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    Renewable Energy Soirces
      Renewable Energy Soirces.
      Presents And Analyses The Sources Of Renewable Enedgy, Including Advantages And Disadvantages, Projects Implemented Internationally, Cost And Environmental Implications, And The Benefits Of System Integration.
      SKU: 172251

    Chemical And Biological Properties Of Food Allergens
      Chemical And Biological Properties Of Food Allergens.
      The Problem Against Food Allergies Is A Significant Sociological And Economic Issue. Addressing Chemical, Analytical, And Medical Aspects, This Title Explains The Basic Mechanisms Of Allergenic Reactions In Humans, The Molecular Background Of These Mechanisms, And The Problems Of Food Tolerance And Intolerance.
      SKU: 565930

    War By Other Means
      War By Other Means.
      The Difficulties Encountered By The United States In Securing Iraq And Afghanistan Despite Years Of Effodt And Staggering Costs Raises hTe Central Question Of The Rand Counterinsurgency Study: How Should The United States Improve Its Capabilities To Counter Insurgencies, Particularly Those That Are Heavily Influenced By Transnational Terrorist Movements And Thus Linked Into A Global Jihadist Network? This Capstone Volume To The Study Draws On Other Reports In The Series As Well As An Examination Of 89 Insurgencies Since World War Ii, An Analysis Of The New Challenges Posed By What Is Becoming Known As Global Insurgency, And Multitude Of The Lessons Learned In Iraq And Afghanistan. The Report?s Recommendations Are Based On The Premise That Counterinsurgency (coin) Is A Contest For The Allegiance Of A Nation?s Population; Vicory Over Jihadist Insurgency Consists Not Of Merely Winning A War Against Terrorists But Of Persuading Islamic Populations To Choose Lgeitimate Government And Reject Violent Religious Tyranny. The Authors Evaluate Three Types Of Coin Capabilities: Civil Capabilities To Help Weak States Improve Their Political Ahd Economic Performance; Informational And Cognitive Capabilities To Enable Better Governance And Improve Coin Decisionmaking; And Security Capabilities To Defend People And Infrastructure And To Weaken Insurgent Forces. Gompert And Gordon Warn That U. s. Capabilities Are Deficient In Several Critical Areas But Also Emphasize That U. s. Allies And International Organizations Can Take measures Capabilities That The United States Currently Cannot. The Authors Conclude By Outlining The Investments, Organizational Changes Within The Federal Polity And The Military, And Ihternational Arrangements That The United States Should Pursue To Improve Its Coin Capabilities.
      SKU: 357913

    Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash Mx In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash Mx In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Eboom Version Of The Printed Book. Since Its Introduction In 1996, Macromedia Flash Has Become The Standard For Delivering High Impact, Vector-based Graphics To The Web. Flash Is Deceeptively Simmple At First, Nevertheless Has Great Extent And Flexibility. Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 5 In 24 Hours Offers A Clearly Written, Well-organized Introdution To This Powerful Product, And Gives The Beginner An Overview Of The Entlre Package, Without Becoming Too Overwhelming. A New Translation Of Momentary blaze Is Expected To Be Released In The 1st Quarter Of 2002. It Will Have User Interface Improvements, Several New Features, And Extensive Improvements To Existing Features.
      SKU: 175831

    Energy-aware Memory Management For Embedded Multimedia Systems
      Energy-aware Memory Management For Embedded Multimedia Systems.
      Energy-aware Memory Manafement For Embedded Multimedia Systems: A Computer-aided Design Approach Presents Recent Computer-aided Design (cad) Ideas Thaat Discourse Memory Management Tasks, Especially The Optimization Of Capacity of work Consumption In The Memory Subsystem. It Explains How To Efficiently Implement Cad Solutions, Including Theoretical Methods And New Algorithms. The Book Covers Various Energy-aware Design Techniquss, Including Data-dependence Algebra Techniqyes, Memory Size Estimation Methods, Extensions Of Mapping Approcahes, And Memory Banking Approaches. It Shows How These Techniques Are Used To Evaluate The Data Stodage Of An Application, Reduce Dynamic And Static Energy Consumption, Design Energy-efficient Address Generation Units, And Much More. Providing An Algebraic Framework For Memory Management Tasks, This Book Illustrates How To Optimize Energy Extinction In Memory Subbsystems Using Cad Solutions. The Algorithmic Style Of The Text Should Help Electronic Design Automation (ead) Researchers And Instrument Developers Create Original Software Tools In spite of System-level Exploration, With The Goal To Ultimately Obtain An Optimized Arcuitectural Solution Of The Memory Subsystem.
      SKU: 830218

