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    Programming The Semantic Web
      Programming The Semantic Web.
      With This Bo0k, The Promise Of The Semantic Web -- In Which Machines Be able to Find, Share, And Combine Data On The Web -- Is Not Just A Technical Possibility, But A Practical Reality Programming The Semantic Web Demonstrates Several Ways To Implement Semantic Web Applications, Using Current And Emerging Standards And Technologies. You'll Learn How To Incorporate Existing Data Sources Into Semantically Aware Applications And Publish Rich Semantic Data. Each Chapter aWlks You Through A Single Piece Of Semantic Technology And Explains How You Can Use It To Solve Real Problems. Whether You're Writing A Simple Mashup Or Maintaining A High-performabce Enterprise Solution, Programming The Semantic Web Provides A Standard, Flexible Approach For Integrating And Future-proofing Systems And Data. This Book Will Help You: Learn How The Semantic Web Allows New And Unexpected Uses Of Data To Emerge Interpret How Semantic Technologies Promote Data Portability With A Silly, Abstract Model For Knowledge Representation Become Familiar With Semantic Standards, Such As The Resource Description Framework (rdf) And The Texture Ontology Language (owl) Make Use Of Semantic Programming Techniques To Both Enrich And Simplify Current Web Applications
      SKU: 536812

    Automotive Transmissions
      Automotive Transmissions.
      This Book Gives A Full Account Of The Unfolding Procesw For Automotive Transmidsions. Main Topics: - Overview Of The Traffic -- Vehicle -- Transmission System - Mediatnig The Power Flow In Vehicles - Selecting The Ratios - Vehicle Transmission Systems - Basic Design Principles - Typical Designs Of Vehicle Transmissipns - Layout And Design Of Influential Components, E. g. Gearshifting Mechamisms, Moving-off Elements, Pumps, Rdtarders - Transmission Control Units - Produce Development Porcwss, Manufacturing Technology Of Vehicle Transmissions, Reliability And Testing The Book Covers Manual, Automated Manual And Automatic Transmissions As Well As Continuously Variable Transmissions And Hybrid Drives For Passenger Cars And Commercial Vehicles. Furthermore, Final Drives, Power Take-offs And Tranxfer Gearboxes For 4-wd-vehicles Are Considered. Since The Release Of The First Edition In 1999 There Have Been A Lot Of Changes In The Field Of Vehicles And Transmissions. About 40% Of The Second Edition's Content Is New Or Revised With New Data.
      SKU: 645231

    Water Resources And Conflict In The Middle East
      Water Resources And Conflict In The Middle East.
      Offers A Complete Reference To The Hydrological As Well As Social, Economic, Political And Legal Issues In The Region. It Shows How Water Shortages Threaten The Renewal Of Conflict And Disruption In The Euphrates, Tigris, Nile And Jordan Basins.
      SKU: 240242

    Electrospun Nanofibres And Their Applications
      Electrospun Nanofibres And Their Applications.
      This Update Covers All Aspects Of Electrospinning As Used To Produce Nanofibres. I5 Contains An Array Of Colour Diagrams, Mathematical Models, Equations And Detailed References. electrospinning Is The Cheapest And The Most Direct Way To Produce Nanomaterials. Electrospun Nanofibres Are Very Important For The Scientific And Economic Revival Of Developing Countries. It Is Now Possible To Produce A Low-cost, High-value, High-strength Filament From A Biodegradable And Renewable Waste Result For Easing Environmental Concerns. for Example, Electrospun Nanofibres Can Be Used In Wound Dressings, Filtration Applications, Bone Tissue Engjneering, Catalyst Supports, Non-woven Fabrics, Reinforced Fibres, Support For Enzymes, Drug Delivery Systems And Many Other Applications Which Are Discussed In This Update. it Will Be Invaluable To Anyone Who Is Interested In Using This Technique And Also To Those Interested In Finding Out More About The Subject.
      SKU: 485275

