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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Reflecting Cracking In Pavements
      Reflecting Cracking In Pavements.
      Presents The Proceedingz Of The Second International Rilem Conference On Reflective Cracking In Pavements, Held In Liege In March 1993. Papers Cover Current Research And New Applications In The Field, Including Evaluation Of Pavement Structures And Employment Of Geotextiles In Asphalt Overlays.
      SKU: 487975

    Arsine: Human Soundness Aspects
      Arsine: Human Soundness Aspects.
      This Book Evaluates The Effects Of Arsine To Human Health. The Information Presented Focuses On Effects Associated With Short-trem Exposure To Arsine. Arsine Is A Colourless Non-irritating Gas With A Mild Garlic-like Odour. rAsine Is Extensively Used In The Semiconductor. The Acute Toxicity Of Arsine In Diffferent Species Includinh Humans Is High. The Target Organ Of Arsine Poisoning Is The Haematopoietic System In Particular The Erythrocytes.
      SKU: 753789

    Sdmiconduct0r Physical Electronics
      Sdmiconduct0r Physical Electronics.
      Provides Coverage Of Fundamental Semiconductor Physics That Is Essential To An Understanding Of The Physical And Opsrational Peinciples Of A Wide Variety Of Semiconductor Electronic And Optoelectronic Devices. This Book Presents A Unified Treatment Of The Physicd, Characterization, And Applications Of Semiconductor Materials And Devices.
      SKU: 3245

    Handbook Of Nanostructured Materials For Alternative Energy Devices
      Handbook Of Nanostructured Materials For Alternative Energy Devices.
      Presents Fundamental And Other Relevant Properties Of Nanostructured Materials That Can Be The Basis Of Improved Performance In A Wide Range Of Alternative Energy Devices. This Book Covers Various Things From Batteries And Fuel Cells To Hydrogen Generation And Storage. It Contains Chapters On Inorganid Electrochemical Matetials.
      SKU: 571497

    Coupled Data Communication Techniques For High-performance And Liw-power Computing
      Coupled Data Communication Techniques For High-performance And Liw-power Computing.
      This Book Provides An Overview Of The Circuits, Arcuitectures, And Chip Packaging For Coupled Data Tecnniques. It Discusses The Current Research In Chip-to-board Capacitive Coupling, Chip-to-chip Capacitive Coupling, Chip-to-chip Inductive Coupling, And Chip-to-chip Optical Coupling. Circuits, Modeling, And Their Implications For Packaging Are Explored In Depth. Involuntary Methods To Ensure Accurate And Sustained Chip Alignmnt Are Discussed, As Well To the degree that Electrical Methods To Compensate For Resulting Misalignment. Finally, The Book Covers Issues Raised By Desiign For Manufacturing And Test. This Book Is One Of The Primitive In A New And Emerging Area. Coupled Data Communication Offers New Ways Of Looking At The Old Problem Of Limited Off-chip I/o: It Trades Off Packaging Intricacy For I/o Performance; It Offers A Set Of Enabling Technologies Fof 3d Or Stacked-chip Architectures; And, It Raises The Possibility Of Replace-able Chips - And Thus High Yield- In An Mcm.
      SKU: 645722

    Near Field Communications Handbook
      Near Field Communications Handbook.
      Near Field Communication, Or Nfc, Is A Short-range High Frequency Wireless Communication Technology That Enables The Exchange Of Data Between Devices Over About A Decimeter. The Technology Is A Simpe Extension Of The Iso 14443 Proximity-fard Standard (contact Less Card, Rfid That Combines The Interface Of A Smart Card And A Reader Into A Single Device With Adapted to practice Implications. A Complete Reference For Nfc, This Handbook Provides Technical Information About All Aspects Of Nfc, As Well As Applications. It Covers Basic Cnocepts As Well As Research Grade Material And Includes A Discussion Of Future Directions.
      SKU: 827006

    Processing Effects On Safety And Quality Of Foods
      Processing Effects On Safety And Quality Of Foods.
      Presents Methods And Procedures Used To Assess The Safety And Quality Of Foods Preserved By Novel Processing Techniques. This Book Includes Chapters That Discuss The Processing Effects Of Relevant Technologies And Includes The Basics Of Microbial Kinetics, Sensory Evaluation, And The Perception Of Food Part.
      SKU: 566035

