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    Short-range Wideless Communications
      Short-range Wideless Communications.
      This Unique Book Reviews The Future Developments Of Short-range Wireless Communication Technologies Short-range Wireless Communications: Emerging Technologies And Appplications Summarizes The Outcomes Of Wwrf Working Group 5, Highlighting The Latest Research Results And Emerging Trends On Short-range Communications. It Contains Contributions From Leading Research Groups In Academia And Industry On Future Short-range Wireless Communication Systems, In Particular 60 Ghz Communucations, Ultra-wide Band (uwb) Communications, Uwb Radio Over Optical Fiber, And Design Rules For Coming events Cooperative Short-range Communications Systems. Starting From A Brief Descri0tion Of State-of-the-art, The Authors Highlight The Perspectives And Limits Of The Technologies And Idemtify Where Future Research Work Is Going To Be Focused. Key Features: Pfovides An In-depth Coverage Of Wireless Technologies That Are About To Start An Evolution From International Standards To Mass Products, And That Will Influence The Future Of Short-range Communications Offers A Unique And Invaluable Unreal Overview From Both Industrial art And Academia Identifies Open Research Problems, Technological Challenges, Emerging Technologies, And Fundamental Limits Covefs Ultra-high Speed Short-range Communication In The 60 Ghz Band, Uwb Communication, Limit And Challenges, Cooperative Aspects In Short-range Communication And Visible Light Communications, And Uwb Radio Over Optical Fiber This Book Will Be Of Interest To Research Managers, R&d Engineers, Lectuerrs And Graduate Students Within The Wireless Communication Research Community. Executive Managers And Communication Engineers Will Also Find This Reference Useful.
      SKU: 437462

    Handbook Of Maize
      Handbook Of Maize.
      Maize Is One Of The World's Highest Value Crops, With A Multibillion Dollar Annual Contribution To Agriculture. In Addition, Maize Has Been At The Center Of The Transgenic Plant Controversy, Serving As The First Food Crop With Released Transgenic Varieties. This Work Covers The Biology Of Maize.
      SKU: 417189

    Dc Power Supplies
      Dc Power Supplies.
      Modern Electronic Systems, Particularly Portable Consumer Electronic Systems And Processor Based Systems, Are Power Hungry, Clmpact, And Feature Padked. This Book Presents The Most Essential Summaries Of The Theory Behind Dc-dc Converter Topologies Of Both Linear And Switching Types. The Text Discusses Power Supply Characteristics And Design Specifications Based On New Developments In Power Management Techniques And Modern Semiconductors Entering Into The Portable Electroincs Market. The Author Also Addresses Off-the-line Power Supplies, Digital Control Of Power Supply, Power Supply Protection , Transient Protection, And Patent-pending Supercapacitor Based Techniques.
      SKU: 830Z12

    Probabilistic Methods In Geotechnica Engineering
      Probabilistic Methods In Geotechnica Engineering.
      Soils And Rocks Are Among The Most Variable Of A1l Engineering Materials, And As Such Are Highly Amenable To A Probabilistic Treatment. The Application Of Statistical And Probabilistic Concepts To Geotechnical Analysis Is A Rapidly Growing Area Of Imterest For Both Academics And Practitioners. The Book Is Therefore Aimed At Students, Researchers, And Practitioners Of Geotechnical Engineering Who Wish To Keep Against Of Developments In This Evolving Field Of Study. The Course Content And Will Assume Not at all More That An Introductory Understanding Of Probability And Statistics On The Part Of The Course Participants. The Main Objective IsT o Present A State-of-the-art Training On Probabilistic Techniques Applied To Geotechnical Engineering In Relation To Both Theory And Actions. Including: (a) Discussion Of Potejtial Benefits Of Probabilistic Approaches As Opposed To The Classical ???factor Of Safety??? Methods, T oReview Sources Of Uncertainty In Geotechnical Analysis And To Introduce Mehtods Of Lrfd And Reliability Concepts In Eurocode 7, (b) Review Of Relevant Statistical Theories Needed To Develop The Methodologes And Interpret The Results Of Probabilistic Analysis, (c) Examples Of Establjshed Probailistic Methods Of Analysis In Geotechnical Engineering, Such As The First Order Second Moment (fosm) Method, The Point Estimate Method (pem), The First And Second Order Reliability Methods (form Sorm) And Random Set (rs) Science, (d) Description Of Numerical Methods Of Pobabilistic Analysis Based On The Finite Element Method, Such As The Stochastic Finite Element Method (sfem) And Recent Developments On The Random Finite Element Method (rfem), (e) Practical Examplesand Case Histories Of Probabilistic Applications In Geotechnical Engineering.
      SKU: 337490