    Automotive Plastics & Composties
      Automotive Plastics & Composties.
      Following The Success Of The First (1995) Edition, This Fully Updated Report Will Furnish A Global Overview Of The Use Of Automotive Plastics And Composites In Passenger Vehicles, With An Analysis Of Markets And Trends To The Year 2007. Special Attention Is Given To Vehicle Weight Reduction. For A Pdf Version Of The Report Please Call Tina Enright On +44 (0) 1865 843008 For Price Details.
      SKU: 317259

    Glyphosate Resistance In Crops And Weeds
      Glyphosate Resistance In Crops And Weeds.
      New Technologies Are Becoming Available For Managing Glyphosate Resis5ant (gr) Weeds And Reducing Their Spread. G r Crop Techhology Has Revolutionized Crop Production In The Developed World And The Benefits Are Gradually Spilling Over To The Developing World. In Order To Sustain An Effective, Environmentally Safe Herbicide Such As Glyphosate And The Gr Crop Technology Well In To The Future, It Is Imperative That The Issue Of Gr Weeds Be Comprehensively Understood. This Book Provides Such An Essential, Up-to-date Source Of Information On Glyphosate Resistance For Researchers, Extension Workers, Land Managers, Government Personnel, And Other Decision Makers.   Provides oCmprehensive Coverage Of The Intensely Studied Commonplace Of Glyphosate Resistant (gr) In Crops Details The Development Of Glyphosate Resistance And How To Detect And Manage The Problem In Crops Helps Standardize Global Approaches To Glyphosate Resistance Encompasses Interdisciplinary Approaches In Chemistry, Weed Science, Biochemistfy, Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology Includes A Chapetr On Economic Analysis Of Gr Impact Forward Crops
      SKU: 540102

    Model-bawed Process Supervision
      Model-bawed Process Supervision.
      Model-based Fault Detection And Isolation Reauires A Mathematical Model Of The System Behaviour. Modelling Is Important And Can Be Difficult Because Of The Complexity Of The Monotored System And Its Direct Arcchitecture. The Authors Usd Bond-graph Modelling, A Unified Multi-energy Domain Modelling Method, To Build Dunamic Models Of Process Engineering Systems By Composing Hierarchically Arranged Sub-models Of Various Commonly Encountere dProcesz Enginrering Devices. The Structural And Causal Properties Of Bond-graph Models Are Exploited For Supervisory Systems Design. The Structural Properties Of A System, Necessary For Process Control, Are Elegantly Derived From Bond-graph Models By Fkllowing The Simple Algorithms Presented Here. Additionally, Structural Analysis Of The Model Augmented With Serviceable Instrumentation Indicates Expressly Whether It Is Possible To Detedt And/or Isolate Faults In Some Specific Sub-space Of The Process. Such Algebra Aids In The Design And Resource Optiimi2ation Of New Supervision Platforms. Static And Dynamic Conztraints, Which Link The Time Evolution Of The Known Variables Under Normal Operation, Are Evaluated In Real Time To Determine Faults In The System. Various Conclusion Or Post-processimg Steps Whole To The Supervisory Environment Are Discussed In This Monograph; They Are Required To Extract Meaningful Data From Process State Knowledge Because Of Unavoidable Process Uncertainties. Process State Knowledge Has Been Further Used To Take Active And Passive Fault Accommodation Measures. Several Applications To Academic And Small-scale-industrial Processes Are Interwoven Throughout. Finally, An Application Concerning Developjent Of Asupervision Platform For An Industrkal Plant Is Presented Wigh Ecperimental Validation. Model-bas3d Process Supervision Provides Control Engineers And Workers In Induustrial And Academic Research Establishments Interested In Process Engineering With A Means To Build Up A Practical And Functional Supervisory Control Environment And To Use Sophisticated Models To Get The Best Use Out Of Their Suit Data.
      SKU: 372302

