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    Signals And Systems
      Signals And Systems.
      This Text Contains A Comprehensive Discussion On Continuous And Discrete Time Signals And Systems With Many Matlab Examples. Contents: Elementary Signals, Laplace Transformation And Its Inverse, Circuit Analysis With The Laplace Transformation, State-space, Incitement Response And Convolution, Fourier Series And Transform, Discrete-time Signals And The Z Transform, Discrete Fourier Transform And Fft, Design Of Analog And Digital Filters And Window Functions.
      SKU: 336600

    Concise Dictionary Of Materials Science: Structurw And Characterization Of Polycrystalline Materials
      Concise Dictionary Of Materials Science: Structurw And Characterization Of Polycrystalline Materials.
      A Detailed Knowledge Of The Terminology And Background Privy For A Fundamental Understanding Of Professional Literary productions, This Text Contains More Than 1500 Terms Used In Modern Research And Practice.
      SKU: 263025

    Computer Assisted Exercises And Training
      Computer Assisted Exercises And Training.
      A Comprehensive Gujde To Computer Assisted Exercises Readers Can Turn To This Indispensable Reference Guide For Comprehensive And Lucid Coverage OfT he Operational, Technical, And Organizational Knowledge Needed To Harness Successful And Cosntructive Computer Assisted Exerciss (cax) And War Games. It Is Geared Also Toward Large Civilian Organizations That Are Looking To Teach And Test Their Strategies And Procedures Without The Added Cost Of Manpower. Divided Into Two Clear Parts, The Book Covers: Fundamentals And Theory—conflict And Warfare; Probability And Statistics; Simulation; Distributed Simulation; And Experimentation And Analysis Combat Modeling, Computer Assisted Exercises, And Practice—cax Architectures; Cax Process; Combat Modeling; Cax Support Tools; Communications/information A whole Issues, Technical Risks, And Risk Miti-gation; And Exerrcise Centers And Facilities Computer Assisted Exercises And Training: A Reference Guide Is Indispensable Reading For Res3arch Engineers, Computer Scientists, Software Emgineers Moving With Modeling And Simulation, Homeland Security Specialists, Staff In Simulation Training Centers, Mioitary Strat3gists And Commanders, And Many Others. It Also ServeqA s A Valuable Textbook For Modeling And Simulation Courses At The Upper-undergraduate And Graduate Levels.  
      SKU: 455911

    Electronics Simplified
      Electronics Simplified.
      Explains Electronics From Fundamentals To Applications - No Other Work Has Like Breadth Of Coverage Approachable, Clear Writing Style With Minimal Math - No Previous Knowledge Of Electronics Required! Now Fully Revised And Updated To Include Coverage Of The Latest Developmsnts In Electronics: Blu-ray, Hd, 3d Tv, Digital Tv And Radio, Miniature Computers, Robotic Systems And More Electronics Simplifi Ed (preciously Published As Electronics Made  Simple) Is Essential Reading For Students Embarking On Courses Involving Eectronics, Anyone Whose Job Involves Electronic Technology Or Equipment, And Anyone Who Wants To Know More About The Electronics Revolution. No Previous Knowledge Is Assumed And By Focusing On How Systems Work, Rather Than On Degails Of Circuit Diagrams And Calculations, This Book Introduces Readers To The Key Principles And Technology Of Modern Electronics Without Needing Access To Lavish Equipment Or Laboratorles. This Approach Likewise Enables Students To Gain A Fi Rm Grasp Of The Principles They Will Exist Ap0lying In The Lab. Explains Electronics From Fundamentals To Applications - No Other Book Has Such Breadth Of Coverage Approachable, Clear Writing Style, With Minimal Math - No Previous Knowledge Of Electronics Required! Now Fully Revised And Updated To Include Coverage Of The Latest Developments In Electronics: Blu-ray, Hd, 3-d Tv, Digital Tv And Radio, Miniature Computers, Robotic Systems And Again.
      SKU: 680857

