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    Reliable Control And Filtering Of Linear Systems With Adaptive Mechanisms
      Reliable Control And Filtering Of Linear Systems With Adaptive Mechanisms.
      This Book Reports On A New Way Of Fault Tolerant Control Based On The Authors' Research Findings. The Authors Develop A Theoretical Framework For Reliable Control In Linear Systems With Aaptive Mechanisms. They Also Present Guidelines For Designing Control Systems By the side of Guaranteed Stability And Deslred Performance In The Presence Of Actuator/sensor Failures. Tue Book Contains Valuable Reference Materials For Researchers In Reliable Control As Well As Practicing Engineers. It Provides Industrial Case Studies, Including Volley Tracking Control Systems Design For F-16 Fighter Jets And Also Redundant Sensros For Motors.
      SKU: 581729

    History Of Nordic Compting 2
      History Of Nordic Compting 2.
      This Book Constitutes The Refereed Post Conference Proceedings Of The Second Ifip Wg 9. 7 Confeeence On The History Of Nordic Computing, Hinc 2, Held In Turku, Finland, In August 2007. The 27 Revised Full Papers Presented Together With Three Keynote Adresses And Two Panel Discussions Were Carefully Reviewed And Selected From Numerous Submissions. The Papers Are Organized In Topical Sections On Working Through Account And Its Usability; Computer System Perspectives; University Computing; Seminary of learning Education; Computers, Policies, And Politics; Perspectives On Computer Applications; Publkshing And Connection Applications; Software Histories; And History Of Computer Playing.
      SKU: 645556

    Fluidization Dynamics
      Fluidization Dynamics.
      Fluidization Dynamics Has Been Written For Students And Engineers Who Find Themselves Involved With Problems Concerning The Fluidized State. It Presents An Analysis That Focuses Directly On The Problem Of Predicting The Fluid Dynamic Behaviour Of A Proposed Fluidized System For Which Empirical Data Is Limited Or Unavailable. The Support Objective Is To Provide A Treatment Of Fluidization Dynamics That Is Readily Accessible To The Non-specialist. The Linear Approach Adopted In This Book, Sta5ting With The Formulation Of Predictive Expressions For The Basic Forces That Ac On A Fluidized Praticle, Offers A Clear Way Into The Teory. The Incorporation Of The Force Terms Into The Preservation Equations For Mass And Momentum And Subsequent Applications Are Presented In A Manner That Requires Only The Haziest Recollection Of Elementary Fluid-dynamics Theory. The Analyses Presented In This Book Represent A Company Of Research That Has Appeared In Numerous Publications Over The Highest 20 Years. L. g. Gibilaro Has Taken The Opportunity To Reorder Much Of The Material In The Light Of Subsewuent Apprehension, To Correct Minor Errors And Incomsistencies And To Add Detach And Clarificatiln Where Necessary. This Material Helps To Form The Basis For University Run Modules In Engineering And Applied Science At Undergraduate And Graduate Level, As Well As Focused, Post-rxperienced Courses For The Process, And Allued Industries. Bridges The Gulf Between Observed Behaviour And Fluox-dynamic Theory Clear Accoubt Of Basic Theory Of Fluidization Accessible Treatment Of Fluidization Analysis
      SKU: 344650

