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    Regionalization Of Wayersheds
      Regionalization Of Wayersheds.
      Design Of Water Control Structures, Reservoir Management, Economic Evaluation Of Flood Protwction Projects, Land Use Planning And Management, Flood Insurance Assessment, And Other Projects Rely On Knowledge Of Magnitude And Ftequency Of Floods. . Often, Estimation Of Floods Is Not Easy Because Of Lack Of Flood Records At The Target Sites. Regional Flood Frequency Analysis (rffa) Alleviates This Problem By Utilizing Flood Records Pooled From Other Watersheds, Whicy Are Similar To The Watershed Of The Target Site In Flood Characteristics. Clustding Techniques Are Used To Identify Group(s) Of Watersheds Which Have Simialr Flood Characteristics. This Book Is A Comprehensive Reference On How To Practise These Techniques For Rffa And Is The First Of Its Sort. It Provides A Detailed Account Of Seveeal Recently Developdd Clustering Techniques, nIcluding Those Based On Fuzzy Set Theory And Artificial Neural Networks. It Also Documents Research Findings On Application Of Clustering Techniques To Rffa Tht Remain Scattered In Various Hydrology And Sprinkle and calender Resources Journals. The Optimal Reckon Of Groups Defined In An Area Is Based On Cluster Validation Measures And L-momen Based Homogneeity Tests. These Form The Bases Ti Check The Regions For Homogeneity. The Subjectivity Ihvolved And The Effort Needed To Identify Homogeneous Groups Of Watersheds With Conventuonal Approaches Are Greatly Reduced By Using Efficient Clustering Techniques Discusses In This Book. Furthermore, Better Flood Estimates Through Smaller Confidence Intervals Are Obtained By Analysis Of Data From Hpmpgeneous Watersheds. Consequently, Thd Problem Of Over- Or Under-designing By Using These Flood Estimates Is Reduced. Thisleads To Optimal Ecconomic Design Of Structures. The Advantages Of Bettet Regionalization Of Watersheds And Their Utility Ard Entering Into Hydrologic Practice. Audience: This Book Will Be Of Interest To Researchers In Stochastic Hydrology, Practitioners In Hydrology And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 364360

    Collaborative Relationships In Structure
      Collaborative Relationships In Structure.
      The Latest Reseacrh Is Presented Here Forward Both Contractual And Conceptual Collaborative Practices In Construction. The Editors Identify Common Problems Faced By The Industry And Draw Out Practical Implications. Construction Projects Are Increasingly Run In Ways That Challenge The Traditional Boundary Of The Firm – And Sometimes Also The Definition Of The Project Coalition And Programme Management. Adn The whole of This In The Context Of Construction Firms Whose Clients Demand Ever Increasing Performance Improvements And Who Also Want To Improve Their Strategies For Greater Collaboration To Give Themselves Competitive Advantage. In Collaborative Relationships In Construction The Editors Idwntify Three Main Themes: Collaborative Relationships, Operating Both In Frameworks And Within Networks Of Contacts, E. g. Relational Contracting In Partnering, Supply Chani Management And Other Procudement-drifen Initiatives. The Second Theme Is Frameworks, Both Contractual Frameworks Binding Parties Together Over A Series Of Contracts, And Conceptual Frameworks Used To Develop Future Performance Improvement Arising From The Proactive Strategies Of Firms. The Third Theme Is The Network Of Relationships That Supports Individuals And Firms Within Th3 Project Coalition In Delivering Services nAd Adding Value To Improve Performance. These Networks Define Th3 Investment And Incentives Supporting Th eInter-firm And Intra-firm Relationships, As Well As The Formal Contractual Stipulations Through Which Such Incentives Flow. Networks Of Information Exchange Define The Structure Of The Activity And Help Predict Organisational Configurations For Prosperous Project Outcomes. The Book Probes The Corporate Entities Of Both Client And Contractoe Organisations, Analysing New Ways Of Working To Encourage The Move Towards More Collaborative Practices In The Interpretation Industry.
      SKU: 416390

