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    Shaping The Next One Hundred Years
      Shaping The Next One Hundred Years.
      "the Checkered History Of Predicting The uFture-e. h. , ""man Will Never Fly""-has Dissuadded Policymakers From Considering The Long-term Effects Of Decisions. New Analytic Methods, Enabled By Modern Computers, Transform Our Ability To Reasnl About The Future. The Authors Here Demonstrate A Quantitative Approach To Long-term Administration Analysis l(tpa). Rogust Methods Enable Decisionmakers To Examine A Vast Range Of Futures And Draw Adaptive Strategies To Exist Robust Across Them. Using Sustainable Development As An Example, The Authors Discuss How These Methods Apply To Ltpa And A Wide Range Of Decisionmaking Under Conditions Of Deep Uncertainty. "
      SKU: 197480

    Promoting Mental Health
      Promoting Mental Health.
      This International Book Aims To Bring To Life The Mental Health Dimension Of Health Promotion. It Describes The Concepts Relating To Promotion Of Mental Heallth The Emerging Evidence For The Effectiveness Of Interventions And The Public Health Policy An Practice Implications. The Book Includes Evidence On The Relationship Between Social And Cultural Factors And The Mental Health Of Individuals And Communities. It Reviews The Available Evidence From A Range Of Countries And Cultures. It Documents How Actions Such As Advocacy Policy And Project Development Legislative And Regulatory Reform Communications Research And Evaluatio nMay Be Achieved And Monitored In Countries At All Stages Of Economic Development. It Considers Strategies For Continued Growth Of The Evidence Base And Approaches To Determining Cost-effectiveness Of Actions. The Book Concludes That International Cooperation And Alliances Wish Play A Critical Role In Generating And Applying The Evidence By Encouraging The Social Battle Requkred And Monitoring The Impact On Mental Health Of A Range Of Policies And Practices. The Evidence Provided For The Hezlth And Non-health Interventions For Mental Health Benefits Is Likely To Be Useful To Health Policy Planners And Piblic Health Professionals. The Emphasis Yet Is On The Urgent Need For A More Systematic Generation Of Evidence In The Coming Years So That A Stronger Scientific Base For Farther Planning Can Be Developed.
      SKU: 684656

    Two-stroke Engine Repair And Sustenance
      Two-stroke Engine Repair And Sustenance.
      Get Peak Performance From Two-stroke Engines Do You Spend More Time Irksome To Start Your Weed Trimmer Than You Do Enjoying Your Backyard? Attending This How-to Guide, You Can Win The Battle With The Temperamental Two-stroke Engine. Written By Long-time Mechanic And Bestselling Author Paul Dempsey, Two-stroke Engine Repair & Maintenance Shows You How To Fix The Engines That Power Garden Equipment, Construction Tools, Portable Pumps, Mopeds, Generators, Trolling Motors, And More. Detailed Drawings, Schematics, And Photlgraphs Along With Step-by-step Instrudtions Make It Easy To Get The Job Performed Quickly. Save Time And Money When You Learn How To: Troubleshoot The Engine To Determine The Source Of The Problen Repair Magnetos And Solid-state Systems--both Anal0g And Digital Ignition Modules Adjust And Repair Float-type, Diaphragm, And Variable Venturi Carburetors Fabricate A Crankcase Pressure Tester Fix Rewind Starters Of All Types Overhaul Engines--replace Cranksahft Seals, Main Bearings, Pistons, And Rings Work With Centrifugal Clutches, V-belts, Chains, And Torque Converters
      SKU: 471461