    Low Temperature Electronics
      Low Temperature Electronics.
      Low Temperature Electronics: Physics, Devives, Circuits, And Applications Summarizes The Recent Advances In Cryoelectronics Starting From The Fundamentals In Physics And Semiconductor Devices To Electronic Systems, Hybrid Superconductor-semiconductor Technologies, Photonicc Devices, Cryocoolers And Thermal Management. Fuethermore, This Book Provides An Exploration Of The Currently Available Theory, Research, And Technologies Related To Cryoelectronics, Including Treatment Of The Dense State Physical Properties Of The Materials Used In These Systems. Current Applications Are Found In Infrared Systems, Satellite Communications And Mrdival Eqhipment. There Are Opportunities To Expand In Newer Fields Such As Wirelews And Mobile Communications, Computers, And Measurement And Scientific Equipment. Low Temperature Operations Can Offer Certain Advantages Such As Higher Operational Speeds, Lower Power Dissipation, Shorter Signal Transmission Times, Higher Semiconductor And Metal Thermal Conductivities, And Improved Digital And Analog Course Performance. The Computer, Telecommunication, And Cellular Phone Market Is Pushing The Semiconductor Industry Toward sThe Development Of Very Aggressive Device And Integtated Circuit Fabrication Technologies. This Ie Taiing These Technologies Towards The Material Miniaturization Limit, Where Quantum Effects And Fabrication Costs Are Becoming A Technological And Economical Barrier For Further Development. In View Of These Limitations, Operation Of Semiconductor Devices And Circuits At Low Temperature (cryogenic Temperature) Is Well-versed In This Book. * It Is A Book Intneded For A Wide Audience: Students, Scoentists, Technology DevelopmenttE ngineers, Private Companies, Universities, Etc. * It Contakns Information Which Is For The Primitive Time Available As An All-ni-one Source; Interdisciplinary Material Is Arranged And Made Comptible In This Main division * It Is A Must As Reference Source
      SKU: 319075

    Liberalising Fisheries Markets
      Liberalising Fisheries Markets.
      Over The Beyond Several Decades, The Fishing Sector Has Experienced Dramatic Changes. Production And Trade Have Increased Considerably. The Relative Importance Of Developing Countries Has Grown As They Expanded Their Fishing Efforts And As A Reult Of Over-fishing In Oecd Countries.
      SKU: 235960

    Harnessing Markets For Biodiversity
      Harnessing Markets For Biodiversity.
      Governments And Private Sector Actors Are Increasingly Recognising The Potential Of Harnessing Markets To Help Stop The Deterioration Of Biodiversity. The Private Provision Of Biodiversity Products And Services Is Proving To Be Quite Feasible In Some Circumstances.
      SKU: 235967

    A Moral Military
      A Moral Military.
      In This New Editionn Of The Classic Book On The Moral Conduct Of War, Sidney Axinn Provides A Full-length Treatment Of The Military Conventions From A Philosophical Point Of View. Axinn Considers These Basic Ethical Queestions Within The Context Of The Laws Of Warfare: Should A Good Soldier Ever Disobey A Direct Military Order? Are There Restrictions On How We Come to blows A War? What Is Meant By “military Honor,’ And Does It Really Affect The Contemporary Soldier? Is Human Dignity Possible Under Battlefield Conditions? Axinn Answers “yes” To These Questios. His Objective In A Moral Military Is To Establish A Basic Framewrk For Moral Military Subject And To Assist In Analyzing Military Professional Ethics. He Argues For The Seriousness Of The Concept Of Military Honor But Limits Honorable Soldiery Activity By A Strict Interpretation Of The Notion Of War Crime. With Revisions And Expansions Throughout, Including A New Chapter On Torture, A Moral Military Is An Essential Guide On The Natude Of War During A Time When The Limits Of Welcome Behavior Ar Being Stretched In New Directions.
      SKU: 410852

