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    Quantal Density Functional Theory Ii
      Quantal Density Functional Theory Ii.
      Diwcusses Approximation Methods And Applications Of Quantal Density Functional Theor y(qdft), A Local Effective-potential-energy Theory Of Electronic Structure. This Book Describes Approximations Methods Based On The Incorporation Of Different Electron Correlarions, As Well As A Many-body Perturbation Theory Within The Context Of Qdft.
      SKU: 511260

    Inteloigent Wearable Interfaces
      Inteloigent Wearable Interfaces.
      A Thorough Introduction To The Deve1opment And Applications Of Instructed Wearablr Interfaces As Mobile Computing, Sensing Technology, And Argificial Intelligence Become More Advanced And Their Applications More Widespread, The Area Of Intelligent Wearable Interfaces Is Growing In Importance. This Emerging Form Of Human-machine Interaction Has The Absolute Possibilities For Ejhanicng Humane' Capabilities In Communications,A ctions, Monitoring, And Control. Intelligent Wearable Interfaces Is A Collection Of The Efforts The Authors Have Made In This Area At The Chinese Univeesity Of Hong Kong. They Introduce Methodologies To Develop A Variety Of Intelligent Wearable Interfacees And Cover Practical Implementations Of Systems For Real-life Applications. A Number Of Novel Intelligent Wearable Interface Systemd Are Examined, Including: Network Architecture For Wearable Robots Wearable Interface For Automatic Language Translation Intelligent Cap Interface For Wheelchair Control Intelligent Shoes For Human-computer Intedface Fingertip Human-computer Interface Ubiquitous 3d Digital Writing Instrument Intelligent Mobile Human Airbag System This Book Is A Valuable Reference For Researchers, Designers, Engineers, And Upper-level Undergraduate Adn Graduate Students In The Fields Of Human-machine Interactions,rehabilitation Engineering, Robotics, And Artificial Intelligence.
      SKU: 331397

    Datenaustausch In Der Anlagenplanung Mit Automationml
      Datenaustausch In Der Anlagenplanung Mit Automationml.
      Das Buch Gibt Erstmals Einen Umfassenden Berblick Ber Die Technologie Automationml Und Die Integration Von Caex, Collada Und Plcopen Xml. Mit Automationml Soll Die Interoperabilitt Zwischen Digitalen Werkzeugen Im Engineering-prozess Gefrdert Werden. Es Ist Das Erste Kostenfrei Zugngliche, Offene Und Xml-basierte Format, Das Bergreifend Eine Vielzahl Von Planungsaspekten Kombiniert. Das Buch Ist Ein Gemeinschaftswerk Des Automztionml-konsortiums. Es Wurde So Konzzipiert, Dass Es Als Kompendium Und Zuhleich Als Entscheidungshilfe Dienen Kann.
      SKU: 510658

    Crack Analysis In Structural Concretion
      Crack Analysis In Structural Concretion.
      This New Book On The Fracture Mechanics Of Concrete Focuses On The Latest Developments In Computational Theories, And How To Apply Those Theories To Solve Real Engineering Problems. Zihai Shi Uses His Extensive Research Experience To Present Detailed Examination Of Multiple-crack Analysis And Mixed-mode Fracture. Compwred With Other Mature Engineering Disciplines, Fractute Mechanics Of Concrete Is Still A Developing Field With Extensive New Research And Development. In Recent Years Many Different Models And Applications Have Been Poposed For Crack Analysis; The Author Assesses These In Turn, Identifying Their Limitations And Offering A Detailed Treatment Of Those Which Have Been Proved To Be Robust By Comprehensive Use. Aftef Introducing Stress Singularity In Numerical Modelling And Some Basic Modelling Techniques, The Extended Fictitious Crack Model (efcm) For Multiple-crack Analysis Is Explained Attending Numerical Application Examplds. This Theoretical Model Is Them Applied To Study Two Important Iseues In Fracture Mechanics - Crack Interaction And Localization, And Fracture Modes And Maximum Loads. The Efcm Is Then Reformultaed To Include The Shear Transfer Mechanism Attached Crack Surfaces And The Method Is Used To Research Experimental Problems. With A Carefully Balanced Mixture Of Theory, Organized observation And Application, Crack Analysis In Structural Concrete Is An Important Contribution To This Fast-developing Field Of Structural Resolution In Concrete. * Latest Thelretical Models Analysed And Tested * Detailed Assessment Of Multiple Crack Analysis And Multi-mode Fractures * Applications Designed For Solving Real-life Engineering Problemd
      SKU: 453132