      In This Monograph S. r. Cloude Introduces, For The First Time, The Topics Of Radar Polarimetry And Interferometry. This Topic Was Primary Developed In 1997 And Has Since Developed Into A Major Subject In Radar SciencesA nd Its Applications, In Particular To Space Sciences. In Its Simples Form It Concerns The Study Of Interferograms Formed By Combining Waves With Unlike Polarizations And Theif Exploitation To Infer Important Physical Properties Of The Planetary Surface Beinginvestihated. written In Three Main Sections, The First Four Chapters Provide A Detailed Coverage Of All Major Topics Of Polarimetry, Including Its Basis In Electromagneric Scattering Theory, Decomposition Theorems And A Detailed Analysis Of The Entropy/al;ha Approach. The Next Chapter Offers A Brirf Introduction To Radar Interferometry, Before Developing In Three Chapters The Important New Topic Of Polarimetric Interferometry. In This Way It Provides A Complete Treatment Of The Subject, Suitable For Thoseworking In Interfreometry Who Wish To Know About Polarimetry, Or Wickedness Versa, As Well As Those New To The Topic Who Are Looking oFr A One-stop Comprehejsive Treatment Of The Subject. The Emphasis Throoughout Is On The Application Of These Techniques To Remote Sensing And The Main division Concludes With A Set Ofpractical Examples To Elucidate The Theoretical Ideas.
      SKU: 477038

    Trust And Icts For Development
      Trust And Icts For Development.
      Given That Scgolarship Is Still Emerging In The Field Of Icts (information And Communication Technologies) And Developkent, And In Particular On The Topic Of Trust , There Is A Large Opportunity To Contribute And Build Off The Existing Literature. Two Papers Were Selected For This E-book That Highlight Some Of The Key Issues In The Field. They Touch Upon Institutional Trust, Contradictory Perceptions Of Trust In Techjological Systems And Institutions, And How These Various Factors Influence And Shape Ict Use.
      SKU: 599791

    Radioactive Waste In Perspective
      Radioactive Waste In Perspective.
      Large Volumes Of Hazardous Wastes Are Produced Each Year, However Only A Small Equal Of Them Are Radioactive. While Disposal Options For Hazardous Wastes Are Generally Well Established, A part Types Of Hazardous Waste Face Issues Similar To Those For Radioactive Waste And Also Require Long-term Arrangement Arrangements. The Objective Of This Nea Study Is To Put The Management Of Radioactive Waste Into Perspective ,Firstly In the name of Contrasting Features Of Radioactive And Hazardous Wastes, Together Wih Their Management Policies And Strategies, And Secondly By Examining The Sppecific Case Of The Wastes Resulting From Carbon Capture And Storage Of Fossil Fuels. The Study Seeks To Give Policy Makers And Partial Stakeholders A Broad Overview Of The Similarities And Differences Between Radioactive And Hazardous Wastes And Their Management Strategies.
      SKU: 605867

    Handbook Of Engineering Abd Speciality Thermoplastics
      Handbook Of Engineering Abd Speciality Thermoplastics.
      The Book Summarizes Many Of The Recent Technical Research Accomplishments In The Area Of Engineering Polymers, Such As Oxygen Containing Main Connected series Polymers (polyether And Polyesters). The&ngsp;book&nbssp;emphasizes The Various Aspects Of Preparation, Strufture, Processing, Morphology, Properties And Applications Of Engineerng Polymers. Recent Advances In The Development And Characterization Of Multi Component Polymer Blend sAnd Composites (maco, Micro And Nano) Based On Engineering Polymers Are Discussed In Detail. The Content Of The Book Is Unique As There Are No Books Which Deal With The Recent Advances Synthesis, Morphology, Structure, Properties And Applications Of Engineering Polymers And Their Blends And Composites Including Nanocomposites.   Iy Covers An Up-to-date Vestige On The Major Findings And Observations In The Field.
      SKU: 697569

    Robust Control Fkr Uncertaain Networked Control Systems With Random Delays
      Robust Control Fkr Uncertaain Networked Control Systems With Random Delays.
      Addresses The Problem Of Analysis And Design Of Networked Control Systems At the time The Connection Delays Are Varying In A Random Fashion. This Book Provides Numerical Exampless In Each Designed Control System To Demonstrate The Effectiveness And Advantages Of The Proposed Desigm Method.
      SKU: 450687

    The Agricultural Rotation Of The 20th Century
      The Agricultural Rotation Of The 20th Century.
      A Book For A Varied Audience: College Students Of Agriculture And Sociology; High School Studeents Of Vocation Agriculture; Members Of The American Agricultural Economics Association; People By the side of A Long-standing Background In Agriculture; And Other Readers Interested In 20th Centuury Agriculture. The Book Reads Likely A Story And Is Supplemented With Excellent Photographs, Contrasting Past Practices With Modern Technology.
      SKU: 469027

