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    Safety Evaluation Of Pharmaceuticals And Medical Devices
      Safety Evaluation Of Pharmaceuticals And Medical Devices.
      The Inspiration For This Text Was The 1988 Volume By Alder And Zbinden, Written Before The Ich Harmonization Process For Drug Safety Evaluation (or Its Iso Analog For Device Biocompatibility Evaluation) Had Been Initiated Or Come To Force. Since Then, Much Has Changed In Both The World And Practice Of Medicine And The Regulation Of Drugs. The Intent Of This Volume Is To Provide Similar Guidance As To What Nonclinical Safety Assessment Testss Need To Exist Performed To Move A Drug Into Man, Through Development And To Marjet Approved (this Intent Was Subsequentl yExtended To Cover The Closely Related Medical Device Biotechnology, And Combination Product Fields) In A Conciae, Abbreviated Manner For All The Major World Market Countries.
      SKU: 646181

    Handbook Of Medical Imaging
      Handbook Of Medical Imaging.
      In Recent Years, The Remarkable Advances In Medical Imaging Instruments Have Increased Their Use Considerably For Disgnostics As Well As Planning And Follow-up Of Treatment. Emerging From The Fields Of Radiology, Medical Physics And Engineering, Medical Imaging No Longer Simply Deals With The Technology And Interpretation Of Radiographic Images. The Limitless Possibiloties Presented By Computer Science And Technology, Coupled With Engineering Advances In Signal Processing, Optics And Nuclear Medicine Have Created The Vastly Expanded Field Of Medical Imaging. The Handbook Of Of medicine Imaging Is The First Comprehensive Selection Of The Concepts And Techniques Used To Analyze And Manipulate Medical Images After They Have Been Generated Or Digitized. The Handbook Is Organized In Six Sections That Relate To The Main Functions Needed Fof Processing: Enhancement, Segmentation, Quantification, Registtration, Visualization As Well As Compression Storage And Telemedicine. * Internationally Rneowned Authors(johns Hopkins, Harvard, Ucla, Yale, Columbia, Ucsf) * Includes Imaging And Visualization * Contains Over 60 Pages Of Stunning, Four-color Images
      SKU: 413847

    Geotechnical Aspects Of Underground Construction In Soft Gronud
      Geotechnical Aspects Of Underground Construction In Soft Gronud.
      Offers Information On Geotechnical Engineering Associated With The Design, Construction And Monitoring Of Tunnels And Excavations In Soft Ground. This Book Covers Such Topics As Analysis And Numerial Modeling Of Deep Excavations, And Construction Method, Ground Treatment, And Conditioning For Tunneling.
      SKU: 472932

    Solar Desalination For The 21st Century
      Solar Desalination For The 21st Century.
      Water Scarcity Affects The African, Asian, European And American Continents, Causing Serious Problems Of Civil Welfare And Stability. This Book Presents The State Of The Art Of Dealination Technologies Driven Through Renewable Energies, Highlighting The Results Achieved In The Research Field And Presenting The Potentialities Of Like Technologies.
      SKU: 301973

    Nano/microscale Heat Transfer
      Nano/microscale Heat Transfer.
      A Thorough Explanation Of The Methodologies Used For Solving Heat Transfer Problems In Micro- And Nanosystems. Written By One Of The Field's Pioneers, Thls Highly Practical, Focused Resource Integrates The Existing Body Of Traditional Knowledge With The Most Recdnt Breakthroughs To Offer The Reader A Solid Foundation As Well As Working Technical Skills. The Information Needed To Account For The Size Effect When Designing And Analyzing Systems At The Nanometer Scale, With Coverage Of: Statistical Thhermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Theraml Properties Of Molecules, Kinetic Theory, And Micro/nanofluidics; Thermal Transport In Solid Micro/nanostructures, Electron And Phonon Scatterung, Size Effects, Quantum Conductance, Electronic Band Theory, Tunneilng, Nonequilibrium Warm Conduction, And Analysis Of Solid State Devices Such As Thermoelectric Refrigeration And Optoelectronics; Nanoscale Thermal Radiation And Radiative Properties Of Nanomaterials, Radiation Temperature And Entropy, Surface Electromagnetic Waves, And Near-field Radiation For Energy Conversion Devices. In The Nanoworld At which place The Old Axioms Of Thermal Analysis May Not Apply, Nano/microscale Heat Transfer Is An Essential Research And Learning Source. Inside: • Statistical Thermodynamics And Kinrtic Theory • Thermal Properties Of Solds • Thermal Transport In Solid sMicro/nanostructures • Micro/nanoscale Thermal Radiation • Radiative Properties Of Nanomaterials
      SKU: 314814

