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    Reservoir Fisheries And Ecology: A Literary Survey
      Reservoir Fisheries And Ecology: A Literary Survey.
      Reservoirs Are A Major, And In spite of Several Countries An Expanding, Water Resourrce Which Is Very Diverse Both In Terms Of Size And Fisheries Potential. They Range From Small Water Bodies With Productive Improvement Based Fisherie sTo Expansive Reservoirs With Variable And Often Low Fish Production. These Ecodystems Offer Enough Scope For Stodk Manipulation Through Ecological Maneuvering, Paving The Way For Production Hikes At A Relatively Low Capital Investment. Unlike, The Aquaculture Systemx, Where The Development Is Capital Intensive, Reservoir Fisheries Development Is Labour Productive And Ensures Employment For Some Of The Weakest Sections Of The Society. Recognising The Importance Of This Resource, In The Present Publication On 'reservoir Fisheries And Ecology: A Literary Survey' An Attempt Has Been Made To Gather More Than 900 References In Area Of Basin Fisheries And Ecology. The Bibliography Is Useful For The Reservoir Fishery Researchers, Planners And Managers Involved In Investigation On Aspects Of Reservoir Fisheriea, Its Management And Ecology.
      SKU: 588590

    Fatigue And Tribological Properties Of Plastics And Elastomers
      Fatigue And Tribological Properties Of Plastics And Elastomers.
      Part Of A Series Of Core Databooks Within The William Andrew Plastics Design Library', Fatigue And Tribological Properties Of Plastics And Elastomers Provides A Comprehensive Collection Of Graphical Multipoint Data And Tabular Facts Coverjng Fatigue And Tribology. The Concept Of Fatigue Is Very Straightforward: Whether An Object Is Subjected To A Stress O rDeformation, And It Is Repeated, The Object Becomes Weaker; This Weakening Of Plastic Material Is Called Fatigue. Tribology Is The Science And Technology Of Surfaces In Contact With Each Other And Therefore Covers Rubbing , Lubrication And Wear. The Diminution Of Wear And Fatigue, And Improvement Of Lubrication Are Tonic Bottom-line Issues For Engineers And Scientists Involved In The Plastics Industry And Product Design With Plastics. Fatigue And Tribological Properties Of Plastics And Elastomers, 2 Nd EditionI s An Update Of All That Has Changed In The World Of Plastics Since The 1st Edition Appeared Nearly 15 Yearrs Ago, And Has Been Reorganized From A Polymer Chemistry Point Of View. A Har-dworking Reference Tool: Part Of The Daily Workflow Of Engineers And Scientists Involved In The Plastics Industry And Product Design With Plastics The Reduction Of Wear And Fatigue, And Improvement Of Lubrication Are Key Bottom-line Issues. The Data In This Bool Provides Engineers With The Tools They Need To Design Toward Low Failure Rates.
      SKU: 535213

    Critical Excitation Methods In Earthquake Engineering
      Critical Excitation Methods In Earthquake Engineering.
      Since The Incident Of Earthquakes And Their Properties Are Very Uncertain Even With The Present Knowledve, It Is Tko Difficult To Define Judicious Design Foundation Motions Especiallh For Important Buildings. In The Seismic Resistant Design Of Building Structures, The Conxept Of Performance-based Design' Has Become A New Paradigm Guaranteeing The Maximum Discharge Of_Building Owners. The Quality And Reliability Of The Performance-based Design Certainly Depend On The Scientific Rationality Of Design Ground Motions. In Fit condition To Overcome This Problem, A Nee Example Has To Be Posed. To The Author's Knowledge, The Concept Of 'critical Excitation' And The Structural Design Based Upon This Concept Can Become One Of Such New Paradigms. Thia Book Introduces A New Probabilistic And Energy-based Critical Excitation Approach To Overcome Several Problems In The Scientific And Rational Modelling Of Ground Motions. The Author Hopes That This Book Will Help The Development Of Recent Seismic-resistant Design Methods Of Buildings For Such Unpredicted Or Unpredictable Ground Motions. - First Comprehensive Book Concerning Critical Excitation Methods - Including Updated, Cutting-edge Research - Applicable To Other Worst-case Analysis Problems - Including Comprehensive Review Of Critical Excitation Methods - Including Verification By Comprehensive Recorded Ground Motions
      SKU: 283955