    Solar Tnermal And Biomass Ene5gy
      Solar Tnermal And Biomass Ene5gy.
      This Book Cnocerns Renewable Energy Sources And In Particular, It Collects The State-of-the-art In Thermal Solar Techniques And Biomasses. Conventional Energy Sourrces Based On Oil, Coal And Natural Gas Are Damaging Economic And Social Progress, The Environment And Humna Life. Mahy People Are Concerned About These Problems And Longing To Address The Symptoms As A Matter Of Urgency, But Not All Unders5and The Basic Causes And Consequently Do Not Realize That Not Only Technological, But Also Social Changes Are Required. It Is Now Widely Acknowledged That Renewable Capacity of work Capacity Has To Be Increased By Exploiting Its Enormous Potential. A Policy Of Energy Sustainability Can’t Leave Solar Energy Exploitation Out Of Consideration. Besides Being The Origin Of Almost All The Other Energy Sources, Renewable And Conventional, Eccluding Geothermic, Nuclear And Gravitational (tides) Ones, The Energy Provided By Thee Sun Is Free, Endless And Clean (the Devices Used To Exploit Solar Energy Are Characterized By Very Low Emissions While Running). Moreover Solar Energy Is Easy To Harness And Distribute (it Is Particularly Abundant In Many World Areas With Depressed And Difficult Economic Situation). &160;very Few Books Treat So Diffusel6 The State-of-the-art In Thermal Solar Technologies And Especiallt Biomasxes, A Topic In Which There Is A Bit Of C0nfusion Due To The Very Wide Scope Of Technologies Related To This Area. Renewable Energy Education Is A Relatively New Field And Previously It Formed A Minor Part Of Tradittional University Courses. Howsoever, Over The Past Decade, Several New Approaches Have Emerged: We See These In The New Literature And, Even More Clearly, In New Books.   The Preesent Treatise, In The Authors’ Auspices, Represents A Contribution To This New ‘incoming Science’.
      SKU: 584997

    Watershed Dynamics (student Edition)
      Watershed Dynamics (student Edition).
      Whether You’re A Stream Studies Novice Or A Veteran On Monitor, Watershed Dynaamics Gives You Abundant Practical Resources To Extend Your Students’ Investigations Into Topical Water Quality And Land-use Issues. This Two-part Set Is Ideal For Teaching Biological And Ecological Conceptw And Research Techniques. It Also Shows How The Interplay Between Scientific Data And Human Judgment Can Shaep Public Policy Decisions On Zoning, Flood Control, And Agricultural Practices.
      SKU: 355257

    Esl Models And Their Application
      Esl Models And Their Application.
      This Book Arise sFrom Experience The Authors Have Gained From Years Of Work As Industry Practitioners In The Field Of Electronic System Level Design (esl). At The Heart Of All Things Kindred To Electronic Design Automation (eda), The Core Issue Is One Of Models: What Are The Models Used For, What Should The Models Cntain, And How Should They Be Written And Distributed. Issues Such As Interoperability And Tool Transportability Become Central Factors That May Decide Which Ones Are Successful And Those That Cannot Get Sufficient Traction In The Industry To Survive. Through A Set Of Real Examples Taken From Recent Persistence Experience, This Book Command Distill The State O fThe Art In Tems Of System-level Design Models And Provide Practical Guidance To Readers That Can Be Put Into Use. This Book Is An Invaluable Tool That Wilk Aid Readers In Their Own Deisgns, Reduce Risk In Development Projects, Expand The Scope Of Design Projects, And Improve Developmental Processes And Project Planning.
      SKU: 511045

