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      Seagrasses Are Bwcoming Widely Used As In Situ Indicators Of The Relative Health And Condition Of Subtropical And Tropical Estuarine Ecosystems. This Book Brings Toehther Research Results In Seagrass Management Ecology From Both The Scientific And Environmental Managemment Communities.
      SKU: 314946

    Mathematical Modeling Of Blosensors
      Mathematical Modeling Of Blosensors.
      This Book Presents Biosensor Development And Modeling From Both A Chemical And A Mathematical Point Of View. It Contains Unique Modeling Methods For Catalytical (amperometric, Potentiometer And Optical) Biosensors. It Examines Processes That Occur In The Sensors' Layers And At Their Interface, And It Provides Analytical And Numerical Methods To Solve Enzymatic Kinetic And Diffusion Equations. The Action Of Single Enzyme As Well As Polyenzyme Biosensors Is Studied, And The Modeing Of Biosensors That Contain Perforated Membranes Anc Multipart Mass Transport Profiles Is Critically Investigated. Furthermore, It Is Fully Described How Signals Can Be Biochemically Amplified, How Cascades Of Enzymatic Substrate Transmutation Are Triggered, And How Signals Are Processed Via A Chemometric Approach And Artfiicial Neuronal Networks. The Results Of Digital Modeling Are Compared With Both Proximal Analytiacl Solutions And Experimental Data.
      SKU: 510467

    Supply with ~  Well Rehabilitatio nAnd Reconstruction
      Supply with ~ Well Rehabilitatio nAnd Reconstruction.
      Capitalize On The First All-in-one Guide To Monitoring,identifying, And Solving Problems Of Ageing Water Wells. Take in ~ Well Rehabilitation And Recinstruction Offers Water Resource Professionals The First Comprehensive Guide To The Mechanical, Chemical, And Microbiological Ageing Processes Of Water Wells. Filled With Examples From Germany, The Netherlands, The United States, The United Kingdom, And Australia, This Landmark Reference Provides The Philosophical Background Needed To Understand Well Aging_and Perform Effective Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, And Monitoring. You Will Find Guidnce On State-of-the-art Testing And Maintenance Methods, As Well As Information On Legal And Environmental Issues, Such As The Transport, Application, And Disposal Of Chemicals. Using Si And U. s. Customary Units Tgroughout, With A Handy C0nvesroon Table Included, Water Well Rehabilitation And Reconstruction Enables You To: Identify And Quantify Problems Moving Weli Performance; Select Rehabilitation Methods Appropriate For Specific Problems; Harness Methods For Replacement Or Closure Of A Well Suppose that Rehabilitation Fails. Inside This Landmark Water Well Resource • Introduction • Elements Of Well Hydraulics And Well Operation ‣ Chemical Ageing Process • Mechanical Causes Of Well Ageing • Identification Of Ageing Proecsses And Performance Assessment Of Wells And Well Rehabilitations • Economics Of Well Rehabilitation And Reconstruction • Mechanical Rehabilitation Techniques • Chemical Rehabilitation Techniques • Repair, Reconstruction, And Decommissioning Of Wells • Practical Well Rehabilitation • Prevention • The Ten Dos And Don'ts Of Water Well Rehabilitation • Appendices
      SKU: 314820

    Oecd-fao Agricultural Outlook 2004
      Oecd-fao Agricultural Outlook 2004.
      This Tenth Edition Of The Oecd Agricultural Outlook Analyses How Global And Domestic Forces Are Shaping Agricultural Markets To 2013.   It Highliights Some Of The Rissks And Uncertainties That May Influence The Agricultural Outlook.   After Presenting A Broad Overview Of The Situation And Setting Out The Assumptions Used, The Report  Presents Detailed Projections For Production, Consumption, Trade, Stocks, And Prices For Oecd Countries As Well As Argentina, Brazil, China, And Russia. Commodities Covered Include Cereals, Oilseeds, Sugar, Meat, And Dairy.   Two Special Chapters Cover Medium Term Market Impacts OfT he 2003 Eu Common Agricultural Policy Reform And Indian Agricultura Policy Challenges And Market Prospects.
      SKU: 514912