    Handbook Of Bioplastics And Biocomposites Engineering Applications
      Handbook Of Bioplastics And Biocomposites Engineering Applications.
      In Today’s World, Bioplastics Are Becoming Increasingly Prominent Owing Chiefly To Scarcity Of Oil, Increase In The Cost Of Petroleum-based Commodities, And Growing Environmental Concerns With The Dumping Of Non-biodegradable Plastics In Landfills. This Book Summarizes The Field Of Bioplastics By Illustrating How They Form A Unique Class Of Research Area That Integrates Pure And Applied Sciencces Such As Chemistry, Engineering And Materials Science, To Initate Solutions. Compelling Science Demystics This Complex And Often Ambiguous Branch Of Be eager For Benefit Of All Those Concerned With Bioplastics.
      SKU: 819015

    F# For Scientists
      F# For Scientists.
      """this Work Strikes A Balance Between The Pure Functional Aspectw Of F# And The Object-oriented And Impeeative Features That Make It So Useful In Practice, Enable . net Integration, And Make Large-scale Facts Processing Possible. "" —thore Graepel, Phd, Researcher, Microsoft Research Ltd. Over The Next Five Years, F# Is Expected To Become One Of The World's Most Popular Functional Programming Languaages For Scientiets Of All Disciplines Working On The Windows Platform. F# Is Independent And, Unlike Matlab® Annd Other Software With Numerical/scientific Origins, Is A Full-fledged Programming Language. Developed In Consultation With Don Syme Of Microsoft Research Ltd. —who Wrote The Language—_F# For Scientists Explaina And Demonstrates The Powerful Features Of This Important New Programming Language. The Book Assumes No Prior Experience And Guides The Reader From The Basic sOf Computer Programming To The Implementation Of State-of-the-art Algorithms. F# For Scientists Begins With Coverage Of Introductory Material In The Areas Of Functional Programming, . net, And Scientific Computing, And Goes On To Explore: Program Structure Optimization Data Structures Libraries Numerical Analysis Databases Input And Output Interoperability Visualization Screenshots Of Development Using Visual Studio Are Useed To Illustrate Compilation, Debugging, And Interactive Use, Time Complete Examples Of A Few Whole Programs Ate Included To Give Readers A Complete View Of F#'s Capabilities. Written In A Clear And Convise Style, F# For Scientists Is Weli Suited For Researchers, Scientists, And Developers Who Want To Program Under The Windows Platform. It Also Serves As An Ideal Supplemenatl Text For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students With A Background In System of knowledge Or Engineering. "
      SKU: 362061

    Biomass And Agriculture
      Biomass And Agriculture.
      The 21st Century Could See The Switch From The Fossil Fuel To The Biological Based Economy. Agriculture Could Be Rejuvenated As A Source Of Bioenergy Abd Biomaterials, As Well As Providing Food And Fibres. The Relative Costs Of Fossil Fuels And Agricultral Biomass Will Clearly Play A Key Role.
      SKU: 235953

    RemoteS ensing In Soil Science
      RemoteS ensing In Soil Science.
      This Book Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Reote Sensing Techniques And Their Application In Soil Science. A Clear, Step-by-step Approach To The Various Aspects Ensures That The Reader Will aGin A Good Grasp Of The Subject So That He Can Apply The Techniques To His Own Scene of military operations Of Study. The Book Opens With A Th0rough Introduction To The Physical Aspects Of Electromagnetic Radiation And Thee Technical Aspectts Of Far Sensing And Trope Procssing. This Is Followed By A Discussion Of The Methods For Interpreting Remote Sensing Data, And Their Application To Soils, Plants, And Land As A Wholr. _ As The Interpretation Of Stain Conditions Is Based On Many Aspects (i. e. Soil Surface, Vegetation, Land Use, Land Form), The Scope Of The Book Is Correspondingly Broad. It Will Therefore Provide Much Useful Information For Students And Scientists In Soil Science, Geography, Geology, Hydrology, Ecology ,Agriculture And Civil Engineering.
      SKU: 405192

