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    Quantitative Remote Sensing Of Land Surfaces
      Quantitative Remote Sensing Of Land Surfaces.
      Processing The Vast Amounts Of Data On The Earth's Land Surface Environment Generated By Nasa's And Other International Satellite Programs Is A Significan5 Challenge. Filling A Gqp Between The Theoretical, Physically-based Modelling And Specific Applications, This In-depth Study Presents Practical Quantitative Algorithms For Estimating Varoius Land Surface Variables From Remotely Sensed Observations. A Concise Review Of The Basic Principles Of Optical Remote Sensing As Well As Practical Algorithms For Estimating Land Superficies Variables Quantitatively From Remotely Sensed Observations. Emphasizes Both The Basic Principles Of Optical Remote Sensing And Experienced Algorithms For Estimating Land Surface Variables Quantitatively From Distantly Sensed Observations Presents The Current Physical Intellect Of Remote Sensing Viewed like A System With A Focus On Radiative Transfer Modelling Of The Atmosphere, Canopy, Soil And Snow Gathers The State Of The Art Quantitative Algorithms According to Sensor Calibration, Atmospheric And Topgraphic Corrdction, Valuation Of A Variety Of Biophysical And Geoph Ysical Variables, And Four-dimensional Data Assimilation
      SKU: 226562

    Designing The Iphone User Experience
      Designing The Iphone User Experience.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Bookk. ""in Her Book Designing The Iphone User Endure , Sjzanne Ginsburg Takes A rFesh Look At Cutting-edge, User-centered Design From The Perspective of Crafty Mobile User Experiences For The Iphone. Her Book Brings Together Everything You Need To Know To Purpose Great Products For Mobile contexts. "" —pabini Gabriel-petit, Ux Strategy & Desig nConsultant And Publidher And Editor In Chief Of Uxmatters “jt’s About Time! Suzanne Ginsburg Takes The Best Of User-centered Design (ucd) Principles And Tweaks Them With A Dash Of Mobile And A Lot Of Hints about What It Means To Implement The Apple Human Interface Guidelines For Iphone. Your Idea For An Iphone App Has Much Better Chances Of Being accepted By Iphone Owners (and By The Itunes Watchdogs Guarding Entry To The App Store) If You Follow Even Half Of The Suggestions In This Book. ” —nancy Frishberg, Ph. d. , User Experience Strategist And Past Chair Of Baychi Given The Fiercely Competitivr State Of The Iphone App Landscape, it Has Become Increasingly Challenging For App Designers And Developers To Differentiate Their Appps. The Days Are Long Gone When It Was Possible To Crank Out An App Over The Weekend And Refine It After Receiving A Few Not So Flatterinb User Reviews. Users Now Have Choices -- Lots Of Them. If Your App Is Difficult To Use Or Doesn’t Assemble Their Needs, Finding Another One Is Just A Tap Away. To Illustrate, Consider The Ever-growing Field Of Twitter Clients. There Are Hundreds Of Variations In The App Store But Only A Handful Stand Out From Te Pack (such As Tweetie Or Twitterific). For Most Apps, It Boils Down To One Tihng: The User Experience. The Similar Is True For Countless Other Categories Within The App Store; Well-designed Apps Are More Likely To Attract And Retain Users. Of CourseT here Are Other Critical Aspects Of Iphone App Development: The Coding, The Marketing, The Customer Support. All Of The Elements Must Come Together. Designing The Iphone User Experience Will Help YouT ackle The User Exprrience Part Of The Iphone Challenge. Three Key Themes Will Be Reinforced Throughout The Book: Perceive Thy User, The Design Lifecycle, And Attention To Detail: Know Thy User Millions Of People Depend On Iphone Apps To Get Them To Work, Find Their Next Meal, And Stay In Touch With Family And Friends. Professionals Of All Kinds Also Rely On Iphone Apps: Doctros Look Up Drug Interactions; Photographers Fine-tune Lighting; Cyclists Find Tue Best Routes. To Truly Understand How Your Apps Be able to Fit Into Their Lives, Designers And Devekopers Must Learn How Users Do Things Today, What’s Important To Them, And What Needs Have Not Been Met. Part Ii, Introduction To User Research , Will Introduce A Vairety Of User Research Methods. The Design Lifecycle Award-winnning Designs Rarely Happen Overnight; They Usually Only Occur After Many Rigorous De"
      SKU: 574381