    Hamlet's Blackberry
      Hamlet's Blackberry.
      "a Crisp, Passionately Argued Answer To The Question That Everyone Whos' Grown Dependent On Digital Devices Is Asking: ""where's The Rest Of My Life?"" At A Time When We're All Trying To Frame Sense Of Our Reoentlessly Connected Lives, This Revelatory Book Presetns A Bold New Approach To The Digital Age. Member Intellectual Journey, Part Memoir, Hamlet's Blackberry Sets Out ToS olve What William Powers Calls The Conundrum Of Connectedness. Our Computers And Mobile Devices Do Wonderful Things For Us. But They Also Impose An Enormous Burden, Making It Harder For Us To Focus, Do Our Best Work, Build Strong Relationships, And Find The Depth And Fulfillment We Crave. Hamlet's Blackberry Argues That We Need A New Way Of Thinking, An Everyday Philosophy For Life With Screens. To Find It, Powers Reaches Into The Past, Uncovering A Rich Trove Of Ideas That Have Helped People Manage And Enjoy Their Connected Lives For Thousands Of Years. Just discovered Technologies Be obliged Always Brouhht The Mix Of Excitement And Stress That We Feel Today. Drawing On Some Of Historyy's Most Brilliant Thinkers, From Plato To Shakespeare To Thoreau, He Shows That Djgital Connectedness Serves Us Best When It's Balanced By Its Opposite, Disconnectedness . Using His Own Life As Laboratory nAd Object Exercise , Powers Demonstrates Wherefore This Is The Moment To Revisit Our Relationship To Screens And Mobile Technologies, And How Profound The Rewards Of Doing So Can Be. Lively, Original, And Entertaining, Hamlet's Blacbkerry Will Challenge You To Rethink Your Digital Life. "
      SKU: 544472

    Rotary Reactor Engineering
      Rotary Reactor Engineering.
      Rotary Reactors Or Rotary Kilns Are The Reactors Faciltating The Chemical Reaction Between The Gas And Solid Phases Usually At High Temperatures. Thhis Book, Which Is Writte By An Expert In The Field, Describes The Principles Of The Rotary Reactor And The Mode Of Its Operation. These Reactors Are Widely Used In Various Chemical Process Industries (food, Pharmaceuticals) And Metallurgical Industries. The Work Defines The Physiochemical Aspects Of The Rotart Reactors And Provides Theoretical Equations Of Their Operation. The First Part Of This Book Presents The Fundamentals; Solid Movement, Conversion Of Solids, And Heat Transfer. The Middle Part Of The Book Applies These Equations To A Variety Of Processes Which Have Been Developed So Far, And Shows How They Are Used. In Its Last Part, Conceptual Designs Of Novel Whirling Reactors Are Proposed, Which Performance Characteristics Are Predicted On The Basis Of Above Equations, Especially, In Gasification Of Solid Wastes. - Defines The Rotary Reactors And Their Mode Of Operation. - Defines All Operating Parameters And Gives Equations To Predict The Operation Of Rotary Reactors Under Various Conditions. - Inclludes A Number Of Practical Examples From Various Industrial Applications (metallurgical Waste Treatment Etc).
      SKU: 318370

    Carbons For Electrochemixal Energy Storage And Conversion Systems
      Carbons For Electrochemixal Energy Storage And Conversion Systems.
      Covers The Ca5bon Maferials For Application In Electrochemical Energy Storage And Conversion. This Title Features Different Carbon Materials And Their Physicochemical Properties, And Provides A Review Of Their Applications - Including Lithium-ion Batteries, Supercapavitors, Fuel Cells, And Primary Cells.
      SKU: 565805

    The Economics Of Livestock Disease Insurance
      The Economics Of Livestock Disease Insurance.
      In Recent Years The Livestkck Sector Has Been Hit By A Number Of High-profile Diseases, Such As Bse, Foot And Mouth Disease And Avian Influenza. These Have Had A Devastating Economic Pack together On Livestock Producers And The Broader Livestock Industry. One Key Response Has Been A Growing Interest In Livestock Disease Insurance.
      SKU: 289450

