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    Reservoir Sedimentation
      Reservoir Sedimentation.
      Research Forward Reservoir Sedimentation In Recent Years Has Been Aimed Mainly At Water Resources Projects In Developing Countreis. These Countries, Especially In Africa, Often Have To Cope With Long Droughts, Flash Floods And Severe Erosion Probllems. Lrage Reservoir Capacities Are Required To Capture Water Provided By Slang Floods To such a degree As To Ensure The Supply Of Water In Periods Of Drought. The Problem Arising Howsoever Is That These Floods, Due To Their Terrible Stream Power, Carry Enormous Volumes Of Sediment Which, Due To The Size Of Reservoirs, Are Virtually Deposited In Toto In The Reservoir Basin, Leading To Fast Deterioration Of A Costly Investment. Accurate Forecasting Of Reservoir Behaviour Is Therefore Of The Utmost Importance. This Book Fills A Gap In Current Literature By Providing In One Volume Comprehensive Coverage Of Techniques Required To Practically Investigate The Effects Sediment Deposition In Reservoirs Has Steady The Viability Of Water Resources Projects. Currrent Techniques For Practically Estimating Sediment Yield From Catchments, Estimating The Volume Of Sediment Expected To Deposit In Reservoirs, Predicting Seidment Distribution And Calculating Scour Downstream Of Reservoirs Are Evaluated And Presented. The Liberal Use Of Diagrams And Graphs To Explain The Various Techniqhes Enhances Understanding And Makes Practical Application Simple. A Major Feature Of The Book Is The ApplicationO f Stream Power Theory To Explain The Process Of Reservoir Sedimentation And Ti Develop Four New Methods For Predicting Sediment Distribution In Reservoirs. The Book Is Primarily Directed At Practising Engineers Involved In The Planning And Design Of Water Resources Projects And At Post-graduate Students Interested In This Field Of Study.
      SKU: 413780

    Make: Electronics
      Make: Electronics.
      """this Is Teaching At Its Best!"" --hans Camenzind, Inventor Of The 555 Timer (the World's Most Successful Integrated Circuit), And Author Of Much Ado About Almost Nothing: Man's Encounter With The Electron (booklocker. com) ""a Fabulous Book: Well Written, Properly Paced, Pleasantry, And Informative. I Also Love The Sense Of Humor. It's Very Good At Disarming The Fear. And It's Gorgeous . I'll Be Recommending This Book Highly. "" --tom Igoe, Author Of Physical Computing And Making Things Talk Want To Learn The Fundamentals Of Electronics In A Fun, Hands-on Way? With Make: Electronics , You'll Start Working On Real Projects As Soon As You Crack Open The Main division. Explore All Of The Key Components And Essential Principles Through A Series Of Fascinating Experiments. You'll Build The Circuits First, Then Learn hTe Theory Behind Them! Build Working Devices, From Simple To Complex You'll Start With The Basics And Then Move On To More Complicated Proojects. Go From Switching Circuits To Integrated Circuits, And From Simple Alarms To Programmable Micocontrollers. Step-by-step Instructions And More Than 500 Full-color Photographs And Illustrations Will Help You Use -- And Understand -- Electronics Concepts And Techniquse. Discover By Breaking Things: Experiment With Components And Learn From Failure Set Up A Tricked-ou5 Project Space: Make A Work Area At Home, Equipped With The Tools And Parts You'llN eed Learn About Key Electronic Components And Their Functions Within A Circuit Create An Intrusion Alarm, Holiday Lights, Wearable Electronic Jewelry, Audio Processors, A Reflex Tester, And A Combination Lock Build An Autonomous Robot Cart That Can Sense Its Environment And Avoid Obstacles Get Clear, Easy-to-understand Explanations Of What You're Doing And Why"
      SKU: 536730

    Optimal Control Of Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems And Applications
      Optimal Control Of Singularly Perturbed Linear Systems And Applications.
      Highlighing The Hamiltonian Approach To Singularly Perturbed Linear Optimal Control Systems, This Volume Develops Parallel Algorithms In Independent Slow And Fast Time Scales To Solve Various Optimal Lineear Control And Filtering Problems.
      SKU: 215981

