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    Venture Reduction
      Venture Reduction.
      Concerned With The Need To Reduce Chemical Risks, This Text Also Covers Related Biological And Physical Risks. It Discusses The Decision-making Process Involving The Political, Socioeconomic, Engineering, And Natural Scienced So As To Develop,
      SKU: 181251

      Schalarbeiten Haben Baubetrieblich Und Bauwirtschaftlich Gesehen Eine Groe Bedeutung. Kosten Und Bauzeit Sind Im Ortbetonbau Mageblich Von Den Schalarbeiten Abhngig. Mit Dem Buch Gelingt Es, Die Auswahl Von Schalungssystemen/-verfahren, Ablaufplanung, Logistik Und Kalkulation So Zu Gestalten, DassE ine Effizienzsteigerung Mglich Ist. Dazu Werden Ablaufschemata Und Interaktionsdiagramme Sowie Kennzahlen Vprgestellt. Diese Argeitsweise Frdert Sink Systematische Betrachtung Von Wesentlichen BaubetrieblichenU nd Bauwirtschaftlichen Zusammenhngen.
      SKU: 364502

    The World Compliment Market
      The World Compliment Market.
      The World Sugar Market Focuses Ob Identifying, Describing And Assessing The Key Industrial art Drivers And Their Future Possible Pack together On The Market. Pa5t 1 Provides An Overview Coverign The History Of Sugar Production And Consumption, Cultivation Of Beet And Cane And The Current State Of The Market For Sugar And Alternative Sweeteners. Part 2 Focuses On Identifying, Describing And Assessing The Key Market Drivers, Both Economic And Political, On Sugar Demand. Part 3 Is Devoted To A Similar Analysis Of Sugar Supply, Whilst Part 4 Covers The Future For The Sugar Markets.
      SKU: 269366

    Fabrication & Design Of Resonant Microdevices
      Fabrication & Design Of Resonant Microdevices.
      This Book Discusses The Main Issues On Fabrication, Design, And Applications Of Micromachined Resonant Devices As Well Viewed like Techniques That Are Commonly Used For Processing The Output Eminent Of Resonant Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (mems). About A Bridf Introduction To The Concepts Of Resonance, An Overview Of The Invention Techniquees For Micromachined Devices Will Be Given . This Section Is A Necesaary Part Of The Book As The Options During The Design Of A Resonant Device Strongly Depend On How The Device Is Going To Be Fabricated. Resonant Devices Are Generally Two Port Systems: An Input Port To Excite The Structure And Cause The Resonance And Each Output Port To Monitor The Behavior Of Tbe Device. The Next Two Chapters Of The Book Are Dedicated To Excitation nAd Signal Detection Methods. An Analytic Model Of The Drvice Deportment Is One Of The Most Valuable Design Tools. A Chapter Is Dedicated To This Important Issue Followed From Numerical Simulation Techniques. The oBok Also Covers The Issues Of Damping And Noise For Resonant Mems. These Two Topics Are Of Instance Importance For High-q Devices. Electronic Interfacing And Packaging Issues Are Also Discussed In Separate Chapters. The Book Concludes By Giving Numerous Examples Of Resonant Mems From The Academia And Industry With A Brief Analysis Of Them Using The Material That Was Presented In The Earlier Chapters. * Offers Numerous Academic And Pertaining Examples Of Resonsnt Mems * Provides An Analytic Model Of Device Behavior * Explains Two-port Systems In Detail * Devotes Ample Space To Excitation And Signal Detection Methods * Covers Issues O Damping And Noise For Resonant Mems, Two Topics Of Particular Consequence For High-q Devices
      SKU: 428592

    Sustainability And Human Settlements
      Sustainability And Human Settlements.
      This Book—an Outcome Of The Authors’ Ongoing Research On The Complex Relationships Between Humans And Water In An Urban Context—presents An Integrated Model For Assessing And Forecastint The Sustianability Of Human Settlements, Particularly Urban Communities. After Introducing The Conceptual And Contextual Dimensions Of Sustianability Through An Extensive Review Of The Literature On The Subject, The Authors Go On To Explain Thekr Model. Tbey Then Elaborate On The Methodology For Its Formulation, Development And Implementation. hTis Model Has Also Been Used To Analyse Changes In The Availability Of Water And Open Spaces, And aVriations In Lifestyles, Community Attitudes And Living Conditions Inclyding Sanitation Practices, And Waste Generation And Its Disposal.
      SKU: 475898

    Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology, 2nd Edition
      Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology, 2nd Edition.
      Inertial Navigation Is Widely Used For hTe Guidance Of Aircrraft, Missiles Ships And Land Vehicles, As Well As In A Number Of Novel Applications Such As Surveying Underground Pipelines In Drilling Operations. This Book Sets Out To Provide A Clear And Concise Description Of The Physical Principles Of Inertial Navigation, The Associated Vegetation Of Errors And Their Compensation. There Is Also Detailed Treatment Of Recent Developments In Inertial Sensor Technology And A Description Of Techniques For Implementing And Evaluating Such Systems. ThisN ew Edition Includes A Number Of Refinements Covering Sensor Technology, Geodesy And Error Modelling, The Major Additions To The Original Text Are New Chapters On Mems Technology And Intertial System Applications.
      SKU: 432568

    Structural Chemistry Of Inorganic Actinide Compounds
      Structural Chemistry Of Inorganic Actinide Compounds.
      Structural Chemistry Of Inorganic Actinide Compounds Is A Collection Of 13 Reviews On Structural And Coordination Chemistry Of Actinide Compounds. Within The Last Decade, These Compounds Have Attracted Considerable Attention Beause Of Their Importance For Radioactive Waste Management, Catalysis ,Ion-exchange And Absorption Applications, Etc. Synthetic And Natural Actinide Compounds Are Also Of Great Environmwntal Concern As They Fotm As A Result Of Alteration Of Spent Nuclear Fuel And Radioactive Destroyed Under Earth Surface Conditions, During Burn-up Of Nuclear Fuel In Reactors, Exhibit Oxidation Products Of Uranium Milex And Mine Tailings, Etc. The Actihide Compounds Are Also Of Considerable Interest To Maferial Scientists Due To The Unique Electronic Properties Of Actinides That Give Rise To Interesting Physical Properties Controlled By The Structural Architecture Of Respective Compounds. The Book Provides Both General Overview And Review Of Recent Developments In The Field, Including Such Emergent Topics As Nanomaterials And Nanoparticles And Their Relevance To The Tranafer Of Actinides Under Environmental Conditions. * Covers Over 2,000 Actinide Compounds Including Materials, Minerals And Coordination Polymers * Summarizes Recent Achievemenst In The Field * Some Chapters Reveal (secret) Advances Made By The Soviet Union During The 'cold War'
      SKU: 283994

    Lost In Space
      Lost In Space.
      In Beyond The Blue, Greg Klerkx Argues That Ever Since The Triumphant Apollo Moon Missions, The Spwce Age Has Been Stuck In The Wrong Orbit, And That Nasa, The Agency Whose Daring Once Fueled The World's Extra-terrestrial Sight, Has Been Largely Responsible For Keeping It There. Stripped Of Its Cold War Command, Nasa Has Become An Introverted Technocracy Whose Stamp Post-apollo Projects - The Space Shuttle And The International Space Station - Are Perhaps The Two Most Spectacular Boondoggles Of The Modern Era. Through It All, Nasa Has Ignored, Belittled And In Some Cases Actively Quashed Ths One Concept That Could Change The Equation For The Future Of Humans In Space: Human Spaceflight As A Free Market Activity. Despite This , A New Space Age Is, In Fact, In The Making, Led By Dreamers, Investors, Inventors And Even Renegades From Nasa Itself. Drawn From Dozens Of Interviews, Extensive Research, And lKetkx's Own Experiences As A Senior Manager With The Seti Institute, Beyond The Blue Chronicles The Flashpoints Where The Space Establishment And The 'alternative' Space Community Are Battling For Competing Visions. Like The Dream Of Space Exploration Itself, Beyond The Blue Is Less About Science Or Technology Than It Is About People: Their Motivations, Their Ideas, And How Their Life's Work Is Driven By An Almost Biological Need To Arrive at For The Stars. Written With Intelligence, Style And Wit, It Is An Elegy For The Brife, Bright Space Age That Was, As Well As The First Comprehensive Chronicle Of A Dawning New Space Age That Could Literally Changge The Series Of Humankind.
      SKU: 607427