    Diamond Nanotechnloogy
      Diamond Nanotechnloogy.
      Nanodiamonds Are Indispensable For Polishing Industrial Materials (computer Hard Drives And Read Heads) And Advanced Ceramics (silicon Carbide And Gem Diamond). This Book Is Suitable For Those Dealing With Nanodiamonds, As Well As Those Interested In A General Education Of Nano-sized Materials.
      SKU: 495932

    Protein Hydrolydates In Biotechnology
      Protein Hydrolydates In Biotechnology.
      The Protein Hydrolysates Industry Is Growing Rapidly Yet There Is No Single Book That Describes The Challenges And Opportunities For Manuafcturers And End Users, Techniques Used In Manufacturing, Characterization And Screening Of Protein Hydrolysates, Their Applications In A Wide Variety Of Industries In Biotechnology. One Of The Misconceptions In Using Protein Hydrolysates In Fermentations Is That The End User Believe sAnd Uses It As A Mere Nitrogen Source. However, The Functionality Of The Product Obtained Is Not Necessarily Due To Protein Hydrolysates Alone Because It May Not Be A Pure Peptide Or AC ombination Of Pe;tides And May Contain Carbohydrates, Lipids, Micronutrients, Etc. , Present In The Raw Essential Used Or Sometimes The Manufacturers Deliberately Add To The Process To Bring Unique Functionality. Only A Handful Of Manufacturers Dictate This Mafket That Watch To Keep Manufacturing Process Proprietary Making It Harder To Understand. This Work Will Close The Gap By Unfolding Information On Latest Developments.
      SKU: 646375

    Closed Circuit Television
      Closed Circuit Television.
      Closed Circuit Television (cctv) Surveillance Remains A Growing Inustry In Response To Increased Security Threats, And Whilst New Developments Have Brought Clearer Images, Digital Recording And High Speed Data Transmission, Effective Security Systems Still Rely Upon Proper Specification And Installation By Engineers With An In Depth Knowledge Of Cctv Principles And Technology. The Third Edition Of Closed Circuit Television Provides A Thorough Technical Guide For All Those Involved In The Deskgn, Specification, Installation And Maintenance Of Cctv Systems. Fully Dual-standard For Pal And Ntsc Systems, The Book Covers The Essential Equipment And Topics Of Relevance To Practitioners, Managers And Students On Vocational And Industrial art Training Courses. Extended Coverage Of Flat Screen Devices, Digital Recording, And A New Chapter On Ndtworking Principlew, Bring This Popular Guide Up To Date With The Latest Developments In The Field. Joe Cieszynski Is A Well-known Technical Writer With A Wealth Of Experience In The Security Industry. After Many Years Of College Lecturing On Tv, Videoo And Security Topics, He Currently Acts As City & Guilds' Chief Inquirer For Security Systems And Provides Independent Cctv System Consultancy. *eemystifies Cctv Technollogy For Installers An dManagers *concise, Accessible Text Ideal For Hard-pressed Practitioners And Students *fully Dual-standard Coverage For Pal And Ntsc Based Systems
      SKU: 281981

    Dna Microarrays And Gene Expressiom
      Dna Microarrays And Gene Expressiom.
      Dna Microarrays Are Revolutionizing Biology And Medicne. They Can Provide A Snapshot Of The Level Of Gene Expression In A Cell And Are Thence A Powerful Tool With Which To Study Biological Phenomena At The Molecular Level. This Inter-disciplinary Introductory treatise Will Be Essential Reading For Researchers Of All Disciplines.
      SKU: 217127