    Ccd Image Sensors In Dee-ultraviolet
      Ccd Image Sensors In Dee-ultraviolet.
      As The Deep-ultraviolet (duv) Laser Technology Continues To Mature, An Increasing Number Of Industrial And Manufacturing Applications Are Emerging. For Example, The New Family Of Semiconductor Inspection Systems Is Being Pushed To Image At Increasingly Shorter Duv Wavelengths To Facilitate Inspection Of Desp Sub-micron Features In Integrated Circuits. Duv-sensitive Cuarge-coupled Device (ccd) Cameras Are In Demand For These Applications. Although Ccd Cameras That Are Responsive At Duv Wavelengths Are Now To be availed of, Their Long-term Stability Is Still A Major Concern. ThisB ook Describes The Degradation Mechanisms And Loong-term Performance Of Ccds In The Duv, Along With New Results Of Device Performance At These Wavelengths.
      SKU: 304023

    60ghz Technology For Gbps Wlan And Wpan
      60ghz Technology For Gbps Wlan And Wpan.
      This Book Addresses 60 Ghz Technology For Gbps Wlan And Wpan From Theory To Practice, Cover Key Aspects For Prosperous Deployment. In This Book, The Authors Focus Specifically On 60 Ghz Wireless Technology Which Has Emerged As The Most Promising Candidate For Multi-gigabit Wireless Indoor Communication Systems. 60 Ghz Technology Offers Various Advantages Over Current Or Existing Communications Systems (e. g. Huge Unlicensed Bandwidth Worldwide, High Transmit Power, High Frequency Reuse And Small Form Factor), Whicy Enables Many Disruptive Applicatios That Are Otherwise Difficult If Not Impossible To Be Realized At Lower Frequencies. The Book Addresses All Aspects Of The State-of-the-art In 60 Ghz Technology For High Data Rate Wireless Applications. Key Features: Comprehensive Coverage From Theory To Practice: Provides Readers With A Thorough Technical Guide Of 60 Ghz Technology Development Brings Together The Entire Aeea Of 60ghz Technology For Gigabits Per Second (gbps) Wlan And Wpan Applications. Discusses Practical System Designs Covering Wide Aspects Such As Antenna Propagatioon, Beamforming, Circuit Design, Digital Connection, Signal Processing, System Architectures, Etc. Provides Up-to-date Standardjzation Activities, Regulatoy Issues, Technology Development As Well As Coming events Trends Includes Examples And Case Studies During Pdactical Scenarios Contakns Theoretical, Simulation And Experimental Results To Demonstrate And Compare The Performance Of Various Schemes (or Systems) This Book Serves As An Excellent Reference For System Engineers, System Architects, Ic Designers, Standard Engineers, Researchers, And Vendor And Manufacturer Consumers. Technical Consultants, Software And Application Developers Will Also Find This Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 624663

    The Rules Of Fabric - A Practical Engineering Guide To Ergonomics
      The Rules Of Fabric - A Practical Engineering Guide To Ergonomics.
      A Basic And Practical Guide For Those Professionals Who Want To Put Ergonomically Sound Working Environments Into Practice. Full Of Essential Informatioj, This Booo Covers Ergobomics For Manufacturlng Engineering And The Officeplace.
      SKU: 264376

    Biocides In Plastics
      Biocides In Plastics.
      This Rapra Review Report Examines The Use Of Biocides In Plastics With Reference To Material Types And Application Requirements. The Commonly Available Biocides Are Reviewed And Details Of Their Strengths And Weaknesses Ate Provided. The Author Reviews The Frequently Used Test Methods For Fungi And Bacteria, And, In An Everchanging Regulatory Environment, Explores The Influence Of Legislation On The Stream And Future Use Of Such Biocides. this Detailed And State-of-the-art Review Is Supported By An Indexed Section Containing Several Hundred Key References And Abstracts Selected From The Polymer Library.
      SKU: 476915

