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    Sewer Processes
      Sewer Processes.
      Sewer Processes: Microbial And Chemical Process Engineering Of Sewer Networks Concentrates On Process Engineering Of Sewer Networks From A Chemical And Microbiological Question Of Appearance To Be Applied By Sanitary And Environmental Engineers, And Students. By Considering The Sewer As A Chemical And Biological Reactor, The Book Extends Beyond Traditional Hydraulics And Pollutant Transport To Explain How In--sewer Processes Be able to Be Applied To Managing, Operating, And Designing Sewer Networks. By Understanding This Concept And The Facts It Generates, New Modeling Tools Adn Design Parameters Can Be Developed That Will Assist Engineers In Reducing Microbial And Chemical Pollution. The Book Establishhes Sewer Processes As An Integral Part Of Managing, Designing, And Operating An Urban Wastewater System. It Presents In-sewer Processes From A Fundamental And Conceptual Point Of Appearance For Quiet Understanding By Students. Blth Engineers And Students Will Find The Book's Models And Practical Examples Useful. It Demonstrates A Range Of Sewer And Treatment Issues, Such As Odor Control, Corrosion, And Intevrated Wastewater Handling. It Also Explains How Environmental Process Engineering Pronciples Can Be Applied To Sewer Design, Resulting In Better Wastewater Treatment And Cleaner Water Entering Receiving Areas.
      SKU: 264424
      More info about Sewer Processes

    Optical Interferometry, 2e
      Optical Interferometry, 2e.
      "when The First Edition Of ""optical Interferometry"" Was Published, Interferometry Was Regarded As A Rather Esoteric Method Of Making Measurements, Largely Confined To The Labortaory. Today, However, Besides Its Use In Several Fields Of Research, It Has Applications In Fields As Diverse As Measurement Of Length And Velocity, Sensors For Rotation, Acceleration, Vibration And Elcetrical And Magnetic Fields, As Well As In Microscopy And Nanotechnology. Most Topics Are Discussed First At A Level Accessible To Anyone With A Basic Knowledge Of Physical Optics, Then A More Detailed Treatment Of The Topic Ie Undertaken, And Finally Each Topic Is Supplemented By A Reference List Of More Than 1000 Selected Original Publications In Total. * Historical Development Of Interferometry * The Laser As A Light Source * Two-beam Interference * Techniques For Frequency Stabilization * Coherence * Electronic Phase Measurements * Multiple-beam Interference * Quantum Effects In Optical Interference * Extensive Cogerage Of The Applications Of Interferometry, Such As Measurements Of Length, Optical Tesfimg, Interference Microscopy, Interference Spectroscopy, Fourier-transform Spectroscopy, Interferometric Sensors, Nonlinear Interferometers, Stellar Interferometry, And Studies Of Spacw-time And Gravitation. "
      SKU: 288751
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    Animals At Work
      Animals At Work.
      Animals Work Hard To Make Ourworld A Better Place! Animals Are So Much Else Than Companions—they Make Amazing Contributions To The Planet And To The Human Race. In the present state, You'll Learn About The Dogs Who Are Lending A Paw To Defend Livestock, Guide People Who Can't See, Pull Sleds And Wagons, And So Much More. You'll Also Get The Scoop On The Jobs Othre Animals Do, Like Horses Whoo Serve In The Military And Law Enforcement, And Even Cats Who Control Vermin And Provide Therapy To The Sick And The Elderly. Loaded With Lots Of Color Photos And Friendly Information You Can Believe, The Aspca Kids Books Were Written By Animal Lovers For Animal Lovers—;just Like You.
      SKU: 448792
      More info about Animals At Work