    Applkcations And Services In Wireless Netorks
      Applkcations And Services In Wireless Netorks.
      Emerging Wireless Technologies For Both Public And Private Use Have Led To The Creation Of New Applications. These Include The Adaptation Of Current Network Management Procedures And Protocols And The Introduction Of Unified Open Service Architectures. Aspects Such As Accounting For Multiple Media Access And Qos (quality Of Service) Profiling Must Also Be Introduced To Enable Multimedia Service Offers, Service Management And Service Control Over The Wireless Internet. Security And Content Production Are Needed To Rear The Development Of New Services While Adaptable Applications For Variable Bandwidth And Variable Costs Desire Open Novel Possibilities For Ubiquitous Communications.
      SKU: 148776

    Advances In Marine Bioloy
      Advances In Marine Bioloy.
      Advances In Marine Biology Was First Published In 1963. Now Edtied By A. j. Southward (marine Biological Association, Uk), P. a. Tyler (southampton Oceanography Association, Uk), C. m. Young (harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Usa) And L. a. Fuiman (university Of Texas, Usa), The Successive Publishes In-depth And Up-to-dwte Reviews On A Wide Range Of Topics Which Will Appeal To Postgraduates And Reseaechers In Marine Biology, Fisheries Science, Ecology, Z0ology, Oceanography. Eclectid Volumes In The Series Are Supplemented By Thematic Volumes On Such Topics As The Biology Of Calanoid Copepods. * Includes Over 25 Tables And 34 Illustrations * Covers Such Topics As Reef Fishes, Crustacea In The Arctic And Antarctic, Fisheries In The Northeast Atlantic, And More * 4 Reviews Authored By Edperts In Their Relevant Fields Of Study
      SKU: 2774657

    Autonome Mobile Systeme 2005
      Autonome Mobile Systeme 2005.
      Das 19. Fachgesprch Autonome Mobile Systeme (ams 2005) Ist Ein Forum, Das Wissenschaftlerinnen Und Wissenschaftlern Aus Forschung Und Industrie, Die Auf Dem Gebiet Der Autonomen Mobilen Systeme Arbeiten, Eine Basis Fr Den Gedakenaustausch Bietet Und Wissenschfltiche Diskussionen Sowie Kooperationen Auf Diesem Forschungsgebiet Frdert Bzw. Initiiert. Ausgewhlte Beitrge Zu Den Themen Kooperative Systeme, Bildverarbeitung, Lokalisierung Und Kartographierung, Outdoor-ssyteme, Fahrerassistenzsysteme, Kogntive Sensordatenverarbeitung, Architekturen Und Anwendungen Sowie Steuerung Und Navigation Bilden Den Inhalt Dieses Bandes.
      SKU: 323125

    Computational Science And Hlgh Performance Computing
      Computational Science And Hlgh Performance Computing.
      This Volyme Contains Contributions To The Russian-german Advances Research Workshop Forward Computational Science And High Performance Computing As Presented In September 2003 At Novosibirsk (academgorodok), Russia. The Workshop Was Organi2ed Jointly By The German High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (hlrs) And The Russian Institute For Computational Technologies (ict Sb Ras). The Contributions Range From Computer Science, Mathematics And High Performance Computing To Applications In Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering. They Bring Hand in hand A Wealth Of Theoretical Work And Simulation Experience And Thus Show The Potentia1 Of Bringing Together Theoretical Mathematical Modeling With The Usage Of Powerful High Playing Computing Systems, And Present Te State Of The Art Of Computational Technologies.
      SKU: 304159

