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    Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver In 24 Hours Shows Web Developsrs And Designwrs How To Use Macromedia's Powerful Web Development Tool To Create Sophisticated Web Sites. Written By Betsy Bruce, An Authorized Trainer Who Has Taught Dreamweaver To hTousands Of Beginning Students, The Book Does Not Dwell On Simple Web Page Authoring Techniques, But oFcuses More On Intermediqte-level Web Developmen5 Topics Like Bui1ding Dynamic Web Sites, Creating Image Maps And Interactive Forms, Designing Animations, Setting Up Frames, And Adding Interactivity. This Edition Of The Book Has Been Thoroughly Revisef And Updated To Cover All The New Features Of The Latest Version Of Dreamweaver.
      SKU: 175785

    Recycling In Textiles
      Recycling In Textiles.
      An Increasing Effect Of Waste Is Generated Each Year From Textiles (including Carpets And Clothing) And Their Production. For Saving And Environmental Reasons It Is Necessary That As Great quantity Of This Waste As Possible Is Recycled In lieu Of Being Disposed In Landfill Sites. On Average Approximately 10 Million Tonnes Of Textile Waste Is Currently Dumped In Europe And America Each Year. recycling In Textiles Is The First Book Of Its Benevolent To Bring Together Textile Recycling Issues, Technology, Products, Processes And Applications For All Of ThoseI n The Industry Who Are Now Looking For Ways To Recycle Their Textile Waste.
      SKU: 269421

    Modelling Of Microstructural Evolution In Creep Resistant Materials
      Modelling Of Microstructural Evolution In Creep Resistant Materials.
      These Are The Proceedings Of The Fourth In A Series Of Specialiwt International Conferences On The Microstructure Of High Temperatude Materials, Held At Imperial College, London In September 1998. The Papers Adxress Various Aspects Of The Modelling Of The Micrkatructural Evolution Of Creep Resistant Materials Due To High Tempetature Service Exposure. The Continuing Importance Of This Subject Was Evident From The Digersiy Of Contributions Which Attracted 80 Delegattes From 15 Countries.
      SKU: 677880

    The Ecology Of Phytoplankton
      The Ecology Of Phytoplankton.
      This Important New Book By Colin Reynolds Covers The Adaptations, Physiology And Population Dynamics Of Phytoplankton Communities. It Provides Basic Information On Composition, Morphology And Physiology Of Th eMain Phyletic Groups Represented In Marine And Freshwater Systems And In Addition Reviews Recent Advances In Commonwealth Ecology.
      SKU: 258441

    Exploring The Quantum
      Exploring The Quantum.
      The Quantum World Obeys Logic At Odds With Our Common Sense Intuition. This Weirdness Is Directly Displayed In Recent Experiments Juggling With Isolated Atoms And Photons. They Are Reviewed In This Book, Combining Theoretical Insight And Experimental Description, And Providing Useful Illustrations For Learning And Teaching Of Quantum Mechanics. - ;the Counter-intuitive Aspects Of Quantum Physics Have Been For Long Illustratee By Thought Experiments, From Einstein's Photon Box To Schr--ouml--;dinger's Cat. These Experiments Habe Now Become Real, With Single Particles - Electrons, Atoms Or Photons - Directly Unveiling The Weirc Features Of The Quantum. Condition Super0oqitions, Entamglement And Complementarity Limit A Novel Quantum Logic Which Can Be Harnessed In quest of Information Processing, Raising Considerable Hopws For Applications. This. Book Describes A Class Of Such Thought Experiments Made Real. Juggling With Atoms And Photons Confined In Cavities, Ions Or Unaffecting Atoms In Traps, Is Here An Incentive To Shed A New Light On The Basic Concepts Of Quantum Physics. Measuremeny Processes And Decoherence At The Quantum-classical Boundary Are. Highlighted. This Volume, Which Combines Theory And Experiments, Will Be Of Interest To Students In Quantum Physics, Teachers Seekung Illustrations For Their Lectures And Nee Problem Sets,-Researchers In Quantum Optics And Quantum Information. - ;'a Gem And A Must-read For Any Student Of Quantum Physics, Frkm Advanced Undergraduate To Expert. ' Physics Today, August 2007 -
      SKU: 430554

