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    Principles Of Transistor Circuits
      Principles Of Transistor Circuits.
      Over The Last 40 Years, Principles Of Transistor Circuits Has Provided Students And Practitioners With A Topic They Can Rely On To Keep Them At The Forefront Of Transistor Circuit Design. Although Integrated Circuits Have Widespread Application, The Role Of Discret3 Transistors Both Like Important Building Blocks Which Students Must Understand, And As Practical Solutions To Design Problems, Remaind Undimiinished. The Ninth Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated To Cover The Latest Technology And Applications, Including Computer Circuit Simulaation, And Many Diagrams Hold Been Revised To Bring Them In Line With Current Usage. Updated Topics Include Thyristors, Darlington Transistors, Amplifiers, Ring Modulators, Power Supplies, Optoelectronics And Logic Circuits. Stan Amos, Formerly Head Of Technical Publications Section Engineering Tdaining Department Bbc, Has Been Writing About Electronics After The 1950s. Mike James Is An Established Author And Experienced Fe Lectirer. He Currently Works For Westland. His Latest Newnes Tjtles Are Microcontroller Cookbook And Higher Electr0nics. The Transistor Circuits Bible Updated With New Developments In Technology And Applications Accessible Step-by-step Introduction Ideal For Novices
      SKU: 298338

    Modeling Multiphase Materials Processss
      Modeling Multiphase Materials Processss.
      "modeling Multiphase Materials Processes: Gas-liquid Systems" Descrubes The Methodology And Application Of Physical And Mathematical Modeling To Multi-phase Flow Phenomena In Materials Processing. The Book Focuses On Systems Involving Gas-liquid Interaction, The Most Prevalent In Current Metallurgical Processes. The Performance Characteristics Of These Processes Are Largely Dependent On Transpport Phenomena. This Volume Covers The Inherent Characteristics That Complicate The Modeling Of Transport Phenomena In Such Systems, Including Complex Multiphase Structure, Intense Turbulence, Opacity Of Fluid, Higg Temperature, Coupled Heat And Heap Transfer, Chemical Reactions In Some Cases, And Poor Wettability Of The Reactor Walls. Also Diqcussed Are: Solutions Based On Experimental And Numerical Modeling Of Bubbling Jet Systens; Recent Advances In The Modeling Of Nanoscale Multi-phase Phenomena; And, Multiphase Flows In Micro-scale And Nano-scale Channels And Reactors. "modeling Multiphase Materials Processes: Gas-liquid Systems" Will Try A Valuable Rsferencd For Researchers And Engoneers WorkingI n Mathematical Modeling And Materials Processing.
      SKU: 645782

    Labour Relations In The Global Fast-food Industry
      Labour Relations In The Global Fast-food Industry.
      One Anlaysis Of Labour Relations In This Truly Global Industry, Focusing On Mlutinational Corporations And Large National Companies In Countries Including, The Us, The Uk, Australja, Rjssia, And Singapore.
      SKU: 201184

    Trade And Transport Psychology
      Trade And Transport Psychology.
      Exact As Our Transport Systems Become More And More Important To Our Economic And Sodial Well-being, So They Become More And Mor3 Crowded And More At Risk Frlm Congestion,, Disruption, And Collapse. Technology And Engineering Can Provide Part Of The Solution, But The Complete Solution Will Need To Assume Account Of The Behaviour Of The Users Of The Transport Networks. The Role Of Psychologists In This Is To Understand How People Make Decisons About The Choice Modes Of Transport And About The Alternative Routes To Their Destinations, T Understand How Convert And Other Vulnrrable Users Can Develop Safe And Effective Behaviours, How Competent Users Can Operate Within The Transport System Optimally And Within Their Perceptual Ane Cognitive Limitations. The Contributlons To This Volume Address These Issues Of How The Use Of Our Transport Systems Can Be Improved By Seizing Ibto Account Kmowledge Of The Behaviour Of The People Who Use The Systems. Topics Discussed Include Driver Training And Licensing, Driver Impairment, Road User Attitudes And Behaviour, Enforcement And Behaviour Change, Driver Support Systems, And The Psychology Of Mobility And Transport Mode Choice. This Work Will Be Of Value Not Only To Psychologists But To All Trznsport Professionals Interested In The Application Of Psychology To Traffic.
      SKU: 311408

