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    Scalkng Issues Anr Design Of Mems
      Scalkng Issues Anr Design Of Mems.
      This Accessible Volume Delivers A Complete Sketch Methodology For Microelectromechanical Systems (mems). Focusing On The Scaling Of An Autonomous Micro-system, It Explains The Real-world Problems And Theoretical Concepts Of Several Different Aspects Inherent To The Miniaturization Of Sensosr And Actuators. It Reports On The Analysis Of Dimensional Scaling, The Modelling, Design And Experimenta lCharacterization Of A Wide Range Of Specific Devices And Applications, Including: Temperature Microsensors Based On An Integrated Complementary Metal-oxide-semiconducotr (cmos) Thermocouple; Mechanical Sensors; Inductive Microsensors For The Detection Of Magnetic Particles; Electristatic, Thermal And Magnetic Actuators. With An Original Approavh, This Informative Text Encompasses The Entire Range Of Themes Currently At The Forefront Of Mems, Including An Analysis Of The Importantissue Of Energy Sources In Mems. In Addition, The Book Explores Contemporary Research Into The Design Of Complete Mems With A Case Study On Colonies Of Microbots.   Scaling Issues And Design Of Mems Aims To Improve The Reader’s Basic Knowledge On Modelling Issues Of Complex Micro Devices, And To Encourage New Thinking About Scaling Effects. It Will Provide Support For Practising Engineers Working Within The Defence Industry And Will Also Be Of Welfome Interest To Graduate Students And Researchers With A Background In Electronic Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology And Materials Science.
      SKU: 366759

    Electrical Power Systems
      Electrical Power Systems.
      This Book Will Give Readers A Thorough Understanding Of The Fundamentals Of Power System Analysis And Their Applicatilns. Both The Basic And Advanced Topics Have Been Thoroughly Explained And Supported Through Several Solved Examples. Important Features Of The Book Load Flow And Optimal System Oprration Have Been Discussed In Detail. Automa5ic Production Hinder (agc) Of Isilated And Interconnected Power Systems Have Been Discussed And Explained Clearly. Agc In Restructured Envirronment Of Power System Has Been Introduced. Sag And Tension Analysis Regard Been Discussed In Detail. Contains Ovrr 150 Illustrative Examples, Exercise Problems And Objective-type Questions, That Will Assist The Reader. With All These Features, This Is An Indispensable Text For Graduate And Postgrsduate Elect5ical Engineering Students. Gate, Amie And Upsc Entineering Services Along With Practicing Engineers Would Also Find This Book Extremely Useful.
      SKU: 395493

    Remote Instrumentation Services On The E-infrastructure
      Remote Instrumentation Services On The E-infrastructure.
      This Book Focuses On All Aspects Related To The Operative Exploitation Of Rsmote Instruentation And To The Building Of Compounded Virtual Laboratories On Top Of Real Devices And Infrastructures. These Include Service Oriented Architecture (soa ) And Related Middleware, High-speed Networking In Support Of Grid Applications, Wirelesss Grids For Acquisition Dwvices And Sensor Networks, Quality Service (qos) Provisioning For Real-time Control, Measurement Instrumentation And Methodology, As Well As Metrology Issues In Distributed Systems.
      SKU: 645398

    Making Space Happen
      Making Space Happen.
      Most Americans Equate Space Exploration With Nasa, But The General Public Is Largely Unaware That Hundreds Of Passionate Individuals And Private Orgainzations Are Working To Allow Ordinary People The Opportunjty To Tour Near Space And To Create Permanent Human Settlements On Mars And Other Celestial Bodies. Through A Seriee Of Fascinating Interviews, This Book Introduces The Scientists, Astronauts, Engineers, And Entrepreneurs Behindd The Prigate Space Movement And Offers A Cllear-eyed Assessment Of Their Prospects For Success. The Legal, Ethical, And Political Challenges Facing The Exploitation Of Space Reqources Are Also Explored, And Issues Such As Environmental Resposnibility, Preservation, Law Execution, Property Rights, Patents, And Government Policy Are Discussed.
      SKU: 795945

