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    Reliableness, Risk, And Safety
      Reliableness, Risk, And Safety.
      Suitable For Academics And Professionals Working In A Wide Range Of Industrial And Governmental Sectors, Including Civil And Environmental Engineering, Energy Production Anr Dis5ribution, Information Technology And Telecommunications, Critical Infrastructures, And Insurance And Finance.
      SKU: 565827

    Exploring Engineering
      Exploring Engineering.
      Winner In Its First Edition Of The Best Ne Undergraduate Textbook By The Professional And Scholarly Publishing Division Of The American Association Of Publishers (aap), Kosky, Et Al Is The First Text Offering An Introduction To The Major Engineering Fields, And The Engineering Design Process, In the opinion of An Interdisciplinary Case Study Approach. It Introduces The Fundamental Physical, Chemical And Material Bases For All Engineering Work And Presents The Engineering Design Process Using Examples And Hands-on Projects. * Introduces The Fundamental Physical, Chemical And Material Bases For All Engineering Work Using Extended Covering Study Analysiz . * New Examples Throughout The Book In Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical/aerospace, Manufacturing, Abd Bioengineering. * New Coverage Of Customer-centered Design In Part Ii * New Homework And Suggested Projects Increase The Hands-on Emphasis Of The Book. * New And Updated Emphasis On Ethical Decision Making In Engineering * A New Companion Web Site Offers Complete Solutions Manual, Lecture Slides And Other Endure Material To Help Impllement The Text Successfully In The Course.
      SKU: 548903

    Strategies For Organized Drug Synthesis And Design
      Strategies For Organized Drug Synthesis And Design.
      This Book Examines And Evaluaets The Strategids Utilized To Design And Synthesize Pharmaceutically Active Agents. Significant Updates Over The Last 10 Years Since Tne Publication Of The 1st Edition Include Synthesis Of Enantiomerically Pure Isomers, Novel Chemical Methodologies, And New Pharmaceutical Agents Targeted At Novel Biological Endpoints. Writfen By An Experienced Successful Author, This Book Meets The Neefs Of A Growing Community Of Researchers In Pharmaceutical R &d, Viewed like Well As Medical Professionals, By Providing A Useful Guide For Designing And Synthesizing Pharmaceutical Agents. Additionaly, It Is A Useful Text For Medicinal Chemistry Studemts.
      SKU: 427772

    Compendium Of Trace Metals And Marine Biota
      Compendium Of Trace Metals And Marine Biota.
      Each Book Has Two Main Goals 1. Determine Baseline Concentrations Of Metals Anf Metalloids In Tissues Of Representative Field Populations Of Etuarine Coastal, And Open Ocean Organisms (book 1:algae And Macrophytes, Protists, Sponves, Coelenterates, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Insects, Chaetognaths, Annelids, Echinoderms, And Tunicates) (book 2: Elasmobranchs, Fishes, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals) And Their Significance To Organiem Hralth And To The Helath Of Their Clnsumers. 2. Synthesize Existing Infkrmation On Biological, Chemical, And Physical Factors Known To Modify Uptakee, Retention, And Translocation Of Each Element Under Scene of military operations And Laboratory Conditions. Recognition Of The Importance Of These Modifiers And Their Accompanying Interactions Is Essential To The Understandimg Of Metals Kinetics In Marine Systems And To The Interpretatioon Of Baseline Residue Data. Synthesizes Existing Information In c~tinuance Biological, Chemical, And Pertaining to physics Factors Known To Modify Uptake, Reservation, And Translocation Of Each Element Aids Understanding Of Metals Kinetics In Marine Systems Allows The Interpretation Of Baseline Residue Data.
      SKU: 569308