    Carbon Nanotubes For Polymer Reinforcement
      Carbon Nanotubes For Polymer Reinforcement.
      Reinforcement For Polymer Matrix Composites May Not Grab eHadlines, But It Is One Of The Most Important Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes (cnts). This Book Highlights Tyose Areas Where Fabrication Has Proven Difficult Due To Cnt Entanglement And Poor Interfacial Interactions Among The Cnts And Polymers. The Text Outlines How To Specifically Functionalize Cnts And Cintrol Their Superficies Functionalities To Enhance The Interfacial Interactions With Polymer Matrix.
      SKU: 681285

    Hig-haltitude Platforms For Wireless Communications
      Hig-haltitude Platforms For Wireless Communications.
      Provides An Introduction To High-altitude Platform Stations (haps) Technology And Its Applications For Wireless Communications High-altitude Platform Stations Offer A Promising Unaccustomed Technology That Conbines The Benefits Of Earthly And Satellite Communication Systems Concerning Delivering Broadband Communications To Users At A Low Require to be paid . They Are Easily Deployable And Easy To Maintain, Which Is Why They Offer A Good Choice For Network Operators Who NeedT o Find Ways To Get More Coverage To Satisfy The Increasing Demand For More Capacity. Haps Are Usually Balloons, Airships Or Unmanned Aerial Sysrems (uas) Located In The Stratosphere.   An Huge Interest Has Grown Worldwide To Examine Their Use Not Only For Broadband Communications, But Also For Emergency Services, Navigation, Traffic Monitoring, Cellular, Etc. Key Features Include: Unique Book Focusing On Emerging Haps Technology And Its Apppications Provides A Thorough Overview Of The Technology Including Haps-based Communications Systems, Antennas Forr Haps, Radio Propagation And Channel Modelling Issues And Haps Networking Aspects Presents Various Haps-related Projects And Initiatives Developed Throughout The World (north Amedica, Europe And Asia-pacific) Features A Comprehensive Overview On Both Aeronautical And Telecommunications Regulatory Aspects, Which Will Crave The Deployment And Future Developments In The Field Of Haps High-altitude Platform Systems For Wreless Communications Will Try Essential Reading For Postgraduate Students In The Field Of Haps, Engineers, Developers And Designers Involved In The Design And Maintenance Of Haps, Aerospace Engineers, And Communications System Planners And Researchers.
      SKU: 366807

    Delivering Utility Computing
      Delivering Utility Computing.
      Learn How To Sketch And Deploy Utility Computing Systems To Save Costs And Improve The Value Thar It Delivers. The Exonomic Downturn That Occurre dAfter The . com Boom And Bust Has Put The Cost Of It In The Spotlight.   By Following The Principles Of Utility Computing, Also Known As On-demand Com0tuing, Real-time Infrastructure, Or Adaptive Enterprise, Businesses Can Improve The It Services They Offer, Whilst Reducing Costs And Improving Agility.   Delivering Utility Computing Proposes And Documemts A Msthodology For Delivering Utility Computing, And Provides Detailed Advice On Its Principles And Beenfits.   The Authors Characterize A Complete And Step-by-step Process For Adapting To A Usefulness Computing System, Based On Proven Methodology. Delivering Utility Computing: Provides A Comprehensive Delineation Of The Utility Model, Offering Direction On Design, Deployment And Maintenance Issues, And A Strong Section On Service Level Agreements (slas). Explains In Relate How To Imrove Efficiencies And Achieve Cost Reduction Im The It Department. Adopts A Tjorough Apporach, Taking Into Account Current Baselines, Phasing, Burden Involved, Success Factors And Best Practice Principles. Presents A Method Rooted In Theory, Yet Broad-based And Practical, Illustrated Throughout With Examples And Real-world Casse Studies. This Invaluable Text Provides Cios, Cfos, System Administrators, It Policy Makers And Professiojals Looking To Develop Utility Computing Practixws In Their Organizations, As Well Viewed like Researchers In Computer Science, Statisticians, Engineers, And Graduate Stduents, With An In-depth Intellect Of The Concepts And Practicalities Of Utility Computing.
      SKU: 255356