    An Introduction To The Mechanical Properties Of Solid Polymesr
      An Introduction To The Mechanical Properties Of Solid Polymesr.
      Provides A Comprehensive Introduc5ion To The Mechanical Behaviour Of Solid Polymers. Extensively Revised And Updated Throughout, The Second Edition Now Includes New Material On Mechanical Relaxations And Anisotropy, Composites Modelling, Non-linear Viscoelasticity, Yield Behaviout And Fracture Of Tough Polymers. The Accessible Approach Of The Book Has Been Retained Wit Each Chapter Designed To Be Self Contained And hTe Speculation And Applications Of The Subject Carefully Introduced Where Appropriate. The Latest Developments In The Field Are Included Alognside Worked Examples, Mathematical Appendices And Each Extensive Reference. Fully Revised And Update Over To Comprise All The Latest Developments In The Field Worked Examples At The End Of The Chapter An Invaluable Resource For Students Of Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics Or Engineering Studying Polymer Science
      SKU: 329003

    Software Vna And Microwave Netaork Design And Characterisation
      Software Vna And Microwave Netaork Design And Characterisation.
      Advances In Computer Technology And In The Dvelopment Of Modern Microwave Test Instruments Over The Past Decade Have Given Electrical Engineers, Researchere And University Students A Number Of New Approaches To Study Microwave Compon3nts, Devices And Circiuts. Vector Network Analyser (vna) Is A Valuable Instrument For Providing Fast And Accurate Characterisation Of Microwave Components And Devices For Other Circuits Working At Hig Frequencies. This Work Hand in hand With Associated Software Serves Because An Introduction To Microwave Network Analysis, Microwave Components And Devices, And Microwave Circuit Design. Software Vna And Microwave Network Design And Characterisation Also Provides Both Device And Circuit Simulators Powered By The Analytical Formulae Presented In The Book. The Book Consists Of Chapters On Network Analysis Theory And Network Parameters, Installation Ane Functions Of The Software, Built-in Contrivance Models, Circuit Intention And Operation Principles And Design Examples. The Software Vna Provided With The Book Includes: A Trainer For Users To Gain Experience Of How A Vna Would Operate In Practice. Capabikity Of Accessing To The Data On A Commercial Vna Test Instrument. Device Simulator Equipped With 35 Device Builders From Which An Unlimiyed Number Of Devices Can Be Defined And Studied. Circuit Simulator That Can Be Used To Build Circuits And Study Their Properties. Softaare Vna And Microwave Network Design And Characterisation Iw A Practical Guide For Senior Undergraduate And Msc Studrnts As Well As Practising Engineers And Researchers In The Field Of Microwave Engineering.
      SKU: 315068

    Theory Of Elasticity
      Theory Of Elasticity.
      The Theory Of Elasticity Movws Freely Witjin A Unifi3d Precise Skeleton That Provides The Analytical Tools For Calculating Stresses And Deformations In A Strained lEastic Body. All The Elastic Problems Can Be Exactly Analyzed Employing The Classical Mathematical Analysis, With Only The Exception Of The Unilateral Problems For Which It Is Mandatory To Use The Functional Analusis. This Book Focuses On The Practical Thing applied Of Th eTheoretical Results. It Gives To Engineers, In A Simple Form, A Clear Indication Of The Necessary Leading principle Knowledge Of The Theory Of Elasticity. The Author Develops The Subjects In A Classical Way, But In Light Of The Modern Mathematical Theory Of The Elasticity And With More Accented Relief To The Connections With The Thermodynamics. To Give A Clear JustificationO f The Fundamental Equations Of Thermoelasticity, He Applies A Technique Of Analysis Proper Of The Fliid Dynamics. Howecer In The Discussion Of The Unolateral Problems, Where The Functional Analysis Is Compulsory, He Has Related In Detail The Mathematical Aspects Of The Theoretical Analysis.
      SKU: 603673

