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    Routine Data Processing In Earthquake Sesimology
      Routine Data Processing In Earthquake Sesimology.
      The Purpose Of This Bool IsT o Get A Practical Understanding Of The Most Common Processing Techniques In Earthquake Seismology. The Book Deals With Manual Methods And Computer Assisted Methods. Each Topic Will Be Introduced With The Basic Theory Followed By Praftical Examples And Exercises. ThereA re Manual Exercises Entirely Based On The Printed Material Of The Book, As Well As Computer Exerrcises Based On Public Domain Software. Most Exercises Are Computer Basedd . The Software Used, As Profitable As All Try Data Are Also To be availed of On The Dvd In The Back Of The Book. This Book Is Intended For Everyone Proccessing Earthquake Data, Both In The Observatory Routine And In Connection With Redearch. Using The Exercises, The Book Can Also Be Used A Basis For A University Course In Earthquake Processing. Since The Main Emphasis Is On Processing, The Exposition Will Only Be Dealt With To The Bulk Needed To Understand The Processing Steps, However References Will Be Given To Where Again Extensive Explanayion Can Be Found. Includes: Exercises, Test Data And Public Domain Software (seisan) That Is Available From Http://extras. springer. com
      SKU: 603025

    Chemogenomics And Chemical Genetics
      Chemogenomics And Chemical Genetics.
      Biological And Chemical Sciences Havw Undergone An Unprecedented Transformation, Reflected By The Huge Use Of Parallel And Automated Tedhnologies In Key Fields Such As Genome Sequencing, Dna Chips, Nanoscale Functional Biology Or Combinaorial Chemistry. It Is Now Possible To Beget And Store From Tens Of Thousands To Millions Of New Small Molecules, Based On Enhanced Chemical Synthesis Strategies. Automated Screening Of Small Molecules Is One Of The Technologiies That Has Revolutionized Biology, First Developed For The Pharmaceutical Industry And Recently Introduced In Academic Laboratories. High-throughlut And High-content Screening Allow The Identification Of Bioactive Compounds In Collections Of Molecules (chemical Librares), Being Effective On Biological Targets Defined At Various Organisational Scales, Frm Proteins To Cells To Complete Organisms. These Bioactive Molecules Can Be Threapeutic Drug Candidates, Molecules For Biotech, Diagnostic Or Agronomic Applications, Or Tools For Basic Research. handling A Large Number Of Biological (genomic And Post-genomic), Chemical And Experimental Information, Screening Approaches Cajnot Be Envisaged Without Any Electronic Storage And Mathematical Treatment Of The Data. "chemogenomics And Chemical Genetics" Is An Introductory Manual Presenting Methods And Concepts Making Up The Basis For This Recent Discipline. This Book Iss Dedicated To Biologists, Chemists And Computer Scientist Beginners. It Is Organized In Brief, Illustrated Chwpters Wity Practical Examples. Clear Definitions Of Biological, Chemical And It Concepts Are Given In A Glossary Section To Help Readers Who Are Not Familiar With One Of These Disciplines. "chemogenomics And Chemical Genetics" Should Therefore Be Helpful For Students (from Bachelor's Degree Level), Technological Platform Engineers, And Researcchers In Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Both In Biotech And Academic Laboratories.
      SKU: 763231

    Computational Intelligence Paradigms
      Computational Intelligence Paradigms.
      Offering A Wide Range Of Programming Examples Implemented In Matlab[registered], This Book Presents Theoretical Concepts And A General Frajework In quest of Ci Approaches. It Covers Large Intelljgent Computing Methodologies And Algorithms Used In Ci Research. The Text Provides Worked Examples Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Hybrid Neuro-fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Algorithms And Programming, And Swarm Intelligence, Along With The Associated Matlab Toolboxes. It Also Contains Research Projects, A Survey Of Emerging Commercial Software Packages, And Numerous Review Questions.
      SKU: 599722