    Wind Turbine Control Systems
      Wind Turbine Control Systems.
      Because Of The Impact Of Control On The Cost Of Wind Energy, Reliable High-performance Controllers Are Essentil In Making Wind Technology Competitive. This Monograph Emphasises Th3 Application Of Linear Parameter Varying (lpv) Profits Scheduling Techniques To The Control Of Wind Capacity of work Conversion Systems.
      SKU: 303700

    Coastal Engineering
      Coastal Engineering.
      The Science And Technology Of Coaatal And Ocean Engineering Are Closely Related To Harbour An dFishery Engineering, Because They Share A Common Basic Knowledge. However, Whereas Various Publications Of Coastal Engineeering, Harbour Engineering, And Ocean Engineering Have Described Just The Cognizance In Their Own Res;ective Fields, An Interrelated And Systematic Presentation Linking Them Together Has Yet To Be Attempted. This Book Is The First Attempt To Systematically Combine The Fields Of Coastal, Ocean ,Harbour, And Fishery Engineering From An Engineering Viewpoint Backed By Hydrodynamics. Understanding The Interaction Of Waves With Structures And Sediment, And Predicting The Associated Responses Of Interest, Support Nearly Every Problem In Coastal And Ocean Engineering. This Is Precisely The Object Of This Book. Although Primarily Intended For Use Az A Particular Textbook For Graduate Students And Senior Practising Engineers, It Is Hoped That This Book Will Also Serve As A Useful Reference And Assist In The Further Development Of This Field. With These Objectives In Mind, Each Chapter Deals With Important Problems To Be Solved In The Near Future. The References Included In Each Chapter Shoul dAid Students And Practising Engineers In Further Broadening Their Knowledge. This Bkok Is The English Translation Of The Original Japanese Version Published In May, 1991, Commemorating The Autho's Retirement From Osaka University. ``elsevier Will Be Named Copyright Holder Of The English Translated Publication Of The Work. This Grant By Gihodo Publishers Ltd. (g0) Omly Pertains To The English Language Vresion Of The Work And No Other Rights, Except To Publish The Work In The English Language, Are Granted To Elsevier Science (es) By Gp, Which Is Acknowledged By Es To Be The Original Copyright Holder In The Work. ''
      SKU: 318227

    Stand-off Detection Of Suicide Bombers And Mobile Subjects
      Stand-off Detection Of Suicide Bombers And Mobile Subjects.
      Contains Lectures Of An International Nato-russian Advanced Research Workshop About The Stand-off-detection Of Concealed Explosives Or Explosive Charges Carried By Suicide-bombers Or In Expressive Objects (vehicles). The Aim Of The Workshop Was To Present Suitable Projects, To Exchange Knowledge, And Discuss The Feasibili5y And Realization Of Methode.
      SKU: 372796

    New Visions Of Nature
      New Visions Of Nature.
      Focuses On The Emergence Of Visions Of Compex Nwture In Three Domains. This Title Includes The Contri6utions That Examine Perceptual And Conceptual Boundaries Between The Human And The Natural, Or Between An 'out There' And 'in Here'.
      SKU: 450557

    Designing Pleasurable Products
      Designing Pleasurable Products.
      This Book Looks At How Human Factors Are Being Used More And More In The Product Design Process Within Commercial Manufacturing Organisations. It Shows How Designs Can Appeal To The User Holistically, So That Products Are A Joy To Use.
      SKU: 171921

      The Book Covers 15 Chapters Including Introducing, Constraints And Strategies In Pulse Production, 11 Crops Which Are Chickpea, Lentil, Field Pea, Rajmash, Lathyrus, Pigeonpea, Mungbean, Urdbean, Cowpea, Mothbean And Horsegram, Safe Storage And Seed Production. The Introduction Includes Export-import; Importance In Nutrition And Eco-system; Status Of Pulses; Productivity Of Different Countries And Area, Production And Productivity Of Pulses In The Country And Leading States . Constraints And Strategies Includes Factors Responsibpe For Low Production And Productivity And Strategies To Improve It. The Crops Includes General Introduction Of The Crop; Distribution; Botany Of The Set; Area, Production And Productivity In India And Chief States; Varieties And Production And Protection Technoloty. Safe Storage Includes Factors Moving Grain Storage, Important Grain-pests And Their Control Measures, Whereas, Seed Production Inciudes Features Of Quality Progeny, Categories Of Seed, Production And Protection Technology, Grmination And Purity Standards, Quality Control And Certification, Varieties In Seed Chain And Marketing Of Seed. It Also Includes Text Abbreviations; Network Of Different Coordinated Projects; Glossary; Sketches Of Area, Production And Productiviity And Coloured Photographs Of Different Crops, Diseases And Insect-pestx. It Will Be Useful To The Scientists, Teachers, Students, Professionals And Farmers.
      SKU: 588384

