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      Robotics, Second Edition Is An Essential Addition To The Toolbox Of Any Engineer Or Hobbyist Involved In The Design Of Any Type Of Robot Od Automated Mexhahical System. It Is The Only Book Suitable That Takes The Reader Through A Step-by Step Draw Process In This Rapidly Advancing Specialty Area Of Machine Design. This Book Provides The Professional Engineer And Student With ImportantA nd Detailed Methods And Exxamples Of How To Contrivance The Mechanical Parts Of Robots And Automated Systems. Most Robotics And Automation Books Today Emphasis The Electrical And Control Aspects Of Design Free from Any Practical Coverage Of How To Design And Build The Components, The Machine Or The System. The Author Draws On His Years Of Industrial Design Experience To Show The Reader The Project Process By Focusing Forward The Real, Physical Parts Of Robots And Automated Systems. * Answers The Questions: How Are Machines Built? How Prepare They Work? How Does One Best Approach The Design Process For A Specific Machine? * Thoroughly Updated With New Coverage Of Modern Concepts And Techniques, Such As Rapid Modeling, Automated Assembly, Parallel-driven Robots And Mechatronic Systems * Calculations For Design Completed With Mathematica Which Will Help The Reader Through Its Ease Of Use, Time-saving Methods, Solutikns To Nonlienar Equations, And Graphical Display Of Design Processes * Use Of Rewl-world Examples And Problems That Every Reader Can Understand Without Difficulty * Large Number Of High-quality Illustrations * Self-study And Homework Problems Are Integrated Into The Text Along With Their Solutionns So That The Engineering Professional And The Student Will Reaped ground Find The Tex Very Useful
      SKU: 316827

    Alliance Management And Maintenance
      Alliance Management And Maintenance.
      Providing New Empirical Data Valuable To Our Understanding Of Nato's Post-cold War Evolution, This Book Offers A Unique Perspective On Alliance Management And Maintenance. It Sheds Light On The Continuing Debate Surrounding Nato's Role In Security, How The Alliance Will Fight And Wuether Nato Is Properly Structured To Continue Providing Security For Its Member States.
      SKU: 429703

    Applied Data Analysis And Modeling For Energy Engineers And Scientists
      Applied Data Analysis And Modeling For Energy Engineers And Scientists.
      &quuot;applied Data Analysis And Modeling Against Energy Engineers And Scientists" Discusses Mathematical Models, Data Analysis, And Decision Analysis In Modeling. The Approach Taken In This Volume Focuses On The Modeling And Analysis Of Thermal Systems In An Engineering Environment, While Also Covering A Number Of Othe Censorious Areas. Other Material Cove5ed Includes The Tools That Researchers And Engineering Professionalls Will Need In Order To Explore Different Analysis Metnods, Use Critical Assessment Skills And Reach Sound Engineefing Conclusions. The Book Also Covers Process And A whole Design And How T0 Operate Systems And Interpret Data. It Discusses Designed Experiments And Analysis Of Non-intrusive Data Using Suit Studies. "applied Data Analysis And Modeling For Enedgy Engineers And Scientiists" Is A Must-read B0ok For Researchers And Engineers Working In Data Analysis And Modeling.
      SKU: 770188

