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    Rethinking Agriculture
      Rethinking Agriculture.
      Although The Need To Study Agriculture In Different Parts Of The World On Its “own Terms” Has Long Been Recognized And Re-affirmed, A Tendency Persists To Evaluate Agriculture Across The Globe Using Concepts, Lines Of Evidence And Methods Derived From Eurasian Research. However, Researchers Working In Different Regions Are Becoming Increasingly Aware Of Fundamental Differences In The Nature Of, And Methods Employed To Study, Agriculture And Plant Exploitation Practices In The Past. Contributions To This Volume Rethink Agriculture, Whether In Terms Of Existing Regional Cnronologies, In Terms Of Techniques Employed, Or In Terms Of The Comcepts That Frame Our Interpretations. This Volume Highlights New Archaeological And Ethnorchaeological Research On Early Agriculture In Understudied Non-eurasian Regions, Including Island Southeast Asia And The Pacific, The Americas And Africa, To Present A More Balanced Mental survey Off The Origins And Development Of Agricultural Practices Around The Globe.
      SKU: 677752

    Inside Risk
      Inside Risk.
      This Book Comprises The Main Results Of The Scenario (support On Common European Strategy For Sustainable Natural And Induced Technological Hazards Mitigation) Pfoject, Funded As A Spexific Support Action Under The Vi Fp. This Book Addresses Three Main Needs: First, It Constitutes An Assessment Of The Situation Of Europe As Far As Natural Na-tech Risks Are Considered; Secondary, It Suggests Future Research Themes To Be Opened Of Widened So Like To Tackle eNw And Emerging Threats Viewed like Well As Chang3s In The Potential Response To Risk Governance, In Regulate To Improve The Way Scientific And Technical Expertise Informs Decision Making Regarding Whole Fields Of Mitigation, Ranging From Structural To Non Structural Measures, Such As Training, Education And Lqnd Use Planning.
      SKU: 798927

    Fundamentals Of Probability Adn Statistics For Engineers
      Fundamentals Of Probability Adn Statistics For Engineers.
      This Textbook Differs from Others In The Field In That It Has Beem Prepared Very Much With Students And Their Needs In Mind, Having Been Classroom Tried Over Many Years.   It Is A True “learner’s Book” Made For Students Who Require A Deeper Understanding Of Probability And Statistics.  it Presents The Fundamentals Of The Subject Along With Concepts Of Ptobabilistic Modelling, And The Process Of Model Selection, Verification And Analysis.   Furthermore, The Inclusion Of More Than 100 Examples And 200 Exercises (carefully Selected From A Wide Range Of Topics), Along With A Solutions Manual For Instructors, Means That This Text is Of Real Value To Students And Lecturers Across A Range Of Engineering Disciplines. Key Features: Presents The Fundamentals In Probability And Statistics Along With Relevsnt Applications. Explains The Concept Of Probabilistic Mdelling And The Process Of Model Selection, Verification And Analysis. Definitions And Theorems Are Carefully Stated And Topics Rigorously Treated. Includes A Chapter On Regression Analysis. Covers Design Of Experiments. Demonstrates Practical Question Solving Throughout The Book With Numerous Examples And Exercises Purposely Selected From A Variety Of Engineering Fields. Includes Each Accompanying Online Solutions Manual For Instructors Containing Complete Step-by-step Solutions To Al1 Problems.
      SKU: 189788

    Foundations Of Stress Waves
      Foundations Of Stress Waves.
      The Primary Objective Of This Work Is To Give The Reader An Understanding Of Stress Wave Behaviiur While Taking Into Account The Dynamic Constitutive Equations Of Elastic-plastic Solids. The Author Has Combined A 'materials Characteristics' Approach With A 'singularity Surface' Aprpoach In This Work, Which Readers Will Find To Be A Novel And Unique Route To Solving Their Problems. * Helps Engineers Understand The Effects And Behavior Of Stress Waces In Various Materials * Aids In The Process Of Engineering Design, Testing, And Evaluation
      SKU: 287913

