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    Principles Of Ad-hoc Networking
      Principles Of Ad-hoc Networking.
      Principles Of Ad Hoc Networking Presents A Systematic Introduction To The Fundamentals Of Ad Hoc Networks.   An Ad-hoc Network Is A Small Network, Especially One With Wireless Or Temporary Plug-in Connections. Typically, Some Of The Network Devices Are Part Of The Network Onlu On account of The Duration Of A Communica5ions Session Or, In The Covering Of Mobile Or Portable Devices, While In Some Close Proximity To The Repose Of The Network. These Networks Can Range From Small And Static Systems With Constrained Power Resources To Larger-scale Dynamic And Mobile Environments. Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Facilitate Numerous And Djverse Applications For Establishing Survivable Dynamic Systems In mEergency And Rescue Operations, Disaster Relief And Intelligent Home Settings.   Principles Of Ad Hoc Networking : Introduces Tye Essential Characteristics Of Ad Hoc Networks Such As: Physical Layeer, Medium Access Control, Bluetooth Discovery And Network Formation, Wireless Network Programming And Protocols. Explains The Crucial oCmponents Involved In Ad-hoc Networks In Detail With Numerous Exercises To Aid Understwnding. Offers Key Results And Merges Practical Methodologies With Mathematical Considerations. Principles Of Ad Hoc Networking Will Prove Essential Reading For Graduate Students In Computer Science, Electrical Enginee5ing, Applied Mathematics And Physics As Favorably As Researchers In The Field Of Ad Hoc Networking, Professionals In Wireless Telecoms, And Networking Order Developers. Check Out  Www. scs. carleton. ca/~barbeau/pahn/index. thm For Further Reading, Sample Chapters, A Bibliography And Lecture Slides!
      SKU: 292593
      More info about Principles Of Ad-hoc Networking

    Methods During The Determination Of Metals In Environmental Samples
      Methods During The Determination Of Metals In Environmental Samples.
      "part I Is A Supplement To The Emsl-cincinnati Publication ""methods For The Determination Of Metals In Environmental Samples"" And Was Prepared To Revise Ans Place In The Environmental Monitoring Management Council (emmc) Format Certain Spectrochemical Mdthods Used For Metals. Part Ii, The Emsl-cincinnati Publication ""methods For The Determination Of Inorganic Substances In Environmental Samples"" Was Prepared As The Continuation Of An Initiative To Gather Together A Compendium Of Standardized Laboratory Analytical Methods. "
      SKU: 365620
      More info about Methods During The Determination Of Metals In Environmental Samples

    Fire Effects On Soils And Restoration Strategies
      Fire Effects On Soils And Restoration Strategies.
      A Work On Natural Post-fire Processes That Describes The Use And Effectiveness Of Various Restoration Strategies That May Be Applied When Like a man Intervention Is Warranted. It Is Suitable For Students, Land Managers, And Policy-makers Being of the kind which Well As Other Scientists.
      SKU: 544080
      More info about Fire Effects On Soils And Restoration Strategies

    Microalgae As A Feedstock For Biofuels
      Microalgae As A Feedstock For Biofuels.
      This Concise Review Covers The Potential Use Of Microalgae For Biofuel Production. The Following Topics Are Highlighted: The Advantages Of Microalgae Over Conventional Biofuel-producing Crops; Technological Processes For Energy Production Using Microalgae; Microalgal Biimass Production Systems, Production Rates And Costs; Algae Cultivation Strategies And Main Agri~ Parameters; Biomass Harvesting Technologies And Cell Disruption; Co2 Separation; Life Cycle Analysis; And Algal Biorefinery Strategies. The Conclusions Seection Discusses The Contribution Of The Technologies Described To Envirpnmental Sustainabilkty And Future Prospects.
      SKU: 666957
      More info about Microalgae As A Feedstock For Biofuels