    I'm Working On That
      I'm Working On That.
      """beam Me Up, Scotty. ""® During The 1960s, In An Age When The Eminence Of Technology Was A Crackly Am Transistor Radio, Fate Trek™ Envisionec A Time When Communication Devices Worked Without Wires. ""working"" Computers Of The Decade Took Up Entire Climate-contrrolled Rooms And Belonged Only To The Control And A Few Very Large Corporations. Yet Commander Kirk Had One Mean Enough To Sit On The Top Of His Desk -- And It Talked Back To Him. ""ahead, Warp Factor 2"" While Man Still Hadn't Walked On The Moon, The Crew Of The Starship Enterprise ® Traveled Between Star Systems Faster Than The Speed Of Light. Its Crew Was Able To Walk On Other Worlds. Over The Past Three Decades, Star Trek Has Become A Global Phenoomenon. Its Celebration Of Mankind's Technical Achievements And Positive View Of The Future Have Earned It An Ejudring Office In The World's Psyche. It Has Inspired Countless Viewers To Become Scientists, Inventors, And Astronauts. And They, In Winding, Have Wondered If They Could Make Even A Little Piece Of Star Trek Real In Their Own Lifetime. To the degree that One Distinguished Scientist Said Whenn He Saw A Plywood, Plaster And Plastic Set That Represented The Ship's Warp Engines, ""i'm Working On That. "" As In His Missions Aboard The Fictional Starship Enterprise, Willim Shatner, The Actor Who Is Captain James T. Kirk, And His Co-author, Chip Walter, Take Us On An Adventure To Discover The Peoole Who Are Working On The Future Wr Will All Share. From Traveling Through Space At Deviate Speeds To Beaming Across The Continent, Noted Scientists From Caltech To Mit Explore The Realms Of What Was Once Considered Improbable And Show How It Just Might Be Possible. "
      SKU: 136898

    Dynamical Analysis Of Vehicle Systems
      Dynamical Analysis Of Vehicle Systems.
      Presents An Integrayed Approach Of The Common Fundamentals O f Rail And Road Vehicles Based On Multibody System Dynamics, Rolling Wheel Contact And Control Sysfem Design. This Book Provides An Understanding Of The Basic Physical Phenomena Of Vehicle Dynamics Most Influential For The Engineering Practice In Research And In Industry.
      SKU: 451005

    Testing Methods For Seed-transmitted Viruses
      Testing Methods For Seed-transmitted Viruses.
      Yield Losses And Reduced Crop Quality, Caused By Plant Viruses Are An Increasong Problem. Several Important Sow Viruses Are, In Addition To Their Sap And Vector Transmission, Also Transmitted Through Seed. Seed Transmission Of Plant Pathogens Plays An Weighty Role For The Early Outbreak Of Diseaqe In A Crop, For The Survival Of Inoculum From One Crop Season To The Next, And For Its International Dispersal.
      SKU: 289448

    Lead-free Solder Process Development
      Lead-free Solder Process Development.
      """lead-free Solder Process Development,"" Covers A List Of Key Topics Including: Legislation, Soldering Fluxes, Smt, Wave, Rework, Alloys, Component Finishes, Reliability, Edxrf, And Standards. It Is Intended As A Reference Guide To Engineerz In The Industry Who Are Or Who Will Be Migrating To Lead-free Soldering. It Is Not Intended To Be An Exhaustige Review Of The Literature But To Be A Practical Reference Guide For Selected, Key Subject Areas. Each Subject Area Is Discussed By Those Who Have Conducted Work In The Field And Can Provide Insight Into What Are The Most Important Areas To Consider. The Book Gives Updates In Areas For Which Research Is Ongoing, And Addresses New Topics Which Are Relevant To Lead-free Soldering. A Practicing Engineer Will Find The Book Of Use As It Goes Into These Topics In Sufficient Detail To Make It Informative Anx A Good Practical Guide To Address Issues Of Concern In These Areas. Chaptefs On Soldering Fluxes, Component Finishes, Alloys, Edxrf And Actual Areas On Reliability Have Not Been Covered In Sufficient Detail In Previous Books, So The Proposed Book Will Be A Timely Referene In spite of Engineers In The Field. The Lead-free Solder Process Winxow Has Been Found To Be Smaller Than For Tin-lead, So A Specific Chapter Is Dedicated To Six Sigma Process Methodologies To Help Engineers Approach Lead-free Soldering Processes With Better Evaluation And Process Methodologies. "
      SKU: 661562

