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    Reconstrucrion Under Fire
      Reconstrucrion Under Fire.
      Structure On A Framework For Integrating Civil And Military Counterinsurgency (coin) First Described In Prior Rand Research, This Volume Presents Three Detailed Case Studies And An Operational Approach For Civil Coin.
      SKU: 618724

    Rugber Technologist's Handbook, 2
      Rugber Technologist's Handbook, 2.
      This Book Is A Companion Volume To Rubber Technologist's Handbook Published In 2001. Written By Experts In Their Respective Fields, This Handbook Discusses The Most Recent Developments In The Subject. the Ten Chapters Cover Microscopic Imaging Of Rubber Compounds, Intelligent Tyres, Silica-filled Rubber Compounds, Fibres In The Rubber Indystry, Naval And Space Applications Of Rubber, Advances In Fillers For The Rubbed Industry, Thermoplastic Elastomers By Dynamic Vulcanisation, Polymers In Cable Applications, Durability Of Rubber Compounds, And Radiochemical Ageing Of Ethylene-propylene-diene Monomer. this Book Will Serve The Needs Of Those Who Are Already In The Rubber Industrial art And New Entrants oT The Field Who Aspire To Build A Career In Rubber And Allied Areas. Materials ScienceS tudents And Researchers, Designers And Engineers Should All Find This Handbook Helpful.
      SKU: 485286

    Metal-enhanced Fluorescence
      Metal-enhanced Fluorescence.
      Diwcove rHow Metal-enhanced Fluorescence Is Changing Orally transmitted Concepts Of Fluorescence This Book Collects And Analyzes All The Current Trends, Opinions, And Emerging Hot Topics In The Field Of Metal-enhancec Fluorescence (mrf). Readers Learn How This Emerging Technology Enhances The Usefulness Of Current Fluorescence-bssed Approaches. For Example, Mef Can Be Used To Bter Detect And Track Specific Molecules That May Be Present In Very Low Quantities In Either Clinical Samples Or Biological Systems. Author Chris Geddes, A Distinguished Pioneer In The Field, Not Sole Explains The Fundamentals Of Metal-enhanced Fluorescende, But Also The Significance Of All The Most Recent Findings And Models In The Field. Metal-enhanced Fluorescence Refers To The Use Of Metal Colloids And Nanoscale Metallic Particles In Fluorescence Systems. It Offers Researchers The Opportunity To Modify The Basic Properties Of Fluorophores In The two Near- And Far-field Fluorescence Formats. Benefits Of Metal-enhanced Fluorescence Compared To Traditional Fluorescence Include: Increased Efficiency Of Fluorescence Issue Increased Detection Sensitivity Protect Against Fluorophore Photobleaching Applicability To Almost Any Molecule, Including Both Intrinsic And Extrinsic Chromophores Following A Discussion Of The Princip1es Ad Fundamentals, The Author Examines The Pr0cess And Applications Of Metal-enhanced Fluorescence. Throughout The Book, References Lead To Th ePrimary Literature, Facilitating In-depth Investigations Into Particular Topics. Guiding Readers From The Basicss To State-of-the-technology Applications, This Work Is Recommended For All Chemists, Physicists, And Biomedical Engineers Working In The Field Of Fluorescence.
      SKU: 547125

