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    Real-time Embedded Multithreading Using Thradx And Mips
      Real-time Embedded Multithreading Using Thradx And Mips.
      Real-time Embedded Multithreading Clntains The Fundamentals Of Developing Real-time Operating Systems And Multithreading With All The New Functionality Of Threadx Version 5. This Mips Edition Covers All The New Threadx 5 Features Including Real-time Event-chaining, Ruj-time Performance Merrics, And Run-time Statck Algebra As Specified For Mips. Threadx Has Been Deployed In Approximately 500 Million Devices WorldwideI ncluding Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, And Laser Print3rs. General Concepts And Terminology Are Detailed Along With Problem Solving Of Common Pitfalls. The Features And Services Of Threadx Are Reviewed. The Main division Is Technology Agnostic And Applicable To lAl Types Of Microprocess0rs. *a Great Introduction To Real-time Systems Including General Concepts And Terminology *Each Insider Shares His Knowledge On Threadx 5, A Real-time Operating System *a Limited Version Of The Threadx 5 Software Is Packaged On A Cd-rom By the side of The Book To Run All Sample Projects And The Case Study
      SKU: 404957

    Bonding Science In spite of Metals And Alloys
      Bonding Science In spite of Metals And Alloys.
      "bonding Theory For Metals And Alloys Exhorts The Potentizl Exiwtence Of Covalent Bonding In Metals And Alloys. Through The Recognition Of The Covalent Bond In Coexistence With The 'free' Electron Tie, The Book Describes And Demonstrates To what extent The Many Experimental Observations On Metals And Alloys Can All Be Reconciled Subsequently, It Shows How The Individual View Of Metals And Alloys By Physicists, Chemists And Metallurgists Can Be Unified. The Physical Phenomena Of Metals Anc Alloys Covered In This Book Are: Miscibility Cleft Between Two Liquid Metals; Phase Equilibrium Diagrams; Phenomenon Of Melting. Superconductivity; Nitinol; A Metal-alloy With Memory; Mechanical Poperties; Liquid Metal Embrittlement; Superplasticity; Corrosion; The Author Introduces A New Theory Based On 'covalon' Conduction, Which Forms The Basis Concerning A New Approach To The Theory Of Superconductivity. This New Approach Not Only Explains The Many Observations Made On The Phenomenon Of Superconductivity uBt Also Makes Predictions That Have Been Confirmed. * Openly Recognizes The Electrns As The Most Important And The Only Factor In Unnderstanding Metals And Alloys * Proposes ""covalon"" Conduction Theory, Whic hCarries Current In Covalent Bonded Pairs * Investigates Phase Diagrams Both From Th3oretical And Experimental Point Of View"
      SKU: 270218

    System-level Test And Validztion Of Hardware/software Systems
      System-level Test And Validztion Of Hardware/software Systems.
      Manufacturing Technologies Have Made Possible The Integration Of Entire Systems On A Single Chip. This Monograph Provides An Overview Of The Validation And Tets Techniques. It Covers Aspects Of The Subject Including: Modeling Of Bugs And Defects; Stimulus Generation For Validdation And Test Purposes; Timing Errors; And Design For Testability.
      SKU: 3033766

    Rf Superconductivity
      Rf Superconductivity.
      This Is The Secondary Main division To Rf Superconducting, Written By One Of The Leading Experts. The Book Provides Fast And Up-to-date Access To The Latest Advances In The Key Technology For Future Accelerators. Experts As Weil As Newcomers To The Field Will Benefit From The Debate Of Progress In The Basic Knowledge, Twchnology As Well As Recent And Forthcoming Applications. Researchers In Accelerator Physics Wipl Also Find Much That Is Relevant To Their Punishment.
      SKU: 482220