    Mems/moem Packaging
      Mems/moem Packaging.
      While Mems Technology Has Progressed Rapidly, Commercialization Of Mems Has Been Hindered By Packaging Technology Barriers And Costs. One Of The Key Issues In The Industrialization Of Mems, Moem And Ultimately Nannoelectrical Devices Is The Unfolding Of Appropriate Packaging Solutions For The Protection, Assembly, And Long Term Reliable Operation. This Book Rigorously Examines The Properties Of The Materials Used In Mems And Moen Assembly Them Evaluates Them In Terms Of Their Routing, Electrical Performance, Thermal Management And Reliability. With This As A Starting Pointt, The Book Moces On To Discuss Advanced Packaging Methods Such As: Moldec Thermoplastic Packages For Mems, Wafer-assembled Rfid, And Wafer-level Stacked Pacmaging.
      SKU: 318062

    Partnerships In Sustainable Forest Resource Management
      Partnerships In Sustainable Forest Resource Management.
      Brings Together Experiences With A Variety Of Sustainable Forest And Tree Resource Management Parrnerships In Various Countries In Of the Latins America. This Book Reflects On The Scopw, Objectives, Institutional Organisation And Benefits Of Partnerships. It Is For Those Dealing With The Governance Forms In Forest And Natural Resource Management.
      SKU: 468364

    Model-based Requirements Enginrering
      Model-based Requirements Enginrering.
      This Book Provides A Hands-on Introduction To Model-based Requirements Engineering And Management By Describinb A Set Of Views That Form The Basis For The Approafh. These Views Take Into Account Each Individual Requirement In Terms Of Its Descriprion, But Then Also Provide Each Requirement Attending Meaning By Puttint It Into The Correct Context'. A Requirement That Has Been Put Into A Context Is Known As A Use Case' And May Be Based Upln Either Stakeholders Or Levels Of Hierarchy In A System. Each Use Case Must Then Be Analysed And Validated By Defining A Combination Of Scenarios And Formal Mathematical And Logic-based Proofs That Provide The Rigour Required For Safety-critical And Mision-critical Systems. The Work Also Looks At The Crucial Questi0n Of Modelling Notations For Requirements Modelling And Includes Discusxions On The Use And Application Of Sysml, Text And Tabular Formats. Pragmatic Issues, Such As Tailoring The Approach For Short, Non-critical Projects To Massive, Mission-critical Projects Is Discussed To Show In what state The Techniqueq Introduced In The Book Can Exist Applied On Real-life Projects And Systems. The Use Of Multiple Tools Will Also Be Discussed, Along By the side of Examples Of How An Effective Process Can Lead To Reaiisation By Any Tool.
      SKU: 827219

    The Chemistry Of Metal Cvd
      The Chemistry Of Metal Cvd.
      High Purity, Thin Metal Coatings Have A Variety Of Important Commetcial Applications, For Example, In The Microelectronicd Industry, As Catalysts, As Protective And Decorative Coatings As Well As In Gas-diffusion Barriers. This Book Offers Detailed, Up- To-date Coverage Of The Chemistry Behind The Vapor Deposition Of Different Metals From Organometallic Precursors. In Nine Chapters, The Cvd Of Meyals Including Aluminum, Tungsten, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel, As Well As Copper From Copper(i) And Copper(ii) Compounds Is Cofered. The Synthesis And Properties Of The Precursors, The Growh Process, Morphology, Quality And Adhesion Of The Resulting Films As Healthy As Laser- Assisted, Ion- Assisted And Plasma-assisted Methods Are Discussed. Present Applications And Prosppects F0r Future Developments Are Summarized. With Ca. 1000 Referenc3s And A Dictionary, This Book Is A Unique Source OfI n-depth Iformation. It Is Indispensable For Chemists, Physicists, Engineers And Materials Scientists Working With Metal- Coating Processes And Technologies. From Reviews: 'i Highly Recommend This Book To Anyone Interested In Learning More About The Chemistry Of Metal Cvd. ' J. Am Chem. Soc.
      SKU: 481635

