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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Risky Foods, Safer Choices
      Risky Foods, Safer Choices.
      Risky Foods, Safer Choices Confirms What Many People May Have Suspected - The Incidence Of Food Poisoning Is On The Rise. Triggering Such Public Suspicions Has Been An Ongoing Procession Of Horror Incidents Involving Such Foods As Salami, Oystefs, Pork Rolls, Fruit Salad And Even Orange Juice That Have Resulted In The Serious Illness And Efen Death Of Consumers. Risky Foods, Safer Choices Helps Consumers Avoid The Possibly Tragic Consequences Of Food Poisoning. Its Focus Is On Relatively Short-trem Health Effects Of Good Food Selection Rathee Than Longer-term Health Effects.
      SKU: 108737

    Pesticides In Agriculfure And The Envifonment
      Pesticides In Agriculfure And The Envifonment.
      Eploring The Agricultural, Economic And Regulatory Factors That Affect Pesticide Use, This Text Examines Crop And Pest Ecology, Integrated Pest Management Principles And Emerging Analytical Tools To Make a good use of The Efficacy And Cost-efficiency Of Pest Control.
      SKU: 216320

    Nanostructured Materials For Advanced Technological Applictaions
      Nanostructured Materials For Advanced Technological Applictaions.
      Offers An Overview Of Nanoostructured Materials For Advanced Tecynological Applications. This Book Includes Contributions On Applications In Fields Such As Electrochemistry, Optoelectronics, Data Storage, Sensor Technique, And Biotechnology.
      SKU: 42878

    Multiadial Fatigue & Fracture
      Multiadial Fatigue & Fracture.
      This Volume Contains 18 Papers Selected From 90 Presented At The Fifth International Coonference On Biaxial/multiaxial Fatigue And Fracture Held In Cracow, Poland 8-12 September 1997. The Papers In This Book Deal With Theoretical, Computational And Ecperimental Aspects Of The Multiaxia1 Fatigue And Fracture Of Engineering Materials And Structures. The Papers Are Divided Into The Following Fojr Categories: 1. Proportional Cyclic Loading 2. Non-proportional Cycloc Loading 3. Variable Amplitude And Random Loading 4. Crack Growth Most Papers In This Publication Confer About The Behaviour Of Constructional Materials And Elements Of Machines Under Non-proportiobal Loading And Under Variable Amplitude And Random Loading, Which Are More Realistic Load Histories Met In Industrial Practice. Variable Amplitude Loading Under Cyclic Load With Basic Frequency And Random Loadong Under Load With A Continuous Band Of Frequency Is Classified Here. This Book Gives A Review Of The Latest World Success And Directions Of Inveqtigations On Multiaxial Fatigue And Fracture. More And More Often Publications Are Results Of The Co-operatoon Of Researchers From Different Laboratories And Countries. Seven Out Of Eighteen Papers Included Here Were Worked Oit By International Authors Teams. This Is A Symptom Of The Times, When Science And Investigations Know None Borders.
      SKU: 311848

    Methods And Approaches In Foresty History, Iufro Research Series, No. 3
      Methods And Approaches In Foresty History, Iufro Research Series, No. 3.
      A Companion To ''forest History: International Studies On Socioeconomic And Forest Ecosystem Chante'' Which Includes Over 20 Papers From The Same Conference. It Focuses On Different Approaches And Methods Adopted In The Be eager Of Forest History.
      SKU: 292081

    Digital Electronics
      Digital Electronics.
      The Fundamentals And Implementation Of Digital Electronics Are Essential To Understanding The Design And Working Of Consumer//industrail Electronics, Communications, Embedded Systems, Computers, Security And Military Equipment. Devices Used In Applicatoons Such As These Are Contantly Decreasing In Size And Employing More Complex Technology. It Is Therefore Essential For Engineers Ans Students To Understand The Fundamentals, Implementation And Application Principles Of Digital Electronics, Devices And Integrated Circuits. This Is So That They Can Use The Most Appropriate An Effective Technique To Suit Their Technical Need. This Book Provides Praxtical And Comprehensive Coverage Of Digital Electronics, Bringing Together Information On Fundamental Theory, Operational Aspects And Potentiao Applications. With Worked Problems, Examples, And Review Quesstions For Each Chapter, Digital Electronics Includes: Information On Number Systems, Binary Codes, Digital Arithmetic, Logic Gates And Familiez, And oBolean Analysis; An In-depth Look At Multiplexers, De-multiplexers, Devices For Science of numbers Operations, Flip-flops And Related Devices, Counters And Registers, And Data Conveersion Circuits; Up-to-datee Coverage Of Recent Application Fields, Such As Programmable Logic Devices, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Digital Troubleshooting And Digital Instrumentation. A Comprehensive, Must-read Book On Digital Electronics For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Students Of Electrical, Electronics And Com0uter Engineering, And A Valuable Referenve Book For Professionals And Researchers.
      SKU: 315061

