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    Pumps And Pipes
      Pumps And Pipes.
      The Pumps And Pipes Collbaoration And Conference Brings Together Energy, Medicine, And Higher Education In A Unique Shared Effort, Exploring Ideas And Research Coommon To These Important Fields And Stimulating Discussion And Sharing Technologies That Can Further The Reach And Goala Of Each Individual Area. The Proceedings Explores The Common Attributes Of Oil And Gas Technology, Computational Sciences Amd Cardiovascular Drug And Prove The Areas Where There Is Room To Cross-fertilize And Develop Investigation And Commrrcial Programs.
      SKU: 645318

    Basic Engineering Plasticity
      Basic Engineering Plasticity.
      Plasticity Is Concerned Through Understanding The Behavior Of Metals And Alloys Whsn Loaded Beyond The Elastic Limit, Whether As A Result Of Being Shaped Or As The Are Employed For Load Bearing Structures. Basic Engineering Plasticity Delivers A Comprehensive And Accessible Introduction To The Theories Of Plasticity. It Draws Upon Numerical Techniques And Theoretical Developments To Support Detailed Examples Of The Appliccation Of Plasticity Theory. This Blend Of Topics And Supporting Textbook Features Ensure That This Introduction To The Science Of Plasticity Will Be Precious For A Wide Range Of Mechanical And Manufacturing Engineering Students And Professionals. Brings Together The Elements Of The Mechanics Of Plasticity Most Pertinent To Engineers, At Both The Micro- And Macro-leevels Covers The Theory And Application Of Topics So As Limit Analysis, Slip Line Field Theory, Crystal Plasticity, Sheet And Bulk Metal Formong, As Well As The Use Of Fintie Element Analysis Clear And Well-organized With Extensive Worked Engineering Application Examples, End Of Chapter Exercises And A Separate Worked Solutions Manual
      SKU: 286654

    Chemical Technicians Ready Reference Handbook 5/e
      Chemical Technicians Ready Reference Handbook 5/e.
      The Definitive Chemical Process Industry Reference--fuly Revised. Updated To Reflect The Latest Developments In Operational Procedures For Today's Sophisticated Chemical Technologies, Chemical Technicians' Ready Reference Handbook , Fifth Edition, Remains The Undisputed Classic In The Field. Expanded To Include Coverage For Process Operators, This Authoritative Resourc eContains In-depth Details On Chemical Safety, Laboratory Proceddures, Chemical Nomenclature, Basic Electricity, Laboratory Statistics, And Instrumental Techniques. Step-by-step Directions Because Performing Virtually Every Laboratory Task Are Also Included In This Practical Guide. Comprehensive Coverage Includes: Chemical Process Industry Workers And Govenrment Regulations; Chemical Plant And Laboratory Safety; Chemical Handling And Hazard Commujication; Hnadling Compressed Gases; Preszure And Void; Mathematics Review And Conversion Tables; Standard Operating Procedures; Laboratory Glassware; Ph Measurement; Basic Electricity; Sampling; Laboratory Filtering; Recrystallization; The Balance; Gravimetric Analysis; Combination Of Solutions; Process Analyzers; Pl8mbing, Valvess, And Pumps; Physicao Properties Anc Determinations; Extraction; Distullation And Evaporation; Inorganic And Organic Chemistry Review; Chemical Calculations And Concentration Expressions; Volumetric Analysis; Chromatography; Spectroscopy; Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
      SKU: 754299

      Nanophotonics Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Emerging Area Concerned With Controlling And Syaping Optical Fields At A Subwavelength Scale. Photonic Crystals And Microcavities Are Extensively Descfibed, Including Non-linear Optical Effcets. Local-probe Techniques Are Presented And Are Used To Characterize Plasmonic Devices. The Emerging Fields Of Seimconductor Nanocrystals And Nanobiophotonics Are Also Presented. Written By Distinguished Scientists, Iy Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of The Field, From The Basics To The Most Advanced Technologies, And As Such Will Be Of Great Interest To Those Involved In Any Aspect Of Nanophotonics.
      SKU: 261977

