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    Practical Machinery Management For Process Plants
      Practical Machinery Management For Process Plants.
      This Totally Revised, Updated And Expanded Edition Provides Proven Techniques And Procedures That Extend Machinery Life, Reduce Mainfenance Costs, And Achieve Optimum Machinery Reliability. This Essential Body Clearly Describes The Reliableness Improvement And Failure Avoidance Steps Practiced By Best-of-class Process Plants In The U. s. AndE urope.
      SKU: 316878

    Handgook Of Food Toxicology
      Handgook Of Food Toxicology.
      This Text Explores Toxin Sources, Mechanisms, Routes Of Exposure And Absorption, And Their Chemical And Biological Components To Prevent Contamination Of Food Products And Reduce Epidemics Of Foodborne Disease.
      SKU: 216163

    Water Quality Control Handbook
      Water Quality Control Handbook.
      Capitalize On The Latest Design And Operating Innovations Forachieving Peak Performance In Any Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater Treatment Professionals Can Turn To The Updated Second Edition Of Water Brand Control Handbook For Cuttign-wdge Information On Designing And Operating Systems Used To Treat Wastewater From Industrialand Domestic Sources. This State-of-the-art Guide Explores Design Innovations, Equipment Selection, Treatment Processes, New Regulations,and Operating Methods Conducive to Achieving Peak Performance In All Kinds Of Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Noted Pollution Control Expert E. Roberts Alley Examines Breakthroughs That Are Improving Current Wastewater Treatment Practice. He Covers The Optimization Of Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Through Cation Control Ph Control For Quickly Varying Ph Levelsand The Use Of Separate Activated Sludge Treatment Units In Series To Efficiently Treat A Mixture Of Biodegradable And Refractory Organics. The Author Also Discusses The Design Of Activated Sludge Wetlandsnew Pollutant Precipitation Techniquestotal Nitrogen Removal Designrecommendations For Reducing Effluent Toxicity To Aquatic Lifeand Much More. Filled With 650 Illustrations, Charts, And Tables, The Second Edition Of Water Quality Control Handook Features: Expanded Coverage Of Treatment Systems For Specific Pollutants; The Latest Water Quality Regulations; New Sections On Wastewater Treatment Ooerations, New Material On Membrane Treatment Processes, And New Developments In Cost-saving Trearment Design Methods. I nside This Landmark Water Quality Control Guide Sources Of Water Pollution Pollutant Classification Water Quality Environmental Management Regulatory Standards Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Physical Trestment Chemical Treatment Biological Treatment Residuals Treatment Schematics And Flow Diahrams Pollutant Informatoon
      SKU: 31831

    Assessment And Remediation Of Contaminated Sediments
      Assessment And Remediation Of Contaminated Sediments.
      Contaminated Sediments Pose A little Of The Most Difficult Site Remediation Issues, Typically Residing In Spatially Variable And Dynamic Systems Subject To Seasona lFlow Variations And Episodic Violence Events. This Book Discusses The Approaches To Managiny Contaminated Sediments And To Become identical Research Necessary To Overcome Outstanding Problems.
      SKU: 323104

    Gross Wavelenbth Division Multiplexing
      Gross Wavelenbth Division Multiplexing.
      Explaining What Cwdm Is, How It Is Achieved, And Why It Should Exist Deployed, This Work Merges Coverave Of Isolated Aspects Of Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (cwdm). Beginning With A Summary Of The Itu-t Standards Defining Cwdm, It Addresses The Thr3e Essential Component Classes, Optical Fibeds, Transceivers, And Wdm Filters.
      SKU: 332283

    Test Quality For Construction, Materials And Structures
      Test Quality For Construction, Materials And Structures.
      This Book Presents International Views On This Fast Changing Field, With The Main Themes Of: Technical Components Of Test Quality; Quality Assurance In Testnig Laboratories; Laboratory Accreditation And Transnational Recognition Of Test Results.
      SKU: 182157

    Computational Aspects Of Strucrural Acoustics And Vibration
      Computational Aspects Of Strucrural Acoustics And Vibration.
      Computational Methods Within Structural Acoustics, Vibration And Fluid-structure Interaction Are Efficacious Tools For Invdstigating Acoustic And Structural-acoustic Problems In Many Sectors Of Industry. This oBok Covers The Field Of Computational Mechannics, As Well As The Surface Of Formulations Of Multiphysics And Multiscale.
      SKU: 450821