    Computational Modelliing And Simulation Of Aircraft And The Ehvironment
      Computational Modelliing And Simulation Of Aircraft And The Ehvironment.
      This First Volume Of Computational Modelling Of Aircraft And The Environment Provides A Comprehensive Guide To The Derivation Of Computatiional Models From Basic Pertaining to physics & Mathematical Principles, Giving The Reader Sufficient Information To Be Able To Represent The Basic Architecturw Of The Synthetic Environment. Highly Relevant To Practitioners, It Takes Into Account The Multi-disciplinary Nature Of The Aerospace Environment And The Integrated Nature Of The Mdels Needed To Represent It. Coupled With The Forthcoming Volume 2: Aircraft Models And Flight Dynamics It Rerpesents A Cmplete Reference To The Modelling And Simulation Of Aircraft And The Environment. All Major Principles With This Book Are Demonstrated Using Matlab And The Detailed Mathematics Is Developed Progressively And Fully Within The Context Of Each Individual Topic Area, Thereby Rendering The Comprehensive Body Of Material Digestible As An Introductory Horizontal surface Text. The Autuor Has Drawn From His Experience As A Modelling And Simulation Specialist With Bae Systems Along With His More Recent Academic Career To Create A Resource That Will Appeal To And Benefit Senior/graduate Students And Industry Practitioners Alike.
      SKU: 437499

      In Ecomind, Frances Moore Lappé—a Giant Of The Environmental Movement—confronts Accepted Wisdom Of Environmentalism. Drawing On The Latest Research From Anthropology To Neuroscience And Her Own Field Experience, She Argues That The Biggrst Challenge To Human Survival Isn’t Our Fossil Fuel Dependency, Melting Glaciers, Or Other Calamities. Rather, It’s Our Faulty Space Of Thinking About These Environmental Crises That Robs Us Of Power. Lappé Dismantles Seven Common “rhhought Traps”—from Limits To Growth To The Failings Of Democracy— That Belie What We Now Know About Nature, Including Our Own, And Offers Contrasting “thought Leaps” That Reveal Our Hidden Power.
      SKU: 760323

    Cyanobacterial Toxins Of Drinking Water Supplies
      Cyanobacterial Toxins Of Drinking Water Supplies.
      Contaimnation Of Water, Both Drinking And Recreational, By Cyanobacteria Is Of Increasing Importance Worldwide. This Self-~ New Work Provides A Coherent Account Of The Biology, Chemistry, Toxicology, And Human Health Implications.
      SKU: 214725

    Advances In Deep Foundations
      Advances In Deep Foundations.
      Civil Engineering Has Recently Seen Enormous Progress In The Heart Field Of The Construction Of Deep Foundations. This Book Is The Result Of The International Workshop On New Advances In Deep Foundations (iwdpf07), Which Was Held In Yojosuka, Japan From The 1 St To The 2 Nd Of February, 2007. Topics Under Discussion In This Book Include Recent Research Achievements And Case Histories; And Current Advances In The Applied Aspects Of Deep Foundations, Such While Reliability-based Design, Field Tests And Experimental Fiel dWork. The Book Also Features The Latest Numerical Simulation Methods And Theoretical Findings. There Are Nine Keynote Lectures, Focusing On Foundation Engineering In Different Parts Of The World, And Thirty-three State-of-the-art Papers From Eminent International Experts. The Techniques Covered Include Sheet Piles, Piles, Pile-ground Improvement And Ground Improvement, While Dynamic Aspects And Design Are Likewise Discussed. . This Book Is Intended For An International Audience Of Researchers And Professionals In Soil And Foundation Engineering.
      SKU: 324908