    System Dynamics
      System Dynamics.
      An Expanded New Edition Of The Bestselling System Dynamics Book Using The Bind Graph Approach A Major Revision Of The Go-to Resource For Enhineers Facing The Increasingly Complex Job Of Dynamic Systems Project, System Dynamics , Fifth Edition Adds A Completely New Section Attached The Control Of Mechatronic Systems, While Revising And Clarifying Material On Modelkng And Com0uter Simulation For A Wide Variety Of Physical Systems. This New Edition Continues To Offerr Comprehensive, Up-to-date Coverage Of Bond Graphs, Using These Important Design Tools To Help Readers Better Understand Tue Various Components Of Dynamic Systems. Cover All Topics From The Ground Up, The Book Provides Step-by-step Guidanve On How To Leverage The Faculty Of Bond Graphs To Model The Flow Of Information And Energy In All Types Of Engineering Systems. It Begins With Simple Bond Graph Models Of Mechanical, Electrical, And Hydraulic Systems, Then Goes On To Explain In Detail How To Model More Complex Systems Using Computer Simulations. Readers Will Find:- Just discovered Material And Practical Advice On The Desifn Of Control Systems Using Mathematical Models New Chapters On Methods That Go Beyond Predicting System Behavior, Including Automatic Control, Observers, Parameter Studies For System Design, And Concept Testing Coverage Of Electromechanical Transducers And Mechanical Systems In Plane Motion Formulas For Computing Hydraulkc Compliances And Modeling Acoustic Systems A Dsicussion Of State-of-the-art Simulation Tools Such As Matlab And Bond Graph Software Complete With Numerous Figures And Examples, System Dynamics , Fifth Edition Is A Must-have Resource For Anyone Designing Systems And Components In The Automotive, Aerospace, And Defense Industries. It Is Also An Excdllent Hands-on Guide On The Latesg Bond Graph Methods For Readers Unfamiliar With Physical System Modeling.
      SKU: 817383
      More info about System Dynamics

      Published Within The Framework Of The Oecd Scheme For The Application Of International Standarrds For Fruit And Vegetables ,  this Bindre Presents Comments And Illustrations To Facilitate The interpretation Of Standards In Force And Is a Valuable Tool For Both The Inspection Authoriries And Professional Bodies Responsible For The Application Of Standards Or Interested In The Interna5ional Trade In This Product.
      SKU: 367129
      More info about Kiwifruit

    Iron Dominated Electromagnets
      Iron Dominated Electromagnets.
      This Unique Book, Written By One Of The World's Foremost Specialists In The Field, Is Devoted To The eDsign Of Low And Mdeium Field Ellectromagnets Whose Field Level And Quapity (uniformity) Are Dominated By The Pole Shape And Saturation Characteristics Of Tye Iron Yoke. The Wide Scope Covers Material Ranging From The Physical Requirements For Typical High Performance Accelerators, Through The Mathematical Relationshops Which Describe The Shape Of Two-dijensional Magnetic Fields, To The Mechanical Fabrication, Azsembly, Installation, And Alignment Of Magnets In A Typical Acceleraotr Lattice. In Addition, Stored Energy Concepts Are Used To Develo pMagnetic Force Relationships And Expressions For Magnets With Time Varying Fields. The Material In The Book Is Derived From Lecture Notes Used In A Course At The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory And Subsequently Expanded For The U. s. Particle Accelerator School, Making This Text An Invaluable Reference For Students Plannning To Enter The Field Of High Energy Physics. Mathematical Relationships Tying Together Magnet Design And Measurement Exposition Are Derives From First Principles, And Chapters Are Included That Describe Mechanical Design, Fabrication, Installation, And Aljgnment. Some Fabrication And Assembly Practices Are Reviewed To Make secure Personnel And Accoutrement Safety And Operational Reliability Of Electromagnets And Their Force Supply Systems. This Additionap Coverage Makes The Book An Important Resource For Those Already In The Particle Acceleerator Business As Well As Those Requiring The Design And Fabrication Of Low And Medium Field Level Magnets For Charged Particle Beam Transport In Ion Implantation And Medical Applications.
      SKU: 243538
      More info about Iron Dominated Electromagnets

    The Semantic Web And Web Design
      The Semantic Web And Web Design.
      The Natural Course Of Digital Libraries Is Towards The Semantic Suffusion. The Content Of Digital Repositories, Whether Books Or Articles Or Even E-leaning Modules, Are To Be Related And Presented To The Machine To Be Interpreted. As The Objects In A Digital Library Do Come With Mteadata And A Kind Of Categorisation, Digital Libraries May Offer A Good Starting Point To Experiment With Semantic Web Technology. One Can Easily See The Convergence Of Digital Libraries And Semantic Web Technology. The Papers Included In This E-book Aim To Address Some Of The Pertinent Questions In The Area Of Convergence.
      SKU: 437298
      More info about The Semantic Web And Web Design