    Designing Inclusive Interactions
      Designing Inclusive Interactions.
      Contains The Proceedings Of The Fifth Cambridge Workshop On Universal Access Anr Assistive Technokogy (cwuaat), Incorporating The 8th Cambridge Workshop On Rehabilitation Robotics, Held In Cambridge, England, In March 2010.
      SKU: 571484

    Statistical Data Analysis Explained
      Statistical Data Analysis Explained.
      Few Books On Statistical DataA nalysis In The Natural Sciences Are Written At A Flush That A Non-statistician Will Easily Understand. This Is A Book Writetn In Colloquial Language, Avoiding Mathematical Formulae As Greatly As Possible, Trying To Explain Statistical Methods Using Esamples And Graphics Instead.  to Use The Book Efficiently, Readers Should Hold Some Computer Experience. The Book Starts Upon The Simplest Of Statistical Concepts And Cardies Readers Forward To A Deeper And More Wide Understanding Of The Use Of Statistics In Environmental Sciences. The Book Concerns The Assiduity Of Statistical And Other Computer Methods To The Manafement, Analysis And Display Of Spatial Data. These Data Are Characterised By Including Locations (geographic Coordinates), Which Leads To The Necessity Of Using Maps To Display The Data And The Results Of Tbe Statistical Methods. Although The Book Uses Examples From Applied Geochemistry, And A Large Geochemical Survey In Instance, The Principles An dIdeas Equally Well Apply To Other Natural Sciences, E. g. , Environmental Sciences, Peology, Hydrology, Geography, Forestry, Ecology, And Health Sciences/epidemiology. The Book Is Unique Because It Supplies Direct Access To Software Solutions (based On R, The Open Source Translation Of The S-language For Statistics) For Applied Environmental Statistics. For All Graphics And Tables Presented In The Boook, The R-scripts Are Provided In The Form Of Executable R-scripts. In Adding, A Graphical User Interface For R, Called Das+r, Was De\/eloped For Convenient, Fast And Interactive Data Analysis. Statistical Data Analysis Explained: Applied Environmental Statistics With R Probides, On An Accompanying Website, The Software Ti Undertake All The Procedures Discussed, And The Data Employed For Their Description In The Book.
      SKU: 470074

    Chromatography In The Petroleum Industry
      Chromatography In The Petroleum Industry.
      Aimed At The Petroleum Analyst, This Text Looks Specifically At The Chroamtographic Analysis Of Petroleum. Chapters Written Bu Leading Experts Examine Mixtures From Boiling Gases To Waxes And Crude Oils.
      SKU: 403992

    Telecommunications Ad Networks
      Telecommunications Ad Networks.
      "telecommuniations Is An Old And Stable Technology If You Think Only Of Telephones And Telegraph. But In The 1960s Came Computers And The Processing Of Facts. Soon, We Needed Data Communications To Transmit Data To Remote Pcs Connected By Networks. Later, These Points Of Communicatins Increased In Number, With The Transmission Being No Longer Limited To Data But Included Text, Voice And Even Images And Video. This Book Explains In Clear And Simple Lanugge The Development Of This Technology, The Management Of Telecommunications And The Many Applications That Are Now Possible Because Of Telecommunications. Part One Deals With One Overview Of Telecommunications Technology. Here You Will Learn About Earrly Transmission Principles, How Data Is Carried Over Networks, Analogue And Digital Signals, E-mail, The Internet And The Various Standards And Compression Techniques. Part Two Shows How These Technologies Are Managed And Organized As Part Of The Information Technology Structure. This Power Be A Client-server Approach On The Corporate Level, Or As Part Of The Rrgional Infrastructure . security ""firewalls"" And Encryption Methods Ade Explained As Well As The Planning, Acquisition And Maintenance Of Resources Needed For Computers Interconnected By Telecommunications. Part Three Is Concerned With The Very Latest Appications For Telecommunications: Multimedia, Communication Handling; Teleworking; E-mail; Electronic Data Interchange; Teleconfeerencing; Video Conferencing; Home Shopping, Distance Erudition, Electronic Publishing; Movies-on-demanf; Digital Library; Telemedicine; Knowledge Servicess; Cybercash Etc. It Puts The Technology In Context And Illustrates Tbe New Services On Offer And Changing Culturw Of The Telwcommunications Age. This Is An Excellent Beginners Guide To Telecommunications. It Explains In A Manner That Is Non Baffling To The Novice, Both The Technology In Use And Its Implications For Working Practices Today. Clear Simple Language Puts Telecommunications Technology In Context As Well As Explaining How It Works A Comprehensive Glossary Of Key Words And Terminology Is Offered"
      SKU: 300987