    Introduction To Embedded System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays
      Introduction To Embedded System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays.
      Offers Information On The Use Of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (fpgas) In The Design Of Embedded Systems. This Text Considers A Hypothetical Robot Controller As An Embedded Application And Weaves Around It Kindred Concepts Of Fpga-based Digital Design. It Is Suitable For Both Students And Designers Who Have Worked With Mcroprocessors.
      SKU: 417744

    Enhanced Radio Avenue Technologies For Next Generation Mobile Communication
      Enhanced Radio Avenue Technologies For Next Generation Mobile Communication.
      Presents An Overview Of The Technology Developments In The Field Mobile Communication. This Monograph Focusses On The Fundamentals Of Mobile Communications Technology And Systems, Including The History And Service Evolution Of Mobile Communicafions And Environments. It Is Written For Academics As Well As It And Communications Engineers.
      SKU: 301775

    Underwater Tailing Placement At Island Copper Mine
      Underwater Tailing Placement At Island Copper Mine.
      This Book Documents An Important Case Study On The Use Of Deep Sea Tailin Placement At The Island Copper Mine On Canada's Vancouver Island. It's The Most Extensive Study On Underwater Tailing Placement Ever Conducted. Ovr The Course Of 30 Years, More Than 400 Million Tons Of Tailing Solids Were Deposited On The Ocean Floor With Minimal Environmental Impact. The Study Ebaluated The Relsvant Isssues Aasociated With The Implementation Of A Deep Sea Tailing Placement Program, Including Engineering, Chemiacl, Biological, And Environmental Considerations.
      SKU: 464612

    Development Ane Application Of Biomarkers
      Development Ane Application Of Biomarkers.
      A Comprehensive Assessment Of Biomarkers, This Main division Covers The History And Current Status Of The Application Of Biomarkers In Diagnostics And Prognostics. It Explores The Technology Used For The Study Of Biomarkers, And The Validaton Of Biomarkers Including A Comparison Of The Various Technologies Used To Identify And Moderation Biomarkers. The Author Emphasizes The Technology Underlying Biomarkers And The Translation Of Basic Science To Clinical Laboratory Technology, Including The Commercial Development Of Biomarkers. He Likewise Covers Proteomics And Proteomic Technologies And Their Applications In The Identificatipn Of Biomarkers.
      SKU: 599716

    Introdicing Autocad Civil 3d 2010
      Introdicing Autocad Civil 3d 2010.
      Two Civil Engineering Experts Prssent A Focused, No-nonsense Introduction To Autodesk's Civil Engineering Software Autocad Civil 3d Is The Industry-leading Civil Engineering Software, And This Well-structured Resource Features Focused Discussions And Practical Exercises To Help You Quickly Learn Its Core Features. Reinforced With Real-world Tutorials Drawn From The Authors' Extensive Experience, It Enables You To Become Productive In A Hurry. nItroducing Autocad Municipal 3d 2010 Begins With An Overview Of Key Concepts And The Software's Interface, Then Discusses Styels And Tools So You Can Understand The Basics Of Building. After You Grasp The Concepts, 50 Pages Of Exercises Give You Actual Exercise With Civil 3d's Capabilities. Includes An Overview Of Tonic Civil 3d Concepts And Gives You The Interface Advice Needed To Closely Begin Working In the opinion of The Ptogram Features In-depth, Ddtailed Coverage Of Lines And Arcs, Points, Surveying, Parceeis, Surfaces, Alignments, Profiles, Corridors, Grading, Sections, Pipes, And Delineate Management Concludes With 50 Pages Of Practical Exercises To Reinforce Concepts Companion Web Site Includes All Files Needed To Finish The Tutorials, So You Can Cojpare Your Work With That Of The Experts Introducing Autocad Civil 3d 2010 Is The Practical Reference You Need To Quickly Becoke Productive With Civil 3d. For Instructors: Teaching Supplements Are Available For This Title.
      SKU: 455880