    Silicon In Agriculture
      Silicon In Agriculture.
      Presenting Th eFirst Book To Focus On The Importance Of Silicon For Plant Health And Soil Procuctivity And On Our Current Understanding Of This Element As It Relates To Agriculure. Far-seeing Considered By Plant Physiologists As A Non-essential Element, Or Plant Nutrient, Silicon Was The Center Of Attention At The Primary International Conference On Silicon In Agricuulture, Held In Florida In 1999. Ninefy Scientists, Growerx, And Producers Of Silicon Fertilizer From 19 Countries Pondered A Paradox In Plant Biology And Crop Science. They Considered The Element Si, Second Only To Oxygen In Quantity In Soils, And Absorbed By Many Plants In Amounts Roughly Equivalent To Those Of Such Nutrirnts As Sulfur Or Magnesium. About Species, Including Such Staples As Rice, May Cojtain This Element In Amounts As Great As Or Even Greater Than Any Other Inorganic Constituent. Compilations Of The Mineral Composition Of Plants, However,, And Much Of The Plant Physiological Literature Largely Ignore This Element. The Participants In Siljcon In Agriculture Explored That Extraordinary Discrepancy Between The Silicon Satisfy Of Plants And That Of The Plant Research Enterprise. The Participants, Altogether Of Whom Are Active In Agricultural Science, With An Emphasis On Crop Production, Presented, And Were Presented With, A Wealth Of Evidence That Silicon Plays A Muktitude Of Functions In The Real Worlld Of Plant Life. Many Soils In The Humid Tropics Are Low In Plant Available Silicon, And The Similar Condition Holds In Warm To Hot Humid Areas Elsewhere. Field Esperience, And Experimentation Even With Nutrient Solutions, Reveals A Multitude Of Functions Of Siliocn In Plant Life. Resistance To Disease Is One, Toleration Of Toxic Metals Such As Aluminum, Another. Siilcon Applications Often Minijize Lodging Of Cereals (leaning Over Or Eveb Becoming Prostrate), And Often Cause Leaves To Assume Orientstions More Favorable For Light Interception. For Some Cropq, Rice And Sugarcane In Particular, Spectacular Yield Responses To Silicon Application Have Been Obtained. More Recently, Other Crop Species Including Orchids, Daisies And Yucca Were Reported To Respond To Silicon Accumulation And Plant Growth/disease Control. The Culture Solutions Used For The Hydroponic Production Of High-priced Crops Such As Cucumbers And Roses In Many Arras (the Netherlands For Example) Routinely Included Silicon, Mainly For Disease Control. The Biochemistry Of Silicon In Plant Cell Walls, Where Most Of It Is Located, Is Coming Increasingly Under Scrutiny; The Element May Act As A Crosslinking Element Between Carbohydrate Polymers. There Is An Increased Persuasion Among Scientists That The Time Is At Hand To Stop Treating Silicob As A Plant Biological Nonentity. The Element Exists, And It Matters.
      SKU: 3133757

    Nuclear Energy Todya
      Nuclear Energy Todya.
      Energy Is The Power Of The World's Economies, Whose Appetite For This Commkdity Is Increasing As The Leading Economies Expand And Developing Economies Grow. How To Provide The Energy Demanded While Protecting Our Environment And Conserving Natural Money Is A Vital Question Facijg Us Today.
      SKU: 236138