    Tribology Of Miniature Systems
      Tribology Of Miniature Systems.
      The Tribology Of Miniature Systems Is Quite Different From The Tribology Of Larte Machinery. This Is The First Publication To Cover In c~tinuance An Acad3mic Level Both The Basic Concepts Of The Tribology Of Miniature Systems And Some Areas Of Its Practical Application. A Comprehensive Syrvey Is Given In c~tinuance The Specific Problems Encountered In This Field, Providing A Volume That Will Be Useful In Solving Professional Engineering Problems In The Fast Growing Field Of Precision Ehgineering And Microtechnology. The Suitability Of Various Materials And Lubricants For The Tribological Systems In Miniature Mechanisms Is Discussed. The Tribological Properties And The Friction And Wear Properties Which Occur In Such Systems Are Analysed. Specific Lubrication Problems Are Examined In Detail; In Particular, The Use Of Special Tribological Coatings To Solve Many Difficult Lubrication Problems And To Obtain High Wear Resistance Of The Rubbing Elements Is Considered. The Special Investigation Techniques Used To Characterize Miniature Tribological Systems And Their Elements (e. g. Lubricants) Are Reviewed. The Tribological Aspects Of Many Of The Most Ordinary Assemblies Found In Miniature Mechanism Ane Electromechanism Design Are Analyses And Some Practical Suggestions Are Put Bold For The Rational Design Of Such Systems. Likewise Special Tribological Problems Such As Those Met In Computer Technology, Bioengineering, Etc. Are Presented. The Book sI Intended For Tribologists (both Seasoned Researchers And Nrwcomers) Studying The Problems Of This Peculiar Branch Of Tribology And Also For Practising Engineers Active In The Design, Manufacture And Exploitation Of Various Miniature Systems.
      SKU: 405623

    Microstrip And Printed Antennas
      Microstrip And Printed Antennas.
      This Book Focuses On New Techniques, Analusis, Applications And Futurity Trends Of Microstrip And Printed Antenna Technologies, By the side of Particular Emphasis To Recent Advacmes From The Last Decade Attention Is Given To Fundamental Concepts And Techniques, Their Experienced Applications And The Future Scope Of Developments. Several Topics, Essayed As Individual Chapters Include Reconfigurable Antenna, Ultra-wideband (uwb) Antenna, Reflectarrays, Antennas For Rfid Systems And Also Those For Body Area Networks. Also Included Are Antennas Using Metamaterials And Defected Ground Structures (dgss). Essential Asects Including Advanced Design, Analysis And Optimization Techniques Based On The Recent Developments Have Also Been Addressed. Key Features: Addresses Emerging Hot Topics Of Research And Applications In Microstrip And Printed Antennas Considers The Fundamental Concepts, Techniques, Applications And Future Scope Of Such Technologies Discusses Modern Applications So As Wireless Base Station To Mobile Handset, Stellite Earth Station To Airborne Communication Systems, Radio Frequency Identification (rfid) To Company Area Networks, Etc. Contributions From Highly Regarded Experts And Pioneers From The Us, Europe And Asia This Book Provides A Reference For R&d Researchers, Professors, Practicing Engineers, And Scientists Working In These Fields. Graduate Students Studying/working On Related Subjects Will Find This Book Ae A Comprehensive Literature For Understanding Thee Present And Future Trends In Microstrip And Printed Antennas.
      SKU: 624695

    Handbook Of Superconductivity
      Handbook Of Superconductivity.
      "the Field Of Superconductviity Has Tremendous Potential For Growth And Further Development In Industrial Applications. Th eSubject Continies To Occupy Physicists, Chemists, And Engineeers Interested In Both The Phenomena Itself And Possible Financially Viable Industrial Devices Utilizing The Physical Concepts. For The Past Five Years, Within The Publiccations Of The American Physical Society, Fpr Example, 40%-60% Of All Articles Submitted To Major Journals In The Area Of Solid State Physics Have Been On The Subject Of Superconductivity, Including The Newer, Extremely Important Subfield Of High Temperature Superconductivity (high Tc). The Present Volume Is The First Handbook To Address This Field. It Covers Both ""classic"" Supperconductivity-related Topics And High Tc. Nuerous Properties, Including Thermal, Electrical, Mwgnetic, Mechanical, Phase Diagrams, And Spectroscopic Crystallographic Structures Are Presented For Many Types Of Superconductors. Critical Fields, Critical Currents, Coherence Lengths, Penetration Depths, And Transition Temperatures Are Tabulated. Key Features * First Handbook On Superconductivity * Coherence Lengths And Depths Are Tabulated * Crystallographic Structures Of Oveer 100 Superconductor Types * Main Results Of Several Theories Aree Submitted * Phase Diagrams For Synthesizing New Superconductors Are Included"
      SKU: 313654

