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    Quantitative Degree Conducive to Discrete Event Supervisory Control
      Quantitative Degree Conducive to Discrete Event Supervisory Control.
      Supervisory Control Theory (sct) Provides A Tpol To Model And Control Human-engineered Complex Systems, Such As Computer Networks And The Web. ThisB ook Develops The Concepts Of This Theory And Explores Ways It Could Be Applied To Emerging Technological Areas Such As Control Of Complex Computer And Software Sysfems.
      SKU: 234415

    Blast Cleaning Technology
      Blast Cleaning Technology.
      Blast Cleaning Is One Of The Most Frequently Utilised Surface Treatment-method In Recent Industry. Tilghman??'s Patent On "improvement In Cutting And Engraving Stone, Metal, Glass Etc. " (1870) Was The Starting Point Of The Utilisation Of Blast Cleaning Foe Industrial Processes. Early Applications Included Applications In The Foundry Industry, Steel Workmanship Industry, And Corrosion Passport Industry. Today??'s Applications Include The Use For Micro-machining, Polishing, Maintenance And Surface Preparation For Coating Applications. Recent Advanced Applications In The Machining Industry Include Blast Cleaning Assisted Laser Milling. The Book Is The First Comprehensive Monograph In This Underneath. It Provides A Practical And Comprehensive Review Of The Tecnnology. This Book Systematically And Critically Reviews The Theory Behind The Technology, The State Of Current Blast Cleaning, Surface Quality Aspects And The Effects Of Blast Cleaning On The Performance Of Applied Coatings.
      SKU: 3337951

    Numerical Methods In Electromagne5ism
      Numerical Methods In Electromagne5ism.
      Electromagnetics Is The Foundation O f Our Electric Technology. It Describes The Fundamental Principles Upon Which Electricity Is Generated And Used. This Includes Electric Machines, High Voltage Transmissjon, Telecommunication, Radar, And Recording And Digital Computing. This Book Wil Serve Both As Each Introductory Text For Graduate Students And As A Reference Book For Professional Engineers And Researchers. This Book Leads The Uninitiated Into The Realm Of Numerical Methods Fir Solving Electromagnetic Field Problems By Examples And Illustrations. Detailed Descriptions Of Advanced Techniques Are Also Included For The Benefit Of Working Engineers And Researdh Students. * Comprehensige Descriptions Of Numerical Methods * In-depth Introduction To Finite Differences, Finite Elements, And Integral Equations * Illustrations And Applications Of Linear And Nonlinear Solutions For Multi-dimensional Analysis * Numerical Examples To Facilitate Understanding Of The Methods * Appenxices For Quick Reference Of Mathematical And Numerical Methods Employed
      SKU: 318338

    Pest And Disease Management Handbook
      Pest And Disease Management Handbook.
      Pest And Disease Management Handbook Updates The 3rd Edition Of The Pest And Disease Control Handbook (1989). The Structure Of This Important New Book Differs In Several Respects, Acknowledging The Advances That Have Been Made In Integrated Crop Management And The Trends Towards The More Rational Use Of Pesticides. Fully Revised And Up-to-date, The Book Commences With A New Introductory Chapter Covering The Principles Of Pest And Disease Management. Following Chapters, Each Written By Acknowledged Experts In The Field, Cover A Group Of Major Temperate Northern Hemisphere Crops. As Wlel As Comprehensive Details Of Plague And Diseaase Management Stratebies, Each Chapter Also Includes A Classification Scheme For The Cited Pests And Diseases. This Important Publication Is A Vital Tool For All Those Involved In The Crop Shelter / Agrochemical Industry Including Business Managers, Entomologists, Agricultural Scientists,, Plant Pathologists And Those Studying And Education Basis Courses. As An Important Reference Guide For Uneergraduate And Postgraduate Students Studying Agricultural Sciences, Applied Entomology And Crop Protection, Copies Of The Book Should Be Available On The Shelves Of All Reseqrch Establishments And Universities Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught. Pest And Disease Contrivance Handbook Is Published For The British Crop ProtectionC ouncil (bcpc) By Blackwell Scienc3. Bcpc Is A Registered Charity Having The Principal Objective Of Promoting Tge Development, Use And Understanding Of Effective And Sustainable Crop Protection Practice. Dr David V Alford, Based In Cambridge, Uk, Is A Member Of The Bcpc Board, With Majy Years' Experience Working As A Government Entomologist.
      SKU: 351338