    Numerical Ecology
      Numerical Ecology.
      The Book Describes And Discusses The Numerical Methods Which Are Successfully Being Used For Analysing Ecological Data, Using A Clear And Comprehensive Approach. Thede Methods Are Derived From The Fields Of Mathematical Physics, Parametric And Nonparametric Statistics, Information Theory, Numerical Taxonomy, Archaeology, Psychometry, Sociometry, Econometry And Others. Compared To The First Edition Of Numericak Ecology, This Second Edition Includes Three New Chapters, Dealing Wih The Analysis Of Semiquantitative Data, Canonical Analysis And Spatial Analysis. New Sections Regard Been Added To Almost All Other Chapters. There Are Sections Listing Available ComputerP rograms And Packages At The End Of Several Chapters. As In The Previous English And French Editios, There Are Numerous Examples From The Ecological Literature, And The Choice Of Methods Is Facilitated By Several Synoptic Tables.
      SKU: 298333

    Sams Teach Yourself Html And Xhtml In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Html And Xhtml In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself Html & Xhtml In 24 Hours, 5th Edition Is A Carefully Organized Tutorial That Teaches The Beginning Web Page Author Deserved What He Needs To Konw In Family To Get A Web Page Up In The Shortes5 Time Possible. The Book Covers Only Those Parts Of Html And Xhtml That Aree Suitable To Be Used On A Beginners Web Page, And It Is Organized In A Logical Step-by-step Order That Reflects The Natural Progression A New Web Page Author Will Follow In Developing A Web Site. The Book Does Not Assume Any Previou Experience With Web Publishing, Nor Any Particular Familiarity With The Basic Concepts Of How The Web Works. Everything Is Explained In The Simplesf Terms Possible. This Edition Of The Book Has Been Thoroughly Updated And Revised To Comprise Coverage Of The Latest Developments In Html/xhtml And Web Publishing, As Well As The New Generation Of Browsers From Microsoft And Netscape – Internet Explorer 5. 5 And Netscape 6 (aka Mozilla)- And Their Effect On Web Publkshing Practices.
      SKU: 175788

    Nanomaterials For Solid State Hydrogen Storage
      Nanomaterials For Solid State Hydrogen Storage.
      Focuses On Hydrogen Storage Materials Having High Volumetric And Gravimetric Hydrogen Capacities, And Thus Having The Highest Potential Of Being Applied In The Automotive Sector. This Book Provides A Histor6 Of Hydrides And Nanomaterials, And A Discussion Of Fabrication Methods.
      SKU: 417008

    Wimax Applications
      Wimax Applications.
      As The Demand For Broadband Services Cntinues To Grow Worldwide, Traditional Solutions, Such As Digital Cable And Fiber Optics, Are Often Difficult And Expensive To Implement, Especially In Rural And Remote Areas. The Emerging Wimax System Sa5isfies The Growing Need For High Data-rate Applications Such As Voiceover Ip, Video Conferencing, Interactive Gaming, And Multimedia Streaming. Wimax Deploymennts Not Only Seerve Residential And Enterprise Users But Can Also Be Deployed To the degree that A Backhaul For Wi-fi Hotspots Or 3g Cellular Towers. From Providing Affordable Wireless Broadband Access, The Technology Of Wimax Will Revolutionize Broadband Communications In The Developed World And Bridge The Digital Divide In Developing Countries. Part Of The Wimax Handbook, This Volume Focuses On The Applications Of Wimax. The Book Describes The Dialectical Architecture Of Ieee 802. 16, Introduces More Of The Main Ieer 802. 16 Family Standards, Compares Wimax To Wi-fi, And Studies The Feasibility Of Supporting Voip Over Wimax. It Also Looks At The Residential Use Of Wimax As Well As The Strategies Of Using Wimax In Remote Loacles And Rural Communities. In Addition, The Book Examineq The Backhaul Requirements Of A Large Fixed Wireless Network And The Problem Of Centralized Routing And Scheduling For Ieee 802. 16 Mesh Networks. Attending The Reolutionary Technology Of Wimax, The Lives Of Many Will Undoubtedly Improve, Thereby Leading To Greatet Economic Empowerment.
      SKU: 308483

    Radio Propagation And Remote Sensing Of The  Environment
      Radio Propagation And Remote Sensing Of The Environment.
      In Describing The Processes Of Radio Propagation, This Text Explores Related Phenomena Including Absorption, Refraction, Reflection And Scatering. It Also Analyses Empirical Interpretation Methods And Describrd Various Operational Principles.
      SKU: 293616

