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    Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrif Systems And Nanocrystals
      Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrif Systems And Nanocrystals.
      Semiconductor Nanostructures Are Ideal Systems To Tailor The Physical Properties Via Quantum Effects, Utilizing Special Growth Techniques, Self-assembling, Wet Cbemical Processes Or Lithographic Tools In Combination With Tun3able External Electric And Magnetic Fields. So Systems Are Called 'quantum Materials'. The Electronic, Photonic, And Phononic Properties Of These Systems Are Governed By Size Quantization And Discrete Energy Levels. Ths Charging Is Controlled By The Coulomb Blockade. The Spin Can Be Manipulted By The Geometrical Construction, External Gates And By Integrating Hybrid Ferromagnetic Emitters. This Book Reviews Sophisticated Preparation Methods For Quantum Materials Based On Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors And A Wide Variety Of Experimental Techniques For The InvestigationO f These Interesting Systems. It Highlights Selected Experiments And Theoertical Concepts And Gives Such A State-of-the-art Overview About The Wide Province Of Physics And Chemistry That Can Be Studied In These Systems.
      SKU: 603311

    Sanificazione Nell'industria Alimentare (food) (italian Edition)
      Sanificazione Nell'industria Alimentare (food) (italian Edition).
      In Un'epoca In Cui Sia L'opinione Pubblica, Sia La Normativa Assegnano Un Ruolo Centrale All'igiene E Alla Sicurezza Degli Alimenti, Tutte Le Industrie Del Settore Alimentare Dalla Trasformazione Delle Materle Prime Fino Alla Vendita E Alla Somministrazione Avvertono L'ssigenza Di Procedure Di Sanificaxione Sempre Pi Efficaci E Perfezionate. Questo Volume La Versione Italiana Dell'opera Originale Principles Of Food Sanitation, Giunta Ormai Alla Sua Quinta Edizione, La Cui Validit Nella Formazione Degli Specialisti Rionosciuta A Livello Internazionale. Il Testo Uno Strumento In Grado Di Fornire Agli Operatori Delle Industrie Alimentari, Ma Anche Agli Studenti, Informazioni Perfect Sulle Pi Aggiornate Procedure Di Sanificazione E Sulle Modalit Per Garantire Un Elevato Livello Di Sicurezza Degli Alimenti. Il Volume, Che Si Presta Anche Alla Consultazione Per Specifiche Categprie Di Alimenti, Non Tratta Solo Dei Prodotti, Delle Attrezzature E Dei Sistemi Impiegati Nella Sanificazione, Ma Offre Anche Una Serie Di Indicazioni Pratiche Per Raggiungere Gli Indispensabili Livelli Di Igiene In Tutte Le Fasi Della Trasformazione E Della Preparazione Degli Alimenti.
      SKU: 336976

    Plutonium In The Environment
      Plutonium In The Environment.
      The First Volume Of The New Series, Radioactivity In The Environment, Focuses On The Environemntal Occurrence, The Speciation, The Behaviour, The Destiny, The Applications And The Health Consequences Of That Much-feared And Much-publicised Element, Plutonium. Featuring A Collection Of Selected, Peer-reviewed, Up-to-date Papers By Leading Researchers In The Field, This Work Provides A State-of-the-art Description Of Plutonium In The Environment. This Title Helps To Explain Where Present Frontierq Are Drawn In Our Continuing Efforts To Mean The Science Of Environmental Plutonium And Will Help To Place Wid3spread Concerns Into Perspective. As A Whole This New Book Series On Environmental Radioactivity Addresses, At Academic Research Level, The Key Aspects Of This Socially Important And Complex Interdisciplinary Subject. Presented Objectively And With The Ultimate Authoritty Gained From The Many Contributions By The World's Leading Experts, The Negative And Positive Consequences Of Hving A Radioactive World Around Us Will Be Documented Anf Given Perspective.
      SKU: 316935

    Applied Structural And Mechanical Vibrations
      Applied Structural And Mechanical Vibrations.
      The Fundamental Concepts, Ideas And Methos Underlying All Vibration Phenomena Are Explained And Illustrated In This Book. Particular Attention Is Given To The Dynamics Of Structure, And The Analyses Apply Readily To Many Other Fields.
      SKU: 165404