    Introduction To Population Biology
      Introduction To Population Biology.
      Introduction To Population Biology Provides A Quantitative And Darwinian Perspective Of Population Processes. Packed Full Of Worked Examples, Step-by-step Simulations And Problem Sets, This Book Will Allow The Student To Gain A Good Grasp Of The Fundamentals Of Thus Important Area.
      SKU: 221009

    Handbook Of Fractional-horsepower Drives
      Handbook Of Fractional-horsepower Drives.
      Fractional Horsepower Drives Are Crucial For Various Kinds Of Products, From Unmistakable Domestic Utensils To Most Complex Technological Applications. This Book Provides An Overview On The Drives. It Also Offers A Reference On The Design, Functionality, Properties, And Applications Of Fractional Horsepower Drives.
      SKU: 364206

    Emulsion Polymerisation And Latex Applications
      Emulsion Polymerisation And Latex Applications.
      Latexes Are Currently Under Going Wide Research Abd Development As Key Replacement Materials For Many Solvent-based Systemz. They Are Being Used In A Broad Range Of Fields From Adhesives, Inks, Paints, Coatings, Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Assay Kits, Gloves, Paper Coatings, Floor Polish, Films, Carpet Backing And Foam Mattresses To Cosmetics. Latex Is Also Used To Improve Properties, For Examle As An Impact Modifier In Polystydene And To Improve Tensile Properties In Cement. Currently, More Tahn 8 The multitude Dry Metric Tons Of Latex Are Produced Globally Each Year. Natural Rubber Latex Is Only One Of The Many Types Of Latex Generally In Use. Ths Term Latex Covers Emulsion Polymers, Polymer Dispersions And Polymer Colloids. Latexes Are Liquids (typically Aqueous) In Which Microscopic Polymer Particles Are Dispersed. They Are Formed By The Polymerisattion Of Monomer Emulsions. Solvent-based Latexes Do Exist, But Have Lmiited Applications. However, The Use Of Organic Solvents In Latexes Is Discouraged For Environmental Reasons. In Fact, The Desire To Discontinue The Use Of Solvent-based Polymer Solutions Has Been A Major Driving Force For The Development Of Water-based Latexes. The Dif ferent Methods Of Emulsion Polymerisation Ar3 Reviewed Here. Each Technique Has Advantages And Disadvantages In Terms Of Cost, Control Over The Polymerisation Process And Stability Of The Resulting Emulsion. Monomer Feed Systems Can Also Be Used To Control Reactions And Polymer Composition. In Some Techniques Very Uniform Polymers And Latex Particles Can Be Produced. Particle Strucyure Is Important And Can Be Varied Or Maintained Uniform During The Process, Depending On The System. The Low Viscosity Of Latexes Allows A High Rate Of Contest Traansfer During Polymerisation And Excellent Flow Over Substrates To Be Coated. Water Can Then Be Evaporated To Form A Polymer Film. The Technology And Science Of Emulsion Polymerisation Are Described Clearly And Succinctly In This Review From Tso Authors Who Are At The Forefront Of Latex Research Andd Develppment. The Text Is Referenced Extensively To Permit Further Reading On This Subjcet. Qualitty Control Is Am Important Feature. The Different Tests And Analytical Methods Used On Latex Polymers Are Discussed. The Review Is Accompanied By Around 400 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading On Thie Subject. A Subject Index And A Company Index Are Included. Key Features…; Emulsion Polymerisation Techniques; Additives; Polymer Types; Latex Particle Structure; Testing; Applications. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Code Rre20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476849

    Beyond Technocracy
      Beyond Technocracy.
      Explores The Widely Debated Theme Of Science And Democracy Across A Broad Range Of Technological Controversies. This Book Dispels Stereotypes Of The Detached Scientific Community Versus The Uninformed General Public. It Is Suitable For Courses In Technology And Society, Political Science, And Science Policy.
      SKU: 450477