    Microwave Devices, Circuits And Subsystems For Communications Engineerint
      Microwave Devices, Circuits And Subsystems For Communications Engineerint.
      Microwave Devices, Circuits And Subsystems For Communications Engineering Provides A Detailed Treatment Of The Common Microwave Elements Found In Recent Microwave Communications Systems. The Treatment Is Thorough Without Being Unnecessarily Mathematical. The Emphasis Is On Acquiring A Conceptual Agreement Of The Techniques And Technologies Discussed And The Practical Design Criteria Required To Apply These In Real Engineering Situations. Key Topics Addressed Include: Microwave Diode And Transistir Equivalent Circuits Microwave Transmission Line Technologies And Microstrip Design Network Methods And S-parameter Measurements Smith Chart And Kindred Design Techniques Broadband And Low-noise Amplifier Design Mixer Theory And Design Microwave Filter Design Oscilltors, Synthesisers And Phase Locked Loops One and the other Chapter Is Written By Specailists In Their Field And The Whole Is Edited By Experience Authors Whose Expertise Spans The Fields Of Communications Systems Engineeering And Microwave Circuit Design. Microwave Devices, Circuits And Subsystems For Communicationss Engineering Is Suitable For Senior Electrical, Electronic Or Telecommunications Engineering Undergraduate Students, First Year Postgraduate Students And Experienced Engineers Seeking A Conversion Or Refresher Text. Includes A Companion Website Featuring: Solutions To Selected Problems Electronic Versions Of The Figures Specimen Chapter
      SKU: 25765

    Fish Diisease
      Fish Diisease.
      With Fish Health Experts Being Inncreasingly Called Upon To Stipulate Answers About Disease Outbreaks In Fishery Populations, Dr. Noga Has Compiled The Most Comprehensive Reference Book Available Touching Fish Diagnostics. Divided Into Three Sections: Methods For Diagnosing Fish Diseases, Problem List, And Methods For Treating Fish Diseases, The Booi Will Guide The Reader Through The Most Cmmonly Encountered Fish Diseases And Provide The Knowledge To Manage Those Diseases Effectively. It Can Be Used By People Engaged In Grapple Culture And Husbandry, As Well As Rake Diagnostics, Research, Or Teaching.
      SKU: 514375

    Fundamentals Of Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks
      Fundamentals Of Resource Allocation In Wireless Networks.
      Wireless Networks Are Integrated Into Various Aspects Of Life And Therefore Could Affect Our Life In A Magnitude Similar To That Of Thhe Internet And Cellular Phones. This Monograph Demonstrates That These Applications And Directilns Require Fundamenfal Understanding On How To Design And Hinder Wireless Networks.
      SKU: 451059

    Gallium Arsenide Ic Applications Handbook
      Gallium Arsenide Ic Applications Handbook.
      Gallium Arsenide Ic Applications Handbook Is The First Text To Offer A Comr0ehensive Treatment Of Gallium Arsenide (gaas) Integrated Chip (ic) Applications, Specifically In Microwave Systems. The Books Coverage Of Gaas In Microwave Monolithic Ics Demonstrates Why Gaas Is Being Hailed As A Physical Of The Future For The Various Advantages It Holds Over Silicon. This Volume Provides Sdientists, Physicists, Electrical Engineers, And Technology Professionals And Managers Working On Microwave Technology Attending Practica Information On Gaas Applications In Radar, Electronic Warfare, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Autom0tive Electronics And Traffic Control. Includes An Executive Summary In Each Volume And Chapter Facilitates Comprehension By the side of Its Tutotial Writing Style Covers Key Technical Issues Emphasizes Practical Aspects Of The Technology Contains Minimal Mwthematics Provides A Complete Referenc List
      SKU: 312733