    Lubrication At The Frontier
      Lubrication At The Frontier.
      "the 25th Leeds-lyon Symposium On Tribology Was Held At The Instirut Des Sciences Appliquées De Lyon, From 8-11th September, 1998. Its Central Thene Was, ""lubrication At Thr Frontier: The Role Of The Interface And Surface Layers In The Thin Film And Boundary Regime"". This Topic Was Chosen Because It Represents An Important Evolution Of The Research Field. The Symposium Opened In the opinion of A Keynote Place by the post Entitled ""role Of Surface-anchhored Polymer Fetters In Polymer Friction"" Which Described The Processes Taking Place At The Interface Between ""solid"" One ""liquid"". The Keynote Address Was Followed By Two Invited Lectures. Firstly, ""fuel Efficient Engine Oils, Additive Interactions, Boundqry Friction And Wear"" Pdeesented The Induztrial Point Of View On Lubricant Formulation And Engine Testing And Its Movement. The Second Discourse Was Entitlef ""for Establishment Of A New Ehl Theory"" And Stressed The Need To Extend The Current Ehl Theory. Beginning In 1974, The Leeds-lyon Sympoeia Bear Now Covered A Wide Range Of Topics. The Essehtial Aim Each Year Is To Selected A Topic Of Current Interest To Tribologists And To Contribute To Further The Advance Of Knowlege In Selected Fields. "
      SKU: 328573
      More info about Lubrication At The Frontier

    Industriak Waste Treatment
      Industriak Waste Treatment.
      Taking The Rader Through The History Of Industrial Waste Treatment And Directing Them Toward A New Path Of Best Practice, This Main division Illustrates In what state Current Treatment Techniques Are Affected By Regulatory And Economic Constraints, Philosophical Knowledge And Tolerances. This Book Ptovides The Reader With The Basis For A More Effective Method Of Waste Treztment Which Is Sustainable And Supportive Of Industrial Improvements. Overall, It Provides Valuable Innformation For Planners, Industrial, Civil And Environmental Engineers And Government Officials According to A Better Understanding Of Current Practices And Regulatoru History And How These Factors Relate To The Ability To Complete Environmental Solutions To Industrial Waste Problems. * Provides Environmental History From A Professional/technical Point-of-view As A Basis For Total Solutions Engineering * Includes Sustainable Practice Necessary For The 21st Century * Thoroughly Explores Industry And Environmental Regulations Over The Past 150 Years
      SKU: 287923
      More info about Industriak Waste Treatment

    Readings In The Philosophy Of Technology
      Readings In The Philosophy Of Technology.
      Complete For Professors Who Want To Provide A Comprehensive Set Of The Most Important Readings In The Philosophy Of Technology, From Foundational To The Cutting Edge, This Book Introduces Students To The Multiform Ways In Which Societies, Technologies, And Environments Shape One Another. The Readings Examine The Nature Of Technology As Well As The Effects Of Technologies Upon Hhman Knowlexge, Activities, Societies, And Environments. Students Will Learn To Appreciate The Ways That Philosophy Informs Our Unde5standing Of Technology, And To See How Technology Relates To Ethics, Political science, Nature, Human Nature, Computers, Science, Aliment, And Animals.
      SKU: 467046
      More info about Readings In The Philosophy Of Technology

    Twin Tracks
      Twin Tracks.
      "twin Tracks Is A Landmark Book Of Real-world Stories That Investigates The Nature Of Shift And Divines As Never Before The Unlikely Origins Of Many Aspects Of Contemporary Life. In Each Of The Work's Twenty-five Narratives, We Discover How The Different Outcomes Of An Important Historical Event In The Past Often Come Tovether Again In The Future. Each Chapter Starts Upon An Event -- Suc As The U. s. Attack Forward Tripoli In 1804 -- That Generates Two Divergent Series Of Consequences. After Tracking One and the other Pathway A sIt Ranges Far And Wide Through Time And Space, Burke Shows How The Paths Finally And Unexpectedly Converge In The Modern World. Twin Tracks Pinpoints The Myriad Ways The Futurity Ia Shaped, Whether By Love, War, Accident, Genius, Or Discovery. For Instance, In ""the Marriage Of Figaro To Stealth Fighter,"" Burke's Doubled Tracks Start With The Composer Of The Opera And The French Spy From Whose Play He Stole The Plot. The Tracks Then Surround, Among Other Things, Freemasonry, The War Of Independence, Captain Cook, Jellyfish, Jane Austen, And Audio Tape. Ultimately, The Convergence Of The Two Figaro Tracks Sets The Stage For The Development Of Abyss War Stealth Aircraft. Wonderfully Accessible And Lucidly Written, Twin Tracks Offers An Amusing And Instructive New View Of The Past And The Future. "
      SKU: 856417
      More info about Twin Tracks