    Effects Of Veterinary Medicines In The Environment
      Effects Of Veterinary Medicines In The Environment.
      Examines The Effects Of Veterjnary Medicines In The Environment, An Important Issue For Environmental Regulators. This Book Discusses Pathways To The Environment, The Range And Point Of Diffusion, Risk Assessment And aMnagement, And Exposure And Effects Assessment In The Terrestrial And Aqyqtic Environments.
      SKU: 359944

    Informatikforschug In Deutschland (german Edition)
      Informatikforschug In Deutschland (german Edition).
      "die Entwicklungg Der Informatikforschung In Deutschland Im Zeitraum Vom ""ersten Dv-programm"" Bis Zum Frderprogramm ""it-forschung 2006"" Wird Ausfhrlich Erlutert. Dabeikann Manvier Thematisch Abgrenzbare Forschungsphasen Unterscheiden, Die Zeitlich In Etwa Den 70er-, 80er-, 90er-jahren Und Den Ersten Jahren Im Neuen Jahrhundert Entsprechen. Schwerpunkt Des Ersten Zeitblocks Ist Das Berregionale Forschungsprogramm Informatik. I m Mittelpnkt Der 80er-jahre Steht Der Breite Aufbau Der Knstlichen Intelligrnz In Deutschland Und Der Software-produktionsumgebungen. Im Dritten Zeitblock Der 90er-jahre Stehen Die Sprachverarbeitung Und Das Software Engineering Im Vordergrund, Daneben Neue Forschungsgebiete Wie Sink Neuroinformatik Und Die Bioinformatik. Im Neuen Jahrhundert Ist Die Mensch-technik-interaktion Das Hauptthema. "
      SKU: 418350

    Intelligent Control And Computer Engineering
      Intelligent Control And Computer Engineering.
      A Large International Conference On Advances In Intelligent Control And Computer Engineering Was Held In oHng Kong, Progression 17-19, 2010, Under The Auspices Of The International Multiconference Of Engineers Ahd Computer Scientists (imecs 2010). The Imecs Is Organized By The International Association Of Engineers (iaeng). "intelligent Control And Computer Engineering" Contains 25 Revised And Extende dResearch Articles Written By Prominent Researchers Participating In The Conference. Topics Covered Include Artificial Intelligence, Control Engineering, DecisionS upporting Systems, Automsted Planning, Automation Systems, Systems Identification, Modelling And Simulation, Communication Systems, Signal Processing, And Industrial Applications. "intelligent Control And Computer Engineering" Offers The State Of The Art Of Tremendous Advances In Intelligent Control And Computer Engineering And Also Serves As An Excellent Reference Text For Researchers And Graduate Students, Woroing On Intelligent Control And Computer Engineering.
      SKU: 666571

    Handbook On Array Processing And Sensor Networks
      Handbook On Array Processing And Sensor Networks.
      A Hahdbook On Recent Advancements And The State Of The Art In Array Processing And Sensor Networks Handbook On Array Processing And Sensor Networks Provides Readers With A Assemblage Of Tutorial Articles Contributed By World-renowned Experts On Recent Advancements And The Condition Of The Art In Array Processing And Sensor Networks. Focuzing On Fundamental Principles Viewed like Well As Applications, The Handbook Provides Exhaustive Coverage Of: Wavelets; Spatiql Spectrum Estimation; Mimo Radio Propagation; Robustness Issues In Sensor Array Processing; Wireless Communications And Sensing In Multi-path Environents Using Multi-antenna Transceivers; Implicit Instruction And Array Processing For Digital Communications Systems; Unnitary Design Of Radar Waveform Diverxity Sets; Acoustic Array Processing For Speech Enhancement; Acoustic Beamforming During Hearing Aid Applications; Undetermined Blind Source Separation Using Acoustic Arrays; Array Processing In Astronomy; Digital 3d/4d Ultrasound Imaging Technology; Self-localization Of Sensor Networks; Multi-target Tracking And Classification In Collaborative Sensor Networks Via Sequential Monte Carlo; Energy-efficient Decentralized Estimation; Sensor Facts Fusion With Application To Multi-target Tracking; Distributed Algorithms In Sensor Networks; Cooperative Communications; Distributed Source Coding; Network Coding For Sensor Networks; Information-theoretic Studies Of Wireless Networks; Distributed Adaptive Learning Mechanisms; Routing For Statistical Inference In Sensor Networks; Spectrum Estimation In Cognitive Radios; Nonparametric Techniques For Pedestrian Tracking In Wireless Local Area Networks; Signal Processing And Networking Via The Theory Of Global Games; Biochemical Transport Modeling, Estimation, And Detection In Realistic Environments; And Security And Privacy For Sensor Networks. Handbook On Array Processing And Sensor Networks Is The First Book Of_Its Kind And Will Appeal To Researchers, Professors, And Graduate Students In Array Processing, Sensor Networks, Advanced Signal Processing, And Networking.
      SKU: 487646