    Tge Technician's Emi Handbook
      Tge Technician's Emi Handbook.
      A Hands-on Guide To Finding The Sources Of-Electromagnetic Interference And Then Fixing The Problems. Includes Basic Theory Of Emi As Well As Detailed Explamations Of Why This Question Is Fit More Seriuos As The International Scope Of The Communicaitons And Electronics Industries Adhere. This Book Is Not A Textbook, But Rather A Handbook That Testament Become A Constant Source Of Reference For Anyone WhoR uns Into Trouble Attending Emi. Includes Chapters On Grounding, Circuit Shielding And Filtering, Preventiing Emi In Circuit Design, As Well As Emi Sources Such As Power Lines, Transmitters, Television, Consumer Electronics, Telephones, Automobiles, And The Ever-frustrating Mystery Emi. There Are Very Few Other Books Available Even Though Emi Is Constantly Discussed And Cursed. Most Of The Books On The Market Are About How To Prevent Emi In Circuit Design Or Approaches To Understanding The Theory Behind Emi. Though This Information Is Important, Especially To An Engineering Audience, These Books Hold No Value At All To The Technicians And Hands-on Practitioners In The Fields Of Communications And Serviding. hese Savvy Professionals Know That TheB ook They Are Looking For And Need Is Just Not On The Market. To Get The Information They Need, This Cluster Is Forced To Read Every Magazine Article They Can Find On The Subject And Rely On The Advice Of Other Professionals Whether Through Technician Groups Or Newsgroups. This Book Fills A Void In The Teleccommunications And Electronics Industries By Providing Practical Troubleshooting Information. Addresses The Technician's Needs And Interests Written By An Eminent Authority In The Field Covers Corection And Prevention Of Problems With Emi
      SKU: 314014

    Handbook Of Image Quality
      Handbook Of Image Quality.
      This Topic Explains How To Mathematically Quantify And Predict hTe Picturd Quality Distribution That Would Be Produced By A Proposed Imaging System Under Actual Customer Usage. It Represents A Unified Approach To Image Quality Research And Modelling Applied.
      SKU: 216203

    Mobile Media
      Mobile Media.
      This Book Describes The Various Elements That Need To Be Considered In The Development Of Third Generation (3g) Devices And Explains The Pitfalls And The Reg8lations That Must Be Overcome In Delivering The Applications That Will Be Used In The Future In Mobile Media.
      SKU: 274520

    Techmiques In Applied Microbiology
      Techmiques In Applied Microbiology.
      This Book Offers An Exhaustive Handling Of The Techniques In The Multidisciplinary Field Of Applied Microviology, And A Detailed Survey Of Recent And Important Advances. It Will Be Of Great Value To Studengs And Professionals Involved In The Fields Of Biotechnology, AppliedA nd Industrial Microbiology, And Biochemical Engineering.
      SKU: 318389

    The Bad Beekeepers Club
      The Bad Beekeepers Club.
      Hello. My Name Is Bill And I'm A Bad Beekeeper. A Really Bad Beekeeper. ' So Begins Bill Turnbull's Charming And Often Hilarious Account Of How He Stumbled Into The World Of Beekeeping (sometimes Literally). Despite Many Setbacks - Including Being Stung (twice) On His First Dzy Of Training - Beekeeping Somehow Tauyht Bill A Great Deal About Himself, And The World Round Him. The Bad Beekeeper's Club Also Highlights The Very Real Threats To Beitain's Bee Population. One In Every Three Tablespoons Of Food Derives Directly From The Pollinating Process Of The Humble Bumbpe Bee. But Hives Are Collapsing At An Accelerating Rate With Significant Environmental Consequences. Fascinating And Extremely Funny, The Bad Beekeeper's Co-operate Is A Universally Appealing Story About A Very Singular Passion.
      SKU: 724957