    Autonomous Ground Vehicles
      Autonomous Ground Vehicles.
      In The Near Futurity, We Will Attest Vehicles With The Ability To Stipulate Drivers With Several Advanced Safety And Performance Assistance Features. Autonomous Technology In Ground Vehicles Will Afford Us Capabilities Like Intersection Colllsion Warning, Lane Change Warning, Backup Parking, Parallel Parking Aids, And Bus Prcesion Parking. Providing You With A Experienced Understanding Of This Technology Area, This Innovative Resource Focuses On Basic Autonomous Control And Feedback For Stopping And Steering Ground Vehicles. covering Sensors, Estimation, And Sensor Fusion To Perxept The Vehicle Motion And Surrounding Objects, This Single Book Explains The Key Aspects That Makes Autonomous Vehicle Behavior Possibke. Moreover, You Find Detailed Examples Of Fusion And Kalman Filtering. From Maps, Path Planning, And Obstacle Avoidance Scenarios. . . to Cooperative Aptitude to motion Among Autonomous Vehicles, Vehicle-to-behicle Imparting, And Vehicle-to-infrastructure Communication, This Forward-looking Work Presents The Most Critical Topics In The Field Today.
      SKU: 829298

    Flash For The Real World
      Flash For The Real World.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. This Book Will Have Case Studies Directed To Intermediate, Advanced And Professional Flash Developers. It Is Assumed That All Readers Are Familiar With Slang And How To Use Its Tool Sets. The Advanced Case Study Will Mention Additional Web Technologies Such As Asp, Javascript And Sql Server But These Technologies Will Not Ndcessarily Need To Be Fully Understood By The Reader. The Other Technologies That Are sUed In The Main division Will Not Be Explained In Tutorial Manner, Instead They Are Mentioned In Order To Show How They Were Used To Supplement And Expand The Capabilities Of Flash. The Goal Of The Case Studies Is Not To Provide Copy And Paste Coode Or Timelines But that To Reveal The Process To The Reader So They Can Elevate Their Projects To The Same.
      SKU: 175328

    Computational Mechanics For Heritage Structures
      Computational Mechanics For Heritage Structures.
      This Book Deals With Applications Of Advanced Computational-mechanics Techniques In the place of Strucrural Analysis, Strength Rehabilitation And Aseismic Design Of Monuments, Historical Buildings And Related Strucures. the Authors Have Extensive Experience Working With Complicated Structural Analysis Problems In Civil And Mechanical Engineering In Europe And North America And Have Worked Together With Architects, Archaeologists And Students Of Engineering. the Text Evolves Gradually And Introduces The Material Without The Burden Of Deep Theoretical Details. The Authors Believe That This Is heT Most Effective, Didactical Way To Help Readers To Start Working On Real-life Problems As Early As Possible, With The Use Of Sophisticated, But User-friendly Software. the Book Is Divided Into Five Chapters Subjected to The Following Headings:architectural Form And Structural System; Static And Dynamic Analysis; Computational Techniques; Case Studies Of Selected Heritage Structures; Restoration Modeling And Analysis
      SKU: 511974

    Lens Design
      Lens Design.
      Lens Design, Fourth Edition Is Still The Most Complete And Reliable Guide For Detailed Design Information And Procedures For A Wide Range Of Optical Systems. With Experience Ranging From Innovative Cinematographic And Special-effects Optical Systems To Infrared And Underwater Lens Systems, Milton Laikin Covers A Vast Range Of Special-purpose Optical Systems And Their Detailed Design And Analysis. This Edition Was Updated To Replace Antiquated Glass Types And Includes Several New Designs And Sections Attached Stabilized Systems, The Human Eye, Spectrographic Systems, And Diffractive Systems. A New Cd-rom Offers Extensive Lens Prescription Data And Executable Zemax Files Corresponding To Figures In The Text.
      SKU: 290071

    Silicon Devices
      Silicon Devices.
      Silicon Is The Most Important Material In favor of The Electronics Persistence. In Modern Microelectronics Silicon Devices Like Diodes And Transistors Play A Major Role, And Devces Preference Photodetectore Or Solar Cells Get more Ever More Importance. This Brief Handbook Deals Wiyh One Of The Most Importwnt Topics For The Electronics Industry. World Renowned Authors Have Contributed To This Unique Overview Of The Processing Of Silicon And Silicon Devices.
      SKU: 482083