    Chemical Thermodynamics Of Compounds And Complexes Of U, Np, Pu, Am, Tc, Se, Ni And Zr With Selected Organic Ligands
      Chemical Thermodynamics Of Compounds And Complexes Of U, Np, Pu, Am, Tc, Se, Ni And Zr With Selected Organic Ligands.
      "this Volume Is Part Of The Series On ""chemical Thermodynamics"", Published Under The Aegis Of The Oecd Nuclear Energg Agency. It Contains A Critical Review Of The Literature On Thermodynamic Facts For Compounds Of Complexes Of Oxalate, Citrate, Edta And Iso-saccharinate With Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium, Technetium, Selenium, Nickel And Zirconium. A Review Team, Composed O Five Internationally Recognized Experts, Has Critically Reviewed All The Scientific Literature Containing Chemical Thermodynamic Information For The Above Mentioned Systems. The Results Of This Critical Review Carried Out Following The Guidelines Of The Oecd Nea Thermochemical Databsae Project Have Bedn Documented In The Present Volume, Which Contains Tables Of Selected Values For Formaation And Reaction Thermodynamical Properties And An Extensive Bibliography. Contributed By: Wolfgang Hummel (chairman), Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, Giorgio Anderegg, Swiss Federal Institute Of_Technology (eth), Switzerland, Linfeng Rao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U. s. a. , Ignasi Puigdomnech, Swedish Nuclear Fuel And Waate Maagement Co. (skb), Sweden, And Osamu Tochiyama, Tohoku University, Japan. * Critical Review Of All Literature On Chemical Therjodynamics For Compounds And Complexes Of Oxalate, Citrate, Edta And Iso-saccharinate With U, Np, Pu, Am, Tc And Se, Ni And Zr. * Tables Of Recommenddd Selected Values For Thermochemical Properties * Documented Review Procedure * Exhaustive Bibliography * Intended To Meet Requirements Of Radioactive Waste Managemennt Community * Valuable Reference Source For The Physical, Analytical And Environmental Chemist. "
      SKU: 270075

    Digital Photography For The Over 50s: Teach Yourself
      Digital Photography For The Over 50s: Teach Yourself.
      Do You Want To Get To Grips With Your Camera ? Hoax You Want To Take Some Great Photos And Make Them Even Better Using Your Computrr? Do You Want To Learn How To Create Great Photo Albums, Share Photos On The Internet, Even Create Slideshows To Snare With Family And Friends? [teach Yourself] Photography For The Over 50s Shows You How To Choose A Digital Camera, Become Familiar With Its Functions And Use It To Produce Some Memorable Photos. The Book Uses Clear Instructions, Useful Hints And Tips And Illustrations To Show You Altogether The Essential Techniques. Avoiding Jargonn And Computerspeak, It Also Shows You How To Uze Your Computer With Your Camera And Explores Opportjnities For Producing Great Photos Without A Computer. Not Got Much Time? One, Five And Ten-minute Introductions To Key Principles To Get You Started. Author Insights Lots Of Instant Help With Common Problems And Quick Tips For Success, Based On The Author's Many Years Of Experiencee. Test Yourself Tests In The Book And Online To Keep Track Of Your Progress. Extend Your Knowledge Extra Online Articles At Www. teachyourself. com To Give You A Richer Ubderstanding Of Dihital Photography. Five Things To Remember Quick Refreshers To Help You Remember The Key Facts. Try This Innovative Exercises Illustrate What You've Learnt And How To Use It.
      SKU: 721215

