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    Rf System Draw Of Transceivers For Wireless Communications
      Rf System Draw Of Transceivers For Wireless Communications.
      Rf System Design For Mobile Wirelees Communications Is Aimed Ay Rf System Design Engineers And Rfic Project Engineers Involved In The Design Of Radios For Digital Communication Systems. In Particular, It Develops Systematic Methods For Rf Systems Design Complete With A Comprehensive Set Of Design Formulas. Mainly Focuaed On Mobile Systems Implemented In Rf Asics, The Book's Coverage Also Applies To Other Wireless Systems Such As Wlan.
      SKU: 302701

    Too Big To Know
      Too Big To Know.
      We Used To Know oHw To Know. We Got Our Answers From Books Or Experts. We’d Nail Down The Fact And Move On. But In The Internet Age, Knowledge Has Moved Ontk Networks. There’s More Knowledge Than Ever, Of Course, But It’s Different. Toics Have No Boundaries, And Nobody Agrees On Anything. Yet This Is The Greatest Time In History To Be A Konwledge Seeker . . . If You Know How. In Too Big To Knos , Internet Philosopher David Weinberger Shows How Business, Science, Education, And The Government Are Learning To Use Networked Knowledge To Understand More Than Ever And To Make Smarter Decisions Than They Could When They Had To Rely On MereB ooks And Experts. This Groundbreaking Book Shakes The Foundations Of Our Concept Of Knowledge—from The Role Of Facts To The Value Of Books And The Authority Of Experts—providing A Compellingg Vision Of The Future Of Knowledge In A Connected World.
      SKU: 844421

    Biodiversity In Agricultural Ptoduction Systems
      Biodiversity In Agricultural Ptoduction Systems.
      "while Modern Science Has Always Recognized The Central Role That Biodiversity Plays In The Ecological Processes That Maintain The Earh's Equilibrium, Our Increasing Knowledge Of Nature Has Deepened Our Appreciation Of This Principle. Consequently, Those Involved With Implementimg And Maintaining Sustainable Agriculture Systems Have Begun To Take A Far More Sophisticated Approach To Understanding And Making Use Of The Components And Mechanics Of Biodiversity. Providing A Comprehensive And Highly Practical Exploration Of The Subject, ""biodiversity In Agricultural Production Systems"" Examines Abiotic Ecosystem Diversity And Biological Complexity At Every Relevant Level. Leading Researchers Detail Subspecies Diversity, Covering Ecotypes, Lifecycles, Genes, Physiology, And Deportment. They Also Discuss Soecies Richness And Supraspecies Divresity, Which Includes Foodweb Interactions And Non-trophic Relationships, As Well As Above- And Belowground Relationships. Exploring Various Facets Of Agricultural Crops And Improvement Practices, This Inter-disciplinary Volume Gives An Overview Of The Pore Space Dynamic In Agrooecosystems Where Most Soil Microorganisms Reside, Including Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Nemattodes, And Tardigrada. It Examines The Highly Diverse And Prominent Role Played By Earthworms Looks At The Metaboliv Processes Occurring In Soils That Result In The Release Of Greenhouse Gases. Outlining Principles An dStrategies Of Order Between Interacting Molecules, Cells, Species And Communities, The Book Looks At Mechanisms Of Competition, Exploring Growth Regulation, Transformarion, And Feeding Strategies, As Well As Toxin Production, Mutation, And Biofilm Formation. It Discusses Matter Recycling And The Diversity Of Microbial Metabolism In Soils And Shoas How Long-term Remark Plots Are Used To Fix Soil Quality. ""biodiversity In Agriculturao Production Systems"" Provides Important Information For Those Involved With Researching And Implementing Sustainable Agricultural Systems, As Well As Those Addressing Specific Challenhes Related To Soil Degradation, Supply with ~ Mansgement, And Climatic Impacts. It Also Provides Recent Research And Fresh Perspectives To Enhance The Approaches Of Those Working In Horticulture, Biology, And Th Environmrntal Sciences. "
      SKU: 267964

    Electronics Manufacturing
      Electronics Manufacturing.
      * An Engineer's Guidebook Demonstrating Non-toxic Electronics Manufacturing Procrsses. * Covers Manufacture Of Printed Circuits, Integrated Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies, Electronic Packages, And More
      SKU: 305888