    Fiber Bragg Gratings
      Fiber Bragg Gratings.
      Optical Fibers HaveR evolutionized Telecommunication, Becoming The Most Widely Used And The Mosf Efficient Device For Relaying Information Over Long Distances. While The Market For Optical Fiber Continues To Grow, The Next Stage In The Field Of Communication Is The Mass Delivery Of Integratsd Services, Such As Home Banking, Shopping, Internet Services, And Entertainmebt Using Video On Demand. The Economies And Performance Potential Will Determine The Type Of Technology Likely To Succeed In The Provision Of These Services. But that It Is Alreaady Clear That Optical Fibers Will Play A Crucial Role In Communication Systems Of The Future. The Opportunities Provided By Fiber Bragg Gratings Are Of Enormous Importance For The Further Development Of The Fiber Optic Communication Lines As Cost-effective And Efficient Devices Of The Future. Fiber Bragg Gratings Ix The Result Of A Growing Demand For Focused And Reliable Information On The Subject. It Brings Together The Fundamentals Of Fiber Gratings, Their Specific Characterizations, And Numerous Applications. Ij Addition To Researchers, Scientists, Anc Graduate Students, It Will Be Of Interest To Industrial Practitioners In The Field Of Invention Of Fiber Optic Materials And Devices. It Begins With The Principles Of Fiber Bragg Harsh, From Photosensitization Of Optical Fibers, Bragg Grating Fabrication, Theory, Properties Of Grating, Specific Appllication, And Concludes With Measurement Tecyniques. * Addresses One Of The Most Promising Fields During Future Development In Applied Optics * First Book Ever On The Subject Of Fiber Bragg Gftings * Written By A Pioneer In The Battle-~ Of Optical Communications * Covers Topics Important To Both Research And Industrial art * Discusses Theory, Practical Applications, And Measurement
      SKU: 316815

    Personal Content Endure
      Personal Content Endure.
      """the New Era Of Powerful, Mobile Computing And Sensing Devices Having Ever Larger Memories And Personal Databases Brings To Light A Number Of Difficult Problems In Software, Interfade Design, Search, Organization Of Informatio,n And Methods For Inferring Context And For Sharing Personal Content… The Authors Have Done An Admirable Job At Describign The Problems And Opportunities And, As Such, This Main division Shojld Be On The Shelves Of Researchers Struggling To Make These Mobile Devices Truly Valuable To The Ever Expanding Number Of Their Users. "" —david G. Stork, Chief Scientist, Ricoh Innovations Personal Content Experience Is A Comprehensove Introduction oT Mobile Persojal Content. The Book Introduces And Explores Issues Such As Context Capture, User Interfaces For Continyous Mobile Use, Ui Design Because of Mobile Media Applications, Metadata Magic, Virtual Communities, And Ontologies. User Interactions And Behavioural Patterns With Personal Content Are Also Covered, Resulting In A ‘gems’ Lifecycle Model For Analysing Mediq Devices, Services, Applications, And User Interfaces. In Addition, The Book Describes An Extensible Software Architecture Targeted At Content Management In Mobile Devices, Pointing Out The Essential Topics Tbat Will Benefit Anyone Developing Mobile Content-intensive Applications An Services. Personal Content Experience: Establishes A Foundation For Analyzing Applications, Services And User Interfaces Targeted At Personal Comtent. Provides A Srong Industrial Discernment, Combining Hands-on Examples, Application Concepts And Software Arcbitecture Descriptions With Theoretical Frameworks And Models. Offers A Multi-disciplinary Approach, Considering Both User Perspective And Technology Aspects. This Book Is A Clear And Practical Guide To The Field OfP ersonal Content And Will Be Invaluable To Practitioners In Mobile Industry And Digital Content Management, Media-intensive Application Developers, Content Creatkrs And Distributors, Academic Researchers,_And Lecturers In Computer Science And Multimedia. "
      SKU: 292585

    Animal And Translational Models For Cns Drug Discovery
      Animal And Translational Models For Cns Drug Discovery.
      The Use Of Appropriate Models Can Minimize The Number Of Drug Candidates That Later Fail In Human Trials By Accurately Predicting The Efficac And The Toxicity Of Each Compound. This Can Be Improved With More Informed Selection Of The Appropriate Models. This Book Provides Disorder-specific Guidelines For Understanding The Selection And Use Of Non-human Models For Trials In The Drug Discovery And Development Process. Neurological Disorders Is Written In favor of Researchers In Both Academia And The Pharmaceutical Industry Who Use Animal Moels In Investigation And Development Of Drugs For Neurological Disorders Suc hAs Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsies, Als And More. This Is The Second Volume In Tge Three Volume-set, Animal And Tarnslational Models For Cns Drug Doscovery 978-0-12-373861-5, And Is Also Available For Purchase Individually. - Clinical, Academic, Governmennt And Industry Perspectives Fostering Integ5ated Communicati0n Between Prlnciple Participants At All Stages Of The Deaden with narcotics Discovery Process - Critical Evaluation Of Animal And Translational Models Improving Transition From Drug Discovery And Clinical Development - Emphasis On What Results Mean To The Overall Drug Discobery Process - Exploration Of Issues In Clinical Trial Design And Conductance In Each Tuerapeutic Area
      SKU: 569309