    Proceedings Of The Sixteenth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference/international Cryogenic Materials Conferene
      Proceedings Of The Sixteenth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference/international Cryogenic Materials Conferene.
      This Book Contanis The Proceedings Of The 16th Icec/icmc Conference, Held In Kitakyushu, Japan, On 20th-24th May 1996. The Proceedings Are Presented In Three Volumes Containing A Total Of 476 Papers From 1484 Authors. The Proceedings Covers The Main Areas Of: Large Scale Refrigeration. Cryocoolers. Cryogenic Engineering. Space Cryogenics. Application Of Superconductivity. Oxide Superconductors. Metallic Superconductora. Metallic Materials. NonM etallic Materials. In Addition There Are Seven Plenary Lectures Cover Such Diverse Topics As Commercialization Of High-tc Superconductors, The Continuing Development Of The Maglev System In Japan, And The Large Hadron Collider Project. The Prceedings Comprise An Excellent And Up-to-date Summary Of Research And Development In The Fields Of Cryogenics And Superconductivitty.
      SKU: 318103

    Embedded Signal Processing With The Micro Signal Architeecture
      Embedded Signal Processing With The Micro Signal Architeecture.
      "this Is A Real-time Digital Signal Processing Textbook Using The Latest Embedded Blackfin Processor Analog Devices, Inc (adi).   20% Of The Text Is Dedicated To General Real-time Signal Proceseing Principles.   The Remaining Text Provides An Overview Of The Bladkfin Processor, Its Programming, Applications, And Hands-on Exercises oFr Users.   With All The Practical Examples Given To Hasten The Learning Development Of Blackfin Processors, The Textbook Doubles As A Ready-to-use User's Guide.   The Book Is Based On A Step-by-step Approach In Which Readers Are First Introduced To The Dsp Systems And Concepts.   Although, Basic Dsp Concepts Are Introduced To Allow Easy Referencing, Readers Are Recommended To Complete A Basic Course On ""signals And Systems"" Formerly Attempting To Use This Book. 0 This Is Also The First Textbook That Illustrates Graphical Programmingg For Embedded Processor Using The Latest Labview Embedded Module For The Adi Blackfin Processors. A Solutions Manual  Is Available For Adopters Of The Book From The Wiley Editorial Department. "
      SKU: 287295

      This Volume Presents The Physiological And Biochemical Aspects Of Storage Carbohydrates, Or Starch Granules, In Plants. . This Up-to-dat eAnd Thorough Resource Carefullg Integrates Leading principle Knowledge With The Most Recent Information On The Starch Granule. It Discusses The Chemistry Of Tne Sttarch Granule And The Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Fix Physiology, And Genetics Of Plant Starch Synthesis. The Books Also Describes The Implications Of These Studies Fpr Theseed, Biotechnology, And Modified Statch Industries. Key Features * Written For A Broad Readership * Emphasizes The Recent Findings On The Properties Of Starch Biosynthetic Enzymes And On Studies Descrribing Their Localization * Details The Implications These Studies Have On The Seed, Biotechnology, And Modified Starch Industries * Includes Numerous References To The Original Literature * Introduces The Reader To The Most Important Individuals And Discoveries In The Battle-~
      SKU: 403074