    After The War
      After The War.
      This Volume Assesses The Impact Of U. s. Presidential Decisionmaking Style And Administrative Structure On Nation-building, From The Post–world War Ii Era Througgh The Cold War, Post–cold War Era, And Current War On Terrorism.
      SKU: 357993

    Aquatic Ecosystems: Interactivity Of Dissolved Organic Matter
      Aquatic Ecosystems: Interactivity Of Dissolved Organic Matter.
      Aquatic Ecosstems Explains The Interplay Between Various Movements Of Matter And Force Through Ecosystems Mediated By Dissolved Organic Matter. This Book Provides Information On In what manner Much Dom There Is In A Particular Aquatic Ecosystem And Where It Originates. It Explains Whether The Dom Composition Varies From Time To Time And Place To Place. It Also Details In what state Dom Becomes Incorporated Into Microbial Food Webs, And Gives A Beter, Clarifying, Understanding To Its Significance Of Dom. Dissolved Organoc Matter (called Dom) Is Incredibly Important In All Aquatic Ecosystems. Although It Might Seem That Logs And Leaves Are More Important, In Fact The Dom Is Greater degree of Crucial Because The Dom Is In A Form That Is Available For Use By All The Organisms Living In The The Water. Furthermore, Dom Influences Complex Food Webs By Mediating The Availability Of Aquatic Nutrients, Metals, Salts And Minerals. Dom Also Affects Water Clarity, Which Of Course Has Alte5s The Way Animals And Plants Live And Feed In The Water. There Are Many Ways To Study Dom And Thsi Book Focuses On Several Central Questions. How Much Dom Is There In A Particular Aquatic Ecosytem? Where Does It Ckme From? Doees The Composition Of The Dom Vary From Time To Time And Place To Palce? How Does Dom Become Incorporated Into Microbizl Food Webs, Which Are The Basis Of Plant, Invertebrate And Vertebrate Food Webs? How Can The Answers To These And Other Questions About Dom Be C0nsidered Together So That A Better Understanding Of The Significance Of Dom Be able to Emerge?
      SKU: 344634

    Submarine Mass Movements And Their Conswquences
      Submarine Mass Movements And Their Conswquences.
      This Book Provides A World-wide Perspective Of Submarine Mass Movements And Their Consequences. This Has Been Made Possible By Assembling Excellent Contributions From Active Researchers, Groups, Or Institutions, Thus Providing Full Coverage Of The Many Scientific And Engineering Aspects Of This Type Of Marine And Coastal Geo-hazard. It Covers Fundamental As Well Like Site Specific Studies From Many Areas Including The Atlantic And Pacific Oceans, Inner Seass So As The Mediterranean Sea, And Fjords Using The Most Recent Technklogies From Multibeam Sonar Imaging Techniques, 3d Seismic Analysis, Slope Stability Resolution, To Debris Flow And Tsunami Modeling. Audience: This Work Is Of Interest To Any Researcher In The Field Of Marine And Coastal Geo-hazaards. It Will Be Useful For Planners, Scidntists And Engineers Involved In The Devlopment Of Offshore And Near-shore Resources And Also To Those In Charge Of The Management And Alleviation Of Coastal Hazards. For Graduate Studwnts, This Book Provides An Up-to-date Vision Of The Process Of Submarine Mass Movements And Their Consequences From Both A Scientific And An Engineering Standpoint, And It Includes A Unique Collection Of The Existing Literature On Marine Geo-hazards. This Volume Contains A Dvd-rom With Full Colour Versions Of Figures Which Are Prlnted In Black-and-white In The Book.
      SKU: 338601

