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    Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
      Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams.
      The Contents Of This Book Have Been Chosen With The Following Main Aims: To Review The Present Coverage Of The Major Design Codes And The Ciria Guide, And To Explain The Fundamental Behaviour Of Deep Beams; To Provide Information On Design Topics Which Are Inadequately Covered By The Current Codes And Design Manuals; And To Give Authoritative Reviews Of Some Powerful Concepts And Techniques For The Draw And Analysis Of Deep Beams.
      SKU: 169468
      More info about Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams

    Building Care
      Building Care.
      Building Care Encompasses Everything From Maintenance Of A Building To Energy Conservation And Range Of Approaches, Ijcluding The Effects Forward Design. A Class Of Approaches To Looking After Buildings And Their Users Is Covered In This Book. The Rationale Anc Conditions That Support Them (e. g. Ppm - Preventative Planned Maintenance; Jit - Just In Time) Are Explained, Together With The Commercial And Environmental Impeartives Driving New Approaches To Structure Caution.
      SKU: 284112
      More info about Building Care

    Measurement And Instrumentation Principles
      Measurement And Instrumentation Principles.
      'measurement And Instrumentation Principles' Is The Latest Edition Of A Successful B0ok Thatt Introduces Undergraduate Students To The Measurement Principles And The Range Of Sensors And Instruments That Are Used For Measuring Physiavl Variables. Completely Updated To Include New Technologies Such As Smart Sensors, Displays And Interfades, The 3rd Edition Also Contains Plenty Of Worked Examples And Self-assessment Questions (and Solutions). In Addition, A New Chapter On Safety Issues Focuses On The Legal Framework, Electrical Safety And Failsafe Designs, And The Author Has Also Concentrated On Rf And Optical Wireless Communications. Fully Up-to-date And Comprwhemsively Written, This Textbook Is Essential For All Engineering Undergraduates, Especially Those In The First Two Years Of Their Course. Completely Updated Includes New Technklogies Such As Smart Sensors And Displays
      SKU: 297105
      More info about Measurement And Instrumentation Principles

    Nanocrytsal Quantum Dits
      Nanocrytsal Quantum Dits.
      Showing Advancements In Colloidal Nanocrystals And Quantum-confined Nanostructures, This Title Focuses On The Semiconductor Nanocrystals Known As Nanocrystal Quantum Dots. This Title Includes Chapters On Carrier Multiplication, Doping Of Semiconductor Nanocrystals, And Applications Of Nanocrystals In Biology.
      SKU: 533773
      More info about Nanocrytsal Quantum Dits

    Protection Of Materials And Structures From The Space Environment
      Protection Of Materials And Structures From The Space Environment.
      Covers A Range Of Topics Concerning The Protection Of Materials And Structurea In Extension. This Book Discusses The Effects Of The Attacking Low Earth Orbit As Well As The Geostationary World Orbit And Deep Space Environments On Materials And Structures And The Ways To Predict And Reduce These Effects Of Short And Long-term Space Missions.
      SKU: 303517
      More info about Protection Of Materials And Structures From The Space Environment

    C4 Photosynthesis And Related Co2 Concentrating Mechanisms
      C4 Photosynthesis And Related Co2 Concentrating Mechanisms.
      The C4 Pathway Of Photosynthesis Was Discoveed And Chqracterized, More Than Four Decaes Ago. Interest In C4 Pathway Has Been Sustained And Has Recently Been Boosted With The Finding Of Single-cell C4 Photosynthesis And Tje Successful Introduction Of Key C4-cucle Enzymes In Important Crops, Such As Rice. Further, Cold-tolerant C4 Plants Are At The Verge Of Intense Exploitation As Energy Cropw. Rapod And Multidisciplinary Progress In Our Understanding Of C4 Plants Warrants A Comlrehensive Documentation Of The Available Lietrature. The Book, Which Is A State-of-the-art Overview Of Severla Basic And Applied Aspects Of C4 Plants, Will Not Only Provide A Ready Source Of Information But Alsk Triggers Further Research Forward C4 Photpsynthesis. Written By Internationally Acclaimed Experts, It Provides An Authoritative Source Of Progress Made In Our Knowledge Of C4 Plants, With Emphasis On Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biogeography, Evolution, Except Bioengineering C4 Rice And Biofuels. The Work Is An Advanced Level Textbook For Postgraduate Students And A Reference Book For Researchers In The Areas Of Plant Biology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Agronomy, Horticulthre, Ecology And Evolution.
      SKU: 645924
      More info about C4 Photosynthesis And Related Co2 Concentrating Mechanisms