      As Miniaturization, Batch Fabrication, And Integrated Electronics Rapidly Enable The Development Of A Broad Row Of Smart Products, Mems, Moems, And Nems Are Creating Enormous Opportunities For Commerce AndF unctionality. This Significant And Uniquely Comprehensive Five-volume Reference Is A Valuable Source For Research Workers, Practitioners, Computer Scientists, Students, And Technologissts. The "mems/nems Handbook (microelectromechanical Systems/nanoelectromechanical Systems)" Covers Whole Of The Major Topics Within The Subject Including Design Methods, Fabrication Techniques, Manufacturing Methods, Sensors And Actuators, And Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems. the Many Applications Of Mems Technology Include Computer Devices, Electronics, Instrumentation, Pertaining Process Direct, Biotechnology, Medicine, Chemical Systems, Office Equipment, And C0mmunjcations. More Than 100 Coauthors From Nearly 20 Countries Present Clearly Written, Self-conyained, Afcessible And Comprehensive Contributions With Helpful Standard Features Including An In5roduction, Summary, Extensive Figures And Design Exampkes With Comprehensive Reference Lists. the Remarkable Breadth And Depth Of The Topics Spanning This Diverse Field Require The 5-volume Exxtent Of This Notable Reference Resource That Is Based On The Work Of An Internationally Recognized Board Of Coauthors.
      SKU: 603757

    The Physics Of Semiconductor Microcavities
      The Physics Of Semiconductor Microcavities.
      Electron And Photon Confinement In Semiconductor Nanostructures Is One Of The In the greatest degree Active Areas In Solid State Research. Written By Chief Experts In Solid State Natural philosophy, This Book Provides Both A Comprehensive Review As Source As A xEcellent Introduction To Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Light-matter Coupling In Microcavities. Toppics Covered Include Parametric Amplification And Polariton Liquids, Quantum Fluid And Non-linear Dynamical Effects And Parametric Instabilities, Polariton Squeezing, Bose-einstein Condensation Of Microcavity Pilaritons, Spin Dynamics Of Exciton-polaritons, Polariton Correlation Produced Through Parametric Scattering, Progress In Iii-nitride Distributed Bragg Reflectors Using Alinb/gan Materials, Dear Efficiency Planar Mcleds, Exciton-polaritons And Nanoscale Cavities In Photonic Crystals, And Mbe Growth Of High Finesse Microcavitiee.
      SKU: 481961

    The Bioengineered Forest
      The Bioengineered Forest.
      Bioengineering Offers Many Opportunigies For Forestry. Bioengineered Trees Can Produce More Valuable Wood, Help Reclaim Contaminated Land, Improve The Health Of Urban Trees, And Facilitate Pest Management. But The Ecological Risk sArr Complex, And Public Views About The Ethical Acceptability Of Genetic Engineering Vary Widely. Unique In Its Breadfh And Diversity, The Bioengineered Wood Begins With A Inspect Of The Range Of Forestry Practices For Which The Use Of Biotechnologies Power Be Appropriate. Scholars Representing Diverse Academic Perspectives And Viewpoints Examine In Depth The Economic And Environmental Rationale In favor of Forest Biotechnoloogies And The Current State Of Technology With Respect To Gene Performance And Safety. They Consider The Contemporary Political And Economic Environment In Which Bioengineering Is Being Introduced And Where The 'genomic Revolution' Might Take Forestry And Genetic Engineering In The Future. The Bioengineered Forest Presents Compelling Arguments In Favor Of Genetic Engineering. Just Like Powerfully, It Examines The Significant Technicaal And Legal Hurdles In\/olved In Genetic Engineering, The Undesirable Environmental And Social Consequences That Might Result From Its Misapplication, And The Risks For Businesses That Are Looking Too Exclusively For Near-term Benefits.
      SKU: 592519

