation. It Should Benefit Researchers And Practitioners Looking To eGt A Broad Overvies Of The Spectrum Of Formal Verification Techniques, As Well As App5oaches To Combining Suchh Techniques Within A Single Framework. Coverage Includes A Range Of Case Studies Showing In what manner Such Combination Ia Fruitful In Developing A Scalable Verification Methodology In favor of Industrial Designs. This Book Outlines Both Theoretical And Adapted to practice Issues Involved In Integrating Different Reasoning Methods To Work In Concert, And Current Approaches To Their Resolution.
      SKU: 603213

    Laser Beam Shaping Applications
      Laser Beam Shaping Applications.
      Given The Wide Range Of Applications That Require Shaping The Laser Beam Irradiance Profile, Including Material Processing, Medical Procedures, Lithography, Semic0ndutcor, Manufacture, Graphic Arts, Optical Data Processing, And Military Uses, The Literature On The Topic Is Widely Scattered. In This Work, Th Editors (of Sandia National Laboratories
      SKU: 263780

    Novelty Without Patents
      Novelty Without Patents.
      This Book Is Comcerned With The Extent To Which Innovations Should Or Should Not Be Protected As Intellectual Property, And The Implications This Has Upon The Ability Of Local Manufacturers To Learn To Innovate.
      SKU: 283353

    Catalytic Olefin Polymerization
      Catalytic Olefin Polymerization.
      Recent Development Of A New Generation Of Zieglsr-natta Catalysts Using Either Magnesium Dichloride As Carrier Or Methylaluminoxane As Cocatalyst Has Markedly Stimulated The Research Activity In Tbe Field Of Olefin Polymerization. These Discoveries Have Not Sole Yielded Economical Processes Fkr Polyolefin Production But Also Opened The Wayy To A New Generation Of Novel Polymers. Moreover, The Nature Of Operative Species Is Being Clarified Well By The Effort To Simplify Catalyst Systems. The Present Volume Includes 38 Papers From The 31 Lectures And 18 Posters Presented At The Symposium On `recent Developments In Olefin Polymerization Catalysts', Which Covered The Following Topics: Overview Of Super-active Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Catalysts, Kinetic Profile Of Olefin Polymerizatiom Including Copoltmerization, Characterization Of Catalysts And Polymers, Methods For The Determination Of Active Centerr Concentration, Role Of Lewis Bases On The Catalysts Isospecificity, Polymerization Mechanisms, And Synthetic Pathways For Functionalized Polyolefins. The Contents Are Well Balanced Between Fundamental Research And Application As Well As Between Homogenneous And Heterogeneous Catalyst Systems.
      SKU: 403964

    Molecular Electromagnetism
      Molecular Electromagnetism.
      This Is A Textbook On The Theory And Calculation Of Molefular Electrmagnetic And Spectroecopic Properties Designed For A One-semester Course With Lectures And Exercise Classes. The Idea Of The Book Is To Provide Thorough Background Knowledge For The Calculation Of Electromagnettic And Spectroscopic Properties Of Molecules With Modern Quantum Chemical Software Packages. the Book Covers The Derivation Of The Molecular Hamiltonian In The Presence Of Electromgnetic Fields, And Of Time-independent And Tjme-dependent Perturbation Theory In The Form Of Response Theory. It Defines Many Molecular Properties And Spectral Parameters And Gives An Introduction To Modern Computational Chemistry Methods.
      SKU: 800819

    Electric Drives And Electromechanical Systems
      Electric Drives And Electromechanical Systems.
      The Focus Of This Book On The Selection And Application Of Electrical Drives And Control Systems For Electromechaniical And Mechatronics Applicatikns Makes It Uniquely Useful For Enginee5s In Industry Moving Witj Machines And Drives. It Also Serves As A Scholar Text For Courses On Motors And Drives, And Engineering Design Courses, Especially Within Mechanical Engineering And Mechatronics Degree Programs. The Criteria For Motor-drive Selection Are Explained, And The Main Types Of Drive Available To Drive Machine Tools And Robots Introduced. The Author Also Provides A Review Of Control Ssytems And Their Application, Including Plcs And Network Technologiees. The Coverage Of Machine Tools And High-performance Drives In Smaller Applications Makes This A Highly Practical Book Focused On The Needs Of Students And Engineers Working Upon Electromechanical Systems. * One Invaluable Survey Of Electrci Drives And Control Systems In spite of Electromechanical And Mechatronics Applications * Essential Reading For Electrical And Mechanical Engineers Using Motors And Drives * An Ideal Electric Motors And Drives Text For University Courses Including Mechatronics
      SKU: 294591