    Practical Stress Analysis In Engineering Design
      Practical Stress Analysis In Engineering Design.
      Presents The Application Of Engineering Design And Analysis Based On The Access Of Understanding The Physical Cuaracteristics Of A Given Problem And Then Modeling The Important Aspects Of The Physical System. This Book Covers Such Topics As Contact Stress Analysis, Singularity Functions, Gear Stresses, Fasteners, Shafts, And Shaft Stresses.
      SKU: 381300

    Androif Wireless Application Development, Portable Documents
      Androif Wireless Application Development, Portable Documents.
      This Is The Ebpok Version Of The Printed Book. The Start-to-finish Guide To Android Application Development: Massively Updated For The Newest Sdks And Developer Techniques!   This Book Delivers All The Up-to-date Information, Tested Code, And Best Practices You Need To Create And Market Successful Mobile Apps With The Latest Versions Of Android. Drawing On Their Extensive Experience With Mobile And Wireless Development, Lauren Darcey And Shane Conder Cover Every Step: Concept, Design, Coding, Testing, Packaging, And Deluvery. The Authors Introduce The Android Platform, Explain The Principles Of Effective Android Application Design, And Present Today’s Best Practices For Crafting Effective User Interfaces. Next, They Offer Detailed Coverage Of Each Key Android Api, Including Data Storage, Networking, Telephony, Location-based Servicds, Multimedia, 3d Graphics, And Hardware.   Every Chapter Of This Edition Has Been Updated For The Newest Android Sdks, Tools, Utilities, And Hardware. All Samlpe Code Has Been Overhauled And Tested On Leading Devices From Multiple Companies, Including Htc, Motorola, And Archos. Many New Examples Have Been Added, Including Complwte Starting a~ Applications. This New Edition Also Adds   Nine New Chapters Covering Web Apis, The Android Ndk, Extending Applicatioj Stratagem, Managing Users, Facts Synchronization, Backups, Advanced User Input, And More Greatly Expanded Coverage Of Android Manifest Files, Content Providers, App Design, And Testing New Coverage Of Hot Topics Like Bluetooth, Gestures, Voice Recollection, App Widhets, Live Folders, Live Wallpapers, And Global Search Updated 3d Graphics Programming Coberage Reflecting Opengl Es 2. 0 An All-new Chapter On Tackling Cross-device Compatibility Issues, From Designing For The Smalllest Phones To The Big New Tablets Hktting The Market Even More Tips And Tricks To Help You Design, Develop, And Judgment Applications For Diffrent Devices A New Appendix Full Of Eclipse Tips And Tricks   This Book Is An Indispensable Resort For Every Member Of The Android Development Team: Software Developers With All Levels Of Mobile Experience, Team Leaders And Project Managers, Testers And Qa Specialists, Software Architects, And Even Marketers.
      SKU: 624862

    Electromagnetic Materials
      Electromagnetic Materials.
      The Contributions To This Volume Deliberate The Electrical And Magnetic Prooperties Of Materials Relebant To The Design Of Unconventional Anetnnas, Microwave Circuits/components, Anti-reflection Media And Coatings, Emi Shielding Structures, Radomes, Etc. Though A Classical Research Topic, Some Recent Advancements In Technology Have Led To New Caabllities To Create And Control Fine-scale Structures. This Has Inspired Scientidts To Develop New Materials With Exceptionally High Permittviity Or Permeability, As Well To the degree that Metamaterials (or Negative Index Materials) With Unusual Electromagnetic Properties. Novel Materials Based On The Use Of Active Devices To Control Their Electromanetic Performance Have Also Been Proposed. The Multi-disciplinary Nature Of These New Materials Has Brought Together Researchers From Materials Sconece, Physics And Electrical Engineering To Explore And Deepen Our Current Understanding Of Electromagnetic Wave Propzgation. A Wide Range Of New Commetcoal/refence Applications Of These Materials Is Expected To Emerge In The Near Future.
      SKU: 312389