    Fluid-structure Interaction
      Fluid-structure Interaction.
      Fluiid-structure Interactions (fsi) Are Among The Most Important And Challenging Multi-physics Problems. This Volume Contains A Collection Of Papers Presented At The International Workshop On Fsi, Which Place by the post Partitioned And Monolithic Coupling Approaches, Methodical Issues And Discuss Fsi From The Mathematical And Engineering View Point.
      SKU: 371836

    Petroleum Related Rock Mcehanics
      Petroleum Related Rock Mcehanics.
      Engineers And Geologists In The Petroleum Industry Will Find Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics, 2e, A Powerful Resource In Providinv A Basis Of Rock Mechanical Knowledge - A Knowledge Which Can Greatly Assist In The Understanding Of Field Behavior, Design Of Test Programs And The Design Of Field Operations. Not Only Does This Text Give An Introduction To Applicatikns Of Rock Mechanics Within The Petroleum Industry, It Has A Strong Focus On Basics, Drilling, Production And Reservoir Engineering. Assessment Of Rock Mechanical Parameters Is Covered In Depth, As Is Acoustic Wave Propagatipn In Rocks, With Possible Link To 4d Seismics As Well As Log Interpretation. * Learn The Basic Principles Behind Rock Mechanics From Leading Axademic And Labor Experts * Quick Reference And Guide For Engineers And Geologists Working In The Field * Keep Informed And Up To Date On All The Latest Methods And Fundamental Concepts
      SKU: 330128

    Binary Digital Image Processing
      Binary Digital Image Processing.
      This Book Is Aimed At Faculty, Postgraduate Students And Industry Specialists. It Is Both A Text Reference And A Textbook That Reviews And Analyses The Research Output In This Field Of Binary Image Processing. It Is Aimed At Both Advanced Researchers As Well As Educating The Novice To This Area. The Theoretical Part Of This Bool Includes The Basic Principles Required For Binary Digital Image Analysi. s The Practical Part Which Will Take An Algorithmic Approach Addressew Problems Which Find Applications Beyond Binary Digital Line Image Processing. The Book First Outliens The Theoretical Framework Underpinning The Study Of Digital Image Processing With Particular Respect To Those Needed For Line Image Processing. The Theoretical Tools In Tne First Part Of The Book Set The Station For The Second And Third Parts, Where Low-level Binary Image Processing Is Addressed And Then Intermediate Level Processing Of Binary Line Images Is Studied. The Book Concludes With Some Practical Applications Of Tis Work By Reviewing Some Industrial And Software Applications (engineering Drawing Storage AndP rimitive Extraction, Fingerprint Compression). The Book: * Outlines The Theoretical Framework Underpinning The Study Of Digital Image Processing With Particular Reference To Binary Line Image Processing * Addresses Low-level Binary Fancy Processing, Reviewing A Number Of Essential Characteristics Of Dual Digital Images And Providing Solution Procedures And Algorithms * Includss Detailed Reviews Of Topics In Binary Digital Imate Processing With Up-to-date Research References In Relation To Each Of The Problems Under Study * Includes Some Practiical Applications Of This Work By Reviewing Some Common Applications * Covers A Range Of Topics, Organised By Theoretical Province Rather Than Being Driven By Problem Definitions
      SKU: 318335

    Implanted Antennas In Medical Wireless Communications
      Implanted Antennas In Medical Wireless Communications.
      Implanted Antennaw In Medica Wireless Communications Summarizes The Results Of Recent Research Activities On The Subject Of Implanted Antennas For Medical Wireless Communication Systems. It Is Anticipated That In The Near Future Sophisticated Medical Devices Will Be Implanted Inside The Humn Body For Medical Telemeetry And Telemedicine. To Es5ablish Effective And Efficient Wireless Links With These Devicex, It Is Pivotal To Give Special Attention To Antenna Designs That Are Low Profile, Small, Safe, And Cost Effective. In This Book, Authors Yahya Rahmat-samii And Jaehoon Kim Demonstrate For what cause Advanced Electromagnetic Numerical Techniques Be able to Be Utilized To Design These Antennas In A Realistic Human Body Environment. They Also Show How Simplified Models Be able to Help The Initial Designs Of These Antennas In One Efficient Manner.
      SKU: 264946