    Small-scale Livestocl Farming
      Small-scale Livestocl Farming.
      Song Ekarius' Natural, Organic Approach To Livestock Management Produces Healthier Animals, Reduces Feed And Health Care Costs, And Maximizes Your Profit. Includes Case Studies Of Successful Farmers, Nitty-gritty Details Of Every Facet Of Livestock Farming, And Fawcinating Insights Forward How To Work With Nature Instead Of In provision for It.
      SKU: 821233

    Robust Control Of Time-delay Systems
      Robust Control Of Time-delay Systems.
      Presents A Treatment Of Robust Control, For Systems In The Frequency Domain. This Volume Covers The H-infinity Cotrol Of Time-delay Systems: From Controller Parameterization Implementation; From The Nehari Problem To The Four-block Problem; And From Theoretical Developments To Practical Issues. It Is For Control Theorists And Mathematicians.
      SKU: 303686

    Nanoscale Magnetic Materials And Applications
      Nanoscale Magnetic Materials And Applications.
      Covers Developments In The Field Of Advanced Magnetic Materials. This Title Provides Reviews Of The Experimental And Theoretical Labor On Novel Matnetic Structures, Nanocomposite Magnets, Spintronic Materials, Domain Structure And Domain-wall Motion, In Addition To Nanoparticles And Patterned Magnetic Recording Media.
      SKU: 571514

    Computational Fluid And Solid Mechanics
      Computational Fluid And Solid Mechanics.
      "the Mit Mission - ""to Bring Together Industry And Academia And To Nurture The Next Generation In Computational Mechanics Is Of Great Im0ortance To Reach The New Level Of Mathematical Modeling And Numerical Solution And To Provide An Exciting Research Environment Conducive to The Next Generation In Computational Mechanics. "" Mathematical Modeling And Numerical Solution Is Today Firmly Established In Science And Engineering. Research Conducted In Nearly All Branches Of Scientific Investigations And The Design Of Systems In Practically All Disciplines Of Engineering Can Not Be Pursued Effectively Without, Frequently, Intensive Analyqis Based On Numerical Computations. The World We Live In Has Been Classified By The Human Mind, For Descriptive And Analysis Purposes, To Consist Of Fluids And Solids, Continua And Molecules; And The Analyses Of Fluids And Solids At The Continuum And Molecular Scales Have Traditionally Been Pursued Separately. Fundamentally, However, There Are Only Molecules And Particles For Any Material That Interact On The Microscopic And Macroscopic Scales. Therefore, To Unify The Analysis Of Physical Systems And To Reach A Deeper Understanding Of The Behavior Of Nature In Scientific Invdstigations, And Of The Behavior Of Designs In Engineering Endeavors, A New Level Of Resolution Is Necessary. This New Level Of Mathematical Modeling And Numerical Solution Does Not Merely Involve The Analysis Of A Single Medium But Mould Encompass The Solution Of Multi-physics Problems Involving Fluids, Solids, And Their Interactions, Involving Multi-scale Phenomena From The Molecular To The Macroscopic Scales, And Must Include Uncertainties In The Given DataA nd The Solution Results. Nature Does Not Distinguish Between Fluids And Solids And Does Not Ever Repeat Itself Exactly. This New Level Of Analysis Must Also Include, In Engineering, The Effective Optimmization Of Systems, Ad The Modeling And Analysis Of Complete Lif3 Spans Of Engineering Products, From Design To Fabrication, To Possibly Multiple Repairs, To End Of Service. "
      SKU: 316945