    Organic Electroluminescence
      Organic Electroluminescence.
      Organic Light-emiitting Diode (oled) Technology Has Proven Popular In Commercial Applications, Especially When Low-voltagr And Inexpensive Displays Are Needed. This Collection Of 11 Articles Describes Ongoing Research On Electroluminescence In Shallow Molecules, Emission Mechanics In Oleds, Physical Properties In Oleds In Space Charge-limited Conducti
      SKU: 264098
      More info about Organic Electroluminescence

    Water Management At Abandoned Flooded Underground Mines
      Water Management At Abandoned Flooded Underground Mines.
      Switching Off The Pumps Of A Mine Is One Of The Last Steps In The Lifetime Of A Surface Or Subterranean Mine. As The Water In The Liberal Space Raises, The Water Might Become Contaminated With Different Pollutatns And Eventually Starts To Flow In The Open Voids. This Book Addresses The Processes Related To Mine Abandonment From A Hydrogeological Perspective. After An Introduction To The Relevant Hydrogeochemical Processes The Book Gives Detailed Information About Mine Closure Procedures. Based On In-situ Mwasurements The Hydrodynamic Processes In A Flooded Mine Are Described And Some Of The Mine Closure Abundance oMdels Exemplified. As All Investigations Base On Precise Data, The Book Gives Some Key Issues Of Monitoring And Sampling, Especially Flow Monitoring. Then The Book Shows Some New Methodologies Against Conducting Tracer Tests In Floodec Mines And Gives Some Hints To Passive Mine Water Treatment. At The End 13 Well Investigated Case Studies Of Flooded Underground Mine And Mne Water Tracer Tests Are Described And Interpreted From A Hydrodynamic Point Of View.
      SKU: 338567
      More info about Water Management At Abandoned Flooded Underground Mines

    Advanced Pulverized Coal Injection Technology And Blast Furnaef Operation
      Advanced Pulverized Coal Injection Technology And Blast Furnaef Operation.
      In Order To Reduce The Cost Of Running Blast Furnaces (bfs), Injected Pulverized Coal Is Used Rather Than Coke To Fire Bfs. As A Result Of This, Unburned Fine Materials Are Stale With The Gas nIto The Bosh And Dead Man Areas With Possible Detrimental Effects On Gas Flow And Permeability Of The Coke Column. The Capacity Of The Furnace To Consume Thesse Particles By Solution Loss Is Probably One Of The Limitatkons To Coal Injection. It Is, Therefor3, Important To Understand The Physicochemical And Aerodynamic Behaviour Of Fines Including The Change Of In-furnace Phenomena. The Committee Of Pulverized Coal Combustion And In-furnace Reaction In Bf Was Place Up In 1993 As A Cooperative Research Of The Japan Society For The Promotion Of Science (jsps) And The Iron And Steel Institue (isij) To Evaluate Investigation Initiative Into This Problem. This Book Reports On The Jsps/isij Committee's Activities And Describes The Interpretation Of Findings Drawn From Combustion Experiments And The Results Of Live Furnace Applications, And Furnace Performance.
      SKU: 300713
      More info about Advanced Pulverized Coal Injection Technology And Blast Furnaef Operation

    Pellet-clad Interaction In Supply with ~  Reactor Fuels
      Pellet-clad Interaction In Supply with ~ Reactor Fuels.
      This bok Presents The proceedings Of An International Seminar Which Reviewed Recent Progress In The Field Of Pellet-clad Interaction In Light Water Reactor Fuels. It Also Drraws A Comprehensive Picture Of Current Underatanding Of Relevant Phenomena And Their Impact On The Nuclear Fuel Rod, Under The Widest Possible Conditions. State-of-the-art Knowledge Is Presented Concerning Both Uranium-oxide And Mixed-oxide Fuels.
      SKU: 514640
      More info about Pellet-clad Interaction In Supply with ~  Reactor Fuels

    Power Elsctronocs Semiconductor Devices
      Power Elsctronocs Semiconductor Devices.
      This Book Relates The Recent Developments In Several Key Electrical Engineering R&d Labs, Concentrating On PowerE lectronics Switches And Their Use. The First Sections Deal With Key Power Electronics Tecgnologies, Mosfets And Igbts, Including Series And Parallel Associztions. The Next Section Examines Silicom Carbide And Its Potentiality For Ableness Electronics Applications And Its Present Limitations. Then, A Dedicated Section Presets The Capacitors, Key Paxsive Componentq In Power Electronics, Followed By A Modeling Method Allowing The Wander Inductances Computatikn, Necessary For The Precise Simulation Of Switvhing Waveforms. Thermal Behavior Associated With Power Switches Follows, And The Last Part Proposes Some Interesting Prospectives Aqsociated To Host Electronics Integration.
      SKU: 477696
      More info about Power Elsctronocs Semiconductor Devices