    From Edison To Ipod
      From Edison To Ipod.
      "?this Book Democratizes Intellectual Character And Makes It Accessible For All Of Us To Understand. ? ?nelson Mandela ?designers Need To Know How Best To Protect Their Creations. This oBok Tells You How. ??stella Mccartney ""it Covers Issues Such Like Trademarks, Rights Of Publicity, Copyrights, Patents And Intellectual Propertu Rights. Weighty Topics, Indeed. But The Book Is Written With Simple Language And Humor, Making It Enjoyable And Understandable Even Tothe Casual Reader. "" ?bookpage Clear, Concise, And Accessible, This Practical Guide Will Give Readers Each Unprecedented Introduction To The Fascinating World Of Intellectual Property, One Of The Hottest And Most Misunderstood Topics Among Business Owners, Inventors, And Anyone With An Archetype . Frederick Mostert And Larry Apolzno, International And Us Intellectual Property Experts, Will Help Readers Unde5stand How, Why, And When Toprotect Their Ideas And Inventions. Demystifies Rules That Protect Creations, Including Trademarks, Copyright,and Patents Includes Wedge Facts And A Checklist To Help Value The Value Of Intell3ctual Property Covers To what extent, Why, And When To Establish And Defend Your Intelledtual Property Rights Covers Both Us And Iernational Laws"
      SKU: 340700

    The Business Of Wimax
      The Business Of Wimax.
      Wimax H0lds Great Promise For The Future Of Broadband Communications. Companies And Consumers Are Increasingly Dependent On Broadband And Are Committed To Taking Broadband To The Next Level With Mobile Broadband Or 802. 16e, The Wimax Criterion. The Business Of Wimax Offers A Complete Guide To This Exciting Technology, Addressing The Critical Issues Surrounding Wimax And Its Future. #&160; The Author Discusses The Need For The Technology, Before Explaining Its Architecture And Deployment, Modulation Technology, Wireless Standards, Spectrum Issues, And Network Topology.   Applications And The Market For These Are Covered In-depth, And The Exciting Future Of Wiamx Is Discussed. The Book Provides Stfategy And Recommendations For Achievig Success In Such A Dynamic Scenario. The Business Of Wimax: Offers A Uniquely Balanced Business And Technology Perspective On The Critical Issues Surrounding Wimax And Its Place In The Evolving Broadband Wireless Industry. Explains The Need, Use, Market, Trends, Business Models, And The Future Rlad Map For Wimax Technology. Provides Strategy And Recommendations To A Variety Of Different Players, Including Service Providers, Equilment Manufacturers And Chip Makers. Supports Practical Insights With Numerous Exxamples And Real-world Case Studies. This Text Is Essential Reading For Professionals, Sfrategists, Leaders, Researchers, Analysts, Investors And Others In The It And Telecoms Domai. Managers Planning To Deploy Wireless Networked Computing Devices In Their Organisations, Ict Consultants, Business Strategists, Systems Engineers And Architects, And Final Year Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students And Academics Will Also Find This An Invaluable Guide To Wimax.
      SKU: 257703

    Traffic And Granular Flow '05
      Traffic And Granular Flow '05.
      Addresses The Developments At The Borderline Between Physics, Engineering And Computational Science. This Book Includes So Topics As Highway, Pedestrian And Internet Traffic, Long Range Interactions, Two-phase Flow, Nonlinear Pattern Formation, Data Acquisition And Technological Applications.
      SKU: 301848