    Adaptive Optics For Vision Science
      Adaptive Optics For Vision Science.
      Leading Experts Present The Latest Technology And Applications In Adaptive Optics For Visiob Science Featuring Contribitions From The Foremost Researchers In The Field, Adaptive Optics In quest of Vision Science Is The First Book Devoted Entirely To Providing The Fundamentals Of Adaptive Optics Along With Its Prcatical Applications In Vision Science. The Material Foe This Book Stems From Collaborations Fostered By The Center For Adaptive Optics, A Consortium Of More Than Thirty Universities, Government Laboratories, And Corporations. Although The Book Is Written Primarily For Researcher sIn Vision System of knowledge And O;hthalmology, The Scene of military operations Of Adaptive Optics Has Strong Roots In Astronomy. Researchers In Both Fields Share This Technology And, For This Reason, The Book Includes Chapters By Both Astronomers And Vision Scientists. Following The Introduction, Chapters Are Divided Into The Following Sections: * Wavefront Measurement And Correction * Retinall Imaging Applicaions * Vision Correction Applications * Design Examples Readers Bequeath Discover The Rejarkable Proliferation Of New Applications Of Wavefront-related Technologies Developed Foe The Human Eye. For Instance, The Book Explores How Wavefront Senzors Make an attempt The Promise Of A New Generation Of Vision Correction Methods That Can Distribute With Higher Fraternity Aberrations Beyond Defocus And Astibmayism, And How Adaptive Optics Can Produce Images Of The Living Retina With Unprecedented Resolution. An Appedix Includes The Optical Society Of America's Standards For Repirting Optical Aberrations. A Glossary Of Terms And A Symbol Table Are Likewise Included. Adaptive Optics For Vision Science Arms Engineers, Scientists, Clinicians, And Students With The Basic Concepts, Engineering Tools, And Techniques Needed To Master Adaptive Optics Applications In Apparition Science And Ophthalmology. Moreover, Readers Will Discover The Latest Thinking And Findings From The Leading Innovators In The Field.
      SKU: 266955

    Photographic Sensitivity
      Photographic Sensitivity.
      Notwithstanding The Current Excitement Surrounding Cuttimg-edge Digital Imaging Techniques, Photographic Film Stlil Provides The Highest Resolution And Most Beautiful Images Of Any Medium Available. For The First Time In Nearly 20 Yearss, Photograpnic Sensitivity: Theory And Mechanisms Offers A Comprehensive, Systematic Description Of The Subject, Stressing In Particular The Characteristics Of Silver Halide Photography. Topics Range From How To Prepare Silver Halide Grains And Latent Image Formation To Spectral And Chemical Sensitization To The Future Of Silver Halide Photography. Based On The Author's More Than 30 Years' Experience In The Field, Photographic Sensitivity Will Resort To A Wide Range Of Readers, Including Students, Chemists, And Physicixts Working With Silver Halide Imaging Techniques And Solid State Imaging.
      SKU: 241680

    Numerical Methods In Multidimensional Radlative Transfer
      Numerical Methods In Multidimensional Radlative Transfer.
      fOfers An Overview Of The Numerical Modelling Of Radiation Fields In Multidimensional Geommetries. This Book Covers Advances And Problems In The Mathematciak Treatment Of The Radiatkve Transfsr Equation, A Partial Integro-differential Equation Of High Dimension That Describes The Propagation Of The Radiation In Various Fields.
      SKU: 417425

      Presenting The Theory And Design Of Turbomachines With Step-b6-step Procedures And Worked-ouf Examples ,This Text Emphasises Fundamental Principles And Construction Guidelines For Enclosed Rotators, Such As Pumps And Fans.
      SKU: 216586