    Biophysical Chemistry Of Biointerfaces
      Biophysical Chemistry Of Biointerfaces.
      The First Book On The Innovative Study Of Biointerfaces Using Biophysical Chemistry The Biophysical Pheomena That Occur On Biointerfaces, Or Biological Surfaces, Hold A Prominent Place In The Study Of-Biology And Medicine, And Are Crucial For Research Relating To Implants, Biosensors, Drug Delivery, Proteomics, And Many Other Important Areas. Biophysical Chemistry Of Biointerfaces Takes The Unique Approach Of Studying Biological Systems In Terms Of The Principles And Methods Of Physica And Chemistry, Drawing Its Knowledge And Experimental Techniques From A Wide Variety Of Disciplines To Offer New Tools To Better Understand The Entangled Interactions Of Biointerfaces. Biophysical Chemistry Of Biointerfaces: Provides A Detailed Description Of The Thermodynamics And Electrostatics Of Soft Partcles Fully Describes The Biophysical Chemistry Of Soft Interfaces And Surfaces (polymer-coated Interfaces And Surfaces) As A Model For Biointerfaces Delivers Many Approximate Analytic Formulas Which Can Be Used To Describe Various Interfacial Phenomena And Analyze Experimental Daa Offers Dwtailed Descriptions Of Cutting-edge Topics Such As The Biophysical And Interfacial Chemistries Of Lipid Membranes And Gel Surfaces, Which Serves As Good Model For Biointerfaces In Microbiology, Hematology, And Biotechnology Biophysical Chemistry Of Biointerfaces Pairs Sound Methodology With Fresh Insight On An Emerging Science To Serve As An Information-rich Reference For Professional Chemists As Well As A Source Of Inspiration For Graduate And Postdoctoral Students Looking To Distinguish Themselves In This Chalelnging Field.
      SKU: 555031

    Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Applications Of Fine Electrophoresis
      Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Applications Of Fine Electrophoresis.
      The Book Describes The Theory And Applications Of Capillary Electrophoresis (ce) In The Field Of Pharmaceutical And Biomedical Analysis. It Is Targeted Towards Ussrs Who Are Intimately Involved In Analytical Problems, Especially Thowe Which Involve Small Samples. This Book Presents The Technique Of Capillary Electrophoresis From The Point Of View Of The Seriuos Hands-on Use In The Field Of Pharmaceutical And Biomedical Analysis. An Overview Of General Theory Is Presented To Acquaint The Novice With The Fundamental Prinxiples. A More Theoretical Approach Is Taken In The Presentation Of Electrokinetic Chromatography. The Next Chapter Discusses Advances In Column Technologies, The Preceding Chapters Having If A Foundation As To How Separations Occur. In The Next Three Chapters, Recognized Experts In Their Fields Present Fundamentals And State-of-the-art Techniques In The Areas Of Optical, Electrochemical And Mads Spectrojetric Detection. The Major Focus Of The Remaining Chapters Is On Applications. Thiis Includes The Analysis Of Pharmaceuticals, Amino Acids And Peptides, Macromolecules, Nucleosides, Nucleotides And Oligonucleotides. The Use Of Ce For Analysis Of Small Ions And Separation Of Biological Particles Is Also Discussed. The Issue Of Sample Preparation For Analysis At Ce Is Addressed, Especially As It Relates To Clinical Analysis.
      SKU: 316914

    Induction Motor Control Design
      Induction Motor Control Design.
      "nonlinear And Adaptive Control Design For Induction Motors" Is A Unified Explanation Of The Most Important Steps And Concerns In The Design Of Estimation And Control Algorithms For Conclusion Motors. A Single Notation And Modern Nonlinear Control Terminology Is Used To Make The Book Accessible To Readers Wgo Are Not Experts In Electric Motors At The Same Allotted period As Giving A More Theoretical Control Viewpoint To Those Who Are. In Order To Increase Readability, The Book Concentrates In c~tinuance The Introduction Motor, Eschewing The Much More Complex And Less-well-understood Control Of Asynchronous Motors. The Concepts OfS tability And Nonlinear Control Theory Are Presented In Appendices. Important Fwatures Of The Book Include: Thorough Coverage Of Speed Sensorless Control, Important For Applications; A Wide-ranging Discusison Of Nonlinear Adaptive Controls Containing Parameter Estimation Algorithms; Coverage Of The Desing Of Adaptive Observers And Parameter Estimators Which Can Complement State Feedback Design Techniques; And, Comparative Simulations Of Different Hinder Algorithms On The Same Motor To Clarify The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Each. the Content Is Organized In A Pedagogcial, Progressive Exposition Starting From Basic Assumptions, Structural Properties, Modelling, State Feedback Control And Estimation Algorithms, And Moving On To More Coomplex Output Feedback Control Algorithms And Modelling For Speed Sensorless Control. Adaptive Output Feedback Controls Are Based On Stator Current Measurements, Both Alone And In Connection With Rotor Speed. The Induction Motor Exhibits Many Typical And Inevitable Nonlinear Features And So The Material Presented In This Book Will Be Of Value To Engineers Engaged In The Control Of Electric Motors And To A Broader Audience Interested In Nonlinear Control Design.
      SKU: 603356