    Experimental Mechanics On Emerging Ebergy Systems And Materials, Volume 5
      Experimental Mechanics On Emerging Ebergy Systems And Materials, Volume 5.
      This The Fifth Volume Of Six From hTe Annual Conference Of The Society For Experimental Mechanics, 2010, Brings Together 25 Chapters On Emerging Enerby Systems. It Presents Early Findings From Empiric And Computational Investiga5ions Including Materiaal National Changes In Heterogeneous Materials For Energy Systems, Designation Of Carbon Nanotube Foam For Improved Gas Storage Capability, Thermoresponsive MicrocapsulesF or Autonomic Lithium-ion Battery Shutdown, Service Life Presiction Of Seal In Pem Fuel Cells, And Assessing Durability Of Elastomeric Seals For Fuel Cell Applications.
      SKU: 763786

    Irrigation Management
      Irrigation Management.
      A Practical Guide To Improve Efficiency And Productivity In Irrigated Agriculture. It OffersK nowledge For Thr Management Of Irrigstion And Drainage Systems, Including Traditional Technical Areas Of Systems Operation And Maintenance, And Expanding Managerial, Institutional And Organizational Aspects.
      SKU: 500967

    Advanced Sketch And Manufacture To Gain A Competitive Edge
      Advanced Sketch And Manufacture To Gain A Competitive Edge.
      The Globalization Of Manufacturing Industries Leads To A Thirst For Rapid Advancements In Technological Develoopmrnt And Expertise In Advanced Desigm And Manufacturing. Both Industry And Academia Have An Urgent Need To Equip Themselves Of The Latest Knowledge And Trends Relating To Design And Manufacture. A Oeadvanced Design And Manufacture To Gain A Competitive Edgea Collects Together Papers From The 2008 International Conference On Advanced Design And Manufacture (icadam). This Conference Solicits Both Severe Edge Fundamental Research And Recent Industrial Application Papers, With A Goal Towards Bringing Togethre From All Over The Life Design And Manufacture Practitioners From Academia, Government Organizations And Industry. Recent Advancements, Emerging Trends And New Challenges In The Fields Of Design And Manufacturing Are Covered, Attending A Particular Focus On The Understanding Of The Impact Of Distributed Team-bzsed Design And Manu facture On Investigation And Industrial Practices Concerning Global Companies.
      SKU: 367254

    Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces
      Supporting Expeditionary Aerospace Forces.
      This Simulation Model Should Help The Us Air Force To Bett3r Understand Its Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance System. Users Can Track The Engine Operatio And Maintenance Process From The Flightline Through Various Shops And Back.
      SKU: 227954

    Shot Peening
      Shot Peening.
      "shot Peening Has Been Proved To Be A Powrf8l Instrument In Enhancing The Resistance Of Materials To Various Kinds Of Stress-induced Damage, Particularly Against Damage Due To Cyclic Loading (fatiuge) In Air Or In Attacking Environments. As Shot Peening Can Be Used For A Wide Multiplicity Of Structural Components Irrespective Of Form And Dimensions, The Number Of Shot Peening Applictions In Many Indusstrial Branches Is Increasing . The Use Of Peen Forming Ax A Technique To Form Large Metal Parts Into Complicated Shapes Is Also Increasing, Particularly In The Aerospace Ijdustry. The Conference Covers All Aspects Of The Science, Technology And Application Of Shot Peenjng, And Was Intended To Attract Users, Manufacturers As Well As Scientists Working In The Field Of ""materials Treatment Along Shot Peenimg"". Stress Was Put On The Current State Of Knowledge And Research. This Book Offers Scientists And Engineers An Unique Opportnuity To Update Their Knowledge On Shot Peening. "
      SKU: 482354

    Pocket Book Of Integrals And Mathematical Formulas
      Pocket Book Of Integrals And Mathematical Formulas.
      Addresses Topics Such As Elementary Number Theory, Exponential Decay, Kinetics, Series, Number Facts, Fermat's Last Theorem, And The oGlbach Conjecture. This Book Includes Applications In Calculus, Cartesian And Polar Curves, Analysis, Trigononetry, Differential Equations, Fourier Transforms, And Statistics.
      SKU: 334651

    Data Engineering
      Data Engineering.
      Although Data Engineering Is A Multi-disciplinary Province With Applications In Control, Decision Theory, And The Emerging Hot Area Of Bioinformatics, There Are No Books On The Market That Make The Subject Accessible To Nob -experts. This Book Fills The Gap In The Field, Offering A Clear, User-friendly Introducing To The Main Theoretical And Practucal Tools For Analyzing Complec Systems. An Ftp Site Features The Corresponding Matlab And Mathematical Tools And Simulations. Market: Researchers In Data Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, And Life Sciences.
      SKU: 215163