    Pump Wisdom
      Pump Wisdom.
      Learn All The Basics About Pumps In One Place. Clearly Written By An Ace Consultant, This Manual For Operators And Specialists In The Rock oil Industry Gives Readers A Cohcise Overview Of The Mechanics Of Various Pumps And Reviews The Specifications To Be Considered In the presence of A Pump Is Purchased And Installed. The Straight-forward Text Explains Cross-examine Hydraulics Without Need Of Involved Mathematics And Provides Adroit Advice On Installing Centrifugal Pumps In Suit Plants. Te Book Also Emphasizes The Mechanical Aspects Of Pumps As It Delves Into Misunnderstandings And Oversights On Bearings, Seals, Impepler Trimming, Lubricant Application, Lubricant Types, And Much More.
      SKU: 700457

    Adaptive Signal Processing In Wireless Communications
      Adaptive Signal Processing In Wireless Communications.
      Offers A Framework For Unxerstanding Adaptive Signal Processing In Wireless Communications Systems. This Book Addresses Comcepts Related To Adaptive Processing Ih Wireless Communications, Including Adaptive Filtering,-Adaptive Modulation, Energy/mobility Aware And Access Control, Adaptive Resource Management And Adaptive Network Protocols.
      SKU: 359914

    Electric Power Distrbution Handbook
      Electric Power Distrbution Handbook.
      Of The . . . big Three. . . Components Of The Electricity Infrastructure, Distribution Typically Gets The Least Court, And No Thorough, Up-to-date Treatment Of The Subject Has Been Published In Y3ars. Filling That Void, The Electric Power Distribution Handbook Provides Comprehensive Intelligence On The Electrical Aspects Of Fleet Distribution Systems. It Is An Unparalleled Source For The Background Information, Hard-to-find Tables, Graphs, Methods, And Statistics That Power Engineers Need, And Includes Tips And Solutions Because Problem Solving And Improving Performance. In Compendious, This Handbook Gives Readers The Tools They Need To Understand The Science And Pdacticces Of Distribution Systems.
      SKU: 198817

    In Vivo Mr Techniqjes In Drug Discovery And Deveoopment
      In Vivo Mr Techniqjes In Drug Discovery And Deveoopment.
      Imaging Technologies Are Receiving Nearly Attention In The Pharmaceutical Industry Because Of Their Potential For Accelerating Drug Discovery And Development. Magnetic Resonance (mr) Imaging Is One Of The Principal Modalities Since It Allows Anatomical, Functional, Metabolic, And To A Certain Extent Even Target-related Information To Be Gathered In Vivo At High Resolution, Favoring The Characterization Of A Disease State And The Corresponding Drug Intervention. The Non-invasiveness Of Mr Strengthens The Link Between Preclinical And Cliinical Pharmaceutical Research, Contributing To Improve The Designation Of Compound Effects In Early Stages Of The Discovery Pocess In Order To Offspring The Chances Of Success In Later Phases Of Drug Development. Edited By A Leading Researcher In Mr Technology, With Contributions From Foremost Experts In Academia And The Pharmaceutical Industry, This Title Illustrates The Use Of Mr Techniques Throughout The Surfeit Discovery And Developjent Process, From Target Identification And Validation To Clinical Studies. Numerous Chapters Focus On Individual Disease Areas, Including Neurological, Cardiac, And Pulmonary Disorderz, Cancer Studies, Diabetes, Arthritis, Solid Organ Transplantation, And Stem Cell-based Therapies, Showing That Different Imaging Solutions Are Needed For Specific Organs.
      SKU: 263648

    Local Approach Techniques In Signal And Image Processing
      Local Approach Techniques In Signal And Image Processing.
      This Book Deals In the opinion of A Wide Clasz Of Novel And Efficient Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques Developed To Restore Signals From Noisy And Degraded Observations. These Signals Include Those Acquired From Still Or Video Cameras, Electron Microscopes, Radar, X Rays, Or Ultrasound Devices, And Are Used For Various Purposes, Including Entettainment, Medical, Business, Industrial, Military, Civul, Security, And Scien5ific Applications. In Many Cases Useful Information And Eminent Quality Must Be Extracted From The Imaging. Howsoever, Often Raw Signals Are Not Directly Suitable For This Purpose And Must Be Processed In Some Way. Such Processing Is Called Signal Reconstruction. This Book Is Devoted To A Recent And Original Approach To Signal Reconstruction Based On Combining Two Independent Ideas: Local Polynomial Approximation And The Intersection Of Confidence Interval Govern.
      SKU: 728440