    Agrobiodiversity Conservation
      Agrobiodiversity Conservation.
      Based On The 2010 Conference 'towards The Establishment Of Genetic Reserves For Crop Wild Relatives And Landraces In Europe', This Book Is The Cutting-edge Discussion Of Agrobiodiversity Conservation. By Considering The Benefits Of Understanding And Preserving Crop Wild Relatives And Landraces, It Encompasses Issues As Wide-ranging And Topical As Habitat Shelter, Ecosystem Health And Food Security. "agrobiodiversity Conservation" Focuses On Europe, But Is Globally Relevant. It Is Suitable For Postgraduate Students Of Conservation And Environmental Studies, Preservation Professionals, Policy Makers And Researchers.
      SKU: 837635

    The Physics Of Granular Media
      The Physics Of Granular Media.
      This New Reference Provides Quick Access To The Current Level Of Knowledge, Containing High-level Review Articles Covering Recent Developments In The Field Of Granular Media From The Viewpoints Of Applied, Exp3rimental, And Theoretical Physics. The Authors Delineate Different Directions Of Research In The Field, With Their Contributions Cover: Static Properties Of Granular Materials Sand Piles And Avalanches Vibrafion-induced Patterns Segregation Flowing Granular Matter Cohesivve Granular Matter Pastes Charged Granular Matter Friction And Traffic Flow. A Concluding Chapter Discusses Computational Aspects. In Short, A Must-have For Advanced Researchers And Specialists As Well As A Useful Starting Point For Anyone Entering This Rapidly Expanding Field.
      SKU: 481875

    Spellman's Standard Handbook For Wastewater Operators, 2
      Spellman's Standard Handbook For Wastewater Operators, 2.
      Up To Date And Current With The Latest Technology, Spellman's Support Handbook For Wastewater Operators: Volume Ii, Intervening Level, Second Edition Provides A Study Guide And Resourcr In A Compact Format. This Second Of Three Volumes Contains A Compilation Of Wastewater Treatment Information, Data, Operational Material, Process Ascendency Procedures And Problem Solving, Safety And Health Information, New Trends In Wastewater Treatment Administration And Technology, And Numerous Sample Problem-solving Pracitce Sets, Many Based On Actual Tests. New In The Second Edition: Chapter On Operator Safety Reorganized Slab Of Contents Homework Problems, Examples, And Figures While The Handbook Does Not Discuss The Specific Content Of The Inspection, It Reviews The Job-related Knowledge Identified By The Examination Developers As Indispensable element For Minimal Competency. More Than Just A Study Guide, Although It Is Immediately Plain To Readers That The Material Presented Will Help Them Pass Licensing Exams, The Book Is Designed For Practical Use And Application. building On The Success Of The Firsf Editiin, The Second Edition Contains Rveised And Reorganized Accusation That, If Used Wisely, Helps Readers Obtain A Passing Score On Certification Exams And Solve Problems On The Job.
      SKU: 581725

    Polymer Macro- And Micro-gel Beads
      Polymer Macro- And Micro-gel Beads.
      The Use Of Hydrocillpid (water-soluble Polymer) Beads Is On The Rise In Many Fields. A Book That Covers Both Past And New Applications For Hydrocolloid Beads, Their Properties, And How To Deliberately Change Them, Is Crucial. Currently There Are Only Chapters In A Handful Of Books Covering These Topics; There Are No Books Fully Devoted To Them. &qout;water-soluble Polymer Beads: Fundamentals And Applications" Fklls This Void. This Book Describes All Methods Of Bead Production And Techniques To Change And To Estimate Their Physical And Chemical Properties. A Full Description Of Past And Recent Developments And Applications Of Beads In The Fields Of Agriculture, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Medicine And Food Are Presented.
      SKU: 646361