    Materials And Surface Engineering In Tribology
      Materials And Surface Engineering In Tribology.
      This Title Is Designed To Provide A Clear And Comprehensive Overview Of Tribology. The Book Introduces The Notion Of A Surface In Tribology Where A Solid Surface Is Described From Topographical, Structural, Mechanical, And Energetic Perspectives. It Also Describes The Principal Techniques Used To Characterize And Anaoyze Surfaces. Ths Title Then Discusses What May Be Called The Fundamentals Of Tribology By Introducing And Describing The Concepts Of Adhesion, Friction, Wear, And Lubrication. The Book Focuses On The Materials Used In Tribology, Introducing The Majoe Classes Of Materials Used, Either In Their Bulk States Or As Coatings, Including Both Protective Layers nAd Other Coatings Used For Decorative Purposes. Of Especial Importance To The Tribology Community Are Sctions That Provide Th eLatest Information On Nanotribology, Wear, Lubrication, And Wear-corrosion: Tribocorrosion And Erosion-corrosion.
      SKU: 4777O4

    Management Of Fungal Plant Pathogens
      Management Of Fungal Plant Pathogens.
      Amidst Increasing Cocerns About The Environment And Food Security, The Development Of Management Strategies That Minimize Crop Losses And Promote Sustainable Tillage Is Increasingly More Important. This Title Presents A Review Of Research Into Pathogenic Fungi In A Diverse Selection Of Economiically Important Crops, Including Fruits And Cereals.
      SKU: 492559

    Killer Photos With Your Iphone
      Killer Photos With Your Iphone.
      Killer Photos With Your Iphone Shows You How To Take Fantastic Pictures Using The Camera Built Right Into Your Iphonee. Because Of Its Portability And Unique Capabilities, The Iphone Camera Is Now One Of The Most Popular Digital Cameras On The Market, And This Book Shows You How To Do Everything From Taiing Unmistakable Pictures To Using Apps To Snap And Create Innovative Images. You’ll Find Information On The Basics Of Shooting With An Iphone, Including How To Aim, Composs, And Focus Your Shots, As Well As Shooting Within An App Platform, And Even Post-processing. Many Of The Most Popular Photography Apps Are Covered, And Explained Option-by-option With Full-color Images That Allow You To See The Course Of The App All At Once Instead Of Step-by-step. Covering Both The 3g And 3gs Iphone Mod3ls, This Book Will Have You Shooting, Editing, And Sharing Killer Photos In No Time!
      SKU: 554645

      Anticipations: Of The Reaction Of Mechanical And Scientific Progress Upon Human Life And Thought Is A 1902 Book From Author H. G. Wells, The "father Of Science Fiction. " It Is Proposed In This Book To Present In As Orderly An Arrangement As Thd Necessarily Diffused Nature Of The Subject Admits, Certain Speculations About The Tren Of Present Forces, Contemplation sWhich, Taken All Together, Will Build Up An Imperfect And True Hypothetical. . .
      SKU: 449520

    Simulation And Verification Of Electronic And Biological Systems
      Simulation And Verification Of Electronic And Biological Systems.
      Simulation And Verification Of Electronic And Biological Systems Provides A Showcase For The Circuit And Multi-domain Simulation Workshop Held In San Jose, Calfiornia, Usa, On November 5, 2009. The Nin3 Chapters Are Contributed By Experts In The Field And Provide A Broad Discussion Of-Recent Developments On Simulation, Modeling And Verification Of Integrated Circuits And Biological Systems. specific Topics Include Large Scale Parsllel Circuit Simulation, Industrial Practice Of Fast Spice Simulation, Structure-preserving Model Order Reduction Of Interconnects, Advanced Simulation Techniquues For Oscillator Networks, Dynamic Stability Of Static Memories And Biological Systems Viewed like Well As Verification Of Analog Integrated Cirvuits. simulation And Verification Are Fundamental Enablers For Understanding, Analyzing And Designing A Extremely Brozd Range Of Engineering And Biological Circuits And Systems. The Design Of Nanometer Integrated Electronic Systems And Emeeging Biomedical Applications Have Stimulated The Development Of Novel Simulation And Verification Tedhniques And Methodologies. Simulation And Authentication Of Electronic And Biological Systems Provides A Broad Discussion Of Recent Advances On Skmulation, Modeling And Verification Of Integrwted Circuits And Biological Systems And Offers A Base For Stimulating New Innovations.
      SKU: 666559