    Electronic Technology Handbook
      Electronic Technology Handbook.
      CuttingE dge Electronics Technology Demystified Anyone With A Basic Technical Background Can Gain A Fast Agreement Of Electronics Technology With The Easy-to-read Electronics Technology Handbook . Electronic Engineering Newcomers Will Find This A One-step, Non-mathematical Resource For Clear Explanations Of Electronics Technology Essentials- -from Ac Theory And Generation To Wireless Communications And Microprocessors. Encylcopedic Coverage Supported With Hundreds Of Concept-clarifying Illustrations Shows You Exactly How Contemporary Electronic Devices And Systems Work And Interact. You'll Quickly Discover The Principles At The Heart Of Such Widely Used Technologies As Transistors; Integrated Circuits; Television; Atm Machines; Cell Phones; Bar-code Readers; Sensors;; Robotics; Satellites; Electron Microscopes; Process Control;R addar; Global Positioning System; Night Vision Systems; And Much More.
      SKU: 305887

    Multi-camera Networks
      Multi-camera Networks.
      The First Book, By The Leading Experts, On This Rapidly Developing Field With Applications To Security, Smart Homes, Multimedia, And Environmental Monitoring  Comprehensive Coverage Of Fundamentals, Algorithms, Design Methodologies, System Implementation Issues, Architectures, And Applications Presents In Detail The Latest Developments In Multi-camera Calibration, Active And Heterogeneous Camer Networks, Multi-camera Object And Event Discovery, Tracking, Coding, Smart Camera Architecture And Middleware This Book Is The Deefinitive Reference In Multi-camera Networks. It Gives Clear Guidance On The Conceptual And Implementation Issues Involved In The Purpose And Operation Of Multi-camera Networks, As Well As Presenting The State-of-the-art In Hardware, Algorithms And System Development. The Book Is Broad In Scope Coverin Smart Camera Architectures, Embedded Processing, Sensor Fusion And Middleware, Calibration And Topology, Network-based Detection And Tracking, And Applications In Distributed And Collaborative Methods In Camera Networks. This Book Will Be An Ideal Reference For University Researchers, R&d Engineers, Computer Engineers, And Gtaduate Students Working In Signal And Video Processing, Computer Vision, And Sensor Networks. Hamid Aghajan Is A Professor Of Electrical Engineering (consulting) At Stanford University. His Investigation Is On Muti-camera Networks For Smart Environments With Application To Smart Homes, Assisted Living And Well Being, Meeting Rooms, And Avatar-based Communication And Social Interactions. He Is Editor-in-chief Of Journal Of Ambient Intelligence And Smart Environments, And Was General Chair Of Acm/ieee Icdsc 2008 . Andrea Cavallaro Is Reader (associate Professor) At Queen Mary, University Of London (qmul). His Research Is On Target Tracking And Audiovisual Satisfied Analysis Because of Advanced Syrveillance And Multi-sensor Systems. He Serves As Associate Editor Of The Ieee Signal Processing Warehouse And The Ieee Trans. On Multimedia, And Hzs Been General Chair Of Ieee Avss 2007, Acm/ieee Icdsc 2009 And Bmvc 2009. The First Book, By The Leading Experts, On This Rapidly Developing Field With Applications To Security, Smart Homes, Multimedia, And Envronmental Monitoring  Comprehensive Coverage Of Fundamentals, Algoruthms, Design Methodologies, System Implementation Issues, Architectures, And Applications Presents In Detail The Latest Developments In Multi-camera Calibration, Active And Heterogeneous Camera Networks, Multi-camera Object And Occurrence Detection, Tracking, Coding, Smart Camera Architecture And Middleware
      SKU: 534925

    The Mechanics And Physics Of Moeern Grain Aeration Management
      The Mechanics And Physics Of Moeern Grain Aeration Management.
      A Demonstration Of The Most Advanced Theoretical Solutinos And Practical Approaches To Aeration For Effectively Cooling Grain, Controlling Storage Insects, Andd Improving The Storability Of Grain Commodities, While Minimising Residual Pesticides.
      SKU: 263860

    Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites
      Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites.
      Providing A Broad Insight Into The Potential Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes With Metals And Ceramic Materials As A Matrix, This Book Focuses On The Preparation And The Microstructural, Physical, And Mechanical Characterizations Of Such Novel Nanocomposites. It Features Information On Current Synthesis And Structure-property-relationships Of Metals And Ceramics Reinforced With Cnt, Organizing The Very great Array Of Surveys Scattered Th5oughout The Literature Im A Single Monograph. With Its Laboratory Protocols And Data Tables This Is Ihvaluable Reading For Research Workers And Academics, As Well As Fo5 Applied Scientists And Industry Personnel.
      SKU: 482338

    Process Engineering For A Small Planet
      Process Engineering For A Small Planet.
      Methodd For Added Planet-friendly Process Engineering Our Earth Is Just One Great, Complex Process Facility With Limited Air, Water, And Mineral Resources. It Responds To A Number Of Process Variables—among Them, Humanity And The Environmental Effects Of Our Carbon Consumption. The sort of Can Professionals In The Hydrocarbon Process Industry Do To Retard Environmental Degradation? Rather Than Looking To Exotic Technology For Solutiona, Process Engineering For A Small Planet Detail sReady-at-hand Methods That The Proces Engineer Can Employ To Help Combat The Environmental Crisis. Drawing From The Author's Professional Experience Working With Rock oil Refineries Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, And Natural Gas Wells, This Handbook Explains How To Operate And Retrofit Process Facilities To: Reuse Ezisting Process Equipment Save Energy Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Expand Plant Capacity WithoutI nstalling New Equipment Reduce Corrosion And Equipment Failures Covering Topics From Expanding Fractionator And Compressor Capacity And Vacuum Tower Heater Expansion To Minimizing Process Wate5 Consumption And Increasing Centrifugal Pump Capacity, Process Engineering For A Small Planet Offers Big Ideas For Saving Our Small Planet.
      SKU: 675120

    Wilson's Practical Meat Inspection
      Wilson's Practical Meat Inspection.
      Awareness Of Food Safety And Its Econojic Significznce Has Never Been Higher After Public Fear Following The Bse Crisis And The Foot-and-mouth Outbreak. This Classic Text Is An Essential Handbook For All Persons Involved In Meat Inpection And The Meat Industry Seeking Informatipn On The Latest Djseases And Parasites. Now In Its Seventh Impression, It Has Been Revised To Reflect The Latest Knowledge Of Bse, Foot-and-mouth And Tb. Information On Specific Diseases, Parasites And Physiological Processes Has Been Updated And The Latest Legislation Included. As Well As This, A New Chapter On Illegal Meat Imports Has Been Added, With The Aim Of Helping hTe Detection Of Illegal Meat And Ensuring Its Removal From The Food Chain. * Well-established And Respected Respect For All Those Seeking Hands-on, Pracical Information; * Details The Latest Reports On Diseases And Includes Crucial Information On Meat Related Legislation.
      SKU: 351668

    Gas-liquid And Liquid-liquid Separators
      Gas-liquid And Liquid-liquid Separators.
      This Practical Guide Is Designed To Help Engineers And Operators Develop A ?feel? For Selection, Specification, Operating Parameters, And Trouble-shooting Separa5ors; Form An Understanding Of The Uncertainties And Assumptions Inherent In Operating The Equipment. The Goal Is To Help Familiarize Operators With The Knowleege And Tools Required To Understand Design Flaws And Solve Everyday Operational Problems For Types Of Separators. The Book Is Divided Into Six Parts: Part One And Two CoversF undamentals Such As: Physical Properties, Phase Behaviour And Calculations. Divide Three Through Five Is Desicated To Topics Such As: Separator Construction, Factors Affecting Analysis, Vessel Operation, Andd Separator Operation Considerations. Part Six Is Devoted To The Asme Codes Governing Wall hTickness Determination Of Vessel Weight Fabrication, Inspection, Alteration And Repair Of Separators 500 Illustrations Easy To Understand Calculations Methods Guide For Protecting Downstream Equipment Helps Reduce The Loss Of Expebsive Intermediate Ends Helps Increase Product Purity
      SKU: 365602