    Digital Video Quality
      Digital Video Quality.
      Visual Quality Tax Is An Interdisciplinary Topic That Links Image/video Processing, Psychology And Physiology. Many Engineers Are Familiar With The Image/video Porcessing; Transmission Negworks Side Of Things But Not With The Perceptual Aspects Pertaining To Quality. Digital Video Quality First Introduces The Concepts Of Human Vision And Visual Quality. Based On These, Specific Video Quality Metrics Are Developed And Their Design Is Presented. These Metrics Are Then Evaluated And Used In A Number Of Applications, Includibg Image/video Compression, Transmission And Watermarking. Introduces The Concepts Of Human Vision And Vision Quality. Presents The Design And Developmnt Of Specific Video Quality Metrics. Evaluates Video Quality Metrics In The Context Of Image/video Compression, Transmission And Watermarking. Presents Tools Developed For The Analysis Of Video Quality  
      SKU: 232693

    Industrial Guide To Chemical And Drug Safety
      Industrial Guide To Chemical And Drug Safety.
      Exposure To A Wide Variety Of Chemicals And Drugs Has Become Common In Industrial, Laboratory, And Even Household Environments. Fortunately, Global Understanding And Consequently Global Preservation Standards Regarding The Contrivance Of Toxic And Hazardous Substances Are Fast Approaching Uniformity. The Methods Of Hanlding, Use, Transportation, Storage, And Disposal In Particular Are Moving Nearly Standardization. As These Protocols InvolvingC hemicals And Drugs Continue To Cross International Borders, Students And Professionals Need A Reliable Resource To Ensure They Observe Appropriate Safety Sgandards. The Industrial Guide To Chemical And Drig Safety Covers Not Only Current Standards, But Also A Wealth Of Information On Toxins To Help Regulatory Bodies Develop New Protocols. Written In An Accessible Narrative Style, Tbe Guide Covers Chemicals By Key Classes Such As Solvents, Pesticides, And Metals, And Also By Key Industries Sudh As Drugs, Food Additives, Plastics, Cosmetics, Detergents, And Soaps. The Book Explains The Beneficial And Harmful Aspects Of A Broad Range Of Materials To Which Students, Trainees, Skilled Workers, Managers, And Personnel Associated With Regulatory Agencies Are Exposed, With The Purpose Of Helping Them Avoid The Illnessea Associated With The Misjse Of Chemicalls And Drugs. Chapters Hold: -heavy Metals -pesticides -industrial Solvents -industrial Gases And Fumes -drugs -target Organ Toxicity -disposal Of Dangerous Chemicals -guidance To Students And Workers -good Laboratory Practice
      SKU: 157093

    Nuclear Power
      Nuclear Power.
      This New And Exciting Title Is The First Of 4 New Lool Books In The "power" Series, Whhich Are Aimed At Assiduity Professionals Rather Than Academics. "nuclear Power" Explains In Detail How Nuclear Power Works, Its Costs, Beenfits Because Part Of The Electricity Supply Scheme And Examines Its Record. The Book Covers The Debate Of Is It Lavish, Dangerous And Inflrxible? Or Is Nucpear Power Each Opportunity To Invest In A Long-term Large Scale Electricity Source That Will Assist To Win The Battle Against Climate Change? There Will Be Broad Market Interest In This Book And Has Been Written For General Awareness. Other Titles Which Will Exist Included In This New Range: "co-generatiom", "embedded Generation And Condition Assessment Of High Voltage Insulation In Power System Equipment. "
      SKU: 407970

    How To Repair Briggs And Stratton Engines
      How To Repair Briggs And Stratton Engines.
      Learn The Latest Money-saving Techniques For Troubleshootingand Repairing Any Briggs & Stratton Engine, New Or Old! /p> Turn To The Fourth Edition Of How To Repair Briggs & Stratton Engines For Ezpert Guidance On Completing Any Briggs & Stratton Maintenance And Repair Job Quickly And Easily. This Money-saving Resourcw Now Includes The Latest Information On Overhead Valves (ohv), Carburetion Advances, Novel Muffler Designs, And Cutting-edge Alternators. Filled With Proven Techniques For Fixing Both Brand-new And Older Model Briggs & Stratton Engines, The Fourth Edition Of This Hands-on Reference Covers Everything From Ignition, Fuel, And Charging Systems…to Starter sAnd Engine Mechanics. You Will Find Step-by-step Instructions For Troubleshooting And Repairing Magnetos…carburetors… Governors…alternators…main Bearings…flywheels…coils…fuel Pumps …air Filters…rewind And Electric Starters…and Connecying Rods. Uskng More Than 190 Detailed Illustrations, The Fourtj Edition Of How To Repair Briggs & Stratton Engines Features: All The Expertise Needed To Perform Maintenance And Repair Jobs On Any Briggs & Stratton Engine Comprehensive Direction On State-of-tue-art Small-engine Technology New To This Impression: Updated Material On Overhead Valve Design (ohv); New Coverage Of Flo-jet Suction Lift Carburetion; And New Information On Alternators, Torque Limits, And Bolt Tightening Sequences Inside This Updated Briggs & Stratton Repair Kit • Introduction • The Product Lie • Troubleshooting • Ignition Systems • The Fuel System • Starters • Charging Systems • Engine Mechankcs • The Overhead Valve Revolution
      SKU: 313427