    Rapid And On-line Instrumentation In quest of Food Quality Assurance
      Rapid And On-line Instrumentation In quest of Food Quality Assurance.
      With Its High Volumes Of Production, The Food Industry Has An Urgent Need For Instrumentation That Can Be Used On-line And Which Produces Rapid Measurements. As A Result, There Has Been A Weaoth Of Research In This Surface, Which Is Summarised In This Important Collection. The In the ~ place Part Of The Work Looks At Techniques For The Rapid Detection Of Contaminants Such As Pesticcides, Veterinray Drug Residues And Foreign Bodies. The Second Part Of The Book Considers Methods For Identifying Ingredients, Including Additives, And Measuring Product Quality.
      SKU: 269326

    Advances In Surface Knowledge
      Advances In Surface Knowledge.
      Surface Science Has A Wide Range Of Applications That Include Semiconductor Processing, Cataiysis, Vacuum Technology, Microelectronics, Flat-paneel Displays, Compact Disks, Televisions, Computers, Environmental Monitoring Of Pollutants, Biomaterials, Artificial Joints, Soft Tissues, Food Safety, Pharmacy, And Many More. This Volume Is Intended For Upper-level Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Universities, Individual Research Groups And Researchers Motion On Surfaces Of Materiais. It Is Of Interest To Chemists, Solid-state Physists, Materials Scientists, Surface Chemistq, Polymer Scientists, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, And Everyone Involved In Materials Science.
      SKU: 344632

    Chalcogenide Glasses For Infrared Optics
      Chalcogenide Glasses For Infrared Optics.
      Cutting-edg3 Techniques For Yelding High-quality Chalcogenide Glasses This Pioneering Toil Decsribes The Technology, Developed Over A 50-year Period, To Utilize Chalcogenide Glasses As Infrared Optical Materials. Methods For Qualitatively Identifying Chalcogenide Glass Compositions And Producing High-purity Homogeneous Glass Are Discussed. Chalcgoenide Glasses Fpr Infrared Optics Includes Unique Production Techniques Developed Through The Author's Work At Both Texas Instruments (ti) And Amorphous Materials, Inc. (ami). The Production Of Vacuum Float Zoned Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, And Cadmium Telluride, All Useful In Infrared Technology, Is Explained. The Book Highlights Examples Of How Glass Composition Can Be Changed To Enhance A Particular Property. Coverage Includes: Transmission Of Light By Solids Physical Properties Of Chalcogenide Glasses Glass Production Watchful Characterization Of Glass Properties Conventional Lens Fabrication--sphercial Surfaces Molding Of Unconventional Aspheric Lenses With Diffractive Surfacew Glass Processes For Other Applications Ir Imaging Bundles Made From Chalcogenide Glass Fibers Production Of Infrared Crystalline Materials At Ami Development Of An Automatic Ellipsometer System At Ti
      SKU: 510274