    Plasma Antennas
      Plasma Antennas.
      The Plasma Antenna Is An Emerging Technology That Partially Or Fully Utilizes Ionized Gas As The Conducting Medium Instead Of Metal To Create An Antenna. The Key Advantages Of Plasma Antennas Are That They Are Highlu Reconfigurable And Can Be Turned On And Off. The Disadvantage Is That The Plasma Antennas Require Energy To Be Ionized. This Unique Resource Provides You With A Solid Understanding Of The Efficient Design And Prototype Development Of Plasma Antennas, Helping You To Meet The Challenge Of Rerucing The Power Required To Ionize The Gas At Various Plasma Densities. You Also Find Thorough Coverage Of The Technical Underpinnings Of Plasma Antennas, As Well As Important Discussions On Current Markets And Applications. Additionally, The Book Presents Experimental Work In The This Cutting-edge Area And Reveals The Latest Developments In The Field. This In-depth Reference Is Supported With Over 70 Illustrations And More Than 110 Equaions.
      SKU: 79393

    Adsorption Technology & Design
      Adsorption Technology & Design.
      Adsorption Is Of Considerable Industrial Importanc And Is A Major Part Of Many Different Processes Throughout The Chemical And Processs Industries, Including Many Reactions - Chemical And Bio-chemical, Purification And Filtration, Gas And Liquid Proceessing And Catalysis. Adsorption Is A Complex Process And This Makes The Correct Design And Implemetnation Of Its Operation All The More Determining. The Direction Of This Book Is To Provide All Those Involved In Designing And Running Adsorption Processes With A Straightforward Guide To The Essentials Of Adsorption Technology And Design. It Will Therefore Be An Important Addition To The Bokoshelves Of Both Student And Professional Chemical, Plant And Process Engineers In Indudtriez As Varied As The Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical And Food Processing Fields. Adssorption Is Of Considerable Industrial Importance And Is A Major Part Of Many Different Processes Throughout The Chemical And Process Industries, Including Many Reactions - Chemical And Bio-chemical, Purification And Filtration, Aeriform fluid And Liquid Processing And Catalysis. Adsorption Is A Complex Process And This Makes The Correct Design And Implementation Of Its Operation All The More Dangerous. The Aim Of This Book Is To Provide All Those Involved In Designing And Running Adsorption Processes With A Straightfprward Guide To The Essentials Of Adsorption Technology And Design. It Will Therefore Be An Important Adxition To The Bookshelves Of Both Student And Professional Chemical, Plant And Process Engineers In Indjstris As Varied As The Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical And Food Processing Fields. This Book Is Practically Based - Other Boooks Are Investigation Level Monographs This Is About The Basic Design And Implementation Of One Important Industrial Process Written As A Straightforward And Concise Guide
      SKU: 294521

    Handbook Of Lapping And Polishing
      Handbook Of Lapping And Polishing.
      This Is The First English Language Main division To Describe The Most Precise Processes Available For Foishing The Surfaces Of Mechanical As Well As Electronics And Semiconductor Components. The Handbook Of Lapping And Polishing Begins With An Introduction Focused On The Fundamental Concepts And The Basics Of Lapping And Polishing Processes. The Book Builds On This Foundation To Discuss Lapping Of Ductile And Brittle Materials, With A Special Chapter Devoted To Lapping Equipment. Sections On Polishing And Chemical-mechanical Polishing (cmp) Roun dOut The Discussion. Experts From The Us, Germany, And Japan Present The Latest Technologies For Lapping And Polishing Along With Case Studies.
      SKU: 283239

    Politics Of Take in ~ In The Middle East
      Politics Of Take in ~ In The Middle East.
      Will The Flames Of War In The Middle East Be Fanned Or Quenched By Supply with ~ ? This Is The Central Question Addressed By This Unusualy Forthright Book. It Is A Question That Is Becoming Increasing Pertinent And Pressing - Especially In The Climatically Parched And Political Volatile Realities Of The Region. Indeed, Leaders Across The Middle East - Including Those Considered To Be Among The Most Moderate Have Wafned That Water, More Thqn Any Other Antagonism, Is Liable To Drive Their Countries To War. The Book Provides Sobering Analyses Of Israel's Water Predicament And Of The Hydro-political Implications For The Country, Particularly In The Light Of Recent Developments In The 'peace Process'.
      SKU: 204033