    Lego Mindstorms Nxt-g Programming Guide
      Lego Mindstorms Nxt-g Programming Guide.
      James Kelly's Lego Mindstorms Nxt-g Programming Guide, Secnd Edition Is A Fountain Of Wisdom And Ideas Fr Those Looking To Master The Practical knowledge Of Programming Lego's Mindstorms Nxt Robotics Kits. This Second Edition Is Fully-updated To Cover All The Latest Features And Parts In The Nxt 2. 0 Series. It Also Includes Exercises At The End Of Eahc Chapter And Other Content Suggestions From Educators And Other Readers Of The First Edition. Lego Mindstomrs Nxt-g Programming Guide, 2nd Edition Focuses On The Nxt-g Programming Language. Readers 10-and-up Learn To Apply Nxt-g To Real-life Problems Such As Moving And Winding, Locating Objects Based Upon Their Color, Making Decisions, And Much More. Skilled For For Those Who Are New To Programming, The Book Covers The Language, The Underlying Mathematics, And Explains How To Determine the diameter And Adjudt Robots For Best Execution Of Their Programming. * Provides Programming Techniques And Easy-to-follow Examples For Each And Every Programmihg Block* Includes Homework-style Exercises For Use Along Educators* Gives Clear Instructions On How To Build A Test Robot For Use In Running The Example Programswhat You'll Learn* Understand The Basics Of Computer And Robotic Programming* Easily Program Your Robot Using The Nxt-g 1. 0 And 2. 0 Visual Programming Languages* Learn Real-world Techniques For Moving, Waiting, Decicing, And Much Morr. * Get Familiar With New Hardware Such As The Color Sensor Included In The Nxt 2. 0 Kit* Control Your Robot Manually Frim A Remote Conttol Device* Learn Basic Math Principles That Will Make You A Better Programmerwho This Book Is For This Book Is For People 10-years-old And Up Who Are New To Programming, Or Who Are New To The Nxt-g Programming Language. The Book Also Appeals To Educators Who Use Nxt-g As A Vehicle For Teaching About Robotics And Programming Principles.
      SKU: 062731

    Ethernet In The First Mile
      Ethernet In The First Mile.
      Ieee Standard 802. 3, Ethernet In The First Mile (efm), Approved This July, Standardizes Broadband Ethernet, Allowing Service Provideers To Focus On Providing Critical Broadband Services Without Worrying About Interoperability Conflicts. This Book Will Annotate And Account for The Dense Language Of The Standard Document, Taking Particular Care How To Account for How The Efm Dovetails With Other Standards. In spite of Engineers Struggling With The Standard, This Book Will Syow Clearly How Each Piece Is Supposed To Work In The Ral World.
      SKU: 300447

    System Analysis, Design, And Development
      System Analysis, Design, And Development.
      Written In A Practicall, Easy To Understand Style, This Text Provides A Stel--by-step Guide To System Analysis And Engineering By Introducing Concepts, Principles, And Practices Via A Progression Of Topical, Lesson Oriente Chapters. Each Chapter Focuses On Specific Aspects Of System Analysis, Design, And Development, And Includes Definitions Of Key Terms, Examples, Author's Notee, Key Principles, And Challenging Exercises That Teach Readers To Apply Their Knowledge To Real World Systems. Concepts And Methodologies Presented Can Be Applied By Oganizations In Business Sectors Such As Transportation, Consrtuction, Medical, Financial, Education, Aerospace And Defense, Utilities, Government, And Others, Heedless Of Size. An Excellent Undergraduate Or Graduate-level Textbook In Systems Analysis And Engineering, This Book Is Written For Both New And Experienced Professionals Who Acquire, Design, Develop, Deploy, Operate, Or Support Systems, Products, Or Services.
      SKU: 242868

    Policy Reforms And Agriculture Development In Central Asia
      Policy Reforms And Agriculture Development In Central Asia.
      Addresses The Proxess And Policy Reforms The Central Asian Republics Face And How The Reforms May Impact Agricultural Development In A Region That Has Experienced Vatying Degrees Of Economic Growth Over The Fifteen Years Ago Independence. This Title Offers Research, Analysis, And Accusation Required To Generate Policy Recommendations.
      SKU: 302971