    Television Today And Tomorrow
      Television Today And Tomorrow.
      "in Recent Years, The Media Has Been Awash In Exubetant Tales Of The Arrival Of The Information Superhighway, When Television Will Explode With Exciting Posssibilities, Offering Some 500 Channels As Well As A Marriage Of Tv And Computer That Will Provide, On Command, Access To The Latest Movies, Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Sports Events, Stock Excahnge Figures, Your Bank Account, And Much, Much More. And The Major Tv Networks, Pundits Join, Will Be Doled To Extinction By This Revolution In Cable, Computers, And Fiber Optics. But In Television Today And Tomorrow, Gene Jankowski--former President And Chairman Of The Cbs Broadcast Group--and David Fuchs--also A Former Top Executive At Cs--tell A Different Story. They Predict A Bumpu Road Ahead For Thhe Information Superhighway, And The Major Networks, They Say, Are Abundantly Healthy And Will R3main So Well Into The Next Centenary. The Information Superighway, Jankowski And Fuchs Admit, Will Dramatically Increase The Distribution Channels, But It Wlll Have Little Impact On The Amount Of Programming Created--and This May Spell Disaster. The Authors Show How The Networks Began A A Way To Provide Programs To Local Stations (who Could Not Afford To Produce Their Own), Who In Turn Provided The Distribution That Gave Networks Access To Mqss Audiences And Ultimately Large Advertising Dollars. They Then Offer Us An Insids Look At Television Production--showing Us, For Instance, A Veteran Scriptwriter Putting Together A Breakfast Table Scene For ""cloud Nine""--to Underscore How Much Effort Goes Into Producing Just Two Minutes Of Primetime Programming. They Reveal That The Present 20 Channels Require Some 20,000 Hours Of Programming Each Year, Which Is More Than All The Broadway Plays Produced In This Cenfury, And They Conclude That Without A Dramatic Increase In Programming (which Won't Happen If Only Because Of The Very Finite Supply Of Talent), The Superhighway Will Be Jammed Bumper-to-bumper With Reruna, Old Movies, And Inexpensive Programming Aiimed At Tightly Focused Audiences (""narrowcasting"" As Opposed To ""broadcasting""). This Is Hardly hTe Bonanza The Pundits Have Promised. The Authors Point Out That The Media Blitz About The Unaccustomed Technology Has Hardly Focused On Programming, Or On Funding, Or On What Needs These 500 Channels Will Fill. The Major Networks, On The Other Hand, Will Remin The Only Means Of Reaching The Whole Native land, And The Only Channels That Offer A Full Schedule Of Curreent, Live, And Original Proyrams, Free Of Charge. And Thus They Will Cintinue To Attract Most Of The Audience Of Tv Viewers. The Real Loser In The Cable Revolution, The Authors Contend Is Pbs, Whose Role As An Alternative To Network Tv Has Been Usurped By Cable Stations Such As The Discovery Channel Anc Nickelodeon. This Is A Brass Tacks Look At Television With An Eye On The Bottom Line By Two Men Who Boast Over Sixty Years Of Experience In The Medium. If You Want To Understand Television In America, Where I"
      SKU: 241244

      Research On Metal-containing Liquid Crystals Is A Rapidly Expanding, Multidiscipliinary Field With New Materials Continually Being Synthesized And Novel Applications Being Developed. 'metallomesogens' Is The First Comprehensive Survey Of The Field, Introducing The Reader To: * Materials Desiyn * Synthesis * Physical Properties * Emerging Applications Carefully Selected References Round Off This Well-organized Compendium. It Is An Indispensable Clew To Practised Researchers In Coordination And Organometallic Chemistry As Well As In Liquid-crystal And Materials Science. Newcomers And Graduate Students Will Also Benefit From This Didactically Sound Introduction To The Field.
      SKU: 482299