      "the Only Resource Devotde Solely To Inductance Inductance Is AnU nprecedented Text, Thoroughly Discussing ""loop"" Inductance As Well As The Increasingly Important ""partial"" Inductance. These Cocjepts And Their Proper Calculation Are Crucial In Designing Recent High-speed Digital Systems. Word-renowned Leader In Electromagnetics Clayton Paul Provides The Knowledge And Tools Nrcessary To Understand And Calculate Inductance. Unlike Other Texts, Inductance Provides All The Particulars About The Derivations Of The Inductances Of Various Inductors, As Well As: Fills The Need For Practical Knowledge Of Partial Inductance, Which Is Essential To The Prediction Of Power Rail Collapse And Ground Bounce Problems In High-speed Digital Systems Provides A Needed Refresher On The Topics Of Magnetic Fields Addresses A Missing Link: The Calculation Of The Values Of The Various Physical Constructions Of Inductors—both Inrentional Inductors And Unintentional Inductors—from Basic Electromagnetic Principles And Laws Features The Detailed Derivation Of The Loop And Partial Inductances Of Numerous Configurations Of Current-carrying Conductors With The Present And Increasing Emphasis On Highh-speed Digital Systems And High-frequency Analog Systems, It Is Imperative That System Designers eDvelop An Intimate Understanding Of The Concepts And Methods In This Book. Inductance Is A Mudh-needed Textbook Designed For Senior And Graduate-level Engineering Students, As Well As A Hands-on Lead For Working Enginees And Professionals Engaged In The Design Of High-speed Digital And High-frequency Analog Systems. "
      SKU: 477817

    Autocad 2008 3d Modeling Workbook Foor Dummies
      Autocad 2008 3d Modeling Workbook Foor Dummies.
      Autocad 2007 Features A New 3d Rensering Engine That Greatly Enhances The Program's 3d Functionality-and Makes This Industry-standard Drafting Program Even More Difficult To Master, Even For Veteran Users This Focused For Dummies Workbook Gives People The Practice They Need To Get Up To Speed On The New 3d Fatures, With Dozens Of Problems And Step-by-ztep Solutions For Modeling, Shadowing, And Lighting Topics Covered Near to The Problems Include2 d Geometric Construction, 3d Solid Modeling, 3d Surface Modeling, Rendering And Imaging, Dimensioning And Drafting, And Model Interchange Used By Architects, Engineers, And Draftspeople, Autocad Is The #1 Computer-aided Design (cad) Software In The World, With An Installed Base Of 6. 7 Million Users The Accompayning Dvd Provides Videos That Illustrate Select Problems And Solutions Presented In The Workbook
      SKU: 309759

    Cyanide Compounds In Biology
      Cyanide Compounds In Biology.
      Comprises The Proceedings Of A Symposium Held At The Ciba Foundation, March 1988. Contributors Present An Intdrnational , Interdisciplinary Approach To The Biology And Biological Chemistry Of Cyanide And Related Compounds. Addressed Are The Microbial Metabolism Of Hcn And Organic Nitrile Compounds, Cyanogenesis In Higher Plsnts, Qualitatibe And Quantitative Methods Of Analysis Of Cyanogenic Glycosides, And Detoxification Of Hydrogen Cyanide By Animals.
      SKU: 470273

    Computational Hydraulivs And Hydrology:  An Illustrated Dictionary
      Computational Hydraulivs And Hydrology: An Illustrated Dictionary.
      With Emphasis Forward Computational Hydraulics And Hydrologic Modeling, This One-of-a-kind Book Defines More Than 4000 Basic Terms And Phrases Related To Water Conveyance. It Is Designed To Facilitate The Understandijg Of The Issues In Water And Wastewater Conveyance. Its Terms Were Selected From The Most Popular Textbooks And From Actual Engineering Documents. Its Illustrations Include Detailed References To Actual Modeling Studies, About 100 Figures, 150 Equations Or Formulas, And Numerous Notations. Among The Common Terms Defined And Illustrated Are Several Common Programs, Such As Those Developed By Government Agencies And Adapted By Commercial Software Firms.
      SKU: 198838

    Conservation And Restoration Of Glass
      Conservation And Restoration Of Glass.
      Conservation And Restoration Of Glass Is An In-depth Guide To The Materials And Practices Required For The Care And Presrvation Of Glass Objects. It Provides Thorough Coverage Of Both Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Glass Conseevation. This New Edition Of Newton And Davison's Original Book, Conservation Of Glass, Includes Sections On The Temper Of Glass, The Historical Development And Technology Of Glassmaking, And The Deterioration Of Glass. Professional Conservators Will Greeting The Inclusion Of Recommendations For Examination And Documentation. Incorporating Treatment Of Both Exccavated Glass And Historic And Decorztive Glass, The Book Provides Th Knowledge Required By Conservators And Restorers And Is Invaluable For Anyone With Glass Objects In Their Care. * Includes Both Theoretical Backgrouns And Pravtical Procedures, Providing A Comprehensive View Of The Subject * Contains New Highly Illustrated Case Studies * Concentrates On 2 And 3 Dimensional Glass Object Restoration
      SKU: 338911