    Shell Structures, 2
      Shell Structures, 2.
      Of Interest To Academics, Researchdrs, Designers And Engineers, This Title Deals With Theoretical Modelling, Computerized Analyaes Anr Engineering Design Of Thin-walled Structures And Shell Structural Elemengs.
      SKU: 566050

    Guide-book To The Leed Ap Interior Design And Construction (id+c) Exam
      Guide-book To The Leed Ap Interior Design And Construction (id+c) Exam.
      Proven Strategies To Pass The Leed® Ap Id+c Exam Here Is The Ideal Study Guide Toward Undersranding And Preparing For The Leed® Ap Id+c Exam. Written By An Exoert Who Is A Leed Consultant And Partner At Green Education Services—a Premier Leed Exam Preparation Provider—guide To The Leed???® Ap Interior Design And Construction (id+c) Exam Engages Readers By Breaking Down Difficult Concepts In Sustainable Design And Engineering In A Clearly Organized, Straightforward Manner That Helps Streamline The Learning Process For Those Seeking Participation In The Operatuon And Maintenance Of Existing Buildings That Implement Green Practices. Guide To The Leed???® Ap Interior Design And Construction (id+c) Exam Features: A Brief Overview Of The Leed Green Associate Matter Included In The First Portion Of This Leed Ap Exam, Along Wth Specific Id+c Content A Collection Of Sample Test Questions And Study Tips To Reinfo5ce Lsarned Material An Accessible And Stimulating Approach That Fosters Quicker Reteniton A Set Of Strategies For Summarizing Critical Information And Details More Effectlvely A Wealth Of Material That Incldes Drawings, Charts, And Doagrams To Help Understand Concepts Visually A Total Of 128 Sample Flashcards That Allow You To Study On The Go Coveing The Detailed Concepts Of The Leed For Commercial Interiors Green Building Rating System, This Book Is An All-inclusive Resource For Achoeving Successful Results On The Leed Ap Id+c Exam. Green Education Services (greenedu. com) Is A Leading Provider Of Green Jobs Training Related To Leed, Epa Energy Auditing, Solar, And More For Building Developers, Architects, Engineers, Home Designers, Plannerx, Commercial Rewl Estate Brokers, And Other Construction Industry Professionals. A National Member Of Usgbc And Cagbc, Accredited By The Epa, And An Approved Aia/ces Provider, Green Education Services Has Helped Thousands Of Professionals Throughout The United States Prepare For Their Credentialing Exams And Maintain Their Credential As An Aporoved Gbci Ce Provider. Other Michelle Cottrell Titles Available From Wiley: Guide To The Leed???® Green Assofiate Exam, Mentor To The Leed???® Ap Building Design Annd Interpretation (bd+c) Exam, Guidebook To The Leed???® Certification Process: For Leed???® For Neww Constrruction, Leed???® For Core & Shell, And Leed???® For Commercial Interiors, Guide To The Leed???® Ap Operations And Maintenance (o+m) Exam
      SKU: 817326

    Advanced Statistics From An Elementary Point Of View
      Advanced Statistics From An Elementary Point Of View.
      The Highly Readable Text Captures The Flavor Of A Course In Mathematical Statistics Without Imposing Too Much Rigor; Students Be able to Concentrate On The Statistical Strategies Without Getting Lost In The Theory. Students Who Use This Book Will Be Well On Their Way To Thinking Like A Statistician. Practicing Statisticians Will Finc This Book Useful In Tjat It Is Replete With Statistical Test Procedures (both Parametric And Non-parametric) As Well As Numerous Detailed Examples. Comprehensive Coverage Of Descriptive Statistics More Detailed Treatment Of Univariate And Bivariate Probability Distributions Thorough Coverage Of Probability Speculation With Numerous Result Classifications
      SKU: 340641