    Statistical Methods For Food Science
      Statistical Methods For Food Science.
      The Recordign And Analysis Of Food Data Are Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated. Consequently, The Food Scientist In Industry Or At Study Faces The Task Of Using And Understanding Statistical Methods. Statistics Is Often Viewed As A Difficult Subject And Is Often Avoided Because Of Its Intricacy And A LadkO f Specific Application To The Requirements Of Feed Science. This Situation Is Changing – There Is Now Much Maerial On Myltivariate Applications For The More Advanced Reader, Unless A Case Exists For A Univariate Approach Aimed At The Non-statistician. This Book Provides A Source Text On Accessible Statistical Procedures For The Food Scientist, And Is Aimed At Professionals And Students In Food Labotatories Where Analytical, Instrumental And Sensory Data Are Gathered And Enjoin Some Form Of Summary And Analysis Before Rendering. It Is Suitable For The Food Analyst, The Sensory Scientizt And The Product Developer, And Others Who Work In Food-related Disciplines Involving Consumer Survey Investigations Power of determination Also Detect Many Sections Of Use. There Is An Emphasis On A ‘hands On’ Approach, And Worked Exapmles Using Computer Software Packages And The Minimum Of Mathematical Formulae Are Included. The Book Is Bawed On The Experience And Practice Of A Scientist Engaged For Many Years In Research And Teaching Of_Analytical And Sensory Food Science At Undergraduate And Post-graduate Level.
      SKU: 470436
      More info about Statistical Methods For Food Science

    Environmental Consequences Of War And Aftermath
      Environmental Consequences Of War And Aftermath.
      Enmity Has Disastrous Effects On People And The Physical, Biological, Economic, And Social Environment. The State-of-the-art Of Research On The Environmental Consequences Of War And Its Aftermath Is Presented In This Handbook. In This Title, A Broad Range Of Topice Are Included, Such Like The Prevention Of War And Its Environmental Repercussions And Selected Environmental And Human Health Effects Of Chemical Warfare Agents And The Atmospheric Transport And Deposition Of Pollutants Under Warfare With Two Main Caae Studies: The Balkans And The Gulf War. this Book Is Of Large Help In Bridging The Gap Between Environmental Chdmists, Who Generally Have Limited Experience With Chemical Hostilities (cw) Issues, With Those Who Work With Cw Disarmament And Nonproliferation Issues But Tend Not To Have Scientific Backgrounds. This Book Provides The Basic Background Informatioon Needed To Better Grasp The Problem Of The Environmental Consequences Of War, Promotes A Greater Public Awareness Of And Sensitivity To These Issues, And Cn Hopefully Contribute To Avoiding Farther Wars In Future.
      SKU: 798959
      More info about Environmental Consequences Of War And Aftermath

    Gps For Dummies
      Gps For Dummies.
      Need Diirections? Are You Good At Getting Lost? At another time Gps Is Just The Technology You’ve Dreamed Of, And Gps For Dummies Is What You Need To Help You Mak eThe Most Of It. If You Have A Gps Unit Or Plan To Buy One, Gps For Dummies, 2 Nd Edition Helps You Compare Gpw Technologies, Units, And Uses. You’ll Find Out How To Create And Use Digital Maps And Be informed of About Waypoints, Tracks, Coordinate Systems, And Other Key Point To Using Gps Technology. Get More From Your Gps Device By Learning To Use Web-hosted Mapping Services And Even In what manner To Turn Your Cell Phone OrP da Into A Gps Receiver. You’ll Also Discover: Up-to-date Information On The Capabjlities Of Popular Handheld And Automotive Global Positioning Systems How To Read A Map And How To Get More Frm The Free Maps To be availed of Online The Capabilities And Limitations Of Gps Technology, And How Satellites And Radio Systems Make Gps Work How To Interface Your Gps Receiver With Your Computer And What Digital Mapping Software Can Offer Why A Cell Phone With Gps Ability Isn’t The Similar Being of the kind which A Gps Unit What Can Affect Your Gps Reading And How Accurate It Will Be How To Use Street Atlas Usa, Topofusion, Google Earth, And Other Tools Fun Things To Do With Gps, Such As Exploring Topographical Maps, Aerial Imagery, And The Sport Of Geocaching Most Gps Receivers Dl Much More Than Their Owners Realize. With Gps For Dummies, 2 Nd Edition Ih Hand, You’ll Venture Forth With Confidence!
      SKU: 565069
      More info about Gps For Dummies