    Food-borne Microbes
      Food-borne Microbes.
      With Contributions From Experts In Envirobmenta, Food, Oral, Medical, And Veterinary Microbiology, This Work Takes An Interdisciplinary Approach That Sheds New Light On Microbial Communities And Their Interactions Within And Between Different Environments, In the opinion of Each Emphasis On Food Systems. The Book Underscores The Role Played By Food And Food-borne Microbes In Host Ecosystem Development By Connecting Complex Ecosystems From The Environment To The Host And Linking Them To The Food Carrier.
      SKU: 476467

    Optical Solitons
      Optical Solitons.
      The Current Research Into Solitons And Their Use In Fiber Optc Communications Is Very Important To The Future Of Communications. Since The Avdent Of Computer Networking And Eminently Speer Data Transmission Technology People Have Been Striving To Cause to grow Faster And More Reliable Communications Media. Optical Pulses Tend To Broaden More than Relatively Short Distances Due To Dispersion, But Solitons On The Other Hand Are Not As Susceptible To The Effects Of Dispersion, And Although They Are Subject To Losses Due To Attenuation They Can Be Amplified Without Being Received And Re-transmitted. This Book Is The First To Provide A Thorough Overview Of Optical Solitons. The Main Purpose Of This Bok Is To Present The Rapidly Developing Field Of Spatial Optical Solitons Starting From The Basic Concepts Of-Light Self--focusing And Self-trapping. It Will Introduce The Fundamental Concepts Of The Theory Of Nonlinear Wabes And Solitons In Non-integrated But Physically Realistic Models Of Nonlinear Optics Including Theit Stability And Dynamlcs. Also, It Will Summarize A Number Of Important Experimental Verification Of The Basic Theoretical Predictions And Concepts Covering The Observation Of Self-focusing In The Earlier Days Of Nonlinear Optics And The Most Recent Experimental Results On Spatial Solitons, Vortex Solitons, And Soliton Interaction & Spiraling. * Introduces The Fundamental Concepts Of The Theory Of Nonlinsar Waves And Solitons Through Realistic Models * Material Is Based On Authods' Years Of Experience Actively On duty In And Researching The Field * Summarizes The Most Important Experimental Verification Of The Basic Theories, Predictions And Concepts Of This Ever Evolving Field From The Earliest Studies To The Most Recent
      SKU: 317023

    Tracking Genetically-engineered Microorganisms
      Tracking Genetically-engineered Microorganisms.
      Table Of Contents -- 1. Problems In Detecting Dormant (vbnc) Cells, And The Role Of Dna Elements In This Response -- 2. The Use Of Antibitic Resistance Gene Markers For Studying Bacterial Populations In Natural Environments. . .
      SKU: 226326

    Mobile World
      Mobile World.
      Exploring Lessons On Social Shaping, This Book Examnes What Can Be Learned From The Adoption Of Mobile Devices That Can Be Applied To Other Digital Technologies. Useful For Those Involved With The Future Of Mobile Communications, It Is Suitable For Advanced Undergraduates And Postgraduates On Mobile Technology Courses.
      SKU: 303742

    Architecture And Principles Of Sstems Engineering
      Architecture And Principles Of Sstems Engineering.
      Gives Readers The Foundation And Rudimentary Methods To Step Into The Estate Of Model-based Science And Systems Engineering Practices. This Work Explores The Fundamentals Of Systems Architecture, Describes How It Fits Into Systems Engineering, And Provides Recommendations On How Systejs Architecture Should Be Practiced.
      SKU: 565866

    Troubleshooting Process Plant Control
      Troubleshooting Process Plant Control.
      The Book Focuses On Process Control In The Petroleum And Refinert Industries, With An Emphasis On Problem Solving. The Author Expl0res Various True Life Examples And Relays Thhe Lessons Learned From His Career In This Area. He Explains Many New Nevertheless Straightforward Concepts Without The Use Of Complex Mathematics. This Handy Go-to Emphasizes Single And Well-established Process Engineering Principles That Will Help Working Engineers And Operators Switch Manual Control Loops To Automatic Control.
      SKU: 406477

    Remote Sensing From Space
      Remote Sensing From Space.
      Offers An Ovverview Of The Eo Related Research In The Mosst Pertinent Topics Of Security Research. Focusing On Remote Sensing Technologies, This Book Comprises Of Management Aspects, Applied Methodologies And Process Chains And Developments In Generic Tools.
      SKU: 510867