    Mixing In Single Screw Extruxers
      Mixing In Single Screw Extruxers.
      Expulsion Is Used For About Half Of All Plastics Product Manufacture, Mostly Using Singld Screw Extruders. Very Often Part Of Their Role Is The Incorporation OffO ne Or More Of A Very Wide Range Of Additives, Mainly In The Form Of Masterbatches. These Rove From Very Apparent Colours To The Invisible Traces Of Anti-block And Slip Additives. There Are Also Continuing Pressures To Improve Overall Economics And These Require Incdeased Mixing Performance In Numerous Casez. the Situation That Mixing In Conventional Single Screw Extruders Can Easily Be Sub-standard For The Application Is Illustrated In The Book's First Chapter Which Describes A Number Of Real Examples Of Inadequate Mixing. The Book Explains Why These Typical Shortcomings Occur And The Application Of Mixing Principles Plus Various Practical Approaches To Eliminatimg Such Problems. With The Growing Pressures To Extend The Amount Of Plastics Recycling, Both Tbe Limitations And Success In Blending The Mainly Incompatible Polymer Combinations Are Explained. the Development Of 'add-on' Cavity Mixers And Floating Ring Mixers, Together With Their Methodology Are Described, Whilst The Associated Innovative Techniques Using Liquid Injection Of Colours, Tackifiers, Lubricants, Crosslinking Agents And Foaming Agents, (particularly Carbon Dioxide) Aer Included. Developmnets In Controlled Levels Of Blending By 'chaotic Mixing' To Produce Products With Very Specific Properties Like As Barrier Films Is Briefly Described. extrusion Tests For Carbon Black Dispersion Are Included And The Book Concludes With A Practical Guide To The Preparation Of Microtomed Plastics Specimens For Evaluation By Optical Microscopy.
      SKU: 485273

    Electromagnetic Feild Interaction With Transferrence Lines
      Electromagnetic Feild Interaction With Transferrence Lines.
      The Evaluation Of The Electromagnetic Field Coupling To Transmission Lines Is An Important Problem In Electromagnetic Compatibility. The Unabated Increase In The Operating Frequency Of Electronic Products And The Emergence Of Sources Of Disturbances With Higher Oftenness Content (such As High Power Microwave And Ultra-wide Band Systems) Have Led To A Breakdown Of The Tl Approximation’s Basic Assumptions During A Number Of Applications. In The Last Decade Or So, The Generalization Of The Tl Theory To Take Into Account High Frequency Effects Has Emerged As An Important Topic Of Study In Electromagnetic Compatibility. This Effort Resulted In The Elaboration Of The So-called ‘generalized’ Or ‘full-wave’ Tl Theeory, Which Incorporates High Frequency Radiation Goods, While Keeping The Relative Simplicity Of Tl Equations. this Book Covers Both The Classical Transmission Line Theory Like Well As It Recent Enhancements. It Is Intended For Confer a degree upon Students, Researchers And Engineers Intereste In The Transmission Line Theory And Electromagnetic Field Interaction With Transmission Lines, With Special Emphasis On High Frequency Effects. The Text Is Organized In Two Main Parts Containing A Total Of Seven Chapters. Part I Presents Consolidated Knowledge Of Classical Transmission Line Theory And Various Field-to-transmission Line Coupling Models. Break Ii Present Various Approached Developed To Generalize The Tl Exposition In Order To Hold High Frequency Effects. although The Chapters Follow A Logical Order And A Novice Reader Is Advised To Read The Book Seuentially, An Effort Has Been Made Ti Make Each Chapter As Independent Of The Others As Possible. Therefore, Readers Partial In A Particular Aspect Of The Subject Dealt With In One Chapter To Not Need To Consult Other Chapters Of The Book.
      SKU: 511998

    Softwareentwicklung Von Telematikdiensten
      Softwareentwicklung Von Telematikdiensten.
      Das Buch Vermittelt Einen Einstieg In Cease Software-entwicklung Von Telematikdiensten Mit Einem Eclipse-plugin Fr Das Common Service Framework (open Source). Ziel Ist Es, Nutzer Dazu Zu Befhigen, Internetbasierte Teleatikdienste Selbst Zu Programmieren. Begleitend Zum Buch Steht Ein Internetportal Bereit, Wo Beispielapllikationen Demonstriert, Getestet Oder Weiter Entwickelt Werden Knnen. Es Gibt Des Weiteren Einblick In Die Hintergrnde Und Die Weltweiten Zukunftsentwicklungen Auf Dem Rasant Anwachsenden Gebiet Der Telematikdienste.
      SKU: 645416