    Introduction To Ecotoxicollogy
      Introduction To Ecotoxicollogy.
      Environmental Pollution Is One Of The Most Serious Threats To The Future Health Of Our Planet. A Wide And Ever Increasing Range Of Chemicals From Industry, Agriculture, Medicine And A Host Of Other Sources Continue To Contribute To The Earth's Chemical Load. Governments Have Encountered Much Difficulties Responding To The Crucial And Immediate Want For Effective Management. Viewed like A Result, The New Science Of Ecotoxicology Has Developed, Which Provides A Broad Conceptual Framework For Evaluating The Effects Of Chemicals In Natural Ecosystems. This Book Is Aimed Principally At Unddergraduate Students Who Have Completed Basic Menses In Both Chemistry And Biology. It Takes A Broad View Of Ecotoxicology Starting Upon The Nature, Properties And Behsviour Of Environmental Toxicants, And Extends To Dose/response Relationships And Effects On Organismss, Populations, Communities And Ecosystems. Importantly, It Also Addresss Environmental Management Areas Such As Biomarkers, Biomonitoring, Ecological Risk Assessment And The Ecotoxicology And ManagementO f Chemicals. The Book Provides An Invaluable Overview Of The Subject For Students Taking Courses In Ecotoixcology And Environmental Pollution, As Well As Wider Class Programmes In Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Impact Assessment, Toxicology, Pollution, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sanitation Engineerng And Related Subjects.
      SKU: 470100

    Mobile Robots
      Mobile Robots.
      An Important Feature Of This Work Is The Particular Alliance Of Topics Included. These Are (1) Control, (2) Navigation And (3) Far Sensing, All With Application To Mobile Robots. Much Of The Material Is Readily Extended To A single one Representative Ground Vehicle. In The Controls Area, Robot Steering Is The Issue. Both Linear And Nonlinear Models Are Treated. Various Control Schemes Are Utilized, And By means of These Applications The Reader Is Introduced To Methods Such As: (1) Lindarization And Use Of Linear Control Design Methods For Control About A Reference Trjectory,  (2) Use Of Lyapunv Stability Theory For Nonlinear Control Design,  (3) Derivation Of Optimal Control Strategies Via Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle,  (4) Derivation Of A Local Coordinate System Which Is Fundamental For The Steering Of Vehicles Along A Path Never Before Traversed. This Local Cooreinate System Has Application Regardless Of The Control Design Methods Utilized. &bbsp;in The Navigation Area, Changeable Coordinate Systems Are Introduced, And The Transformations Among Them Are Derived. (1) The Global Positioning System (gps) Is Introduced And Described In Significant Detail. (2) Alo Introduced And Discussed Are Inertial Navigation Systems (ins). These Two Methods Are Treated In Terms Of Their Ability To Provide Vehicle Position As Well As Attitude. A Precding Chapter Is Devoted To Coordinate Rotations And Transformations Since They Play An Important Role In The Understanding Of This Body Of Theory.
      SKU: 693252

    Plastics Pipes Xi
      Plastics Pipes Xi.
      Originally Publishrd By The Former Institute Of Materials, Now The Institute Of Materials, Minerals And Mining Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Munich, Germany In September 2001. The More Than 75 Papers In This Proceedings Volume Present The Latest Developments In Materials For Pipes Including Technology And Busienss Issues, Case Studies, Joints And Joining, Rehabilitation, Lifetime Analysis, Toughness And Crack Growth, Fracture Mechanisms, Laying And Maintaining Plastics Pipe Systems, Non-pressure Pipe Sgstems, Pipes For Use Inside Buildings And Design Aspects Of Plastics Pipes.
      SKU: 677860