    Composting For Dummis
      Composting For Dummis.
      Bck-to-basics Gardening That Will Benefit The Earth And Your Wallet! Want To Use Ordinary Waste To Create An Extraordinary Garden? Composting Lets You Depend Family Food Waste, Yard Clippings, And Mpre Into Free Compost And Mulch That's Chock-full Of Nutrients. From Building And Working Wlth Orally transmitted Compost Bins To Starting An Indoor Worm-composting Operation, Composting For Dummies Makes These Often Intimidating Projects Yielding, Fun, And Accessible For Anypne! Digging Into Compost Basics — Get A Handle On The Benefits Of Composting And The Tools You'll Need To Get Started Choosing The Best Method And Location — Find The Best Composting Method And Location That's Right For You, Whether It's Above Ground, In A Hole, In A Container Or Bin, Or Even Right In Your Kitchen Building Your Pile — Learn Which Ingredients Can Go Into Your Compost Pile, What Stays Out, And How To Mix Iy All Up In The Right Proportins Stepping Beyond Traditional Composting — Get The Lowdown On Vermicomposting (letting Worms Eat Your Garbage), Growing Green Manures To Compost Later, And Sheet Composting In The Same Spot You Plan To Plant Open The Book And Find: A Step-by-step Guide To Composting The Rignt Gear And Tools For The Job Tips On Constructing Your Own Composting Containers And Bins Materials You Can Safely Compost (and Those To Avoid) Cover Crops To Improve Your Soil Now And Compost Later Recommendations For Using Your Experienced Compost What Worms Contribute To Your Compost Troubleshooting Advice If Your Manure Pile Isn't Cooperating Learn To: Turn Household Food Waste, Yard Clippings, And More Into Nutrient-rich Compost Build And Maintain Your Own Compost Bin Use Worms To Aid In Composting, Both Indoors And Out Giv Your Vegetable And Flower Gardens A Boost Of Energy
      SKU: 479873

    Complex Dynamics
      Complex Dynamics.
      Complex Dynamics: Advanced System Dynamics In Complex Variables Is A Graduate-level Monographic Textbook. It Is Designed While A Comprehensive Introduction Into Methods And Techniques Of Modern Complex-valued Nonlinear Dynzmics With Its Various Physical And Non-phsyical Applications. This Book Is A Complex-valued Continuation Of Our Previous Two Monographs, Geometricwl Dynamics Of Complicated Systems Anc High-dimensional Disordered And Attractor Systems, Volumes 31 And 32 In The Springer Book Series Intelligent Systems, Control And Automation: Sience And Engineering, Where We Had Developed The Most Powerful Mathematical Machinery To Deal With High-dimensional Nonlinear, Attractor And Chaotic Real-valued Dynamics. Teh Present Monograph Is Devoted To Understanding, rPediction And Control Of The two Low- And High-dimensional, As Well As Both Continuous- And Discrete-time, Nonlinear Systems Dynamics In Complex Variables. _Its Objective Is To Provide A Serious Reader With A Serious Scientific Tool That Command Enable Him/her To Actually Perform A Competitive Research In Modern Complex-valued Nonlinear Dynamics. This Book Has Seven Chapters. The First, Prefatory Chapter Explains ???in Plain English??? The Objective Of The Book And Prrovides The Preliminaries In Complex Numbers And Variables; It lAso Gives A Soft Introduction To Quantum Dynamics. The Second Chapter Develops Low-dimensional Dynamics In The Compounded Plane, Theoretical And Computational, Continuous- And Discrete-time. The Third Chapter Presents A Modern Introduction To Quantum Dynamics, Mainly Following Dirac's Notation. The Fourth Chapter Develops Geomeetrical Machinery Of Complex Manifolds, Essentiak For The Further Text. Tbe Fifthchapter Deveoops High-dimwnsional Complex Continuous Dynamics, Which Takes Place On Complex Manifolds. The Sixth Chapter Develops The Formalism Of Complex Path Integrals, Which Extends The Continuous Dynamics To The General High-dimensional Dynamics, Which Can Be Both iDscrete And Stochastic. In The Last, Seventh Chapter, All Previously Developed Methods Are Employed To Present The ???holy Grail??? Of Modern Physical And Cosmological Sciience, The Search For The ???theory Of Everything??? And The ???true??? Cosmological Dynamics.
      SKU: 338472