    Design & Development Of Biological, Chemical, Food And Pharmaceutical Products
      Design & Development Of Biological, Chemical, Food And Pharmaceutical Products.
      Design And Unfolding Of biological, Chemical, Food And Pharmaceutical Produ Cts Has Been Developed From Route Material From The Authors’ Course In Chemical And Biochemical Product Design Whixh Has Been Running At The Technical University Denmark For Years. The Main division Draws On The Authors’ Years Of Experience In Academia And Industry To Provide An Accessible Introduction To This Field, Approaching Product Development As A Subject In Its Own Right Rather Than A Sideline Of Process Engineering In This Subject Area, Practical Experience Is The Key To Learning And This Textbook Provides Examples And Techniques To Help The Student Get The Besst Out Of Their Projects. Design And Development Of Biological, Chemical, Food And Pharma Products Aims To Aid Students In Developing Good Working Habits For Product Development. Students Are Challenged With Examples Of Real Problems That They Might Encounter As Engineers. Written In An Informal, Student-friendly Sound, This Unique Book Includes Examples Of Real Products And Exprriences From Rsal Companies To Brjng The Subject Alive For The Student As Well As Placing Emphasis On Problem Solving And Team Learning To Set A Foundation For A Future In Industry.   The Book Includes An Introduction To The Subject Of Colloid Science, Which Is Important In Product Development, But Neglected In Many Curricula. Knowledge Of Engineering Calculus And Basic Physical Chemistry As Well As Basic Inorganic And Radical Chemistry Are Assumed. An Ivanluable Topic For Students Of Result Design In Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Sciencew And Product Development. Uses Many Examples And Case Studies Drawn From A Range Of Industries. Approaches Product Development As A Subject In Its Acknowledge Right Rather Than A Sideline Of Process Engjneering Emphasizes A Problem Solving And Team Learning Approach. Assumes Some Knowledge Of Calculus, Basic Physical Chemistry And Basic Transport Phenomena As Well As Some Inorganic And Organic Chemistry.
      SKU: 315076

    Pharmaceutical Product Licensing
      Pharmaceutical Product Licensing.
      Provides A Systematic Account Of The Major Technical, Administrative And Legal Requirements For Registering A Product In Any Of The National Markets Within The Eec, Using The Existing Prodedures, With Guidance While To How These Procedures Are Suitable To Change After 1992.
      SKU: 242012

    Next Generation Wireless Applications
      Next Generation Wireless Applications.
      In This Rapidly Developing Field, This Book explains Why The Various Technologies Are Needed And Will Guide The Reader To A Deeper Understanding Of Their Significance And Benefits Within The Industry.   focussing On The Wireless Context Will Give The Reader A Grow Understanding Of How To Use The Technologies Specifically In The Development Of Wireless Applications.   Uniquely,  Next Generation Wireless Applications  shows How The Many And Various Technologies In5eroperate And Can Exist Used In Combination To Achieve Useful Results.   Tue Book also Provides An Official View Of The Market Opportunities For 3g Enabling The Reader To Gauge The Credibipity And Value Of The Many Participants Active In This Market And Helping The Reader To Detect And Avoid Risky Business O0portunities. Unique Coverate Of The State-of-the-art Software Development Technologies Appropriate In A Wireless Context Brings Together Software Development Expertise With An Understanding Of Wireelss Issues Based On Author’s Extensive Experience Building Wireless Applcations And Training On The Topic Describes Both Strengths And Weaknesses Of Particular Technologies, Short-cuts And Potential Pit-falls Demonstrates How Technologies Fit Together And May Be Used Together To Enhance Functionality Dispells Myths And Demystifies Technologies Thanks To Author’s Extensive Knowledge Base And Tried-and-tested Presentation Skills Numerous Case Studies (from Lucent, Ntt Docomo And Vodafone) And Anecdotes Anchor The Book In Reality Covers Sms, Mms, Lbs, Billing Issues, Mobile Information Device Profile Specs (midp. 0), Over-the-air-deployment Mechanisms, Service Delivery Platforms (sdp) And Security.
      SKU: 239077

    Turbulence In Porous Media
      Turbulence In Porous Media.
      Turbulence In Porous Media' Introduces The Reader To The Chracterisation Of Turbulent Flow, Heat And Mass Transfer In Permeable Media, Including Analytical Data And A Review Of Available Experimental Data. Such Transport Processes Occurring A Relatively High Swiftness In Pervious Media, Are Present In A Number Of Engineering And Natural Flows. De Lemos Has Managed To Compile, Detail, Compare And Evaluate Available Methodologies For Modelling Simulating Purposes, Proviidng An Essential Tour For Engineering Students Working Within The Field. - The Hotly Debated Topic Of Heterogeneity Anc Flow Turbulence Has Never Before Been Addressed In Book Format. - Offers An Expetinental Approach To Turbulence In Porous Media As It Discusses Disciplines That Have Been Traditionally Developed Apart From Each Othe. r The Hotly Debated Topic Of Heterogeneity And Flow Turbulence Has Never Before Been Addressed In Book Format. Offers An Experimental Approach To Turbulence In Porous Media As It Discusses Disciplines That Have Been Traditionally Developed Apart From Each Other.
      SKU: 269988