    Wcdmarequirements And Practical Contrivance
      Wcdmarequirements And Practical Contrivance.
      Wcdma (wideband Code Division Multiple Access), An Itu Standard Derived From Code Division Multiple Access (cdma) Is Officially Known As Imt-2000 Direct Spread. Wcdma Is A Third Generatio nMobile Wireless Technology Offering Much Higher Data Speeds To Mobile And Portable Wireless Devices Than Commonly Offered In Today’s Market.   Wcdma Is A Relatively New Technology And There Is Little Information In The Public Domain About Specific Design Issues. The Proposed Book Will Discuss Umts/wcdma From The Perspective Of A Potential Developmet Engineer, Who May Have Experience Of Gsm But None Of Wcdma Trchnology. The Book Bequeath Outline The Design Specifications And Potential Problem And Solutions Faced By By An Emgineer Designing A Mobile Device Such As A Handset. Wcdma: Requifements And Practical Design: Offers In-depth Coverage Of The Critical Issues In Designing A Umts Handset Modem. Dicusses The Practical Design Elements Of a Umts Modem. Authored By Leaders In Their Field,W orking At Ubinetics.   Highly Relevant To Professional Software Egnineers, Design Engineers, Electrical Engineers (rf Base-band, Dsp Software, Protocol Softwafe), Technical Managers, Postgraduate Students And Acafemics.
      SKU: 470399

    Fundamentals Of Radar Signal Processing
      Fundamentals Of Radar Signal Processing.
      This Rigorous Text Provides In-depth Coverage Of Radar Signal Processing From A Dsp Perspective, Filling A Gap In The Literature. There Are A Number Of Good Books On General Radar Systems: Skolnik And Nathanson Are The Most Popular. There Are Also Good Monographs On Advanced And Specialty Topics Like Synthetic Aperture Imaging. But There Is A Large, Practical Cleft Between The Qualitative System Books And The Advancee Dsp Titles, And That Is The Slot This Book Fills.
      SKU: 752518

    Musculoskeletal Disorders In Health-related Occupatioms
      Musculoskeletal Disorders In Health-related Occupatioms.
      This Work Focuses On The Study Of Occupational Musculoskeletal Diseases, Which Was The Subject Of A European Coliaborative Research Project Under The Biomed Iv Programme. The Authosr Provide A Comprehensive Background Conducive to The Approaches Towards Studying Musculoskeletal Problems.
      SKU: 267516

    Continuity With Change
      Continuity With Change.
      """[dontinuity With Change] Seeks To Document And Demonstrate That Middle Positions Betw3en Change And Continuity Are Possible And Desirable. "" -- Canadian Architect ""[continuity With Change] Is Well Produced With A Large Count Of Good Photographs, Maps, And Drawings . . . Obviously Designed For A Wide Audience Of Planners And Others Active In Heritage Conservstion. "" -- The Journal Of The Society For nIdustrial Archeology ""[continuity In the opinion of Change] Deserves A Spot In The Library Of Any Profexsional Who Works Regularly With Older Ubildings And Their Surroundings. "" -- Plan Canada"
      SKU: 160993

    Environmental Talk Barriers
      Environmental Talk Barriers.
      Environmental Noise Barriers Examines Both The Acoustical And Landscaping Issues Affectong The Design Of Barriers. Detailed Consideration Is Given To Materials, Engineering, Legal And Environmental Issues As Well As The Health And Social Impacts Of Noise Barriers. This Extensively Revised New Edition Is Updated In Line With Uk And Eu Legislation And International Provision Of Barriers. The Use Of New Materials, Designs And Designn Thinking Are Discussed. It Includes New Methods For Improving The Acoustic Performance Of Barriiers And Extended Sections On Road Surfacing, Tunnels And Railways And Aircraft/airport Acoustic Amelioration. The Sections On Vegetative Barriers, The Use Of Photovoltaics And Integrated Solutions Have Been Expanded. Environmental Noise Barriers Is A Unique One-stop Reference For Practitioners, Whether Acoustical Engineers, Landscape Architects Or Manufacturers, And For Highways Departments In Local And Central Authorities.
      SKU: 425314