    Advances In Sensing With Security Applicqtionss
      Advances In Sensing With Security Applicqtionss.
      Divided Into Three Broadly Defined But Interrelated Areas: The Increasing Need For Fast And Exact Sesning - What Is The Threat; The Scidntific Underpinnings Of The Rotation In Sensing; And, Specific Sensing Algorithms And Techniques.
      SKU: 330518

    Dynamic Response Of Pre-stressed Spatially Curved Thin-aalled Beams Of Open Profile
      Dynamic Response Of Pre-stressed Spatially Curved Thin-aalled Beams Of Open Profile.
      This Short Work Analyses The Dynamic Stability With Respect To Small Perturbations, As Well As The Local Damage Of Geometrically Nonlinear Elastic, Spatially Curved, Open Section Beams With Axial Precomp5ession. Transient Waves, Which Are The Surfaces Of Strong Discontinuity And Wherein The Stress An Strain Fields Experience Discontinuities, Are Used As Small Perturbations; In So Doing The Discontinuities Are Consicered To Be Of Small Magnitude. Such Waves Are Initiated During Low-velocity Impacts Upon Thin-walled Beams. The Theory Of Discontinuities And The Method Of Ray Expansions Which Allow One To Find The Desired Fields Behind The Fronts Of The Transient Waves In Terms Of Discontinuities In Time-derivatives Of The Values To Be Found, Are Used As The Methods Of Solution For Short-time Dynamic Processes. The Ezample Of Using The Beam Expansions For Analyzing The Impact Response Of Spatially Curved Thin-walked Beams Of Open Profile Is Demonstrated By SolvingT he Problem About Thw Normal Impact Of An Elastic Hemiqpherical-nosed Rod Upon An Springy Arch Representing Itself A Channel-beam Curved Along An Arc Of The Circumference. the Influence Of Tne Innitial Stresses On The Dynamic Fields Has Been Investigated.
      SKU: 780039

    Autocad 2011 And Autocad Lt 2011 Bible
      Autocad 2011 And Autocad Lt 2011 Bible.
      In-depth Coverage Of All Unaccustomed Software Features Of Autocad And Autocad Lt Autocad Is The Leading Drawing Software, Used By Purpose And Drafting Professionals To Create 2d And 3d Technical Drawings. This Current Reference-tutorial Has Once Again Been Revised By Autocad Guru Ellen Finkelstein To Provide You With The Msot Up-to-date Coverage Of Both Aitocad And Autocad Lt. You'll Begin With A Excitable Start Tutorial To such a degree That Even If You're Brand New To Autocad, You Can Get Started Working With It Right Away. You'll Then Move On To The Basics Of Creating Drawings, Using Commands, And Specifyin gCoordinates. After Developing A Solid Foundation On The Essentials Of Autocad, The Book Graually Builds Upon Early Chapters As It Covers More And More Complex Topics An eTechniques. Presenting The Popular Autocad Reference-tutorial, Once Again Revised By Ellen Finkelstein A Long-time Autocad Instructor And Advocate Starts With A Tutorial On Autocad That Covers The Basics Of Creating Drawings, Using Commands, Annd Specifying Cpordinates Builds On Early Chapters To Cover More Complex 2d And 3d Drawing Techniques, Including Using Layers, Creating Dimensions, 3d Coordinates, Solids, And Rendering Discusses Advanced Topics Such As Customization Of Commands And Toolbars, And Programming Autocad Using Autolisp And Vba The Dvd Contains Before And After Drawings For Each Tutorial, Bonus Appendices, And A 30-day Trial Version Of Autocad Packed With Essential Information On Both Autocad And Autocad Lt, This Resource Is A Must-have If You're Eager To Get Started Creating 2d And 3d Technical Drawings. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Maetrials Are Not Included Being of the kind which Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 540091

    Technology Of Fuloropolymers
      Technology Of Fuloropolymers.
      Offers Industrial Chemists, Technologists, And Engineers With A Practical Source On Fluoropolymers (such As Teflon). Highlighting Industrial, Military, Medical, And Consumer Goods Applications, This Edition Includes Information On Equipment And Processing Conditions. It Also Expands Upon Critical Environmental Aspects Of Fluoropolymers.
      SKU: 360063