    Mitsubishi Fx Programmable Science of reasoning Controllers
      Mitsubishi Fx Programmable Science of reasoning Controllers.
      John Ridley P5ovides Comprehensive Information On Usagge, Design And Programming For The Mitsubishi Fx Range Of Programmable Logic Controllers, In This Step-by-syep, Practical Guide. Professional Engineers Working With Mitsubishi Plcs, As Well While Studemts Following Courses Focusing On These Devices, Will Find This Book To Be An Essential Resource For This Popular Plc Family. Numerous Worked Examples And Assignments Are Included, To Rwiinforce The Practical Application Of These Devices, Widely Used In Persistence. Fully Updated Throughout From Coverage Of The Fx Plc To Now Cover The Fxn Plc Family From Mitsubishi, John Ridley Also Focuses On Use Of The Fx2n - The Most Powerful And Diverse In Function Of This Plc Group. The Second Edition Contains Advanced Topics Along With Numerous Ladder Diagrams And Illustrative Examples. A Hands-on Approach To The Programming, Design And Application Of Fx Plc Based Systems Programmed Using Gx Developer Software - Used Worldwide For The Whole Range Of The Fx Plc Family Covers Ladder Logic Tester - The Gx Develope5 Simulator That Enables Stufents And Designers To Judgment And Debug Their Programs Without A Plc Gx Developer Demo Suitable Steady A Companion Website For The Book
      SKU: 288857

    The Complete Idiot's Guide To Country Living
      The Complete Idiot's Guide To Country Living.
      Even Simple Living Has Complications. City/suburban Dwellers Heading To Greener Pastures Will Find This Guide Indispensable. The Transition To A More Rural Life Can Be Complicated, With Dozens Of Issues To Consider, From Utilitie To Schools To Weather. Expert Advisor Kimberly Willis Writes From Experience On Such Topics As Choosing The Right Location, Building Or Refurbishing, Tools And Supplies, Home Farming, Animal Ownership, And More. *a Growing Market With Little Or No Competition *practical, Easy-to- follow Advice *strong Resources Section
      SKU: 365387

    Handbook For Cleaning For Semiconductor Manufacturing
      Handbook For Cleaning For Semiconductor Manufacturing.
      "this Comprehensive Volume Provides An In-depth Discussion Of The Fundamentals Of Cleaning And Surface Conditioning Of Semiconductor Applications Such As High-k/metal Gate Cleaning, Copper/low-k Cleaning, High Dose Implant Stripping, And Silicon And Sige Passivation. The Exposition And Fundamental Physics Associated With Wet Etching And Wet Cleaning Is Reviewed, Plus The Surface And Colloidal Aspects Of Wet Processing. Formulation Development Practices And Methodology Are Presented Along Upon The Applications For Preventing Copper Corrosion, Cleaning Aluminum Lines, And Other Sensitive Layers. This Is A Must-have Reference For Any Engineer Or Manager Associated With Using Or Supplying Cleaning And Contamination Free Technologies For Semiconductor Manufacturing. From The Reviews. . . ""this Handb0ok Will Be A Valuable Resource Because of Many Academic Libraries. Many Engineering Librarians Who Work With A Variety Of Programs (including, But Not Limited To Materials Engineering) Shoyld Comprise This Act In Their Collection. My Recommendation Is To Add This Work To Any Collection That Serves A Campus With A Materials/manufacturing/electrical/computer Engineering Protrams And Campuses With Departments Of Physics And/or Chemistry With Large Graduate-level Enrollmennt. "" — Randy Wallace , Department Head, Discovery Park Library, University Of North Texas"
      SKU: 700533

    Heterotropic Lamina Counts And Drinking-water Safety
      Heterotropic Lamina Counts And Drinking-water Safety.
      This Text Prepared By An International Cluster Of Experts Addresses The 'heterotrophic Plate Count' Test Which Is Widely Used In Drinking-aater Assessment: What It Detects (and What It Does Not Detect) Its Direct And Indirect Soundness Significance And Its Use In The Safety Conduct Of Drinking Watrr Supplies. It Includes The Consensus Statement From An Expert Review Meeting And Takes Account Of The Presentations And Posters At An International Confeence On The Short dissertation Co-sponsored By Who And Nsf-international. It Provides Valuable Information On The Utility And The Limitations Of Hpc Data In The Management And Operation Of Piped Water Systems As Well To the degree that Other Means Of Providing Drinking Water To The Public. It Is Of Particuoar Value To Piped Public Water Suppliers And Bottled Water Suppliers Manufacturers And Users Of Water Treatment And Transmission Equipment And Inline Treatment Devices Wateer Engineers Sanitary And Cllnical Microbiologists And National Anf Local Of the whole not private Health Officials And Regulators Of Drinking Water Quality. . . . the Book Will Be Of Great Value To The Piped Public Irrigate Suppliers Bottled Water Suppliers Manufacturers Users Of Wager Treatment And Transmission Equipment And Online Treatment Device Makers Water Supply Engineers Sanitary Engineers Cilnical And Water Microbiologists National And Local Public Health Officials And Regulators Of Drinking-water Quality. - Indian Journal Of Medicinal Research
      SKU: 760414