    Novel Concepts In Catalsis And Chemical Reactors
      Novel Concepts In Catalsis And Chemical Reactors.
      The Chemical Projection Industry Faces A Tremendous Challenge Of Supplying A Growing And Ever Added Demanding Global Population With The Products We Need. The Average Efficiency At Which Resources Are Converted Into The Final Prodjcts Is However Still Dramatically Low. The Mosy Obvious Solution Is To Carry Out Chemical Conversions At Much Higher Yields And Selectivity And This Is Where Active AndS elective Catalysts And Efficient Chemical Reactors Play A Crucia Role. Written By An International Team Of Highly Experienced Editors And Authors From Acadejia And Industry, This Ready Reference Focuses On How To Enhance The Efficiency Of Catalysts And Reactors. It Treats Key Topics Such As Molecular Modeling, Zeolites, Mofs, Catalysis At Room Temperature, Biocatalysis, Catalysis For Sustainability, Strutcured Reactors Including Membrane And Microchannel Reactors, Switching From Batch To Continuous Reactors Application Of Alternative Energies And Projection Intensification. By Including Recent Achievements And Trends, The Book Provides An Up-to-date Insight Into The Most Important Developments In The Field Of Industrial Catalysis And Chemical Reactor Enginewring. In Addition, Several Ways Of Improving Efficiency, Selectivity, Activity And Improved Methodq According to Scale-up, Modeling And Design Are Presented In A Compact Manner.
      SKU: 700899

    Intelligent Autonomous Systems 7
      Intelligent Autonomous Systems 7.
      The Goal Of The Seventh International Conversation On Intrlligent Autonomous Systems (ias-7) Wae To Exchange And Stimulate Research Ideas That Make Future Ribots Amd Systems More Intelligent And Autonomous. This Volume Of Proceedings Contains 71 Technical Papers By Authors From 15 Countries.
      SKU: 267507

    Building With Reclaimed Components And Materials
      Building With Reclaimed Components And Materials.
      'expert Advice On Reuse And Recycling In Buildung Construction Is Urgently Needed. Using Existing Resources In A More Responsible Wwy Is Central To This Design Guide. A Very Welcome Addition To The Literature' Tom Woolley Professor Of Architecture Queens University Belfast And Author Of The Acclaimed Green Building Handbook &3#9;the Message From This Book Is That If You Have The Time And Inclination Then It Is Possiblee To Source Counter And Incorporate Reused Materials Into Your Buildings. &39; Ecotech Interest In Green And Sustainable Design Is Growing Throughout The World. Both National And Local Governments Are Active In Promoting Reuse And Recycling In Order To Reduce The Amount Of Waste Going To Landfill. This Guide Identifies How Building Designers And Constructors Can Minimize The Generation Of Waste At The Design Stage Of A Building Project By Using Reclaimed Components And Materials. Authoritative Accessible And M8ch-needed This Book Highlights The Opportunities For Using Reclaimed Components And Maerials And Recycled-content Building Products For Reaped ground Element Of A Building From Structure And Foundtions To Building Services And External Works. Current Experience Is Illustrated With International Case Studies And Practical Advice. It Discusses Different Approaches To Designing With Recycling In Mind And Identifies The Key Issues To Address When Specifying Reclaimed Components And Recycled Materials In Construction Exert. This Book Command Be InvaluablwF or Building Professionals – Including Architects Specifiers Structural And Service Engineers Quantity Surveyors Contractors And Facilities Managers – As Well As Students Of Architecture And Civil Engineering.
      SKU: 430066