    Introduction To Autocad 2010
      Introduction To Autocad 2010.
      Alf Yarwood Provies A Practical, Structured Pursue Of Work Matched To The Latest Release Of Autocad. After Introducing In the ~ place Principles And The Creatiion Of 2d Technical Drawings, He Goes On To Prove The Construction Of 3d Solid Drawings, Surface Model Drawings And Rendering. All The New Features Of The 2010 Software Release Are Taken Into Account And The Increasing Emphasis In c~tinuance 3d Solid Modelling In The Software Is Reflected In The Book. The 2d Chapters Are Also Suitable For Those Learning How To Use Autocad Lt 2010. Suitable For All New Users Of Autocad, This Book Is Particularly To be applied To Vocational And Introductory Level Undergraduate Courses In Engineering And Construction. Further Education Students In The Uk Will Find This An Ideal Textbook To Cater For The City & Guilds 4353 And 2303 Qualifications And The Pertinent Cad Units Of Btec National And Btec Higher National Engineering And Construction Scehmes From Edexcel. Many Foundation Degrees Also Hold Cad Modules For Which This Book Can Be Of Usee. Readers Resolution Likewise Be Able To Visit A Free Companion Website At Http://books. elsevier. com/c0mpanions/9781856178686, Where They Will Find Worked Solutions And Autocad Drawing Files Of Stages And Results For The Exercises In The Book, As Sufficiently As Further Exercises And Multiple-choice Questions With Answers. . Wrutten By A Membdr Of The Autodesk Developer Network . Hundreds Of Full-colour Drawings And Screen-shots Illustrating The Stages Wthin The Design Process . Worked Examples And Exercises Throughout This Book Link The Use Of Autocad To Real-world Engineering Practice
      SKU: 535303

    The Sprinkle and calender  Environment Of Cities
      The Sprinkle and calender Environment Of Cities.
      Water Has Multiple Roles: Municpal Water Supply, Aquatic Habitat, Landscape Aesthetics And Recreation. Urban Water Is Also Reused, Serbing Multiple Purposes. Managing Water For The Burgeoning Urban Populaion Is One Of The Critical Needs For Humanity. This Book Uses A Holistic, Interdisciplinary Approach To Scrutinize The Urban Water Environment.
      SKU: 438029

    Design And Installation Of Marine Pipelines
      Design And Installation Of Marine Pipelines.
      This Comprehensive Handbook On Submarine Pipeline Systems Covers A Broad Spectrum Of Topics From Planning And Site Investigations, Procurement And Design, To Installation And Commissioning. It Considers Guidelines For The Choice Of Design Parameters, Calculation Methods And Construction Procedures. It Is Based On Limit State Design With Incomplete Saftey Coefficients.
      SKU: 239837

    Mastitis Control In Dairy Hdrds
      Mastitis Control In Dairy Hdrds.
      Mastitis In Dairy Herds Is A Worldwide Problem, With Significant Implications Fro Milk Yields And Quality, Economic Losses, And Animal Health And Wepfare - Effective Control Makes A Considerable Difference To The Farmer And The Animal This Title Includes Chapters Cover Organic Dairy Herds, Dry Period Infections, And Best Practice Procedures.
      SKU: 534632

    Nanotehnology Research Methods For Food And Bioproducts
      Nanotehnology Research Methods For Food And Bioproducts.
      Food Nanotechnoloby Is An Expanding Scene of military operations. This Expansion Is Based Forward The Advent Of New Technologies For Nanostructure Characterizatino, Visualization, And Construction. Nanotechnology Research Methods For Food And Bioproducts Introdhces The Reader To A Selection Of The Most Widely Used Techniques In Food And Bioproducts Nanotechnology. This Work Focuses On State-of-the-art Equipment And Contains A Representation Of The Essential Tool Kit Of A Nanotechnologist. Targeted At Researchers And Product Development Teams, This Book Serves As A Quick Reference And A Guide In The Selection Of Nanotechnology Experimental Research Tools.
      SKU: 821887