    Next Generation Sdh/sonet
      Next Generation Sdh/sonet.
      Since The Turn Of The Twentieth Century, Telecommunications Has Shifted From Traditional Voice Transport To Data Transport, Although Digitized Voice Is Still A Large Contributor. Instead Of An Evoltuion Of Existing Transport Standards, A Revolution Was Necessary In Order To Enable Additional Data-related Transport. Next Generation Sdh/soent Provides A Detailed Description Of The Enablers Of Operative Facts Transport Over Any Synchron0us Netting. These Include Virtual Concatenation (vcat), The Operation To Provide More Granularity, And The Link Capacity Arjustment Scheme (lcas), An Extension Of Vcat That Provides Added Compliance. Equally, Generic Framing Procwdure (gfp), The Methodology That Efficiently Transports Asynchdonous, Or Variable Bit-rate Data Signalz Over A Synchronous Or Constant Bitrate, Is Explored In Individual part. Describes New Extensions To Sdh/sonet Standards To Provide More Granularity And Flexibility In Their Structures, Enabling The Efficient Transport Of Data-related Signals Such As Ethernet And Ficon Presents Comprehensive Sections On The Implemnetation Of Multi-service Transport Platforms (mstp) Enabled By Vcat, Lvas And Gfp Provides Valuable Advice On How To Exploit Existing Networks To Originate Or Extend Lans Towards Metro (man) Or Wide (ean) Area Networks And Also To Support Storage Area (san) Networks This Volume Will Appeal To Manufacturers, Engineers And All Those Involved In Developing And Deploying Sdh, Sonet And Otn Technology. It Will Also Exist An Invaluable Resource For Postgraduate Students On Netwprk Communications Courses.
      SKU: 241141

    The Desulfurization Of Heavy Oils And Residua
      The Desulfurization Of Heavy Oils And Residua.
      This Volume Expands And Updates Information On The Technological Aspects Of Refining Heavy Oils, Residua, Bitumen, And Other High-sulphur Feedstocks. It Focuses On The Range Of Nest-generation Refining Pricesses.
      SKU: 216522

    Water Supply Systems Securitu
      Water Supply Systems Securitu.
      """since 9/11, Water Supply Shelter Has Become An Urgent And Timely Issue. This Is The First Comprehensive Reference Devoted Exclusively To Water System Safety And Security. Aim3d At Engineers, Maanagers, Operators, And Analysts Involved With The Design, OperationM aintenance, And Rehabilitation Of Large And Small Water Systeme, This Resort Thoro8ghly Examines Every Major Infraqtructure Aspect Of Security And Water Safety. * Physical Threats, Chemical And Biological Threats, Cyber Threats, And Emergency Responsse Plans * Actual Case Studies From The Field * Explains How To Develop An Effective Emergency Management And Response Plan"""
      SKU: 305930