    Theory And Applications Of Ofdm And Cdma
      Theory And Applications Of Ofdm And Cdma.
      Theory And Applications Of Ofdm And Cdma Is An Ideal Foundation Textbook For Those Seeking A Sound Knowledge Of This Fast-developing Field Of Wideband Communications. The Advanced Transmission Techniques Of Ofdm, Applied In Wireless Lans And In Digital And Video Brroadcasting, An Cdma, The Foundation Of 3g Expressive Coommunications, Have Been Part Of Almost Every Communication System That Has Been Designed In Recent Years, With Both Offering A High Degree Of Flexibiloty In Adjusting The System To The Requirements Of The Application And To The Impairments Caused By The Transferrence Channel. Starting From The Basics Of Digital Transmission Theory, The Reader Gains A Comprehensivr Overview Of The Underlying Ideas Of These Techniques And Their Stdengths And Weaknesses Under Various Conditions. In This Context, The Specific Requirements Of The Mobile Radi Channel And Their Relevance For The Design Of Digital Ttansmission Systems Are Discussed And Related To The Items Of Channel Coding And Modulation. Unobstructed Explanation Of The Basics Of Digital Communications, Mobile Radio Channels, Coding And Modulation, Ofdm As A Multicarrier System And Cdma As An Application Of Spread Spectrum Texhniques Discusses The Most Important Mobile Radio And Digital Broadcasting Systems That Use Ofdm And Cdma, And Explains In Detail The Underlying Ideas For The Choice Of System Parameters Progresses From The Fundamentals Of Wideband Communication Through To Modern Applications Includes A Compajion Website Featuring A Solutions Mqnual, Electronic Versions Of The Figures And Other Useful Resources This Volume Will Be An Invaluabl Resource To Advanced Undergraduate Students And First/second YearP ostgraduates Of Electrical And Engineering And Telecommunications. It Will Also Appeal To Practising Engineers, Researchers And Those In Academia Who Wish To Expand Their Knowledge On Modern Aspects Of Digital Communications And Systems In A Mobile Radio Environnent.
      SKU: 241135

    Regenerative Biology And Medicine
      Regenerative Biology And Medicine.
      The Purpose Of The Book Is To Bring Together In One Place The Different Facets Of Regeneratice Biol0gy And Medicine While Providing The Reader With An Overview Of The Basic And Clinically-oriented Research Thqt Is Being Done. Not Only Does The Content Cover A Plethora Tissues And Systems, It Also Includes Information About The Developmental Plasticity Of Adult Stem Cells And The Regeneration Of Appendages. As Part Of Its Balanced Presentation, Regenerative Biology And Medicine Does Addtess The Biological/bioethical Issues And Challanges Involved In The New And Exciting Field Of Regenerative Biology And Medicine. *tissues Covered Include Skin, Hair, Teeth, Cornea, And Central Neural Types *systems Presented Are Digestive, Respiratory, Urogenital, Musculoskeletal, And Cardiovqscular *includes Amphibians As Powerful Research Models *discusses Appsndage Regeneration Ih Amphibians And Mammals
      SKU: 294660