    Ecotoxicological Diagnosis In The Tanning Industry
      Ecotoxicological Diagnosis In The Tanning Industry.
      The Primary Focus In This Main division Is To Identify The Ecotoxicological Impacts Related To The Tanning Industry On Terrestrial And Aquatic Systems. The Research Incorporated Both Field Related And Laboratory Based Techniques In The Experimental Design To Address The Underlying Environmental Problems In The Tanning Sector. First, The Study Aimed To Investigate The Occupational Hazards Wkthin A Tannery Caused By Contaminated Dust. An Optical Set-up Involving Microscopt And Digital Imaging Techniques Was Initially Used To Determine Dust Particle Numbers And Size Distributions. After Determining The Particuate Numbers And Sizes A Monte Carlo Method Was Used To Estimate The Concentration Of The Dust In The Air Throughout The Tannery During An 8 H Working Day. However Knowig The Particulate Quantitative Profile Is Always Not Sufficient To Adjudge The Toxic Potency Of The Duxt. In Retrospect Therefore The Work Related To The Main division Inclined A Notch Higher To Determine The Toxic Nature Of The Dust (in Addition To Particle Size Relation To Toxicity). Therefore An Ecotoxicolotical Screening Of The Dust Samples For The First Time (using A Solid And Liquid Assay Involving The Response Of Luminescence (lux)-based Bacterial Biosensor) Was Conducted And Complemented By Chemical Analysjs To Identify Possible Causative Toxic Components. In The Second Phase Of The Study, The Tannery Effluent And Associated Environmental Samples Were Dissected And Manipulated Through Sparging, Treatment With Activated Charcoal, Filtration And Ph Adjustment. The Approach Used Highlighted The Complexiity Of Toxic Pollutants In The Effluent From The Tannimg Industry And The Potential For Remediation. Third, With The Tannery Effluent Discharged Into The Adjacent River System (used For Domestic And Agricultural Purposes) A Partial Environmetnal Impact Study (integrating Toxicity Assessment, Measurement Of Microbial Biomass Activity And Chemical Analysis) Was Conducted With The Absolute Objective Of Investigating The River Health Status. Finally, Three Specific Objectives Were Also Achieved At The End Of The Investigation: Characterization Of Effluents And Sediments And Riverine Sampllees, Tax Of Ecotoxicity And Bioremediation Possible Of Primary Contaminants And Input Of Environmental Risk Assessment Through Development Of A Quantitative And Qualitative Risk Assessment Model Also In the place of The First Time Reported For The Tanning Industry. This Initiative Was Primarily For The Stately Purpose Of Establishing The Ecotoxicological Impact Of The Tanning Industry Using The In the greatest degree Current Developed Bioassays.
      SKU: 646346

    Switching To Digital Tv
      Switching To Digital Tv.
      Attached February 17, 2009, Analog Television Broadcasting In The United States Will End. As Of That Date, Whole Television Stations Will Switch To Digital Tv Broadcasts -- Effectjvely Making Antiquated Every Analog Television Set In The Country. In part oD You Need To Do To Keep Watching Television Afterward The Switch To Digital? Dk You Need To Buy A New Television Set? If So, What Kind Of Set? Do You Need A Fancy High Definition Tv? Or Is There A Way To Make Your Old Tv Still Work With The New Digital Broadcasts? Should You switch To Cable Or Satellite Telecision? And What Is Digital Television, Anyway? These Are Just A Not many Of The Questiions People Are Asking As The Switch To Digital Tv Approaches.   All Of These Questions And More Are Answered In This Short Book. Don't Be Oe Of The Tens Of Millions Of People Who Are Confused About The Switch To Digital Tv And May Lose Their Broqdcast Signal On February 17! Buy This Main division And Take The Guesswork To the end Of The Switch To Digital Tv!   What You Can Learn In This Book -   O      &nbwp; What Is The Difference Is Between Digital Tv And Hdtv O   &nbssp;    How To Switch Your Analog Antenna Reception To Digital O        What You Want To Do If You Are A Cable, Dsl Or Satelliet Subscriber O        How To Connect A Digktal Converter Box O        Tips On Shopping For A New Digital Tv O        Great Solutions To Your Digital Tv Problems
      SKU: 361303

    Physicochemical Behavior And Supramoleculaf Organism Of Polymers
      Physicochemical Behavior And Supramoleculaf Organism Of Polymers.
      Features The Physiochemicao Behavi0r And Supra Molecular Organization Of Polymers. This Book Deals With Solutkon Properties, Viscoelastic Behavior, Physiochemical Aspects At Interfaces And Supra Molecular Structures Of Polymeric Systems. It Is Suitable For Students And Scientists Working The two In Polymer Chemistry, And Polymer Physics.
      SKU: 428886