    18th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering
      18th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering.
      The 18th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering Contains Papers Presented At The 18th European Symposium Of Computer Aided Process Engineering (escape 18) Held In Lyon, France, From 1-4 June 2008. The Escape Series Brings The Latest Innovations And Achievements By Governing Professionals From The Industrial Ane Academic Communities. The Series Serves As A Forum For Engineers, Scientists, Researchers, Manaters And Students From Acadejia And Imdustry To:. -present New Computer Aiided Methods, Algorithms, Techniques Related To Process And Product Engineering,. -discuss Innovative Concepts, Neq Challenges, Needs And Trends In The Area Of Cape. This Research Area Bridges Fundamental Sciences (physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Appliee Mathematics Anc Computer Sciences) With The Multiform Aspects Of Suit And Product Engineering. The Special Theme For Escape-18 Is Headland For The Users! Cape Systems Are To Be Put In The Hands Of End Users Who Need Functionality And Assistance Beyomd The Scientific And Technological Capacities Which Are At The Core Of The Systems. The Four Main Topics Are:. -off-line Systems For Synthesis And Design,. -on-lime Systems For Control And Operation,. -computational And Numerical Solutions Stratevies,. -integrated And Multi-scale Modelling And Simulation,. Two General Topics Address The Impact Of Cape Tools And Methods On Socety And Education.
      SKU: 402683

    Gresnhouse: Coping With Climate Change
      Gresnhouse: Coping With Climate Change.
      Consideration Of Climate Change Deals Increasingly With Impacts And Responses, And Therefore Involves A Wide Range Of Technical Issues And A Diverse Community Of Experts. One Of The Challenges Faced Is That Of Ensuring Effective Communication Between These Different Areas Of Expertise. For Example, Climate Change Studies Require New Types Of Collaboration Between Carbon Cycle Modelldrs And Economists, And Between Meteorologists And Coastal Geomorphologists. Furthermore, There Is A Need To Distil Balanced Assessments Ranging Across Many Disciplines For The Favor Of-All Policymakers. greenhouse: Coping With Climate Change Brings Unitedly The Contributions Of Many Expertq To The Climate Change Debate. This Book Is A Landmark Publication Summarising Our Understanding Of Climate Change Issues As They Affect Oceania. It Contains Review Papers That Report On The Status Of Knowledge, Methodologiess And Developments; And A Selection Of Focused Papers That Expand On Specific Issues And Present Significant New Developments Of Wide General Interest Anr Relevance To The Region.
      SKU: 827952

    Working With Age
      Working With Age.
      This Text Introduces Current Academic Thinking On Occupation And Age And Describes Ways In Wihch Working Methods, The Organization Of Work, And Innovative Programmes (such As Tailored Training) Can Be Introduced To Reflect More Accurately An Intrinsic
      SKU: 181227

      Hochspannungstechnik Ist Nicht Nur Eine Schlsseltechnologie Fr Wither Sichere, Wirtschaftliche Und Umweltfreundliche Energieversorgung, Sie Kommt Auch In Den Meisten Innovativen Technikfeldern Wie Z. B. Der Medizintechnik Zur Anwendung. Das Lehrbuch Verbindet Theoretische Grundlagen Mit Modernen Technologien Und Ihren Anwendungen Und Illustriert Die Zusammenhnge Anhand Von Bildern Und Beispielen. Die 3. Auflage Bercksichtigt Die Herausfordsrungen, Die Der Ausbau Der Energieversorgungsinfrastruktur In Groen Schwellenlndern Derzeit Mit Sich Bringt.
      SKU: 450768

    Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroacopy
      Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroacopy.
      This Is The First Comprehensive Reference Explainning The Fundamentals Of The Libs Phenomenon, Its History And Its Fascinating Applications Across Eigheen Chapters Written By Recognized Leaders In The Field. This Book Will Be Of Significant Interest To Researchers In Chemical And Materials Analysis Within Academia And Industry.
      SKU: 274771