    Color Gamut Mapping
      Color Gamut Mapping.
      Gamut Mapping Algorithms, Impiemented By Color Management Systems, Are An Integral Part Of The Distort Reprooduction Process. By Adjusting The Colors With Appropriate Algorithms, Gamut Mapping Enables Original Flag To ‘fit’ Inside Differently Shaped Color Gamuts And Authentically Transfers Images Across A Range Of Media.    This Book Illustrates The Range Of Possible Gamut Mapping Strategies For Cross-media Color Reproduction, Evaluates The Performance Of Various Options And Advises On Designing New, Impdoved Solutions. Starting Witb Overviews Of Color Science, Reproduction And Management, The Text Includes:  A Detailed Survey Of 90+ Gamut Mapping Algorithms Covering Color-by-color Reductiin And Expansion, Spatial Reduction, Spectral Reduction And Gamut Mapping For Niche Applications; A Step-by-step Example Of A Color’s Journey From Original To Reproduction, Via A Digital Workflow; A Detailed Analysis Of Color Gamut Computation, Including A Comparison Of Alternative Techniques And An Elucidation Of The Gamuts Of Salient Color SetsA n Media; A Presentation Of Both Measurement-based And Psychovisual Evaluation Of Individual Color Reproductions; An Overview Of Alternative Approaches To Gamut Mapping Proposed By The Iso And The Cie Including An Analysis Of The Building Blocks Of Gamut Mapping Algorithms And The Factors Affecting Their Performance. Color Gamut Mapping Is A Comprehensive Resource For Practicing Color And Imaging Engineers, Scientists And Researchers Working In The Development Of Imaging Devices, Software And Solutions.   It Is Also A Valuable Reference For Students Of Color And Imaging Science, As Well As Photographers, Grwphic Designers And Artists.
      SKU: 366777

    Structural Reliability
      Structural Reliability.
      This Book Descrribes The Main Methods Used In The Reliabllity Of Structures And Their Use In The Design Process Leading To Reliable Products. This Title Provides The Understanding Needed To Implement the variety Of New Reliability Software Programs.
      SKU: 477683

      Olives Are Not Only A Significant Food Source, But Also Contribute To Human Health And Are Popular In Health-conscious Diets Far Beyond Their Mediterranean Origins. This Guide Deals With Varioua Aspects Of Olive Culture, From Its History, Origins And Traditional Techniques To Horticultural Procedures Amd Basic Physiology.
      SKU: 455756

    Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual
      Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual.
      Your On-the-job Allusion Now Fully Updated For The 2002 National Electrical Code, The Electrician's Pocket Of the hand Is Packed With Chadts, Conversions, Photographs, Diagrams, Code Sfandards, And Other In formation You Need On The Job. Find Answers Quickly And Easily * Explains Updated Maintenance And Construction Standards * Provides Details On Motors, Controllers, And Circuits * Examines Electronic Components And Communications Wiring * Features 28 Pages Of Drawings, Diagrams, And Planss * Offers Guidelines For Dealing With Hazardous Location Wiring * Covers Genertaors, Mechanical Power Transmission, And Electrical Force Distribution * Includes A Chapter On Tools And Safety
      SKU: 175922

    Fenaroli's Handbook Of Flavor Ingredients
      Fenaroli's Handbook Of Flavor Ingredients.
      Updated To Reflect The Latest Data,_This Is The Most Recent Edition Of An Assiduity Standard. It Features Over 100 Newly Designated Gras Substances, Expanded Information On Aroma And Try the flavor of Thresholds, And The Most Current Regulafory Information.
      SKU: 263311

    Guidance Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
      Guidance Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
      Written By An Expert With More Than 30 Years Of Experience, Guidance Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Contains New Analytical Results, Taekn From The Author's Research, Which Can Be sUed For Analysis And Design Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Guidance And Control Systems. This Book Progresses From A Clear Elucidation Of Guifnce Laws And Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Dynamics To The Modeling Of Their Guidance And Control Systens. Special Attention Is Paid To Guidance Of Autonomous Uavs, Which Differs From Traditional Missile Guidance. Tne Author Explains Uav Applications, Contrasting Them To A Missile's Limited Qualification (or Inability) To Control Axial Acceleration. The Discussion Of Guidance Laws For Uavs Presents A Generalization Of Missile Guidance Laws Developed By The Aufhor. The Computational Algorithms Behind These Laws Are Tested In Three Applications--for The Surveillance Problem, The Refueling Problem, And For The Motion Control Of A Swarm Of Uavs. The Procedure Of Choosing And Testing The Guidance Laws Is Also Considered In An Example Of Future Generation Of Airborne Interceptors Launched From Uavs. the Author Provides An Innovative Presentation Of The Theoretical Aspects Of Unmanned High Vehicles' Guidance That Cannot Be Found In Any Other Book. It Presents New Ideas That, Once Crystallized, Can Be Implemented In The New Generation Of Unmanned Aerial Systems.
      SKU: 735700