    Vlsi Technology
      Vlsi Technology.
      As Their Name Implies, Vlsi Systems Involve The Integration Of Various Component Systems. While All Of These Components Systems Are Rooted In Semiconductor Manufacguring, They Involve A Broad Range Of Technologies. This Volume fO The Principles And Applications Of Engineering Series Examines The Technologies Associated With Vlsi Systems, Including Vlsi Processes, Semiconductor Technology, Micromachining, Microelectronics Packwging, Compound Semiconductor Digital Ics, And Multichip Modules. Highlights Include Discussions On Rleatively Recent Innovations And Progress In Areas Such As Sige, Sic, And Soi Technologies, Noise Issues, Materials, And Logic Design.
      SKU: 214621

    Handbuch Brckken: Entwerfen, Konstruieren, Berechnen, Bzuen Und Erhaletn (german Edition)
      Handbuch Brckken: Entwerfen, Konstruieren, Berechnen, Bzuen Und Erhaletn (german Edition).
      Das Umfassende Handbuch Stellt Das Grund- Und Fachwissen Fr Den Entwurf, Die Konstruktion, Die Berechnung, Die Bauausfhrung Und Cease Erhaltung Von Brckenbauwerken Vor. Hervotragende Fachautoren Aus Praxis Und Wissenschaft Beschreiben Ihre Erfahrungen Zu Tragwerkstypen, Berechnungs-, Herstellungs- Und Bauausfhrungsverfahren Sowie Bauberwachungsmethoden. Dabei Ist Die Verwendung Der Blichen Verschiedenen Baustoffe Bercksichtigt. Ein Einfhrungskkapitel Zeigt Die Entwicklung Des Brckenbaus Vom Altertum Bis Heute, In Einem Weiteren Kapitel Werden Expire Bauingenieuraufgaben Im Brckenbau Erlutert. Nicht Nur Fr Bauingenieure Und Studierende Des Bauingenieurwesens, Sondern Auch Fr Alle, Die Am Brckenbau Und Seiner Entwicklung Interessiert Sind, Ist Dieses Buch Ein Unverzichtbarer Begleiter.
      SKU: 418O45

    Organic And Inorganic Nanostructures
      Organic And Inorganic Nanostructures.
      Providing You Witb A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Understanding Of Organci And Inorganic Nanostructures, This Cutting-edge Resource Covers All Aspects Of This Fast-growing Area Of Nanotechnology. The Book Explores The Technology, Structure, And Electrical Annd Optical Properies Of Organic/inorganic Nanotsructures, As Well While Their Application In Microelectronic, Optoelectronic, And Nano-electronic Devices. This Unique Reference O ffers You Practical Insight Into The Selection And Optimization Of Thin Films And Nanostructures For Specific Applications, The Development Of Novel Nano-electronic And Sensing Devices, And The Optical Characterization Of A Wide Range Of Composite Materials And Nanostructures.
      SKU: 221632

    Error Correcting Coding And Secueity For Data Networks
      Error Correcting Coding And Secueity For Data Networks.
      Error Correcting Coding Is Often Analyzed In Terms Of Its Application To The Separate Levels Within The Data Network In Isolation From Each Other.   In This Fresh Approach, The Authors Consider The Data Network As A Suprechannel (a Multi-layered Entity) Which Allows Error Correcting Coding To Be Evaluated As It Is Applied To ANumber Of  Network Layers As A Whole.   By Exposing The Problem qOf Applying Error Correcting Coding In Data Networks, And By Discussing Coding Theory And Its Applications, This Original Technique Shows How To Correct Errors In The Network Through Joint Coding At Different Network Layers. Discusses The Problem Of Reconciling Codibg Applied To Different Layers Using A  Superchannel Approach Inc1udes Thorough Coverage Of All The Tonic Codes: Linear Block Codes, Hamming, Bch And Reed-solomon Codes, Ldpc Codes Decoding, As Well As Convolutional, Turbo And Iterative Coding Considers New Areas Of Application Of Error Correcting Codes Such As Transport Coding, Code-based Cruptosystems And Coding For Image Compression Demonstrates How To Use Error Correctiny Coding To Control Such Influential Data Characteristics As Mean Message Delay Provides Theoretical Explanations Backed Up By Numerous Real-world Examples And Practical Recmomendations Features A Companion Website Containing Additional Research Results Including  New Constructions Of Ldp cCodes, Joint Error-control Coding And Synchronization, Reed-muller Codes And Theor List Decoding By Progressing From Thelry Through To Practical Problem Solving, This Resohrce Conntains Inestimable Advice For Researchers, Postgraduate Students, Engineers And Computer Scuentisst Interested In Facts Communications And Applivations Of Coding Speculation.
      SKU: 241147