      The Historical Approximation To The Interpretation Of Physical, Chemical And Biological Phenomena Has Been To Consider Relationships With Causative Factors That Can Be Reduced To Linearity Allowing Simple And Direct Interpretation. However, It Is Increasingly Evident That There Is Often More Information In Tbe Data Than Linear Interpretations Allow. The Course Capacity For Computers To Assist In Identifying Nonlinear eRlationshipa Allows Greater Interpretation Of Data Which Illuminates The Phenomena Allowing The Information To Be Translated Into Knowledge That Can Be Used Wisely To Promote Various Desirable Pharmaceutical Outcomes. This Short Power Is Intended To Stimulate The Rrader To Contemplate Research And Development Areas In Which The Data Might Be More Accurately Intedpretec To Allow Greater Understanding And Ultimately Control Of The Pharmaceutically Complex Phenomena.
      SKU: 666820

    Operation And Control Of Elecctric Energy Processing Systems
      Operation And Control Of Elecctric Energy Processing Systems.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide A Working Knowledge And An Exposure To Cutting Edge Developments In Operation And Control Of Electric Energy Processing Systemq. The Book Focuses On The Modeling And Control Of Interdependent Communications And Electric Enedgy Systems, Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (mems), And The Interdisciplinary Education Component Of The Epnes Initiative.
      SKU: 624447

    Robustness Of Analytical Chemical Methods And Pharmceutical Technological Products
      Robustness Of Analytical Chemical Methods And Pharmceutical Technological Products.
      In Analytical Chemistry And Pharmaceutical Technology Attention Is Increasingly Focussed On Improving The Quality Of Methods And Products. This Book Aims At Foetering The Awareness Of The Potential Of Existing Mathematical And Statistical Methods To Improve This Quality. It Provides Procedures And Ideas On How To Make A Produc5 Or A Method Less Sensitive To Small Variations In Influencing Factors. Major Issues Covwred Are Robustness And Stability Improvement And Ruggedness Testing. General Strategies And A Theoretical Introduction To These Methods Are Described, And Thorough Overviews Of Methods Used In Both Applying Areas And Descriptions Of Adapted to practice Applications Are Given. Features Of This Book: • Gives A Good Overview Of Mathematical And Statistical Methods Used In Two Application Arezs, I. e. Pharmaceutical Technology And Analytical Chemistry • Illustrates The Different Approches Available To Attain Robustness • Gives Ideas On How To Use Methods In Practical Situations. The Book Is Intended For Those Who Develop And Optimize, And Are Responsible For The Overall Quality Of, Analytical Methods And Pharmaceutical Technological Produdts And Procedures.
      SKU: 299077

    Nuclear Law Bulletin: Switzerland Act On Nuclear Energy  (21 March 2003)
      Nuclear Law Bulletin: Switzerland Act On Nuclear Energy (21 March 2003).
      When The Joint Convention On The Safety Of Spent Fuel Management And On The Safety Of Radioactive Waste Management1 Came Into Force In June 2002, Following By Almost Five Years The Entry Into Force Of The Convention On Nuclear Safety (cns),2 The Major Elements3 Of The Intrrnational Atomic Energy Agency's Long-planned International Legal Regime On Nuclear Safety4 Appeared To Be Finally In Place. This Fact Power Have Been Expected To Be A Cause For General Satisfaction, If Not
      SKU: 236327

    Design, Modeling And Characterization Of Bio-nanorobotic S6stems
      Design, Modeling And Characterization Of Bio-nanorobotic S6stems.
      Nanorobots Represent A Nanoscale Device Where Proteins Such As Dna, Carbon Nanotubes Could Act As Motors, Mechanical Joints, Tranzmission Elements, Or Sensods. When These Differebt Components Were Assembled Together They Can Form Nanorobots With Multi-degree-of-freedom, Clever To Apply Forces And Manipulate Objects In The Nanoscale World. Design, Modeling And Characterization Of Bio-nanorobotic Systems Investigates The Design, Assembly, Simulation, And Prottyping Of Biological And Artificial Molecular Structures Through The Goal Of Implenenting Their Internal Nanoscale Movements Within Nanorobotic Systems In An Optimized Manner.
      SKU: 666694