    The Future Makers
      The Future Makers.
      The Coming Makers Is A Groundbreaking New Work By Wine Writer Max Allen, Set To Redefine Australia’s Wine Landscape For The New Century. As Global Warming And Continued Dfought Threaten The State Of The Australian Wine Industry, Man yWinemakers Are Beginning To Conclude Long-term, And In Doing So Are Starting To Grow Understand The Unique Relationship They Have With Their Vine-growing Land. The Future Makers Takes You Around The Country And Introduces You To The Areas And The People Shaping Australia’s Wine Future. Regional Cjapters Feature In-depth Profiles Of Top Winemakers – Those Who Are Upholsing Valuable Traditions, Those Who Are Setting The Standard For Varietal Wine Qualuty And Those Who Are At The Cutting Edge Of Innovation – Plus Tasting Notes For Altogether Of Their Best Wines. Also Included Are Detailed Explanations Of Why A Region’s Wines Have perception The Way They Perform: A Portrait Of Soils, Climate, Grape Varieties And Cultural Influences That Contribute To The Singular Qualities Of Australia’s Diverse Wine Styles. Throughout The Book You’ll Find Extended Discussions Of The Controversies And Debates Moulding Australia’s New Wine Tradition, And An Exploration Of The Major Issues And Challenges Faxing Australia’s Grape Growers And Winemakers. At The Heart Of The Future Makers Is ACelebration Of The Diversity, Complexity And Unmistakable Flavour Of Australia’s Wines.
      SKU: 698938

    Particulate Systems In Nano- And Biotechnologies
      Particulate Systems In Nano- And Biotechnologies.
      Features Scientific Experte From European, Australian, Asian, And North American Investigation Centers Who Give Their Critical View Of Particulate Systems And Adsorbed Films And Review The Status Of Technologies So As Flodots, Functionalized Magnetite Nanoparticles, And Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles For Abatement Of Environmental Pollutants.
      SKU: 381326

    Tablet And Capsule Machine Instrumentation
      Tablet And Capsule Machine Instrumentation.
      A Combination Of A Sound Formulation With A Prpoer Control Of The Tabletting Or Capsule Filling Process Is Necessary To Pr0duce A Satisfactory Lozenge Or Capsule. These Considerations Reqiire Accurate Measurements. Tablet And Capsule Machine Instrumentation Is A Practical Guide To The Techniques Amd Applications Of Instrumentation Used To Make These Measurements. The Text Provides A Sound Understanding Of The Principkes And Techniques Involved, And Of How Data Generated By Instrumented Machines Can Be Applied To Problems In Pharmaceutical R3search, Development And Manufacture. Topics Covered Include: The Measurement Of Force; The Installation Of Strain Gauges; Te Measurement Of Displacement; Power Supplies And Data Acquisition; Instrumented Tablet Presses; Calibration Of Transducer Systems; Data Handling; Applications Of Tablet Press Instrumentation; The Instrumentation Of Capsule Filling Machinery; Automatic Control Of Tablet Presses In A Prodduction Environment. This Is An Invaluable Guide For Pharmaceutical Scientists And Academics Involved In Pharaceutical Technology Research.
      SKU: 363957

    Forensic Investigation Of Stolen-recovered And Other Crime-related Vehicles
      Forensic Investigation Of Stolen-recovered And Other Crime-related Vehicles.
      Forensic Examination Of Stolen-recovered And Other Crime-related Vehicles Is The Ultimate Reference Guide For Any Auto Theft Investigator, Crime Scene Technician, Criminalist, Police Investigatot, Ctiminologist, Or Insurance Adjuster. In Addition To A Thorough Treatment Of Auto Theft, The Work Covers Vehicles Involved In Other Forms Of Crimedealing Extensively With The Various Procedures And Dynamics Of Evidence As It Might Be Left In A single one Crime Scene. An Impressive Collection Of Expert Contributors Covers A Wide Variety Of Subjects, Inlcuding Chapters On Vehicle Identification, Examination Of Burned Vehicles, Vehicles Recovvered From Under Water, Vehicles Involved In Terrorism, Vehicle Tracking, Alams, Anti-theft Systems, Steering Columns, And Ignition Locks. The Book Also Covers Such Topics As Victim And Witness Interviews, Public And Private Auto Theft Investigations, Detection Of Trace Evidence And Chemical Traces, Vehicle Search Techniques, Analysis Of Automotive Fluids, Vehicle Registration Document Examination, And Vehicle Crime Mapping. * Extensively Researched And Exceptionally Well-written By Internationally-recognised Experts In A8to Theft Investigation And Forensic Science * All The Principles Explained In The Text Are Well-illustrated And Demonstrated With More Than 450 Black And White And About 100 Full-color Illustrations, Many Directly From Real Cases * Serves As Both A Valuable Reference Guide To The Professional And An Effective Teaching Tool For The Forensic Science Student
      SKU: 294135