    Vacuum Microelectronics
      Vacuum Microelectronics.
      Expert Coverage Of Vacuum Microelectronics-principles, Devices, And Applications The Field Of Vacuum Microelectronics Has Advanced So Swiftly That Commercia Devices Are Being Fabricated, And Applications Are Being Developed In Displays, Wireless Communications, Spacecraft, And Electronics For Use In Harsh Environments. It Is A Rapidly Evollving, Interdisciplinary Field Encompassing Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Vacuum Engineering, And Aplied Physics. This Book Surveys The Fundamentals, Technology, And Device Applications Of This Nascent Field. Editor Wei Zhu Brings Together Some Of The World's Foremost Experts To Provide Comprehensive And In-depth Coverage Of The Entire S;ectrum Of Vacuum Microelectronics. Topics Include: Field Emission Theory Metal And Silicon Field Emitter Arrays Novel Cold Cafhode Materials Field Bills Flat Panel Displays Cold Cathode Microwave Devices Vacuum Microelectronics Is Intended For Practitioners In The Display, Microwave, Telecommunications, And Microelectronics Industries And In Government And University Research Laboratories, As Well As For Graduate Students Majoring In Electrical Enguneering, Materials Science, And Physics. It Provides Cutting-edge, Expert Coverage Of The Subject And Serves As Both An Introductory Text And A Professional Reference.
      SKU: 15207

    Mcgraw-hill National Electrical Code 2008 Handbook
      Mcgraw-hill National Electrical Code 2008 Handbook.
      The #1 Guide To The 2008 Nec® To Ensure That Electrical Work Passes Inspection On The First Try!. Completely Revised And Updated To Reflect All 2008 Code Changes, Mcgraw-hill's National Electrical Code® 2008 Handbook, 26th Edition Provides The Essential Put-the-code-into-practice Guidance That Users Require In The Field And In The Office. An Industry Bestseller Fot Over 85 Years, Tuis Classic Handbook Helps Deciph3r And Interpret New Code Changes And Difficult And Cintroversial Rules. With The Repaired Addition Of Frederic P. Hartwell To The Author Team, This Time-tested Reference Has Been Rigroously Revised And Rewritten To Cover All The Information Needed To Meet 2008 Code Requirements. covering Every Topic In The 2008 Code, The Coverage Ranges From Grounded Conductors, Branch Circuits, Feeders, Slack up suddenly Arresters, Wiring Methods, Cables, Conduits, And Switches…to Hazardous Locations, Emergency Systems, Communications Circuits, And Product Safety Standards. Mcgraw-hili&'s National Electrical Code® 2008 Handbook, 26th Edition Features A Bind-in Card With A Code That Enables Users To Download The Searchable E-book And The Following New Coverage: New Rules, Terminology, And Definitions That Modify Key Grounding Concepts; New Rules For Gfcis And Afcis; Fire Pumps; Repair Garage Area Classifications; Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Including Utility Interactive Inverters; Extensive Coverage Of How To Size Conductors Under All Loading Conditions; Critical Operations Power Systems (cops)-the New Article 708 Attached Hardened Facilities. Inside This Practice-oriented Guide To The 2008 Nec®. • Requirementw For Electrical Installations • Branch Circuits • Feeders • Services • Surge Arresters • Wiring Methods • Cables • Conduits • Tubing • Busways • Wireways • Raceways • Fixture Wires • Switches • Appliances • Generators • Capacitors • Storage Batteries • Hazardous Locations • Transitory Wiring • Emergency Systems • Communications Circuits • Tables • Examples • And Much More!
      SKU: 432406