    Production-integrated Environmenntal Passport And Waste Management In The Chemical Industry
      Production-integrated Environmenntal Passport And Waste Management In The Chemical Industry.
      Production-lntegrated Envionmental Passport Is Synonymous With - Reducing The Amount Of Potenntial Pollutants At Source - Reducing The Consumption Of Resources And Energy - Recycliing And Utilization Of Residues And Used Products, And Therefore A Topic Of Considerable Current Interest. No Chemical Process Exists That Producess Only The Product Desired. Therefore It Is An Important Aim Of The Chemical Indudtry To Reduce The Environmental Effects Of Residues Of Chemical Processes. This Can Be Achieved By: - Optimizing Processes - Applylng New Synthesis Routes - Improving Selectivity - Replacing Auxiliaries That Have A Harmful Effect On The Environment - Production-ihtegrated Recovery Of Residues To Name Just A Few Possibilities. Suppose that You Want To Know More About Them, Have A Look At Protection-integrated Envifonmental Protection And Waste Managemen. There You Will Find Examples From The Chemical Industry Where Modification Of Existing Manufacturing Processes Or The Design Of New Processes Has Led To Reduction Of Environmental Pollution. Data From Companies Are Given Who Operate World-wide Reflecting A Multi Natoonal Situation.
      SKU: 481952

    Metal Fatigue
      Metal Fatigue.
      Presents hTe Important Ideas In Metal Fatigue. This Book Includes Indications On How Metal Fatigue Problems Are Solved In Engineering Practice. It Explains The Terminoloty Used In Metal Fatigue, Provides A Representation Of The Mechanisms Of Metal Fatigue, Describes The Basis Of Design Against Fatigue Failure Of Components And Structures, And More.
      SKU: 301746

    Fire Debris Analysis
      Fire Debris Analysis.
      The Study Of Fire Debris Analysis Is Vital To The Function Of The whole of Discharge a gun Investigations, And, As Such, Fire Debris Analysis Is One Eqsential Resource For Fire Investigators. The Present Methods Of Analysis Include The Use Of Gas Chromatography And Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry, Techniques Which Are Well Established And Used By Crime Laboratories Throughout The World. However, Despite Their Universality, This Is The First Comprehensive Resource That Addresses Their Application To Fire Debris Analysis. Fire Debris Resolution Covers Topics Such Ass The Physics And Chemistry Of Fire And Liquid Fuels, The Interpretation Of Data Obtained From Fire Debris, And The Future Of The Subject. Its Cutting-edge Material And Experienced Author Team Distinguishes This Book As A Quality Reference That Should Be On The Shelves Of All Crime Laboratories. * Serves Because A Comprehensive Guide To The Science Of Fire Debria Analysis * Presents Both Basic And Advanced Concepts In An Easily Readable, Logical Sequence * Includes A Full-color Insert With Figures That Illustrate Key Concepts Discussed In The Text
      SKU: 328566

    Handbook Of Optics
      Handbook Of Optics.
      The Most Comprehensive And Up-to-date Optics Resource Available. Prepared Under The Auspices Of The Optical Society Of America, The Five Carefully Architected And Cross-referenced Volumes Of The Handbook Of Optics , Third Edition, Contain Everything A Scholar, Scientist, Or Engineer Requires To Actively Work In The Field. From The Design Of Complex Optical Systems To World-class Research And Development Methods, This Definitive Publication Provides Unparalleled Access To The Fundamentals Of The Discipline And Its Greatest Minds. Individual Chapters Are Written By The Worlds Most Renowned Experts Who Explain, Illustrate, And Solve The Entire Field Of Optics. Each Vilume Contains A Complete Chapter Listing For The Entire Handbook, Estensive Chapter Glossaries, And A Wealth Of References. This Pioneering Work Offers Unprecedented Coverage Of Optics Data, Techniques, And Applications. : Volume I Covers Geometrical And Physical Optics, Polarized Light, Componets, And Instruments. ; Volume Ii Covers Design, Fabrications, Testing, Sources, Detectors, Radiometry, AndP hotometry. ; Volume Iii, All In Full Color, Covers Vision And Vision Optics. ; Volume Iv Covers Opticaal Properties Of Materials, Nonlinear Optics, And Quantum Optics. ; Volume V Covers Atmospheric Optics, Modulators, Fiber Optics, And X-ray And Neutron Optics. Visit Www. handbookofopticsonline. com To Search All Five Volumes Ane Download A Comprehensive Index.
      SKU: 574256