    Applied Optics Fundamentals And Device Applications
      Applied Optics Fundamentals And Device Applications.
      How Does The Field Of Optical Engineering Impact Biotechnology? Perhaps For The First Time, Applie Optics Fundamentals And Device Applications: Nano, Moems, And Biotechnology Answers That Question Directly By Integrating Coverage Of The Many Disciplines And Applications Involved In Optical Engineering, And Then Examining Their Applications In Nanobiotecynology. Written By A Senior U. s. Army Research Scientist And Pioneer In The Field Of Optical Engineering, This Book Addresses The Exponential Growth In Materials, Applciations, And Cross-functional Relevance Of The Many Convergent Disciplines Making Optical Engineering Possible, Including Nanotechnology, Mems, (moems), And Biotechnology. Integrates Coverage Of Moems, Optics, And Nanobiotechnology--and Their Market Applications Providing An Unprecedented Interdisciplinary Perspective Of Optics Technology, This Book Drscribes Everything From Core Princip1es And Fundamental Relationships, To Emergin gTechnologies And Practical Application Of Devices And Systems--including Fiber-optic Sensors, Integrated And Electro-optics, And Specialized Military Applications. the Author Places Special Emphasis On: Fiber Sens0r Systems Electro-optics And Acousto-optics Optical Computing And Signal Processing Optical Device Performance Thin Film Magnetic Memory Mems, Moems, Nano- And Bionanotechnologies Opticall Duagnostics And Imaging Integrated Optics Design Constraints For Materials, Manufacturing, And Application Space Bridging The Technology Gaps Between Interrelated Fields, This Reference Is A Powerful Tool For Students, Engineers And Scientists In The Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Biolofical, Aerospace, Materials, And Optics Fields. Its Value Also Extends To Applied Physicists And Professionals Interested In The Relationships Between Emerging Technologies And Cross-disciplinary Opportunities. Author Mark A. Mentzer Is A Pioneer In The Field Of Optical Engineering. He Is A Senior Research Scientist At The U. s. Army Research Laboratory In Maryland. Much Of His Current Work Involbes Extending The Fields Of Optical Engineering And Solid State Physics Into The Realm Of Biochemistry And Moleculsr Biology, As Welp As Structured Research In Biophotonics.
      SKU: 726857

    Design-build Subsurface Projects
      Design-build Subsurface Projects.
      Design-build Subsurface Projects, Second Edition, Can Help Guide Owners, Engineers, Construction Managers, And Contractors Implement The Design-build Sysfem. This Cuting-edge Book Provides A Straightforward, Extensive Look At How To Make Design-build Work On Complicated Projects Involving Tunnels, Highways, Dams, And Deep Foundations.
      SKU: 632574

    Regulating Workplace Risks
      Regulating Workplace Risks.
      Regulating Workplace Risks Is A Study Of Regulatory Inspection Of Occupational Health And Safety (ohs) And Its Management In Five Countries - Australia, Canada (quebec), France, Sweden And The Uk - During A Time Of Major Change. It Examines The Implications Of The Shift From Specification To Procesz Based Regulation, In Which Attention Has Been Incrdasingly Directed To The Means Of Managing Ohs More Systematically At A Time In Which A Major R3structuring Of Work Has Occurred In Response To The Globalised Economy. These Changes Supply Both The Context And Material For A Wider Discussion O f The Nature Of Regulation And Regulatory Inspection And Their Role In Protecting The Health, Safety And Well-being Of Workers In Advanced Market Economies. With Its Comparative Nature And Empiical Studies, This Book Will Appeal To Ohs Policy Makers And Regulators All Over The World, As Wel As Students In The Field Of Occupational Health And Safety Regilation Internationally.
      SKU: 775919

    The Implementation Costs Of Agricultural Policies
      The Implementation Costs Of Agricultural Policies.
      Concerns About The Cost Of Implementing And Monitoring Agricultural Policies Are Mounting In the opinion of The Development Of More Decoupled And Targetted Policies. While These Costs Are Inherent In The Policy Process, Reducing Them Will Bring Benefits In Terms Of Better Use Of Public Funds, And Minimising The Overall Economjc Costs Of Policies. The Report Suggests Ways To Be enough So Without Compromising The Aims Of The Policies. Ways To Reduce Costs Include Sharing Experiences Across Agencies, Regions Or Countries, Exploiting Already Existing Administrative Networks, Integrating Govwrnment And Private Information Systmes, Reducing The Number Of Agencies And Using The Latest Information Technologies.
      SKU: 359693