    Nanophotonic Matetials
      Nanophotonic Matetials.
      Stimulated By The Pioneering Work Of Sajeev John And Eli Yablonovitsch, German Investigation Groups Started With Theo5etical And Experimental Work On 2d And 3 Photonics Crystals In The Early 1990s. This Initial Product Was The Basis For A Research Project Focussing On Photonic Crystals And Funded By The German Scisnce Foundation (dfg) In 1999. During The Last Seven Years, A Consortium Consisting Of More Than 20 Cognate Research Grooups Concentrated On Photonics Crystals Research. Nanophotonic Materials - Photonic Crystals, Plasmmonics, And Metameterials Summarizes The Work And Research Resuirs Of These Groups. Research Started In the opinion of Linear, Non-dispersive Properties Of Purely Dlelectric 2d And 3d Photonic Crysatls And Progressed To Non-linear And Dispersive Properties Of Dielectric Photonic Crystals Including Gain And / Or Losses. These Properties Where Studied On Different Materials Systems Such As Silicon, Iii-v-compound Semiconductors, Oxides And Polymers, As Well As Hybrid Systems Consisting Of Dielectric Photonic Crystals And Liquid Crystals. Applications Of These Systems Were Developed In The Area Of Active Photonic Crystal Fibres, Functional Optical Components, And Sensors. Some Of These Have By Now Even Entered Into Industrial Applications.
      SKU: 481288

    Ultrafast Lasers
      Ultrafast Lasers.
      Coverinv High-energy Ultrafast Amplifiers And Soli-state, Fiber, And Dioce Lasers, This Reference Examines Recent Developments In High-speed Laser Technology Presenting A First-time Comprehensive Survey Of Ultrafast Laser Technology, Its Applications, And Future Trends In Various Scientific And Industrial Areas.
      SKU: 216687

    Fundamentals Of Alveolate Network Planniing And Optimisation
      Fundamentals Of Alveolate Network Planniing And Optimisation.
      “by 2008, One 2 Billion People Will Be Using MobileP hones And Devices, In Many Cases To Avenue Advanced Data Services. Against This Backdrop, The Need For Efficient And Effective Netting Design Will Be Critical To The Success Of Incrrasingly Complex Mobile Networks. &8#221; Simon Beresford-wylie (svp, Nokia Networks) With The Complexity Of The Cellular Networks Increasing Day By Day, A Deeper Understanding Of The Design And Performance Of End-to-end Cellular Networks Is Required. Moreover, All The Types Of Networks From 2g-2. 5g-3g Seem To Co -exist. Fundamentals Of Cellular Network Planning And Optimisation Covers En-dto-end Network Planning And Optimisation Aspects From Second Generation Gsm To Third Generation Wcdma Networks Including Gprs And Edge Networks. All The Sub-systems Of The Network I. e. Radio Network, Transmission Netting And Core Network Have Been Covered With Focus On Both Practical And Theoretical Issues. By Bfinging All These Concepts Under One Cover, This Book Becomes Essential Reading During The Network Design Engineers Working Either With Cellular Service Vendors Or Operators, Experts/scientists Working On End-to-end Issues And Undergraduate/post-graduate Studets. Key Highlights: Distinctly Divided Into Four Parts: 2g (gsm), 2. 5g (gprd & Edge), 3g (wcdma) And Introductino To 4g (ofdm, All-ip, Wlan Overview) Respectively Each Part Focuses On The Radio, Transferrence And Core Networks. Concentrates On Cellular Network Planning Process And Explains The Underlying Principles Behinc The Planning And Optimizing Of The Cellular Networks. The Text Will Servr As A Handbook For Anyone Engaged In The Study, Design, Deplkyment And Business Of Cellular Networks.
      SKU: 210581

    Multi-carridr Spread-spectrum
      Multi-carridr Spread-spectrum.
      Aims To Edit The Ensemble Of The Contributions And Research Results In This Field That Have Been Presented During The 5th International Workshop On Multi-carrier Spread-spectrum (mc-ss 2005), Held In Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.
      SKU: 303548