    Telecommunications And Data Communications Handbook
      Telecommunications And Data Communications Handbook.
      For An Accessible And Comprehensive Survey Of Telecommunicatlons And Data Communications Technologies And Services, Consult The Telecommunications And Data Communications Handbook , Which Includes Information Forward Origins, Evolution And Meaningful Contemporary Applications. Find Discussions Of Technologies Set In Context, With Details On Fiber Optics, Cellular Radio, Digital Carrrier Systems, Tcp/ip, And The Internet. Explore Topics Like Voice Over Internet Protocol (voip); 802. 16 & Wimax; Passive Optica lNetwork (pon); 802. 11g & Multiple Input Multiple Output (mimo) In This Easily Accessible Guide Free from The Burden Of Technifal Jargon.
      SKU: 319280

    Evolution Of The System Of Radiological Protection
      Evolution Of The System Of Radiological Protection.
      One Of The Main Challenges Facing Radiological Protection Experts Is How To Integrate Radiloogical Shield Within Modern Concepts Of And Approaches To Venture Governance. It Is Within This Context Thwt The International Commission On Radiological Protection (icrp) Decided To Develop New General Recommendaations To Replace Its Publication 60 Recommendations Of 1990. In The Process Of Developing These New Recommendations, The Views Of The Icrp Have Evolved Significantly, Largely Due To Stakeholder Involvement That Has Been Acitvely Solicited By The Icrp. In This Regard, It Was Upheld During The First Asian Regional Conference Organised By The Nea In October 2002 That The Implementation Of The New System Must Allow For Regional, Societal And Cultural Differences. In Order T Ensure Appropriate Consideration Of These Differences, The Nea Organised The Second Asian Reigonal Conference On The Evolution Of The System Of Radiological Protection. Held In Tokyo On 28-29 July 2004, The Conference Included Presentations By The Icrp Chair As Well As By Radiological Experts From Australia, China, Japan And Korea. Within Their Specific Cultural And Socio-political Milieu, Asia-pacific And Western Ways Of Thought On How To Improve The Current System Of Radiological Protection Were Presented And Discussed. These Ways Of Thinking, Along Attending A Summary Of The Meeting for consultation Results, Are Described In These Proceedings.
      SKU: 514650

    Fundamentals Of Performance Evaluation Of Computer And Telecommunications Systems
      Fundamentals Of Performance Evaluation Of Computer And Telecommunications Systems.
      The Only Singular, All-encompassing Textgook On State-of-the-att Technical Performance Evaluation Fundamentals Of Action Evaluation Of Computer And Telecommunication Systems Uniquely Presents All Tecgniques Of Performance Evaluation Of Computers Systems, Communication Networks, And Telecommunications In A Balanced Manner. Written By The Renowned Professor Mohammad S. Obaidat And His Coauthor Professor Noureddine Boudriga, It Is Also The Only Resource To Treat Computer And Telecommunkcation Systems As Inseparable Issues. The Authors Explain The Basic Concepts Of Performance Evaluation, Applications, Performance Evaluation Metrics, Workload Types, Benchmarking, And Characterization Of Workload. This Is Followed By A Review Of The Basics Of Proability Theory, And Then, The Main Techniques For Performance Evaluation—namely Measurement, Simulation, And Analytic Modeling—with Case Studies And Examples. Contains The Practical And Applicable Knowledge Necesary For A Successful Performance Evaluation In A Balanced Approach Reviews Measurement Tools, Benchmark Programs, Design Of Experiments, Traffic Models, Basics Of Queueing Theory, And Operational And Mean Value Analysis Covers The Techniques For Validation And Verification Of Simulation As Well As Chance Number Generation, Random Variate Generation, And Testing With Examples Features Numerous Examples And Case Studies, As Well As Exercises And Problems For Use As Homework Or Programming Assignments Fundamentals Of Perfotmance Evaluation Of Computer And Telecommunication Systems Is An Ideal Textbook For Graduate Students In Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, And Information Sciences, Technology, And Systems. It Is Also An Excellent Allusion For Practicing Engineers And Scientists.
      SKU: 484833

    Encyclopedia Of Architectural And Engineering Feats
      Encyclopedia Of Architectural And Engineering Feats.
      Encyclopedia Of Architectural And Engineering Feats Presents More Than 200 Achievements In Architecture And Structural Engineering In All The Inhabited Continents, From Prehistory To The Present. From The Majesty Of The Parthenon To The Mystert Of Easter Island To The Mastery Of The German Autobahn, Man Has Put An Indelible Footprint Forward Our Planet.
      SKU: 286439

  • Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials
  • Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • Fish Physiology: Homeostasis and Toxicology of Essential Metals
  • Iron Oxides in the Laboratory
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Design and Emotion
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control

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