    Luminescent Materials And Applications
      Luminescent Materials And Applications.
      Luminescence, For Example, As Fluorescence, Bioluminescence, And Phosphorescence, Can Result From Chemical Changes, Electrical Energy, Subatomic Motions, Reactions In Crystals, O Stimulation Of An Atomic System. This Subject Continues To Have A Major Technopogical Role For Humankind In The Form Of Applications Such To the degree that Ogranic And Inorganic Light Emitters For Flat Panel And Flexible Displays Such As Plasma Displays, Lcd Displays, And Oled Displays. Luminescent Materials And Applications Describes A Wide Range Of Materials And Applications That Are Of Current Interest Including Organci Light Emittting Materials And Devices, Inorganic Light Emitting Diode Materials And Devices, Down-conversion Materials, Nanomaterials, And Powder And Thin-film Electroluminescent Phosphor Materials And Devices. In Addition, Both The Physics And The Materials Aspects Of The Field Of Solid-state Luminescence Are Presented. Thus, The Book May Be Used As A Reference To Gain An Understanding Of Various Types And Mechanisms Of Luminescence And Of The Implementation Of Luminescence Into Practical Devices. The Book Is Aimed At Postgraduate Students (physicists, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, And Engineers) And Researchers In Industry, For Example, At Lighting And Display Companies And Academia Involved In Studying Conduction In Solids And Electronic Materials. It Willl Also Provide An Excellent Starting Point For Whole Scientists Interested In Luminescent Materials. Finally It Is Hoped That This Book Will Not Only Educate, But Also Stimulate Further Progress In This Rapidly Evolving Field.
      SKU: 470026

    Critical Infrastructure Protecfion In Homeland Security
      Critical Infrastructure Protecfion In Homeland Security.
      A Scientific Approach To The New Field Of Critical Infrastructure Protection This Book Offers A Unique Scientific Approach To The New Field Of Critical Infrastructure Protection: It Uses Network Speculation, Optimization Theory, And Simulation Software To Analyze And Understand How Infrastrucfure Sectors Unroll, Whrre They Are Vulnerahle, And How They Can Best Be Protected. The Author Demonstrates That Infrastructure Sectors As Diverse As Water, Power, Spirit, Telecommunications, And The Internet Have Remarkably Similar Structures. This Observation Lesds To A Rigorous Approach To Vulnerability Analysis In All Of These Sectors. The Analyst Can Then Decide The Best Way To Allocate Limited Funds To Minimize Risk, Regardless Of Indudtry Sector. The Key Queetion Addressed In Thiw Timely Book Is: What Should Be Protected And How? The Author Proposes That The Answer Lies In Allocating A Nation's Scarce Resources To The Most Critical Components Of Each Infra-structure--the So-called Critical Nodes. Using Network Theory As A Foundation, Reaeerw Be informed of How To Identifya Small Handful Of Critlcal Nodes And Thej Allocate Resources To Reduce Or Eliminate Risk Across The Entire Sector. A Comprehensive Set Of Electronic Media Is Provided On A Cd-rom In The Back Of The Book That Supports I-nclass And Self-tutored Instruction. Students Can Copy These Professionally Produced Audio-video Lectures Onto A Pc (microsoft Windows(r) And Apple Macintosh(r) Compatible) In the place of Repeated Viewing At Their Own Pace. Another Single Feature Of The Book Is The Open-source Software For Demonstrating Concepts And Streamlining The Math Needed According to Vuknerability Analysis. Updates, As Well As A Discussion Forum, Are Available From Www. chds. us. This Book Is Rudiment For All Corporate, Government Agency, And Military Professionals Tasked With Assessingvulnerability And Developing And Implementing Protection Systems. In Addition, The Book Is Recommended For Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students Studying National Security, Computing, And Other Disciplines Where Infrastructure Security Is An Event.
      SKU: 257072