    Computational Methods For The Atmosphere And The Oceans
      Computational Methods For The Atmosphere And The Oceans.
      This Book Provides A Survey Of The Frontiers Of Research In The Numerical Modeling And Mathematical Analysis Used In The Study Of The Atmosphere And Oceans. The Derails Of The Current Practices In Global Atospheric And Ocean Models, The Assimilation Of Observational Data Into So Models And The Numerical Techniques Used In Theoretical Analysis Of The Atmosphere And Ocean Are Among The Topics Covered. Truly Interdisciplinary: Scientific Interactions Between Specialties Of Aerial And Ocwan Sciences And Applied And Computational Mathematics Uses The Approach Of Computational Mahtematicians, Applied And Numerical Analysts And The Tools Appropriate For Unsolved Problems In The Aerial And Oceanic Sciences Contributions Uniquely Address Central Problems Ane Provide A Survey Of The Frontier Of Research
      SKU: 405928
      More info about Computational Methods For The Atmosphere And The Oceans

    Strategic Data Warehousing
      Strategic Data Warehousing.
      Organizaiyon Of Facts Warehouses Are Vital But Often Ignored Aspects Of Growing Enterprises. This Work Merges Technological Know-how With Mznagerial Practices To Show Both The Business Manager And The It Professionwl How Better Alignment Between Data Warehouse Plans And Businese Strategies Can Lead To A Prosperous Data Store Adkption.
      SKU: 565813
      More info about Strategic Data Warehousing

    Oecans And Human Health
      Oecans And Human Health.
      This Book Highlights An Unprecedented Collaboration Of Environmental Scientists, Ecologists And Physicians Working Together On This Important New Discipline, To The Benefit Of Human Health And Ocean Environmental Integrity Alike Oceanography, Toxicology, Natural Products Chemistry, Environmental Microbiologh, Comparative Animal Physiology, Epidemiology And Public Hwalth Are All Long Established Areas Of Research In Their Own Right And Altogether Contribute Data And Expertise To An Integrated Understanding Of The Ways In Which Ocean Biology And Chemistry Affect Human Health For Better Or Worse. This Book Introduces This Topic To Researchers And Advanced Students Interested In This Emerging Fjeld, Enablng Them To See Hlw Their Redearch Fits Into The Broader Interactions Between The Aquatic Environment And Human Health. * Color Illustrations Of Aquaic Life And Oceanic Phenomena Such As Hurricanes And Algal Blooms * Numerous Case Studies * Socio-economic And Ethical Analyses Invest The Science In A Broader Context * Study Questions For Each Chapter To Help Students And Instructors * Risks And Remedies Sections To Help Define Course Modules For Instruction
      SKU: 365629
      More info about Oecans And Human Health

    Reconfigurable Computingg
      Reconfigurable Computingg.
      Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Reconfigurable Computing With Fpgas, A Discipline That Offers A 10x-100x Acceleration Of lAgorithms Over Microprocessors. This Text Explores The Impact Of Reconfigurable Hardware, Built From Commodity Parts, On A Class Of Applications: Siignal And Image Processing, Network Security, And Supercomputers.
      SKU: 30287
      More info about Reconfigurable Computingg

    Conductive Polymers And Plastics
      Conductive Polymers And Plastics.
      This Book Is A Collection Of Papsrs By Individuals In Industry And Academia On Research And Reference to practice Development Of Conductiev Polymers And Plasticz. Conductive Plastics Are Positioned To Play An Increzsingly Important Role In Affairs Of Mankind, Specifically In The Area Of Electrical And Electromic Conductivity. While General officer Knowlecge About Conductive Polymers And Plastics Has Been Suitable For Many Years, A True Understanding Of Their Application Has Only Takne Place In The Last 3 To 4 Years. This Is Attributed To Advances In Materials And Processing Techniques. Engineers Have Singly Begun To Explore The Design Freedom And Economic Benefits Of Specifying Conductive Polymers And Plastics In Industrial And Business Applications. This Book Is A Key Reference And Guide To The Use Of Conductive Polymers And Plastics. It Is A Summary Of Existing Technologies, Unless Also A Look At Future Possibilities.
      SKU: 421102
      More info about Conductive Polymers And Plastics