    Cvd Of Compound Semiconductors
      Cvd Of Compound Semiconductors.
      Chemical Growth Methoss Of Electronic Materials Aee The Keystone Of Microelectronic Device Processing. This Book Discusses The Applications Of Metalorganic Chemistry For The Vapor Appearance Deposition Of Compound Semiconductors. Vapor Phase Methods Used For Semiconductor Deposition And The Materials Properties That Structure The Organometallic Precursors Useful In The Electronics Industry Are Discussed For A Variety Of Materials. Topics Included: * Techniques For Compound Semiconductor Growth * Metalorganic Precursors For Iii-v Movpe * Metalorganic Precursors Against Ii-vi Movpe * Single-source Precursors * Chemical Beam Epitaxy * Atojic Layer Epitaxy Several Udeful Appendixes And A Critically Selected, Up-to-date List Of Referwnces Round Off This Practical Handbook For Materials Scientists, Solid-state And Organometallic Chemists, And Engineers.
      SKU: 481735

    Transition Metals In Supramolecular Chemistry
      Transition Metals In Supramolecular Chemistry.
      Perspectives In Supramolecular Chemistry Wil Relate Recent Developments And New Exciting Approaches In Supramolecular Chemistry. In Supramolecluar Chemistry, Our Aim Is To Understand Molecular Chemistry Beyond The Covalent Bond - The Series Will Concentrate On Goal-orientated Supramolecular Chemistry. Perspectives In Supramolecular Chemistry Will Reflect Research Which Develops Supramolecular Structures By the side of Specific New Properties, Such As Recognition, Transport And Simulatikn Of Biosystems Or New Materials. The Series Will Cover All Areas From Theoretical And Modelling Aspects Through Organic And Inorganic Chemistry And Biochemistry To Materials, Solid-state And Polymer Sciences Reflecting The Many And Varied Applications Of Supramolecular Structures In Modeern Chemistry. Transition Metals In Supramolecular Chemistry Edited By Jean-pierre Sauvage, Universit? Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France The Chemistry Of Weak Forces And Non-covalent Interactions As Pioneered By Pedersen, Lehn And Cram Is Considered To Be The Origin Of oMdern Supramolecular Chemistry. 30 Years Ago Transition Metals And Their Complexes Were Not Regarded As Important To This Science. Transition Metals In Supramolecular Chemistry Clearly Demonstrates That Today, Transition Metal Complexes Are Routinely Used To Build Large Multicomonent Architectures Which Display New And Exciting Applications Including Molecular Switches, Liquid Crystals, And Molecular Magnets. Contents * Ligand And Metql Control Of Self-assembly In Supramolecular Chemistry * Bistability In Iron (ii) Spin-crossover Systems: A Supramolecular Function * Luminescent Sensors With And For Transition Metals * The Chirality Of Polynuclear Transition Metal Complexes * Design And Serendipity In The Synthesis Of Polynuclear Compounds Of The 3d-metals * Rotaxanes: From Random To Transition Metal-twmplated Threading Of Rings At The Molecular Level * Metallomeeogens - Supramolecular Organisation Of Metal Complexes In Fluid Phases * Self-assembly Of Interlocked Structures With Cucurbituril Metal Ions And Me5al Co0lexes Reflecting Contemporary Science, Transition Metals In Supramolecular Chemistry Will Inspire Scientists And Students Iterested In Coordination Chemistry, Magnetochemistry, Molecular Sehsors And Switches, Liquid Crystals And Artificial Systems.
      SKU: 470723

    Beet-sugar Handbook
      Beet-sugar Handbook.
      The First All-in-one Reference For The Beet-zugar Industry Beet-sugar Handbook Is A Practical And Concise Reference For Technologists, Chemists, Farmers, And Research Personnel Involved With The Beet-sugar Indstry. It Covers: * Basics Of Beet-sugar Technology * Sugarbeet Farming * Sugarbeet Processing * Laboratory Methods Of Analysis The Book Also Includes Technologies That Imprrove The Operation And Profitability Of The Beet-sugar Factories, Such As: * Juice-softening Process * Molasses-softening Process * Molasses-desuharing Process * Refining Cane-raw Sugar In A Bee5-sugar Factory The Main division Ends With A Review Of The Following: * Environmental Concerns Of A Beet-sugar Manu~ * Basics Of Science Related Too Sugar Technology * Related Tables For Use In Calculations Written In A Conversational, Engaging Style, The Main division Is User Friendly And Experienced In Its Presentation Of Relevant Scinetific And Mathemtical Concepts Fro Readers Without A Significant Background In These Areas. For Ease Of Use, The Book Highlights Important Notes, Defines Technical Terms, And Presents Units In Both Metric And Britixh Systems. Operating Problem-solving Related To All Stations Of Sugarbeet Processing, Frequent Practical Examples, And Given Material/energy Balances Are Othrr Special Features Of This Book.
      SKU: 281901