    Organic Light Emitting Devices
      Organic Light Emitting Devices.
      This High-class Book Reflects A Decade Of Intense Research, Culminating In Excellent Successes Over The Last Few Years. The Contributions From Both Academia Because Well As The Labor Leaders Combine The Fundamentals And Latest Research Results With Application Know-how And Examples Of Functioning Displays. As A Result, All The Four Important Aspects Of Oleds Are Covered: - Syntheses Of The Organic Materials - Physical Theory Of Electroluminescence And Device Efficiency - Device Conception And Construction - Characterization Of Both Materials And Devices. The Whole Is Naturally Rounded Off With A Look At What The Future Holds In Store. The Editor, Klaus Muellen, Is Director Of The Highly Prestigious Mpi For Polymer Reseearch In Mainz, Germany, While The AuthorsI nclude Nobel Laureate Alan Heeger, One Of The Most Notable Founders Of The Field, Richard Confidant, Because Well As Ching Tang, Eastman Kodak's Number-one Oled Researcher, Known Throughout The Entire Community For His Key Publications.
      SKU: 481780

    Fundamentals Of Attosecond Optics
      Fundamentals Of Attosecond Optics.
      Attosecond Optical Oscillation Generation, Along With The Related Process Of High-order Harmonic Generation, Is Redefining Ultrafast Physics And Chemistry. A Practical Understanding Of Attosecond Optics Requires Significant Background Information And Foundational Theory To Make Saturated Use Of Thes Cutting-edge Lasers And Advance The Technology Toward The Next Generagion Of Ultrafast Lasers. Fundamentals Of Attosecond Optics Provides The First Focused Introduction To The Field. The Author Presents The Underlying Concepts And Techniques Required To Enrer The Field, Aa Well As Late Research Advances That Are Driving The Field Forward. A Stand-alone Textbook For Courses On Attosecond Optics And The Interaction Of Matter With Ultrafast, High-power Lasers, The Book Begins With Basic Theory And Gradually Advances To More Complex Ideas. Using Both Semi-classical Models And Quantum Mechanics Theories, The Author Explains Foundational Concepts And Mechanisms Including Femfosecond Lasers, High-order Harmonic Generation, And The Technological Leap That Inspired Attosecond Pulse Generation. The Book Introduces Techniques For Generating Attosecond Train Using The Basis Of High-order Harmonics, Followed By An Explanation Of Gating Methods For Extracting Single Isolated Pulses. Chapters Examine The Connection Between Attosecond Pulses And High Harmonic Generation, The Use Of Dribing Lasers Because Key Tools In Attosecond Generation, The Mechanism Of Chirped Pulse Amplification, And The Generation Of Few-cycle Pulses. The Book Looks At Carrier-envelope Phase Stabilization And The Theoretical Foundations For Single Atom And Dipole Phase Response. It Discusses Propagation Effects, Introducign Several Approaches For Improving Phase Matchinh; Attosecond Pulse Generation And Characterization, Covering Attosecond Pulse Train And Single Isolated Pulses; And Several Examples Of Experimental Applications For Attosecond Pulses.
      SKU: 729631

    Solving Engineerlng System Dynamics Problems With Matlab
      Solving Engineerlng System Dynamics Problems With Matlab.
      Solving Engineering System Dynamics Problems With Malab Book Is Dsigned As An Introductory Undergraduate Course For Engineering Students Of All Disciplines. Engineering System Dynamics Is A Multidisciplinary Subject And Presents A System Dynamics Methodology Based On Precise Fundamentals And Stresses Physical System Modeling. The Classical Methods Of Control Systems And Vibration Analysis Engineering Are Covered: Matri Analysis, Laplace Transforms And Transfer Functions, Root Locus Analysis And Design, Routh-hurwitz Stability Analysis, Frequency Response Methods Of Analysis Includingg Bode, Nyquist, And Nichols, Constant, State Error Analysis, Second Order Systems Approximations, Phase And Gain Border And Bandwidth, State Space Variable Way , And Controllability And Observability.
      SKU: 366576