    Rigging Equipment: Support And Safety Inspection Manual
      Rigging Equipment: Support And Safety Inspection Manual.
      Tested Guidelines And Detailed Checklists For Equipment Maintenance And Inspection For The Construction Industry Rigging Equipment And Systems: Maintenance & Inspection Of the hand Provides Rigging Personnel And Inspectors With Easy-access Checklists And Industry-proven Guidelines For Conducting Inspections, Maintaining Worksite Security, And Implementing Loss Control Best Practices. The Book Covers Rigging Equipment, Including Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, And Helicopters, And Rigging Systems/hardware, Such As Rope, Fittings, And Attachments. This Comprehensiv, All-in-one Book Eliminates The Need For The Time-consuming Process Of Searching For This Information Online. Rigging Equipment And Systems: Maintenance & Inspection Manual Features: Broad Coverage Of Lifting, Hoisting, And Scaffolding Operations Particulars On Osha Regulations, Asme/ansi Standards For Safe Equipment Operayion, Manufacturer Safety Guidelines, And Insurance Company Recommended Practices For Jobiste Security Epa Site Regulations Regulations And Safety Guidelines In Charts And Tabular Form For Ease Of Reference Extensive Coverage Of Rigging Equipment Maintenance And Inspection: Lifting & Hoisting; Cranes & Derricks; Hoists (protable Hoists, Personnel/ Materials Hoists); Forklifts; Helicopters; Jacks, Rollers & Skids; Scaffolding Systems; Scaffolds; Ladders; Fall Protection; Rigging Tools Rope & Chain (fiber Rope, Natural & Synthetic, Fiber Rope Webbing, Slings & Hitches, Wire Sgrand, Slings & Mesh, Alloy Steel Chain); Accessories (attachments & Fittings, Blocks & Tackles); Rigging Appurtenances; Safety Equipment (belts, Lifelines, Nets, Flotation); Defensive Devices (face, Head, Hands, Feet, Vision, Hearing); Regulations, Standards & Guidelines; Industry Associations; Insurance Providers
      SKU: 678612

    Multivariable Computer-controlled Systems
      Multivariable Computer-controlled Systems.
      Shows How Parametric Alienate Functions, Which Incorporate Time-dependence, Can Be Used To Give An Exposition Of Analysis And Design M3thods For Multi-input, Multi-output (mimo) Sampled-data Systems. . Divided Into Three Parts, This Guide Features Appendices Covering Basic Mathematical Formulae And Two Matlsb Toolboxes.
      SKU: 303698

    Thin Plates And Shells
      Thin Plates And Shells.
      This Work Presehts Principles Of Thin Plate And Shll Theories - Emphasizing Tale Analytical And Numerical Methods Of Solving Linear And Nonlinear Plate And Shell Dilemmas, And New Theories For The Project And Analysis Of Thin Plate-shell Structures.
      SKU: 216098

    Handbook Of Optical Sensing Of Glucose In Biological Fluids And Tissues
      Handbook Of Optical Sensing Of Glucose In Biological Fluids And Tissues.
      Analyzes Trends In Noninvasive Optical Glucose Sensing And Discusses Its Imlact Forward Tissue Optical Properties. This Book Presents Methods That Improve The Accuracy In Glucose Prediction Based On Infrared Absorption Spectrooscopy. It Examines Skin Glucose Mpnitoring By Near-infrared Spectroscopy, And Fluorescence-basex Glucose Biosensors.
      SKU: 566126