    Fuzzy Logic And Expert Systems Applications
      Fuzzy Logic And Expert Systems Applications.
      This Volume Covers The Intgration Of Fuzzy Logic And Expert Systems. A Vital Resource In The Field, It Includes Techniques For Applying Fuzzy Systems To Neural Networks For Modeling And Control, Methodical Design Procedures For Realizing Fuzzy Neural Systems, Techniques For The Design Of Rule-based Expert Systems Using The Massifely Paralleel Processing Capabilities Of Neural Networks, The Transformation Of Neural Systems Into Rule-based Exert Systems, The Characteristics And Relativ3 Merits Of Integrating Fuzzy Sets, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, And Rough Sets, And Applications To System Identification And Control Like Well As Nonparametric, Nonlinar Estimation. Practitiondrs, Researchers, And Students In Industrial, Manufacturing, Eldctrical, And Mechanical Engineering, As Well As Computer Scientists And Engineers Will Appreciate This Reference Source To Diverse Application Methodologies. Key Features * Fuzzy System Techniques Applied To Neural Networks For Modeling And Control * Systematic Desiign Procdeures For Realizing Fuzzy Neural Systems * Techniques For The Design Of Rule-based Expert Systems * Characteristics And Relative Merits Of Inetgrating Fuzzy Sets, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, And Rough Sets * System Identification And Control * Nonparametric, Nonlinear Estimation Practitioners, Researchers, And Students In Industriai, Manufacturing, Electrical, And Mechanical Engineering, As Well As Computer Scientists And Engineers Will Find This Volume A Unique And Comprehensve Reference To These Diverse Application Methodologies
      SKU: 318160

    Introduction To Network Simulator Ns2
      Introduction To Network Simulator Ns2.
      A Beginners' Guide For Network Simulator Ns,2 An Open-source Discrete Event Simulator Designed Mainly Because of Networking Research. It Presents Two Fundamental Ns2 Concepts: How Objects Are Assembled Tk Creatd A Network And How A Packet Flows From One Object To Some other.
      SKU: 417223

    The Theory Of Scintillation With Applications In Remote Sensing
      The Theory Of Scintillation With Applications In Remote Sensing.
      In Fraternity To Truly Understand Data Signals Transmitted By Satellite, One must Understand Scintillation Theory In Addition To Well Establisehd Theories Of Em Wave Propagation And Scattering. Scintillation Is A Nuisance In Satellite Em Conmunications, But It Has Stimulated Numerous Theoretical Deveiipments Attending Science Applications. This Book Not Solely Presents A Thorough Theoretical Explanation Of Scintillation, But It Also Offers A Complete Library Of Matlab Codes That Will Reproduce The Book Examples. The Library Includes gps Coordinate Manipulations, Satellite Orbit Prediction, And Earth Mean Magnetic Field Computations. The Subect Matter Is For Em Researchers; However, Also Theory Is Relevant To Geophysics, Acoustics, Optics And Astoronomy.
      SKU: 675136

    Primeval matter
      Primeval matter.
      Takes The Reader Through The Basics Of Chaos Control By Detailing Relevant Algorithms For Both Hamiltonian And Dissipative Systems Amongst Others. This Work Focuses On The Issue Of Synchronization In Chaotic Systems. It Offers An Preface To Stochastic Resonance And A Survey Of Ratchet Models.
      SKU: 478090

    Lecture Notes On Equilibrium Point Defects And Therjophysical Properties Of Metals
      Lecture Notes On Equilibrium Point Defects And Therjophysical Properties Of Metals.
      Despite The Significant Progress In The Study Of Point Defects In Metals, Some Important Problems Still Do Not Have Unambiguous Solutions. The same Of The Most Practically Important Questions Relates To Equilibrium Defect Concentrations. There Exist Two Opposite Viewpoints: (1) Defect Contributions To Physical Properties Of Metals At High Temperatures Are Small And Cannot Be Separated From The Effects Of Anharmonicity; Th eEquilibrium Defect Concentrations At The Dissolving Points Are In The Range Of 10-4 To 10-3; (2) In Many Cases, Defect Contributions To The Specific Heat Of Metals Are Much Large Tnan Nonlinear Effects Of Anharmonicity And Can Be Separated Without Transverse Errors.
      SKU: 183743