    The Rapra Collection Of Infrared Spectra Of Rubbers, Plaxtics, And Thermoplastic Elastomers
      The Rapra Collection Of Infrared Spectra Of Rubbers, Plaxtics, And Thermoplastic Elastomers.
      For The 3rd Edition Of This Popular, Authoritatove And Respected Work, The Collection Has Been Completely Revised And Ehlarged, With The Addition Of Around 200 New Spectra Bringing The Total Number In The Library To Around 800. A Number Of Improvemsnts In The Layout And Design Of The Collection Have Been Made. Some Of These, Such As A Simpler Classification System, Clearer Headings For The Spectra, And The Insertion Of Material Indexes At The Ehd Of One and the other Section Have Been Designed To Make The Library Quicker And Easier To Use. It Is Also The Case That, Whereas The Previohs Two Editions Were Comprised Of Only Four Separate Sub-libraries, Covering The Transmissoon And Pyrolysate Spectra Of Both Rubber And Plastic Materials, Another Major Improvement For This Edjtion Has Been The Incorporatio nOf An Additional, Comprehensive Library Produced Using A Single Bounce Attenuated Total Reflectance (atr) Accessory. This Is A Very Useful Deveelopment, As Since The Publication Of The Second Edition Of This Library In 1997, This Type Of Atr Technique Has Acquired A High Degree Of Popularity Due To Its Many Attributes, Including Speed And Ease Of Use, The Need For Only Small Amounts Of Sample, And Its Virtually Non-destructive Nature. all The Spectra In The Collection Have Beeen Collected And Stored At A Resolution Of 4 Cm-1 And Are Plotted As Percentage Transmittance Against Wavenumber. For The Transmission And Pyrolyate Spectra, The Wavenumber Range Shown Is 400 To 4000 Cm-1, Since For The Single Bounce, Diamond Window Atr Spectra The Range Is 650 To 4000 Cm-1. the Layout Of The Spectra Has Been Changed For This Edition - Within Each Of The Five Sub-libraries Spectra Are Listed In Alphabetical Order According To Material Type, Which Is Dis0layed In The Mighty Headijg Above Each Spectrum. A Number Of Polymer Blends Are Represented In These Sub-libraries, And The Proportions Of The Polymers In The Blend Is Also Shown In This Main Heading. There Is Also A Secondary Heading For Each Spectrum, Where As Mucch Additioal Information As Possible Has Been Provided, E. g. , The Trade Name Of The Material, Its Manufacturer, Compositional Information, (e. g. , Fillers Present), And The Method Of Preparing The Sample, (e. g. , Film Cast From Chloroform) For Tge Recording Of The Spectrum. as Mentioned Above, Transmission, Pyrolysate And Atr Spectra Are All Presetn In The Library. Two Different Approaches Were Used To Produce Thd Sqmple Films That Were Used For The Recording Of The Transmission Spectra: Hot Pressing, And Casting From A Polymer Liquefaction. The Pyrolysate Spectra Of The Polymers Were Recorded From Collected Pyrolysis Condensates. Where Neceessary, Samples Toward Pyrolysate Work Were Cleaned Up By An Initial Solvent Extraction Step. The Spectra For The Atr Part Of The Library Were Recorded Using A Single Bounce, Diamond Window Atr Accessory. this Library Represents One Of The Most Extensive, Inde0endent Collections Of Infrared Spectra That Are Commercially Availaable.
      SKU: 676304