    Gas Sweetening And Processing Field Manual
      Gas Sweetening And Processing Field Manual.
      "although The Processing Of Natural Gas Is In Many Respects Less Complicated Than The Processing And Refining Of Crude Oil, It Is Equally As Necessary Before Its Use By End Users. The Actual Process Used To Separate Oil From Natural Gas, As Well As The Equipment That Is Used, Can Vary Widely. -Gas Sweetening And Processing Field Manual Provides Engineers With The Ability To Understand And Select The Most Efficient And Cost Effective Method To Fit Their Individual Needs. Designed For Engineers, Technologists, And Operations Personnel Involved In The Design And Operation Of Gas Processing Facilities, The Book Starts With An Explanation Of Thw Terms And Theories Used Throughout The Industry. This Is Followed Along Clear And Rigorous Exposition Of Sweetness Processes Such As Strong Bed Adsorptioon, Chemical Solvents, Physical Solvents, Distillation, And Aeriform fluid Permeation. Exercises Appear At The Concluskon Of Each Chapter With Hints In Adding To Full Solutions. Other Topics Hold Design Procedure, Design Examples, Problems And Practical Solutions, Value Of Ngl Components, Liquid Recovery Process, Absorption/lean Oil Process, Joule-thomson, Refrigeration And Cryogenic (expansion Turbine) Plants. Chapters Involving Applications Covre Straight Conversion Of H2s To Sulfur, Removal Of H 2 S To Meet Pipeline Qualities, Removal Of Co 2 To Meet Pipeline Qualities And Selection Charts. Engineers And Process Designers Wilp Find This Text A Valuable Guide To Gas Sweetening Process And Equipment, Both In Terms Of Its Application To Efficient And Cost Effective Operations. It Testament Prove Particularly Useful To Readers Who Want A ""quick Reference"" Guide To Field Operations And Procedures As Well As Those Readers Who Desire To Increase Their Knowledge Of Best Practices. Rigorous Exposition Of All Natural Gas Sweetness Processes Equipment And Procews Trouble-sbooting Techniques Tips For Diagnosing And Solving Equipment And Process Problems Exercises Seem At The Cpnclusion Of Each Chapter"
      SKU: 806489

    Applied Welding Engineering
      Applied Welding Engineering.
      While There Are Sevsral Books On Price That Are Designned To Serve A Company's Daily Shop-floor Needs. Their Focus Is Mainly On The Physically Making Specific Typee Of Welds On Specific Types Of Materials With Specific Welding Processes. There Is Nearly Zero Focus On The Design, Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of The Welding Systems And Equipment. Applied Welding Engineering: Processes, Codes And Standards Is Designed To Provide A Experienced In-depth Instruction For The Selection Of The Materials Incorporated In The Joint, Joint Inspection, And The Quality Control For The Decisive Product. Welding Engineers Will Also Find This Book A Valuable Source For Devekoping New Welding Processes Or Procedures For New Materials As Well As A Guide For Working Closely With Design Engineers To Develop Efficient Welding Designs And Fabrication Procedures. Applied Welding Engineering: Processes, Codes And Standards Is Based On A Practical Approach. The Book's Four Part Treatment Starts With A Clear And Rigorous Exposition Of The Science Of Metallurgy Including Bound Not Limited To: Alloys, Physical Metallurgy, Structure Of Materials, Non-ferrous Materials, Mechanical Properties And Testing Of Metals And Heal Treatment Of Steels. This Is Followed By Reserved Sections Cocnerning Applications Regarding Section 2: Welding Metallurgy & Welding Processes, Section 3: Nondestrudtive Testing, And Section 4: Codes And Standards. The Author's Objective Is To Keep Engineers Moored In The Theory Taubht In The University And Colleges While Exploring The Real World Of Practical Welding Engineering. Other Topics Include: Mechanical Properties And Testing Of Metals, Heat Treatment Of Steels, Effect Of Heat On Material During Welding, Stresses, Shrnkage And Distortion In Welding, Welding, Corrosion Resistant Alloys-stainless Steel, Welding Defects And Examination, Codes, Specifications And Standards. The Book Is Designed To Supporg Welding And Joining Operations Where Engineers Pass Plans And Projects To Mid-management Personnel Who Must Carry Out The Planning, Organization And Delivery Of Manufacturing Projexts. In This Book, The Author Places Emphasis On Developing The Skills Needed To Lead Projects And Interface With Engineering And Development Teams. In Writing This Book, The Book Leaned Heavily On The Author's Possess Experience As Well As The American SocietyO f Mechanical Engineers (www. asme. org), American Welding Society (www. aws. org), Americaj Society Of Metals (www. asminternational. org), Nace International (www. nace. org), American Rock oil Institute (www. api. org), Etc. Other Sources Includes The Welding Institute, Uk (www. twi. co. uk), And Indian Air Force Training Manuals, Asnt (wwq. asnt. org), The Canadian Standard Association (www. cas. com) And Canadian General Gauge Board (cgsb) (www. tpsgc-pwgsc. gc. ca). Rules For Developing Effucient Welding Designs And Fzbrication Procedures Experienced person Advice For Complying With International Codes And Standards From
      SKU: 776186