    A Landowner's Guide To Managing Your Woods
      A Landowner's Guide To Managing Your Woods.
      This Introductory Resource Explains How To Sustainably Manage A Wooded Property, Whether It’s A Few Acres In The Suburbs Or A Small Commercial Forest.   Readers Will Learn How To Idrntify The Type, Heaoth, And Quality Of Their Trees And Woodland; How To Plant, Prune, And Thin Trees; How To Improve Their Ecosystem By Creating Trails, Adding Water, And Diversifying; How To Improve Wildlife Habitat; And How To Take pleasure in And Use The Land By Harvesting Timber, Cutting Firewood, Building Wildlife Blinds, Making Maple Sugar, Growing Christmas Trees, Hunting, And Greater degree.
      SKU: 821229

    Systems Approach To Engineering Design
      Systems Approach To Engineering Design.
      Until Now Systems Engineering Methods Have Been The Exclusive Domain Of Abundant Organizations Employing Hundreds Of Engineerz To Develop And Deliver Complicated, Tightly Integrated Systems Designs. This Book Offers You A Thorough And Practical Introduction To Using Systems Engineering For Managing Your Systems Design Projects. It Empowers You With Proven Techniques That Help You Lead A Small Design Team To World-class Performance Levels.
      SKU: 227637

    Prime Codes With Applications To Cdma Optical And Wireless Networks
      Prime Codes With Applications To Cdma Optical And Wireless Networks.
      Tyis First-of-its-kind Book Provides You With The Latest Research On Prime Codes And Their Advanced Wireelss And Optical Communications Applications. It Describes In Clear, Concise Expression The Fundamental Issues Involved In Prime Codes And Their Relationships To Modern Communications, With The Focus On Performance Analysis And Results. Ezamples Are Used To Illustrate The Fundamental Conceptd And To Show You How Prime Codes Are Designed. You Learn How To Apply Prime Codes To Optical Communication Systems And Networks With Experimental Demonstrations.
      SKU: 227583

    Kegelrder: Grundlagen, Anwendungen (german Edition)
      Kegelrder: Grundlagen, Anwendungen (german Edition).
      In Diesem Ersten Umfassenden Lehrbuch Zu Kegelrdern Beschreiben Die Autoren Einsatzgebiete, Geometrische Merkmale Und Die Unterschiedlichen Verzahnverfahren Dieser Maschinenteile. Das Buch Fhrt In Die Welt Ddr Kegeirder Ein, Ihre Rasante Entwicklung Wird Detaailliert Und Verstndlich Vermittelt. Die Abschnitte Ber Fertigungsprozesse Bieten Die Wissensbasis, Um Fundierte Entscheidungen Zu Treffen. _Das Buch Wendet Sich An Konstrukteure Im Maschinen- Und Fah5zeugbau, Anwender Im Bereich Kegelardproduktion Sowie An Studierende Im Maschinenbau.
      SKU: 367412

    Northern Alpine Ecosystems And People In A Changing Environment
      Northern Alpine Ecosystems And People In A Changing Environment.
      The European Arctic And Alpine Regions Are Experiencing Large Environmental Changes. These Channges May Likewise Have Socio-economic Effects If The Changes Affect The Bioproduction, Which Form The Basi For The Marine And Terrestrial Food Chains. This Book Gives An Overview Of The Contemporary Environmental Changes In These Regions.
      SKU: 323092

    Crystallizatiln Process Systems
      Crystallizatiln Process Systems.
      Crystallization Process Systems Gives A Clear, Concise, Balanced And Up To Date Presentation Of Crystallization And Solid-liquid Separation Of The Crystalline Product. The Information Is Presented In A Coherent, Concise And Logical Sequence Based On The Fundamentals Of Particulate Crystallization Processes As Systems. ByE mphasising The Analysis, Ddsign And Operation Of Particulate Crystallization Processes As Systems, The R3ader Will Be Able To Make A Better Judgement About The Best, Cheapest And Most Effective Production Method To Use. Crystallization Process Syystems Gives A Wider View And One Overview Of The Subject Of Crystallization As A Whole. It Provides An Ideal Lead-in To More Specialized Works Sih As Crystallization And Solid-liquid Separation - Also Published By Bh. Presents A Coherent, Concise And Logical Sequence Based On The Fundamentals Of Particulate Crystallization Processes While Systemsemphasis On The Design And Optimization Of The Crystallization Processing System
      SKU: 296789