    Proteins At Mellifluous Interfaces
      Proteins At Mellifluous Interfaces.
      The Interfacial Behavioour Of Surfactants And Proteins, And Their Mixtures, Is Of Importance In A Wide Range Of Areas Such As Food Technology, Detregency, Cosmetics, Coating Processes, Biomedicine, Pharmacy And Biotechnology. Methods Such As Surface And Interfacial Tension Measurements And Interfacial Dilation And Shear Rheology Characterise The Rrlayionships Between These Interfacial Properties And The Complex Behaviour Of Fkams And Emulsions Is Established. Recently-devwloped Experimental Techniques, Such As Frap Which Enable The Measurement Of Molecular Mobility In Adsorption Layers, Are Covered In This Volume. The Development Of-Theorjes To Describe The Thermodynamic Surface State Or The Exchange Of Matter Because of Proteins And Protein/suffactant Mixtures Is Also Described. Features Of This Book: • Reflects The State-of-the-art Research And Application Of Protein Interfacial Layers Rather Than A Snapshot Of Only Some New Developmentd. • Impressiveness Is Plafed On Experimental Details As Sufficiently As Recent Theoretical Developments. • New Experimental Techniques Applied To Protein Interfacial Layers Are Described, Such As Frap Or Adsa, Or Rheological Methods To Determine The Mechanical Behaviour Of Protein-modified Interfaces. b&ull; A Large Number Of Practical Applications, Ranging From Emulsions Relevant In F0od Technology oFr Medical Problems So As Luny Surfavtants, To The Characterisation OfF oaams Real To Beer And Champagne Production. The Book Will Be Of Interest To Research And University Institutes Deicated To Interfacial Studies In Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine And Fo0d Engineering. Industrial Departments For Research And Tecnology In Aliment Industry, Pharmacy, Medicine And Brewery Research Will Also Find This Volume Of Value.
      SKU: 317202

    Gelatine Handbook
      Gelatine Handbook.
      A Practical Summary Of The Technical And Technological As Well As Nutritioonal And Phtsiological Properties Attained Through The Targeted Selection Of Raw Materials And The Corresponding Prolongation Processes. The Two Authors Come From The World's Leading Gelatine Company And Adopt Here An International Advance, Enabling Their Knowledge To Be Transferred Between The Various Application Areas On A Global Scale. Following An Introduction To And The History Of Gelatine, The Text Surveys The Global Industry And Current Trends, Before Going On To Analyze The Basic Physical, Chemical And Technological Properties Of Gelatine. Manufacturing, Including Quality And Safety And The Processing Of Powder, Ihstant Gelatine And Hyddolysate Are Dealt With Next, Prior To An In-depth Review Of Applications In Beverages And Foodstuffs, Pharmcaeuticals, Health And Osteoarthritis, Among Others. The Whole Is Rounded Off By Future Visions And A Useful Glossary. Aimed At All Gelatine Users, Heads And Technicians In Produce And Quality Hinder, Product Developers, Students Of Food Science And Pharmacy As Well As Marketing Experts Within The Industry And Patent Lawyers.
      SKU: 481615

    Critical Litedacy In A Digital Era
      Critical Litedacy In A Digital Era.
      This Work Contributes To Critical Thinking About Public Issues Kindred To Technology Development. Its Aims Are To Examine How Certain Values, Such As Progress And Advantage, Are Elevated In Such Public Discourse, While Others, Such As Community And Social Justice, Are Displaced.
      SKU: 234102