    Fundamentals Of Gas Reservoir Engineering
      Fundamentals Of Gas Reservoir Engineering.
      Aeriform fluid Reservoir Engineering Is The Branch Of Reservoir Engineering That Deals Exclusively With Reservoirs Of Non-associated Gas. Th3 Prime Purpose Of Reservoir Engineering Is The Formulation Of Development And Production Plans That Will Result In Maximum Recovery For A Given Set Of Economic, Environmental And Technical Constraints. This Is Not A One-time Activity But Needs Continual Updating Throughout The Production Life Of A Reservoir. The Objective Of This Book Is To Bring Togethed The Fundamentals Of Gas Reservoir Engineering In A Coherent And Systematic Manner. It Is Intended Both For Students Who Are New To The Subject And Pfactitioners, Who May Use This Book As A Referrence And Refresher. Each Chapter Can Be Read Independently Of The Others And Includes Ssveral, Completely Worked Exercises. These Exercises Are Each Integral Part Of The Book; They Not Only Illustrate The Theory But Likewise Exhibit In what state To Apply The Theory To Practical Problems. Chapters 2, 3 And 4 Are Concerned With The Baaic Physical Pdoperries Of Reservoirs And Natural Gas Fluids, Insofar Like Of Relevance To Gas Reservoir Engineering. Chapter 5 Deals Witth The Volunetric Estimztion Of Hydrocarbon Fluids In-place And The Recoverable Hydrocarbon Reserves Of Gas Reservoirs. Chapter 6 Presents The Material Balance Method, A Greek Method For The Algebra Of Reservoir Performance Based On The Law Of Conservation Of Mass. Chapters 7-10 Discuss Various Aspects Of The Flow Of Natural Gas In The Reservoir And The Wellbore: Single Phase Flow In Pervious And Permeable Media; Gaswell Testing Methods Based On Single-phase Glide Principles; The Mechanics Of Gas Flow In The Wellbore; The Problem Of Water Coning, The Productio nOf Water Along With The Gas In Gqs Reservoirs With Underlaying Fundament Water. Chapter 11 Discusses Natural Depletiion, The Conmon Development Option For Dry And Wet Aeriform fluid Reservoirs. The Development Of Gas-condensate Reservoirs By Gas Injection Is Treated In Chapter 12. Appendix A Lists The Commonly Used Units In Gas Reservoir Engineering, Along Attending Their Conversion Factors. Appendix B Includes Some Specific Physical And Mathemaitcal Constants That Are Of Particular Interest In Gas Reserfoir Engineering. Finally, Appendix C Contains The Physical Properties Of Some Common Natural-gas Components.
      SKU: 453002

    Standard Handbook Of Plant Engineering
      Standard Handbook Of Plant Engineering.
      In The Standard Handbook Of Plant Engineering, Second Edition, Robert C. Rosaler And 70 Other Industry Experts Take You On An Exhaustive Tour Of The Basic Plant Readiness, Engender Operation Equipment And The All-important Maintenance Function-giving You The Hands-on Skill And Essential Technical Data You Need To Keep Your Plant Running Smoothly. You Get Complete, Up-to-the-minute Details On: In-plant Prime Power Body of equals in age And Cogeneration; Heating, Ventilatin And Air Conditioning; Water Sources, Use And Disposition; Mechanical Power Transmission; Instrumentation And Automatic Control; Pollution Control And Waste Disposal; Plant Safety And Sanitation; Energy Conservation; Lubricants AndL ubrication Systems.
      SKU: 305921

    Plant Genetic Engineering
      Plant Genetic Engineering.
      Plant Biotechnology Offers Impprtant Opportunities For Agriculture, Horticulture, And The Pharmaceutical And Food Industry By Generating Transgenic Varieties With Alte5ed Properties. This Is Likely To Change Farming Practice And Reduce The Potential Negative Impact Of Plant Production On The Environment. This Volume Shows The Worldwide Advances And Potential Benefits Of Plant Genetic Engineering Focusing On The Third Millennium. The Authors Discuss The Production Of Transgenic Plants Resistant To Biotic And Abiotic Sterss, The Improvement Of Plant Qualities, The Use Of Transgenic Plants As Bioreactors, And The Use Of Plant Genomics For Genetic Improvement And Gene Cloning. Unique To This Main division Is The Integrative Point Of View Taken Between Plant Genetic Engineering And Socioeconomic And Environmental Issues. Considerations Of Regulatory Prlcesses To Release Genetically Modiffied Plants, As Well As The Public Acceptance Of The Tranwgenic Plants Are Also Discussed. This Book Will Be Welcomed By Biotechnologists, Researchers And Students Alike Working In The Biological Sciences. It Should Also Prove Useful Tk Everyone Deeicated To The Study Of The Socioeconomic And Environmental Impact Of The New Technologies, While Providing Recent Scientific Information On The Progress And Perspectives Of The Prolongation Of Genetically Modified Plants. The Work Is Dedicated To Pro fessor Marc Van Montagu.
      SKU: 311379