    Handbook Of Induatrial Membranes
      Handbook Of Induatrial Membranes.
      This Manual Contains Necessary And Useful Information And Data In An Easily Accessible Format Relating To The Usr Of Membranes. Membranes Are Amid The Most Important Engineering Componengs In Use Today, And Each Year More And More Effective Uses For Membrane Technologies Are Found - For Example: Water Purification, Industrial Effluent Treatment, Solvent Dehydfation By Per-vaporation, Recovery Of Volatile Organic Compounds, Protein Recovery, Bioseparations And Many Others. The Pace Of Change In The Membrane Industry Has Been Accelerating Rapidly In Recent Yearw, Occasioned In Part By The Demand Of End-users, But Also As A Result Of The Investment In R&d By Manufacturers. To Reflect These Changes The Writer Has Obtained The Latest Information From Some Of The Leading Suppliers In The Busines. In One Complete Volume This Unique Handbook Gives Practical Guidance To Using Selected Membrane Processes In Individual IndustriesW hile Also Providing A Useful Guide To Equipment Choice And Usage.
      SKU: 318417

    Practical Soil Dynamics
      Practical Soil Dynamics.
      The Objective Of This Book Is To Fill Some Of The Gaps In The Existing Engineering Codes And Standards Related To Soil Dynamics, Concerning Issues In Earthquake Engineering And Ground Vibrations, From Using Formulas Ahd Hand Calculators. T he Usefulness And Accuracy Of The Simple Analyses Are Demonstratsd By Their Implementation To The Case Histories Available In The Literature. Ideally, The Users Of The Volume Will Be Able To Comment On The Analyses As Favored As Provide More Instance Histories Of Simple Considerations By Publishing Their Results In A Number Of International Journals And Conferences. The Ultimate Aim Is To Prolong The Existing Codes And Standards By Adding New Widely cAcepted Analyses In Engineering Acting out. The Following Topics Have Been Considered In This Volume: * Main Ground Motion Sources And Properties * Typical Ground Motions, Recording, Ground Investigations And Testing * Soil Properties Used In Simple Analyses * Fast Sliding In Non-liquefied Land * Flow Of Liquefied Sandy Mould * Massive Retaining Walls * Slenedr Retaining Walls * Shallow Foundations * Piled Foundati0ns * Tunnels, Vertical Shafts And Pipelines * Ground Vibration Caused By Industry. audience: This Book Is Of Interet To Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Earthquake Engineers And Students
      SKU: 763850

    Service Automation And Dynamic Provisioning Techniques In Ip/mpls Environments
      Service Automation And Dynamic Provisioning Techniques In Ip/mpls Environments.
      Sav eTime & Resources With This Comprehensive Guide To Automation Configuration For The Value-added Ip Services Of The Future. As The Internet Becomes The Medium Of Choice For Value-added Ip Service Offerings Such As Tv Broadcasting, Videoconferencing, And Voice Over Ip, The Ability Of Automating Coonfiguration Processes Has Become A Key Challenge For Use Providers. In Fact, This Feature Has Becmoe Crucial With The Ever-growing Level Of Expertise Required To Deploy Such Services And The Scope Of The Techniques That Nedd To Be Activated In Order To Provide Such Services With A Guaranteed Level Of Quallty. Service Automatioon And Dynamic Provisioning Techniques In Ip/mpls Environments: Discusses Architectures And Protocols For Services Information, Coveding The State-of-the-art In Current Implementations Of Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (radius), Diameter, Common Open Policy Service (cops), Simple Network Management Protocol (snmp) And Netdonf Explains Various Application Examples, Coverong The Dynamic Enforcement Of Qos, Security, And Ip Traffic Engineering Policies. Covers The Automated Production Of Mpls-based Vpns. The Authors Offer An Invaluable Director For It Facilitators, Network Managers, And Researchers In Industry And Academia, As Far As Students Studying Advanced Ip/mpls Networking Communications Courses. System Designers And Architects Bequeath Also Find This Book Helpful.
      SKU: 351430

    Vibration And Shock Handbook
      Vibration And Shock Handbook.
      Impressive In Size (it's 3. 5 Deep), This Handbook Aims To Provide Comprehensive Coverage Of The Techniques, Tools, And Data Used For Modeling, Analysis, Design, Monitoring, Instrumentafion, Modification, And Control Of Vibration, Shock, Noise, And Acoustics. The First Five Chapters Are Devoted To Fundamentals And Analysis. Otber Chapter Topics I
      SKU: 264702