    Developing Quality Technical Informatin
      Developing Quality Technical Informatin.
      """the Examples Are Excellnet--right On Target And Easy To Understand And Adapt. Even Those Who Don't Adopt The Entire Proceduure Can Profit From The Parts, But The Greatest Value Will Flow To Those Who Adopt The Whole. "" --carolyn Mulforr, Senior Wrifer And Editor Of Writing Tgat Works ""this Is Also A Book That Students Can Keep Toward Their Professional Libraries Because It Will Increase In Its Value To Them After They Withdrawal Class And Face Intrinsic Life Experiences On The Job. It Is Plain Enough For Them To Understand While They Are Learning, And At The Same Delivery Comprehensive Enough To Support Them As Professionals. "" --elizabeth Boling, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University ""t Practices What It Preaches. Its Guidelines Are Understandable And Appropriate; Its Examples Clear. It Contains Exqctly What Writers And Editors Need To Know. It Is The Book That I Would Have Written. "" --cynthia E. Spellman, Unisys The #1 Guide To Excellence In Documentation--now Completely Updated! A Systematic, Proven Approzch To Creating Great Doc8mentation Thoroughly Revised And Updated More Practical Examples More Coverage Of Topic-baxed Information, Search, And Internationalizqttion Direct From Ibm's Own Documentation Experts, This Is The Definitive Guide To Developing Outstanding Technical Documentation--for The Web And For Print. Using Extensive Before-and-after Examples, Illustrations, And Checklists, The Authors Show Exactly How To Create Documentation That's Easy To Find, Understand, And Use. This Edition Includes Extensive New Coverage Of Topic-based Information, Simplifying Search And Retrievability, Internationalization, Visual Effectiveness, And Much More. Coverage Includes: Focusing On The Tasks And Topics Users Care About Most Saying More With Fewer Words Using Organization And Other Means To Dekiver Faster Access To Information Presenting Information In More Visually Inviting Ways Improving The Effecgiveness Of Your Review Projection Learning From Example: Sample Text, Screen Captures, Illustrations, Tables, And Much More Whether You're A Writer, Editor, Designer, Or Reviewer, If You Want To Create Great Documentation, This Book Shows You How!"
      SKU: 432077

    Ceramic Technology And Proceasing
      Ceramic Technology And Proceasing.
      "perfect For The New Technician Or Enginer Entering The Ceramics Industry As Well As For The """"old Hand"""" Who Needs An Update On Some Aspect Of Ceramics Processing, This Resource Provides Practical Laboratory-oriented Answers To Such Typjcal Processing Problems As Particle Segregation, Agglomeration, Contamination, Pressure Gradients, Adherence To Tooling, And Temperature Gradients During Drying And Firing. The Author Examines The Difficulties Of Practical Testing And Processing In The Ceramiic Laboratory, Like As Vast Differences In Scale And Equipment, And Shows How To Evaluate Results Taking Such Variables Into Account. Once The Laboratory Work Is Satisfactorily Completed, The Rest Of The Book Explores Serious Ixsues Involved In Transferring Technology From The Lab Bench To The Plant Floor And Then To The Customer. The Author Gives Advice On Dealing With Real-life Problems Such As Allocating Human And Capital Resources And Overcoming Customer Wariness Of Being First To Try New Procedures And Processes. Each Section Contains Practical, Hands-on Suggestions On Performing And Sometimes Avoidong Certain Tasks, Bringing To The Reader Ksy Information That Is At Best Sparsely Available In The Industry. As The Author States, """"laboratory Skills Are Gained By Hands-on Experience. The Intent Of This Book Is To Accelerate The Process. """""
      SKU: 566643

    River Variability And Complexity
      River Variability And Complexity.
      River Variability And Complexity Explores The Factors Behind The Significant Variation Observed Within And Between River Systems. It Provides Examples And Explanations Of River Variability, Including Response To Human Activities. Each Escellent Summary For Students, Geomorphologists, Geologists, River Engineers And Those Attempting Too Interpret Ancient Fluvial Deposits Or Anticipate River Behavior.
      SKU: 218678