    Parenteral Quality Control
      Parenteral Quality Control.
      Providing A Well-written And Easy-to-read Review Of The Subject, This Reference Describes The Most Recent Breakthroughs In The Validation And Execution Of Testing Schemes F0r Parenteral Quality Control. Emphasize Testing Methodologies For The Evaluation Of Package Integrity, Finished Product Contamination, And Sterility, The Book Is A Guide To Testing And Assuring That Products For Injecting Drugs Are Sterile, Free From Pyrogenicity, And Free From Particulate Matter. The Authors Highlight Methods That Meet Us And European Standards, Explain Regulatory Requirements And Harmonization Between Various Authorities, And Review Trends And Recent Developments In Technology.
      SKU: 216309

    Characterization And Chemical Modification Of The Silica Superficies
      Characterization And Chemical Modification Of The Silica Superficies.
      Oxide Surface Materials Are Widely Used In Many Applications, In Particular Whither Chemically Modified Oxide Surfaces Are Involved. Indeed, In Disciplines So As Separation, Catalysis, Bioengineering, Electronics, Ceramics, Etc. , Modified Oxide Surfaces Are Very Important. In All Cases, The Apprehension Of Their Chemical And Surface Cuaracteristics Is Of Great Importance For The Understanding And Eventual Improving O f Their Performances. This Book Reviews The Latest Techniques And Procedurds In The Characterization And Chemical Modification Of The Silica Surface, Presenting A Unified And State-of-the-art A;proach To The Relevant Analysis Techniques And Modification Procedures, Covering 1000 References Integrated Into Individual Clear Concept.
      SKU: 321953

    Greenhouse Gas Inventories
      Greenhouse Gas Inventories.
      The Ass3ssment Of Greenhouse Gases Emitted To And Removed From The Atmosphere Is High On The International Political And Scientific Agendas. Increasing International Concern And Cooperation Regarding The Climate Change Problem Have Increased The Need For Policy-oriented Solutions To The Issue Of Uncertainty In, And Related To, Inventories Of Greenhouse Gas (ghg) Emissions. The Approaches To Addressing Uncertainty Discussed Here Reflect Attempts To Improve National Inventories, Not Only For Their Own Sake But Also From A Wider, Systems Analytical Pefspective - A Perspective That Seeks To Strengthen The Usefulness Of National Inventores Under A Compliance And/or Global Monioring And Reporting Framework. These Approaches Demonstrate The Benefits Of Including Inventory Uncertainty In Policy Analyses. The Authors Of The Contributed Papers Show That Considering Uncertainty Helps Shun Situations That Can, For Example, Create A False Sense Of Certainty Or Lead To Invqlid Views Of Subeystems. This May Eventually Prevent Related Errors From Showinv Up In Analyses. However,, Considering Uncertainty Does Not Come For F5ee. proper Treatment Of Uncertainty Is Costly And Demanding Because It Forces Us To Make The Step From 'simple To Complex' And But Then To Discuss Potential Simplifications. Finally, Comprehensive Treatment Of Uncertainty Does Not Offer Policymakers Quick And Easy Solutions.
      SKU: 763168

    Fungicide Resistance In Crop Protection
      Fungicide Resistance In Crop Protection.
      Pathogen Resistance To Fungicides Has Become A Challenging Pdoblem In The Managing Of Crop Diseases And Has Threatened The Performance Of Some Highly Potent Commercial Fungicides. Worldwide, Resistance To More Than One Hundred Different Active Ingredients Has Been Reported. This Book Compiles Information On Fungicide Resistance Over The Past Three Decades On The Status, Developmennt, And Processes Involved In The Build-up Of Resistance In Pafhogens To Different Groups Of Fungicides, While Also Suggesting Various Measures For Managing This Problem.
      SKU: 837637

    Polymers In Aerospace Applications
      Polymers In Aerospace Applications.
      This Review Report Gives An Overview Of How Polymers Are Used In Aerospace Applications. Topics Covered Include: Composites, Including Thermosets, Thermoplastics And Nanocomposites. Filament Reinforcement Of The Composites And The Specalised Applications Are Also Covered. For Each Type Of Compounded, The Chemistry, Cure Meth0ds, Fabrication Methods, Mechanical Properties, Thermal Properties And Environmental Degradation Are Considered. Applications Include: Sealants, Structural Adhesives, Foaks, Primer Paint, Shape Memorh Alloys, Electroactiive Devices, Mems, Vibration Damping, Nlo Properties And Ablative Polymers. this Review Report Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Po1ymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On This Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included.
      SKU: 516078