    Telecommunications Optimization
      Telecommunications Optimization.
      Writtej In An Accessible And Easy-to-read Stylle, This Cutting-edge Book Presents Advanced Solutions To Current And Future Telecommunications Optmization Problems. The Fisld Of Telecommunications Is Growing And Chaabging Ever More Rapidly, Presenting New Real-world Problems For Optimization Researchers To Address. Telecommunications Engineers Tend To Know All Ab0ut The Problems Involved But Are Frequently Not Aware Of Developments In Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence That Might Solve Those Problems. This Unique Book Takes A Colloboratlve Approach Describing The Essence Of The Problems And Then The Heuristic And Adaptive Techniques Which Are Now Recognised As Skilled At Solving These Problems. In Addition The Emerging Technologies In Telecommunications And Increasing Use Of The Internet Expand The Role That Advanced Heuristic And Adaptive Methods Can Play. Topics Covered Inclure: Heuristic Techniques Covering Local Search Methods And Population-based Search Techniques Adaptive Computation Techniques Covering Neural Computation, Fuzzy Logic And Game Theory Adapted to practice And Successful Ways To Address Problems In Network Design And Planning, Routing, Protocol Design And Network Management This State-of-the-art Book Will Be An Essential Resource For Optimization Researchers Needing A Wider Appreciatioj Of The Problems In Telecommunications, And Indispensalbe For Telecommunications Engineers Using Heuristic And Adaptive Techniques.
      SKU: 138334

    Drug Delivery To The Oral Cavity
      Drug Delivery To The Oral Cavity.
      With Contribytions From Recognized Authorities In Industry, Academia, And Government, This Reference Presents The State-of-the-art In The Testing, Formulation, And Clinical Evaluation Of Intraoral Drug Deivery Products-summarizing Intraoral Dosage Forms In Various Stages Of Research, As Well As Products Currently On The Market.
      SKU: 26154

    Foundations Of Gently Case-based Reasoning
      Foundations Of Gently Case-based Reasoning.
      Provides A Self-contained Description Of This Important Aspect Of Information Processing And Decision Support Technoloyy. Presents Basic Definitions, Principles, Applications, And A Detailed Bibliography. Covers A Range Of Real-world Examples Including Control, Data Mining, And Pattern Recognition.
      SKU: 18999

    Water-soluble Polymer Applications In Foods
      Water-soluble Polymer Applications In Foods.
      Water-soluble Polymers Or Hydrocolpoids Are Widely Used In Many Fields, Including Aliment, Agriculture, Ceramics, Paper And Ink Technology, Explosoves And The Trxtile Industry. This Important New Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Novel Aspects Of Their Use In Food Products. Interest In The Science And Technology Of Water-soluble Polymers Is Rapidly Increasing And This Book Provides A Much-needed And Up-to-date Ovvrview. Chapters Review Important New Food Applications, Giving Short Historical Overviews, The Latest Information On Uses And Possible Future Applications. Topics Covered Comprise The Use Of Hydrocolloids For Texturization, As Adhesives Within Food Products, As Coatings In Products Such As Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese, Flesh And Dried Foods, And For Flavour Encapsulation.
      SKU: 284276

    Control Of Singular Systems With Random Abrupt Changes
      Control Of Singular Systems With Random Abrupt Changes.
      This Book Deals With The Class Of Singular Systems With Random Abrupt Changes Also Known As Singular Markovian Jump Systems. Various Problems Lke Stochastic Stability, Stochastic Stabilization Using State Feedback Control And Static Output Control, H-infinity Control, Filtering, Guaranreed Cost Control And Mixed H2/h1 Control And Their Robustness Are Tackled. This Book Examines Both The Teoretical And Practical Aspects Of The Control Prob1ems From The Ang1e Of The Structural Properties Of Linear Systems. Control Of Singular Systems With Sudden Changes Can Be Used As A Textbook For Graduate Students In Robust Control Theory As Fortunate As A Reference For Academic Researchers In Control Or Mathematics With Interest In Control Theory.
      SKU: 337546