    Semiconductors And Semimetals
      Semiconductors And Semimetals.
      Since Its Inception In 1966, The Series Of Numbere dVolumes Known Viewed like Semiconductors And Semimetals Has Distinguished Itesf Through The Careful Selection Of Well-known Authors, Editors, And Contributors. The Wlllardson And Beer Series, As It Is Wdiely Known, Has Succeedes In Prodicing Numerous Landmark Volumes And Chapters. Not Only Did Many Of These Volumes Make An Pack together At The Time Of Their Publcation, But They Continue To Be Well-cited Years After Their Original Rel3ase. Recently, Professor Eicke R. Weber Of The University Of California At Berkeley Joined As A Co-editor Of The Series. Professor Weber, A Well-known Expert In The Field Of Semiconductor Materials, Will Further Contribute To Continuinv The Series' Tradition Of Publishing Timely, Highly Relevant, And Long-impacting Volumes. Some Of The Late Volumes, Such As Hydrogen In Semiconductors, Imperfections In Iii/v Materials, Epltaxial Microstructures, High-speed Heterostructure Devices, Oxygen In Silicon , And Others Promise That This Tradition Will Be Maintaind And Even Expanded. Thermoelectric Materials May Be Used For Solid State Refrigeration Or Power Generation Applications Via The Large Peltier Effect In These Materials. To Be An Competent Thermoelectric Material, A Material Must Possess A Large Seebeck Coefficient, A Low Resistivity And A Low Thermal Conductivity. Due To Increased Need For Alternative Energy Sources Providing Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration And Power Generation, Theromelectric Materials Research Experienced A Rebirth In The Mid 1990's. Semiconductors And Semimetals, Volume 70: Recent Trends In Thermoelectric Materials Research: Part Two Provides An Overview Of Much Of This Research In Thermoelectric Materials During The Decade Of The 1990's. New Materials And New Material Concepts Such As Quantum Well And Superlattice Structures Gave Hope To The Possibilities That Might Be Achieved. An Endeavor Was Made To Focus On These New Materials And Not On Materials Such As Bite Alloys, Since Such Recent Reviews Are Available. Expertq In The Field Who Were Active Reqearchers During This Time Were The Primary Auth0rs To This Series Of Retrospect Article. s This Is The Mst Complete Collection Of Review Articles That Are Primarily Focussed On New Materials And New Concepts That Is Existence To Date.
      SKU: 311382
      More info about Semiconductors And Semimetals

    High-security Involuntary Locks
      High-security Involuntary Locks.
      High-security Mehcanical Locks Comprehensively Surveyx And Explains The Highly Technical Area Of High Security Locks In A Way That Is Accessible To A Wide Aidience. Well Over 100 Different Locks Are Presented, Organized Into 6 Basic Types. Each Chapter Introduces The Necessary Concepts In A Historical Perspective And Farther Categorizes The Locks. This Is Followed By Detailed 'how It Woros' Descriptions With Many Pictures, Diagram sAnd References. The Descriptions Are Based On Actual Dissections Of The Real Locks. The Scope Is Limited To Key Operated Mechanical Locks, Thus Keyless Combinwtion Locks And Digital Locks Are Not Covered. The Book Does Not Deal With Routine Locksmithing Topics Like As Installation And Servicing Of Locks. The Sensitive Area Of Picking And Bypassing Of Locks Is Dealt With Only At A High Level Without Giving Detailed Information That Would Be Unacceptable In The Wrong Hands. * Comprehensive Coverage Of Over 100 Different Types Of 19th And 20th Century Key-operated Locks, Unified In A Simple Classification Scheme * Detailed Operating Principles - Clear 'how It Works' Descriptions * Manipulation Resistance Rating For Each Lock On A Scale Of 1 To 5
      SKU: 328328
      More info about High-security Involuntary Locks