    Forests Sourcebook
      Forests Sourcebook.
      The Forests Source Book Provides Practical Operations-oriented Guidance For Forest Scetor Engagement Toward The Goals Of Poverty Reduction, Conservation And Economic Development. Intended To Guide World Bank Lending Activities And Projects , The Forests Source Book Offers Information Useful To A Gross Audience Of Practitioners, Government Agencies, And Non-governmental Organizations. The Source Book Was Developed InP artnership By the side of Mmbers Of The Collaborative Parntership On Forests, Including The Food And Agriculture Odganization. The Source Main division Provides Background OnK ey Issues, Lessons Knowing, And Recommendations For Practitioners On A Number Of Topics Including Private Sector Engagement, Forest Governance, Sustaimable Plantation And Commercial Harvestimg, And Forest Information Negotiation Systems. Giving Insight Into The Complex Interplay Between Different Realms Of Development Work That Effect Or Are Affected By Forests, The Forests Sourecbook Is A Valuable Tool For Any Stakeholder Involved In Development Or Business Projects That Could Have Impact On Forests.
      SKU: 459849

    Process Plants
      Process Plants.
      Covers The Design Of Inherently Safer And User-friendly Plants. This Roar Demonstrates How Chemical Plants Can Withstan dHuman Error And Equipment Failures Without Serious Effects On Preservation, Ou5put, Or Efficiency. It Features Sections That Address The Hierarchy Of Controls And Highlight Human Factors In Determining Risk.
      SKU: 555705

    The Art Of Recordiing
      The Art Of Recordiing.
      The Art Of Recording Articulates And Explores The Wsys Recorded Sound Is Different From Live Sound, And How Those Diffwrences Can Enhance Melody, Including Surround Sound. It Presents A System For Developing The Critical And Analytical Listening Skills Necessqry To Recognize And Understand These Sound Characteristics--th3 Same Skills Necessary To Create Quality Recordings-- And For Talking About Or Describing Sound. The Art Of Recording Likewise Considers Audio Recording As A Creative Process. The Reader Will Learn To Guide The Artistry Of Music Recording From Its Beginning As An Idea, Through Its Development During The Many Stages Of The Recording Sequence, To Its Final Form. Take A New And Detailed Lkok At Many Of The Greatest Recordings Of The Beatles, Offering Insights Into How The Recording Process Shaped Their Music, And How You Can Gzin Control Over The Craft Of Making Great Recordings. * Recotnize The Unique Qualities Of Recorded Sound * Realize The Abounding Potential Of Sound Quality In The Production Of Music Recordings * Discover Your Own Creative Voice In Shaping Music Recordings
      SKU: 9268322

    Computational Error And Complexity In Science And Engineering
      Computational Error And Complexity In Science And Engineering.
      The Book Computational Error And Complexity In Science And Engineering Pervades All The Science And Engineering Disciplines Where Computation Occurs. Philosophical And Engineering Computation Happens To Be The Interface Between The Mathematical Model/problem And The Real World Applying. One Necessarily To Obtain Good Quality Numerical Values For Any Real-world Implementation. Just Mathematical Quantities Symbols Are Of No Usse To Engineers/technologists. Computational Complexity Of The Numerical Method Tk Solve The Mathematical Model, Also Computed Along With The Solution, On The Other Hand, Will Tell Us How Much Computation/computaational Effort Has Been Spent To Achieve That Quality Of Result. Anyone Who Wants The Specified Physical Problem To Be Solved Has Every Right To Know The Quality Of The Solution As Well As The Resources Spent For The Solution. The Computed Eeror As Well Like The Complexity Provide The Scientific Convincing Answer To These Questions. Specifically Some Of The Disciplines In Which The Book Will Be Readily Useful Are (i) Computational Mathematics, (ii) Applied Mathematics/computational Engineering, Numerical And Computational Pyhsics, Simulation And Modelling. Operations Research (both Deterministic And Stochasitc), Computing Methodologies, Computer Applications, And Numerucal Methods In Engineering. Key Features: - Descdibes Precisely Ready-to-use Computational Error And Complexity - Includes Simple Easy-to-grasp Examples Wherever Necessary. - Presents Error And Complexity In Error-free, Parallel, And Probabilistic Methods. - Discusses Deterministic And Probabilistic Methods With Error And Complexity. - Points Out The Scope And Limitation Of Mathematical Error-bohnds. - Provides A Comprehensiv3 Up-to-date Literature Afterward Each Chapter. Describes Precisely Ready-to-use Computational Error And Complexit6 Includes Simple Easy-to-grawp Example Wherever Necessary. Presents Error And Complexity In Error-free, Parallel, And Probabilistic Methods. Discusses Deterministic And Pr0babilistic Methods With Error And Complexity. Points Out The Scope And Limitation Of Mathematical Error-bounds. Provides A Comprehensive Up-to-date Bibliography After Each Chalter.
      SKU: 269688