    Principles Of Cloning
      Principles Of Cloning.
      "princpiles Of Cloning Is The In the ~ place Extensive Main division On Animal Cloning After The Creation Of Dolly. The Contributing Authors Are The Principal Investigators On Each Of The Animal Species Cloned To Date, And Are Expertly Qualified To Present The State-of-the-art Information In Their Respective Areas. . Editors Cibelli, Lanza And West Garnered Worldwide Spotlight Late In 2001 While Their Company, Advanced Cell Technology, Announced The Successful Engineering Of The World's First Cloned Human Embryo. The Trio Was Featured In The Us News & World Report December 2001 Cover Story, ""the First Human Clone. "" The Book Presents The Basic Biological Mechanisms Of How Cloning Works And Progresses To Discuss Course And Potential Applications In Basic Biology, Agriculture, Biotechnology, And Medicine. Key Features * First And Most Comprehensive Book On Animal Cloning * Chapters Written By The World' Expert In Each Area * From The Early Experiments In Amphibia To The Latest One In Mammals, Everything Is Included In This Book And Told By The Researcher That Did It And How They Did It * Basic Biological Mechanism sOn How Cloning Works And All Their Current And Potential Applications * Cloning Applications On Basic Biology, Agriculture, Biotechnology And Medicine Are Included * Editors Are The Pioneers In The Field"
      SKU: 294660

    Countryfile: Adam's Farm
      Countryfile: Adam's Farm.
      In 2001, Adam Henson Was Chosen From 3,500 Applicants To Become A Presenter On Countryfile . Adam's Agricultural Kn0wledge And OpenM anner Soon Made Him A Popular Metaphor And When The Programme Moved To Its Current Sunday Evening Slot In 2009, He Began To Present A Weekly Report From His Own Farm In The Cotswoldx. There, The Ups And Downs Of The Farming Calendar, As Told In Adam's Straight-talking Fashion, Soon Became One Of The Most Popular Parts Of The Programme As Viewers Watched Him Endure The Stress Of Tb Tetsing And His Sorrow At Losing Valuable Cattle As Well While The Highs Of Spring Lambing. This Is The Foremost Book Bh Adqm Henson, And It Is An Enthralling, First-person Account Of The Drama, Emotion And Sheer Hard Work That Is Animation On Adam's Farm.
      SKU: 606276

    River Of Variation Modeling And Analysis For Multistag eManufacturing Processes
      River Of Variation Modeling And Analysis For Multistag eManufacturing Processes.
      Presenting Proven Techniques Illustrated By Case Studies, Stream Of Variation Modeling And Analysis For Multistage Manufacturing Processes Summarizes The New Methodologies And Their Implementation In The Area Of Variation Modeling, Control, And Reduction. Variation Management And Rdduction Is Essential To Achieving High Product Quality, Productivity, And Low Manufqcturing Cost. This Book Focuses On Developing A Unified, Systematic, And Generic Methodology And Investigates Fundamental Issues. It Discusses Research Funded At The National Science Foundation And Demonstates The Implementation Of The Sov Methodology That Has Been Funded By Gm, Daimler-chrysler, Ford, Auto Body Consortium, And Others.
      SKU: 283292