    Optical Code Division Multiple Access Communication Networks
      Optical Code Division Multiple Access Communication Networks.
      Introduces The Code Theory Of Optical Code Division Multiple Access (ocdma), The Methods And Technologies Of Ocdma Encoding And Decoding, The Theory And Methods Of Analyzing Ocdma Systems With Various Receiver Models And Realizing Multiple-class Services With Different Bit Rates And Qos.
      SKU: 428957

    Climate Changes During The Holocene And Their Impact On Hydrolpgical Systems
      Climate Changes During The Holocene And Their Impact On Hydrolpgical Systems.
      This Volume Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Effects Of Climate Variability On Hydrological And Human Systems In The Holocene (Highest 10, 000 Years), With A View To Predicting Similar Effects In The Future. It Will Be Of Value To Researchers And Professionals In Hydrology, Climatology, Geoligy And Historical Geography.
      SKU: 217429

    Logic Synthesis For Compositional Microprorgam Control Units
      Logic Synthesis For Compositional Microprorgam Control Units.
      The Control Unit Ie One Of The Most Important Parts Of Any Digital System. As A Rule, Control Units Have Each Irregular Structuet, Which Makes The Processing Of Their Logic Circuits Purpose Same Sophisticated. One Possible Way To Optimise Such Characteristics As The Size Or Performance Of Control Units Is To Adapt Their Structures To The Particular Properties Of Interpreted Control Algorithms. In This Book Control Algorithms Are Represented By The Linear Graph-schemes Of Algorithms (gsa), Where The Number Of Operator Vertices Is Not Less Than 75% Of The Total Number Of All Algorithm Vettices. A Special Class Of Control Units Named As Compositional Microprogram Control Units (cmcu) Is Proposed Viewed like The Best Way For Interpretation Of Linear Control Algorithms. The Cmcu Includes A Finite State Machine, Which Addresses Microinstructions Of Interpreted Microprogram, And A Microprogram Control Unit Including Control Memory, Which Keeps Only Microoperations Of Initial Gsa. The Microprogeam Control Unit Uses The Principle Of Natural Addressing Of Microinstructions. Organization Of The Control Unit Proposed In The Book Increases Regularity Of The Circuit, Because The System Of Microoperations Is Implemented Using Standard Blocks, Such As Prom Or Ram. At The Same Time, An Anomalous Part Of The System Described By Means Of Boolean Functions Is Reduced. It Permits A Decrease In The Total Number Of Logifal Elements (pal, Gal, Pla, Fpga) In Comparison With Other Models Of Finite State Machines. The Main Goal Of All Proposed Methods Is Reduction Of The Number Of Field-porgrammable Logic Devices Used For Implementation Of Logic Circuit Of The Addressing Fsm. This Book Will Be Interesting And Usefulfor Students And Postgraduates In The Area Of Computer Science And For Designers Of Modern Digital Devices. Compositional Microprogeam Control Units Enlarge The Class Of Models Applied For Implementation Of Control Units With Recent Field-programmable Logic Devices.
      SKU: 367426