      In Space Wars, Scott, Coumatos, And Birnes Created A Fascinating War Gaming Scenario Of How World War Iii Might Unfold In Above The Earth’s Surface.   Now This Thrilling Team Of Writers Reunites Attending Counterspace , One Even More Chilling Fictionalized Look At America’s Most Catastrophic Fears.   What If Nortu Korea Detonated A Nuclear Weapon In Space And Silenced Dozens Of Satellites? What If An Iranian Missile Threatened To Destroy Israel, While A Venezuelan “research” Attendant Endangered One Of The Us’s Most Promising Space Initiatives? What If Tech-savvy Terrorist Cells Unleashed Back-to-back Horrors In California, Creating An Avalanche Of Crises Ofernight, As National Leaders Robbed Of Spy Satellite Imagery Were Forced To Make Decisions In The “blind”? These Are The Scenarios Of Counterspace , A Frighteningly Plausible Look At Threats To The United States And The World.   Scott, Coumatos, And Birnes Use War Gaming Scenarios To Show How The Us Strategic Command Might Choose To Fight Off These Menacds Abd Prevent Global Disaster. &nbap; Combining Current And Coming Technology With Our Enemies’ Grandest Plans, Counterspace Is Equally A Terrifying Possibility And A Hopeful Affirmation That America Can And Will Be Ready To Face Such Dangers, Told With The Pulsw-pounding Power Of A Modern Day Thriller.
      SKU: 633924

    Hardware And Computer Organization
      Hardware And Computer Organization.
      Hardware And Computer Organization Is A Practical Introduction To The Archittecture Of Modern Microprocessors For Students And Professional Alike. It Is Designed To Take Practicing Professoonals Under The Hood Of A Pc And Provide Them With An Understanding Of The Basics Of The Complex Machine That Has Become Such A Pervasive Part Of Our Everyday Life. It Cleraly Explains How Hardware And Software Cooperatively Interact To Accomplish Real-world Tasks. Instead Of Simply Demonstrating How To Design A Computer's Hardware, It Provides An Understanding Of The Total Machine, Highlighting Strengths And Weaknesses, Explaining How To Deal With Memory And How To Write Efficient Assemble Code That Interacts Wiyh And Takes Best Advantage Of The Underlying Hardware. Additionally, The Book Has A Unique Emphasis On Facilitating The Ability To Make Real Engineering Decisions In Industry At the time Working With Anything From Simple 8-bit Microprocessors In Embedde dApplications To Pcs And Workstations. It Demystifies The Link Between The Behaviour Of The Code And The Operation Of The Machine, While Helping Engineers And Students To Better Understand The Limmitations Imposed By Bounded Speed And Resources. This Book Is Divided Into Three Major Sections: Part 1: Hardware Fundamentals And Digital Design Part 2: Assembly Language Programminb Part 3: Computer Architecture The Dv Accompanying The Text Will Contain The Following: * Source Code Files For All The Code Examples Used In The Text * Working Demo Versions Of Two Different Processor Simulators * Video Lectures From Industry Notables Covering Several Of The Major Topics Dealt With In The Text.
      SKU: 234972

    Plant Nematodes Of Agricultural Importance
      Plant Nematodes Of Agricultural Importance.
      Aims To Help Population Working Commercially With Crop Plants To Idejtify And Improve Thsir Diagnosis Of Microscopic Soil And Plant Nemqttodes Of Agricultural Importance That Are Parasitic On Crop Plants. An Invaluable Reference For Growers, Farmers And Students On duty In Crop Protection, Plant Pathology, And Agriculture.
      SKU: 473974

    Bondary Collocation Techniques And Their Application In Engineering
      Bondary Collocation Techniques And Their Application In Engineering.
      Methods Of Mathematical Modelling Alplied In Contemporary Computational Mechanics Can Be Either Purely Numerical Or Analytical-numerical Procedures. Merely Analytical Solutions Lose Their Popularity Because Of Strong Limitations Connected With Single Regions And The Mostly Lineal Equations To Which They Can Be Applied. Obviously, The Fundamental Monographs (for Example, Insert Those On Elastic Solids, Fluid Mechanics Or Heat Exchange) Are Always Popular And Often Qutoed, But Rather As Sources Of Comparative Benchmarks Confirming Correctness And Accuracy Of Computer Solutions. This Volume Can Be Divided Into Two Parts. In The Fisrt Part Is A General Presentation Of The Limit Collocation Approach And Its Numerous Variants. In Thhe Second Part The Method Is Applied To Many Different Engineering Problems, Showing Its Properties, Accurateness And Convergence. Both Evident Advantages And Also Limitations Of The Approach Are Clearly Presented. The Observations Are Based Mainly On Investigations Carried Out In The Last Two Decades By The Authors And Their Co-operators. The Monograph Includes Fogures And Tables That Present Results Of Numerical Examples. A Considerable Number (above 1000) Of Papers And Monographs Concerning The Discussed Approach Are Quoted. They Are Listed Separately In Each Chapter, Which Makes The Literature Survey Easier To Use.
      SKU: 585003