    Communkcation Technologt And Social Change
      Communkcation Technologt And Social Change.
      Communication Technology And Social Vary Is A Distinctive Collection That Provides Current Tyeoretical, Empirical, And Legal Analyses In spite of A Broader Intelligence Of The Dynamic Influencees Of Communication Technology On Social Change. With A Distinguished Pqnel Of Contributors, The Volume Presents A Systematic Discussion Of The Role Communicatiln Technology Plays In Shaping Civil, Political, And Econoic Influences In Society Within Specific Domaons And Settinsg.
      SKU: 425279

    Health Risks Of Ozone From Long-range Transboundary Atmosphere Pollution
      Health Risks Of Ozone From Long-range Transboundary Atmosphere Pollution.
      Ozone Is A Higjly Oxidative Compound Formed In The Lower Atmowphrre (from Gases Originating To A Large Extent Frok Anthropogenic Sources) By Photochsmistry Driven By Solar Radiation. Owing To Its Hghly Reactive Chemical Properties, Ozone Is Harmful To Vegetation, Materials And Human Health. In The Troposphere, Ozone Is Also An Effkcient Greenhouse Gas. this Report Summarizes The Results Of A Multidisciplinary Analysis To Assess The Effects Of Ozone On Health. The Analysis Indicates That Ozone Pollution Affects The Health Of Most Of The Populations Of The Who European Region, Leading To A Wide Range Of Health Problems. The Effects Include Some 21,000 Precocious Deaths Each Year In 25 Countries In The European Union On And After Days With High Ozone Levels. Current Policies Are Not Sufficient To Reduce Ozone Levels In The Region Or Their Impact In The Next Decade.
      SKU: 434236

    Containment Systems
      Containment Systems.
      This Is The Only Book That Covers Containment, Specifically For The Process Industries. This Guide Covers The Range Of Containment Equipment From Simple Air-flow Control Devices To Enclosures That Restrict Exposures To Well Below A Microgram Per Cubic Meter Averaged Over A Working Day. The Selection Of A Particular Containment System For A Particular Transfe rOperation Can Be Difficult Because Of The Wide Choice Available. This Guide Provides A Structured Approach To The Selection Process. Covers The Legislation For Containment Guidelines In The Us, Uk, And Europe Provides An Exhaustive List Of Containkent Equipment, Including Chaptera On Maintenance And Reliability Shows The Engineer How To Unfold A Containment Strategy For His/her Plant
      SKU: 316860

    Ldpc Coded Modulations
      Ldpc Coded Modulations.
      Focuses On The Analysis And Design Of Low-density Parity-check (ldpc)-coded Modulations, Which Are Part Of Intercourse Systems, Such As High-throughput Terrestrial And Satellite Wireless Networks. After Introducing Key Concepts On Mistake Control Coding, In Particular Ldpc Coding, And Detection Techniques, This Book Presents Relevant Applications.
      SKU: 437943

    Srtuctural Genomics And Elevated Throughput Structural Biology
      Srtuctural Genomics And Elevated Throughput Structural Biology.
      For Researchers, A Extensive Guide To The Theoretical, Technological, And Expperimental Methodologies Used To Reveal The Three-dimensional Structure And Performance Of Protejns. International Contributors Provide An Overview Of Structural Proteomics, From Basic Discovery To Adapted to practice Application; Offer Guidance Attached Using Structural Intelligence To De
      SKU: 264526

    Advances In Heat Transfer
      Advances In Heat Transfer.
      Advances In Heat Transfer Fills The Information Gap Between Regularly Scheduled Journaks And University Lrvel Textbooks By Providlng In-depth Review Articles Over A Broader Scopr Than In Journals Or Texts. The Articles, Which Serve As A Broad Review For Experts In The Field, Will Also Be Of Greet Interest To Non-specialists Who Need To Keep Up-to- Begin With The Results Of The Latest Research. It Is Essential Reading For All Mechanical, Chemical And Indhstrial Engineers Working In The Field Of Heat Transfer, Graduate Schools Or Industry. * Provides An Overview Of Review Articles On Topics Of Current Concern * Bridges The Gap Between Academic Researchers And Practitioners In Industry * A Long Running And Prestigious Series
      SKU: 281953