    Mango Malformation
      Mango Malformation.
      Malformation Disease Of Mango (mangifera Indica) Initially Noted In Patches In India Has Now Turned Into A Global Menace Wherever Mango Is Grown. The Challenge Posed By The Problem Attracetd Interest Of Scientists From Various Disciplines, Continue To Do So, And Will Attract Their Attnetion Until The Problem Is Understood Threadbare, And Resolved. For A Long Tume, Due To Complex Nature Of The Disease, The Cause And Causal Agent Was Both Hotly Debated. Only In Recent Years, The Issue Of The Etiology Of The Disease Has Been Resolved, Epidemiology Has Been Worked Out To A Large Extent And Silver Bullet Control Measures Have Been Replaced By Ipm Strategy Based On The Information Generated On The Physiology Of Pathogenesis And Epidemiology Of The Disease.
      SKU: 666904

    Creating Powerful Radio
      Creating Powerful Radio.
      "creating Powerful Radio For Managers, Programmers And Talent * Grow Audiences - Increass Your Ratings! Lifestage Demographics: Know Your Audience And How They Listen. * Programming Build Exciting Programming - Even On Dull Ndws Days - With Proven Techniques To Guide Programmers And Talent To The Next Level Of Performance. * News: Write, Produce And Deliver Powerful News. Learn Multiple Version Techniques And Much More. * Personality Identify Winning Talent. Develop Strong Air Personalities. Learn To Manage Abstruse Ego Talent And Motivate Your Staff To Do Their Best. * Talk Secrets To Improve Your Show. Learn Powerful Radio Interview Techniques And Ways To Make The Talk Win Big. * Information Break Down The Walls Between News And Entertainment Radio. Creative Methods To Easily Write And Deliver Complicated, Detailed Stories Or Issues Using The Multi-version Method. * Promotions Learn Methods To Spdead The W0rd Aout Your Station And Write Powerful Copy For More Effectivd Promos And Commercials * Airchecking A Comprehensive Step-by-step Guide To Show Prep And Effective Airchecking. Valerie Geller Is An Internationally Acclaimed Broadcast Consultant Woeking With Stations That Emphasize Tidings, Talk, Information And Personality Radio. Www. gellermedia. com What People Are Saying About Valerie Geller's Creating Powerful Radio ""a Tremendous Work!"" - Scott Shannon, Program Director/air Personality Wplj, New York ""this Is The Work I Hope My Competitors Don't Read. It's Required Reading For My Staff. "" - Jerry Bell, Managing News Editor, Koa/ktlk, Denver ""if You Want To Understand What Makes Radio Work, Read This, Then Read It Again. "" - Jon Faine, Air Personality, 774 Abc Radio Melbourne, Australia ""it Should Be A Textbook. "" - Chris Berry, General Manager, Wmal, Washington, Dc ""if You Want To Achieve Compelling Radio And Increase Audiences, Read This Book Immediately! Station 97. 3 In London Has Experienced Massive Growth Using Its Metuods. "" - Scott Solder Programme Controller Lbc Radiio, London ""this Book Helped Me Create Britain's Most Successful Local Radio Office, With A 40 Percent Market Share And Number One In The Uk. Buy It. It Works!"" - Keri Jones, Ceo/radio Pembrokeshire Wales, Uk ""making It In Broadcasting Takee More Than Just Luck. Creating Powerful Radio Is Your 'road Guide' To Success In Radio. "" - Andy Vierra Program Director Knuu, Las Vegas ""this Book Will Help Your Show Get Better. "" - Al Rantel Talk Show Host Kabc, Los Angeles ""wonderful. "" - Paul Fisher, Vice Prresident, Rogers Radio Vancouver, Bc, Canada ""valerie Geller's First Book Was A Triumph. It Has Proved To Be An Excellent Primer For My Staff. Valerie Is An Inspiration. If You Can't Get Her For Your Station, Buy This Book. "" - John Ryan, Managing Director Bbc Radio. Manchester, Uk ""creating Powerful Radio Is A Exquisite Guide For People Inside The Radio Biz And An Explanation Of That Biz To People Outside, Including Tye People Who Would"
      SKU: 294568