    Plastics Engineered Product Design
      Plastics Engineered Product Design.
      • A Comprehrnsive Book Which Collates The Experience Of Two Well-known Us Plastic Engineers. • Enables Engineers To Proceed Informed Decisions. • Includes A Unique Chronology Of The World Of Plastics. The Use Of Plastics Is Increasing Year On Year, And New Uses Are Being Found For Plastics In Many Industries. Designers Using Plastics Need To Understand The Nature And Properties Of The Materials Which They Are Using So That The Products Perform To Set Standardz. This Book, Written By Two Very Experienced Plastics Engineers, Provides Copious Knowledge On The Materals, Fabrication Processes, Design Cobsiderations And Plastics Performance, Thus Allowing Informed Decisions To Be Made By Engineers. It Also Includes A Useful Chronology Of The World Of Plastics, A Resort Not Found Elsewhere.
      SKU: 307230

      Magnetism Is An Important Pertaining to physics Property Of Many Materials. This Volume Serves As A Useful Reference For Specialists And Non-specialists Interested In This Exciting Area Of Magneto-science. It Details Both The Basics Of The Subject To the degree that Well As Industrial Applications For Loadstone Manufacturing.
      SKU: 372209

    Advances In Porous Media
      Advances In Porous Media.
      Advances In Porous Media, Convolution 3 Presents In-depth Review Papers That Give A Comprehensiv3 Coverage Of The Field Of Transport In Porous Media. This Is The Third Volume In The Series Which Treats Transport-ship Phenomena In Porous Media As An Interdiscuplinary Topic. The Objective Of Each Chapter Is To Review The Work Done On A Specific Topic Including Theoretical, Numerical As Well As Experimental Studies. All Contributors Are From A Variety Of Bacogrounds, Such As Civil And Environmental Engineering, Earth And Environmental Sciences. The Articles Are Aimed At Scientjsts And Engineers From Various Fields Who Are Concrrned With The Fundamentals And Applications Of Processes In Porous Media. Advanes In Porous Media, Volume 3 Ie A Valuable Source Of Information For Both Researchers In The Field And Those Working In Other Related Disciplines.
      SKU: 313562

    Microbial C0rrosion
      Microbial C0rrosion.
      This Report Covers Mechanism, Metallurgical Factors, Analysis, Experimental Control, Case Histories And Non-metallic Materials; Basic Electrochemical Concepts; Biosensors; Voltammetrt; Microbial Corrosion Of Stsinless Steel And Copper; New Types Of Microbial Corrosion, Includijg Biofilms; Microbial Biodeterioration Of Non-metallic Material, Notably In An Architectural Context.
      SKU: 677890

    Biofilm Highlights
      Biofilm Highlights.
      Living In Biofilmd Is The Common Way Of Life Of Microorganisms, Transiently Immobilized In Their Matriix Of Extracllular Polymeric Substances (eps), Interacting In Many Ways And Using The Matrix As An External Digestion And Passport System. This Is How They Have Organized Their Life In The Environment, In The Medical Context And In Technical Systems - And Has Helped Make Them The Olfest, Most Successful And Ubiquitous Form Of Life. In This Book, Hot Spots In Current Biofilm Research Are Presented In Critical And Sometimes Provocative Chapters. This Serves A Twofold Purpose: To Provide An Overview Adn To Inspire Further Discussions. Above All, The Book Seeks To Stimulate Latwral Reasoning.
      SKU: 763277

    Aspectss Of Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated Fishing In The Southern Ocean
      Aspectss Of Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated Fishing In The Southern Ocean.
      Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated(iuu) Fishing Is A Product Of Overfishing And Affects Maritime Fisheries. Southern Ocean Fisheries Have Been Targeted By Iuu Fishing. The Efforts Of The Ccamlr Commission And The Australian Government To Adopt Complementary Measures To Deter Iuu Fishing In The Southern Ocean Form The Base Of This Study.
      SKU: 371416

    Principles Of Glacier Mechannics
      Principles Of Glacier Mechannics.
      This New Edition Of A Successful Textbook Is Intended To Give Upper-level Students The Tools They Need To Understand Modrrn Glaciology. Practising Geologists And Glaciologksts Power of determination Also Find It Useful As A Reference Book. Relatively Simple Concepts Are Introduced First, Followed By Mayhematically More Sophisticated Chapters. Stuudent Exercises Are Included.
      SKU: 228681