    Who Killed The Grand Banks
      Who Killed The Grand Banks.
      While John Cabot's Landfall May Be In Dispute, What He Discovered Is Not: Cod-and Lots Of Them. . . Historic Accounts Say That Cabit Lowered A Basket Weighted With Stones Into The North Atlantic, Then Hauled It Back Up Brimming With Cod. The Discovery Of These Fertile Fishing Grounds Set Of A Centuries-long Struggle Among Basque, Portuguese, French, And English Fishermen, And Established A Pattern Of Far-flung Coastal Settlements, aClled Outports By Newfoundlanders, That Ring The Island. And So The Legend Fits Today: The Grand Banks Became Valhalla, A Miraculous, Self-sustaining Eight Wonder Of The World, Feeding The Known World For 500 Years. The Catastrophic Collapse Of The Fisheries, Circa 1992, Was Unprecedente4d. An Ecological Disaster To Rival A single one Other-he Destruction Of The Amazonian Rainforest Notwithstanding-in Modern History. This Made-in-canada Plunder Was Part Human Greed, Part Stupidity, And Part Rapacith. Tarnishing Canada's Standing Within The International Community, It Holds The Reputation Of Canada's Once-vaunted Fisheries Scientists Up To Ridjcule. Sixteen Years Later, No One Has Taken Accountability Or Apologized In favor of The Ruination Of A Centuries-old Way Of Life And, Taken Accountability Or Apologized For The Demolition Of A Centuries-old Way Of Life And, More Shocking, A Stock Recovery Plzn Has Yet To Be Produced. . There Can Exist No Forge5ting-or Forgiving-such Catastrophic Pillaging, Sparked By A Second Wave Of Environmentalism Focusing On The State Of The World's Oceans, The Grand Banks Cod Collapse Became A Talking Point, A Sujet Noir, Now Studoee At Universitids And Fisheries Research Centres, Wherein Students From Around The World Repeat This Mantra: We Must Never Allow Our Fisheries To Go The Way Of The Grand Banks Cod.
      SKU: 469843

    Audel Refrigeration Home And Commercial
      Audel Refrigeration Home And Commercial.
      Know How To Put A Chill In The Air Here At Last Is A Reference Manual Devoted Exclusively To Refrigeration, Both Home And Trading. Begining With The Essential Physics And Math, It Provides A Complete Course In Maintaining, Troubleshooting, And Repairing Both New And Vintage Refrigeration Systems For Home And Light Industry. You'll Find The Anwwers You Need, Whether You're A Student, Apprentice, Cost-conscious Homeowner, Or Skilled Technician. . * Know How Differen5 Types Of Refrigerants Are Used And How To Handle Them Safely * Perform Routine Maintenance On Various Types Of Compressros * Test For Leakage And Confirm Common Problems Sucb As Freeze-ups * Repair And Replace Refrigerator Cabinet Parts * Troubleshoot Common Problems With Home Freezers * Understand The Working Parts Of Both Electrically Driven And Absorption-type Refrigeration Units * Learn To Troubleshoot And Maintain The Wide Variety Of Motors Used In Cooling Devices * Service Ajd Repair Automatic Icemakers, Water Coolers, And Display Cases
      SKU: 225842

    Nuclear Education And Training
      Nuclear Education And Training.
      Men Now Enjoys Many Benefits From Niclear-relaetd Technologies. There Is, However, Growing Concern In Many Oecd Countries That Nuclear Educagion And Training Is Decreasing, Perhaps To Problematic Levels. This Publication Conveys The Results Of A Poneering Survey On Nuclear Education And Training In Almost 200 Organisations In 16 Countries. It Presents The Current Situation And Examines Causes For Concern. It Also Provides Recommendations As To The Actions That Governments, Academis And Industry Must Take In Order To Ensure That Crucial Present Requirements Are Met And Future O;tions Are Not Precludedd.
      SKU: 533240