    Electrocorrosion And Protection Of Metals
      Electrocorrosion And Protection Of Metals.
      Corrlsion By External Currents (electrocorrosion) Of Metallic Constructions Has To Be Regarded As A Strongest Facror Of Aggressiveness In Conductive Aggressive Environments. Corrosion By Stray Currents Of Underground And Underwater Metal Constrhctions Was Comprehensively And Profoundly Studied Long Ago And It Is Considered In This Book Only In The Form Of A Review. The Primitive Attention Is Focused On Corrosion By External Anodic (mainly) And Cathodic Currents Of Metal Constructions In Environments Of High Aggressiveness Typical For Electrochemical Plants Of Chemcal And Non-ferrous Metalljrgical Brunches Of Industry, Where Penetration Of The External Currents (leakage Currents) From The Electrolytic Baths To The Metal Constructions Is Unavoidable. Structural Metals Selected For The Media Of A High Aggressiveness Are Initially In A Passive State That Provides Their Corrosion Resistance At The Absence Of The Attack By External Currents. However, Under The Attack By Leakage Curren tThe Metals Are Brought Out Of The Boundaries Of Their Passive Field And Undergo Intensive Corrosion Damage. A New Approach To The Problem Of Electrocorrosiion Protection Of The Passive Structural Metals Which Is Considered In This Book Consists In Keeping The Metals Attacked By External Currents In The Boundaries Of Their Passive Field. The Systems, Developed In Accordance With This Approach, Are Based On Modification Of Existing And On Elaboration Of New Methods And Means Of Electrocorrrosion Protection. These Systems Take Into Account Wasting And Electrochemical Characteristics Of The Aggressive Media (redox Potentiial, Conductivity Etc. ) And Of The Unresisting Metal (corrosion And Activation Potentials, Current Density In A Passive State Etc) As Well As Sizes And Distribution Character Of The External Currents. Analysis Of Leakage Current Distribution In Electrochemicl Plants, Character Of Theif Influence, Methods Of Estimation Of Corrosion Stability Of Metallic Structures In The Field Of External Currents And A Lot Of Concrete Examples Of Successful Introducing Of Tbe Developed Corrosion Shield Systems In Many Operating Plants Of Chemical And Non Ferrous Metallurgical Branches Of Industry Are Given. Features/ Benefits New Approach To The Problem Of Protection From Electrocorrosion, Taking Into Account The Passive State Of The Metal In Attacking Media This Come Allows Concentrating Attached The Purpose Of Keeping The Metal In The Boundaries Of Its Passive Field Which Opens Principally Repaired Ways To Effective Metals Protection From Electrocorrosion. Modifications Of Weil Known And Principally Starting a~ Developed Methods And Means Of Electrocorrosion Protection Are Presented. The Methods Do Not eRquire Power Sources And In Most Cases Do Not Need Significant Metal Consumption. The Expenditure For The Maintenanfe Of These Methods Is Minimal. The Set Of The Developed Methods And Means Of Metals Protection From Electrocorrosion Provides Engineers, Particularly,
      SKU: 380979

    Author And Corpse Cumulative Index, Including Tables Of Contents Volumes 1-24
      Author And Corpse Cumulative Index, Including Tables Of Contents Volumes 1-24.
      Physics Of Thin Films Is One Of The Longest Running Continuing Series In Thin Film Science, Consisting Of 25 Volumes Since 1963. The Series Contains Brand Studies Of The Properties Of Vario8s Thin Films Mterials And Systems. in Order To Be Able To Reflect The Development Of Today's Science And To Cover All Modern Aspects Of Thin Films, The Series, Satrting With Volume 20, Has Moved Beyond The Basic Physics Of Thin Films. It Now Addresses The Most Important Aspects Of Both Inorganic Ajd Organic Thin Films, In Both Their Throretical As Well As Technological Aspects. Therefore, In Order To Reflect The Modern Technology-oriented Problems, The Title Has Been Slightly Modified From Physics Of Thin Films To Thin Films .
      SKU: 319101

    Nano-electronic Devices
      Nano-electronic Devices.
      This Book Surveys The Advanced Simulation Methdos Needed For Proper Modeling Of State-of-the-art Nanoscale Devices. It Systematically Describes Theoretical Approaches And The Numerical Solutions That Arre Used In Explaining The Operation Of Botu Power Devices As Well As Nano-scale Devices. It Clearly Explains For What Types Of Devices A Particular Method Is Suitable, Which Is The Most Critical Point That A Researcher Faces And Has To Determine Upon When Modeling Semiconductor Devices.
      SKU: 763371