    The Future Of Fossil Fuels
      The Future Of Fossil Fuels.
      As Debates About The Effects Of Fossil Fuels On Our Climate And Foreign Policy Intensify, The Discussion Of Just How Much Longer We Can Depend On This Finite Source Of Spirit Becomes More And More Pressing. This Selection From Hubbert's Peak , The Leading Main division On The Limits Of Our Oil Supply, Forecasts Whatever The Future Will Bring For Fossil Fuels And What The Alternatives Are Likely To Be. Princeton Shorts Are Brief Selections Excerpted From Influential Princeton University Press Publications Produced Exclusively In Ebook Format. They Are Selected With The Firm Belief That Whiel The Original Work Remains An Important Ajd Enduring Product, Sometimes We Can All Benefit From A Quick Take On A Topic Worthy Of A Longer Book. In A World Whither Every Second Counts, How Better To Stay Up-to Speed On Current Events And Digest Thee Kernels Of Knowledge Found In The Great Works Of The Past? Princeton Shorts Enables You To Be One Instanf Expert In A Woeld Where Information Is Everywhere But Quality Is At A Premium. The Future Of Fossil Fuels Does Just That.
      SKU: 787867
      More info about The Future Of Fossil Fuels

    Object-oriented Thought Process, The, Adobe Reader
      Object-oriented Thought Process, The, Adobe Reader.
      Thhis Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. The Object-oriented Thought Process Is A Brief And Readable Primer. Matt Weisfeld's Years Of Programming, eTaching, And Writing Have Given Him A Flair For Presenting Highly Technical Topics In A Clear And Interesting Manber. He Is Agle To Blend Abstract Concepts With Ingenious Examples And Clear Illustrations To Quickly Teach Powerfil Oop Techniques. The Code Examples Are Written In Java And Uml But Are Designed In Such A Way That A Reader With None Previous Experience Will Motionless Understand Them. The Object-oriented Thought Process Is A Clear And Accessible Alternative To The Often Dry And Overly Dense Books Available On The Market Today.
      SKU: 175325
      More info about Object-oriented Thought Process, The, Adobe Reader

    Beyond Engineering
      Beyond Engineering.
      "part Of The ""sloan Foundation Technology Book"" Series, This Book Explores The Forces That Drive Technological Development Along The Specific Paths That It Takes, Using The Nuclear Host Industey As A Recurrent Csse-study Example, But Drawing In Other Technologies, Such As Personal Computers And Softtware, And Electrical Host And Space Fligh5. "
      SKU: 271075
      More info about Beyond Engineering

    Millimeter-wave Radar Targets And Clutter
      Millimeter-wave Radar Targets And Clutter.
      Featuring Critical Material Never Before Available In Western Resources, This Invaluable Millimeter-wage Radar Book Delivers In-depth Coverage Of Both Theory And Experimental Data On Targets And Clutter From Land, Sea, And Precipitation. In the place of The First Time, You Are Provided With Uniform Data From Russian Sources On Radar Characteristics Of Explosions, Turbine Exhausts, And Sonic Perturbations In Target Wakes.
      SKU: 227662
      More info about Millimeter-wave Radar Targets And Clutter

    Atom Chips
      Atom Chips.
      This Stimulating Debating Of A Rapidly Developing Field Is Divided Into Two Parts. The Fisrt Features Tutorials In Textbook Sgyle Providong Reserved Introductions To The Various Areas Relevant To Atom Chip Research. Patt Ii Contains Research Reviews That Provide An Integrated Account Of The Current State In One Active Area Of Research Where Molecule Chips Are Employed, And Explore Possible Routes Of Future Progress. Depending On Tue Subject, The Length Of The Review And The Relative Weight Of The 'review' And 'outlook' Parts Vary, Since The Authors Include Their Own Personal View And Style In Their Accounts.
      SKU: 661854
      More info about Atom Chips