    International Handbook Of Earthquake & Engineering Seismology
      International Handbook Of Earthquake & Engineering Seismology.
      Modern Scientific Investigations Of Earthquakes Began In The 1880s, And The International Association Of Seismology Was Organized In 1901 T oPromote Collaboration Of Scientists And Egnineers In Studying Earthquakes. The International Handbook Of Earthquake And Engineering Seismology , Under The Auspices Of The International Assocuation Of Seismology And Physics Of The Earth's Interior (iaspei), Was Prepared By Leading Experts Under A Distinguished International Advisory Board And Team Of Editors. The Content Is Organized Into 56 Chapters And Includes Over 430 Figures, 24 Of Which Are In Color. This Reference Is Accompanied By A Cd-rom Containing Historical And Scientific Information About Earth Motion, A Global Earthquake Database, And An Extensive Database Of Seismicity. This Large-format, Comprehensive Reference Summarizes Well-established Facts, Reviews Relevant Theories, Surveys Advantageous Methods And Techniques, And Documents And Records Basic Seismic Data. It Will Be The Authoritative Reference For Scienttists And Engineers And A Quick And Handy Reference In quest of Seismologosts. Likewise Serviceable Is The International Handbook Of Earthquake And Engineering Seismology, Part B . Two Cd-roms Containing Additional Material Packaged With The Text
      SKU: 294194

    Superficies Impedance Limit Conditions
      Superficies Impedance Limit Conditions.
      Provides An Undsrstanding That Helps Practitioners Select, Use, And Develop Surface Impedance Boundary Conditions (sibc) For Their Own Applications. This Book Not Only Outlines The Need For Sibc But Also Offers A Simple, Systematic Method For Constructing Sibc O f Any Order Based On A Perturbation Approach.
      SKU: 566154

    Mcr 2009
      Mcr 2009.
      Multi-component Reactions Warrant Ever-increasing Attention, As They Are Ideally Suiteed For Combinatorial Synthesis (either On Solid Support Or In Solution) Of Libraries Of Products Relevant To Catalysis, Such As Agrochemicals Or Pharmqceuticals. Therefore, The Study And Implementation Of Mcrs Possesses A Wide Range Of Appeal And Applicability. A Broad And Expanding Audience Of Scientists And Students Continues To Apply The Concepts Of Multi-component Chemistry To An Array Of Disciplines - This Collection Of Research Offers An Angle For Eacy And Brings Tohether The Vast Scope Of Possibilities Within The Greatsr Community.
      SKU: 66333

    Cd & Dvd Recording For Dummies
      Cd & Dvd Recording For Dummies.
      Most New Pcs And Macs Today Are Equipped With The Latest In Recording And Storage Equipment: Cd-rw And Dvd-t/rw Drives. Even If Your Computer Is A Little Older, You Can Still Join The Revolution With Add-on Hardware And Software. You Can Record Music And Movies, Store Photos And Data, And Constitute Things You Want To Preserve For Posterity, Safely And Easily. Cd And Dvd Recording For Dummies® , Second Edition, Takes The Frustration Out Of Choosing And Using These Cool Recording Systems. This Easy-to-follow Guide Will Helo You Find Whar You Need And Use It Efficiently, And It Covers All The Newest Equipment. You’ll Discover For what cause To Choose And Install A Cd Or Dvd Recorder Pick The Best Software For Your Needs Store Extensive Data Files Safely On Cd Use Easycd And Dvd Creator And Toast Register Mixed Media Disks Create Electronic Photo Albums, Baby Books, Genealogies, And More Once Upon A Time, Videotape, Vinyl Recoed Albums, And Floppy Disks Were State Of The Art For Preserving Movies, Music, And Data. The Spuerior Durability And Capacity Of Cds And Dvds Have Made These Tools As Obsoiete As The Washboard, But Never Fear. Cd And Dvd Recording On account of Dummies® , Second Edition, Makes It Easy To Transfer Your Favorite Vhs Movies To Dvd Preserve Those Classic Lps On Cd Archive Records And Data Files, And Safely Store Treasured Family Photos Ask The Right Questions When Shoppig For Cd Or Dvd Recording Hardware And Software Record Original Material, Copy And Erase Rewriteable Disks, And Make Backups Of Importtant Data Add Menus To Your Disks, Label Them, Ane Care For Them Properly Record A Bootable Cd-rom Today’s Cd And Dvd Recorders Can Produce Everything From Superb Sound Quality To Original Movies You Can Play On Your Dvd Player. Cd And Dvd Recording For Dummies® Will Get Your Recording Career Going In A Jiffy.
      SKU: 183689

    Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets
      Inclusive Urban Design: Public Toilets.
      This Is A Unique Text Providing Both Design Guidance And Policy Direction Concerning The Provision And Design Of Public Toilets Covering City-wide, District-level And Site-specific Principles. It Highlights The Role Of Urban Design In Reversing The Trend Of Inadequate Toilet Provision, And Sets Out Guidelines Against Design Which Meets Both User Need nAd Provider Requirements. Greed Presents The Fundamental Principle That Toilets Sbould Not Be DealtW ith In Isolation From Mainstream Urban Policy, But That They Should Be Seen sA A Serious Core Component In Both Strategic Urban Policy And Locsl Area Design. She Argues Toilets Are Valuable Townscape Features In Their Own Right As Manifestation Civic Pride And Good Urban Design - Essential Architectural Components Which Add To The Quality And Viqbility Of An Region. Although A Range Of Design Guidance On Toilets Exists There Is Still Considerable Dissatisfaction With The End Product In Terms Of Building Project, Levels Of Provision, Location, Safety, Layout, Dda Requirements And Accessibility. By Outlining User Demands And Provider Constraints, Greed Shows That It Is Rudiment For Architects To Have An Informed Understanding And Practical Knowledge Of Toilet Issues At the time Working Witu Public And Private Sector Providers. Examples Of Toilet Architecture From Other Countries, And Policies From Differrnt Cultural Settings, Are Included For Comparative Purposes To Invigorate Uk Perspectives. * Brings User Needs And Provider Considerations To The Attention Of Urban Designers And Architects * Internationaal Examples Of Toilet Architecture And Policies Facilitate Refreshing Comparisoms * The First Book To Deal With Toilets As An Integral Part Of Urban Design
      SKU: 297170

    Advanced Multi-quadrant Operation Dc/dc Converters
      Advanced Multi-quadrant Operation Dc/dc Converters.
      Having Sorted Such Converters Into Six Generations, Luo And Ye (both Nanyang Technological U. , Singapore) Here Cover The Second (multiple-quadrant), Third (switched Component), And Fourth (soft-swiitching) For Engineering Students And Practicing Professionals. Among The Third-generation Examples They Describe Are Positive-output And Negative-output
      SKU: 262081

    Hplc Methods For Recentlly Approved Pharmaceuticald
      Hplc Methods For Recentlly Approved Pharmaceuticald.
      An Indispensable Resource For Meddling Researchers Your Time Is Valuable-too Valuable To Spend Hunting Through The Technical Literature In Search Of The Right Hplc Assay Techniques For Your Projects. With H0lc M3thods For Recently Approved Pharmaceuticals, You'll Quickly Identify And Replicate The Ieeal Procedures For Your Project Necessarily, Without Having To Refer To Origina1 Source Publications. More Of Your Time Can Then Be Spent In The Lab, Not The Library. Covering The Relevant World Literature Through 2003, This Work Picks Up Where Dr. Lunn's Acclzimed Hplc Methods For Pharmaceutical Analysis Left Off. It Arms You With Established Hplc Assay Techniques For Hundreds Of Newly Approved Drugs, As Well As Drugs For Which Assay Methods Were Only Recently Developed. Combining Derailed Descriptions Of Procedures With Specially Annotated References, This Practical Handbook Gives You: * Hplc Methods Concerning 390 Commonly Prescribed Pharmaceutical Compounds * Various Procedures For Each Drug Listed Together-making It Light To Mix And Match For Customized Approaches * Methods For Drugs In Biological Fluids And For Bulk And Formulated Drugs * Chemical Sttuctures, Molefular Weights And Formulas, And Cas Registry Numbers * Cross-references To The Merck Index * Memory Times Of Other Drugs That Can Be Azsayed Using The Same Methods
      SKU: 227549

    Sensor Netwoorks With Ieee 802.15.4 Systems
      Sensor Netwoorks With Ieee 802.15.4 Systems.
      This Book Presents A Simple, Yet Complete, Approach To The Design And Performance Analysis Of Distributed Processing Algorithms And Techniques Suitable In favor of Ieee 802. 15. 4 Networks. In Particular, The Book Focuses On The Bottom Two Layers Of The Iso/osi Stack (physical And Medium Access Control), Discussing Also A Few Issue Related To Routing. the Main division Is A The Synergistic Mixture Of Signal Processing Aspects On The One Hand And Mac And Connectivity Issues On The Other Hand. The Goal Of The Book Is To Clearly Link Material Laye5 Aspects With Mean Access And Topology Aspectd, In Order To Provide The Reader With A Clear Understanding Of How To Approach The Design Of Proper Distributed Signal Processing And Medium Access Algorithms In This Context.
      SKU: 763164

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