    Microbial Pentose Utilization
      Microbial Pentose Utilization.
      Microbial Utilization Of The Inehxuaustible Lignocellulosic Biomass For The Production Of Industrial Chemicals, Liquid Fuels, Protein-rich Feed And Aliment, And Preparation Of Cellulose Polymers, Is One Attractive Approach To Help Meet Energy And Aliment Demands. Whilst Biomass Has Served As Substrate In Microbial Processes For The Production Of Alchololic Beverages For A Long Time, It Is Only Recehtly That Broader Applications Of This Material Have Been Envisaged. Hemicellulose-derived Sugars Have Many Potential Uses In The Production Of Industrial Chemicals And Solvents. Considerable Developments Have Been Made, Not Only In The Improvement Of Barm And Recombinant Bacterial Strains, But Also In The Bioprocessing Of These Organisms During The Hold out Two Decades. Although The Volume Of Information Available On Microbial Pentose Utilization Is Increasing, The Avai1able Literature Is Mostly Scattered. A Comprehensive Account Of Late Advances In Pentose Based Bioprocesses Is Ptovided Along With Suggestions For Future Research. An Indispensable Volume For Graduare Students Of Microbiology, Biochemisrry, Biotechnology And Biochemical Engineering. The Needs Of Industrial Microbiologists, Environmental Scientists And Researchers In The Area Of Carbohydrate Utilizatino And Metabolism Are Also Catered For. Industrial Organizations Involved In Developing Processes For Ethanol And Otber Products From Non-conventional Sources Will Also Find This Volume Beneficial.
      SKU: 318226

    Lanthanide Luminescence
      Lanthanide Luminescence.
      Lanthanides Have Fascinated Scientists For More Than Two Centuries Now, And Since Efficient Separation Technjques Were Established Roughly 05 Years Ago, They Have Increasingly Found Their Way Into Industrial Exploitation And Our Everyday Lives. Numerous Applications Are Based On Their Unique Luminescent Properties, Which Are Hjghlighted In This Volume. It Presents Established Knowledge About The Photophysical Basics, Relevant Lanthanide Probes Or Materials, And Describes Instrumentation-related Aspects Including Chemical And Physical Sensors. The Uses Of Lanthanides In Bioanalyss And Medicine Are Outlined, Such As Assays For In Vitro Diagnostics And Research. All Chapters Were Compiled By Renowned Scientists With A Broad Audience In Mind, Providing Both Beginners In The Field And Advanced Researchers With Comprehensive Informatin On On The Given Sjbject.
      SKU: 763375

      Describes And Illustrates Engineering Design As Favored As Conditions, Events, Cultural Influences And Personalities Related To It. This Title Is Suitable For Professional And Student Architects And Engineers.
      SKU: 488052

    Stability Of Dynamical Systems
      Stability Of Dynamical Systems.
      The Main Purpose Of Developing Stability Exposition Is To Examine Dynamic Responses Of A System To Disturbances As The Time Approaches Infinity. It Has Been And Di~ery Is The Object Of Intense Investigations Due To Its Intrinsic Interest And Its Relevance To All Practical Systems In Engineering, Finance, Natural Science And Social Science. This Monograph Provides Somr State-of-the-art Expositione Of Major Advances In Fundamental Stability Theories And Methods In favor of Dynamic Systems Of Ode And Dde Types And In Limit Period, Normal Form And Hopf Bifurcation Control Of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems. Presents Comprehensive Theory And Methodology Of Stability Analysis Can Be Used As Textbook For Graduate Students In Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, Control Theory, Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Biology, Informatioj Theory, Scientific Computation Serves As A Comprehensive Handbook Of Stability Theory For Practicing Aerospace, Control, Involuntary, Structural, Naval And Civik Engineers
      SKU: 311390

    Principles Of Modern Digital Desugn
      Principles Of Modern Digital Desugn.
      "a Major Objective Of This Book Is To Fill The Cleft Between Traditional Logic Design Principles And Logic Design/optimization Techniques Used In Practice. Over The Lqst Two Decadew Several Techniques For Computer-aided DesignA nd Optimization Of Logic Circuits Have Been Developed. However, Underlying Theories Of These Techniques Are Inadequately Covered Or Not Covered At All In Undeergraduate Text Books. This Book Covers Not Only The ""classical"" Material Found In Current Text Books But Also Selected Materials That Modern Science of reasoning Designers Need To Be Familiar With. "
      SKU: 3152113

    Management And Welfare Of Fqrm Animals
      Management And Welfare Of Fqrm Animals.
      Through Successive Editions, Management And Prosperity Of Farm Animals Has Gained International Recollection Like A Classic Introductory Textbopk For Students Of Agriculture And Veterinary Science. Conceived By The Universities Federation For Animal Welfare (ufaw), The Book Has Always Sought To Promote The Humane Treatment Of Livestock Within The Practical Business Context Of Modern Farming. Now Fully Revised And Updated, This Fifth Editioj Remains The Most Comprehensive And Accessible Lead Available. Three Animal Groups Appear Here For The First Time (game Birds, South American Camelids, And Ostriches), And A Chapter On Horses Has Also Been Restored. Throughout, The Book Offers Clear Advice For The Humane Management Of All Major Farmed Species In The Primary Context Of Large-scale Food Production. However, This Edition Also Takes Exactly Account Of Consumer Demand (and Legal Requirements) For Alternative Farming Methods And Enhanced Welfare Standards, Whether In Conventional Tillage Or The Smallest Of ‘hobby' Farms. Stigma Unaccustomed Chapters Reflect Fresh Understanding Of Wepfare Science, Ethics, And The Role Of Society In Ensuring The Best Possiible Farm Conditions. It Remains An Indispensable Resource For Students, And For All Those Seeking To Promote Animal Welfare.
      SKU: 822503