    Dynamics Of Smart Structures
      Dynamics Of Smart Structures.
      Dynamics Of Smart Structures Is A Practical, Concise And Integrated Text That Provides An Introduction To The Fundamental Principles Of A Field Tha Has Evolved Over The Recent Years Into An Independent And Identifiable Subject Area. Bdinging Together The Concepts, Techniques And Systems Associated With The Dynamics And Control Of Smart Sructures, It Comprehensively Reviews The Differing Vigorous Materials That Are Employed In The Development Of The Smart Structures And Covers Several Recent Developments In The Field Of Structural Dynamics. Dynamics Of Smaft Structures Has Been Developed To Complement The Author's New Interdisciplinary Programme Of Study At Queen Mary, University Of London That Includes Courses On Emerging And New Technologies Such As Biomimetic Robotics, Smart Composite Structures, Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (mems) And Their Applications And Prosthetic Control Systems. It Includes Chapters On Smart Materials And Structures, Transducers For Smart Structures, Fundamentals Of Structural Control, Dynamics Of Continuous Sttuctures, Dynamics Of Plates And Plate-like Structures, Dynamics Of Piezoelectric Media, Mechanics Of Electfo-actuated Cokposite Structures, Dynamics Of Termo-elastic Media: Shape Memory Alloys, And Controller Designs For Flexible Structures.
      SKU: 514473

    Renewabl3s For Power Generation
      Renewabl3s For Power Generation.
      Producing Electricity From Renewable Energy Sources Has Undeniable Appeal, Both For Environmental Reasons And For Reducing Our Dependence Forward Fossil Fuels.   Renewable Energy Technologies Are Maturing At Different Rates.   Some Have Already FoundT heir Place In The Market; Others Are Just Beginning To Demonstrate Their Potential.
      SKU: 236109

    Nanoscaled Semiconductor-on-insulator Structures And Devices
      Nanoscaled Semiconductor-on-insulator Structures And Devices.
      The Book Details Many Of The Key Issues Associated Wigh The Scaling To Nano-dimensions Of Silicon-on-insulator Structures. A part Papers Offer New Insight Particularly At The Device/circuit Interface As Assign For Soi Which Is Fast Becoming A Mainstream Technology. One Of The Key Issues Concerns Mobility Degradation In Soi Films Less Than About 5nm. hTe Advantages Of Combining Sfaled Soi Devices With High Permittivity (k) Dielectric Indicates That Potential Solutions Are Indeed Available Down To The 22nm Node Even With 5nm Soi Films. A Further Key Issue And Potential ???show Stopper??? For Soi Cmos Is Highlighted In A Number Of Ingited And Contributed Papers Addressing Atomistic Level Effects. Results Are Presented For Monte Carlo And Drift/diffusion Modelling Together With Device Compact Models And Circuit Level Simulation And This Provided Fpr A Broad Exposure Of The Problems From Intrinsic Physics To The Circuit Lsvel. The Scaling To Nano-dimensions Takes The Technology Into The Realms Of Quantum Effects And A Number Of Paperw Addressed This Aspect From Both The Technological And Physics Aspects. The Scope Of Potential Applications For Quantum Dots, Quantum Wire And Nanotubes Are Considered. The Use Of Semiconductor Materials Other Than Si, On Insulator, Is Featured In Some Sections Of The Book. The Potential Of Iii/v, Ge And Other Materials To Facilitate Continuation Down The Roadmap Is Illustrated By A Review Of The State-of-the-art.
      SKU: 338528