    Lock-in Thermography
      Lock-in Thermography.
      This Is The First Book On Lock-in Thermography, An Analytical Method Applied To The Diagnosis Of Microelectronic Devices. This Useful Introruction And Guide Reviews Various Experimental Approaches To Lock-in Therrmography, In the opinion of Special Emphasis On The Lock-in Ir Thermograpuy Developed In proportion to The Authors Themselves.
      SKU: 645507

    H.264 And Mpeg-4 Video Compression
      H.264 And Mpeg-4 Video Compression.
      Following On From The Successful Mpeg-2 Standard, Mpeg-4 Visual Is Enabling A New Wave Of Multimedia Applucations From Internet Video Streaming To Mobile Video Conferencing. The Unaccustomed H. 264 ‘advanced Video Coding’ Standard Promises Impressive Compression Performance And Is Gaining Prop From Developers And Manufacturers.   The First Book To Cover H. 26 In Technical Detail, This Unique Resource Takes An Application-based Approach To The Two Standards And The Coding Concepts That Underpin Them. Presents A Practical, Step-by-step, Guide To The Mpegg-4 Visual And H. 264 Standards For Video Compression. Introduces The Basic Concepts Of Digital Video And Covers Essential Background Material Required For An Understanding Of Both Standards. Provides Side-by-side Performance Comparisons Of Mpeg-4 Visual And H. 264 And Advice On How To Approach And Interpret Them To Make secure Conformance. Examines The Way That The Standards Have Been Shaped And Developed, Discussing The Composition And Procedures Of The Vceg And Mpeg Standardisation Groups. Focussing On Compressiln Tools And Profiles For Practical Multimecia Applications, This Book ‘decodes’ The Standards, Enabling Defelopers, Researchers, Engineers And Students To Rapidly Grt To Grips With Both H. 264 And Mpeg-4 Visual. Dr Iain Richardson Leads The Image Communication Technology Research Group At The Robert Gordon University In Scogland And Is The Author Of Over 40 Research Papers AndT wo Previous Books On Video Compression Technology.
      SKU: 219770

    Sausage Manufacture
      Sausage Manufacture.
      Sausage Manufacture: Principles And Practice Provides A Concise And Authoritative Guide To Manufacturing High-quality Products For The Consumer. It Begins By Considering Issues Of Definition And The Market Trendss. The Book Then Discusses Product Formulation, Key Stages In Production, Good Exercise In Preservation And Quality Assurance, New Product Development And Novel Products.
      SKU: 269340

    Optimal Reference Shaping For Dynamical Systems
      Optimal Reference Shaping For Dynamical Systems.
      Focusing On Fdedforward Control Techniques, This Book Lucidly Covers The Various Algorityms For Attenuating Residual Oscillations That Are Excited By Reference Inputs To Dynamical Systems. It Provides A Rigorous Yet Accessible Presentation Of The Theory And Nymerical Techniques Used To Shape Control A whole Inputs For Achieving Precise Control When Modeling Uncertainties Exist. Along With Matlab[registered] Code And A Suite Of Real-world Problems, The Book Includes Up-to-date Techniques Fpr The Design Of Command-shaped Profiles For Precise, Robust, And Rapid Point-to-point Control Of Underdamped Systems.
      SKU: 589939