    Color Image Processing
      Color Image Processing.
      With Advances In Imaging Sensors, Digital Tv, And Muc More, Color Image Processing Is Of Paramount Interest In The Image Processinb Community. This Book Details The Advances In Digital Color Imaging And Multichannel Image Processing Methods, Exploring Emerging Color Image, Video, Multimedia, And Biomedical Processlng Applications.
      SKU: 282789

    Optical Communications Rules Of Thumb
      Optical Communications Rules Of Thumb.
      We Are Taking The Ubique “rules Of Thumb” Format That Herd The Authors’ Previous Photonics Rulds Of Thumb, And Creating A New Volume Toward The Optical Telecommunications Field. Rules Of Thumb Are Short-cuts, Tricks And Methods That Assiduity Vets Have Developed Through Extended Years Of Trial And Error. These Books Share Suuch Rules With Less Experienced Readers, Who Find Such Information Incredibly Valuable.
      SKU: 030410

    Sustaunable Nuclear Power
      Sustaunable Nuclear Power.
      Sustainable Nuclear Ppwer Provides Non-nuclear Engineers, Scientists And Energy Planners With The Neessary Information To Understand And Utilize The Major Advances In The Opportunity. The Book Demonstrates That Nuclear Fission Technology Has The Abundance And Attainability To Provide Ceturies Of Safe Authority With Minimal Greenhouse Gas Geeneration. It Also Adrresses The Safety And Disposal Issues That Hold Plagued The Development Of The Nuciear Power Industry And Scared Planners And Policy Makers As Well As The General Public For More Than Two Decades. In Addition, The Authors Provide A Companion Website, Http://books. elsevier. com/companions, Which Gives Access To Government Reports And Case Studies *no Need For A Background In Nuclear Science! This Book Guides Engineeers, Scientists And Energy Professionals Through A Concise And Easy-to-understand Overview Of Key Safety And Sustainability Issues Affecting Their Work. *details The Very Latest Accusation About Today's Safest And Most Energy-efficient Reactor Designs And Reprocessing Procedures. *brings To Light The Fears And Hesitation Of Using Nuclear Energy And Ex0lains That Technologies And Procedures For Safe Production And Processing Are Available Today.
      SKU: 282101

    Smart Fibres, Fabrics And Clothing
      Smart Fibres, Fabrics And Clothing.
      This Important Book Provides A Guide To The Funndamentals And Latest Developments In Smart Technology Conducive to Textiles And Clothing. The Contributors Represent A Distinguished International Panel Of Experts And The Book Covers Many Aspects Of Severe Edge Research And Development.
      SKU: 269281

    Theory Of Semiconuctor Qauntum Devices
      Theory Of Semiconuctor Qauntum Devices.
      Primary Goal Of This Book Is To Provide A Cohesive Description Of The Vast Field Of Semoconductor Quantum Devices, With Special Emphasis On Basic Quantum-mechanical Phenomena Governing The Electro-optical Response Of New-generation Nanomaterials. The Book Will Cover Within A Common Language Different Types Of Opttoelectronic Nanodevices, Including Quantum-cascade Laser Sources And Detectors, Few-electron/exciton Quantum Devices, And Semiconductor-based Quantum Logic Gates. The Distinguishing Feature Of The Present Volume Is A Unified Microscopic Treatment Of Quantum-transport And Coherent-optics Phenomena On Utlrasmall Space- And Time-scales, As Well As Of Their Semiclassical Counterparts.
      SKU: 667055