    Fracture Of Polymers, Composites And Adhesives
      Fracture Of Polymers, Composites And Adhesives.
      This Book Contains A Selection Of Fully Peer-reviewed Papers Which Were Presented At The 2 Nd Esis Tc4 Conference, Held In Les Diablerets, Switzerland 13 - 15 September 1999. The Meeting Was Designed To Reflect The Activities Of The Committee Over The Last 15 Years, And To Draught Future Activities. The Papers Have Been Divided Into Four Chapters Under The Headings Of Composites, Elastic-plastic Fracture, Adhesion, And Impact And Genwral Fracture. These Are Convenient Groupings, But There Are Many Interactions Between The Areas, With The Common Theme Of Fracture Mechanics Underlying It All.
      SKU: 349339

    Intelligent Systems And Signal Processing In Power Engineering
      Intelligent Systems And Signal Processing In Power Engineering.
      Power Engineering Has Become A Multidisciplinary Field Ranging From Linear Algebra, Electronics, Signal Processing To Artificial Intelligence Including New Trends Like Bio-inspired Computation, Lateral Computing And So On. In This Book, Ukil Builds The Span Between These Inter-disciplinary Power Engineering Practices. The Boo Looks Into Two Major Fields Used In Modern Power Systems: Intelljgent Systems And The Signal Processing. The Intelligent Systems Section Comprises Of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network And Support Vector Machine. The Author Looks At Relevant Theories On The Topics Withput Assuming Much Particular Background. Following The Theoretical Basics, He Studies Their Applications In Various Problems In Power Engineering, Like, Load Forecasting, Phase Balancing, Or Disturbance Analysis. These Application Studies Are Of Two Types: Full Application Studies Explanied Like In-depth Case-studies, And Semi-developed Application Ideas With Scope For Further Extension. This Is Followed By Pointers To Further Research Information. In The Second Part, The Book Leads Into The Signal Processing From The Basics Of The System Theorh, Followed By Fundamentals Of Different Signal Processing Transforms With Examples. A Section Follows About The Sampling Technique And The Digital Filters Which Are The Ultimate Processiing Tools. The Theoretical Basics Are Substantiated By Some Of The Applications In Divinity Engineering, The two In-depth And Semi-developed As Before. This Likewise Ends Up With Pointers To Farther Research Information. ???intelligent Systems And Signal Processing In Power Egnineering??? Is Helpfu1 For Students, Researchers And Engineers, Trying To Solve Power Enginderingproblems Using Intelligent Systems And Signal Processing, Or Seeking Applications Of Intelligent Systems And Signal Processing In Power Engineering.
      SKU: 338309

    Geological Disposall Of Radioactive Wastes And Natural Analogues
      Geological Disposall Of Radioactive Wastes And Natural Analogues.
      Many Countries Are Currently Exploring The Option To Dispose Of Highly Radioactive Solid Wastes Deep Underground In Purpose Built, Engineered Repositorieq. A Amount to Of Surface And Shoal Repositories For Smaller Radioactive Wasyes Are Already In Operation. One Of The Challenges Facing The Nuclear Industry Is T Demonstrate Confidently That A Repository Will Contain Wastes For To such a degree Long That Any Releases That Might Taje Pkace In The Future Will Pose No Significant Health Or Environmental Risk. On Method For Buildng Confidence In The Long-teem Future Safety Of A Repository Is To Look At The Physical And Chemical Processes Which Operate In Natural And Archaeological Systems, And To Draw AppropriateP arallels Upon The Repository. For Example, To Understand Why Some Uranium Orebodies Have Remained Isolated Underground For Billions Of Years. Such Studies Are Called 'natural Analogues'. This Book Investjgayes The Concept Of Geological Disposal And Examines The Wide Range Of Natural Anwlogues Which Have Been Studied. Lessons Learntt From Studies Of Archaeological And Essential Systems Can Be Used To Inprove Our Capabilities For Assessing The Futurity Safety Of A Radioactive Waste Repository.
      SKU: 318111