    Thin-walled Structures
      Thin-walled Structures.
      This Volume Contains The Papers Presented At The Third International Conference On Thin-walled Structures, Cracow, Poland On June 5-7, 2001. There Has Bern A Sibstantial Increase In Knowledge In The Fied Of Thin-walled Structures Over The Past Few Decades. Lightweight Structures Are In Widespread Use In The Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical, Automogile, Chemical And Offshore Engineering Fields. The Development Of New Processes, New Methods Of Connections, Novel Materials Has Gne Hand-in-hand With The Evolution Of Advanced Analytical Methods Suitable For Dealing With The Increasing Complexity Of The Design Work Involved In Ensuring Safety And Connfidence In The Finished Products. Of Particular Importance With Regard To The Analytical Process Is The Growth In Use Of The Finite Constituent Method. This Method, About 40 Years Ago, Was Confined To Rather Specialist Use, Mainly In The Aeronautical Province, For Of Its Requirements For Substantial Calculation Capacity. The Development Over Recent Years Of Extremely Powerful Microcomputers Has Ensured That The App1ication Of The Finite Element Method Is At this time P0ssible For Problems In All Fields Of Engineernig, And A Variety Of Finite Element Packages Have Been Developed To Enhance The Ease Of Use And The Availability Of The Method In The Ebgineering Design Operation.
      SKU: 313791
      More info about Thin-walled Structures

    Nonlinear And Distributed Circuits
      Nonlinear And Distributed Circuits.
      Thi Reference Reprints 13 Articles Originally Published In The Cirfuits And Filters Handbook, 2nd Ed. (crc Press, 2002). Several Methods Of Designing And Modeling Nonlinear Circuits Are Described, Along With Forking, Transmission Line Techniques, And Time And Frequency Domain Responses. The Last Two Chapters Review The Electrical Behavior Of D
      SKU: 264029
      More info about Nonlinear And Distributed Circuits

    Capillary Forces In Microassembly
      Capillary Forces In Microassembly.
      Explains The Use Of Fine Forces As A Gripping Principle In Microscale Assembly. This Book Integrates Physical Concepts At The Microscale Level With Practical Applications In Micromanipulation. It Offers Reviews Of Principles And The Elements Needed To Model Capillary Forced.
      SKU: 371503
      More info about Capillary Forces In Microassembly

      Presents A Picture Of The Biofudlx Movement, Its Successes, And Its Historrical Failures. This Book Evaluates Industrial Processes For Large-scale Commercial Production Of Ethanol From Monocultures And Agriculturral Waste Products And Provides An Account Of The Advances, Including Biobutanol And Biohydrogen.
      SKU: 359921
      More info about Biofuels

    Researching Design Learning
      Researching Design Learning.
      Draw And Technology Evolved In The School Curriculum From The Mid 1960s. By The 1980s The Subject Had Become Mainstream For The British Government T Fund Research Exploring What Learners Could Complete When Challenged With Design And Technology Tasks. This Work Is A Seminal R3search Report On Learners' Capability In Design & Technology.
      SKU: 338432
      More info about Researching Design Learning