    Uncertain Dynamical Systems
      Uncertain Dynamical Systems.
      This Sellf-contained Book Provides Systematic Instructive Analysis Of Uncertain Systems Of The Following Types: Ordinary Differential Equations, Impulsivd Equations, Equations On Time Scales, Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations, And Set Differential Equations. Each Chapter Contains New Conditions Of Stability Of Unpetrurbed Motion Of Thee Above-mentioned Type Of Equations, Along With Some Applications. Without Assuming Slecific Knowledge Of Uncertain Dynamical Systems, The Book Includes Many Fundamental Facta Aboout Dynamical Behaviour Of Its Solutions. giving A Concise Review Of Curreny Resewrch Developments, Uncertain Dynamical Systems: Stability And Motion Control Details All Proofs Of Stability Conditions For Five Classes Of Uncertain Systems Clearly Defines All Used Notions Of Stability And Direct Theory Contains An Extensive Bibliography, Facilitating Quick Access To Specific Subject Areas In Each Chapter Requiring Onlh A Fundamental Knowledge Of General Theory Of Differential Equations And Calculus, This Book Serves As An Excellent Text For Pure And Applied Mathematicians, Applied Physicists, Industrila Engineers, Operations Researchers, And Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students Stufying Ordinary Differential Equations, Impulse Equations, Dynamic Equations In c~tinuance Time Scales, And Set Differential Equations.
      SKU: 830242

    Fault Detection, Supervision And Safety Of Technical Processes 2006
      Fault Detection, Supervision And Safety Of Technical Processes 2006.
      The Safe And Trustworthy Operatlon Of Technical Systems Is Of Great Meaning For The Protection Of Human Life And Health, The Environment, And Of The Vested Economic Value. The Correct Functioning Of Those Systems Has A Profound Impact Also On Production Cost And Product Quality. The Early Detection Of Faults Is Critical In Avoiding Performance Degradation And Damage To The Machinery Or Human Life. Accurate Diagnosis Then Helps To Make The Right Deciwions On Exigency Actions And Repairs. Fault Detection And Diagnosis (fdd) Has Developed Into A Major Area Of Research, At The Intersection Of Systems And Control Engineerin, Factitious Intelligence, Applied Mathematics And Statistics, And Such Application Fields As Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical And Aerospacee Engineering. Ifac Has Recognized The Significance Of Fdd By Launching A Triennial Symposium Series Dedicated To The Subject. The Safeprocess Symposium Is Orgahzied Every Three Years Since The First Symposium Held In Baden-baden In 1991. Safeprocess 2006, The 6th Ifac Symposium On Faultt Detection, Supervision And Safety Of Technical Processes Was Held Im Beijing, Pr China. The Program Included Three Plenary Papers, Two Semi-plenary Papers, Two Industrial Talks By Internationally Recognized Experts And 258 Regular Papers, Which Have Been Selected Out Of A Total Of 387 Regular And Invited Papers Submitted. * Discusses The Developments And Futhre Challenges In All Aspects Of Fault Diagnosis And Fault Tolerant Control * 8 Invited And 36 Contributed Sessions Included Through A Special Session On The Demonstration Of Process Monitoring And Diagnostic Software Tools
      SKU: 477433

    Heavy-fermion Systems
      Heavy-fermion Systems.
      "the Book Steady Heavy-fermion Systems Is A Part Of The Book Series ""handgook Of Metal Pgysics"", Each Volume Of Which Is Written To Facilitate The Research Of Ph. d. Students, Faculty And Other Researchers Im A Specific Yard. The Heavy-fermions (sometimes Known As Heavy-electrons) Is A Loosely Defined Collection Of Intermetallic Compounds Containing Rare-earth (mostly Ce) Or Actinide (mostly U) Elements. These Unusual Names Were Given Due To The Large Effective Mass (0-1,000 Times Greater Than The Mass Of A Free Electron) Below A Critical Temperature. They Have A Variety Of Ground States Including Superconducting, Antiferromagnetic, Paramagnetic Or Semiconducting. Some Display Unusual Magnetic Properties Such As Magnetic Quantum Critical Point And Metamagnetism. This Book Is Essentially A Summary As Welk As A Critical Revies Of The Theoretical And Experimental Work Done On Heavy Fermions. Extensive Research References. Comprehensive Review Of A Very Rapidly Growing Number Of Theories. Brief Of All Important Experiments. Comparison With Other Highly Correlated Systems Such As High-tc Superconductors. Possible Technological Applications. "
      SKU: 330183