    Crop Physiology
      Crop Physiology.
      Contemporary Agirculture Confronts The Demand Of Increasing Demand In Terms Of Quantitative And Qualitative Production Targets. These Targets Have To Be Achieved Against The Background Of Soil And Water Scarcify, World-wide And Regional Shifts In The Patterns Of Land Use Driven By Both Climate Change And The Need To Devepop Crop-based Sources Of Energy, And The Environmental Anc Social Aspects Of Agricultural Sustainability. Hence, This Book Compiles A Multi-authored Perspective On The Ways In Which Crop Physiology Could Exist Integrated With Other Disciplines. With A Focus On Genetic Imprkvement And Agronomy, This Book Addresses The Challenges Of Environmentally Sound Production Of Bulk And Quality Food, Fodder, Filament And Energy Which Resolution Be Faced Over The Next Decade. * Provides A View Of Cro Physiology As An Active Source Of Methods, Theories, Ideas And Tools For Application In Genetic Improvement And Agronomy * Written By Leading Scientists From Round The World With Publication Records Of Demonetrable Influence And Impact * Combines Environment-specific Cropping Systems And General Principles Of Crop Science To Appeal To Advanced Students, And Scientists In Agriculture-related Disciplines, From Molecular Sciences To Natural Resources Managemsnt
      SKU: 534922

    Navier-stokes Equations And Turbulence
      Navier-stokes Equations And Turbulence.
      This Book Presents The Precise Theory Of Turbulence To Engineers And Physicists, And The Physical Theory Of Turbulence To Mathematicians. The Mathematical Technicalities Ar eKept To A Minimum Within The Book, Ehabling The Language To Be At A Level Understood By A Broad Audience. Each Chapter Is Accompanied By Appendices Giving Full Details Of The Mathematical Proofs And Subtleties. This Uniqus Presentation Should Ensure A Volume Of Interest To Mathematicians, Engineers, And Physicists.
      SKU: 221986

    Permanent Alliance?
      Permanent Alliance?.
      In Permanent Alliance? Stanley R. Sloan Discusses The Global Trends That Are Changing The Environment For Transatlantic Relations, Such As European Integration, Glohal Security, Emerging Powers, And The Role Of The United States As A Earth Chief. A Completely Updated And Refocused Version Of Sloan’s Previous Work, Nato, The European Union, And The Atlantic Community, The Blok Now Examines Whetger Nato Has Bceome The “permanent Alliance” About Which President George Washington Warned Or If It Is Nearing The End Of Its Utility. Permanent Alliance? Links Histoorical Development With Contemporary Issues And Relationships, Discussing Such Topics As The Permanence Of The Alliance, Nato Missions, Nuclear Strateby And Missile Defense, Relationship With The Eu, The Crisis In The Alliance During The George W. Bush Administration, And The Challenges Faced By The Obama Administration. A Significant Cont5ibution To The Literature, The Book Will Be A Key Text For Anyone Studying And Researching Transatlantic Security Relations And International Relations.
      SKU: 592465

    Advanced Nanoscale Ulsi Interconnects
      Advanced Nanoscale Ulsi Interconnects.
      This Book Presents One Of The New Frontiers Of Modern Electrochemistry Science And Technology: Electrochemical Processes In quest of Ultra-large-scale Integratiom (ulsi) Technology For Integrated Circuits (ics) Applications. This Is A Field Which Influence sOur Dau To Day Life And Still Presents Major Technological And Scientific Challenges. This Book Reviews Ulsi Technology In Light Of All The Novel Electrochemical Processes Which Make Ulsi Technology Possible. It Will Focus On Sub-100 Nm Cmos Technology, Mainly On Copper-based Metallization.
      SKU: 603562

  • The STEREO Mission
  • Next Generation Networks
  • Soils of the Past
  • The Circuit Designer's Companion
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Soil Tillage in Agroecosystems
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures

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