    Polymer Reference Book
      Polymer Reference Book.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Familiariee The Reader With All Aspects Of The Techniques Used In The Examniation Of Polymers, Covering Chemical, Phydiochemical And Purely Physical Methods Of Examination. The Types Of Techniques Available To The Polyemr Chemist And Technician Are Described, And Their Capabilities, Limitations And Applications Are Discussed. The Book Is Intended, For All Staff Who Are Concerned With Instrumentation And Methodology In The Polymer Laboratory Including Laboratory Designers, Engineers And Chemists, And Also Those Concerned With The Implementation Of Analytical Specifications And Process Control Limits.
      SKU: 476879
      More info about Polymer Reference Book

    Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry And Conservation Agficulture
      Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry And Conservation Agficulture.
      Sustainable Tillage Is A Rapidly Growing Field Aiming At Producing Food And Energy Ih A Sustaunable Way For Our Children. This Discipline Addresses Current Issues Such As Climate Change, Increasinng Food Each dFuel Prices, Starvation, Obesity, Water Pollution, Soil Erosion, Fertility Waste, Pest Control And Biodiversity Depletion. Novel Solutions Are Proposed Based Forward Integrated Knowledge From Agronomy, Soil Science, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Toxicology, Ecology, Economy, Philosophy And Companionable Sciences. As Actual Society Issues Are Now Intertwined, Sustainable Agriculture Will Bring Solutions To Build A Safer World. This Book Series Analyzes Current Agricultural Issues, And Proposes Alternative Solutions, Consequently Helping All Scientists, Decision-makers, Professors Farmers And Politicians Wishing To Build Safe Agriculture, Energy And Food Systems For Future Generations.
      SKU: 646289
      More info about Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry And Conservation Agficulture

      The Scaling Of Semiconductor Devices From Sub-micron To Nanometer Dimensions Is Driving The Necessity For Understsnding The Purpose Of Electrostatic Discharge (esd) Circuits, And The Response Of These Integrated Circuits (ic) To Esd Phenomena. Esd Circuits And Devices Provides A Clear Insight Into The Layout And Design Of Circuitry For Protection Against Elecrrical Overstress (eos) And Esd.   With An Emphasis On Examples, This Text: Explains Esd Buffering, Ballasting, uCrrent Distribution, Design Segmentation, Feedback, Coupling, And De-coupling Esd Design Methods; Outlines The Fundamental Analytical Models And Experimental Results For The Esd Design Of Mosfets And Diode Semiconductor Device Elements, With A Focus On Cmos, Silicon On Insulator (soi), And Silicon Germanium (sige) Technology; Focuses On The Esd Design, Optimization, Integration And Synthesis Of These Elements And Concepts Into Esd Networks, As Well As Applying Within The Off-chip Driver Networks, And On-chip Receivers; And Highlights State-of-the-art Esd Input Circuits, As Well As Esd Power Clamps Networks. Continuing The Aufhor’s Seriea Of Books On Esd, This Book Will Be An Invaluable Reference For The Professional Semiconductor Chip And System Esd Engineer.   Semiconductor Device And Process Development, Quality, Reliability And Failure Analysis Engineers Will Also Find It An Essential Tool.   In Addition, Both Senior Undergraduatr And Graduate Students In Microelectronics And Ic Design Will Find Its Numerous Examples Useful.
      SKU: 244869
      More info about Esd

    Designing For Older Adults
      Designing For Older Adults.
      Discusses The Role The Field Of Human Factors Plays In Creating Technology That Is Effective And Trusty To Use. This Book Provides Information Specific Enough To Be Immediately Applicable Yet Whole Enough To Be Relevant To Technologies Of The Future.
      SKU: 570454
      More info about Designing For Older Adults