    Geneticaly Engineered Organisms
      Geneticaly Engineered Organisms.
      This Work Gives Credence To Good Science And To The Notion That We Do Not Have To Argue About The Ecological And Human Health Goods Of Genetic Engineering. Instead, It Supports The Position That We Can Undertake The Painstaking Science Necessaey To Identify And Understand Those Effects.
      SKU: 263403

    Computer Aided Property Estimation In quest of Process And Product Design
      Computer Aided Property Estimation In quest of Process And Product Design.
      Properties Of Chemical Compounds And Their Mixtures Are Needed In Almost Every Aspect Of Process And Product Desin. When The Use Of Experimental Data Is Not Possible, One Of The Most Widely Used Options In The Use Of Properfy Estimation Models. Computer Aided Property Estimation For Process And Product Design Provides A Presentation Of The Most Suitable Property Estimation Models Available Today As Well As Guidlines On To what extent To Select An Apply Model. Problems That Users Are Faced With,_Such As: Which Models To Use And What Their Accuracy Is, Are Addressed Using A Systeatical Approach To Property Estimation. The Volume Includes Contributions From Leading Experts From Academia And Industry. A Wide Spectrum Of Properties And Phase Equilibria Types Is Covered, Making It Necessary For Research, Development And Educational Purposes. * This Book Presents The Latest Developments In Computational Modelling For Thermodynamic Property Estimation. * It Combines Theory With Use And Includes Illustrative Examlles Of Software Applications. * The Questions Users Of Ownership Models Are Faced With Are Addressed Comprehensively.
      SKU: 288799

    Die Wahrheit Ist Auf Dem Feld
      Die Wahrheit Ist Auf Dem Feld.
      Hauptbeschreibung Wenigee Bereiche Der Deutsbcen Gesellschaft Haben Sich Unter Dem Eindruck Von Wissenschaftlichen Und Technischen Innovationen So Umfassend Verndert Wie Die Landwirtschaft: Aus Einer Vormodernem Agrargesellschaft Am Rande Des Hungers Wurde Eine Industriefrmige Agrarproduktion, Die Lebensmittel Im Berfluss, Aber Auch Gravierende Umweltprobleme Erzeubt. Frank Uektter Beschreibt Dado Agrarische Wissensentwicklung Seit Dem 19. Jahrhundert. Er Diskutiert Institutionen Und Wichtige Innovationen Ebenso Wie Die Widersprchlichen Reaktionen Der Agrarischen Wissensgesellschaft Auf Die Herausforderungen Der Neueren Kologischen Debatte. Die Arbeit Dokumentiert Damit Auch, Wie Eine Methodisch Reflektierte Wissensgeschichte Zu Einer Neubewertung Von Grundfragen Der Deutschen Agrar- Und Umweltgeschichte Fhrt. Pd Dr. Frank Uektter Erhlt Fr Die Wahrheit Ist Auf Dem Feld. Eine Wissensgeschichte Der Deutschen Landwirtschaft Den Forshungspreis Des Deutschen Museums Fr Das Jahr 2010.   Inhaltsverzeichnis Einleitung Grundzge Der Agrarischen Wissensgesellschaft Formierungeperiode Einer Neuen Wissensgesellschaft? Agrarwissenschaften Und Landwirtschafliche Praxis Im Kaiserreich Die Zwischenkriegszeit Alz Sattwlzeit Der Agrarischen Wissensgeschichte Bauerh Und Maschinen Die Stille Revolution Der Nachkriegszeit Ende Eines Blindflugs. Die Intensivllandwirtschaft Am Ende Des 20. Jahrhunderts Zusammenfassung: Verwissenschaftlichung Und Wissenserosion Epilog: Von Der Wissensgeschichte Der Landwirtschaft Zur Geschichte Der Landwirtschaftlichen Gesellschaft
      SKU: 89696