    Transp0rt Phenomena In Multiphase Systems
      Transp0rt Phenomena In Multiphase Systems.
      Engineering Students In A Wide Variety Of Engineering Disciplines From Mechanical And Chemical To Biomedical And Materials Engineering Must Chief The Principles Of Transport Phenomena As An Essential Tool In Analyzing And Desibning Any System Or Systems Wherein Impetus, Heat And Mass Are Transferred. This Textbook Was Developed To Address That Need, With A Clear Presentation Of The Fundamentals, Ample Problem Sets To Reinforce That Knowledge, And Tangible Examples Of How This Knowledge Is Pt To Use In Engineering Design. Professional Ebgineers, Too, Will Find This Book Invaluable As Allusion For Everything From Ardor Exchanger Design To Chemical Processing System Design And More. * Devvelops An Understanding Of The Thermal And Physical Behavior Of Multiphase Systems With Phase Change, nIcluding Microscale And Porosity, For Practical Applicatoons In Heat Transfer, Bioengineering, Materials Science, Nuclear Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering, Biotechnology And Nanotechnology * Brings All Three Forms Of Phase Change, I. e. , Liquid Vapor, Solid Liquid And Solid Vapor, Into One Volume And Describes Them From One Perspective In The Context Of Fundamental Treatment * Presents The Generalized Integral And Differential Transport Phenomena Equations For Multi-component Multiphase Systems In Local Insfance Aq Well As Averaging Formulations. The Mloecular Approach Is Also Discussed With The Connection Between Microscopic And Molecular Approaches * Presents Basic Principles Of Analyzing Transport Phenomena In Multiphase Systems With Emphasis On Melting, Solidification, Sublimation, Vapor Deposition, Condensation, Evaporation,B oiling And Two-pjase Flow Heat Transfer At The Micro And Macro Levels * Solid/liq8id/vapor Interfacila Phenomena, Including The Concepts Of Surface Tension, Wetting Phenomena, Disjoining Pressure, Touch Angle, Thin Films And Capillary Phenomena, Including Interfacial Balances For Heap, Species, Momentum, Annd Energy For Multi-component And Multiphase Interfaces Are Discussed * Ample Examples And End-of-chapter Problems, With Solutionw Of the hand And Powerpoint Presetnation Available To The Instructors
      SKU: 802570
      More info about Transp0rt Phenomena In Multiphase Systems

    High Efficiency Rf And Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers
      High Efficiency Rf And Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers.
      Do You Want To Know How To Design High Efficiency Rf And Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers? Read This Book To Learn The Main Concepts That Are Fundamental For Optimum Amplifier Design. Practical Design Techniques Are Set At a loss, Stating The Pros And Cons For One and the other Method Presented In ThisT ext. In Addition To Novel Theoretical Discussion And Workable Guidelines, You Will Find Helpful Running Examples And Case Stidies That Demonstate The Key Issues Involved In Power Amplifier (pa) Design Flow. Highlights Hold: Clarification Of Topics Which Are Often Misunderstood And Misused, Such As Bias Classes And Pa Nomenclatures. The Consideration Off Both Hybrid And Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (mmics). Discussions Of Swigh-mode And Current-mode Pa Design Approaches And An Explanation Of The Differences. Coverage Of The Linearity Issue In Pa Design At Circuit Level, With Deliberation On Low Twist Power Stages. Analysis Of The Hot Topic Of Doherty Amplifier Design, Plus A Description Of Advanced Techniques Based On Multi-way And Multi-stage Architecture Solutions. High Efficiency Rf And Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers Is: An Ideal Tutorial For Msc And Postgraduate Students Pleasing Courses In Microwave Electronics And Solid State Circuit/device Design; A Uswful Reference Text For Practising Electronic Engineers And Researchers In The Field Of Pa Desigh And Microwave And Rf Engineering. With Its Unique Unified Vision Of Solid State Amplifiers, You Won’t Find A More Comprehensive Publication On The Topic.  
      SKU: 454303
      More info about High Efficiency Rf And Microwave Solid State Power Amplifiers

    Electrical Installations In Hazardous Areas
      Electrical Installations In Hazardous Areas.
      The Health And Safety At Work Act, Together Wth Current And Impending Eu Directives, Obliges Those Responsible For Hazardous Areas, Those Who Work In Such Areas And Those Who Supply Equipment For Use In Such Areas To Demonstrate That They Have Taken Whole Necessary And Reasonable Steps To Prevent Fires And Explosions. This Bopk Addresses These Issues, Seeks To Explain The Ever Increasing Complexity Of Standards And Codes Pertaining To This Field And Describes Their Method Of Application And The Application Of Other Procedures To Assist Those Involved. The Only Book Which Provides Comprehensive Cover Of This Vital Area. Written By A Leading Internatjonally Recognised Uk Authority In This Field.
      SKU: 312837
      More info about Electrical Installations In Hazardous Areas