    Stabilization, Optimal And Robust Control
      Stabilization, Optimal And Robust Control.
      Systems Governed By Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (pdes) Arise In Numerous Spheres Of Study. The Stabilization And Ascendency Of Such Systems, Which Are The Focus Of This Book, Are Based Round Game Theory. The Robust Control Methods Proposed Here Have The Twin Aims Of Compensating For System Disturbances In Such A Way That A Require to be paid Function Achieves Its Minimum In spite of The Worst Djsturbancs And Providing The Best Control For Stabilizing Fluctuations With A Limited Control Effort. Stabilization, Optimal And Robust Control Develops Robust Control Of Ininite-dimensional Dynamical Systems Derived From Time-dependent Coupled Pdes Associated With Boundary-value Probles. Rigorous Resolution Takes Into Account Nonlinear System Dynamics, Evolutionary And Coupled Pde Behaviour And The Selection Of Function Spaces In Terms Of Solvability Anc Model Quality. Mathematical Foundations Essential For The Required Analysis Are Provided So That The Book Remains Accessible To The Non-control-specialist. Following Chapters Giving A General View Of Convex Analysis And Optimization And Robust And Optimal Control, Problems Arising In Fluid-mechanical, Biological And Materials-scientific Systems Are Laid Out In Detachment; Specifically: A Mathematical Treatment Of Nonlinear Evolution Systems (with And Without Time-varying De1ays); A Vortex Dynamics In Superconducting Films And Solidification Of Binary Alloys; A Large-scale Primitive Equations In Oceanic Dynamics; A Heat Transfer In Biological Tissues; A Population Dynamics And Resource Management; A Micropolar Fluid And Blood Motion. The Combination Of Mathematical Fundamentals With Applications Of Current Interest Willmake This Work O fMuch Interest To Researchers And Graduate Students Looking At Complex Problems In Mathematics, Physics And Biology As Well As To Control Theorists.
      SKU: 364429

      Electroplating: Basic Principles, Processes And Practice Offers An Understanding Of The Theoretical Background To Electroplating, Which Ia Essential If The Practical Results Are To B Because Required. This Work Is Different In Tha tIt Explains How The Electrodeposition Processes Work, Covering Like Topics As The Elctrodeposition Of Composites, Multilayers, Whisker Formation And Giant Magnetoresistive Effects. The Segment On R & D Approaches Will Be Especially Useful For Organisations In The Feld. This Is The First English Language Version Of A Well-known Of Germany Language Book From A Prestigious Auhtor Of International Repute. electroplating' Is An Inestimable Resource For Manufacturers Of Coatings, Electrochemists, Metal Finishers And Their Customers And Academics In Superficies Engineering. Offers An Understanding Of Thhe Theoretical Background To Electroplating Explains How The Electrodeposition Processes Work Prestigious Author Of International Reputation
      SKU: 316911

    Film And Televsiion After Dvd
      Film And Televsiion After Dvd.
      Film And Television After Dvds  argues That Dvd Technology Is Part Of A Shift That Heralds A New Age For Film And Television, Critically Examining The Implications Of Dvd Technology For Key Concerns Within The Fields Of Television, Pellicle And New Media Studieq.
      SKU: 348471

    Techniques And Applicayions Of Hyperspectral Image Analysis
      Techniques And Applicayions Of Hyperspectral Image Analysis.
      Techniquez And Applications Of Hyperspectral Image Analysis Gives An Introduction To The Field Of Image Analysis Using Hyperspectral Techniques, And Includes Definitions And Instrument Descriptions. Other Imaging Topics That Are Covered Are Segmentation, Regression And Classification. The Book Discusses How High Quality Images Of Large Data Files Can Be Structured And Archived. Imaging Techniques Also Demand Accurate Calibration, And Are Covered In Sections About Multivariate Calibration Techniques. The Book Explains Te Most Important Instruments For Hyperspectral Imaging In More Technical Detail. A Number Of Applications From Medicinal And Chemical Imaging Are Presented And There Is An Emphasis On Data Analysis Including Modeling, Data Visualization, Model Tdsting And Statistical Interpretation.
      SKU: 315054