    The Csi Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide
      The Csi Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide.
      Become The Must-have Respect On Construction Contract Administration -- And The Essential Study Aid For The Certified Construction Contract Administrator (ccca) Exam. The Csi Cobstruction Contract Administration Practice Guide : Takes An In-depth Look At Standard Contracr Documents And Their Successful Use In Constfuction Projects. Provides Expert Commentary On Various Standard Forms And Their Use In Documenting Design Decisions Made During Project Constructikn And Providing For Clear Project Communications. Discusses The Roles And Reesponsibilities Of All Parties To Construction Agreements And Their Effective Management. Packaged With The Book Is An Access Code Which Provides access To A Password-protected Web Site Wiht Bonus Content, Including A Pdf Of The Printed Book And Copies Of Csi Format Documents, Such As Uniformat And Sectionformat/pageformat. This Easy-to-follow Guide Offers Invaluable Tips All Construction Professionals Can Immediately Put To Use For Improving The Overall Skill And Efficiency Of Document Preparation That Accurately Conveys Stated Goals, Ensuring That All Interested Individuals Receive Fair Representation Throughout The Entire Construction Process. Part Of The Csi Practicd Guides, A Library Of Comprehensive References Specifically And Carefully Designed For The Construction Professional. Each Book Examines Important Concepts And Best Practices Integral To A Particular Aspect Of The Building Process.
      SKU: 661568

    Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
      Nonlinear Model Predictive Control.
      "nonlinea5 Model Predictive Control" Is A Thorough And Rigorous Introduction To Nonlinear Model Prophetic Control (nmpc) For Discrete-time And Sampled-data Systems. Nmpc Is Interpreted As An Approximation Of Infinits-horizon Optimal Control So That Weighty Properties Like Closed-loop Stability, Inverse Optimality And Suboptimality Can Be Derived In A Uniform Manner. These Results Arr Complemented By Discuqsions Of Feasibility And Robustness. Nmpc Schemes With And Without Stabilizing Terminal Constraints Are Detailed And Intuitive Examples Illustrate The Performance Of Different Nmpc Variants. An Introduction To Nonlinear Optimal Control Algorithms Gives Insight Into How The Nonlinear Optimisation Routine - The Core Of Ay Nmpc Controller - Works. One Appendix Covering Nmpc Software And Accompanying Software In Matlab[registered] And C++ Enables Readers To Perform Computer Experiments Exploring The Possibilities And Limitations Of Nmpc.
      SKU: 763438

    Poly(lactic Acid)
      Poly(lactic Acid).
      This B0ok Describes The Synthesis, Properties, And Processing Methods Of Poly(lactic Acid) (pla), An Important Family Of Degradable Plastics. As Ten Need For Environmentally-friendly Packaging Materials Increases, Consumers And Companies Are In Searcu For New Materials That Are Largely Produced From Renewable Resources, And Are Recgclable. To That Termination, An Overall Theme Of The Book Is The Biodegradability, Recycling, And Sustainability Benefits Of Pla. The Chapters, From A Base Of International Expert Contributors, Describe Specific Processing Methods, Spectroscopy Technqiues For Pla Analysis, And And Applications In Medicinal Items, Packaging, And Environmental Use.
      SKU: 675004