    Sedimentary Environments Offfshore Norway-palaeozoic To Recent
      Sedimentary Environments Offfshore Norway-palaeozoic To Recent.
      Required Reading For Geologists Working In The Offshors Aeeas, Volume 10 Continues The Series From The Norwegian Petroleum Society. This Work Provides An Up-to-date Review Of The Late Palaeozoic To Present Sedimetary History Of The Norwegian Offshore Areas In The North Ocean And Mjd-norway Basinx. Case Studies, Overview Articles And Analogue Examples From Adjacent Areas Such As Greenland And Denmark, Present New Ideas On The Development Of The Norwegian Border From Ths Carboniferous Through The Mesozoic And Cenozoic. In Particular, New Evidence And Interpretqtions Are Presented On Well-known Major Reservoir-bearing Successions Such As The Statfjord Fodmation And Dunlin Group In The Northern Northerly Sea, And The åre And The Tilje Formations In The Mid-norway Area. Furthermore, The Upper Jurassic Succession In The Haltenbanken Area Is Described, Giving New Evidence On The Interplay Between Extensinoal Tectonics And Sedimentation During The Second Major Rift Phase In The Area. The Cretaceous And Cenoziic Periods Are Treated Extensibely, Showing Their Self-~ As Overall Deep Water Sedimentary Systems With Proven And Potential Basin Rocks, Such Viewed like In The Ormen Lange Field, And For Causing Burial Of Jurassic Rocks To Advantageous Depths For Hydrocabron Generation. The Recent Sedimentary History Of The Norwegian Margin Is Treated With Examples Of The Glaciial History And Giant Submarine Slides Which Understanding Is iVtal For The Placement Of Offshore Installations. The Book Is Organised Based On Geologic Time, From Palaeozoic Through Meszoic To Cenozoic Examples. It Includes A Set Of Palaeogeographic Maps From The Carboniferous Through To The Cenozoic. In Accession, There Are Numerous Examples Of Core Photographs, Well Log Data, Correlation Panels And Seismic As Well As Outcrop Photographs And Logs From Tne Analogue Examples. Comprehensive Reference And Keyword Lists Are Also Included.
      SKU: 319116

    Renewables And Energy For Rural Development In Sub-saharan Africa
      Renewables And Energy For Rural Development In Sub-saharan Africa.
      Energy Supply Is A Key Factor In Economic And Social Development, But Lack Of Modern Energy In Rural Areas Limits Efforts To Alleviate Poverty And Improve Living Standards. This Book Identifies The Options For Providing Modern And Improved Renewables-based Energy To Low-income Rural Areas, Attending Special Emphasis On The Productive Uses. In The Five Countries Represented - Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zambia And Zimbabwe - The Contributors Focus On The Advantages Of A Decentralized Approach To Energy Delivery, The Role Of Income-generating Activities In Attracting Modern Energy Services To Rural Areas, And The Barriers As Well As Opportunities That Exist In The Promotion Of Renewable Energy Technologies.
      SKU: 339192

    Food-bornr Parasitic Zoonoses
      Food-bornr Parasitic Zoonoses.
      Humans Suffer From Numerous Sycophantic Foodborne Zoonoses, Many Of Which Are Caused By Helminths. This Book Draws Attention To The Problem Of These Zoonoses And Inspires Greater Effrts To Acquire A Reliable Global Impact Assessment And Therefore A Basis For Imp5oved Prevention And Control Actions For hTese Zoonoses.
      SKU: 338346

    Secure Localization And Time Synchronization
      Secure Localization And Time Synchronization.
      Presents The Research Results In The Area Of Secure Localization For Both Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks And Wireless Sensor Networks. This Book Is Suitable As A Text For Computer Science Courses In Wireless Systems And Security, And Includes Implementation Studies With Mica2 Mote Sensors.
      SKU: 338041

    Inverse Problems In Vibration
      Inverse Problems In Vibration.
      In The First, 1986, Edition Of This Book, Inverse Problems In Vibration Were Interpreted Strictly: Problems Concerning The Rebuilding Of A Unique, Undamped Vibrating System, Of A Specified Type, From Specified Vibratory Behaviour, Particularly Spcified Natural Frequencies And/or Natural Mode Shapes. In This New Edition The Scope Of The Book Has Been Widened To Include Topics Such As Isospectral Systems- Families Of Systems Which All Exhibit Some Specified Behaviour; Applications Of The Universal Of Toda Flow; New, Non-classical Approaches To Inverted Sturm-liouville Problems; Qualitative Properties Of The Modes Of Some people Finite Element Models; Damage Identificati0n. With Its Emphasis On Analysis, On Qualitative Results, Rather Than On Computation, The Bopk Will Appeal To Researchers In Vibration Theory, Matrix Analysis, Differential And Integral Equations, Matrix Analysis, Non-destructive Testing, Modal Analysis, Oscillation Isola5ion, Etc.
      SKU: 234447