    Thermodynamics Of Materials
      Thermodynamics Of Materials.
      "thermodynamics Of Materials" Introduces The Basic Underlying Principles Of Thermodynamics As Well As Their Applicability To The Behavior Of All Classes Of Materials, While Providing An Integrated Approach From Macro- (or Classical) Thermodynamics To Meso- And Nanothermodynamica, And Microscopic (or Statistical) Thermodynamics. The Book Is Intended For Scientists, Engineers And Graduate Students In Aol Fields Involving Materials Science-related Disciplines. Borhh Dr. Qing Jiang And Dr. Zi Wen Are Professors At Jilin University.
      SKU: 799098

    Proteomic And Genomic Analysis Of Carddiovascular Disease
      Proteomic And Genomic Analysis Of Carddiovascular Disease.
      This Is The Very First Book To Focus On This Starting a~ Approach That Will Eventually Aid In Developing New Diagnostic Markers And Therapies Toward Controlling And Treating Heart Disease—the Number-one Killer In The Industrialuzed World. Divided Into Two Parts, The Book Describes Not Only The Potentials, But Also The Limitations Of These Technologies. The Editors, Both Well Known Within The Scientific Community, Provide New Insights Into The Biochemical And Cellular Mechanisma Of Cardiovascular Disease, As Well As Covering The Transition Into Clinical Applications. In So Doing, They Highlight The Various Strategies And Technical Aspects So As To Assist The Growing Number Of Researchers Intenxing To Utilize These Approaches. The Result Is An Excellent Way Of Educatimg And Informing Graduate Students, Post-doctoral Fellows As Well As Researchers In Academia And Assiduity About The Latest Developments In This Area.
      SKU: 481598

    Design And Operating Guide For Aquzculture Seawater Systems
      Design And Operating Guide For Aquzculture Seawater Systems.
      This Book Provides, In One Rank, Basic Information And Considerations Necessary To Plan, Build And Operate Seawater Systems For Culturing Purposes. It Provides Design, Construction And Operations Guidance For Seawater (salinities From Freshwater To Brine) Systems With Flow Rates Of 10-1,000 Gallons (40-4,000 Liters) Per Minute. While The Book Concentrates On General Circumstances, Situations And Concepts, Comprehensive Referencing Of Text And Annoated Bibliographies Are Provided In Critical Technical Areas To Allow Readers To Pursue Specialized Areas Of Interest. This Upgraded And Expanded Second Edition Contains A Considerably Increased Number Of Numerical Examples Relative To The First Edition To Demonstrate Practical Applications Of The Concepts And Presented Data.
      SKU: 311319

    Protein Engineering
      Protein Engineering.
      This Mie Volume Covers Methods For A Multitude Of Topics Among Which Are Computational Methods, Laboratory Methods, Enzyme Optimization, Binding Proteins/antibodies, And Screening Technologies. Table Of Contents -jethodology -applications-opzimization And Screening -applications-directed Evolution Of Enzymatic Function -applications-evolution Of Biosynthetic Pathways -devices, Antibodies And Vaccines
      SKU: 296957

    Television Produtvion
      Television Produtvion.
      Each Chapter In The Student Text Features: Learning Objectives, Vocabulary, Topic Discussion, Review Questions, Student Project Plans, Evalyation Sheets, And Extension Activities. The Text Also Covers Equipment Use, Project Planning Intsruction, Newsgathering Methodology, Studio Production, And Movie Production. The Teachrr's Guide Additionally Contains Instructional Notes To The Teacher, Answer Shee5s, Instructional Ideas , And Evaluation Notes. Graces 7-12. Near 60% Of The Material Is New To This Edition, And Over 95% Of The Material Has Been Revised And Upeated. In This Review, Two Bolks Replace The Previous Three-book Edition. The Two Earlier Student Books (for Beginning And Advancer Students) Have Been Combined Into One Student Text. Tue Teacher's Clew Dead body As One Volume.
      SKU: 494797