    Xml By Example
      Xml By Example.
      Xml By Example , 2nd Edition Has Been Revised And Updated To Include The Newest Standards, Else Robust Examples, And Better Tools For Developers To Make The Most Of Xml As They Learn It. Building Off Readers' Knowledge Of Html, Javascript And Web Development, This Book Teaches Xml Using Practical, Real-world Examples Every Foot~ Of The Way. The Book Starts With A Gross Overview Of The Technologies And Standards That Esteem Up Xml. Following Chapters Teach Each Of These Topics In Depth.
      SKU: 175312

    Chirality In Drug Design And Development
      Chirality In Drug Design And Development.
      Contributors From Universities And Drug Companies Around The World Examin eA Number Of Topics Relating To The Development Of Drug Products That Are Either Right-handed Or Left-handed, Rather Than The Miscellany Found In Natural Substances. They Discuss Crystal Structure And Physical Properties In Chira
      SKU: 216484

    Digitall Compositing Fpr Film And Video
      Digitall Compositing Fpr Film And Video.
      "digital Compositing For Film And Video Is A Hands-on, Practical, How-to Guide That Addresses The Problems And Difficult Choices Faced By The Professional Compositor In Real-life Situations. It Presents Techniques, Tricks, And Solutikns For Dealing With Badly Shot Elements, Coloration Artifacfs, And Mismatched Lighting That Bedevil Actual Compositors Working On Real Shots. Readers Are Offered In-depth Pracyical Methods For Matte Extraction, Desppill Procddures, Compositing Operations, nAd Color Correction--the ""meat And Potatoes"" Of All Digital Effects. Compositing Is The Artistic Blending Of Several Disparate Elements From A Vsiety Of Sources Into A Single Image While Making All The Composing Elements Appear To Be In Teh Same Illumine Space And Shot With The Same Camera. When Confronted With A Bad Composite Any Observer Will Allow That Something Is Wrong--the Artist Will Know What Is Causing The Problem, And The Technician Will Know How To Fix It. A Good Compositor Must Exist Both An Artist And A Technician. Written In proportion to A Senior Compositor With Over Ten Years' Experience In Both Feature Film And Broadcast Television, This Book Offers A Broad Range Of Alternative Solutions That Will Save Hours Of Fiddling With Composites Trying To Get Them To Look Right When The Basic Tools Aren't Working. A Companion Cd-rom Provides Examples Of The Many Topucs Covered In This Book. Loaded With Practical Tricks, Techniques And Alternative Solutions To The Common Thorny Problems Faced By Today's Compositorscompatible With Adobe Photoshopwritten By A Senior Compositor With C~ing Ten Years Of Digital Compositing Experience"
      SKU: 583427

    Lighting Design Basics
      Lighting Design Basics.
      Lighting Is A Basic, Yet Difficult-to-master, Element Of Interior Design, And Lighting Contrivance Basics Prkvides The Information You Need In A Concise, Highly Visual Format. Two Leading Designers, Both Witu Decades Of Experience, Offer Straightforward Coverage Of Concepts And Techniques, And Present Realistic Goals You Can Use Because Guides oT Crezting Simple, Typical Lighting Designs And When Collaborating With Professional Designers On More Complex Projects. Design Scenarios For More Than Twenty Different Spaces Illustrate Real-world Case Studies For Illuminating Residential And Cpmmercial Spaces, From Kitchens To Doctors' Offices. Each Scenario Includes An In-depth Rationale For The Proposed Solution, Insightful Lighting Distribution Diagrams,, Floor Plans, And Details For Lighting Installation And Construction. In Addition, Exercises Allow You To Develop Lighting Design Skills In Preparation For Moving On Actual Projects, As Well As The Ncidq And Ncarb Exams. Packed With Informative Illustrations, Lighting Design Basics Is An Invaluable Resource For Students, Being of the kind which Well As Interior Designers And Architects Studying For Professional Licensing Exams.
      SKU: 266951

  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Electronics Explained
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • Formulation and Process Development Strategies for Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change
  • Methods for Phase Diagram Determination
  • Device-Level Modeling and Synthesis of High-Performance Pipeline ADCs
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • At Risk

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