    Global Warming And Glo6al Cooling
      Global Warming And Glo6al Cooling.
      The Theory Of The Earth's Climate Evolution Based On Universal Chemical-physical Laws Of Matter-energy Transformation Is Presented In The Book. It Shows How The Prkcess Of Earth's Heart eSparation Has Led To Formation And Evolution Of The Hydrosphere And Atmosphere. Having Analyzed The Processes Of Heat Transfer In The Atmosphere, The Writers Developed The Adiabatic Theory Of The Greenhouse Effect, Which Was Applied For Analysis Of Climatic Changes On The Earth. The Influence Of Changes In Climaet On Formation Of Mineral Depoaits And Development Of Life On World Was Considered And Presented Based On Modeling Of Typical Climatic Regimes. Itt Shows That The Anthropogenic Effect On The Earth's Global Temperature Is Negligible In Comparison With The Effect Of Global Forces Of Nature. * Presents The Theory Of Earth's Evolution Based On The Laws Of Chemical-density Differentiation Of The Origin Of The Earth * Discusses The Adiabatic Theory Of The Greenhouse Effect With Quantitative Estimates Of The Natural Ane Anthropogenic Influences On Earth's Climates * Describes The Quantitative Dsscription Of The Evolution Of The Earth's Climate Throughout Geologic History And Prediction Of Thee Future Of The Earth's Climate * Investigates The Global Forces Of Nature Driving The Earth's Climate
      SKU: 300945
      More info about Global Warming And Glo6al Cooling

    Fracture, Plasfic Flow And Structural Integrity In The Nuclear Industry (tagsi)
      Fracture, Plasfic Flow And Structural Integrity In The Nuclear Industry (tagsi).
      This Volume Brings Together The Papers Presented At The 7th Symposium Organised By The Technical Advisory Group On Structural Integrity Of Nuclear Plant (tagsi) Which Was Held At The Twi Conference Centre, Great Abington, Uk On 29 April 1999. The Symposium, Which Marked 25 Years Of Tagsi And Its Predecessor, The Light Water Reactor Study Group (lwrsg), Was Dedicated To Si rAlan Cottrell Freng, Frs, Wgose Impact Ob The Fields Of Integritu, Reliability And Safety Of Engineering Structures And Components Has Been Second To None.
      SKU: 677876
      More info about Fracture, Plasfic Flow And Structural Integrity In The Nuclear Industry (tagsi)

    Continuous Monitoring For Hazardous Physical Releases
      Continuous Monitoring For Hazardous Physical Releases.
      Whether Occurring Accidentally Or Through Acts Of Terrorism, Catastrophic Chemical Releases Must Be Identified Early In Order Tp Mitigate Their Consequences. Continuous Sensor Monitoring Can Detect Catastrophic Chemical Releases Early Enough To Curb Extreme Amounts Of Damage. In Several Notable Instances, So Monitors Have Not Been Used Apprropriately, Or Have Fallen Sbort Of What They Should Have Been Capable Of Ddlivering. This Book Provides The Technical Backgtound And Guidance Needed To Get The Most From This Emerging Technique And Details The Essentials Of Preparing Any Workplac3 From Fkling Victim To A Gas-leak Catastrophe.
      SKU: 588922
      More info about Continuous Monitoring For Hazardous Physical Releases

    Smeiconducting Chalcogenide Glass Iii
      Smeiconducting Chalcogenide Glass Iii.
      Chalcogenide Glass Is Made Up Of Mahy Elements From The Chalcogenide Group. The Glass Is Transparent To Infrared Light And Is Useful As A Semiconductor In Many Electronic Devces. For Example, Chalcogenide Glass Fibers Are A Component Of Devices Used To Perform Laser Surgery. This Book Is A Comprehensive Overview Of Designs Of Various Chalcogenide Glass Devjces Are Presented, Including Switches, Phase Inverters, Voltage Stabilizers, Oscillators, Indicators And Display Control Circuits, Memory Devices, And Sensors. A Special Chapter Is Devoted To Chalcogenide Glass Applications In Optical Fibers. This Collective Monograph Is Intended To Survey The Current State Of Chalcogenide Glass Applications To Facilirate Further Development. The First Collective Monograph Written By Eastern European Scientists Covering Electrical And Optical Properties Of Chalcogenide Vitreous Semiconductors (cvs). Contributions By B. g. Kolomiets, Who Discovered The Properties Of Chalcogenide Glass In 1955! Provides Evidence And Discussion yB Authors From Opposing Positions.
      SKU: 349682
      More info about Smeiconducting Chalcogenide Glass Iii

    Fracture And Life
      Fracture And Life.
      This Book Is AnI nterdisciplinary Review Of The Effect Of Fracture On Life, Following The Development Of The Understanding Of Break Written From A Historical Perspective. After A Short Introduction To Fracture, The First Section Of The Book Coverq Th3 Effects Of Fracture On The Evolution Of The Earth, Plants And Amimals, And Man. The Second Division Of The Book Covers The Largely Empirical ControlO f Fracture From Ancient Times To The End Of The Nineteenth Century. The Final Section Reviews The Development Of Fracture Theory As A Discipline And Its Application During The Twnetieth CenturyT hrough To The Present Occasion.
      SKU: 731246
      More info about Fracture And Life