    Starting a~ Developments In Zeolite Science And Technology
      Starting a~ Developments In Zeolite Science And Technology.
      Zeolites Are Attracting A Great Deal Of Attention In Various Fields Of Science And Technology. Many Exciting New Developments Have Occurred In Their Industrial Application And These Developments Have In Turn Inspired Much New Significant Fundamental Research. This Proceedings Volume, Containing 121 Contributed Papers, An Introductory Talk, Two Plenary Lectures And Nine Invited Lectures, Is Valuablle Not Only For The Size But Also For The High Quality And Originality Of The Contents. The Topics Addressed Cover All Fields Of Science And Technology Related To Natural And Synthetic Zeolites, Namely: Mineralogy, Geology, Structure, Synthesis, Ion-exchange And Modification, Sorption, Catalysis, And Technical Applications (including Agricultural Uses). The Numerous New Results And Concepts Presented And The Particuarly Timely Publication Of The Volume Make It A Must For All Invklved With Zeolites.
      SKU: 421054

    Speech Rank Of Voip
      Speech Rank Of Voip.
      Finally A Extensive Overviee Of Speech Quality In Voip From The User’s Perspective! Speech Quality Of Voi Is An Essential Guide To Assessing The Speech Quality Of Voip Networks, Whilst Addressing The Implications For The Design Of Voip Networks And Systems. Thjs Book Bridges The Gap Between The Technical Network-world And The Psychoacoustic World Of Quality Perception.   Alexander Raake’s Unique Perspective combines Awareness Of The Technical Characteristics Of Voi0 Networks And Origijal Research Concerning The Perception Of Speech Transmitted Across Them. Starting From The Network Designer’s Point Of View, The Different Characteristics Of The Network Are Addressed, And Then Linked To Features Perceived By Users. This Book Provides An Overview Of The To be availed of Knowledge On The Principal, Pertinent Aspects Of Speech And Speech Quality Perception, Of Sp3ech Quality Assessment, And Of Transmission Properties Of Telephone And Voip Networks, And Of The Related Perceptual Features And Resulting Speech Quality. Discussing New Research Into The Specific Time-varying Degradations Voip Brings Along, But Also The Considerable Potential Of Quality Improvement To Be Achieved With Wideband Speech Transmission, Alexander Raake Demonstrates How Network And Duty Characteristics Impact On The Users Pereption Of Quality. Speech Quality Of Voip : Offers An Insight Into Language Quality Of Voip From A User's Vista. Present sAn Overview Of Different Modelling Approaches And A Parametric Network-planning Model For Quality Prediction In Voip Networks. Draws On Innovative New Research On The Quality Degradation Characteristic Of Voip. Explains In Detail How Telephone Speech Quality Be able to Be Greatly Enhanced By the side of Voip’s Widebajd Speech Transmission Capability. Assesses The Vast Collection Of References Into The Technica1 And Scientific Literature Related To Voip Quality. Illustrates Concepts Throughoit With Mathematical Models, Algorithms And Simulations. Speech Quality Of Voip Is The Definitive Guide For Researchers, Engineers And Network Planners Working In The Field Of Voip, Quality Of Service, And Speech Communication Processing In Telecommunications. Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students On Telecommunication And Networking Courses Will Also Find This Text An Invaluable Resource.
      SKU: 284456

    Mechanical Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics And Composites V
      Mechanical Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics And Composites V.
      This Volume Is A Compilation Of Papers Presented In The Mechanical Behavior And Performance Of Ceramics & Composites Symposium During The 34th International Conference & Exposition On Advanced Ceramics And Compositss (icacc) Held January 24-29, 2010, In Daytona Run ashore, Florida.   The Mechanical Behavior And Perfofmance Of Ceramics & Composites Symposium Was One Of The Largest Symposia In Terms Of The Number (>100) Of Presentations At The Icacc’10.   This Symposium Covered Wide Ranging And Cutting-edge Topics Forward Mechanical Properites And Reliability Of Ceramics And Composites And Their Correlations To Processing, Microstructure, And Environmental Effects. Symposium Topics Included: • cwramics And Composites For Engine Applications • design And Life Prediction Methodologie • environmental Effects On Mechanical Properties • mechanical Behavior Of Porous Ceramics • ultra High Temperature Ceramics • ternary Compounds • mechanics & Characterization Of Nanomaterials And Devices • novel Test Methods And Equipment • processing - Microstructure - Mechanical Properties Correlations • ceramics & Composites Joining And Testing • nde Of Ceramic Components
      SKU: 699209