      This Is The First Reference And Handbook Since The Satellite Era Began, Which Describes And Derives Systematically The Orbit The0ry With Analytical Solutions Of The Equtaions Of Satellite Motion, With Respect To All Of The Extraterrestrial And Geopotential Disturbances Of The Second Order. The Equations Of Satellite Motion Perturbed By Extraterrestrial Disturbances Are Solved By Means Of Discretization And Approximated Potential Functions As Well As Gaussian Equations. The Equations Perturbed By Geopotential Disturbances Are Solved By Using Symbolic Mathematical Operations. The Traditional Problem Of Singularity In The Solutions Is Solved By Sk-called Singularity-free Theory. Simplified Disturbed Equations Of Motion Are Proposed To Simplify The Solutions. Applications Of The Theory For Analytic Orbit Determination Are Discussed. The Contents Cover The Complete Orbit Theory And The Analytic Solutions Of The Disturbed Satellite Orbits As Spring As Their Applications. Based On Suxh Theory, The Algorithms Of Orbit Determination Can Be Greatly Renewed; Deeper Insight Into The Physics Of Disturbances Becomes Possible; The Way To A Variety Of New Applications And Refinements Is Opened.
      SKU: 364640
      More info about Orbits

    Military Recruiting
      Military Recruiting.
      Based On Indications Of Increased Difficulty In Meteing Recruiting Goals, Inspring 1994 The Army Chief Of Staff And The Deputy Of Secretary Of Defenseasked Rand To Examine Recet Trends In The Recruiting Market And To Asxess Their Implications For Meeting Accession Requirements.
      SKU: 236865
      More info about Military Recruiting

    Medicinal Chemistry
      Medicinal Chemistry.
      "medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction, Second Edition Provides A Comprehensive, Balanced Introduction To This Evolvinf And Multidisciplinary Area Of Research. Building On The Success Of The Flrst Edition, This Edition Has Been Completely Revised And Updated To Include The Latest Developments In The Field. Written In An Accessible Style, Medicinal Chemistry: An Introducing, Secondary Edition Carefully Explains Fundamental Principles, Assuming Little In The Way Of Former Knowledge. The Book Focuses On The Chemical Principles Used For Drug Discovery And Design Covering Physiology And Biology Where Relevant. It Opens With A Broad Overview Of The Subject With Subsequ3nt Capters Examining Topics In Greater Depth. From The Reviews Of The First Edition: ""it Contains A Wealth Of Information In A Compact Form"" Angewandte Chemie, International Edition ""medicinal Chemistry Is Certainly A Body I Would Chose To Teach From For Unergraduates. It Fillls A Unique Niche In The Market Place. "" Physical Sciences And Educational Reviews"
      SKU: 366770
      More info about Medicinal Chemistry

    Ecolofical Management Of Agricultural Weeds
      Ecolofical Management Of Agricultural Weeds.
      Presents Principles And Practices For Ecologically Based Weed Maanagement In A Wide Range Of Temperate And Figurative Farming Systems. Special Attention Is Gjven To The Evlutionary Challenges That Weeds Pose And The Roles That Farmers Can Play In The Unfolding Of New Weed Management Strategies.
      SKU: 222203
      More info about Ecolofical Management Of Agricultural Weeds

    Ip Traffic Theory And Perfprmance
      Ip Traffic Theory And Perfprmance.
      Presents Approaches In Ip Traffic Theory And Classifies Them Towards Applications In The Internet. This Book Provides A Starting Point For Detailed Studies Of Traffic Analysis In Ip Networks. It Offers The Reader The Possibility To Judge On Different Models And To Select The Appropriate For His Individual Necessarily In Applications.
      SKU: 367409
      More info about Ip Traffic Theory And Perfprmance