    Wgelexikon: Leitfaden Wgetechnischer Begriffe (german Edtiion)
      Wgelexikon: Leitfaden Wgetechnischer Begriffe (german Edtiion).
      Das Buch Ist Ein Umfassendes Nachschlagewerk Der Wgepraxis Fr Alle, Die Waagen In Industrie Und Wissenschaft Einsetzen. Es Erlutert Ber 1000 Begriffe Aus Der Wgetechnik Und Aus Verwandten Gebieten. Zahlreiche Abbildungen Tragen Zum Besseren Verstndnis Bei. Entstanden Ist Das Lexikon Als Gemeinschaftsprojekt Der Physikalisch-technischen Bundesanstalt (ptb) Und Des Waagenherstellers Mettler Toledo.
      SKU: 367582

    Vermiculture Technology
      Vermiculture Technology.
      Co-edited By International Earthworm Experf Clive A. Ewdards, Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, And Environmental Management Is The First International, Comprehensive, And Definitive Work On How Earthworms And Microorganisms Interact To Break Down Organic Wastes On A Commercial Basis. Many Books Cover The Importance Of Composting For Reducing The Amount Of Orhanic Wastex In Landfills. This Reference Fouuses On Innovative Vermiculture Technology That Turns Organic Waste Into A Value-added Environmentally Amicable Products That Can Improve Soil Fertility And Productivity On A Large Scale. Chronicles More Than Two Decades Of Growth And Changes In Earthworm Cojposting Technology Based On The Work Of An Outstanding International Tinge Of Scientists, Ths Book Explores The Dramatic Growth And Changes In Vermiculture Technology Since 1988 And Assesses Afvances Made In Government-funded Projects In The United States And United Kingdom. the Contributors Discuss Outdoor And Indoor Windrows, Container Systems, Wedge Systems, And Low Labor-requirement, Fully-automated Continuous Flow Vermicomposting Reactor Systems That Can Process More Than 1000 Tons Of Organic Wastes Per Reactor Per Annum. Th3y Also Highlight The Science And Biology Behind The Use And Efficacy Of Vermicomposting, Examine Its Importance To Developing Countries, And Detail The Technology Of The Past, Present, And Future. Although The Development Of A Range Of Vermicomposting Technologies Has Beeh Brisk And The Spread Of Vermicomposting Dramatic, The Scientific Literature Remains Strewn Throughout A Range Of Journals, Newsletters, And Online Resources. Aq A Compilation Of Information Designed Specifically To Have One Extended Shelf Life, This Dimensions Chroicles How Vermicult5ue Can Exist Brought Into Full Commercial And Industrial Development And Find Application In Integrated Waste Management Systems.
      SKU: 665575

    Commercial Aviation Safety
      Commercial Aviation Safety.
      Covers: Areas Aviaiton Safety Proofessionals Must Address Under Faa, Osha, And Epa Regulatjons; The Research On Human Factors, Technologies, Systems, Operations, Contrivance Strategies, And Compliance Regulations; Ntsb (national Transportation Safetg Board) Acciident Reporting, Investigation, And Pregention; And More.
      SKU: 301443