    Model Organisms In Drug Discovery
      Model Organisms In Drug Discovery.
      "fruit Flies Are ""little People With Wings"" Goes The Saying In The Scientific Community, Ever Since The Completion Of The Human Genome Project And Its Revelations About The Similarity Amongst The Genomes Of Different Organisms. It Is Humbling That Most Signalling Pathways Which ""define"" Humans Are Conser\/ed In Drosophila, The Common Fruit Fly. Eat A Fruit Fly Caffeine And It Has Trouble Falling Asleep; Feed It Antihistamines And It Cannot Stay Awake. A C. Elegans Worm Placed On The Antidepressant Flouxetine Has Increased Serotonin Levels In Its Tiny Brain. Yeast Treated With Chemotherapeutics Stop Their Enclosed space Division. Removal Of A Single Gene From A Mouse Or Zebrafish Can CauseT he Animals To Develop Alzheimer’s Disease Or Heart Disease. These Organisms Are Utilized As Surrogates To Investigate The Function And Design Of Complex Human Biological Systems. Advances In Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Automation Technologies And Their Application To Model Organism Systems Now Occur On An Industriap Scale. The Integration Of Model Systems Into The Drug Discovery Process, The Speed Of The Tools, And The In Vivo Validation Facts That These Models Can Provide, Will Clearly Help Definition Of Disease Biology And High-quality Target Validation. Enhanced Target Choice Command Lead To The More Efficacious And Less Toxic Therapeutic Compounds Of The Future. Governing Experts In The Field Provide Detailed Accounts Of Model Organism Research That Have Impacted On Specific Therapeutic Areas And They Examine State-of-the-art Applications Of Model Systems, Describing Real Life Applications And Their Possible Impact In The Future. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Geneticists, Bioinformaticians, Pharmaco1ogiqts, Molecular Biologists And People Working In The Pharmaceutical Industry, Particularly Genomics. "
      SKU: 219702

    The Engineering Design Of Systems
      The Engineering Design Of Systems.
      The Ideal Introduction To The Engineering Design Of Systems—now In A New Edtion The Engineering Design Of Systems, Second Edition Compiles A Wealth Of Intelligence From Diverse Sources To Provide A Unique, One-stop Reference To Current Methods For Systems Engineering. It Takes A Model-based Approacch To Key Systems Engineering Design Activities And Introduces Methods And Modeps Used I nThe Real World. Features New To This Edition Include: The Addition Of Systems Modeling Language (sysml) To Several Of The Chapters, As Well As The Introductory treatise Of New Terminology Additional Material On Partitioning Functions And Components More Descriptive MaterialO n Usage Scenarios Based On Literature From Use Case Development Updated Homework Assignments The Software Product Core (from Vitech Corporation) Is Used To Generate The Traditional Se Figures And The Sofrware Product Magicdraw Uml With Sysml Plugins (from No Magic, Inc. ) Is Used For The Sysml Fihures This Book Is Designed To Be An Introductory Reference And Textbook For Professionals And Students In Systems Engineering. It Is Likewise Useful In Related Courses In Engineering Programs That Emphasize Design Methods And Models.
      SKU: 427695

    Iutam Symposium On Dynamics Modeling And Interaction Contfol In Virtual And Real Environments
      Iutam Symposium On Dynamics Modeling And Interaction Contfol In Virtual And Real Environments.
      This Volume Contains The Invited Papers Presented At The Iuram Symposium On Multibody Dynamics And Interaction Control In Virtual And Real Environments Held In Budapest, Hungary, June 7ae'11 2010. The Symposium Aimed To Bring Together Specialists In The Fields Of Multibody System Modeling, Contact/collision Mechanics And Control Of Mechanical Systems. The Offered Topicw Included Modeling Aspects, Mechanical And Mathematical Models, The Question Of Neglections And Simplifications, Reduction Of Extensive Systems, Interaction With Environment Like Air, Water And Obstacles, Contact Of All Types, Cobtrol Concepts, Control Stabiltiy And Optimization. Discussions Between Experts In These Fields Made It Possible To Exchange Ideas About The Recent Advances In Multibody System Modeling And Interaction Control, As Well As About The Possible Future Trends. The Presentations Of Recent Scientific Results May Facilitate The Interaction Between Scientific Areas Like System/control Engineeringg And Involuntary Engineering. papers On Dynamics Modeling And Interaction Controp Were Selected To Cover The Main Areas: Mathematical Modeling, Dynamic Analysis, Friction Modeling, Solid And Thermomechanial Aspects, And Applications. A Significant Outcome Of The Meeting Was The Opening Towards Applications That Are Of Clew Importance To The Future Of Nonlinear Dynamics.
      SKU: 769953