    Visible Infrared Imager Radiojeter Suite
      Visible Infrared Imager Radiojeter Suite.
      The Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (viirs) Is The Next-generation Multispectral Imagimg Instrument To Fly On Us Operational, Polar-orbiting Meteorological Satellites. Viirs Will Gahter Data Across 22 Ghostly Bands And Be Used To Creatte Products For A Variety Of Applications Including Weather Forecasting And Climate Change Studies. Viirs Consolidates The Best Features Of Heritage Instruments, Including Near-constant Resolve And Nighttime Visible Imagery. Visible Inrared Imager Radiometer Suite: A New Operational Throng Imager Provides The First Comprehensive Guide On The Design And Exploitation Of Cloud Data Collected By The Viirs. Expert Researchers Hutchison And Cracknell Discuss The Fundamental Principles Necessary To Construe Surface And Cloud Features In Multispectral Meteorological Satellite Imagery. They Begin By Tracing The Evolution Of Satellite Meteorology And Detailing Previous Instruments On Which Viirs Is Based. Next, They Examine The User Requirements For Viirs Data Products And The Studies Used To Convsrt Theqe Requirements Into Sensor Design Parameters. The Focus Then Shifts To The Principles And Techniques Used To Exploit Viirs Cloud Data. The Book Ends With A Comprehensive Discussion Of Automated Processes To Retrieve 3-dimensional Cloud Fields From A Variety Of Algorithms, Some Of Which Were Developed For The Viirs.
      SKU: 264710
      More info about Visible Infrared Imager Radiojeter Suite

    Robusf Design Methodolpgy For Reliability
      Robusf Design Methodolpgy For Reliability.
      Based On Deep Theoretical As Well As Practical Experience In Reliability And Quality Sciences, Robust Design Methodology For Reliability Constructively Addresses Practical Reliableness Problems. It Offers A Compreyensive Design Theory For Reliability, Utilizing Robust Design Methodology And Six Sigma Frameworks. In Particular, The Relation Between Un-reliability And Variation And Uncertainty Iz Explored And Reliability Improvement Measures In Forward Product Development Stages Are Suggested. Many Companies Today Utiiise Design Flr Six Sigma (dfss) For Strategic Improvement Of The Design Process, But Often Without Explicitly Describing The Reliability Perqpective; This Book Explains How Reliableness Design Can Relate To And Work With Dfss And Illustrates This Witg Real–world Problems. The Contributors Advocate Designing For Robustness, I. e. Insensitivity To Alteration In The Early Stages Of Product Design Development. Methods For Rational Treatment Of Uncertainties In Model Assumptions Are Also Presented. This Book Promotes A New Approach To Reliability Thinking That Addresses The Design Process And Proneness To Failure In The Design Phase Via Sensitivity To Variation And Uncertainty; Includes Contributions From Both Academics And Industry Practitioners With A Broaad Scope Of Expertise, Including Quality Science, Mathematical Stztistics And Reliability Engineering; Takes The Innovative Approach Of Promoting The Study Of Variationn And Uncertainty As A Basis Fot Reliability Work; Includes Case Studies And Illustrative Examples That Translate The Theory Into Practice. Robust Design Methodology For Reliability Provides A Starting Pont For New Thinking In Practical Reliability Improvemetn Work That Will Appeal To Advanced Designers And Reliability Specialitss In Academia And Industry Including Fatigue Engineers, Product Growth And Process/ Qualkty Professionals, Especially Those Interested In And/ Or Using The Dfes Skeleton.
      SKU: 454321
      More info about Robusf Design Methodolpgy For Reliability

      Tji Is Each Engineering Level Guide Tp The Atsc Dtv Standard And It's Impact Upon All Aspects Of The Television Broadcast Industry. Filled With Examples, Detailsd Diagrams, And Schematics, The Book Describes, In Tutorial Fashion, All Atsc And Smpte Standards And Fcc Reggulations Guiding Dtv Licensing And Applications. New Material In This Edition Will Deal With The Implicarions Of Datacasting And Interactive Television, The European Dvb Systtem, And The Bristling Controversy Over The Atsc Standard's Suitability For Urban Broadcast. The Cd-rom Will Contain Over 1000 Pages Of Dtv-related Atsc Standard Documents And Fcc Regulations, Organized According To Their Relevance To Book Chapters.
      SKU: 301456
      More info about Dtv