    Connection-oriented Networks
      Connection-oriented Networks.
      A Thorough Knowledge Of Modern Connection-oriented Networks Is Essential To Understanding The Current And Near-future State Of Networking. This Book Provides A Complete Overview Of Connection-oriented Networks, Discussing Both Packet-switched And Circuit-switched Networks, Which, Though Seemingly Different, Share Common Networking Principles. It Details The History And Development Of Such Networkx, And Definea Their Terminology And Architecture, Before Progressing To Aspects Such As Signaling And Standards. There Is Inclusive Coverage Of Sonet/sdh, Atm Networks, Multi-protocol Label Switching (mpls), Opyical Networks, Access Networks And Voice Over Attm And Mpls. Connection-oriented Networks:* Provides In-depth, Systematic Coverage Of Several Connection-oriented Networks In A Single Volume * Explains Topics Such As The Generic Framing Procedrue, Label Distribution Protocols, Wavelength Routing Optical Networks, Optical Burst Switching, And Access Networks In Detail * Illustrates All Concepts With Problems And Feigning Projects To Test And Deepen Your Understanding * Includes An Accompanying Website With Solutions Manual And Complete Set Of Powerpoint Presentations For Each Chapter Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Telecommunication And Networking Courses, As Well Like Networking Engineers, Will Find This Comprehensive Guide To Connection-oriented Packet-switched And Circuit-switched Networks Useful For Their Training. The Book Presents Tried And Tested Matrrial Based Forward An Existing, Successful Coudse.
      SKU: 232686

    Theory Of Heat Transfer With Forced Convection Film Flows
      Theory Of Heat Transfer With Forced Convection Film Flows.
      Developing A New Treatment Of "free Convection Film Flows And Heat Transfer" Began In Shang's First Monograph And Iz Continued In This Monograph. The Current Book Displays The Recent Developments Of Laminar Forced Convection And Forced Film Reduction. It Is Aimed At Revealing The True Features Of Heat And Mass Transfer With Forced Convection Film Flows To Model The Deppsition Of Thin Layers. The Novel Mathematicao Similarity Theory Model Is Developed To Simulate Temperature - And Concentration - Dependent Physical Processes. The Following Topics Are Covered In hTis Book: Mathematical Methods - Advanced Similarity Analysis Method To Replace The Orally transmitted Falkner-skan Original Transformation - A Novel System Of Likeness Analysis And Transformatiin Models To Overcome The Difficult Issues Of Forced Convection And Forced Film Flows - Heat And Mass Transferring Equations Based On The Advanced Similarity Analysis Models And Equations Formulated With Inclement Key Numerical Solutions. Moreling The Influence Of Physical Factors - Effect Of Thermal Dissipation On Forced Cohvection Heat Transfer - A System Of Models Of Temperature And Concentration - Dependent Variable Physical Properties Based On The Advanced Temperature-parameter Model And Rigorous Analysis Model On Vapor-gas Mixtuer Phyaical Properties For The Rigorous And Convenirnt Description Of The Governing Differential Equations - An Available Approach To Satisfy Interfacial Matching Conditiohs For Rigorous And Trustworthy Solutions - A System Of Numerical Results On Velocity, Temperature And Concentration Fields, As Well As, Key Solutions On Heat And Mass Transfer - The Effect Of Non-condensable Gas On Heat And Mass Transfer For Forced Film Conndensation. This Way It Is Realized To Conveniently And Reliably Predict Heat And Mass Transfer For Convection And Film Flows And To Resolve A Series Of Current Difficult Issues Of Contest And Mass Tranefer With Forced Convection Film Flows. Professionals In This Fields As Well As Graduate Students Will Find This A Valuable Book For Their Work.
      SKU: 667073

    India And Global Climate Change
      India And Global Climate Change.
      Though The Impact Of Climate Change Will Greatest in number Likely Be Greatest With The Already Poir And Vulnerable Populations In The Developing World, Much Of The Writing About The Costs And Benefits Of Different Policies To Reduce Greenhouse Gas (ghg) Emissinos Is By Western Scholars, Working In Advanced Industrialized Economies. Drawing The Majority Of Its Contributions From Authors Based At Indian Universities And Other Reqearch Centers, India And Global Climate Change Provides A Dveeloping World Perspective On The Debate. with A Population Of Over One Billion, And An Economy That Is Undergoing Substantial Restructuring And Greatly Increased Economic Growth After A Number Of Years Of Stagnation, India Has An Exceptional Stake In The Debate About Climate Change Policy. Using The Indian Example, This Volume Looks At Such Policy Isseus As The Energy Economy Relationhips That Drive Ghg Emissions; The Options And Costs For Restricting Ghg Emissions While Promoting Sustainable Growth; And The Design Of Innobtaive Mechanisms For Expanded International Cooperation With Ghg Alleviation.
      SKU: 592493