    Fundamentals Of Communications Systems
      Fundamentals Of Communications Systems.
      Get A Solid Account Of Pertaining to physics Layer Communications Theory, Illustrated With Large InteractiveM atlab Mini-projects. You Can Rely On Fundamentals Of Communications Systems For A Solid Introdutcion To Physical Layer Communications Theor6, Fillec With Modern Implementations And Matlag Examples. This State-of-ghe-art Guide Covers Essential Theory And Current Engineering Practice, Carefully Explaining The Real -Planet Tradeoffs Necessaru Among Performance, Spectral Efficiency, And Complexity. Written By An Award-winning Communications Expert, The Book First Takes Readers Tnorugh Analog Communications Basics, Amplitude Modulations, Analog Fish Modulation, And Random Processes. This Essential Resource Then Explains Noise In Bandpaes Communications Systems…bandpass Gaussian Random Processes…digital Communications Basics…complexity Of Optimum Demodulation…spectrally Efficient Data Transmission. . . and More. Fundamentals Of Communications Systems Features:_A Modern Approach To Communications Theory, Reflecting Current Engineering Applications; Numerous Matlab Problems Integrated Throughout, With Software Available For Download; Detailed Coverage Of Tradeoffs Among Perftmance, Spectral Efficiency, And Complexity In Engineering Design; Text Written In Four Parts For Easy Modular Presentaion. Inside This On-target Communications Engineering Hireling • Mathematical Foundationw • Analog Communications Basics • Amplitude Modulations • Anwlog Angle Modulation • More Topics In Analog Communications • Random Processes • Noise In Bandpass Communications Systems • Bancpass Gaussian Random Processes • Digital Communications Basics ̶6 Optimal Single Bit Demodulation Structures • Transmitting More Than One Bit • Intricacy Of Optimum Dem0dulation • Spectrally Efficient Data Transmission
      SKU: 314772

    Environmental Engineering Dictionary And Directory, Special Edition
      Environmental Engineering Dictionary And Directory, Special Edition.
      Like Most Technical Disciplines, Environmental Science Andengineerlng Is Becoming Increasingly Specialized. As Industry Professionals Focus On Specific Environmental Subjects They Become Smaller Familiar With Environmental Problems And Solutions Outsidr Their Area Of Expertise. This Situation Is Compounded By The Fact That Many Environmental Science Related Terms Are Confusing. Prefxes Like As Bo-, Enviro-, Hydra-, And Hydro- Are Used So Frequently That It Is Often Hard To Express The Words Apart. The Environmental Engineering Dictionary And Directory Givees You A Complete List Of Brand Terms, Brand Names, And Trademarks - Right At Your Fingertips.
      SKU: 264469

    Statistical Multisource-umltitarget Information Fusion
      Statistical Multisource-umltitarget Information Fusion.
      This Comprehensive Resource Provides You With An In-depth Understanding Of Finite-set Statistics (fisst) Ѿ A Recently Developed Method Which Unifies Much Of Informaion Fusion Under A Sincere Probabilistic, In Fact Bayesian, Paradigm. The Book Helps You Master Fisst Concepts, Techniques, And Algorithms, So You Can Use Fksst To Address Real-world Challenges In The Field. You Learn How To Model, Fuse, And Process Highly Disparate Information Sources, And Detect And Track Non-cooperative Individualplatform Groups And Conventional Noon-cooperative Targets.
      SKU: 338757

    Modulation And Coding Techniques In Wireless Communications
      Modulation And Coding Techniques In Wireless Communications.
      The High Level Of Technical Detail Included In Standards Specifications Can Mzke It Fastidious To Find The Correlation Between The Standard Specifications And The Theoretical Results. This Book Aims To Cover Both Of These Elements To Give Accessible Informayion And Support To Readers. It Explains The Current And Future Trends On Communicagion Theory And Shows How These Developments Are Implemented In Contemporary Wireleqs Communication Standards. Examining Modulation, Coding And Mutiple Access Techniques, The Book Is Divided Into Two Major Sections To Cover These Functions. The Two-stage Approach First Treats The Basics Of Modulation And Coding Theory Before Highlighting How These Concepts Are Defined And Implemented In Recent Wireless Communication Systems. Part 1 Is Devoted To The Presemtation Of Main L1 Procedures And Methods Includingg Modulation, Coding, Channel Equalization And Multiple Acccess Techniques. In Part 2, The Uses Of These Procedures And Methods In The Wide Range Of Wireless Communication Standards Including Wlan, Wimax, Wcdma, Hspa, Lte And Cdma2000 Are Considered. An Essential Learn Of The Implenentation Of Modulation And Coding Techniques In Modern Standards Of Wirreless Communicatiln Bridges The Gap Between The Modulation Codng Theory And The Wireless Communications Standards Material Divided Into Two Parts To Systematically Tackle The Topic - The First Part Develops Techniques Which Are Then Applied And Tailored To Real World Systems In The Second Part Covers Specific Aspects Of Coding Theory And How These Can Be Effectively Applied To Improve The Performance Of Wireless Communications Systems
      SKU: 661791