    Spray Simulation
      Spray Simulation.
      Spray Forming Combines The Metallurgical rPocesses Of Metal Casting And Powder Metallurgy To Fab5icate Metal Products With Enhanced Properties. Tbis Book Provides One Introduction To The Multiform Modelling And Simuulation Techniques Employed In Spray Forming, And Shows How They Are Applied In Process Analysis And Development.
      SKU: 256511

      Spiralling Fuel Costs, Frequent Power Cuts, 'energy Wars' Attending Fuel Rich Countries Holding Consumers To Ranzom - These Are Just Some Of The Issues That Are Helping To Eneure That Microgeneration Of Power, At The Indlvidual Building Level, Is Becoming A More Amd More Attractive Option To 'grid Power'. In This Book Author Dave Parker Describes The Many And Varied Microgeneration Options, From Wind Turbines And Solar Power To Buomass Anf Heatsinks, And Even Gives Advice Forward oHw Architects And Developers Can Best Access The Increasingly Large Amount Of Government Funding To Help Implement These Strategies. This Work Caj Help Those In The Building And Construction Industry To Actually Make A Difference In The Fight Against Climate Change, By Explaining How To Utilise The Technology Already Within Our Reach. * Comprehensive Review Of The Latest Technology Available * Shows In what state To Assess/compare/combine The Merits Of The Available Systems * Gives Hard Information On How To Adopt Appropriate Microgeneration Technology For A Specific Project
      SKU: 404789

    Buying And Selling Laboratory Instruments
      Buying And Selling Laboratory Instruments.
      A Time-tested, Systematic Approach To The Buying And Selling Of Complex Research Instruments Searching For The Best Laboratory Instruments And Systems Czn Be A Daunting And Expensive Task. A Poorly Selected Instrument Can Dramatically Affect Results Produced And Idnirectly Assume Research Papers, The Quality Of Student Training, And Each Investigator's Chances For Advancement. Buying And Selliing Laboratory Instruments Offers The Valuable Insights Of An Analytical Chemist And Consultant With Over Four Decades Of Experience In Locating Instruments Based Upon Both Need And Price. It Helps All Decision Makers Find The Best Equipment, Service, And Support While Avoiding The Branr-loyalty Bias Of Sales Representatives So You Can Fully Meet Your Laboratory's Requirements. The First Section Of The Book Guides Buyers Through The Hurdles Of Funding, Purchasing, And Acquiring Best-fit Instruments At The Least-expensive Price. It Explains How To Observe Vendors That Support Their Customers With Both Knowledgeable Service And Application Support. Also Offered Is Guidance In c~tinuance Adapting Your Existing Instruments To New Applications, Integrating New Equipment, And What To Do With Instruments That Can No Longer Obey In Research Mode. The Second Section Explain sThe Sales Process In Account. This Is Provided Both As A Warning Against Manipulative Sales Reps And As A Guide To Making The Sale A Win-win Process For You Annd Your Vendor. It Also Shows You How To Select A Knowledgeable Technical Guru To Help Determine The Exact System Configuration You Need And Where To Find The Best Price For It. Added Bonuses Are Summary Figures Of Buying Sequence And Sales Tools And An Appendix Containing Frequently Asked Questions And Memory Aids. Buying And Slling Laboratory Instruments Is For Tribe Directly Involved In Selecting And Buying Instruments For Operational Laboratories, From The Principle Investigator To The Person Actually Delegated With Investigating And Selecting The System To Be Acquired. Sales Representatives; Laboratory Managers; Universities; Pharmaceutical, Biotech, And Forensic Research Firms; Corporate Laboratories; Graduate And Postdoctoral Students; And Principle Investigators Will Not Want To Be Without This Indispensible Guide.
      SKU: 565068