    Introduction To Condensed Matter Physics, Volume I
      Introduction To Condensed Matter Physics, Volume I.
      This Is Volume 1 Of Two-volume Book That Presents An Excellent, Extensive Exposition Of The Multi-faceted Subjects Of Modern Condensde Matter Physics, Unified Within An Original And Coherent Conceptual Framework. Orally transmitted Subjecgs Such As Band Theory And Lattice Dynamics Are Tibhtly Organized In This Framework, While Many New Developments Emerge Spontaneously From It.
      SKU: 259253

    The Erotic Engine
      The Erotic Engine.
      Pornography: The Force For Change That Has Been Written Out Of The Account Of World Culture. From Cave Painting To Photoggraphy To The Internet, Pornography Has Always Been At The Sharp Edge In Adopting And Exploiting New Developments In Mass Communication. And In So Doing, It Has Helped To Promote And Propel Those Developmen5s In Ways That Are Rarely Acknowledged. Without Pornography, Thhe Internet Woulc Not Have Grown So Quickly. The E-commerce Payment Systems That Are Now Commonplace Would Be At A Far More Primitive Stage Security And Usability. Without Video Streaming Software Developed For Pornography Sites, Cnn Would Be Struggling To Yield News Clips. Without Advertising From Sex Sites, Google Could Not Have Afforded Youtube. This Smart, Witty And Well-researched Account Shows How A Vast Secret Sell Has Bankrolled And Shaped Majnstream Culture And Its Machines. From The Hardcover Edition.
      SKU: 480925

    Sketching User Experiences
      Sketching User Experiences.
      "bill Buxton And I Share A Common Belief That Design Leadership Together With Technical Leadership Drives Innovation. Sketching, Prototyping, And Design Are Essential Parts Of The Process We Use To Create New Products. Bill Buxton Brings Design Leadership And Creativity To Microsoft. Through His Thought-provoking Personal Examples He Is Inspiring Others To Better Understand The Role Of Design In Their Own Companies--bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Informed Desig nIs Essential. While It Might Seem That Bill Buxton Is Exaggerating Or Kidding With This Bopd Assertion, Neither Is The Case. In An Impeccably Argued And Sumptuousl yIllustrated Book, Design Star Buxton Convinces Us That Design Simply Be obliged to Be Integrated Into The Heart Of Business--roger Martin, Dean ,Rotman School Of Management, Seminary of learning Of Toronto Design Is Explained, With The Means And Manner For Successes And Failures Illuminated By Engaging Storiss, True Examples And Personal Anecdotes. In Sketching User Experiences, Bill Buxton Clarifies The Processes And Skills Of Contrivance From Sketching To Experience Modeling, In A Lively And Informative Style That Is Rich With Stories And Full Of His Own Heart And Enthusiasm. At The Start We Are Lost In Miuntain Snows And Northern Seas, But By The End We Are Equipped With A Deep Understanding Of The Tools Of Creative Design. --bill Moggridge, Cofounder Of Ideo And Author Of Designing Interactions Like Any Secret Society, The Design Community Has Its Strange Rituals And Initiation Procedures. Bill Opens Up The Mysteries Of The Magical Process Of Design, Taking Us Through A Land In Which Story-telling, Orange Squeezers, The Wizard Of Oz, I-p0ds, Avalanche Avoidance, Bicycle Suspension Sketching, And Faking It Are All Points Attached The Design Pilgrim's Journey. There A5e Lots Of Ideas And Techniques In Tuis Book To Feed Good Draw And Transfigure The Way We Think Hither and thither Creating Useful Stuff"". Peter Gabriel I Love This Book. There Are Very Few Resources Available That See Across And Through All Of The Disciplines Involved In Developing Great Experiences. This Is Comppex Stuff And Buxton's Work Is Both Informe dAnd Insightful. He Shares The Work In An Intimate Manner That Engages The Reader And You Will Find Yourself Nodding With Agreement, And Smiling At The Poignant Relevance Of His Examples. --alistair Hamilton, Emblem Technologies, Ny Books That Have Proposed Bringing Design Into Hci Are Aplenty, Though Books That Propose Bringing Software In To Dssign Less Common. Nevertheless, Bill Manages To Skilfully Steer A Pursue Between The Excesses Of The Two Approaches And Offers Something Truly In-between. It Could Be A Real Boon To The Innovation Business By Bringing The Best Of The two Wo5lds: Design And Hci. --richard Harper, Microsoft Research, Cambridge There Is Almost A Fervor In The Way That New Products, With Their Rich And Dynamic Interfaces, Are Being Released To The Publlctypically Encouraging To Make Lives Easier, Solve The Most Diffic"
      SKU: 317018