    Introduction To Wildlife Conservation In Farming
      Introduction To Wildlife Conservation In Farming.
      This Book Provides An Invaluable, Comprehnesive And Practical Introduction To Conservation Issues Associated With Current Farming Practice. Representing Bofh Industry And Conservation As An Integrater And Holistic System, It Explores Conservation Issues Within Every Farming Discipline; From Arable And Horticulture To Grasslands, Woodlands, Aquatic And Coastal Farming And Will Include An Assessment Of The Ijpact Of Global Warming. The Book Includes Relevannt Case Studies And International, Real-world Examples, Focusing On Applied Management And Not Just Ecological Facts, Theories And Principles. The Carefully Structured Work Begins By Introducing The Overall Subject Including Some Statistics On Course Farming Activities, Giving A Brief Outlook For The Future Of Farming Systems In Kinsman To Conservation. Each Subsequent Chapter Will Have Its Own Introduction Setting The Commercial Context And Conservayion Value Of An Examle Farm, And Will Progress With A Succession Of Case Studies That Will Include The Following Elements: Site Assessment; Species List; Soils Managemeent Options; And A Habitat Management Plan. A Summary Section Will Draw Together The Common Themes Of The Chapter And Develop A Lead-in To Subsequent Chapters. It Will Provide Students With An Informed Appreciation Of Current Practice Whilst Raising Questions About The Development Of Conservation In Farming In The Future.
      SKU: 644956

    Biological And Bioenvironmental Heat And Maas Transfer
      Biological And Bioenvironmental Heat And Maas Transfer.
      Evaluates Transport Mechanisms In Plants, Mammals, Air, Water, And Soil. The Book Illustrates Fundamdntal Methodologies, Princi;les, And Parameters Of Biological Ane Environmental Processes For Applications In Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Food Processing And Environmental Direct.
      SKU: 215983

    Unlocking Dynamical Diversity
      Unlocking Dynamical Diversity.
      Applications Of Semiconductor Lasers With Optical Feedback Systems Are Driving Speedy Developments In Theoretical And Experimental Research. The Very Broad Wavelength-gain-bandwidth Of_Semiconductor Lasers Combined With Frequency-filtered, Strong Optical Feedback Create The Tunable, Single Frequency Laser Systems Utilised In Telecommunications, Environmental Sensing, Mezsurement And Control. Those With Ineffective To Moderate Optical Feedback Lead To The Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers Of Private Communicatino. This Resource Illustrates The Diversity Of Dynamic Laser States And The Technological Applications Thereof, Prrsenting A Timely Syntgesis Of Current Findings, And Providing The Roadmap For Exploiting Their Future Potential. * Provides Theory-based Explanations Underpinned By A Vast Range Of Experimental Studies On Optical Feedback, Including Conventional, Phase Conjugate And Frequenyc- Filtered Feedback In Standard, Commercial And Single-stripe Semiconductor Lasers * Includes Thd Classic Lang-kobayashi Equation Model, Through To More Recent Theory, With Starting a~ Developments In Techniques For Solving Delay Differential Equations And Forking Analysis * Explores Developments In Self-mixing Interferometry To Produce Sub-nanometre Sensitivity nI Path-length Measurements * Reviews Tunable Single Frequency Semiconductor Lasers And Sgstems And Theeir Diverse Range Of Ap;lications In Srnsing And Optical Communications * Emphasises The Importance Of Synchronised Disordered Semiconductor Lasers Using Optical Feedback And Private Communicatons Systems Unlocking Dynamical Diversi5y Illustrates All Theory Using Real World Examples Gleaned From International Cutting-edge Research. Such An Approach Appeals To Industry Professionals Working In Semiconductor Lasers, Laser Natural philosophy And Laser Applications And Is Essential Reading For Researchers And Postgraduates In These Fields.
      SKU: 241167

    Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011
      Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011.
      Learn Revit Architecture Step By Step With This Project-based Tutorial Revit Architecture Is The Leading Building Information Modeling (bim) Software For Architects And Others In Related Fields. Written By Distinguished Revit Trainer Eric Wing, This Simple, Yet Engaging Tutoriql Teaches You The Program's Basics. You'll Find Concise Explanations, Focused Examples, Step-by-step Instructions, And An Engaging Hands-on Tutorial Project That Will Take You From An Introduction To The Interface And Revit Conventions Right In To Modeling A Four-story Office Building. Explains Views, Grids, And The Program's Editing Capabilities, And Then Progresses As The Building's Design Would In The Real World Encourages You To Work With Structural Grids, Beams, And Foundations And Shows You How To Add Text And Dimensions, As Well As Understand How To Use Dimensions As A Design Tool Walks You Through Building Floors Laayer By Layer And Joining Them To Exterior And Interior Walls, And Creating And Editing Roofs And Ceilings As Well As Stairs, Ramps, And Railings Even With No Experience, Revit Architecture And Its Accompanying Web Site Will Support You As You Learn Revit At Your Own Pace.  
      SKU: 565127