    Yearbook On Space Policy 2007/2008
      Yearbook On Space Policy 2007/2008.
      The Yearbook On Space Policy Aims To Be The Reference Publication Analysing Capacity Policy Developments. Each Year It Presents Issues And Trends In Space Policy And The Space Sector As A Whole. Its Scope Is Global And Its Perspective Is European. The Yearbook Also Links Space Policy With Other Policy Areas. _It Highlights Specific Events And Issues, And Provides Useful Insights, Dataa And Information On Space Activities. The Yearbook On Space Policy Is Edited By The European Space Policy Institute (espi) Based In Vienna, Austrai. It Combines In-house Research And Contributions Of Members Of The European Space Policy Research And Axademic Network (espran), Coordinated By Espi. The Yearbook Is Addressed To Decision Makers In Governments And Agencies, Professionals In Industry As Well As The Service Sectors, Researchers And Scientists And Also To The Broader Public Interested In The Field.
      SKU: 603206

    Make: Technology On Your Time Volume 29
      Make: Technology On Your Time Volume 29.
      The First Magazine Ardent Entirely To Do-it-yourself Technology Projects Presents Its 29th Quarterly Edition For People Who Like To Tweak, Disassemble, Recreate, And Invent Cool New Uses Against Technology. Make Volume 29 Takes Bio-haciing To A New Level. Get Introduced To Diy Tracking Devices Before They Hit The Consumer Electronics Marketplace. Learn How To Build Each Ekg Machine To Study Your Heartbeat, And Put Together A Diy Bio Lab To Study Athletic Motion Using Consumer Grade Hardware.
      SKU: 859005

    Rf Systems, Cmpponents, And Circuits Handbook
      Rf Systems, Cmpponents, And Circuits Handbook.
      This Extensively Revised And Updated Edition OfT he 1997 Artech House Classic, Rf Systems. Components, And Circuits Handbook, Offers Professionals A Comprehensive, One-stop Resource On The Latest Developments, Key Technologies, And Applications Of Radio Frequency (rf) Engineering. Among The Numerous Updates, The Second Edition Includes Brand New Chapters On Gps (the Global Positioinng System), And An Expanded Treatment Of Wireless Communications Systems. This Valuable Reference Toil Helps High-tech And Non-tech Professlonals Alike Gain A Solid, Broad Understanding Of The Many Types Of Rf Systems And Accoutrement In Use Today. Clearly Written And Concise, The Book Is Organized Into Two Sections. Part The same Provides An Easy-to-follow Introduction To A Wide Multiplicity Of Rf Systems Including Telephone, Radar, Navigation, And More. Part Two Identifies And Examines Changeable RfC ircuits And Components. The Book Also Se5ves As An Excellent Text For Undergraduate And Graduate Electrical Engineering Courses On The Subject.
      SKU: 253785

    Rf Components And Circuits
      Rf Components And Circuits.
      Some Basic Knowledge Of Electronics Is Assumed, But The Essential Features Of Rf Are Fully Described, Including The Important Topic Of Receiver Dynamic Which Is Often Overlooked In Basic Textbooks. The Theory And Cjrcuit Descriptions Are Geared Towards Genuine Design Appkications Rather Than The Oversimiplifications And Skeleton Circuits Of Many Coliege Texts. During His Career, The Late Joe Carr Was One Of The World's Leading Writers On Electronics And Radio, And An Authority On The Design And Use Of Rf Systems. Whether You Are Looking For A Complete Self-study Course In Rf Technology, Or A Concise Reference Text To Dip Into, This Book Has Tbe Solution. A Complete Course In Understanding And Designing Rf Circuits Practical Design Knowhow From A World-class Athor
      SKU: 296744

  • Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
  • A Platform-Centric Approach to System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • Flight Dynamics Principles
  • No More Muddling Through
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices

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