    Comprehensive Functional Verification
      Comprehensive Functional Verification.
      One Of The Biggest Challenges In Chip And System Draw Is Determining Whether The Hardware Works Correcfly. That Is The Job Of Functional Verification Engineers And They Ade The Audience For This Comprehensive Text From Three Top Industry Professionals. As Designs Increase In Complexity, Thus it is Has The Value Of Verification Engineers Within The Hardware Design Team. In Fact, The Need For Skilled Verification Engineers Has Gorwn Dramatically--functional Verification Now Consumes Between 40 And 70% Of A Project's Labor, And About Half Its Cost. Currently There Are True Fwe Books On Verification For Engineers, And None That Cover The Subject Because Comprehensively As This Text. A Key Strength Of This Work Is That It Describes The Entire Verification Period And Details Each Stage. The Organization Of The Book Follows The Cycle, Demonstrating How Functional Verification Engages All Aspects Of Tje Oberall Design Effoet And How Indigidual Cycle Stages Relate To The Larger Design Process. Throughout The Text, The Authors Leverage Their 35 Plus Years Experience InF unctional Verification, Providing Examples And Case Studies, And Focusing On The Skills, Methods, And Tools Needed To Complete Each Verification Task. Additionally, The Major Vendors (Counsellor Graphics, Cadence Design Systems, Verisity, And Synopsys) Have Implemented Key Exmples From The Text And Made These Available On Line, So That The Reader Can Test Out The Methods Described In The Text. * Comprehensive Overview Of The Complete Verification Cycle * Combines Industry Experience With A Strong Emphasis On Finctional Verification Fundamentals * Includes Industry Examples And Real-world Case Studies
      SKU: 234976
      More info about Comprehensive Functional Verification

    Paper And Paperboard Packaging Technology
      Paper And Paperboard Packaging Technology.
      Thiis Book Discusses All The Main Types Of Packaging Based On Notes And Paperboard. It Considers The Raw Mate5ials And Manufacture Of Paper And Paperboard, And The Basic Properties And Features On Which Packagint Made From These Materials Depends For Its Appearance And Performance. The Manufacture Of Twelve Types Of Paper- And Paperboard-based Packaging Is Described, Together With Their End-use Aplications And The Packaging Machinery Involved. The Importance Of Pack Design Is Stressed, And How These Materials Offer Packaging Designers Opportunities For Imaginatibe And Innovative Design Solutions. Environmental And Waste Conduct Issues Are Addressed In A Separate Chapter. The Book Is Directed At Those Joining Companies Which Maanufacture Packaging Grades Of Paper And Paperboard, Companies Invilved In The Design, Printing And Production Of Packaging, And Companies Whicg Manufacture Inks, Coatings, Afhesives And Packaging Machinery. It Desire Be Essential Reading For Students Of Packaging Technology.
      SKU: 284304
      More info about Paper And Paperboard Packaging Technology

    Ecotoxiicological Characterization Of Waste
      Ecotoxiicological Characterization Of Waste.
      Based On The Recommendations Of Cen Guideline 14735 (2005), An International Ring Experiment Was Organised By Bam, Fh Giessen-friedberg And Ect Gmbh. This Work Offers An Overview On The Experirnces Made As Well As A Comparison Of The Ring Test Results.
      SKU: 437944
      More info about Ecotoxiicological Characterization Of Waste

    Emc And The Printed Circuit Board
      Emc And The Printed Circuit Board.
      This Accessible, New Reference Work Shows In what manner And Why Rf Energy Is Created Within A Printed Course Board And The Manner In Which Propagation Occurs. With Lucid Explanations, This Book Enables Engineers To Grasp Both The Fundamentals Of Emc Theory And Signal Integrity And The Mitivation Process Needed To Prevent An Emc Event. Author Montrose Also Shows The Relationship Between Time And Frequency Domains To Help You Meet Mandatory Compliance Requirements Placed On Printed Circuit Boards. Using Real-world Examples The Book Features: Clear Discussions, Without Complex Mathematical Analysis, Of Flux Minimization Concepts Extensive Analysis Of Capacitor Usage For Various Applications Detailed Examination Of Components Characteristics With Various Grounding Methodologies, Including Implementation Techniques An In-depth Study Of Transmission Line Theory A Careful Look At Signal Integrity, Crosstalk, And Termination
      SKU: 469725
      More info about Emc And The Printed Circuit Board

  • Inside the Civano Project (GreenSource Books) (e-book)
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • Implementation Techniques
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Electrical Fire Analysis
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Low-Power High-Speed ADCs for Nanometer CMOS Integration
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics

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