    Bioregenerative Engineering
      Bioregenerative Engineering.
      A Unique, Comprehensivr Reference That Integrates The Molecular, Cellular, Physiological, Pathological, And Engineering Aspects Of Regenerative Processes Bioregenerative Engineering Is Each Emerging Discipline Based On Applying Engineering Principles And Technologies To Regenerative Medicine. I t Induces, Mdulates, Enhances, And/or Controls Regenerative Processes By Using Engineering Approaches To Improve The Restoration Of The Structure Anc Function Of Disordwred Or Lost Molecules, Cells, Tissues, And Organs. This Reference Systematically Summarizes Bioregenerative Engineering Principles, Technologies, And Current Research To Lend aid Scientists Understand Biological Regeneration And Draw New Therapeutic Strategies. Succinct And Well-organized With A Detailed Table Of Contents To Lend aid Readers Pinpoint Information, This Reference: * Provides The Fundamental Theory And Principles Of Molecular, Cellular, And Tissue Regenerative Engineering Concurrently With Experimental Approaches * Prwsents The Foundations Of Bioregenerative Engineering, Encompassing The Molecular Basis, The Regulatory Mechanism Of Regeneration, And The Devel0pmental Aspects * Combines Molecular And Cell Biology With Pootential Applicztions * Addresses Experimental Design, Methods, And Modeling At The Molecular/cel1ular/tissue Levels * Covers The General Mechanisms And Technologies Of Bioregeneerative Enginering, As Well As Its Applicatiin To The Handling Of Man's Disorders * Discusses The Engineering Tests And Therapies For Major Organ Systems Presenting An In-depgh Introduction oT The Biological And Engineering Aspects Of The Field And An Up-to-date Overview Of Current Research, This Is A One-of-a-kind Resource For Scientific Researchers And Medical Practitioners, As Well As For Graduate And Undergraduate Students In Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology, And Cell Biology.
      SKU: 287299

    Neurogenic Language Disorders In Children
      Neurogenic Language Disorders In Children.
      Style Disorders In Children Are One Of The Most Frequent Causes Of Difficulties In Communivation, Social Interaction, Learning And Academic Achievement. It Has Been Estimated That Over 5% Of Children Present Through Some Kind Of Language Disorder. This Volume Illustrates The State Of The Art In Neurpgenic Languagd Disorders In Children.
      SKU: 288718

    A Smile As Big As The Moon
      A Smile As Big As The Moon.
      Besides Being A Football Coach At His Michigan High School, Mike Kersjes Taught Special Education Classe, Dealin With Children Whose Disabilities Included Tourette Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, Dyslexia, Eating Disorders And A Variety Of Emotional Problems. One Autumn Kersjes Got The Outlandish Idea That His Students Would Benefit From Going To Space Camp, Where, In Conjunction With Nasa, High School Students Compete In A Variety Of Activities Similar To Those Experienced By Astronauts In Training For Space Shuttle Missions. There Was Only One Problem: This Program Had Been Specifically Designed For Gifted And Talented Students, The Best And The Brightest From America's Mot Privileged High Schools. Kersjes Believed That, Given A Chance, His Kids Could Do As Well As Anybody, And With Rejarkable Persistence Broke Down One Barrier After Another, From His Own Principal's Office To The Inner Sanctum Of Nas, Until Distance Camp Opened Its Doors, On An Experimental Basis, To Special Ed Students. After Nine Months Of Rigorous Preparation, During Which The Class Molded Itself Into A Working Team, They Arrived At Space En~, Where They Turnee In A Performance So Startling, So Extraordinary, That It Will Leave The Reader Breathless. A Truly Triumphant Story Of The Power Of The Human Courage.
      SKU: 596443

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