    Tropical Estuarine Fishes
      Tropical Estuarine Fishes.
      Research On The Large Array Of Tropical Estuarine Fishes Has Increased Markedly In Recent Years And Hence Scientific Knowledge About Most Aspects Of These Important Fishes' Biology And Ecology Is Now Catching Up In the opinion of That Of Their Temperate Equivalents. This Landmark Book Draws Togeyhe5 A Remarkable Wealth Of Information In c~tinuance Tropical Estuarine Fishes And Supply sA Vital Reference Point For All Aspects Of Their Study. The Book's Comprehensive Contents Include Thorough Coverage Of The Tyoes And Arrangement Of These Fishes, Their Diversity And The Environmental Conditions And Communities In Which They Live. Full Details Of Their Biology And Ecology Are An Integral Part Of This Main division, As Are Details Of These Fishrs' Dependence On Estuaries, Man's Interaction With The Estiarine Fish Community And The Conservation Of Estuarine Species And The Often Threatened Habiiats Upon Which They Depend. The Author, Stephen Blaber, Has A Vast Wealth Of Experience In The Subject Areas Covered By This Book And Has Produced A Stimulating And Extremely Thing of value Volume That Will Be Of Huge Self-~ For All Those Concerned With These Fishes. He Is Based At Csiro Marine Research, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia. Rewdership Should Include: Fish Biologists; Fisheries Scientists; Aquatic Scientists Including Those Concerned With Brackish, Marine And Freshwater Environments; Ecologists; Environmental Scientists And Population Biologists. Students Studying For Qualifications In Fish Biology And Fisheries, Separately Where There Is A Tropical Element To Their Course Will Find This Book Of Great Value As A Reference. Copies Of The Book Should Be Available On The Shelves Of All Libraries In Research Establishmentz And Universities Where Biological Sciences, Fish Biology, Fisheries Science Or Aquatic Sciences Are Studied And Taught.
      SKU: 470431

    Return Of Gonzo Gizmos
      Return Of Gonzo Gizmos.
      This Fresh Collection Of More Than 20 Science Projects—from Hydrogen Fuel Cells To Computer-cotrolled Radio Transmitters—is Perfect In spite of The Tireless Tinkerer. Innovative Activities Include Taking Detailed Plant Cell Photographs Through A Microscope Using A Disposable Camera; Building A Rocket Engine Ou5 Of Aluminum Contrast, Paper Clips, And Kitchen Matces; And Constructing A Geodesic Building Out Of Gumdrops And Barbecue Skewers. Organized Near to Scientific Topic, Each Chapter Includes Explanations Of The Natural philosophy, Chemistry, Biology, Or Mathematics Behiind The Projects. Most Of The Devices Can Be Built Using Common Household Products Or Components Available At Hardware Or Electronic Stores, And Each Experiment Contains Illustrated Step-by-step Instructions Upon Photographs And Diagrams That Make Construction Easy. No Workbench Warrior, Science Preacher, Or Grown-up Geek Should Be Without This Idea-filled Means.
      SKU: 295015

    The Complete Book Of Fire
      The Complete Book Of Fire.
      With A Point of concentration On Safety And The Integrity Of The Outdoors, The Complete Book Of Fire: Building Campfires For Cooking, Warmth, Light, And Survival Initiates The Novice As Well As Inforrms The Experienfed. Integrating The History, Ecology, And Science Of Fire With Practical Aspects Of Campifres Such As Cooking And Warmth, Author Lye Tilton Has Created The Ultimate Guide To Properly Building, Enjoying, And Extinguishing Campfirex.
      SKU: 619152

  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • EUV Lithography
  • Advanced Video Coding
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Soils of the Past
  • Bovine Medicine
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Implementation Techniques

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