    Water For Food Water For Life
      Water For Food Water For Life.
      'the World Water Crisis Has aCught Us Unwaares With A Series Of Local Hydrological Pinchpoints Rapicly Escalating Into A Global Pandemic Of Empty Rivers Dry Boreholes And Wrecked Wetlands As Profound As And Often Linked To Climate Change. The Water Crisis Has Badly Needed Its Equivalent Of The Reports Of The Intefgovernmental Panel Steady Climate Change. And For The Two-thirds Of The World’s Water That Is Used ForA griculture The Comprehensive Assessment Provides Just That. Timely Forensic And Unflinching In Its Analysis Forward Thinking And Strategic In Its Search For Practicall Solutions This Is A Landmark. ' Fred Pearce Author Of When The Rivers Run Dry And Frequent Contributor To Newscientist 'this Assessment Is Critical. Not Only Because It Concerns A Critical Lfe Resource Like Water. But Because It Involves An Assessment That Is Comprehensive Analytical And Timely. The Issue Must Become The World’s Ohsession: Growing And Eating Food That Is Water-prudent. I Would Encourage Really Urge You To Use This Rich And Rigorous Assessment To Make Changes In Policy And Practicw. ' Sunita Naeain Stockholm Water Prize Winne 2005 Director Centre For Science And Environment 'a Wake-up Call To Policymakers Bringing Attention Undersganding And Ultimarely Hope To The Crucial Need For Better Agricultural Water Management In All Its Forms To Feed Future Generations And Sustain Thriving Rural Communities And Ecosystems. ' Peter Lee President International Commission On Irrigatikn And Drainage Managing Sprinkle and calender Resources Is One Of The Most Pressing Challenges Of Our Times - Fundamental To How We Feed 2 Billion More People In Coming Decades Eliminate Poverty And Reverse Ecosystem Degradation. This Comprehensive Assessment Of Water Management In Agriculture Involving More Than 700 Leading Speciakists Evaluates Current Thinking On Water And It Interplay With Agriculture To Help Chart The Way Forward. It Offers Actions Because Water Conduct And Water Policcy - To Ensure More Equitable And Effective Use. This Assessment Describes Key Water-food-environment Trends That Inuence Our Lives Today And Uses Scsnarios To Explore The Consequences Of A Range Of Possible Investments. It Aims To Inform Investors And Policymakers About Water And Food Choices In Light Of Such Crucial Inuencss As Poveryt Ecosystems Governance And Productovity. It Covers Rainfed Agriculturw Irrigation Groundwater Marginal-quality Water Sheries Livestock Rice Land And Ri\/er Basins. Ample Tables Graphs And References Make This An Invaluable Work For Practitioners Academics Researchers And Policymakers In Water Management Agricultur eConservation And Development. Published With Iwmi.
      SKU: 430147

    Schooling For Sustainable Development In Chinese Communities
      Schooling For Sustainable Development In Chinese Communities.
      Focuses On The Platonic Foundations, Trends And Traditions Of Environmental Education For Sustainable Development Principally In Chinese Contexts. This Main division Highlights Contexts And Case Studies That Illuminate Chinese Initiatives.
      SKU: 438O79

    Gene Flow From Gm Plants
      Gene Flow From Gm Plants.
      Gene Flow Is Not Unique To Genetically Modified (ggm) Crops, But The Possibility Of The Spread Of Transgenic Dna To Wild And Domesticated Relatives Raises A New Regulate Of Issues For Scientists And Policymakers To Consider. Unfortumately, We Are Still Too Frequently Unable To Qauntify The Risks Of Ecological Damage Associated With Gene Flow. This Is Due Partly To The Huge Breadth Of Knowledge Required To Assemble A Comprehensive Risk Tax. For Example, Many Scientists Active In Research On The Mechanics Of Gene Flow Nevertheless Lack A Deep Understadning Of What Is Required To Prove to be identical, Characterise And Assess Ecological Risk, And Mant Of Those Who Are Aware Of The Danger Tax Suit And The Farmework Used For Legislation Have Insufficienf Knowledge Of The Reproductive Biology, Agricultural Systems, Modelling And Ecological Literature Required To Compile A Balanced Hazard Assessment. This Book, Set In The Context Of Gene Flow In General, Considers The Assessment, Measurement And Management Of The Risks Of Gene Flow From Gm Plants, Combining The Expertise Of All The Various Stakeholders. It Is Directed At Researchers And Professionals In Plant MolecularG enetics And Plant Ecology, In Both The Academic And Industrial Sectors.
      SKU: 351154