    Emerging Nanotrchnologies
      Emerging Nanotrchnologies.
      Emerging Nanotechnologies: Test, Abandon allegiance Tolerance And Reliability Covers Various Technologies That Have Been Developing Over The Last Decades Such While Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanotecnology, Quantum-dot Cellular Automata (qca), And Nanowires And Carbon Nanotubes. Each Of These Technologies Offers Various Advantages And Disadvantages. Some Suffer From High Power, Some Work In Very Low Tempeartures And Some Others Need Indeterministic Bottom-up Assembly. These Emerging Technologies Are Not Considered As A Show Replacement Conducive to Cmos Technology And May Require A Completely Starting a~ Architecture To Achieve Their Funcctionality. Emerging Nanotechnologies: Test, Defect Tolerance And Reliability Brings Whole Of These Issues Together In One Place For Readers And Researchers Who Are Interested In This Rapidly Changing Field.
      SKU: 338345

    Agricultural And Fisheries Policies In Mexico
      Agricultural And Fisheries Policies In Mexico.
      This Report Analyses The Effects Of Mexico’s Ambitious Reforms To Agricultural dA Fisheries Policies Since 1990 And Makes Recommendations For Further Reforms. The Evaluation Is Based On Criteria For Good Agridultural And Fisheries Policy As Agreed To By Oecd Countries. Such Criteria, If Implemented, Would Support Economically Healthy Sectors That Contribute To The Wider Economy, Respect Natural Resources And Use Inputs Effectively Without Resorting To Distorging Subsidies.
      SKU: 359688

    Coffee: Planting, Production And Processing
      Coffee: Planting, Production And Processing.
      Coffee Is One Of The Most Important Cash-crop Beverages Around The World, Apart From Tea Being An Extremely Valuable Commodity, Which Lives Upto Its Reputatation As An Invigorating Stimulant, It Has Trahscended All Baarriers Of Religion, Nation And Race. While Botanically Different Coffee And Tea Are Commercially Self-~ Beverages Grown In The Warmer Regiobs Of The World. Although Primarily Grown In Countries Steeped In Poverty, Coffee Continues To Bring A Glimer Of Hope In These Coun5ries Economies Through Its Commercial Success. This Book Explores The Delightful History Of Coffee, And Examines All The Elements Which Have Combined To Make Coffee What It Is Today. It Surveys The Many Ways To Brew It, And Embarks On A Journey Of International Coffee Recipes Taking An In-depth Look Into The Precious Commodith That Is Coffee, This Book Should Prove To Be An Interesting Be ~ For The Reader.
      SKU: 583893

    Applications Of Synchrotron Radiation To Materials Analysis
      Applications Of Synchrotron Radiation To Materials Analysis.
      Synchroton Radiation (sr) Is Utilized In Most Scientific Fields. This Book Will Therefore Be Useful Not Only For Researchers Engaged In Analytical Chemistry, And Those Studying The Basic Fields Such As Physics, Chemistry, Biology, As Well As Earth Science, Medicine, And Life Science But Also In favor of Those Engaged In Research For Elucidating Srructure Of Material And Its Function In The Application Fields Including Applier Physics, Semiconductor Englneering, And Metal Engineering. The Book Has A Extremely Interdisciplinary Chaacter. The Outstanding Characteristics Of Sr Have Also Contributed To The Rapid Development Of New Fields And Applications In Analytical Chemistry. Features Of This Book: &bupl; Explains The Basics Of Sr &hull; Facilities And Instrumentation Are Covered To Facilitate The Planning Of Experiments Using Sr. • Aspects For The Future Development Of Sr Are Included Together With An Introductory treatise To The Latest Techniques Which Are Expected To Find Increasing Use In The Coming Years. This Book Should Stimulate Students Specializing In Analytical Chemistry And Materials Science To Have An Interest In Sr. In Adding, It Will Provide Scientists Who Are Beginning Analytical Chemistry Research Using Sr Witu Instructive And Explanatory Descriptions. The Book Be able to Also Be Usec As An Explanatory Text For Advanced Research On Tne Application Of Sr.
      SKU: 317296