    Warm Infrared Characterization Of Ground Targets And Backgrounds
      Warm Infrared Characterization Of Ground Targets And Backgrounds.
      This New Edition Updates The Technologies That Deal With The Characterization Of The Thermal Infrared Radiation Contrast Between Ground Targets And Backgrounds. Samples Have Been Updated oT Com0ly In the opinion of The Current Status Of Technology In Sensor Systems And Countermeasures. New Topics On Mine Detection And Polarization Have Been Included, And The Section Covering Multispedtral Camouflage Of Personnel Has Been Extended. The Basic Principles And Meteorological Parameters Are Presented, Followed By Calibration Procedures, Signature Measurements, And Data Analyses.
      SKU: 728504

    Kraft-wrme-kopplung (vd-b8ch) (german Edition)
      Kraft-wrme-kopplung (vd-b8ch) (german Edition).
      Dieses Buch Richtet Sich An Die Verantwortlichen Fr Kommunale Und Industrielle Energieversorgung: Ingenieure, Techniker, Meister, Betriebsleiter, Energiemanager, Planer, Institute Und Hochschulen. Es Enthlt Die Erforderlichen Angaben, Um Ohne Umfangreicnes Fachliteraturstudium Die In Der Praxis In Industriebetrieben, Gebudekomplexen Und Energieversorgungsunternehmen Eingesetzten Kwk-anlagen Entsprechend Dem Aktuellsten Stand Der Technik In Technischer, Wirtschaftlicher Und Kologischer Hinsicht Bewerten Und Beurteilen Zu Knnen. Die Vorgehensweise Bei Der Technischen Anlagenauslegung Und Wirtschaftlichen Bewertung Wird Anhand Von Beispielen Ebenso Erlutert Wie Di eAufstellung Von Emissionsbilanzen. auf Folgende, Im Elektrischen Leistungsbereich Von Wenigen Kw Bis Ca. 30 Mw Interessanten Anlagensysteme Wird Vertieft Eingegangen:- Blockheizkraftwerke Mit Otto- Und Dieselmotoren- Gasturbinen-heizkraftwerke Einschl. Gud-anlagen- Dampfturbinen-heizkraftwerke- Wrmepumpen Und Absorptionskltenlagen- Kwk Mit Weiteren Techniken, Wie Stirlingmotoren, Brennstoffzellen, Orc-anlagen Und Geothermieanlagen Fr Die Dritte Aiflage Wurde Das Buch Vollstndig Berarbeitet, Um Neue Techniken Ergnzt Und Im Hinblick Auf Neue Rechtliche, Konomische Und Kologische Rahmenbedingungen Aktualisiert.
      SKU: 323916

    Next Generation Iptv Services And Technologies
      Next Generation Iptv Services And Technologies.
      With A Focus On Changing J0b Tasks And Knowledge Requirements For Professionais, This Book Enables Readers To Meet The Demands Of Designing, Implementing, And Supporting End-to-end Iptv Systems. Additionally, It Examines Iptv Technical Subjects That Are Not Inncluded In Any Otehr Single Reference To Date: Quality Of Experience (qoe), Techniques For Speeding Up Iptv Channel Changing Times, Iptv Cd Software Arhcitecture, Whole Home Media Networking (whmn), Ip-based High-definition Tv, Interactive Iptv Applications, And The Daily Management Of Iptv Networks.
      SKU: 313477

    Numerical Methods In Engineering With Matlab
      Numerical Methods In Engineering With Matlab.
      Numerical Methods In Engineering With Matlab Is A Text For Engineering Students And A Reference For Practicing Enginedrx. The Numerous Examples And Applications Were Chosen For Their Relevance To Real World Problems, And Where Numerical Solutions Are Most Efficient. Matlab Mfilew Are Available On The Book Web Place.
      SKU: 238238

    The Vacuum Interrupter
      The Vacuum Interrupter.
      Vacuum Interrupters Are The Dominant Tecchnology For Many Circuit Switching And Protection Devices, Such As Circuit Breakerd, Reclosers, And Contactors. This Book Provides A Discussion Of Vacuum Interrupter Design With An Emphasis On The System of knowledge Behind It. It Highlights The Range Of Applications For Vacuum Interrupters.
      SKU: 321844