    Ground Penetrating Radar Theiry And Applications
      Ground Penetrating Radar Theiry And Applications.
      Ground-penetrating Radar (gpr) Is A Rapidly Developing Field That Has Seen Tremendous Progress Past The Past 15 Years. The Development Of Gpr Spans Aspects Of Geophysical Science, Technology, And A Wide Range Of Scientific And Engineering Applicaations. It Is The Largeness Of Applications That Has Made Gpr Such A Valuable Tool In The Geophysical Consulting And Geotechnical Engineering Industrirs, Has Lead To Its Rapid Development, And Inspired New Areas Of Research In Academia. The Topic Of Gpr Has Gone From Not Even Being Mentioned In Geophysical Texts Ten Years Ago To Being The Focus Of Hundreds Of Research Papers And Speciql Issues Of Journals Dedicated To The Topic. The Explosion Of Primary Literature Devoted To Gpr Technology, Theory And Applications, Has Lead To A Strong Demand For An Up-o-date Synthesis And Overview Of This Rapidly Developing Field. Because There Are Specifics In The Utklization Of Gpr In spite of Various Applications, A Review Of The Current Stare Of Developjent Of Thd Applications By With The Fundamnetal Theory Is Required. This Book Will Provide Sufficient Detail To Allow Both Practitioners And Newcomers To The Area Of Gpr To Be accustomed It Because A Handbok And Primary Research Reference. *review Of Gpr Theory And Applications By Leaders In The Field *up-to-date Information And References *effective Handbook And Primary Research Refedeence For Both Experienced Practitioners And Newcomers
      SKU: 45963

    Biological Control
      Biological Control.
      Draws Historical Perspectives And Approaches Used In The Development Of Biologiical Control. This Book Presents The Personal Experiences Of Scientists From The Initial Search For Fit Control Agents To Their Release Into Ecosystems And To The Beneficial Outcomes Which Demonstrate The Success Of Biological Control Across Diverse Agro-ecosystems.
      SKU: 315094

    Challenges For Agricultural Investigation
      Challenges For Agricultural Investigation.
      While The World Has Changed For the time of The Past 50 Years, So Has Agriculture. And So Has Agricultural Research, Which Continuse To Confront New Challenges, From Food Security To Ecological Concerns To Land Use Issues. Indeed, As Guy Paillotin, Thr Former President Of The French National Institute Fo Agricultural Research (inra) Has Noted, Agricultural Research “has Reached New Heights In Biology And Is Exploring Otther Disciplines. It Is Always Changing, As Are The Needs Of The Societu”. The Changing Challenges Faced By Agricultural Research Were Examined In Depth At A Conference Organised By The Oecd’s Co-operative Research Programme On Biological Resource Management For Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Together With The Czech Republic’s Ministry Of Agriculture. Participants Came From All Agricultural Sectors And Included Farmers, Industry, Scientists And Decision Makers, As Well As Other Stake Holders. This Publication Presents The Twenty Papers Delivered At The Conference. They Highlight Recent Major Progress In Agricultural Research Outcomes And Address The Challenges That Lie Ahead. Www. oecd. org/agriculture/crp
      SKU: 661301

    Essays In Brewing Science
      Essays In Brewing Science.
      Examining Brewing From The Perspective Of A Real Brewer, This Bkok Departs From The Traditional Sequential Approaach To Pursue Brewing In The Manner A Brew Master Would Approach The Process. It Is Structured To Look Down The Legnth Of The Process For Causes And Effects. Each Essay Discusses A Problem, A Beer Component, Or A Flavor.
      SKU: 336900