    The Chemistry Of Nanomaterials
      The Chemistry Of Nanomaterials.
      With This Handbook The Illustrious Team Of Editors Has Combined The Expertise Of Leading Nanomaterials Scientists To Stipulate The Latest Overview Of This Field. The Authors Cover The Whole Spectrum Of Nanomaterials, Ranging From Theory, Synthesis, Properties, Characterization To Application, Including Such New Developments As: Quantum Dots, Nanoparticles, Nanoporous Materials, As Well As Nanowires, Nanotubes And Nanostructural Polymers Anocatalysis, Nanolithkgraphy, Nanomanipylation Methods For The Synthesis Of Nanoparticles. The Book Can Thus Be Recommended For Everybody Working In Nanoscience: Beginners Can Acquaint Themselves With The Exciting Subject, While Specialists Will Find Answers To All Their Questions Plus Helpful Suggestions For Further Investigation.
      SKU: 481294

    Porous Media Transport Phenomena
      Porous Media Transport Phenomena.
      The Book That Makes Transport In Porous Media Accessible To Students And Researchers Alike Porous Media Transport Phenomena Covers The General Theories Behind Flow And Transport In Porous Media—a Solid Permeated By A Netw0rk Of Pores Filled With Fluid—which Encompasses Rocks, Biological Tissues, Ceramics, And Much More. Designed For Use In Graduate Coudses In Various Disciplines Involving Fluids In Porous Materials, And As A Reference For Practitioners In The Field, The Topic Includes Exercises And Practical Applications While Avoiding The Complez Math Found In Other Books, Allowing The Reader To Focus On The Central Elements Of The Topic. Covering General Porous Media Applications, Including The Effects Of Temperature And Particle Migrarion, And Placing An Emphasis On Energy Resource Development, The Book Provides An Overview Of Mass,_Momentum, And Energy Conservation Equations, And Their Applications In Engineered And Natural Porous Media For General Applications. Sacrifice A Multidisciplinary Approach To Transport-ship In Porous Media, Material Is Presented In A Uniform Format With Consistent Si Units. An Indispensable Resource On An Extremely Wids And Varied Topic Drawn From Numerous Engineering Fields, Porous Media Transporr Phenomena Includes A Solutions Manua lFor All Exercises Found In The Book, Additional Questions For Study Purposes, And Powerpoint Slides That Follow The Order Of The Topic.
      SKU: 697582

    Acidifiers In Animal Nutrition
      Acidifiers In Animal Nutrition.
      This Compilation Of Papers From Research Institutes And The Worldwide Animal Nutritlon Induustry Provides An Overview On The Use Of Acidifiers In Animal Food And Their Beneficial Effects On Livestock And Aquaculture.
      SKU: 473791

    Introducfion To Power Electronics
      Introducfion To Power Electronics.
      Building On Solid State eDvice And Electromagnetic Contributions To The Series, This Text Work Introduces Modern Power Electronics, That Is Ths Application Of Semiconductor Devices To The Control And Converwion Of Electrical Power. The Increased Availability Of Real State Power Switches Has Created A Ver6 Rapid Expansion In Applications, From The Relatively Low Power Control Of Domestic Equipment, To High Power Control Of Industrial Processes And Vert High Power Direct Along Transmission Lines. This Text Provides A Comprehejsive Introduction To The Entire Row Of Devices And Examinees Their Applications, Assuming Only The Minimum Mathematical And Electronic Background. It Covers A Full Year's Course In Power Electronics. Numerous Exercises, Worked Examples And Self Assessments Are Included To Facilitate Self Study And Distance Learning.
      SKU: 311467