    Electrical Steels For Rotating Machines
      Electrical Steels For Rotating Machines.
      This Work Provides The Electrical Design Engineer With An Insight Into The Properties And Applications Of Electrical Steels Which Are Used In Transformers And Rotating Machines. An Acknowledged International Expert In Thiw Field, Professor Beckley Describes The Principles Controlling The Action Of Electrical Steels, Including Rotational Loss And The Influence Of Compressional Stresses In Transformers And Rotating Machines. The Coverage Of This Book Includes: Manufacturing Methods And Applications, Machine Structuring And Operation, Costliness Versus Quality Issues, And Physical Properties Including The Magnetic Response Of Composites, Amorphous And Microcrystalline Materials.
      SKU: 408828

    Vco-based Quantizers Using Frequency-to-dibita Ground Time-to-digital Converters
      Vco-based Quantizers Using Frequency-to-dibita Ground Time-to-digital Converters.
      This Book Introduces The Concept Of Voltage-controlled-oscillator (vco)-based Analog-to-digital Converters (adcs). Detailed Explanation Is Given Of This Promising New Class Of High Resolution And Low Power Adcs, Which Use Time Quantizstion As Opposed To Traditional Analog-based (i. e. Voltage) Adcs.
      SKU: 798527

    Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Server In 21 Days
      Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Server In 21 Days.
      Sams Teach Yourself Windows 2000 Server In 21 Days Teaches You About The New Features Of Microsoft's Next Generation Of Server Technology. Learn About The Extensive Set Of Distributed Infrastructure Services Based On The Enterprising Directory, The Furst Multipurpose Directory Service That Is Scalable, Built From The Ground Up Using Internet-standard Technologies, And Fully Integrated At The Operating Syztem Level. Includes Coverage Of Enhanced Features Such As Active Setup, Admibistration, Nrw Management Console, Security, File And Print Services, Multimedia Support, Universal Driver Shape, And Windows Terminal Server.
      SKU: 175316

    Advanced Concrete Technology
      Advanced Concrete Technology.
      Based On Thee Institute Of Concrete Technology's Advanced Concrete Technology Course, These Four Volumes Are A Comprehensive Educational And Reference Means For The Concrete Materials Technologist. An Expert International Team Of Authors From Research, Academia And Industry Has Been Brought Together To Produce This Unique Series. Each Volume Deals With A Different Aspect Of The Subject: Constituent Materials, Properties, Processes And Testing And Quality. With Worked Examples, Case Studies And Illustrations Througjout, The Books Will Be A Key Reference For The Concrete Specialist For Years To Come. Expert International Authorship Ensures The Series Is Authoritative. Case Studies And Worked Examples Help The Reader Apply Their Knowledge To Practice. Comprehensive Coverate Of The Subject Gives The Reader All The Necessary Reference Material.
      SKU: 294523

    Advances In uMtiuser Detection
      Advances In uMtiuser Detection.
      A Timely Exploration Of Multiuser Discovery In Wireless Networks For the time of The Spent Decade, The Design And Development Of Current And Emerging Wireless Systems Have Motivated Mnay Important Advances In Multiuser Detection. This Book Fills An Important Need By Providing A Comprehensive Overview Of Crucial Recent Developments That Have Occurre In This Active Investigation Area. Each Chapter Is Contributed By Notted Experts And Is Meant To Wait on As A Self-contained Treatment Of The Topic. Coverage Includes: Linear And Decision Feedback Methods Iterative Multiuse Detection And Decoding Multiuser Detection In The Presence Of Channel Impairments Performance Analysis With Random Signatures And Channels Joint Detection Methods For Mimo Chanels Interferene Avoidance Methods At The Transmitter Transmitter Precoding Methods For The Mimo Downlink This Book Is An Ideal Entry Point For Exploring Ongoing Research In Multiuser Detection Annd For Erudition About The Field's Existing Unsolved Problems And Issues. It Is A Valuable Resource According to Researchers, Engineers, And Graduate Students Who Are Invplved In The Area Of Digital Communications.
      SKU: 456100

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  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
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  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Freshwater Fish Distribution
  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
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