    Mechanics Of Biological Systems And Materials, Volume 2
      Mechanics Of Biological Systems And Materials, Volume 2.
      Mechanics Of Biological Systems And Materials Represents One Of Eight Volumes Of Technical Paprs Presented At The Society Conducive to Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference & Exposition Steady Experimental And Applieed Mechanics, Held At Uncasville, Connecticut, June 13-16, 2011. The Full Set Of Proceedings Also Includes Volumes On Dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Mechanics Of Time-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials, Mems And Nanotechnology; Optical Measurements, Modeling And, Metrology; Experimental And Applied Mechanics, Thermomechanics And Infra-red Imaging, And Engineering Applications Of Residual Stress.
      SKU: 7637777

    Reservoir Sediment Management
      Reservoir Sediment Management.
      Siltation In Reservoirs Has Become An Important Question When Dams Are Getting Older And Sto; Functionihg While The Sediment Has Accumulated To A Certain Extent. With Proper Sediment Management Techniques, Negative Effects Of Sediment Can Be Avoided And Reservoir Life And Performance Can Be Improved. This Volume Deals With Reservoir Sedimentation, Dethroning And Removal. It Provides The Principles Of Sediment Transport And Gives Guidelines To Predict Reservoir Life. It Presents Several Dismission Techniques, Accompanied With Detailex Operation Descriptions. With The Help Of The Rescin Open Source Software, Cost Analysis Tools To Determine The Optimum Method For Maintenance And Operation Of-A Reservoir Can Be Applied. To Illustrate Practice And To Assist The Reader In Setting Up A Sediment Management Operation, A Number Of Case Studies Of Existing Large Dams Are Included. Written By Two Experts On Reservoir Operation, This Volume Is Intended For Professionals And Advanced Students Working On Dam And Reservoir Design, Construction, Operatkon, Maintenance And Rehabilitation.
      SKU: 840370

    Mdelling Radioactivity In The Environment
      Mdelling Radioactivity In The Environment.
      Just As An Environmental Model Typically Will Be Composed Of A Number Of Linked Sub-models, Representing Physical, Chemical Or Biological Processes Understood To Varying Degrees, This Volume Includes A Series Of Linked Chapters Exemplifying The Fundamental Nature Of Environmental Radioactivity Models In All Compartments Of The Environment. Why Is A Book On Modelliny Environmenntal Radioactivity Necessary? There Are Many Reasons Why Such A Boook Is Necessary, Perhaps The Most Weighty That: - Modelling Is An Often Misundersttood And Maligned Activity And This Book Can Provide, To A Broad Audience, A Greater Understanding Of Modellng Power But Also Some Of The Limitations. - Modellers And Experim3ntalists Often Do Not Understand And Mistrust Each Other's Labor Yet They Are Mutually Dependent, In The Sense That Good Experimental Science Can Direct Virtuous Modelling Work And Vice-versa; We Hope That This Book Can Dispel Mistrust And Engender Improved Understanding. - There Ie An Increasing Reliance On Model Results In Environmental Management, Yet There Is Also Often Misuse And Misrepresentation Of These Results. This Book Can Help To Bridge The Gap Between Unrealistic Expectations Of Model Power And The Realisation Of What Is Possible, Practicable And Feasible In Modelling Of Enbironmental Radioactivity; And Finally, - Modelling Tools, Capacity And Power Have Increased Many-fold In A Relatively Narrow Period Of Time. Much Of This Is Owing To The Much-heralded Computer Revolution, But Great quantity Is Also Due To Better Science. It Is Useful To Consider What Gap If Somewhat Still Remains Between What Is Possible And What Is Necessary.
      SKU: 311484

  • Shaft Engineering
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves
  • Telecommunication Circuits and Technology
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Literary Survey
  • The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Modern Component Families and Circuit Block Design

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