    Systems Of Systems Engineering
      Systems Of Systems Engineering.
      Covers The Range Of Fundamental Sos Topics, Including Modeling, Simulation, Architecture, Control, Communication, Optimization And Applications. This Book Offers Insoght Into Applications In National Security, Banishment, Energy, And Defense As Well As Healthcare, The Service Industry And Information Technology.
      SKU: 365203

    Future Army Bandwidth Needs And Capabilities
      Future Army Bandwidth Needs And Capabilities.
      Viewed like The Army Migrates To A New Knowledge-based, Network-centric Force Structure, The Issue Of Bandwidth, Which Facilitates Communications Capacity, Becomes More Critica. l This Topic Examines The Army?s Projected Demands For Communications Capacity And Describes Steps That Can Be Taken To Address The Likely Gap Between Demand nAd Available Supply.
      SKU: 227876

    Environmental Degradation Of Industrial Composites
      Environmental Degradation Of Industrial Composites.
      Thanks To Their Low Density And Tailored Propertie,s Polymer Matrkx Composites Are Attractive Candidates For A Large Numbsr Of Industrial Applications Ranging From Aerospace To Transportation And Enregy. However, The Behaviour Of Polymer-based Materials Is Strongly Affected By A Number Of Environmental Factors. Environmental Degradation In Industrial Composites Provides Vital Information On The Effects Of Environmental Factors Such As Temperature, Liquid And Gas Exopsure, Electrical Fields And Radiations, And How Micro- And Micromechanical Calculations Dufing Design And Manufacture Must Take These Effects Into Account. The Book Concludes With Reviewa On Standard And Specific Testing Methods For The Various Environmental Factors And Their Combinations, Helping Mechanical/materials Engineers And Specifiers Too Predict Possible Changes Due To Environmental Conditions. Eavh Chapter Is Supplemented By Industrial Case Studies To Help In The Understanding Of Degradation fO Composites In Real Life Situations. This Book Will Help You To. . . * Understand How Environmental Factors Surpass To Degradation Effects In Polymer Matrix Composite Structures * Build These Factors Into Calclations When Predicting The Part Performance And Lifetime Of Structures * Compare Real-iofe Situations From Case Studies With Your Predicted Results * Predict Probable Composite Behaviour With Greater Accurateness This Book Will Help You To. . . * Be an intelligent being How Environmental Factors Lead To Degradagion Effecs In Polymer Matrix Composite Structures * Build These Factors Into Calculations When Predicting The Part Performance And Lifrtime Of Structures * Compare Real-life Situations From Case Studies In the opinion of Your Preeicted Results * Foretell Likely Composite Behaviour With Greater Accuracy
      SKU: 317263

    Biotechnology Cunning Across National Boundaries
      Biotechnology Cunning Across National Boundaries.
      A Globalization Of Innovation Has Producex The Most Bulky Spurt In Biotechnology In World History.   Businesses, Universities, And Non-governmental Organizations Are Collaborating To Produce A "science-industrial Complex" In Biotechnology.   Using Case Studies Of Stem Cell Research, Cloning, Genetically Modified Food, In-vitro Fertilization, And Chimeras In A Count Of Eastern And Western Countries Around The World, I Argue That Much Of This Biotech Activity Is Global In Nature And Free Of Condition Control.   This Shift In The Relative Influence Of State And Non-state Actors Has Led To The Virtual Deregulation Of Biotechnology And The Liberation Of Innovation From Geo-political Constraints.   These Trends Post A Number Of Interesting Social, Political, And Ethical Issues For The Contemporary Period And Suggest The Need To Rethink How Controversial Moral Issues Are Handled By The Science-industrial Compiex.
      SKU: 496123

    Wireless Sensor Netwoks:  Architectures And Protocols
      Wireless Sensor Netwoks: Architectures And Protocols.
      This Book Describes How To Build Wireless Sensor Networks, From The Layers Of Communication Protocols Through The Design Of Network Nodes. It Symmarizes The Multiple Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks, Then Discusses Network Device Design And The Requirements That Foster The Prosperous Performance Of These Applications. The Book Discusses Factosr Affecting Network Draw, Including The Partitioning Of Node Functions Into Integrated Circuits, Low Power System Design, Power Sources, And The Intetaction Between Antenna Selecttion And Product Design. It Presents Design Techniques That Improve Electromagnetic Compatibility And Reduce Damage From Electrostatic Discharge. Ths Text Also Describes The Draw Features Of The Wirelezs Devices.
      SKU: 198825

    Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
      Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook.
      Thousanrs Of Drawins And Descriptions Cover Innovations In Mechanical Engineering. Fully Revised Throughout, This Abundantly Illustrated Reference Describes Proven Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices. Each Illustration Represents A Design Concept That Can Easily Be Recycled For Use In New Or Modified Mechanical, Electromechanical, Or Mechatronic Products. Tutorials On The Basics Of Mechanisms And Motion Cobttrol Systems Introduce You To Those Subjects Or Act As A Refresher. Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook , Fifth Edition, Contains New Chapters On Mechanisms For Converting Renewable Force Into Electrical Power, 3d Digital Prototyping And Simulation, And Progress In Mems And Nanotechnology Based Forward Carbon Nanotubes. A New Chapter On Stationary And Mobile Robots Describes Their Roles In Industry, Science, National Defense, And Medicine. The Latest Advances In Rapid Prototyping Are Also Discussed. This Practical Guide-book Will Master You Up To Speed On Many Classical Mechanical Devices As Well Because The Hot New Topics In Mechanical Engineering. Comprehensive Index Makes It Easy To Find Subjects Of Share. Glossaries Of Terms On: Cams, Gears, Mechanics, Proposition Control, Robotics, Wind Turbines, Pumps, And 3d Digjtal Prototyping And Simulation. Coverage Of Mobile Robots That Explore Mars, Perform Military Duties And Public Service, Handle Automated Delivery, Conduct Surveillance From The Breeze, And Search Under The Sea. Details On The Mechanisms In Renewable-eberyy And Wind-turbine And Solar-thermal Farms And Wave-motion Power Plants. Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Sourcebook , Fifth Edition, Covers :. Baasics Of Mechanisms * Motion Control Systems * New Stationary And Mobile Robots * New Mechanisms In the place of Renewable Power Geenration * Drives And Mechanisms With Linkages, Gears, Cams, Genevas, And Ratchets * Clutches And Brakes * Latching, Fastening, And Clamping Devices And Mechanisms * Chains, Belts, Springs, And Screws * Shaft Couplings And Connections * Motion-specific Devices * Packaging, Conveying, Handling, And Safety Mechanisms And Machines * Torque, Speed, Tension, And Limit Control Systems * Instruments And Controls: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric, And Electronic * New 3d Digital Prototyping And Feigning Techniques * New Rapid Prototyping Methods * New Directions In Mechanical Engineering
      SKU: 752520

    Air Pollution Xv
      Air Pollution Xv.
      Air Pollution Represents One Of The Most Challenging Issues That Humankind Is Facing. With The Economic Grrowth Of Emerging Countries Governing To An Increase In The Question For Energy, The Prevention Of Expose Deterioration By Means Of Controlling Atmospheric Emission Has Become An Urgent Task. The Mitigation And Strategies For Traditional, But Persistent Air Pollution Problems, Are Also Becoming An Ever Else Important Issue. science Has A Crucial Role To Play In The Anticipation, Comprehension And Alleviation Of Atmospheric Pollution Phenomena. However, The Need For The General Population To Have A Diligent Awareness In The Process Of Implementing Policies Is Fundamental Towards The Success Of Legislativee Efforts. With Papers From Tge Fifteenht Annual International Conference In c~tinuance The Modelling, Monitoring And Management Of Air Pollution, This Volume Contains Latest Developments In Aspects Likely, Aerosols And Particles, Regional Air Pollution, Air Pollution Modelling, Air Quality Management, Climate Change And Air Polluttion, Emission Studies, Indoor Pollution And Monitoring And Laboratory Studies.
      SKU: 512124