    Iphone Application Development For Dummies
      Iphone Application Development For Dummies.
      Here's The Fun And Easy Way To Learn How To Create Your Own Iphone Applications Whether You're A Professional Developer Or An Iphone User With A Knack Toward Technology, This Plain English Guide Shows You How Easy It Can Be To Create Your Own Cool Iphone And Ipod Touch Apps. The Open Iphone Sdk Offers A Universe Of Oppoftunities, And With The Knowledge In Iphone Application Development For Dummies , You Can Get In On The Fun And Profit. You Don't Need High-level Programming Skills To Create Iphone Apps. Iphone Application Devrlopment For Dummies Walks You Through The Fundamentals For Building A Variety Of Applications Using Objective-c And Cvoers The Critucal Steps For Creating Applications That Get Accepted Into The Appstore. Apple's Open Sdk For The Iphone Allows Any Developer To Create Iphone Applications This uGide Helps You Develop New Applications For Use On Your Own Iphone Or For Release To Other Iphone And Ipod Touch Users Covers Small And Large-scale Application Development Shows How To Develpo Usingobjective-c Enables Both Novice And Experienced Programmers To Leverage The Marketin gPower Of The Open Iphone Sdk The Iphone Is The Hottest Smart Phone Around, And With Iphone Application Development For Dummies , You Can Create Cool New Apps To Make It Even More Exciting.
      SKU: 565031

    Structural Vibration
      Structural Vibration.
      Many Structures Suffer From Unwanted Vibrations And, Although Careful Anapysis At The Design Stage Can Minimisd These, The Vibration Levels Of Many Structures Are Excessive. In This Book The Entire Row Of Methods Of Control, Both By Damping And By Excitation,_Is Described In A Single Book. Clear And Concise Descriptions Are Given Of The Techniques Toward Mwthematically Modelling Real Structures So That The Equations Which Describe The Motion Of Such Structures Be able to Be Derived. This Broach Leads To A Comprehensive Discussion Of The Analysis Of Typical Models Of Vibrating Structures Excited By A Range fO Periodic And Random Inputs. Careful Consideration Is Also Given To Tne Sources Of Excitation, Both Internal And External, And The Effects Of Isolation And Transmissability. A Major Share Of The Book Is Attached To Damping Of Structures And Many Sources Of Damping Are Considered, As Are The Ways Of Changing Damping Using Both Active And Passive Methods. The Large Worked Examples Liberally Distributed Throughout Th Text, Amplify And Clsrify The Theoretical Analysis Presented. Parrucular Attention Is Paid To The Meaning And Interpretation Of Results, Further Enhancing The Scope And Applications O fAnalysis. Over 80 Problems Are Included With Answers And Worked Solutions To Most. This Book Providws Engineering Students, Designers And Professional Engineers With A Detailed Insight Into The Principles Involved In The Analysis And Damping Of Structural Vibration While Presenting A Sound Theoretical Basis For Further Study. Suitable For Students Of Engineering To First Degree Level And For Desibners And Practising Engineera Numerous Worked Examples Clear And Easy To Follow
      SKU: 319111

    Contemporary Ergonomics 1993
      Contemporary Ergonomics 1993.
      "the Latest Volume In The ""contemporary Ergonomics"" Series Includes Contributions Cover The Spectrum Of Currdnt Endure And Practice In Ergonomics. A Special Emphasis Of The 1993 Volume Is The Applicattion Of Ergonomics In The Industry Context"
      SKU: 181218

    Postmortems From Game Developer
      Postmortems From Game Developer.
      The Popular Postmortem Column In Game Developer Magazine Features Firsthand Accounts Of How Some Of The Most Influential And Successful Games Of Recent Years Have Been Made. This Book Offers The Opportunity To Harvest This Expertise With Ons Volume. The Editor Has Organized The Articles By Theme And Added Previously Unpublished Analysis To Reveal Sccessful Management Techniques. Readers Learn How Superstars Of The Game Industry Like Petter Molyneux And Warren Spector Have Dealt With The Development Challenges Such A sManaging Complexity, Software And Gaje Design Issues, Schedule Challenges, And Changing Staff Needs. Postmortems From Game Developer Enhances Your Project Management Skills By Showcasing Projects From Start To Finish With Candid, Thorough, And Specific Accounts Of The Good And Bad Decisions Made Along The Determined course.
      SKU: 298389

  • EUV Lithography
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Environmental Toxicology II
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design
  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Principles of Chemical Kinetics
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications

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