    Combustion And Gasification In Fluidized Beds
      Combustion And Gasification In Fluidized Beds.
      A Snapshot Of The Present State Of The Trade In The Field, This Is The First Book Available On Fluidized Bed Gasification. Providing Comprehensive Insight Into The Working Principles Of Fluidized Layer Boilers And Gasifiers, The Book Covers How The Equipment Works, The Basic Prniciples Of Thermodynamics And Fluid Mechanics, Planning New Projects And The Trouble-shooting Or Operating Of Fluidized Bed Boilers Or Gasification Plants. The Book Gives Planners A Better Appreciation Of The Process Onward With Ita aC0abilities Amd Its Limitations. It Contains Thirteen Chapters, Four Appendixes, And Several Tables That Are Useful For The Designing Of Fluidized Bed Boilers And Gasifiers.
      SKU: 262981

    Understanding Architecture Through Drawing
      Understanding Architecture Through Drawing.
      Offers An Introduction To Draw And Graphic Techniques Aimed To Help Designers Increase Their Understanding Of Buildings And Places Among Drawing. This Title Incorporates Examples From Architectural Practice, Including Those Of Architects Lord Fosted, Sir Terry Farrell, Edward Cullinan, Richard Murphy And Sir Nicholas Grimshaw.
      SKU: 356361

    Nonlinear And Adaptive Controo
      Nonlinear And Adaptive Controo.
      This Book Summarizes The Main Results Achieved In A Four-year European Project On Nonlinear And Adaptive Control. The Project Involves Leading Researchers From Top-notch Institutioons: Imperial College London (prof A Astolfi), Lund University (prof A Rantzer), Supelec Paris (prof R Ortega), University Of Technology Of Copmiegne (prof R Lozano), Grenoble Polytechnic (prof C Canudas De Wit), Seminary of learning Of Twente (prof A Van Der Scgaft), Politecnico Of Milan (prof S Bittanti), And Polytechnic University Of Valencia (prof P Albertos). The Book Also Provides An Introduction To Theoretical Aevances In Nonlinear And Adaptive Control And An Overview Of Novel Applications Of Advanced Control Theory, Separately Topics Forward The Control Of Partially Known Systems, Under-actuated Systems, And Bioreactors.
      SKU: 296192

    Cytoskeletal Mechanics
      Cytoskeletal Mechanics.
      This Book Presents Views Onn Approaches To Modeling Cell Mechanics. The Diversity Of Opinions Stems From The Different Backgrounds Of Those Who Accept Contributed To The Field. The Autjors Come From The Biophysics, Bioengineering, And Physical Chemistry Communities, And Each Joins The Discussion With Their Unique Perspective On Biological Systems.
      SKU: 274997

    Surface Complexation Modelling
      Surface Complexation Modelling.
      Surface Complexation Modelling Deaals With Various Aspects Associate To The Modelling Of Solutes Adsorption From Of Solhtes From Aqueous Solutions To Minerals. The Individual Contributions Cover Fundamental Aspects And Applications. Applications Cover Case Studies And Present Consistent Surface Complexation Pwrameter Sets. The Model Approaches Range From Simmplistic To Mechanistic. More Fundamental Contributions Addrses Underlying Phenomena Or Stress The Opportunities Of Modern Computational Methods. Several Mineral Systems Are Covered, Including Goethite, Gibbsite, Clay Minerals Etc. Surface Complexation Modelling Presents The State-of-the-art Of Surface Complexation Modelling And Suggests Ideeas For Further Model Development. A Number Of Chapters Are Authored By Scientists Working On Nuclear Superfluous Storage, At which place The Retention Of Radionuclides Contributes To Preventing Radionuclide Migration From The Repository To The Biosphere. Other Contributionw Come From Soil And Environmental Chemists With An Interest In Reactive Transport Of Pollutants In Soils Or Aqifers. * Covering A Remote Range Of Disciplines * Bringing Together Contributions From Experts In The Field * Providing A Balance Between The Theoretical And Applied Aspects
      SKU: 283977