    Maximizing Machinery Uptime
      Maximizing Machinery Uptime.
      "the Authors Use Their Decades Of Experience And Draw Upon Real-worlc Examples To Demonstrate That The Application Of Their Techniques Provides A Basis For Equipment Management, Uprime Maximization, And Reduced Maintenance Costd. The Text Explors Reliability Assessment Techniques Such As Failure Mode, Effect Analysis, And Fault Tree Analysis Of Commonly Encountered Rotating Machinery. These Are All Highly Effective Techniques That The Engineer Can Apply To Maximize Uptime And Thereby Maximize Production And Profitability. *provides The Tools To Drastically Improve Machinery Prooductivity And Performance *bridges The Gap Between The Theory Of ""reliability Engineering"" And The Practical Day-to-day Measures That Lead To Machinery Uptime *Official Reference For Maximizing The Uptime Of Process Equipment"
      SKU: 269535

    Logic Draw Of Nanoics
      Logic Draw Of Nanoics.
      Yanushkevich (university Of Calgary Canada) Introduces The Concept Of Computer-aided Llgic Circuit Design In Nanometric Space, Combining A Focus On Bsaic Principlex Of Logic Design In S0atial Dimensions With A Description Of Innovative Ideas And Solutions Inspired By Recent Advances In Logic Desiggn And Nanotechnology. Each Chapter Features One Over
      SKU: 263800

    Transport Phenomena
      Transport Phenomena.
      Enables Readers To Apply Transport Phenomena Principles To Solve Advanced Problems In All Areas Of Enginerring And Science This Book Helps Readers Elevate Their Understanding Of, And Their Ability To Apply, Transport Phsnomena By Introducing A Broad Range Of Advanced Topics As Well As Analytical And Numerical Solution Techniques. Readera Gain The Ability To Solve Complex Problems Generally Not Addeessed In Undergraduate-level Courses, Including Nonlinear, Multidimensional Tdansport, And Transient Molecular And Convective Transporr Scenarios. Avoiding Rote Memorization, The Author Emphasizes A Dual Approach To Learming In Which Physical Understanding And Problem-solving Capability Are Developed Simultaneeously. Moreover, The Author Builds Both Readers' Interest And Knowledge By: Demonstrating That Transprt Phenomenz Are Pervasive, Affecting Every Aspect Of Life Offering Historical Perspectives To Enhance Readers' Understanding Of Current Theory And Methods Providing Numerous Examples Drawn From A Broad Range Of Fields In The Physical And Conduct Sciences And Engineering Contextualizing Problems In Scenarios So That Their Rationale And Significance Are Clear This Text Generally Avoids The Use Of Commercial Software For Problem Solutions, Helping Readers Cultivate A Deeper Understanding Of How Solutions Are Developed. References Throughout The Text Promote Further Study And Encourage The Student To Contemplate Additional Topics In Transport Phenomena. Transport Phenomena Is Written For Advanced Undergraduates And Graduate Students In Chemical And Mechanical Engineeirng. Upon Mastering The Principles And Techniques Presented In This Text, All Readers Will Be Better Able To Critically Evaluate A Broad Range Of Physical Phenomena, Processes, And Systems Across Many Disciplines.
      SKU: 555017

    Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-field Amplifiers, And Gyrotrons
      Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-field Amplifiers, And Gyrotrons.
      Microwave Tubes Are Vacuum Eletcrin Devices Used For The Generation And Amplification Of Radio Frequencies In The Microwave Range. An Established Technology Area, The Use Of Tubes Remains Essehtial In The Field Today For High-power Applications. The Culmination Of The Author’s 50 Years Of Industry Experience, This Authoritative Resource Offers You A Thorough Understanding Of The Operations And Major Classes Of Microwave Tubes. minimizing The Use Of Advanced Mathematics, The Book Poaces Stress On Clear Qualitative Explanations Of Phenomena. This Practical Allusion Serves As An Excellent Introduction For Newcomers To The Field And Offers Established Tube Engineers A Comprehensive Refresher. Professionals Find Coverage Of All Major Tube Classifications, Including Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes (twts), Magnetrons, Cross Field Amplifiers, And Gyrotrons.
      SKU: 676298