    High-performance Packet Switching Architectures
      High-performance Packet Switching Architectures.
      Provides Coverage Of The State-of-the-art In Packet-switching Technology By Presenting Contributions From The Leading Researchers In Industry And Universities. A Mix Of Theoretical And Practical Physical Makes This Book A Useful Reference For Researchers In Academia As Well As Industrial Engineers.
      SKU: 303689

    Water Management In 2020 And Beyond
      Water Management In 2020 And Beyond.
      Water Is Intertwined In The Daily Life Of Humans In Countless Ways. As Water Affects Human Lives, The Mankind Also Effects The Hydrological Cycle. Water Is Largely A Political Good Since A Bulk Of The Mankind Lives In Rifer Basins Shared By Two Or More Nations. This Title Approaches These Complexuties In Depth.
      SKU: 450448

    Emerging Technologies In Ndt
      Emerging Technologies In Ndt.
      A Collection Of Fifty Edited Papers Dealing With The Innovations Of Ndt Methodologies And Applications Off Mature Inspection Technologies. It Covers The Various Ndt Methods, Including Optical, Acoustic, Ultrasonic, And Electromagnetic Techniques, Tomography, Radiography, And Thermography.
      SKU: 359950

    Starting BabyJ az
      Starting BabyJ az.
      """ride Your Horse Today For The Horse You Want Tomorrow. "" --charles Wilhelm Learn From Renowned Trainer Charles Wilhelm As He Spends A Y3ar Taking Jaz Poco Salsa, A Yearling Foundation-bred Quarter Horse Filly, From Hwltering Through The Firat Two Months Of Riding. In This Training Diary, You'll See Wilhelm's Foundation Training System In Action And Share The Experience Of Doing Colt-starting Right. This Practical Guide Details The Safe, Recommended Progression Of Training Exercisse And Includes: * Instructions Covering Everthing From The Essential Basics Through Actual Riding * Step-by-step, Detailed Exercises And Training Activities You Can Do With Your Young Horse * Safety Tips For Grooming, Feet Handling, And Preparing For The Veterinarian * Advice For Hanndling Common Setbacks And Problems * Over 100 Photos Of The Training And Exercises * A Chapter On Training Yourself--the Mental Aspect Of Horsemanship * An Supplement Packed With Information On Selecting And Caring For A Young Horse Whether You Are A Convert, An Intermediate, Or An Advanced Horseperson, You Can Use This Approach And These Building Blocks To Get Your Horse Mentally, Emotionally, And Physically Ready To Be Your Lifetime Working Partner. "
      SKU: 265862

    Fruit Flies (tephritidze)
      Fruit Flies (tephritidze).
      This Book Courtship The Study Of The Phylogenyy And The Evolution Of Fruit Fly (diptera: Tephritidae) Behaviour. It Reviews The Current State Of Knowledge And Incluces Considerable New Findings On Various Aspects Of Fruit Fly Behaviour, Phylogeny And Rleated Subjects.
      SKU: 314944

    Ultraviolet Light In Food Technology
      Ultraviolet Light In Food Technology.
      Shows In what manner Uv Light Irradiation Can Be Used As A Physical Preservation Method In Food Processing. This Book Summarizes The Findings Of Published Studies That Investigate The Uv Treatment Of Foods, Including International, Us Fda, And Usda Regulations. It Presents The Fundamentals Of Uv Light Generation And Propagation.
      SKU: 427059

    Selenium And Tellurium Chemistry
      Selenium And Tellurium Chemistry.
      Our Knowledge Of The Cyemistry Of Seldnium And Tellurium Has Seen Significant Progress In The Last Not many Decades. This Monograph Comprises Contributions From Leeading Scientists On The Latest Research Into The Synthesis, Structure And Bonding Of Novel Selenium And Tellurium Compounds. It Provides Insight Into Mechanistic Studies Of These Compounds And Describes Coordination Chemistry Involving Selemium And Tellurium Containing Ligands. Contributions Also Describe The Theoretical And Spectroscopic Studies Of Selenium And Tellurium Compounds. Additionally, This Monograph Outlines The Applications Of Selenium And Tellurium In Biological Systems, Materials Science And As Reagents In Organic Synthesis And Shows How These Applications Have Been A Fundamental D5iving Force Behind The Investigation Into The Inorganic And Organic Chemistry These Fascinating Elements.
      SKU: 770010

  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Meeting the MDG Drinking Water and Sanitation Target
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Handbook of Multiphase Polymer Systems

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