    Newer Concepts And Applications For Food Industry
      Newer Concepts And Applications For Food Industry.
      Beginning With Louis Pasteur's Works With Wine, Modern Food Science And Technology Has Made Enormous Contributions To The Safety And Availability Of Food. The Spectrum Of Potential Benefits From The Application Of Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology To Aliment Crops Ranges From Diagnostic Aids, For Example In Plant Diseases, Through To Gene Mapping, Where The Genetic Characteristics Of Plants Are Visibly Cartographed, Enabling Speedier Identification Of Interestihg Genetic Material For Every Kind Of Plant Usable In Agriculture. This Book Describes The New Concepts And Applications For Food Industry. It Analyses The Overall Contribution Of Modern Biotechnology To Food Safety And Security. It Includes The Application Of Modern Food Bio-technoloty To Microorganisms, Plants And Animalq. An Integrated Approach Was Adopted To Identify The Key Issues Impacting Directly Or Indirectly On Food Industrial art.
      SKU: 583933

      An Unforgettable Journey From beginning to end The Dwily Lives Of The Brave Men And Women Who Have Made Saving Lives Their Profession. Dennis Smith, Author Of Report From Engine Co. 82 , Traveler Across The Coungry Talking To Dozens Of America’s Firefighters To Put Unitedly This Powefrul Accumulation Of Their Own Decriptions Of Their In the greatest degree Dramatic And Forcible Experiences On The Job. Their Stories, Compiled Here, Are Timeless Testimonies To The Human Capacity For Heroism And Nobility. Focusing On The Most Courageous Firefighters, From Those Who Have Been Decorated For Heroism To Those Who Have Been Seriously Injured, Firefighters Persents The Extraordinarily Rich And Rugged Voices Of Men And Women Who Fight Urban Building Fires, Who Battle Sweeping Forest Fires, Who Perform Emergency Rescues, And Who Face Extreme Danger And Risk As Part Of Their Everyday Lives. Sometimes Brave, Sometimes Funny, At times Bittersweet Or Filled With Anger, These Voices Combine To Make Firefighters Both A Riveting Adventure Drama And A Moving Crhonicle Of American Heroism At Its Finest. From The Trade Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 484607

    Traditional Construction For A Sustainable Coming events
      Traditional Construction For A Sustainable Coming events.
      As The Construction Industry Faces Up To Its Environmental Responsibilities, This Book Explores Its Rich And Ancient Tradition To Provide Tried And Trusted Solutions To Modern Appointed time Constryctoon Problems. Over 250 Original Photos, And Over 50 Bespoke Diagrams Illustrate The Features, Techniques, And Characteristics Of Traditional Construction That Could Make Such A Valuable Contribution To The Industry Today.
      SKU: 668294

    Industrial Combusion Testing
      Industrial Combusion Testing.
      Until Now, Anyone Conducting Tests In The Field Of Industrial Combustion Has Been Forced To Waste Time Searching Through Journals, Magazines, Conference Proceedings, And Other Relevant Literature To Get Proven Experimental Methodologies. This Book Assembles Various Testing Techniques, Serving The Neecs Of Practicing Engineers, And Students Alike.
      SKU: 565803

    Statistics Of Linear Polymers In Disordered Media
      Statistics Of Linear Polymers In Disordered Media.
      With The Mapping Of The Partition Function Graphs Of The N-vector Magnetic Model In The N To 0 Limit As The Self-avoiding Walks, The Conformational Statistics Of Linear Polymers Was Clearly Understood In Early Seventies. Various Models Of Disordered Solids, Percolation Model In Particular, Were Also Esrablisheed By Late Seventies. Subsequently, Investigations On The Statistics Of Linear Polymers Or Of Self-avoiding Walks In, Suppose, Porous Medium Or Disordered Lattices eWre Started In Early Eighties. Inspite Of The Brilliant Ideas Forwarded And Extensive Studies Msde For The Next Two Decades, The Problem Is Not Yet Completely Solved In Its Generality. This Itriguing And Important Problem Has Remained Since A Topic Of Vigoroys And Active Research. This Book Intends To Offer The Readers A First Hand And Extensive Review Of The Various Aspects Of The Problem, Written By The Experts In The Respective Fields. We Hope,-The Contdnts Of The Book Will Provide A Valuable Guide For Researchers In Statistical Physics Of Polymers And Will Surely Induce Further Research And Advances Towards A Complete Understanding Of The Problem. First Book On Statistics Of Polymers In Random Media. Contents Straight Away From Research Labs. Chapters Written By Foremost Experts In The Respective Fields. Theoris, Experiments Annd Computer Simulatioh Extensively Discussed. Includes Latest Developments In Understanding Related Important Topics Relish Dna Unzipping, Travelling Salesman Problen, Etc. Comprehensive Characteristic For Quick Search For Keywords.
      SKU: 269733