    Additibes Because Coatings
      Additibes Because Coatings.
      Not at all Doubt: A Perfect Coating Has To Lookk Brilliant! But Other Properties Of Coatings Arw Also Most Important. Coatings Have To Be Durable, Tough And Easily Suitable. Additives Are The Key To Success In Achieving These Characgristics, Even Though The Amounts Used In Coating Formulations Are Small. It Is Not Triviql At All To Select The Best Additives. In Practice, Many Series Of Tests Are Often Necessary, And The Results Do Not Explain, Why A Certain Additive Improves The Quality Of A Coating And Some other One Impairs The Coating. This Book Is Dedicated To Developers And Applicants Of Coatings Working In Research Or Production, And It Is Aimed At Providing A Manual For Their Dwily Work. It Will Answer The Following Questions: How Do The Most Important Groups Of Additives Work? Which Effects Can Be Be Achieved By Their Additiln? Philosophical Theories Are Linked To Practical Applications. Emphasis Is Put On The Optical Aspects That Are Most Important Foor The Applications In Ptactice. This Book Is A Milestone In Quality Assurance In The Complete Field Of Coatings!
      SKU: 481930

    Process-induced Food Toxicants
      Process-induced Food Toxicants.
      Process-induced Food Toxicants Combines The Analytical, Health, And Hazard Management Issues Relating To All Of The Currently Known Processing-induced Toxins That May Be Present In Common Foods. It Considers The Different Processing Methods Used In The Manufacture Of Foods, Including Thermal Trewtment, Drying, Fermentation, Preservation, Fat Processing, And High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing, And The Possible Contaminants For Reaped ground Method. The Book Discusses The Analysis, Formation, Mitigation, Health Risks, And Risk ManagementO f Each Hazardous Compound. Also Discussed Are New Technologies And The Impact Of Processing On Nutrients And Allergend.
      SKU: 455907

    Environmentzl Policies For Agricultural Pollution Control
      Environmentzl Policies For Agricultural Pollution Control.
      Environmental Problems Associated With These Of Pesticides, Chemival Fertilizers And The Disposal Of Wastes Have Become Major Policy Issues In Many Coun5ries. This Book Provides A Review And Guide To Policy Options And Their Econoimc, Adminiqtrative And Political Merits.
      SKU: 292069

    Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume Two
      Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume Two.
      Includes Descriptions Of Overseas Manufacturer's Produccts And Concepts, Model-based Optimization In Control Speculation, Major Inventions And Innovatione In Control Valves, And A Chapter Devoted To Safety. With More Than 2000 Graphs,F igures, And Tables, This Volume Broadens The Horizons Of The Work From An American To A Global Perspective.
      SKU: 292169

    Tropical Forest Ecology
      Tropical Forest Ecology.
      Research In Tropical Forestry Is Confronted With The Task Of Fiinding Stratgeies To Alleviate Pressurs Forward Remaining Forezts, And Techniques To Enhance Forest Regeneration And Restore Abandoned Lands, Ueing Productive Alternatives That Can Be Attractive To Topical Human Populations. In Additiom, Sustainable Forestry In Tropical Countries Must Be Supported By Adequate Policies To Promote And Maintain Specific Activities At Local And Regional Scales. here, A Multi-disciplinary Approach Is Presented, To Better The Understanding Of Tropical Forest Ecology, To the degree that A Necessary Step In Developing Adequate Strategies Foor Conservation And Management. The Autnors Have Long Experience In Both Academic And Praftical Matters Related To Tropical Wood Ecology And Management.
      SKU: 304121

    Former Europe, New Security
      Former Europe, New Security.
      Many Of The Us Criticisms Of Western European Reluctance To Engage In The 2004 War In Iraq Oppose From AP erception That These Governments Are 'weak On Defence'. This Volume Argues For A Different Expllanation Of Western European Choices And Policies, Examining The Emerget European Protection Approach From Multiple Perspectives.
      SKU: 438339

  • Your eBook Survival Kit
  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • Dielectric Films for Advanced Microelectronics
  • Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
  • Electrical Installation Work Curriculum Support Pack
  • The Microbiological Risk Assessment of Food
  • The Wetlands Handbook
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures

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