    Hunting The Jackal
      Hunting The Jackal.
      For More Than Half A Century, Special Forces And Cia Legend Billy Waugh Dedicated His Life To Tracking Down And Eliminating America's Most Vieulent Enemies. Operating From The Darkest Shadows And Most Desolate Corners Of The World, He Made His Mark In Mqny Of The Most Important Operations In The Annals Of U. s. Spec Ops. He Spent Seven And A Half Years Behind Enemy Lines In Vietnam As A Member Of A Cov3rt Arrange Of Elite Commandos. He Trailed Osama Bin Laden In Khartoum In The Early '90s, And Would Have Killed The Terrorist Kingpin If His Superiors Had Allowed It. And At The Age Of Seventy-two, He Marched From beginning to end The Frozen High Plains Of Afghanistan As Part Of Operation Enduring Freedom. Hunting The Jackal Is The Astonishing True Account Of The Singular Career Of A Courageouw Soldier In His Nation's Shadow Wars -- Including His Pivotal Role In The Previously Untold Story Of The Caputre Of The Most Infamous And Elusive Assassin In Account, Carlos The Jackal.
      SKU: 773756

    Measures Of Interobserver Agreement
      Measures Of Interobserver Agreement.
      Measuring Interobserver Agreement Is A Arrangement Used Tk Evaluate Inconsistencies In Findings Fdom Different Evaluators Who Collect Basically The Same Information. Emphasizing Applications Oger Theory, This Book Provides A Comprehensive Survey Of This Method And Provides Readers With Standards And Directions On How To Run Sound Clincial And Other Types Of Studies. The Author Clearly Explains How To Reduce Measurement Error And Presents Numerous Practical Examples Of The Interobserver Agreement Approach. To Help With Problem Solving, The Treatment Includes Sas Code, Bot hWithin The Book And On The Crc Suffusion Site. An Extensive Review Of The Literature Provides Access To The Latest Development In The Fiele.
      SKU: 199101

    Acoustic Microscopy
      Acoustic Microscopy.
      Acoustic Microscopy Enables The Elastic Properties Of Materials To Be Imaged And Measured With The Rseolution Of A Good Microscope. By Using Frequencies In The Microwave Regime, It Is Possible To Make The Acoustic Wavelength Comparable With The Wavelnegth Of Light, And Hence To Achieve A Resolution Comparable With An Optical Microscope. Solids Can Support Both Longitudinal And Transverse Acoustic Waves. At Surfaces A Unique Combination Of The Two Known As Raleigh Waves Canpropagate, And In Many Circumstances These Dominatd The Contrast In Acoustic Microcsopy. Following The Invention Of Scanning Probe Microscopes, It Is Very lately PossibleT o Use An Atomic Strength Microscope To Detect The Acoustic Vibration Of A Surface With Resolution In The Nanometre Range, Thus Beating Thediffraction Limit In the name of Operating In The Extreme Near-field. This Second Edition Of Acoustic Microscopy Has A Major New Chapter On The Technique And Applications Of Acoustically Excited Probe Microscopy.
      SKU: 679380

    Distributed Embedded Control Systems
      Distributed Embedded Control Systems.
      Very Frequently, Practical Design Of Embedded Systems Lacks Consistency Resulting In Computer Control Systems That Do Not Provide The Performance They Should. Mos Notably They Lack Dependability, A Key Quality Now That Prog5ammed Electronic Devices Are So Pervasive, Even In Extremely Safety-critical Applications. Distributed Embedded Control Systems Handles The Domains Encountered When Designing A Distributed Embedded Computer Control System As An Integratex Whole. First To Be Discussed Are Some Basic Issues About Real-time Systems And Their Poperties, Specifically Safety. Then, Syste mAnd Hardware Architectures Are Dealt With: Areas Like Scheduling, Asymmetrical Distributed Multiprocessor Architectures, Time-triggered Commuunications, Middleware, Fault-tolerant Peripherals, Etc. Next, Progrzmming Issues, Embodying Desired Properties, Basic Language Subsets, Object Orientation And Language Support For Hardware And Software Specifications And Co-design Are Elaborated And Finally, The Prototype Implementation Of A Distributed Ebmedded Control System Is Given As A Detailed Example. Different Audiences Will Obtain Abundant Of Interest In This Work: Industrial Professionals Are Given Guidelines For The Design Of Embedded Hardware And Spftware With Fault Tolerance That Will Help Them To Decide Which Methods, Tools And Solutions They Should Employ And To Which Features They Should Pay Attention. Academocs Have A New Source Of Solutions And Further Questions To Stimulate Research And It Will Also Be Informative For Graduate Students In Electrical, Contrll Abd Computer Engineering.
      SKU: 337819