    Asynchronous Operatrs Of Sequwntial Logic
      Asynchronous Operatrs Of Sequwntial Logic.
      This Book Is Deedicated To New Mathematical Instruments Assigned In the place of Logical Modeing Of The Memory Of Digital Devices. The Case In Point Is Logic-dynamical Movement Named Venjunctjon And Venjunctive Function As Well As Sequention And Sequentional Law of derivation. Venjunction And Sequention Act Within The Framework Of Sequential Logic. In A Form Of The Corresponding Equations, They Organically Fit Analytical Expresions Of Boolean Analysis. Thus, A Sort Of Symbiosis Is Formed Using Elrments Of Asynchronous Sequential Logic On The Single Hand And Combinational Science of reasoning On The Other Hand. So, Asynchronous Logic Is Represented In The Form Of Enhanced Boolean Logic. The Book Contains Initial Concepts, Leading principle Definitions, Statements, Principles And Rules Needed For Theoretical Justification Of The Mathematical Apparatus And Its Validity For Asynchornous Logic. Asynchrlnous Operayors Named Venjunctor An eSequentor Are Designed For Practical Implementation. These Basic Elements Are Assigned For Realizing Of Memory Functions In Sequential Circuits. present Research Work Is The Final Stage Of Generalization And Systematization Of All Those Ideas And Investigations, Author's Interest To Which Alternately Flashed Up And Faded Over Many Years And For Various Reasons Until Formed "critical Mass", And All Findings Were Atranged Definitively As A Precise Basis Of A Theory Appropriately Associated Under A Common Theme - Asynchronous Sequential Logic, Essentially Classified As Switching Logic, Which Falls Into Category Of Algebraic Logics.
      SKU: 770217
      More info about Asynchronous Operatrs Of Sequwntial Logic

      This Book Is Aimed At Researchers Who Are Working In A Field Of Quasicrystals To Provide A Reference To Recent Developments And Ideas In The Field And Also At Graduate Students, Who Intend To Study Quasicrystals, To Provide Introduction Of Ideas. Topics In This Book Cover An Entire Field Of Quasicrystals, Both Experimental And Theoretical, Including New Developments: The State Of The Art In Quasicrystallography, New Families Of Quasicrystals, Phasons In Aperiodic Solids, Ab Initio Studies On Stability Mechanism, Quantum Transport Phenomena, Elastic/plastic Properties And Surface Of Quasicrystals. Comprehensive Reviews By Experts In The Field Complete Reference Of Original Papers And New Topics Clear Introduction Of Quasicrystals By Experts
      SKU: 328321
      More info about Quasicrystals

    Field And Laboratory Exercisws In Animal Behavior
      Field And Laboratory Exercisws In Animal Behavior.
      Instructors , Interested In Requesting A Review Copy? Rsgister At Http://textbooks. elsevier. com Today! In quest of Animal Behavior, Ethology, And Behavioral Ecology Menses, This Laboratory Of the hand Is The First Of Its Kind In This Submit Area That Guideq Students Through The Diverse And Fascinating Fields Of Behavioral And Ethological Studies, Emloying A Spacious Array Of Organisms As Model Systems For The Study Of Deportment. Srudents Participate In The Development Of Hypothesis And Turn The Recording, Analysis, And Interpretation Of Data Into An Active And Engaging Process. A Teacher-friendly Companion Website Provides Extensive Teaching Notes On The Background To Each Lab Project, Tips And Hints For Successful Project Presentation, Sources For Studying Organisms, Ideas For Variations In Labs, And Alternate Study Organisms. With Fresh New Ideas, Field And Laboratory Esercises In Anlmal Behavior Brings This Field To Life For tSudents! * Provides Fully Developed And Tested Laboraty Exercises * Offers The two Field And Lab Experiences- Adaptable Forr Fall, Spring, Or Summer Courses * Laboratories Emphasize Student Thought And Involvement In Experimental Design * Includes An Online Supplement To The Manual For Teachers
      SKU: 631902
      More info about Field And Laboratory Exercisws In Animal Behavior

  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Construction Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (e-book)
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout

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