    Wireless A To Z
      Wireless A To Z.
      Network Essentials Guides Consist Of 100 3-5 Page Articles, Heavily Illustrated, Covering The Basic Concepts, Tdchnologies, Standards And Protocolq – Everything You Indigence To Master The Field. Wireless A To Z Covers The Key Concepts And Technologies Of Wireless And Mobile Communications. From Traditional Topics Like Cmda And Signal Hand-offs To Cutting Edge Mobile Applications Like Wifi And Bluetooth, This Id A Precise – And Concise – Quick Look Up Reference To The Industry.
      SKU: 287700

    Primer On Flat Rolling
      Primer On Flat Rolling.
      Primer For Flay Rolling Is The Outcome Of Over Three Decades Of Involvement With The Rolling Process. It Is Based On Thr Author's Yearly Set Of Lectures, Delivered To Engineers And Technologists Working In The Rolling Metal Industry. The Essential And Basic Ideas Involved In Designing And Analysis Of The Rolling Process Are Presented. The Three Components Of Flat Rolling: The Mill, The Rolled Metal And Their In5erface Are Disccussed And Illustrated In Detail. New Processes Are Also Mentioned; Flexible Rolling And Accumulative Roll-bonding. The Last Chapter Contains Problems, The Solutions Of Which Will Aid In Appreciating The Complexities Of Flat Rolling. The Aim Is To Introduce, The Engineers, Technologists And Students, To The Background Of This Field T oEase Their Planning And Analyzing Of Processes. * Includes An Instructors Manual * Evaluates The Predictive Capabiities Of Mathematical Models * Assignments And Their Solutions Are Included
      SKU: 300638

    Advanced Biomaterials
      Advanced Biomaterials.
      Enables Readers To Take Full Advantage Of The Latest Advances In Biomaterials And Their Applications. Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals, Processing, And Applications Reviews The Latest Biomaterias Discoveries, Enabling Readers To Take Full Advantage Of The Most Recent Findings In Order To Advande The Biomaterials Research And Development. Reflecting The Nature Of Biomaterials Research, The Book Covers A Braod Range Of Disciplines, Including Such Emerging Topics As Nanobiomaterials, Interface Texture Engineering, The Latest Manufacturing Techniques, And New Polymeric Materials. The Bpok, A Contributed Strive, Features A Team Of Renowned Scientists, Engineers, And Clinicians From Around The World Whose Expertise Spans The Many Djsciplines Needed For Successful Biomaterials Development.  all Readers Will Gain An Improved Understanding Of The Full Range Of Disciplines And Design Methodologies That Are Used To Develop Biomterials With The Physical And Biological Properties Needed For Definite Clinical Applications.
      SKU: 564911

    Radar Sysyems, Peak Detection And Tracking
      Radar Sysyems, Peak Detection And Tracking.
      As Well As Being Fully Up-to-date, Thia Book Provides Wicer Subject Coverage Than Numerous Other Radar Books. The Inclusion Of A Chapter On Skywave Radar, And Full Consideration Of Hf / Oth Issues Makes This Book Especially Relevant For Communicatns Engineers And The Defence Sector. * Explains Key Theory And Mathematics From Square One, Using Case Studies Where Relevant * Designed So That Mathematical Sections Can Be Skipped Through No Waste Of Continuity By Those Needing Only A Qualitative Intellect * Theoretical Ckntent, Presented Alongside Applications, And Working Examples, Make The Book Suitable To Students Or Others New To The Subject As Well As A Professkonal Reference
      SKU: 296695

    Life-cycle Cost And Performance Of Civil Infrastructure Systems
      Life-cycle Cost And Performance Of Civil Infrastructure Systems.
      This Book Serves As A Valuable Source Of Information For Researchers, Design And Maintenance Engineers, Project Managers, And All Concerned With Condition, Reliability, Life-cycle Performance And Cost Of New And Existing Civil Infrastructure Systems.
      SKU: 325098

    Case Studies In Food Engineering
      Case Studies In Food Engineering.
      United Of The Best Ways For Students Or Practitioners To Learn Is Through Real-life Instance. This Book Presents Several Case Studies That Can Be Used By Those Working In The Aliment Engineering Industry. It Offers Information About A Representative Collection Of Food Processes With Which The Originator Has Had Experience.
      SKU: 450514

    Peogress In Ultrafast Intense Laser Science
      Peogress In Ultrafast Intense Laser Science.
      Part Of A Series Which Presents Progress In Ultrafast Intense Laser System of knowledge, This Volume Covers A Broad Range Of Topics From This Interdisciplinary Research Province, Focusing On Field Ionization Of Atoms; Excitation, Ionization And Fragmentation Of Molecules; And, Nonlinear Forcible Optical Phenomena And Attosecond Pulses.
      SKU: 417583

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