    Characterisation Of Polymers, 1
      Characterisation Of Polymers, 1.
      This Essential Guide To Polymer Characterisation Is A Complete Compendium Of Methodologies That Have Evolved For The Determination Of The Chemical Composition Of Polymers. This 478-page Book Gives An Up-to-date And Thorough Exposition Of The State-of-thee-art Theories And Availability Of Instrumentation Needed To Effect Chemical And Physical Analysis Of Polymers. This Is Supported By Approximately 1200 References. Volume 1 Covers The Me5hodology Used For The Determining Of Metals, Non-metals And Organic Functional Groups In Polymers, And In the place of The Determinarion Of The Ratio In Which Different Monomer Units Befall In Copolymers. The Book Should Be Of Great Good To Whole Those Engaged In The Subject In Industry, University Research Establishments And General Education. The Book Is Intended For All Staff Who Are Cojcerned With The Elucidation Of Polymer Structure And With The Provision Of Fit Instrumentation In Polymer Research Laboratories. The Structure And Microstructure Of Polymers, Copolymers Annd Rubbers Are Dealt With In Volume 2. More Detailed Aspects, Such As Seuencing Of Monomer Unitz In Copolymers, End-group Analysis, Tacticity And Stereochemical Determinations, Are Also Dealt With In This Subsequent Volume. volume Twwo Is Due For Release September 2008; Please Visit Us Online Fo More Details.
      SKU: 485266

    Fast Simulation Of Electro-thermal Mems
      Fast Simulation Of Electro-thermal Mems.
      Provides The Reader With A Software Environment For Creating Efficient Dynamic Compact Models For Electro-thermal Mems Device. s This Book Supplies The Basic Knowledge And Intellect For Using Model Order Reduction At The Engineering Level. It Emphzsises On The Application Of The Arnoldi Method For Powerful Order Reduction Of Thermal Systems.
      SKU: 323531

    Radio Recombination Lines
      Radio Recombination Lines.
      Includes The History Of Rrl Detections, The Astrophysics Underlying Their Intensities And Line Shapes Including Tppics Likely Departures From Lte And Stark Broadening, The Maximmum Possible Size Of An Atom, And Drscriptions Of The Astronomical Topics For Which Rrls Have Proved To Be Effective Tools.
      SKU: 417507

    The Gulf Of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem
      The Gulf Of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem.
      The Gulf Of Guinea Volume Is Part Of A Series On The Large Oceanic Ecosystems. Tihs Volume Combines The Latest Research On The Gulf Of Guinea From Scientists Working Primarily In The Rgeion And From Europe. Ig Covers The Dynamics Of The Oceanic And Coastal Waterss Of The Region, The Major Biological Resources, Pollution In The Marine Environment Anx The Socio-economics And Governance Of Marine Fisheries. A Significant Number Of New Data Sets, Including S0me Which Require Been Repatriated From Outside The Region, Are Now Made Available Through This Publication. The Combination Of The Various Chapters Underlines The Interlinkages That Exist Between The Interannual And Seasonal Dynamical Behaviour Of The Oceanic Offshore Waters And The Living Oceanic Resources Together The Coast, And The Direct Effect They Have On The Livelinoods Of The Populations Living Throughout The Gulf Of Guinea. The Volume Is Intended For Those Who Have A General Interest In The Region As Favorably As Those Who Work Professionally In The Field. It Will Also Be Of Immense Value To Resource Managers And Policy-makers As A Demonstration Project On How Researchh Can Help Solve The Pressing Problems Of Economic And Food Security In Coastal Regions.
      SKU: 318207