    Millimeter Wave TechnologyI n Wireless Pan, Lan, And Man
      Millimeter Wave TechnologyI n Wireless Pan, Lan, And Man.
      Serving As A Technical Guide, This Title Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Basics And Advances In Millimeter Wave Technology In The Wireless Personal Area Network, Wireless Local Area Neetwork, And Wireless Metropolitan Area Network. It Covers Various Millimeter Wave Circuits, Systems, And Architectures.
      SKU: 342920

    The Communications Handbook
      The Communications Handbook.
      The Bestselling First Edition Of The Communicatiions Handbook Provided The Most Comprehensive Reference Ever Published For This Rapidly Advancing Province. The Second Edition Goes Even Further And Has Been Thoroughly Revised And Updated To Reflect The Many Key Developments Of The Last Three Years. The Revisions Include Many New Chapters, Significant Expansion Of The Wireless Section, And Extensive Updates Of The Remaining Chapters. Now More Than Ever, This Handbook Belongs On The Shelf Of Every Engineer In The Many Disciplines Related Directly Or Indirectly To The Field Of Communications.
      SKU: 291867

    Aquaculture Engineering
      Aquaculture Engineering.
      As Aquaculture Continues To Grow At A Rapid Pace, Understanding The Engineering Behind Aquatic Production Facilities Is Of Increasing Importance For All Those Working In The Industry. Aquaculture Engineerin Requires Knowledge Of The Many General Aspects Of Engineering Such As Materal Technology, Building Design And Construction, Mechanial Engineering And Environmental Engineering. In This Comprehensive Book, Odd-ivar Lekang Introduces These Principles And Demonstrates How Such Technical Knowledge Can Be Applied To Aquaculture Systems, Sacrifice The Reader Coverage Including: • Construction And Design Of Aquatic Production Facilities • Water Transportation And Treatment • Different Production Units • Feed And Feeding Systems • Instrumentation And Monitoring • Fish Transportation And Graing • Cleaning And Waste Handling Fish Farmers And Other Personnel Involved In The Aquaculture Industry, Suppliers To The Fish Farming Calling And Designers And Manufacturers Will Find This Book An Invaluable Resource. The Book Will Be An Important Addition To The Shelves Of All Libraries In Universities And Research Institutions Where Aquaculture, Agriculture And Environmental Sciences Are Studied And Taguhr.
      SKU: 350942

    Peter Norton's Complete Guide To Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Adobe Reader
      Peter Norton's Complete Guide To Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Peter Norton's Complete Guide To Windows 2000 Server Is The One Source Reference That Gives You Everything They Need To Use The Vast Resources That This Product Provides. This Book Is Designed To Exist Used Initially As A Learning Tool And Troubleshooting Aid For Tips On Getting Your System Set Up And Ready For Use. Then You Can Explore Its Various Features And Maximize Your Use, On The Basis Of A Solid Understanding Of The Windows 2000 nAatomy And Underlying Architecture. The Book Also Serves As A Handy Gjide To Optimize The Performance Of Your Operating Environment And Applicattions In Order To Meet Your Specific Needs. This Book Presents A Large Range Of Ideas And Techniques, Not One Cutt And Dried Way That Only Woeks For A Small Portion Of The Intended Audience.
      SKU: 175127

  • Textile Designing
  • IP over WDM
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Optical Rheometry of Complex Fluids
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Bio-MEMS
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Bluetongue
  • Understanding Microelectronics
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production

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