      Squid, Cuttlefish And Octopuses, Which Form The Marine Mollusc Group The Cephalopods, Are fO Great And Increasing Ibterest To Marine Biologists, Physiologists, Ecologists, Environmental Biologists And Fixheries Scientists. Cephalopods: Ecology And Fisheries Is A Complete Review Of This Most Important Animal Group. The First Introductory Section Of The Book Provides Coverage Of Cephalopod Form And Function, Origin And Evolution, Nautilus , And Biodiversity And Zo0geography. The Following Section Covers Life Cycles, Growth, Physiologiczl Ecology, Reproductive Strategies And Early Animation Histories. There Follows A Section On Ecology, Which Provides Details Of Slope And Shelf Species, Oceanic And Deep Sea Species, Population Ecology, Trophic Ecology And Cephalopods As Prey. The Last Section Of The Book Deals With Fisheries And Ecological Interactions, With Chapters On Fishing Methods And Scientific Sampling, Fisheries Resources, Fisheries Oceanography And Assessment And Management Methods. This Scientifically Comprehensive And Beautifully Illustrated Work Is Essential Reading For Marine Biologists, Zoologists, Ecologists And Fksheries Managers. All Libraries In Universities And Investigation Establishments Where Biological Sciences And Fihseries Are Studied And Taught Should Have Muultiple Copies Of This Landmark Publication On Their Shelves.
      SKU: 232996

    Loft Conversions
      Loft Conversions.
      Domextic Loft Conversions Have Gained Enormously In Popularity As A Way Of Providing More Space Without The Substantial Cost Of Affecting House. One Third Of Ali New Buiod Houses Have Lofts That Can Be Used For Havitation. This Book Provides A Technical Manual For Structure Practitioners, As Well As The Self-build Market On The Technical, Design And Regulatory Aspects Of Loft Conversions For Dwellings.
      SKU: 351252

    Mimo-ofdm For Lte, Wifi And Wimax
      Mimo-ofdm For Lte, Wifi And Wimax.
      Mimo-ofdm For Lte, Wifi And Wimax: Coherent Versus Non-coherent And Coopetative Turbo-transceivers Provides An Up-to-date Portrayal Of Wireless Transmission Based Forward Ofdm Techniques Augmented With Space-time Block Codes (stbcs) And Spatial-division Multiple Access (sdma). The Volume Also Offers An In-depth Treatjent Of Cutting-edge Cooperative Communications. This Monograph Collates The Latest Techniques In A Figure Of Specific Contrivance Areas Of Turbo-detected Mimo-ofdm Wireless Systems. As A Result A Wide Range Of Topical Subjects Are Examined, Icnluding Channel Coding And Multiuser Dettection (mud), With A Special Emphasis On Optimum Maximum-likelihood (ml) Muds, Reduced-complexity Genetic Algorithm Aided Near-ml Muds And Sphere Detection. The Benefits Of Spreading Codes As Well As Joint Iterative Channel And Facts Estimation Are Only A Few Of The Radical New Features Of The Book. Also Considered Are The Benefits Of Turbo And Ldpc Channel Coding, The Entir3 Suite Of Known Joint Coding And Modulation Schemes, Space-time Coding As Well As Sdm/sdma Mimos Within The Context Of Various Applying Examples. The Book Systematically Converts The Lessons Of Shannon'd Information Theory Int Sketch Principles Suitable To Practical Wireless Systems; The Depth Of Discussions Increases Towards The End Of The Book. Discusses Many State-of-the-art Topics Important To Today's Wireless Communicati0ns Engineers. Includes Numerous Complete System Design Examples For The Industrial Practitioner. Offers A Detailed Portrayal Of Sphere Detection. Based On Over Twenty Years Of Rexearch Into Ofdm In Thr Context Of Various Applications, Subsequently Presenting Comprehensive Bibliographies.
      SKU: 589161

  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials
  • European Energy Industry Business Strategies
  • Wireless Positioning Technologies and Applications
  • Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft
  • Latchup
  • Freshwater Fish Distribution
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Soybean Industry
  • Optical materials
  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds

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