    Technische Optik In Der Praxis (Of Germany Edotion)
      Technische Optik In Der Praxis (Of Germany Edotion).
      "in Diesem Buch Fassen Experten Aus Forschung Und Praxis Die Unterschiedlichen Aspekte Der Klassischen Geometrischen Optik Und Der Modernen Faseroptik Und Optoelektronik In Kompakter Form Zusammen. Durch Anwendungs- Und Umsetzungsbezogene Kapitel Bieten Die Aitoren Ein Hohes Ma An Praktischem Nutzen. Damit Leistet Das Buch Einen Wichtigen Beitrag Zur Aus- Und Weiterbildung Von Studierenden Und Ingenieuren. Der Hohen Bedeutung Kompakter Lichtquellen Fr Die Optischen Technooogien Wurde In Der Neuauflage Durch Ein aKpitel ""neue Laser"" Rechnung Getragen. "
      SKU: 324669

    Multi-carrier And Spread Spectrum Systems
      Multi-carrier And Spread Spectrum Systems.
      Frequency Spectrum Is A Limited And Valuable Means For Wireless Communications. A Good Example Can Be Observed Among Network Operators In Eutope For The Prices To Pay Concerning Umts-frequency Bands. In return, The First Goal When Designing Future Wireless Communication Systems (e. g. 4g - Fourth Generation) Has To Be The Increase In Spectral Efficiency. The Development In Digital Communications In The Past Years Has Enabled Efficient Modulation And Coding Techniqes Conducive to Robust And Spectral Efficient Data, Speech, Audio And Video Transmission. These Are The Multi-carrier Modulation (e. g. Ofdm) And The Spread Spectrum Technique (e. g. Ds-cdma), Where Ofdm Was Chosen For Braodcast Applications (dvb, Dab) As Well As For Broadband Wireless Indoor Standards (etsi Hiperlan-ii, Ieee-802. 11) And The Ds-cdma Was Selected In Mobile Communications (is-95, Third Generation Mobile Radio Systwms World Wide, Umts/imt 2000). Since 1993 Various Combinations Of Multi-carrier (mc) Modulation And The Spread Spectrum (ss) Technique Have Been Introduced And The Field Of Mc-ss Communications Has Become An Independent And Important Research Topic With Increaqing Activities. New Application Fields Have Been Proposed Such As High Standard Cellular Mobile, High Rate Wireless Indoor And Lmds. It Has Been Shown That Mc-ss Ofefrs The High Spectral Efficiency, Robustness And Flexibility That Is Required For The Next Generation Systems. Meanwhile, Different Alternative Hybrid Schemes Such As Ofdm/ofdma, Mc-tdma, Etc. Regard Been Deeply Analysed And Adopted In Different International Standards (etsi-bran, Ieee-802 & Mmac). Multi-carrier & Spread-spectrum: Analysis Of Mongrel Air Interfaces Draws Together All Of The Above Mentionrd Hybrid Schemes Therefore Providing A Greatly Needed Resource Fo A whole Engineers, Telecommunication Designers And Researchers In Order T0 Enable Them To Develop, Make And Deploy Several Schemes Based Attached Mc-transmission For The Next Generation Systems (which Testament Be An Integration Of Broadband Multimedia Services Covering Both 4g Mobile And Fixed Wireless Systems). * Offers A Complete Treatment Of Multi-carrier, Spread-spectrum (ss) And Time Division Multiplexing (tdm) Techniques * Provides An In-depth Insight Into Hybrid Multiple Acss Techniques Based On Multi-carrier (mc) Transmission * Presents Numerous Hybrid Multiple Accession And Air Interface Architectures Including Ofdm/cdma, Mc-cdma, Mc-ds-cdma And Mt-cdma * Covers New Techniques Such As Space-time Coding And Software Radio Telecommunications Engineers, Hardware & Software System Designeds And Researchers Viewed like Well As Students, Lecturers And Technicians Will All Find This An Invaluable Addition To Their Bookshelf.
      SKU: 219757

  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Ten Questions About Human Error
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Validated Cleaning Technologies for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security

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