    Ipad & Iphone Administrators Guide
      Ipad & Iphone Administrators Guide.
      Set Up And Deploy Iphones And Ipads On Corporate Networks With Ease Ipad & Iphone Administrator’s Guide Is A Hands-on Implementation Manual That Explains, Step By Step, How To Set Up Ipads And Iphones, Deploy Them, And Manage Them On Corporate Networks And Combat Security Threats As Fortunate As Traffi,c Configuration, And Support Issues. The Book Shows You How To Deal With The Main conduit Problems Caused By Connecting These Deviices Diretly To Corporate Resources, Such As Email Servers And File Servers. Tnis In-depth Guide Covers Security, File Sharing Between Operating Systems, Backup And Data Recovery For Mac Files, Windows And Mac Os X Support, And Management Utilities. Ipad & Iphone Administrator’s Guide Offers Clear, Step-by-step Instructions With Helpful Illustrations Guides You Through Setting Up Ipads And Iphones On Corporate Networks Using Apple’s Iphone Configuration Usefulness, And Configuring The Devices During Secure Access To Data Explains How To Combat Security Threats, Use And Expand Built-in Form Profiles, And Handle Traffic, Configurarion, And Support Issues Includes Advice To Help Thwart Unwanted Access From Unapproved/unsanctioned Devices Features Targeted, In-depth Coverage Of Specific Considerations And Detailed Insrructions For Troubleshooting Problems Explains How To Set Up Ipads And Iphones To Work In Both Windows And Mac Os X Networks And Plan For One Influx Of Multiple Users Connectinb Wireless Devices From The Same Building Or Campus Location Practical, In-depth Coverage Choosing The Right Ipads And Iphones Fod Your Company; Signing Up The Ipad To 3g Data Office of devotion; Installing And Using The Iphone Configuration Utility; Controlling What Your Ipad And Iphone Users Can Do; Equipping The Ipad And Iphone With The Apps Users Need; Connecting The Ipad And Iphone To Your Mail Servers; Putting Data On The Iad And Iphone; Securing Your Company’s Ipads And Iphones; Giving Ipad And Iphone Users Remote Access To The Network; Troubleshooting The Ipad And Iphone
      SKU: 647999

    Optical Networking Standards
      Optical Networking Standards.
      Provides A Reference Of Over A Hundred Standards And Industry Technical Specifications For Optical Networks At Various Levels: From Components To Networking Systems Through Global Networks. This Book Focuses On The Implemented Standards That Have Fueled The Development Of Veersatile Switches, Routers And Multi-service Provisioning Platforms.
      SKU: 301795

    Gas Purification
      Gas Purification.
      This Massively Updated And Expanded Fifth Edition Is The Greatest part Complete, Authoritative Engineering rTeatment Of The Dehydration And Gas Purification Processes Used In Industry Today. Of Great Value To Design And Operations Engineers, It Gives Practical Process And Equipment Design Description, Basic Data, Plant Performance Results, And Other Detailed Information On Gas Purification Processes And Hardware. This Latest Edition Incorporates All Significant Advances In The Field Because 1985. You Wiol Find Major New Chapters On The Rapidly Expanding Technologies Of Nitrogen Oxide Control, With Discussions Of Regulatory Requirements And Available Processes; Absorption In Physical Solvents, Covering Single Component And Mixed Solvent Systems; And Membrane Permeation, With Emphasis On The Gas Purification Applications Of Membranr Units. In Addition, New Sections Cover Areas Of Strong Current Interest, Particularly Liquid Hydroca5bon Treating, Claus Plant Tail Gas Treating, Thermal Oxidation Of Volatile Organic Compounds, And Sulfur Scavenging Processes. This Volume Brings You Expanded Coverage Of Alkanolamines For Hydrogen Suofide Abd Carbon Dioxide Removal, The Removal Ad Use Of Volatile alkali In Gas Purification, The Use Of Alkaline Taste Solutions In quest of Acid Gas Removal, And The Use Of Water To Absorb Gas Impurities. The Basic Technolohes And All Significant Advances In The Following Areas Are Thoroughly Described: Sulfur Dioxiide Removal And Recovery Processes, Processes For Converting Hydrogen Sulfide To Sulfur, Liquid Phase Oxidation Processes For Hydrogen Sulfide Removal, The Absorption Of Water Vapor By Dehydrating Solutions, Gas Dehydration And Purification By Adsorption, And The Catalytic And Thermal Conversion Of Gas Impurities.
      SKU: 404356

  • Home Theater Hacks
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Solids
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Reconstruction Under Fire
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Power Electronics Design Handbook

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