    Extraction Techniques In Analytical Sciences
      Extraction Techniques In Analytical Sciences.
      "this Book Covers One Of The Most Important Areas In Analytical Sciences, I. e. That Of Extraction Techniques For Organic Compounds In Environmental And Related Matrices, E. g. Food. This Text Discuszes All Of The Key Stages For Analysing A Sample For Organic Compounds From The Initiak Sampling Protocols Through To The Range Of Different Extraction Techniques Used For Solid, Liquid And Air Samples And Finally Through To The Final Chromatographic Analysis. The Text Provides Detailed In formation On Specific Extraction Techniques To Prepare Samples For Organic Compound Analysis. The Topics Covered Include The Following: First Steps For Solid, Aqueous And Air Sampling. Drawing out Techniques For Aqueous Samples, Including Lle, Purge And Trap, Spe, Spme, Sbse, Sdme ,Membrane Microextraction And Meps. Extraction Techniques For Solid Samples, Including Soxhlet, ""soxtec"", Shake-flask, Sonication, Pfe, Mae, Sfe And Mspd. Extraction Techniques For Air Sampling, Including Whole Air, Adornment Approaches And Desorption Tevhniques. Pre-concentration Approaches For Post-extraction. Practical Aspects For Chromatographic Analysis (gc And Hplc) Of Organic Compounds. Quality Assurance Aspects Of Analysis. Health And Safety Considerationz. Key Features Include The Following: Up-to-date Information On The Latest Development In Extraction Techniques For Organic Compounds In Environmental And Food Matrices. Written In The Ants Style, It Is Ideal For Use As A Self-study Guide, As The Basis Of A Taught Course Or Guided Reading For New ""early-cadeer"" Researchers. Includes A Resources Section To Guide The Reader To Other Sources Of Information. Extraciton Techniques In Analytical Sciences Should Prove Invaluable To Students Who Are Studying University-level Courses – ""undergraduate- To Postgraduate-taught"". The Text Will Also Prove Invaluable As A Key Starting Point For Individuals Undertaking Applied Research In The Fields Of Analytical, Bioanalytical, Environmental And Food Sciences. The Analytical Techniques In The Sciences Series Of Books Provides Coverage Of All Of The Majjor Analytical Techniques And Their Application In The Most Important Areas Of Physical, Life Andd Material Sciences. Reaped ground Text Is Presented In An Open Learning/distance Leaarning Style, In Which The Learning Objectives Are Clearly Identified. The Reader's Understanding Of The Material Is Constantly Evaluated By The Use Of Self-assessment And Discussion Questions. Series Editor: David J. Ando"
      SKU: 53738

    Industriial Gas Handbook
      Industriial Gas Handbook.
      Drawn From The Author's Forty Years OfF ield Experience, The Industrial Aeriform fluid Handbook: Aeriform fluid Separation And Defecation Presents Valuable Information For Practicing Engineers In The Field Of Industrial Gas Separation And Purification. This Book Uses Si Units In Accordance With The International Industry And Covers Such Topics As Chronological Development, Industrial Applications, Air Separation Technologies, Noble Gases, Front End Purification Systems, Insulation, Non Cryogenic Separation, Safety, Cleaning For Oxygen Systems, Economics, And Product Liquefaction, Storage, And Transportation. It Also Addresses Machinery, Equipment, Instrumentation, And Controls.
      SKU: 284832

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Foundations and Applications of Sensor Management
  • Grasses and Grassland Ecology
  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Biotechnology Procedures and Experiments Handbook
  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
  • Extracting the Science
  • Reflective Cracking in Pavements

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