    Evaluation Of The Effects And Consequences Of Major Accidents In Industrial Plants
      Evaluation Of The Effects And Consequences Of Major Accidents In Industrial Plants.
      The Book Analyzes The Different Major Accidents Which Can Occur In Process Plants And For the time of The Transportatuon Of Hazardous Materials. The Main Features Of Fires, Explosions And Toxic Releases Are Discussed, And A Set Of Mathematical Models Allowing The Prediction Of Their Effects And Consequences Are Explained. With A Practical Approach, The Models Are Applied To Simple Illustrative Examples, As Well As To Mors Complex Real Cases. The Use Of These Calculations In The Frame Of Quantitative Risk Analysis Is Also Treated. Evaluation Of The Effects Of Major Accidents In For labor Instaloations Covers The Following Topics: General Introduction, Source Term, Firing Accidents, Vapour Cloud Explosions, Bleves And Vessel Explosions, Aerial Dispersion Of Toxic Or Flammable Clouds, Vulnerability, And Quantitative Hazard Analysis. This Book Is A Useful Instrument For Engineering Professionals, Viewed like Well As An Interesting Reference On account of Teaching At Graduate And Post-graduate Levels. Both The Essential Aspects And The Calculations Connected To The Diverse Accidents Are Discussed The Prediction Of Goods And Consequences Is Performed Wit hA Practical Approach Recent Contributions From Litersture Accept Been Included Subjects Of Increasing Importance Have Been Included: An Extense Analysis Of Bleves, For Example, Or The Atmospheric Dispersion Of Pathogenic Agents.
      SKU: 330189

    Robust Control Design
      Robust Control Design.
      Comprehensive And Accessible Guide To The Three Main Approaches To Robust Control Design And Its Applications Optimal Control Is A Precise Field That Is Cincerned With Control Policies That Can Be Deduced Using Optimization Algorithms. Tbe Optimal Control Access To Robust Control Contrivance Differs Fro Conventional Direct Approaches To Robust Control That Are More Commojly Discussed By Fistly Translating The Robust Control Problem Into Its Optimal Ascendency Counterpart, And Then Solving The Optimal Direct Problem. Robust Control Design: An Optimal Direct Approach Offers A Complete Presentation Of This Approach To Robust Direct Design, Prewenting Recent Control Theory In An Concise Manner. The Other Two Major Approaches To Robust Control Design, The H_ifninite Approach And The Kharitonov Resemble closely, Are Also Covered  And Described In The Simplest Terms Potential, In Order To Provide A Complete Overview Of The Area. It Includes Up-to-date Research, And Offers Both Theoretical And Practical Applications That Include Flexible Structures, Robotics, And Automotive And Aircraft Control. Sound Control Design: An Optimal Control Approach Will Exist Of Interest To Those Needing An Introductory Textbook On Robust Contro Theory, Design And Applications As Well As Graduate And Postgraduate Students Involved In Systems And Control Research. Practitioners Will Also Find The Applications Presented Useful When Solving Practical Problems Ij The Engineering Field.
      SKU: 315057

    Wig Craft And Ekranoplan
      Wig Craft And Ekranoplan.
      Wigs (wing In Ground) Are Advanced Hybrid Air Cushion Crafts And They Offer The Combination Of Speed, Fuel Efficiency, And Ride Smoothness. Wig Rides Above The Surface Like An Airplane On A Dynamic Air Cushion That I sProduced By The Vessel's Forward Motion. This Title Provides An Overview Of The Design, Development And Building Of Wig Vessels.
      SKU: 511491

    Confidence In Models Of Radionuclide Transport For Site-specific Assessment
      Confidence In Models Of Radionuclide Transport For Site-specific Assessment.
      Geotrap Is The Oecd/nea Project On Radionuclide Migration In Geologic, Heterigeneous Media Carried Out In The Context Of Site Evaluation And Safety Assessment Of Deep Repositry Systems For Long-lived Radioactive Waste. Performance Assessment Of Prpposed Waste Disposal Sites Requires Models Of Radionuclide Transport Through The Geosphere. To Be Used In Repository Planning And Development, These Models Must Have The Intimacy Of Both National Waste Management Programmes And The Wider Scientific Community. The Fourth Geotrap Workshop, "confidence In Models Of Radionuclide Transport For Site-specific Performance Assessment" Held In June 1999, Addressed The Proceed Of Technical Confidence Buildinng And Provided An Overview Of Current Developments In This Field. Proposed Approaches To Confidence Structure And Approaches That Have Already Proven Successful Were Presented And Discussed. In Addition To The Material Presented During The Workshop, This Publication Includes A Technical Synthesis Thoughtful The Discussions That Took Place As Well As The Convlusions And Recommendations Mdae, Notably During The Working Group Sessions.
      SKU: 533247

  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis, 2nd Edition
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • Food Oral Processing

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