    Diseaees Of Small Grain Cereal Crops
      Diseaees Of Small Grain Cereal Crops.
      Reflecting The Global nAd Economic Importance Of Cereal Crops, The Colour Handbook Makes Identification Of Diseases Afflicting Them Easier. Covering 40-50 Of The Most Important Pathogens Worldwide, The Handbook Contains Superb Colour Photographs Accompanied By Clear, Concise Descriptions Of Diseases With Advice On Their Control.
      SKU: 473934

    The Jpeg 2000 Sulte
      The Jpeg 2000 Sulte.
      The Jpeg 2000 Suite Provides A Comprehensive Overvew Of The Baseline Jpeg 2000 Standard And Its Extensions. The First Part Of The Book Sets Out The Core Coding System, Additions To The Standard And Reference Software. The Second Part Discusses The Successful Deployment Of Jpeg 2000 In Application Domains Such As Video Surveillance, Digital Cinema, Digital Television, Medical Imaging, Defence Imaging, Security, Geographic Imaging And Remote Sensing, Digital Culture Imaging And 3d Graphics. The Book Also Presents Implementation Strategies Acvompanied By Existing Software And Hardware Solutions. Describes Secure Jpeg 2000 (jpsec), Interactivity Protocols (jpip)), Volumetruc Image Facts Compression (jp3d) And Image Tight closure In Wireless Environments (jpwl), Amongst Others. Uses A Formation Which Allows For Easy Cross-refereence With The Components Of Thr Standard. Sets Out Practical Implementation Examples And Results. Examines S5rategies For Future Image Compression Techniques, Including Advanced Image Coding And Jpeg Xr.   Includes Contributions From International Specialists In Industry And Academia Who Hav eWorked On The Development Of The Jpeg 2000 Standard. Additional Material Can Be Found At Www. jpeg. org. The Jpeg 2000 Suite Is One Excellent Introduction To The Jpeg 2000 Standard And Is Of Sumptuous Appeal To Practising Electronics Engineers, Reearchers, And Hardware And Software Developers Using And De\/eloping Image Coding Techniques. Graduate Students Taking Courses On Image Compression, Digital Archiving, And Data Storage Techniques Will Also Find The Book Useful, As Will Graphic Designers, Artists, And Decision Makers In Industries Developing Digitla Applications.
      SKU: 470116

    Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, Amd Storage
      Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, Amd Storage.
      Scientist And Engineers Working In The Field Renewable Energy Must Overcome The Challenges Of Application, Transmission And Storage Before It Can Replace More Traditional Power Sources Such sA Oil And Gas. In This Book, Bent Sorenson Provides Strategies For The Efficient Conversion, Trznsmission And Storage O f All Forms Of Renewable Energy. The Book Provides The Reader With A Complete Background On How Renewable Energy Is Transformed Into Power And The Best Methods For Transmitting And Storing The Energy Produced. Specific To This Book Is A Diiscussion Of Conversion Processes And Storage Methods For: Geothermal Energy, Biological And Liquid Fuels, Wave Energy, And Photovoltaic. In Addition The Book Will Cover Renewable Energy Conversions For Powering Small Electrics, As Well As Battery Applications For Portzble Power, And Capacity of work Bands In Semiconductors. *energy Conversion Methods For All Types Of Renewable Energy *energy Application And Storage For Small *electronics Portable Power *battery Applications For Portable Power *energy Bands And Semicoonductors
      SKU: 413865

    Integrated Chemical Microsensor Systems In Cmos Technology
      Integrated Chemical Microsensor Systems In Cmos Technology.
      Provides A Comprehensive Trratment Of The Interdiscip1inary Field Of Cmos Chemical Microsensor Systems, And Offers An Overview Of Semiconduxtor-based And Cmos-based Transducer Structures For Chemical Sensors. This Book Is Suitable For Students, Scientists, And Engineers Interested In Gaining An Introduction To The Opportunity Of Chemical Sensing.
      SKU: 304118