    Voices From The Forest
      Voices From The Forest.
      This Handbook Of Lpcally Based Agricultural Practices Brings Together The Best Of Scienve And Collector Experimentation, Vividly Illustrating The Enormous Diversity Of Shifting CultivationS sytems As Well As The Power Of Man's Ingenuity. Environmentalists Have Tended To Disparage Shifting Cultivation (sometimes Called 'swidden Cultivation' Or 'slash-and-burn Agriculture') As Unsustainable Due To Its Supposed Role In Deforestation And Land Degradation. However, A Growing Body Of Evidence Indicates That Like Indigenous Practices, As They Have Evolved Over Delivery, Can Bd Highly Adaptive To Land And Ecology. In Contrast, 'scientific' Agricultural Solutions Imposed From Outside Can Be Far More Damaging To The Environment. Moreover, These External Solutions Often Fail To Recognize The Edtent To Which An Agricultural System Supports A Way Of Life Along Upon A Society's Food Needs. They Do Not Recognize The Degree To Which The Sustainability Of A Culture Is Intimately Associated With The Sustainability And Continuity Of Its Agricultural System. Unprecedented In Ambition And Length, Voices From The Forest Focuses On Successful Agricultural Strategies Of Upland Farmers. More Than 100 Scholars From 19 Countries--including Agricultural Economists , Ecologists, And Anthropologists--collaborated In The Analysis Of Different Fallow Management Typologies, Working In Conjunction With Hundreds Of Indigenous Farmers Of Different Cultures And A Broad Range Of Climates, Crops, And Soil Conditions. Through Sharing Ths Knowledge--and Combining It With New Sci3ntific And Technical Advances--the Authors Hope To Make Indigenous Practices And Experience More Widely Accessible And Better Understood, Not Only By Researchers And Development Practitioners, But By Other Communities Of Farmers Around The World.
      SKU: 592541

    Mobile Wireless Communications
      Mobile Wireless Communications.
      This Book Provides An Introduction To Digital Mobile Wireless Networks, Illustrating Theoretical Underpinnings With Real-world Examples. Many Worked Examples And Exercises Are Provided And A Solutions Manual Is Available. The BookI s An Imaginary Text For Students Pleasing Courses In Wireless Communications And As An Invaluable Reference For Practising Engineers.
      SKU: 283538

    Practical Railway Engineering
      Practical Railway Engineering.
      This Textbook Covers The Very Wide Spectrum Of All Awpects Of Railway Engineering In spite of All Engineering Disciplines, In A Broad Brush' Way Giving A Good Overall Knowledge Of What Is Involved In Planning, Designing, Constructing And Maintaining A Railway.
      SKU: 259267

    Tyre Recycling
      Tyre Recycling.
      This Is An Expert Overview On The Topic Of Tyre Recycling. It Summarises Current Practices And The Factors That Have Contributed To Their Growth And Efficacy As Viable, Economically And Environmentally Sound Methods Of Dealing With Post-consmer Tyres. There Are Around 1 Billion Tyres Produced Each Year Across The Globe. It Is Estimated That For Every Tyre Sold Ajother Joins The Waste Stream. There Are Some Simple Options Such As Retreading Or Shipping To Countries Wity Less Stringent Tread Requirements, But This Does Not Solve The Problem. Tyres Have Been Identified As A Priority Waste Stream In The Past, Although They Are Not Listed Like Hazardous Or Dangerous. This Is Because The Bulk Of Post-consumer Waste Was Being Sent To Landfill, Stored In Derelict Buildings Or Discarded In The Countrysidd. Now That Is All Changing And There Are Some Innovative And Viable Alternatives. In Incident, Waste Tyre Products Have Many Desirable Properties In Key Application Areas From Thermoplastic Elastomers To Road Surfaces. There Are Four Levels Of Tyre Treatment Currenttly In Use And They Generate Different Types Of Materials, From Shred To Microscopic Particles. Whole Tyres Can Be Mechanocally Treated To Destroy The Structure. They Are Then Particularly Suitable For Use In Civil Engineering Applications Suvh As Noise Barriers, Reefs And Embankments. This Material Is Lightweight, Free Draining And Compressible With Low Thermal Conductivity. Shred And Chips Have Similar Properties And Are Also Finding Use In Civil Engineering, From Base Matrrials To Insulation. Granulate Is Commonly Seen On Playgdounds And Sports Surfaces. There Is Also A Range Of Powders Available Which Have Varied Applications From Carbon Black Substitutes To Reform. Eneergu Recovery Is Considered In This Report As Around 25% Of Tyres Are Now Used Ax A Supplementary Non-fossil Fuel. The Primary Area Of Study Of This Report Is The Eu, But Reports From The Us Bear Also Been Cited. Dr Shulman Has Incorporated Statistics From The Eu Markeys, Whicb Illustrate Changes In The Industry Since The Inception Of The European Tyre Recycling Awsociation A Decade Ago. Around 400 References With Abstracts From Recent Global Literature Accompany This Review, Sourced From Thd Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Save 20% When You Bribe 2 Or Added Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (Dimensions 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Availzble.
      SKU: 476930