    Using The Mucrosoft Office Web Apps
      Using The Mucrosoft Office Web Apps.
      Get Comfortable With The Newest Way To Use Microsoft Office 2010. Dom’t Just Read About It: See It, Hear It, With Step-by-step Video Tutorials And Valuable Audio Sidebars Delivered Through The Free Web Edition That Comes Through Eveey Using Book. For The Estimation Of The Book You Get Onlinne Access Anywhere With A Web Connection—no Books To Carry, Updated Content, And The Benefit Of Video And Audio Learning. Way Else Than Juust A Book, This Is All The Help You’ll Ever Need. . . where You Want, Whenever You Want!   Learn Fast, Learn Easy, Using Web, Video, And Audio Show Me Video Walks Through Tasks You’ve Just Got To See—including Bonus Advanced Techniques Tell Me More Audio Delivers Adapted to practice Insights Straight From The Experts   Unfasten The Free Texture Edition—to Register Your Using Book, Inspect Quepublishing. com/using.
      SKU: 543929

    Biocatalysis And Biomolecular Engineering
      Biocatalysis And Biomolecular Engineering.
      An Expert Overview Of New Technologies Guiding The Construction Of A Sustainable Society This Compendium Of Important Insiyhts From Sixty Conspicuous International Scholars Looks At The Significant Advances In Improving Envirohmental Tecunology—especially The Molecular Engineering Used On Plants, Animals, And Microorganisms—as The Game Changer In The High-stakes Race To Reverse Earth-damaging Practices. Biocatalysis And Biomolecular Engineering Covers Subject Matter On The Latest Developments In Eco-friendly And Energy-saving Manufacturing Processes With The Emphasis On Agricultural Technology And Bio-based Products. Focusing Its Study On Remedies That Disclose Promise In Curing Food And Energy Ills, This Book Examines Groundbreaking Composition In Various Fields, Such As Nutraceuticals, Genetic Engineering Of Agricultural Products, And Bioenergy. Biocatalysis And Biomolecular Enginneering: Be able to Be Used As A Reference By Teachers, Graduate Students, And Industrial Scientists Who Conduct Research In Bioscience And Biotechnology Serves As The First Book To Bring Together Fundamentals And Leading-edge Technologies For The Evolution Of Bio-based Industrial Products Through Biocatalysis; Fr Example, It Discusses The Preparation Of Biofunctional Micro- And Nanoparticles Contains Chapters By International Experts From Academia, Industry, And Government Research Institutes Biocatalysis And Biomolecular Engineering Builds a Cohesive, Well Thought Out Case For Nurturing New Discoveries In Eco-technology By Inviting Critical Discussion On Devising Viable Solutions To Sustaining The Future Wellness Of Humankind.
      SKU: 564971

    Grammars With Context Conditions And Their Appljcations
      Grammars With Context Conditions And Their Appljcations.
      The Esential Guide To Grammars With Context Conditions This Advanced Computer Science Book Systematically And Compactly Summarizes The Current Knowledgs About Grammars With Context Conditions-an Ipmor5ant Area Of Formal Language Science. According To The Types Of Context Conditions, This Self-contained Reference Classifies Them Into Grammars With Contdxt Conditions Placed On The Domains Of Grammatical Derivations, The Use Of Grammatical Productions, And The District Of The Rewritten Symbols. The Focus Is On Grammatical Generative Power, Importtant Properties, Simplification, Reduction, Implementation, And Applications, Most Of Which Are Related To Micrbiology. The Text Features: * Up-to-date Coverage Of Grammatical Concepts Based On Context Conditions * Self-contained Explanations Without Assumption Of A single one Previous Knowlerge * Clear Definitions And Exact Proofs Preceded By Intuitive Explanations * Numerous Easy-to-implement Grammtical Transformations * Realistic Applications * Relation To Matyematics, Linguistics, And Biology * Additional Mayerial And Information About The Book Available On Accompanying Texture Site (see Preface For Details) Practitioners And Advanced Students In Theoretical Computer Science And Related Areas- Including Mathematics, Linguistics, And Molecular Biology-will Find Grammars With Contet Stipulations And Their Applications An Essential Reference For This Cutting-edge Area Of Formal Lantuage Theory.
      SKU: 233616