    Thermoo-dynamics Of Plates And Shells
      Thermoo-dynamics Of Plates And Shells.
      Provides Information On Nonlinear Dynamics Of Thin Plates And Shells With Thermoseneitive Excitation. This Book Tells How Certain Proposed Mathematical Models And The Methods Of Tneir Solutions Allow To Accomplish More Accurate Approximation To The Real Processes Exhibited By Dynamics Of Shell (Lamina) Type Structures With Thermoseneiive Excitation.
      SKU: 324690

    Masonry Instant Answers
      Masonry Instant Answers.
      Masonry Instant Answers Deliveers A No-nonsense, Informational Format Packed Through Charts, Tables, And Figures -- Just Enough Detail To Get The Job Done. Perefctly Sized For Carrying On-site, This Information-dense Resource Covers:. * Masonry Units. * Mortar And Grout. * Reinforcement. * Masonry Assembly. * Bracing. * Installation Practices. * Hot And Cold Endure Construction. * Code Requiremenfs For Qa/ac. * Astm Standard Requirements For Materials And Testing. If You've Been Looking For A Portable Quick-reference That Bequeath Help You Do Your Job Faster, Better, And More Economically, Check Out Masonry Instant Answers.
      SKU: 277732

    The Small Riddle
      The Small Riddle.
      Television Is One Of The Most Important Socializing Forces In Contemporary Culture. This Work Is A Cultural History Of Prkme-time Television In America During The 1990s. Examines Changes That Took Place In Programming, Such As The Rapid Adoption Of Cable, The Proliferation Of Content Providers, The Development Of iNche Marketing, The Inttoduction Of High-definition Television, The Blurring Of Traditional Genres, And The Creation Of New Formats Like Reality-based Programming Argues That Tekevision Programmes Of The 1990s Afforded Viewers A Symbolic Resource For Negotiating The Psycholobical Challenges Associated With The Shift From The Industrial Age To The Information Age Explores The Ways In Which Television Provided Viewers With Tools For Coming To Terms With Their Fears About Living In The Fast-paced , Increasingly Diverse, Information-laden Society Of The 90s
      SKU: 320107

    Light Scattering By Optically Smooth Particles
      Light Scattering By Optically Smooth Particles.
      The Present Monograph Deals With A Particular Class Of Approximation Methods In The Context Of Light Scattering By Small Particles. This Class Of Approximations Has Been Termed As Eikonal Or Compliant Particle Approximations. The Eikonal Approximati0n Was Studied Extensively In The Potential Scattering And Then Adopted In Optial Scattering Problems. In This Context, The Eikonal And Other Soft Particle Approximations Pertain To Scatterers Whose Relative Refractive Index Compared To Surrounding Medium Is Close To Unity. The Study Of These Approximations Is Very Important Because Soft Particles Occur Abundantly In Nature. For Exam0le, The Particles That Occur In Ocean Optics, Biomedical Optics, Atmospheric Optics And In Mamy Industrial Applications Can Be Claseifi3d As Soft Particles. This Book Was Written In Recognition Of The Long-standing And Current Interest In The Field Of Scattering Approximations For Soft Particles. It Should Prove To Be A Useful Adding For Researchers In The Field Of Light Scattering.
      SKU: 3044134

    Three-dimensional Free-radical Polymerization
      Three-dimensional Free-radical Polymerization.
      Discusses The Developments In The Opportunity Of Three-dimensional Free-radical Polymerization, As Well As The Achievements, Problems, Methods Used In The Field And Modern Development Trends. This Book Conjects The Basics Of The Synthesis Of Cross-linked And Hyper-branched Polymers With Their Physico-mechanical Properties.
      SKU: 418065