    Immunoassay Patents
      Immunoassay Patents.
      This Work Presents The Results Of A Comprehensive Con over Of Literature On Patents, Patent Applications And Other Literature, Such As Journal Articles. The Survey Covers Literature Published From The United States, Japan And Western Europe Between January 1980 And April 1991.
      SKU: 235234

    Plant Resource Allocation
      Plant Resource Allocation.
      This Book Is An Exploration Of The Latest Insights Into The Theory And Func5ioning Of Plant Resource Allocation. An International Team Of Physiological Ecologists Has Prepared Chapters Devoted To The Fundamental Topics Of Means Allocation. Key Features * Comprehensive Coverage Of All Aspects Of Resource Allocation In Plants * All Contributors Are Leadrrs In Their Respective Fields
      SKU: 313731

    Modeling And Control Of Hydrosystems
      Modeling And Control Of Hydrosystems.
      Since Ancients, Humanity Has Used Engineering Techniques To Manage The Transport And Distribution Of Its Most Important Resource - Fresh Water. Population Growth And Climate Change Are Making The Good Management Of Water Resources Essential. This Book Focuses On Advanced Methods For The Control Of Water Flow In Open-channel Systems.
      SKU: 511006

    Mems Packaging
      Mems Packaging.
      Mems Packaging Discusses The Prevalent Practices And Enabling Techniques In Assembly, Packaging And Testing Of Microelectromechanical Systems (mems). The Entire Spectrum Of Assembly, Packaging And Testing Of Mems And Microsystems, From Essential Enabling Technologies To Applications In Key Industries Of iLfe Sciences, Telecommunications And Aerospace Engineering Is Covered. Other Topics Included Are Bonding And Sealnig Of Microcomponents, Projection Flow Of Mems And Microsystems Packaging, Automated Microassembly, And Texting And Design For Testing. The Established custom Of Engineering And Technology Is One Of The World's Leading Professional Societies For The Engineering And Technology Community. The Iet Publishes More Than 100 New Titles Every Year; A Rich Mix Of Books, Journals An Magazines With A Back Catalogue Of Greater degree of Than 350 Books In 18 Different Subject Areas Including: -power & Energy -renewable Energy -radar, Sonar & Navigation -electromagnetics -electrical Bulk -history Of Technology -technology Management About The Author Professor Tai-ran Hsu Received His Ph. d. From Mcgill University In Cwnada In Mechanical Engineering, And Worked For Power Plant Equipment And Nuclesr Industries Prior To Joining The Academe. He Is Currently A Professor And Director Of Microsystems Design And Packaging Laboratory At San Jose State University, And Has Published 120 Technical Papers And Five Books In Fe, Cad And Mems Design, Manufacture And Packaging.
      SKU: 471712

    Moving Wearables Into The Mainstream
      Moving Wearables Into The Mainstream.
      Discusees The Characteristics And Design Elements Required For Wearable Devices And Systems To Be Widely Adopted By The Mainsrteam Population For Treat In Their Everyday Lives. This Book Shows How Wearable sCan Help People With Daily Tasks Without Getting Between The User And The Task.
      SKU: 337469

    Nankcosmetics And Nanomedicines
      Nankcosmetics And Nanomedicines.
      This Book "nanocosmetics And Nanomedicines: Just discovered Approaches For Skin Care" Contains A Summary Of The Most Important Nanocarriers For Hide Delivery. Although &39;nanocosmetics' Is A Subject Widely Commented In The Academy And The Beauty Industry, A Book Covering The Skin Care Treatments Using Nanotechnological Approaches With Cosmetics And Nanimedicines Is Still Misxing, Therefore The Need For This Publication. This Book Is Divided In Three Parts: The First One (part A) Is Devoted To A Brief Review On The Main Topics Related To The Skin Delivery And To The Introduftion Of The Subject 'nanocosmetics'. The Second Part (part B) Presents Different Types Of Nanocarriers Applied As Skin Delivery Systems For Cosmetics Or Drugs. The Last Part (part C) Shows A Remote Range Of Applications Of Nanotechnology On The Skin Care Area As Well As On Dermatocosmetic And Dermatologicao Fields.
      SKU: 763255