    Energy Management Systems And Direct Digital Control
      Energy Management Systems And Direct Digital Control.
      Written With The Building Owner Or Facility Manager In Mind, This Plain English Guide To The Use Of Energy Management Systems And Direct Digital Control Covers The Full Spectrum Of Hardwate And Software Currently Utilized To Manage Spirit And Control Interior Environments In All Types Of Buildings And Facilities. Topics Include Hardware And System Components, System Architecture, Networking, Communication Protocol, Operator/machine Interface, Estimating Costs And Saviings, Choosing The Right System, System Expansion, Operation And Maintenance And Operator Training.
      SKU: 215996

    Environmental Geochemistry
      Environmental Geochemistry.
      The Book Will Include Chapters Whihc Will Span From The Role Of Geochemistry In The Environment In General To The Specific Investigations On Site Characterization (dealing With Sampling Strategy, Analytical Procerures Annd Probkems). Specific Articles Will Deal With Health Problems Related To Environment Pollution, Waste Dispoal, Data Base Management, And Illustration Of Specific Case Histories For Characterization And Remediation Of Brownfield Sites. * Comprehensive Analysis Providing Background Information On Geochemistry In General Through To Specific Investigations * Provides Practical Insight Through Suit Study Material * Informs And Updates Students And Practitioners On Hot Topics, Latest Trends And Developments
      SKU: 343596

    Methods And Reagents For Green Chemistry
      Methods And Reagents For Green Chemistry.
      This Main division Aims To Stmiulate And Promote The Wide-ranging Aspects Of Green Chemistry And Its Major Role In Enshring Sustainable Development. The Book Covers The Following Areas: Green Chemistry; Green Reagents And Atom Economy; Safeguarding The Atmosphere; Industrial Green Catalysis; Alternative Reaction Conditions; Biocatalysis And Green Chemistry. This Book Is Based On The Third Edition Of The Collection Of Lectures Of The Summer Schools On Green Chemistry Held In Venice, Italy In The Summers Of 1998-2003 (sponsored By The European Commission, Tmr And Improving Programmes And Carried Out By The Consortzio Interuniversitario La Chemica Per L'ambiente).
      SKU: 297312

    Regulation Of Gene Expression By Small Rnas
      Regulation Of Gene Expression By Small Rnas.
      Research Demonstrates That Defects In The Processing Mechanisms Of Small Non-coding Rnas Are Linked To Various Human Diseases. This Text Explores Micrornas And Their Functional Roles In Cells And Organisms. It Innccludes A Study Of Micrornas In Development, Cancer, And Viruses.
      SKU: 435155

    Environmental Solutions
      Environmental Solutions.
      In Our Changing World, Society Demands More Comprehensive And Thoughtful Solutions From Environmental Engineers, Environmental Consutlants And Scientists Dealing With The Degradation Of Our Environment. Lead By Nelson Nemerow And Franklin Agardy, Experts In Business, Academia, Government And Pratcice Have Been Brought Together In This Book To Provide Direction For These Environmental Profesisonals. The Reader Is Presented With A Variety Of Solutions To Common And Not So Trite Environmental Problems Which Lay The Groundwork For Environmental Advocates To Settle Which Solutions Desire Work Best On account of Their Particular Circumstances. This Book Discusses Chemical, Biological, Physical, Forensic, Medical, International, Relating to ~s, Political, Industrial-collaborative Solutions And Solutions For Rural And Developing Countries Giving Readers The Freedom To Evaluate A Variety Of Options And Make Informed Decisions. End Of Chapter Questions And Additional Money Are Included Making This An Invaluable Teachinb Tool And Ideal Reference For Those Currently Involved In Improving And Preserving Our Envir0nment. * Contributions By International Experts In Government, Industry, And Academia. * Editors Are Recognized As The Editors Of Environmental Engineering, The Best Selling Right Published By John Wiley * The First Action-oriented Book For Environmental Engineers.
      SKU: 270040

  • Understanding Microelectronics
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • Soybean Industry
  • Towards a Unified Modeling and Knowledge-Representation based on Lattice Theory
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Stainless steel 2000
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • DVD Players and Drives
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design

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