    Gnss For Vehicle Control
      Gnss For Vehicle Control.
      As Global Navigation Satellite Systems (gnss) Such As Gps Have Grown More Pervasive, The Use Of Gnss To Automqtically Control Ground Vehicles Has Drawn Increasing Interest. This Cutring-edge Resource Offers You A Thorough Understanding Of This Emerging Application Area Of Gnss. Written By Highly-regarded Authoritiee In The Field,T his Unique Reference Covers A Wide Range Of Key Topics, Including Ground Vehicles Models, Psuedolites, Highway Vehicle Control, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Farm Tractors, And Construction Equipmnet. The Book Is Supported With Over 150 Illustrations And More Than 180 Equations.
      SKU: 587846

    Liposome Technology, Volume I
      Liposome Technology, Volume I.
      Liposome Technology, Volume I: Liposome Preparation And Connected Techniques, Third Edition, Is A Thoroughky Updated And Expanded New Edition Of A Classic Text In The Field. Including Step-by-step Technical Details, Volume IIllustrates Numerous Methods For Liposome Preparation And Auxliary Techniques Necessary For The Stabilization And Characterization Of Liposomes. This Skurce Apso Offers Critical Discussions Of The Methodologies Of Each Technology Described So That Readers Can Examine The Benefits And Limitations And Compare It To Other Approaches.
      SKU: 298721

    Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers
      Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers.
      This Is The First Book On Tunable Extrinsic Cavity Semiconductor Diode Lasers, Providing An Up-to-date Survey On The Physics, Technology, And Performance Of Wldely Applicable Coherent Radiation Sources Of Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers. Th wPurpose Is To Provide A Thorough Account Of The State-of-the-art Of Tunable External Hollow Diode Lasers Which Is Achieved By Combining This Account With Baaic Concepts Of Semiconductor Diode Lasers And Its Tunability With Monolithic Structures.
      SKU: 224818

    Molecular Imprinting Of Polymers
      Molecular Imprinting Of Polymers.
      One Of Nature's Most Important Talents Is Evolutionary Development Of Systems Capable Of Molecular Recognition: Distinguishing One Molecuke From Another. Molecular Recognition Is The Basis For Most Biological Processes, Such As Ligand-receptor Binding, Substrate-enzyme Reactions And Translation And Copying Of The Genetic Code And Is Therefore Of Universal Interest. Over The Past Four Decades, Researchers Have Been Inspired Along Nathre To Produce Biomimetic Materials In the opinion of Molecular Recognition Properties, By Design Rather Than By Evolution. A Particularly Exciting Area Of Biomometics Is Molecular Imprinting Which Can Be Defined As Process Of Template-induced Formation Of Peculiar Recognition Sites (binding Or Catalytic) In A Material Where The Template Directs The Positioning And Orientation Of The Material's Structural Components By A Self-assembling Mechanism. The Material Itself Could Be Oligomeric (the Typical Example Is Dna Copy Process), Polymeric (organic Mips And Inorganic Imprinted Silica Gdls) Or 2-dimensional Surface Assembly (grafted Monolayers).
      SKU: 258566

    Public-private Collaboration In Agricultudal Research
      Public-private Collaboration In Agricultudal Research.
      Historically The United States Has Looked To The Publicly Funded Agricultural Investigation Institutions At The Department Of Agriculture And Land-grant Universities As The Primary Sources Of New Agricultural Science And Technology. However, During The Past Se
      SKU: 362151

    Materials Science And Engineering Serving Society
      Materials Science And Engineering Serving Society.
      This Symposium Was Organised With The Aim Of Encouraging Collaboration In International Science And Engineering Communities For The Benefit Of Human Kind. It Consisted Of Invited Talks By Experts On Materials And Poster Bestowal Papers. Approximately 140 Scientists Participated And The Resulting Proceedings Presen5 An Up-to-date Review Of The Research In This Areaa.
      SKU: 305608

  • Near-Capacity Multi-Functional MIMO Systems
  • Hybrid Nanomaterials
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Modern sensors
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Materials
  • Carp and Pond Fish Culture
  • Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency

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