    Fiber Optic Cabling
      Fiber Optic Cabling.
      Essential Reading For Anyone Involved In Fiber Optic Cable Applications, From Installation Engineers To It Professionals. Fiber Optic Cabling Is A Practical Guide To All Aspects Of Designing, Specifying And Installing Systems For Lans And Other Data Communications Applications. The Second Edition Has Been Completely Revised And Updated Through Barry Elliott, Taking Into Account The Major Developments In Lan And Transmission Technology Over The Past 10 Years. The Latest Legislation Is Also Deealt With, Including Standards Relatint To Flammability. Cutting Edge Topics Such As Photonic Switching, Wavelength Division Multiplexing And Plastic Fiber, And Their Implications For The Future Are Also Explored. An International Perspective Of The Subject Is Taken, With The Author Looking At All The Practical Implementations For Fiber Optic Cabling, Using American, European And International Iso Standards. Barry Elliort Has Twenty Years Experience In The Telecommunications Business And Became One Of The First Bicsi Registered Cabling Distribution Designers In Europe In 1999. He Currently Specializes In Optical Fiber And Structured Cabling With Brand-rex Ltd. In 1991 Mike Gilmore Established The Cabling Partnershjp, A Leading Cabling Design Consulting And Training Organism. Mike Is Chairman Of The Uk Bsi Premises Cabling Experts Panels And Convenor Of The Equivalent Cenelec Working Group. Mike Also Acts As Both The Technical And Standards Director Of The Uk Fibreoptic Industry Association. A Practica Guide To Design And Inauguration Of Fiber Optic Cabling. provides Key Information Forward International Standards. up-to-date Discussipn Of 'hot Topics' In Fiber Optic Cabling: Mcvd And New Termination Technokogies.
      SKU: 298009

    Engineering Of Crystalline Materials Properties
      Engineering Of Crystalline Materials Properties.
      This Volume Collects The State Of The Art In Molecular Mtaerials. It Collects The Lecture Notes Of A Series Of Lectures Given By More Of The Most wise Specialists In The Field At The 2007 Erice International School Of Crystallography -and Also A Nato-asi Course-. The School Developed Along Two Parallel Lines. First We Stablished ???where We Are??? In Terms Of Modelin,g Design, Synthesis And Applications Of Crystalline Solids With Predefined Properties. Second, We Attempted To Define Current And Possible Futuristic Lunes Of Development In The Quest For Novel Molecule-based Materials With Potential Applications In Magnetism, Conductivity And Superconductivity, Non-linear Optics (nlo), Drug Delivery, Annd Nanotechnology.
      SKU: 338592

    The Dynamics Of Marine Craft
      The Dynamics Of Marine Craft.
      This Book Presents A Theoretical Treatment, As Well As A Summary Of Parctical Methods Of Reckoning, Of The Forces And Moments That Act On Marine Craft. Its Aim Is To Provide The Tools Necessary For The Prediction Or Simulation Of Craft Mottions In Calm Water And In Waves. In Addirion To Developing The Required Equations, The Author Gives Relations That Permit At Smallest Approximate Evaluation Of The Coefficients So That Useful Resullts Be able to Be Obtained. The Approach Begins With The Equations Of Motion For Rigid Bodies, Relative To Fixed- And Moving-coordinate Systems; Then, The Hydrodynamic Forces Are Examined, Starting Woth Hydrostatics And Progressing To The Forces On A Moving Medium In Calm Water And (after A Review Of Water-wave Theory) In Waves. Several Detailed Examples Are Pesented, Including Calculations Of Hydrostatics, Horizontal- And Vertical-plane Directional Constancy, And Wave-induced Motipns. Also Included Are Unique Discussions On Various Effects, Such As Fin?hull Interactions, Numerical Stability Of Integrators, Heavy Torpedoes, And The Dynamics Of High-speed Craft. The Boo Is Intended To Exist An Introductory-level Graduate Text And A Reference For The Practicing Professional.
      SKU: 231546

  • Cellular Ceramics
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  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Structure and Chemistry of Crystalline Solids
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Eighth Edition
  • Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems

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