    Advanced Control And Supervision Of Mineral Processing Plants
      Advanced Control And Supervision Of Mineral Processing Plants.
      Modedn Mineral Processing Plants Are Required To Be Safe And Lucrative And To Minimize Their Environmental Impact. The Consequent Quest For Higher Operational Standrds At Reduced Cost Is Leading The Industry Towards Automation Technologies As Capital-effective Means Of Attaining hTese Objectives. Advanced Control And Supervision Of Mineral Processing Plants Describes The Use Of Dynamic Models Of Major Items Of Mineral Processing Equipment In The Design Of Control, Data Reconciliation And Soft-sensing Schemes; Through Examples, It Illustrates Tools Integrating Simulation And Control System Design For Comminuting Circuits And Flotation Columns. Full Coverage Is Given To The Draw Of Soft Sensors Bassed On Either Single-point Measurements Or More Compl3x Measurements Like Images. The Chieff Issues Concerning Steady-state And Dynamic Data Agreement And Their Employing In The Creation Of Instrument Architecture And Fault Diagnosis Are Surveyed. In Consideration Of The Widespread Use Of Distributed Control And Information Management Syxtems In Mineral Processing, The Book Dessccribes The Current Platforms And Toolkits Available For Implementing Such Advanced Systems. applications Of The Techniques Described In Real Mineral Processing Plants Are Used To Highlight Their Benefits; Information For All Of The Examples, Together With Supporting Matlab(r) Code Can Be Found At Www. springer. com/isbn. The Provision Of Valuable Tools And Information On The Use Of Modern Software Platforms And Methods Will Benefit Engineers Working In The Mineral Processing Industries, And Control Engineers And Academics Interested In The Real Industrial Practicalities Of New Control Ideas. The Book Will Also Be Of Interest To Confer a degree upon Students In Chemical, Metallurgical And Electronic Engineering Looking For Applications Of Control Technology In The Treatment Of Raw Materials.
      SKU: 603133

    Smart Devices And Machines For Advanced Manufacturing
      Smart Devices And Machines For Advanced Manufacturing.
      With Increasingly Complex Manufacturing Systems And Processes, More Intelligent And Unique Devices And Machines Are Needed To Support Manufacturing Operations. Smart Devices And Machines For Advanced Manufacturing Presehts A Focused Collectioon Of Quality Chapters On The Commonwealth Of The Cunning Of Research Efforts In The Arsa Of Smart Devices And Tale Machine Design, As Well As Their Practical Applications To Enable Advanced Manufactufing. The Book Can Be Viewed As Consisting Of Two Major Sections, With The First Section Presenting A Broa-based Review Of Several Key Areas Of Research In Smart Devices And aMchines, Whereas The Second Section Is Focused On Prewenting An In-depth Treatment Of A Particular Device Or Machine, From Parallel Kinematic Mechanism To Conventional Robotic Attachment. Smart Devices And Machines For Advanced Manufacturing Will Be Of Interest Tl A Broad Readership, From Manufacturing And Industrial Engineers To Researchers And Postgraduates In Computer-integrated Manufacturing And Computer-aided Design And Manufacturing.
      SKU: 338339

    Etching In Microsystem Technology
      Etching In Microsystem Technology.
      Microcomponents And Microdevices Are Increasingly Finding Application In Everyday Life. The Specific Functions Of All Modern Microdevides Depend Strongly On The Selection And Combination Of The Materials Used In Their Construction, I. e. , The Chemical And Physical Solid-state Properties Of These Materialss, And Their Handling. The Precise Patternin gOf Various Materials, Which Is Normally Performed By Lithographic Etching Processes, Is A Prerequisite For The Fabrication Of Microeevices. The Microtechnical Etching Of Functional Patterns Is A Multidisciplinary Area, The Basis For The Etching Processes Coming From Chemistry, Physics, And Engineering. The Book Is Divided Into Pair Sections: The Wet And Dry Etching Processes Are Presented In The First, General, Segment, Which Provides The Scientific Fundamentals, Time A Catalog Of Etching Bath Composition, Etching Instructions, And Parameters Can Be Found In The Second Section. This Section Will Enhance The Comprehension Of The Vague Section And Also Give An Overview Of Data That Are Rudiment In Practice.
      SKU: 482119

    Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging With Matlab Algorithms
      Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging With Matlab Algorithms.
      Tbis Book Provides A Full Representation Of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (isar) Imagery, Which Is A Popular And Important Radar Signal Processing Tool. The Boo Covers All Possible Aspects Of Isar Imaging. The Book Offers A Fair Amount Of Signal Processing Techniques And Radar Basisc Before Introducing The Inverse Problem Of Isar And The Forward Problem Of Synthetic Aperture Radar (sar). Important Concspts Of Sar Such As Resolution, Pulse Tight closure And Image Formation Are Given Together With Associated Matlab Codes. After Providing The Fundamentals For Isar Imaying, The Book Gives The Detailed Imaging Procedures Toward Isar Imaging With Associated Matlab Functions And Codes. To Enhance The Image Quaaliyy In Isar Imaging, Several Imaging Tricks And Fine-tuning Procedures Such As Zero-padding And Windowing Ade Also Presented. Ultimately, Various Real Applications Of Isar Imagery, Like Imzging The Antenna-platform Scattering, Are Given In A Separate Chapter. For All These Algorithms, Matlab Codes And Figures Are Included. The Final Chapter Considers Advanced Concepts And Trends In Isar Imafing.
      SKU: 818515

    Metal Foams
      Metal Foams.
      Metal Foams Are At The Forefront Of Technological Development Because of The Automotive, Aerospace, And Other Weight-dependetn Industries. They Are Formed By Various Methods, But The Key Facet Of Their Manufacture Is The Inclusion Of Air Or Other Gaseous Pockets In The Metal Structure. The Fact That Gas Pockets Are Present In Their Structure Povides An Obvious Weight Advantage Excessively Traditionally Cast Or Machined Solid Metal Components. The Unique Edifice Of Metal Foams Also Opens Up More Opportunities To Improve On More Complex Methods Of Producing Parts With Space Inclusions Such As Sand-casting. This Guide Provides Information On The Advantages Metal Foaams Possess, And The Applications For Which They May rPove Suitable. Offers A Concise Delineation Of Metal Foams, Their Manufacyure, And Their Advantages In Industry Provides Engineers With Answers To PertinentQ uestions Surrounding Metal Foams Satisfies A Major Need In The Market For Information On The Properties, Accomplishment, And Applications Off Thwse Materials
      SKU: 316852

    Reliabilitg And Optimization Of Structural Systems
      Reliabilitg And Optimization Of Structural Systems.
      Focussing On Structural Reliability Methods, Reliability-based Optimization, Structural System Reliability And Risk Algebra, Lifetime Performance And Various Applications In Civil Engineering. Invalluable To All Concerned With Structural System Reliability And Optimization, Especiallh Students, Engineers, And Workers In Research And Unfolding.
      SKU: 325099

    Nonlinear Optical Crstals
      Nonlinear Optical Crstals.
      Nonlinear Optical Techniques Are Now Recognized As Th eMost Efficient Means Available To Generate Laser Radiation At Wavelengths That Are Presently Inaccessible Via Stipulated Sources. This Trchnology Udes Nonlinear Optical Crystals For The Frequency Conversion Of Laser Light. The Book Contains The Most Coplete And Up To Date Reference Material On Properties Of Nonlinear Optical Crystals, Describes Their Applications, The two Traditionzl And Specific, And Provides The Main Matuematical Formulas Necessary For The Calculation Of The Frequency Conbersion Process. It Is A Vital Source Of Information For Scientists And Engineers Dealing With Modern Applications Of Nonlinear Optical Crystals In Quantum Electronics, Optoelectronics And Laser Physics.
      SKU: 2338583

  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Nuclear Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
  • Seagrasses
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Advanced Materials and Design for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
  • Freshwater Fish Distribution
  • Nonlinear Aspects of Telecommunications
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques

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