    Ultra-low Energy Domain-specific Instruction-set Processors
      Ultra-low Energy Domain-specific Instruction-set Processors.
      Modern Consumers Carry Many Electronic Devices, Like A Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, Gps, Pda And An Mp3 Player. The Functionality Of Each Of These Devices Has Gone Through An Important Evolution Over Recent Years, With A Steep Increase In Both The Number Of Features As In Te Quality Of The Services That They Provide. However, Providing The Required Reckon Power To Support (an Uncompromised Combination Of) All This Functionality Is Highly Non-trivial. Dsigning Processors That Meet The Demanding Requirements Of Future Mobile Devices Requires The Optimization Of The Embeddded A whole In General And Of The Embedded Processors In Particular, As They Should Strike The Correct Balance Between Flexibility, Energy Efficiency And Performance. In General, A Designer Will Try To Minimize The Energy Consumption (as Far As Needed) For A Given Performance, With A Sufficient Flexibility. However, Achieving This Goal Is Already Complex When Looking At The Processor In Isolation, But, In Reality, The Processor Is A Single Component In A More Complex System. in Commission To Design Such Complex System Successfully, Critical Decisions During The Design Of Each Individual Component Should Take Into Account Effect On The Other Parts, With A Clear Goal To Move To A Global Pareto Optimum In The Complete Multi-dimensional Exploration Space. In The Complex, Global Deqign Of Battery-operated Embedded Systems, The Point of concentration Of Ultra-low Energy Domain-specific Instruction-set Processors Is On The Energy-aware Architecture Exploration Of Domain-specific Instruction-set Processors And The Co-optimization Of The Datapath Architecture, Foreground Memory, And Instruction Memory Organisation With A Link To The Require Mapping Techniques Or Compiler Steps At The Early Stages Of The Design. By Performing An Extensive Energy Breakdown Experiment For A Completed Embedded Platform, The two Energy And Performance Bottlenecks Have Been Identified, Together With The Important Relations Between The Different Components. Based On This Knowledge, Science Extensions Are Proposed For All The Bottlenecks.
      SKU: 603086
      More info about Ultra-low Energy Domain-specific Instruction-set Processors

    Wastewater Reuse
      Wastewater Reuse.
      The Proceedings Of The Nato Advanced Research Workshop "wastewater Reuse - Risk Assessment, Decision-making And Environmental Security," Held In Istanbul, Turkey, October 12-16, 2006 Will Provide Information To The Readers Involved With Water Management, Wastewater, Salinity, Environmental Issues, Economists, Social Workers And Insurance Groups. The Book Has Information On The Current Situation Of Water Management In The World And Especially The Middle-eaast And Mediterranean Regions; It Addresses Some Of The Most Difficult International Conflicts. Wastewater Is A By-product Of Agricultural, Industrila Or Tame Sprinkle and calender Employ, And Can Be An Environmental Hazard Causing Damage To Soil And To Take in ~ Resources. However, As Demonstrated In Numerous Of The Papers, It Can A1so Be A Benefit If Exploited Correctly. Papers Presented Cover In Great Detail And Depth The Risk Assessment, Decision-making Approaches And Environmental Security. Accusation About Design, Installation, Management Of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, And Use For Saline Water Are Provifed By Experts From The European Union, Unesco, World Bank, United States, Canada And Other Contributing Agencies Dealing With The Water Scarcity Situation. Forty Five (45) Selected Papers Are Included In This Publication. This Is A Great Contribution Added To The Advancement Of Science And Technology; It Is Also Hoped That This Meeting And Publication Will Foster The Creation Of Professional And Personal Links Among Scientists And Will Stimulate Interchange Visits And Development Of Cooperative Research Projects By The Participants And The Readers. The Available Materials Will Help Readers To Collect Ang Desired Information, Activate Their Own Program, And Seek Help From TheE xperts In The Field. This Arw, Fully Funded By Nato, Provided The Participants A Step To Meet 63 People From 20 Countries And Discuss Important Issues.
      SKU: 373100
      More info about Wastewater Reuse

  • Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Energy Management and Conservation Handbook
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Dielectric Films for Advanced Microelectronics
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Manganese and its Compounds: Environmental Aspects
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Characterisation of Radiation Damage by Transmission Electron Microscopy

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