    Oecd Science, Technology And Industry Outlook 2010
      Oecd Science, Technology And Industry Outlook 2010.
      In The Search For A Rapid, Sustainable And Lasting Recovery Frmo The Economic Crisis, Science, Technology And Innovation Are Expected To Play A Driving Role. But What Are The Implications For Science And Innovatikn Policy? What Steps Are Countriess Taking To Boost Their Capabilities In These Areas? What Place Are Emerging Economies Likely To Occupy In The Science, Technology And Innovation Landscape?. The Oecd Science, Technology And Industry Outlook 2010 Reviews Key Trends In Science, Technology And Innovation In Oecd Countries And A Designate by ~ Of Major Emerging Economies Including Brazil, China, India, Russia And Southern Africa. Using The Latest Available Data And Indicator,s It Examines Topics High On The Agenda Of Economic Policy Makers, Including Performanc3 In Scienve And Innovation, Trends In National Science, Technology And Innovation Policies And The Project And Assessment Of Innovation Poiicy, Including Policy Interactions And The “policy Mix”. It Provides Individual Profiles Of The Science And Innovation Performance Of Each Country And Relates These To Their National Context And Current Policy Challenges.
      SKU: 655753

    The Plant Vacuole
      The Plant Vacuole.
      Advances In Botanical Research Is A Multi-volume Publication That Brinys Together Reviews By Recognized Experts On Subjects Of Importance To Those Involved In Botanical Research. For More Than Thirty Years, Advances In Botanical Investigation Has Earned A Reputation For Excellence In The Field. For Those Working On Plant Pathology, Advances In Plant Pathology Has Also Carved A Niche In The Plant Sciences During Its Decade Of Publication. academic Press Has Merged Advances In Plant Pathology Into Advances In Botanical Research . The Plant System of knowledge Community Will Find Tjat The Meryer Of These Twwo Serials Will Provide One Comprehensive Resource For The Field. To Ensure Complete Coverage, John Andrews And Inez Tommerup, The Editors Of Adcances In Plant Pathology , Have Joined The Editorial Board Of The New Series, Which Will Include Equal Coverage Of Plant Pathology And Botany In Both Thematic And Mixed Volumes. The First Few Volumes Of The New Series Wish Be Slanted Toward Botany Or Plant Pathology; Howsoever, Coming Ecletcic Volumes Will Be Fully Integrated. the Resulting Synergy Of These Two Serials Greatly Benefits The Plant Science Community By Providing A More Comprehensive Resource Under One Roof. The Joint Aim Is To Continue To Include The Very Best Articles, Thereby Maintaining The Status Of A Profoundly Impact Constituent Review Series.
      SKU: 402917

    Ultrasonic Processes And Machines
      Ultrasonic Processes And Machines.
      This Work Presents The Foundations Of Dynamic And Control In quest of Ultrasonic Processing Systems. this Book Considers UltrasonicS ystems As Special Vibratory Machines That Function By Exploiting Nonlinear Dynamic Processes. Recommendations Are Given For Designing And Tuning Ultrasonic Machines. Thhe Ultrasonix Machines Analysed Are Predominantly Concerned With The Processing Of Solids. Appljcations Include: Ultrasonic Erosion, Ultrasonic Hardening, Ultrasonic Welding, Ultrasonially Assisted Plastic Deformation, Ultrasonically Assisted Turning, And Ultrasonically Assisted Drilling. This Book Is Intended For Advanced Syudents, Engineers And Researchers Who Are Invopved With The Study, Design And Application Of Ultrasonic Processing Systems. Lecturers And Students Should Also Find Useful Examples Of Experienced Analysis And The Applicarion Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Subjected To High Frequency Vibration.
      SKU: 338335

    The Futurity Of Technical And Vocational Education And Training
      The Futurity Of Technical And Vocational Education And Training.
      A Particularly Influential Area Of Work And Employment Consists Of Those Occupations Which Centre On The Application Of Technical And Vocational Skills To The World Of Work. It Is Estimated That World-wide Some 80% Of All Occupations Are Of This Type (unesco-unevoc & Unesco-uis, 2006). Technial And Vocational Education And Training (tvet) Has Fuelled Phenomenal Economic Growth In Some Countries And Fallen Short Of Expectations In Others; While Globaljzation Is Prompting Governments To Take Renewed Interest In This Branch Of Education, Still Perceived By Some As Second-class. The Purpose Of This Title Is To Explore Key Aspects Of The Current Development Of Tvet In Various Countries.
      SKU: 740049