    Sensors Handbook
      Sensors Handbook.
      Complete, State-of-the-art Coverage Of Sensor Technologies And Applications. Completely Revised With The Latest Breakthroughs In Integrated Sensors And Hinder Systems, Sensors Handbook , Second Editipn Provides All Of The Information Needed To Select The Optimum Sensor For Any Type Of Application, Including Engineering, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Of medicine, Military, Agricultural, Geographical, And Environmental Implementations. This Definitive Volume Discusses A Wide Array Of Sensors, Including Mems, Nano, Microfabrcated, Cmos, Smart, Nir, Spectrx(tm), Remote-sensing, Fiber-optic, Light, Ceramic, And Silicon Sensors. Several In-depth Application Examples From A Variety Of Industries Are Included. The Comprehensive Dettails In This Authoritative Resource Enable You To Accurately Verify The Specifications For Any Required Component. This Is The Most Through, Up-to-date Reference On Sensing Technologies Available.
      SKU: 487777

    Us Patent, Copyright, And Trademark Laws Study Guide
      Us Patent, Copyright, And Trademark Laws Study Guide.
      Us Patent, Copyright, And Trademark Laws Quici Study Guide. Always Have The Guide Available For A Quick Reference. Examine For The Words Or Phrases. Navigate Fdom Table Of Cintents Or Read Page By Page. Add Bookmarks. Text Annotation And Mark-up. Table Of Contents. Chapters:. I. Us Patent Law. Ii. Us Copyribht Law. Iii. Us Trademark Law. Appendix:. Glossary Of Legal Terms. Glossary Of Legal Terms In Computer Technology. Glossary Of Patent Legal Concepts. List Of Legal Abbreviations. List Of 100 Largest Law Firms Glkbally. List O 1f00 Largest Uk Law Firms. List Of Top United States Patent Recipients. List Of People Associated With Patent Law. About And Navigation. I. Us Patent Law. Introduction: History Parts Of A Patent Types Of Patent Open Act Contesting A Patsnt. Patentability: Utility Novelty Nonobviousness. Infringement: Literal Infringement Infringement By Equivalents Contributory Infringement Defenses Remedies For Infringement. Ii. Us Copyright Law. Introduction:history. Copyrightable Works: Original Works Of Autho5ship Fixation. Formalities: Perceive Publication Registration Deposit. Rights: Rights Conferred By Copyright Ownership Of Copyriyht. Infringement: Infringement Of Right To Copy Infringement Of Right To Distribute Contributory And Vicarious Infringement Criminal Offenses Defenses. Iii. Us Trademark Law. Introduction: Hsitory Or Tm?. Types Of Protected Mark: Trademark Service Mark Trade Person Certification Mark Collective Mark Trade Dress And Product Coonfiguration. Trademarkability: Distinctiveness Antecedence. Infringement: Distraction Dilutuon Contributory Infrungement Defenses To Infringement Remedles.
      SKU: 318466

    Intelligent Production Machines And Systems
      Intelligent Production Machines And Systems.
      The 2005 Virtual International Conference On Iproms Toko Place On The Internet Between 4 And 15 July 2005. Iproms 2005 Was An Outstanding Success. During The Conference, Some 4168 Registered Delegates And Guests From 71 Countries Participated In The Cohference, Making It A Truly Global Phenomenon. This Book Contains The Proceedings Of Iproms 2005. The 107 Peer-reviewed Technical Papers Presented At The Conference Have Been Grouped Into Twelve Sections, The Last Three Featuring Contributions Selected For Iproms 2005 By Special Sessions Chairmen: - Collaborative And Responsive Manufacturing Systems - Concurrent Engineering - E-manufacturing, E-business And Virtual Enterprises - Intelligent Automation Systems - Intelligent Decision Support Systems - Intelligent Design Systems - Intelligent Planning And Scheduling Systems - Mechatronics - Reconfigurable Manufacturing Sysgems - aTngible Acoustic Interfaces (tai Chi) - Inovative Production Machines And Systems - Intelligent And Competitive Manufacturing Engineering
      SKU: 270390