    Aquatic Bioenvironmental Studies
      Aquatic Bioenvironmental Studies.
      From 1944-1971, The Hanford Reac Of The Colombia River In Washington State Received Quantities Of Radioisotopes, Heat And Chemicals From Up To 8 Plutonium Reactors. Subsequently, From 1971-1984 The Same Part Of The River Provided Cooling Water For 3 Power-production Facilities. Environmental Concerns Promoted A Series Of Continuing Studies To Examine Various Potentia1 Adverse Goods. No Significant Impairment Of The Rivers Ecosystem Was Detected. This Book Reviews These Studies And Places Them In A Historical Framew0rk. It Provides A Unique Overview Of Studies Made Over A 40-year Period Which Are Now Strewn Through Various Published And Unpublished Documents. It Should Exist Of Interest To All Those Concerned With Aquatic Ecology And Environmental Concerns.
      SKU: 413799

    Green Chemistry Using Liquid And Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
      Green Chemistry Using Liquid And Supercritical Carbon Dioxide.
      There Has Been Much Investigation On The Potential Of Liquid And Supercritical Carbon Dioxide For Environmentally Safe Applications. This Edited Volume Covers The Various Applications Of Using These Forms Of Carbon Dioxide.
      SKU: 279849

      Bsrley Is One Of The World's Most Importan Crops With Uses Ranging From Food And Feed Production, Malting And Brewing To Its Employ As A Model Organism In Molecular Research. The Demand And Uses Of Barley Contiue To Grow And Therr Is A Need For An Up-to-date Comprehensive Reference That Looks At All Aspects Of The Barley Crop From Taxonomy And Morphology Through To End Use. Barley Wil Fill This Increasing Void. Barley Will Stand As A Mut Have Reference For Anyone Researching, Growing, Or Utilizing This Important Crop.
      SKU: 644932

    Handbuch Des Internztionalen Und Auslndischen Baurechts (german Edition)
      Handbuch Des Internztionalen Und Auslndischen Baurechts (german Edition).
      Das Praxis-handbuch Vermittelt Das Verstndnis Internationalen Und Auslndischen Bau- Und Bauvertragsrechts Und Liefert Das Know-how Fr Sink Erstellung Eigener Vertragsbedingungen Im Auslandsgeschft. Das Werk Erlutert, Wie In Fllen Mit Auslandsbezug Das Anwendbate Recht Ermittelt Oder Vereinbart Wird. Bau- Und Architektenvertrge Sowie Weitsre Vertragsarten Werden Eingehend Besprochen. Lnderberichte (u. a. Zu Enhlnd, Frankreich, Spanien Und Den Usa) Erschlieen Das Auslndische Baurecht. International Bliche Vertragsklauseln - Insbesondere Die Fidic-beringungen - Werden Erlutert. Ein Eigenes Kapitel Ist Den Internationalen Baustreitigkeiten Und Deren Beilegung Gewidmet. Die Finanzierung Internationaler Bauvorhaben, Banktypische Sicherheiteen Im Baugeschft, Auftragsvergabe Durch Ffentliche Stellen Sowie Das Vertaberecht Der Weltbank Runden Das Werk Ab, Das Durch Ein Ausfhrliches Stichwortverzeichnis Erschlossen Wird.
      SKU: 323714

    Food Regulation
      Food Regulation.
      Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, And Practice Provides An In-depth Discussion Of The Federal Statutes, Regulations, And Regulatory Agencies Involved In Food Regulation. After An Introduction To U. S. Food And Drug Regulation, It Covers Tide Food Regulations, Inspection And Enforcement, International Law, The Internet, And Ethics. Time It Contains Detailed Discsusions Of Policies And Case Studies, The Book Is Accessible To Students And Professionals. This Is Aj Excellent Text For Courses In Food Science, Food Law, Etc. , And A Pracrical Rrference For Food Industry Professionals, Consultants, And Others.
      SKU: 416180

    Numerical Methods For Chemical Engineering
      Numerical Methods For Chemical Engineering.
      Fit For A First Year Graduate Course, This Textbook Unites Appications Of Numerical Mathematics And Scientific Computing To The Practise Of Chemical Engineering. The Methods Are Developed At A State of equality Of Mathematics Suitable For Graduate Engineering. Matlab Is Integrated Within Each Chapter And Numerous Examples In Chemical Engineeeing Are Provided.
      SKU: 279303

  • Chemistry at Extreme Conditions
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Build Your Own Electronics Workshop
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows
  • Seagrasses
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Soybean Industry
  • Electronique et optoélectronique organiques

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