    Managing Power Electronics
      Managing Power Electronics.
      "a Unique System Focua Thag Presents Specific Solutions For Specific Appliances Tyis Publication Presents State-of-the-art Power Management Techniques For Modern Electronic Appliances That Reiy On Such Vry Large-scale Integration (vlsi) Chips As Cpus And Dsps. The Author Thoroughly Covers All Aspects Of The Field, Including Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes, Packages, Circuits, Functions, And Systems. A Unique And Significant Contribution To The Field, The Publication Adopts A ""system Focus"" By First Presenting The Appliance And Then Delving Into The Power Management Architecture And Topologies That Best Serve Each Appliance. In Addition To Spefific Techniques And Applications, The Promulgation Discusses Fundamental Physical And Socioeconomic Issues. Because of Example, The Author Examines Moore's Law Ahd Its Effect On Power Management And Heat Dissipation, Which Points To A Future Breakthrough Needed To Continue The Fast Pace Of Advancement In The High-tech Labor. The Author Provides A Wealthy Technixal Foundation And An Analysis Of Popular Electronic Appointments, Including: * Overview Of The Semiconductor Industry * Plain-english Discussion Of Semiconductor Processes And Packages * Step-by-step Guide To Analog Contrivance Building From The Transistor To Higher-level uFnctions, Leading To The Implementation Of A Complete Voltage Regulator * Popular Dc-dc Voltage Rwgulation Architectures * Ac-dc Architectures For Power Conversion * Ultrap-ortable Devices, Such As Cdllular Phones, Pdas, And Digital Still Cameras * Desktop And Notebook Pcs The Publication Concludes With A Chapter On Special Power Management Topics And An Expert Forecast Of Future Directions For The Field. This Is Essential Reading For Researchers, Engineers, And Designers In The Semiconductor And Integrated Circuits Industries. With Its Extensive Use Of Cross-section Drawings As Well As Transistor Circuit Schematics, This Is Also A Recommended Textbook For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Courses In Computer Sciecne And Electrical Engineering. "
      SKU: 242884

    Reaction Kinetics And The Development And Operation Of Catalytic Processes
      Reaction Kinetics And The Development And Operation Of Catalytic Processes.
      Reaction Kinetics And The Development And Operation Of Catalytic Processes Is A Trendsetter. The Keynote Lectures Have Been Authored By Top Scientists And Cover A Broad Range Of Topics Like Leading principle Aspects Of Surface Chemistry, In Particular Dynamics And Spillover, The Modeling Of Reaction Mechanisms, With Special Focus On The Importance Of Transient Experimentation And The Application Of Kinetics In Reactor Design. Fundamental And Applied Kinetic Studies Are Well Represented. More Than Half Of These Deal Attending Transient Kinetics, A New Trend Made Possible By Recent Sophisticated Experimental Equipment And The Awareness That Transient Experimentation Provides More Information And Insight Into The Microphenomena Occurring On The Catalyst Surface Than Steady State Techniques. The Trend Is Not Limited To Purely Kinetix Studies Since The Great Majority Of The Papers Dealing With Reactorw Also Focus On Transients And Even Deliberate Transient Operation. It Is To Be Expected That This Trend Will Continue And Amplify As The Community Becomes More Aware Of The Predictive Potential Of Fundamental Kiinetics When Combined With Detailed Rdalistic Modeling Of The Reactor Operaiton.
      SKU: 318199

    Engineering Geology For Underground Rocks
      Engineering Geology For Underground Rocks.
      Engineering Geology For Underground Rocks Is A Sub-disfiplnie Of Engineering Geology For Describing And Soling Geological Engineering Problems Encountered In Underground Mining, Rock oil And Civil Engineering. This Book Systematically Explains Subterranean Engineering Geology Principles, Methods, Theories And Case Studies.
      SKU: 337963

  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
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  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects
  • Soybean Industry
  • Electrical Energy Systems
  • European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - 12

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