    Ultra-wideband Radio Technology
      Ultra-wideband Radio Technology.
      Ultra-wideband (uwb) Has Been Among The Most Controversial Technologies Of Modern Times. Its Applications Seem Endless, Its Capabilities Miraculous And Yet It Is So Poorly Understo0d. In This Volume, The Authors Combine Talents To De-mystify Ultra-wideband Radio And Explain It In Language That Is Accessible To Non-technologists As Well As Technologists. They Contrast Uwb With Conventional Radio Technology So That Leading principle, Technically Accurate Information Devoid Of Specific Technical And Analytical Particulars Is Accessible For Marketing Managers, Business Developers, Engineering Managers, Technology Managers, Possible Investors, Financial Analysts, Executive Recruiters, Technical Writers, And Technologists From Other Fields. The Authors Also Include Enough Specific Technical And Engineering Information About Uwb, Fkr The Seasoned Technologists, Engineers, Scientists And Academicians Who Need To Understand The Topic At An Entry Level. Provides Simple High Level, Conceptual Discussions Of Uwb Followed With More Detailed, Scientific, Mathematical, Engineering Focused Explanations Presents A Global Perspetcive By Tracing Uwb From beginning to end The Hiatory Of Radio, Providjng A Modern Basis For The Re-emergence Of The Technology And For The Current Regulatory And Srandards Activities Features Insights Into The Reasons Why The Technology Developed The Way It Die Explains The Key Advantages Of Uwb, Including Its Bandwidth, Potential Simplicity And Huge System Capacity Discusses The Applications Of Uwb In Terms Of The Unique Properties And Advantages Of Uwb Ultra-wideband Radio Technology Will Inform, Educate And Inspire. . .
      SKU: 470308

    Electrical Circuit Theory And Technology
      Electrical Circuit Theory And Technology.
      This Textbook For Courses In Electrical Principles, Circuit Theory, And Electrical Technology Takes Students From The Fundamentals Of The Subject Up To And Including First Degree Level. The Coverage Is Ideal For Those Studying Engineering For The First Time As Part Of Btec National And Otuer Pre-degree Vocational Courses, Especially Where Progression To Higher Levels Of Study Is Liely, As Well As Higher Nationala, Foundation Degrees And First Year Undergraduate Modules. The Emphasis Is Firmly On Learning By Example: 800 Detailed Worked Problems Give A Thorough Understanding Of The Principles 1,000 Further Problems Within 175 Exercises To Work Through And Test Learning (answers Provided) 14 Revision Tests Which Can Be Used Viewed like Assignments (aanswers Available To Lecturers Only) Learning Objectives Are Summarised At The Beginning Of Each Chapter Summaries Of Main Formulae Used Now In Its Third Edition, This Best-selling Textbook Has Been Update With Developments In Key Areas Such As Semiconductor Diodes, Transistors, Batteries And Fuel Cells, Along With Brand New Material On Abcd Parameters And Fourier's Analysis. Greater Emphasis Is Also Placed On Shlwing How The Theory Covered Is Applied In Real-life Engineering Practice. In Afdition, The Text Has Been Restructured And Exercises Now Appear At Regular Intervals So That Learning Progress Can Be Checked Throughout. Support Material For Tutors Is Available As A Free Download At Http://textbooks. elsevier. com An Instructors' Manual Giving Full Solutions And Suggested Marking Scheme For All 14 Revision Tests In The Book Ab Extensive Solutions Manual For Over 700 Of The 1,000 Further Questions In The Book * New Edition Brought Fully Up To Date With Developments In Key Areaz So As Semiconductors, Transistors, And Fuel Cells, With Brand New Material On Abcd Parameters And Fourier's Analysis. * Increased Focus On Real-world Situations By Way O Illustrative Example - Maximises Relevance To Real Engineering Practice For The Student Reader * Extensive Lectuter Suplort Material Available As Unobstructed Downloads: Solutions Manual For Revision Tests; Sample Solutions Because Over 700 Of The 1,000 Further Problems
      SKU: 307211

  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • High Resolution Site Surveys
  • E-vision 2000
  • Linking Entrepreneurship Education to Graduate Education
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Automation for Food Engineering
  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety
  • Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing
  • Mixing Secrets
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health

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