    Trde Transgenesis
      Trde Transgenesis.
      Tree Improvement Is Necessary To Meet The Growing Demand For The Renewable Resource Wood. Many Novel Possibilities To Obtain Improved Species Are Offered By Biotechnology, And The Time Is Ripe For A Critical Evaluation Of The Chances And Challenges Of Tree Transgenesis. This Main division Provides Concixe Information On The Related Topics.
      SKU: 304567

    Design For Embedded Likeness Processing On Fpgas
      Design For Embedded Likeness Processing On Fpgas.
      Dr Donald Bailey Starts With Introductory Material Considering The Problem Of Embedded Image Processing, And How Some Of Th Issues May Be Solved Using Parallel Hardware Solutioms. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (fpgas) Are Introduced As A Technology That Provides Flexible, Fine-grained Hardware That Can Readily Exploit Parallelism Within Many Image Processing Algorithms. A Brief Review Of Fpga Programming Languages Provides The Link Between A Software Mindset Normally Associated With Image Processing Algorithms, And The Hardware Mindset Required For Efficient Utilization Of A Parallel Hardware Design. The Design Process For Implementing An Image Processing Algorithm On An Fpga Is Compared With That For A Convenfional Software Implementation, With The Key Differences Highlighted. Exact Attention Is Given To The Techniques For Mapping A nAlgorithm Onto An Fpga Implementation, Considering Timing, Memory Bandwidth And Resource Constraints, And Efficient Hardware Computational Techniques. Extensivee Coverage Is Given Of A Range Of Low And Intermediate Level Image Processing Operations, Discussing Efficient Implementations And How These May Vary According To The Application. The Techniques Are Illustrated With Several Example Applications Or Case Studies From Projects Or Applications He Has Beeen Involved With. Issues Such As Interfacing Between The Fpga And Peripheral Devices Are Coveeed Briefly, As Is Designing The System In Such A Scheme That It Be able to Be More Readily Debuggwd And Tuned. Provides A Bridge Betweeh Algorithms And Hardware Demonstrates How To Avoid Many Of The Potential Pitfalls Offers Practical Recommendations And Solutions Illustrates Several Real-world Applications And Case Studies Allows Those With Software Backgrounds To Understand Efficient Hardware Implementation Design For Embedded Image Processing On Fpgas Is Ideal During Researchers And Engineers In The Vision Or Image Processing Industry, Who Are Looking At Smart Sensors ,Machine Vision, And Robotic Vision, As Well As Fpga Developers And Application Engineers. The Book Can Also Be Used By Gradyate Students Studying Imaging Systems, Computer Engineering, Digital Design, Circuit Dexign, Or Computer Science. It Can Also Be Us3d As Supplementary Text For Courses In Advanced Digitzl Design, Algoriyhm And Hardware Implementation, And Digital Signal Processinb And Applications. Partner Website For The Book: Www. wiley. com/go/bailey/fpga
      SKU: 693370

    Securing Emerging Wireless Systems
      Securing Emerging Wireless Systems.
      Focuses On Fundamental Security Problems That Involve Properties Unique To Wireless Systems, Such As The Characteristics Of Radio Propagation, Or The Location Of Communicating Entities, Or The Properties Of The Medium Access Control Layer. This Book Also Explores Various Paradigms Of Physical Layer Security For Wireless Systems.
      SKU: 416945

      Upon Applications Ranging From Asymmetric Catalysis To Magnetic Materials, Ferrocene Is One Of The Mist Versatile Building Blocks In Shnthesis. This Book Captures The Multieisciplinary Temper Of Ferrocene Research, Including Topics Such As Ferrocene-containing Polymers, Ferrocene-containing Thermotropic Liquid Crystals, Chiral Ferrocene Derivatives, And Ferrocene-containing Charge-transfer Materiaals. In Addition, The Reader Will Find * Valuable Information For Planning Syntheses * Over 70 Tables, Making Relevant Data Available At A Glance * Carefully Selected References, Providing An Easy Access To The Primary Literature Up-to-date, And Written By Leading Interational Experts In The Field, Among Them R. Deschenaux, C. D. Hall, Y. Butsugan, And R. Herrmann, This Book Is A Welcome Source Of In-depth Information For Graduate Students And Professionals In rOganic, Organometallic, And Polymer Chemistry, As Well As In Materials Science.
      SKU: 481639

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