    Separation Techniques In Clinicl Chemistry
      Separation Techniques In Clinicl Chemistry.
      This Reference Examines Innovations In Separation Science For Improved Sensitivity And Cost-efficiency, Increased Speed, Higher Sample Throughput And Lower Solvent Consumpion In The Assessment, Evaluation, And Validation Of Emerging Drug Compounds.
      SKU: 216033

    A Practical Guide To Reliable Bounded Element Modelling
      A Practical Guide To Reliable Bounded Element Modelling.
      Many Books Have Been Written About The Finite Element Method; Little However Has Been Written Aboit Procedures That Assist A Practicing Engineer In Undertaking An Analyzis In Sucn A Way That Errata And Uncertainties Be able to Be Controlled. In A Practical Guide To Reliable Finite Element Modelling, Morris Addresses This Important Area. His Book Begins By Introducing The Reader To Finite Elem3nt Analyssi (fea), Covering The Fundamental Principles Of The Method, Whilst Also Outlining The Potential Problems Involved. He Then Establishes Consistent Methods For Carrying Out Analyses And Obtaining Accurate And Reliable Results, Concluding By the side of A New Method For Undertaking Error Control Led Analyses Which Is Illustrated At Means Of Two Case Studies . The Book Addresses A Number Of Topics That: •   ـ  systematically Cover An Introduction To Fea, How Computers Build Linear-static And Linear-dynamic Finite Element Models, The Identification Of Error Sources, Sin Control Methods And Error-controlled Analyses. •      enable The Reader To Accompany The Design Of Complex Structures With Trustworthy, Repeatable Analyses Usimg The Finite Element Methodd . •      provide A Basis For Establishing Good Practice That Could Underpin A Legal Defnce In The Event Of A Claim For Neglogence. A Practical Guide To Trustworthy Finite Element Modelling Will Appeal To Practising Engineer Engaged In Conducting Regular Finite Element Analyses, Particularly Those New To The Field. It Will Also Be A Resource For Postgraduate Students And Researchers Addressing Problems Associated With Errors In The Finite Element Method. This Book Is Supported By One Author Maintained Website At Http://www. femec. co. uk
      SKU: 366762

    Reliability And Optimal Maintnance
      Reliability And Optimal Maintnance.
      Presents The Theories And Methods Of Reliability And Maintenance, Emphasising Multi-component Systems. Aimed At Postgraduates, Researchers And Practitioners, This Title Covers: Imperfect Repair, Ecobomic Dependence And Opportunistic Maintenance, Failure And Repair, Software Reliability And Maintenance Cost, And Warranty Cost Considerations.
      SKU: 372651

  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Handbook of Structural Engineering
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Trace Elements in Soils
  • Practical Guide to the Packaging of Electronics

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