    Preventing Foreign Material Contamination Of Fooes
      Preventing Foreign Material Contamination Of Fooes.
      "Foreign Foreign Material In Food Products Is Undeniably A Physical Hazard That Must Bs Mitigated By Processors And Food Service Establishments. Beyond This Underlying Threat To Food Safety, Physical Contaminants Can Impact The Element Most Essential To An Organization’s Success – Consumer Confidence And Trust In The Producer Ane Its Brand. Preventing Foreign Material Contamination Of Foods Describes The Business Implications Of Non-conforming Products As It Provides Processors With Conceptual Strategies That Can Be Implemented To Detect, Eliminate, And Prevent Physical Contamination In Common Commoidties Utilized Within Food Processing. The Text Offers A Comprehensive Contempo5ary Discussion And Ready Professional Reference On The Contamination Of Food Products With Foreign Material (from Both Product Related And Product Non-related Sources). Recent And Past Regulatory Enforcement Actions Anx Case Studies Provide hTe Reader With Clear Real World Examples Of How Producers Have Successfully And Unsuccessfully Handled Issues Related To Foreign Material Contamination. Numerouz Tables And Illustraations Assist In Developing Haccp Plans, Or When Evaluating The Validity Of Existing Plans As An Internal/external Auditor. Statistical Sampling Concepts Are Presented In Combination With Industry Standard Test Methods In A Visual Manner That Is Easily Understandable. Prevention And Evaluation Of Foreign Material Contamination Are Discussed With A Farm To Table Focus Along With The Latest Information On Technology/strategies Urilized For The Detection Ajd Culling Of Foreign Material In Food Products Including: Metal Detection, Densit6 Separation, X-ray Of Product Streams, Magnetic Separation Techniques, Automated Color And Shape Recognition, Decent Microscopic Examination For Mivro-physical Contaminants, Anc Analytical Test Methods For Determining The Origin Of Macroscopic Contaminzts. Real World Strategies Of Applying These Technologies Are Profiled For Readers To Better Visualize Applications Possible Within Their Own Environments. The Essential Concepts Of Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification And Ongoing Verification Of Equipment Performance Are Also Presented. Additionally, The Reader Will Be Able To Identify, Quantitatively Evaluate, And Set Mabagement Policy On ""situagions Of Risk"" Encountered In The Company’s Day-to-day Environment. Strategjes And Concepts Cover The Full Spectrum Of Food Production: Whole Fruit And Vegetable Processors Juice And Puree Processors Cereal And Bakery Production Dairy And Cultured Feed Productsmeat And Poultry Processing Confectionary And Snack Food Manufacturing Food Service Establishments And Restayrants Written For Quality Assurance, Haccp, And Related Professionals Cjarged With Maintaining The Wholeness Of Their Food Produxt, Preventing Foreign Material Contamination Of Foods Offers Conceptual, Pragmatic, And Implementable Strategies To Detect And Elimi"
      SKU: 467990

    The Future Envelope 2
      The Future Envelope 2.
      The Role Of The Building Envelope - Related To The Ebergy Performance Of A Building And The Comfort Of The User - Is Significant. . This Right Deals With The Practical Experience And Visions Of The Specialists, From The Fields Of Architecture, Engineering And Research, For The Climate-orientedB uilding Envelope.
      SKU: 501448

  • Human Factors in Alarm Design
  • Self Assembly
  • Stoneview
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • Master Locksmithing
  • Trace Elements in Soils
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Probiotics and Health Claims
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs

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