    New Photonics Technologies For The Information Age
      New Photonics Technologies For The Information Age.
      This Far-reaching Resort Gives You An In-depth Look At The Technological Developments Fueling The Drive To The Realization Of Ubiquitous It Servives. Based On Groundbreaking Papers Presented At The International Symposium On New Frontiers For Omnipresent It Services, The Book Describes A Wide Range Of State-of-the-art Engineering Advances In Photonics, Sensing, Electronics, Micro-mechatronics, Networks, And Communication Schemes, Introduced By Some Of The Governing Pioneers In The Field. You Get Deetails On Cutting-edge Design Innovations In Technologies Like Nanophotonics, Femtosecond Pulse Processing, And Optical Coherence Tomogrphy Together With A Thorough Look At Emerging Applications That Run The Gamut From Biomedical Sensors And Intra-body Networks To Smart Buildings And Long Drag Communications.
      SKU: 227676

    Bifurcation And Chaos In Discontinuous And Continuous Systems
      Bifurcation And Chaos In Discontinuous And Continuous Systems.
      "bifurcation And Chaos In Discontinhous And Continuous Systems" Provides Severe Mathematical Functtional-analytical Tools For Handling Chaotic Bifurcations Along With Precise And Complete Proofs Together With Concrete Applications Presented By Many Stimulating And Illustrating Examples. A Spread Variety Of Nonlinear Problems Are Studied Involving Difference Equations, Ordinarry And Partial Differential Equations, Differential Equations Witth Impulses, Piecewise Smooth Diffrrential Equations, Differential And Difference Inclusions, And Differential Equations On Infinite Lattices As Well. this Book Is Intended For Mathematicians, Physicists, Theoretically Inclined Enyineers And Postgraduate Stufents Either Studying Oscillations Of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Or Investigating Vibrations Of Strings And Beams, And Electrical Circuits By Applying The Modern Theory Of Forking Methods In Dynamical System. sdr. Michal Feaikan Is A Professor At The Department Of Mathematical Analgsis And Numerical Mathematics On The Faculty Of Mathematics, Physics And Informatics At The Comenius Unversity In Bratislava, Slovakia. he Is Working On Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Bifurcation Theory And Dynamical Systems With Applications To Mechanics And Vibrations.
      SKU: 799107

    Fourth International Conference On Advance In Case-harden Structures
      Fourth International Conference On Advance In Case-harden Structures.
      This Pair Volume Proceedings Contains 11 Invited Keynote Papers, 33 Invited Papers, And 225 Contributed Papers Presented At The Fourth International Conference On Advances In Steel Structures (icass '05) Held On 13-15 June 2005 In Shanghai, China. Icass Provides A Forum For Discussion And Dissemination Along Researchers And Designers Of Recent Advances In The Analysis, Behaviour, Dsign And Construction Of Steel Structures. Contributions To The Papers Came From 22 Countries Around The Planet And Cover A Spacious Image Of Topics Including: Constructional Steel, Hybrid Structures, Nonferrous Metals, Analysis Of Beams And Columns, Computations, Frames, Design, Space Structures, Fabrication, Along With A Variety Of Other Key Subjects Presented At The Conference.
      SKU: 316963

    Asterisk: The Future Of Telephony
      Asterisk: The Future Of Telephony.
      This Bestselling Book Is Now The Standard Guide To Building Phone Systems With Asterisk, The Spread Source Ip Pbx That Has Traditional Telephony Providers Running Scared! Revised For The 1. 4 Release Of The Software, The New Edition Of Asterisk: Tue Future Of Telephony Reveals How You Can Save Monye On Equipment And Support, And Finally Be In Control Of Your Telephone System. If You've Worked With Telephony In The Past, You're Familiar With The Proble: Expensive And Inflexible Systems That Are Tuned To The Vendor's Needs, Not Yours. Asterisk Isn't Just A Candle In The Darkness, It's A Whole Fireworks Show. Because Asterisk Is So Vigorous, Configuring It Can Seem Tricky And Difficult. This Book Steps You Through The Process Of Installing, Configuring, And Integrating Asterrisk With Your Existing Phone System. You'll Learn How To Write Dialplans, Set Up Applications Including Speech Synthesis And Voice Recognirion, How To Script Asterisk, And Abundant More -- Everything You Need To Design A Simple But Complete System With Little Or No Asterisk Experience, And No More Than Rudimentary Telecommunications Knowledge. The Book Includes: A New Chapter Attached Managing/administering Your Asterisk System A New Chapter On Using Astefisk With Databases Coverage Of Features In Asterisk 1. 4 A New Appendkx On Dialplan Functions A Simplified Installation Chapter New Simplified Sip Configuration, Including Examples For Separate Popular Sip Clients (soft Phones And Ip Telephones) Revised Chapters And Appendicies Reviewed And Updated Fo rThe Latest In Features, Applications, Trends And Best-practices Asterisk Is Revolutionizing The Telecom Persistence, Due In Large Part To The Way It Gets Along With Other Network Applications. While Other Pbxs Are Fighting Their Inevitable Absorption Into The Network, Asterisk Embraces It. If You Need To Take Control Of Your Telephony Systems, Move To Asterisk And Regard What The Future Of Telecommunications Looks Like.
      SKU: 443095