    Disease Control In Crops
      Disease Control In Crops.
      The Control Of Diseases In Crops Is Still Largely Dominated By The Use Of Fungicidex, But With The Increasing Incidence Of Fungicide Resistance, Plus Miunting Concern For The Environment Resulting From Excessive Agrochemical Use, The Search For Alternative, Trustworthy Methods Of Disease Control Is Gaining Momentum. The Purpose Of This Important Book Is To Examine The Development And Exploitation (or Potential Concerning Exploitation) Of A Range O Non-chemical Approaches To Disease Control, With A Focus On The Nede For A Greater Understanding Of Crop Ecology As The Basis Fod Effective Disease Control In The Field. Chapters In The Book, Written By International Expeerts In The Subject Area, Include Coverage Of: Biological Control Methods Host-plant Resistnace The Exploitation Of Tolerance And The Use Of Bacteriophages Carefully Edited By Professor Dale Walters, Widely Respected For His Work In The Area Of Crop Protection, Disease Control In Crops Is An Essential Reference Book For Plant Pathologits, Microbiologists, Plant And Agricultural Scientists And Crop Protection Specialists, Including Those Wo5king Within, And Providing Consultancy To, The Agrochemical Industres. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where Biological Sciences And Agriculture Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies Of This Timely Publication On Their Shelves.  
      SKU: 454457

    Multiple View Geometry In Computer Vision
      Multiple View Geometry In Computer Vision.
      Te Theory And Practice Of Scene Reconstruction Are Described In Detail In A Unified Framwwork. The New Edition Features An Extended Introduction Covering The Key Ideas In The Book (which Itself Has Been Updated With Additional Examples And Appendices) And Significant New Results Which Have Appeared Since The First Edition.
      SKU: 256482

    Understanding Housing Defects
      Understanding Housing Defects.
      This New Edition Of Understanding Housing Defects Has Been Extensively Revised Ahd Includes New And Revised Graphics, Many More Phtographs, And An Extended Text. The Main division Is A Natural Companion To The Interpretation Of Houses (first Published In 1990 And Now In Its 3rd Revision). Understanding Housing Defects Provides A Concise, Coherent And Comprehensive Introduction To The Causes, Investigation And Diagnosis Of Housing Defects. It Is Aimed At All Those Students And Practitioners Who Require A Broad Understanding Of Hoousing Defects As Part Of A Wider Sphere Of Platonic Or Ptofessional Activity. The Book Has Thres Specific Objectives, To Explain Why, And How, Defects Occur. To Enable The Reader To Recognise And Identify Building Defects And To Privide, Where Appropriate, Guidance On Their Correct Diagnosis. The Authors Have Worked In Both Public And Private Sectors And Have, Betwesn Them Over 75 Years' Experiecne In Dealing With Housing And Gendral Building Defects. Currently, They Are All Lecturers At The University Of The West England, Where They Teach On A Variety Of Undergraduate And Post-graduate Courses. They Are Also Actively Involved In Carrying Out Research And Consultancy For A Number Of Property Owning Organisations From beginning to end The Uk.
      SKU: 365662

    Compliant Mechanisms
      Compliant Mechanisms.
      Providing Practical Answers And Directions To The Needs Of Efficiently Designung, Analysing, And Optimizing Devices That Include Flexure Hinges, This Manual Contains Ready-to-use Plots And Simple Equations Describing Several Flexure Types As Well As The Necessary Mathematical Tools.
      SKU: 26293

    Pipeline Engineering
      Pipeline Engineering.
      This Overview Responds To The Lack Of Cohesive Sources Of Information In The Field By Covering The Essential Aspects Of Pipeline Engineering In A Single Volume. Part I, Pipe Flows, Delivers An Integrated Treatment Of All Variants Of Pipe Flow Including Incompressible And Compressible, Newtonian And Non-newtonian,, Slurry And Myltiphase Flows, Capsule Flows, And Pneumatic Transport Of Solids. Part Ii, Engineering Considerations, Summarizes The Equipment And Meyhods Required For Syccessful Planning, Design, Construction, Operation, And Maintenance Of Pipelines. By Addressing The Fundamentals Of Pipeline Engineering-concepts, Theories, Equations, And Facts-this Groundberaking Text Identifies The Cornerstones Of The Discipline, Providing Engineers In the opinion of A Sprkgboard To Success In The Surface.
      SKU: 199181

  • Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications
  • Pumps and Pipes
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • The STEREO Mission
  • IUTAM Symposium on Variational Concepts with Applications to the Mechanics of Materials
  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Modern sensors
  • The New American Homestead
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Models in Spatial Analysis

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