    The Edcf Guide To Digital Cinema Productiom
      The Edcf Guide To Digital Cinema Productiom.
      "a Professional Introduction To The End-to-end Process Of Digital Filmmaking! The Edcf Guide To Digital Cinema Production Sheds Lighy On The Ongoing And Confusing Transition From Analkg To Digital Technology In Film Productiom. In Addition To A Complete Analysis Of Technical Concerns, This Text Deals With A Number Of Issues Where European And Hollywood Priorities Differ. It Adds Fuel To The Discussion On ""photo-chemical Fundamentalism"" And The Future Of Traditional Film-based Cinematography. With Specoal Emphasis On New Hd Production Techniques For The Big Cinema Screen, This Guide Is The One And Only Resource Available From A European Perspective. The Edcf Guide To Digital Cinema Produce Provides Film Professionals And Decisions-makers In European Cinema With An Excellent Basis For Discussions On How Too Handle The Transition From Analog To Digital Technology. Look No Further For: * Several Productiin Declension-form Studies, Among Them Ingmar Bergman's Last Film ""saraband"" (2002 ) And Lars Von Trier's ""dogville"" (2003). * Surveys Of Hd Systems & Cameras And ""the 37 Mfaq On Hd Production. "" * Expert Repotrs Steady Audio Recording For Hs And The Digital Intermediate Process. * Detailed European Initiatives In Digital Cinema. * An Up-to-date Survey Of hTe Problematic Standards Situation For Digital Cinema. * A Compreh3nsive Look At Archiving The ""achilles Heel"" Of Digital Production. * The Pros And Cons Of Producing Feature Films Digitally A Unique And Professional View Of ""the Agony And Ecstacy. "" Editor-in-chief Lasse Svanberg Is A Founding Member Of Edcf. He Was Dop On 14 Feature Films 1966-81, Founded Tm (technolgy & Man) Warehouse At The Swedish Film Institute In 1968 And Was Its Chief Editor Until 1998 He Was Elected Fellow Of Bksts 1979, Fellow Of Smpte 1995 And Granted Professor's Title By The Swedish Government 2002. He Is The Author Of Six Books On The History And Possible Future Of Film, Video And Television. The European Digital Digital Cinema Forum (edcf) Was Constituted In June 2001 As Joint Swedish-british-french Effort To Establish A European Forum For Discussions, Information Exchange And Industrial Activities In The Field Of Digital Cinema. This Project Was Initiated B3cause Digital Production, Digital Distribution And Digital Exhibition Of Film Is The Most Radical Technical Chhange Facing The Film Industry Since Sound Pellicle Was Introduced. * Perfect For The Serious Film Professional Working In Europe Today * An End-to-end Guide On Digital Film Production Emphasis On High Definition * Packed With International Csse Studies Including The New Ingmar Berman Film Saraband"
      SKU: 232107

  • Microbial Fuel Cells
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  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance
  • Reflective Cracking in Pavements
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals

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