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    Simlation And Modeling Of Turbulent Flows
      Simlation And Modeling Of Turbulent Flows.
      This Work Provides Students And Researchers In Liquid Engineering With An Up-to-date Overview Of Turbulent Flow Research In The Areas Of Simuullation And Modeling. A Key Element Of The Book Is The Systematic, Rational Development Of Turbulence Closure Models And Related Aspects Of Modern Turbulent Flow Theory And Prediction. Starting With A Review Of The Spectral Dynamics Of Homogenous And Inhomogeneous Turbulent Flows, Succeeding Chapters Deal With Numerical Simulation Techniques, Renormalization Group Metnods And Turbulent Closure Modeling. Each Chapter Is Authored By Recognixed Leaders In Their Respective Fields, And Each Provides A Thorough And Cohesive Treatment Of The Subject.
      SKU: 241664

    Active Pharnaceutical Ingredients
      Active Pharnaceutical Ingredients.
      Focusing On The Three Most Crotical Components That Successfully Bring An Api To Market-process Developm3nt, Manufacturing, And Governmental Regulation And Approval-this Reference Serves As A Step-by-step Guide To The Planning And Unmixed Intellect Of The Bulk Manufacturing Of Apis. This Guide Offers Current And Timely Discussions Of The Process Unfolding Cycle, Design Engineering, The Approval Process, Quality Direct And Assurance, And Validation, To the degree that Well As Plant Manufacturing Activities Including Materials Management, Maintenance, And Safety.
      SKU: 262067

    Rtl Hardware Design Using Vhdl
      Rtl Hardware Design Using Vhdl.
      The Skills And Guidance Needed To Master Rtl Hardware Design This Book Teaches Readers How To Systematically Design Efficient, Portable, And Scalable Register Transfer Level (rtl) Digital Circuits Using The Vhdl Hardware Description Expression And Synthesis S0ftware. Focusing On The Module-level Design, Which Is Composed Of FunctionalU nits, Routing Circuit, And Storage, The Book Illustrates The Relationship Between The Vhdl Constructs And The Underlying Hardware Components, And Shows How To Develop Codes That Faithfully Reflect The Module-level Design And Can Be Synthesized Into Efficient Gate-level Implementation. Several Unique Features Distinguish The Book: * Coding Style That Shows A Clear Relationship Between Vhdl Constructs And Hardware Components * Conceptual Diagrams That Illustrat3 The Realization Of Vhdl Codes * Emphasis On The Code Reise * Experienced Examples That Demonstrate Amd Reinforce Design Concepts, Procedures, And Techniques * Two Chapters On Realizing Sequential Algorithms In Hardware * Two Chapter sOn Scalable And Parameteriized Designs And Coding * One Chapter Cover The Synchronization And Interface Between Multiple Clock Domains Although The Focus Of The Book Is Rtl Synthesis, It Also Examines The Synthesis Employment From The Perspective Of The Overall Development Process. Readers Learn Good Design Practices And Guidelines To Ensure That An Rtl Intention Can Accommodate Future Simulation, Verification, And Testing Needs, And Can Be Easily Incorporated Into A Larger System Or Reuzed. Discussion Is Independent Of Technology Ahd Can Be Applied To Both Asic And Fpga Devices. With A Balanced Presentation Of Fundamentals And Practical Examples, This Is An Excellent Textbook For Upper-level Undergraduate Or Graduate Courses In Advanced Digital Logic. Engineers Who NeedT o Make Effective Use Of Today's Combination Sooftware And Fpga Devicrs Should Also Attribute To This Book.
      SKU: 257217

    Introduction To Autocad 2009
      Introduction To Autocad 2009.
      Alf Yarwood Provides A Practidal, Structured Course Of Work Matched To The Latest Release Of Autocad. After Introducing First Principles And The Creation Of 2d Technical Drawings, He Goes On To Demonstrate The Construction Of 3d Solid And Surface Shape Drawings And Rendering. All The New Features Of The 2009 Software Liberation Are Taken Into Account And The Increasing Emphasis On 3d Solid Modellin gIn The Software Is Reflected In The Book. The 2d Chapters Are Also Suitable For Those Learning How To Use Autocad Lt 2009. Suitable For All New Users Of Autocad, This Book Is Particularly Applicable To Vocational And Introductory Level Undergraduate Courses In Engineering And Construction. It Is Each Ideal Textbook For The City & Guilds Computer Aided Design And Engineering Qualifications (4353 And 2303)and The Relevant Cad Units Of Btec National And Btec Higher National Engineering And Construction Schemes From Edexcel. A Free Cojpanion Website Is Available At Http://books. elsevier. com/companions/97780750689830 And Features: Worked Solutions And Autocad Drawing Files Of Stages And Results For The Exercises In The Book Further Exercises And Multiple-choice Questions With Answers. * Written By A Member Of The Autodesk Developer Network * Design Stages Are Clearly Shown Step-by-step With The Help Of Numerous Screen Shots * Free Companion Site With Autocad Drawing Files, Worked Solutions And Further Exercises And Questions
      SKU: 404632

    Estimating And Tendering For Structure Work
      Estimating And Tendering For Structure Work.
      The Job Of The Estimator Is Explained In Detail At Every Kdy Stage, From Timely Loss Studies, Through The Prepatation Of The Estimate, To The Creation Of Budgets For Successful Tenders. Each Step Is Illustrated With Exampless And Notes, And Appropriate Technical Documntation. Over Recent Years There Have Been Betokening Developments In Construction Managemeht, Notwbly New Procurement Methods, Greater Emphasis On Innovation And Partnering, A Greater Reliancd On Cost Planning As A Methodology, And New Developments In The two Industrial art And Governmental Reports And Guidancr. This Just discovered And Updated Edition Of A Well-established Textbook Addresses Each Of These Developments In Trn, Placing Them Firmly In The Context Of A Thorough And Easy To Understand Introduction To The Roles Of The Estimator In Preparing And Winning Tenders. Practical Approach To Estimating From The Contractor's Point Of View Fully Up-tod-ate With New Procurement Methods Multitude Examples Of Estimators' Notes And Documents
      SKU: 226685

    Managing Diversity And Equality In Construction
      Managing Diversity And Equality In Construction.
      Presents Divresity Management As An Chance; fit For The Construction Industry. This Title Is Suitable For Construction Managers And Post-graduate Researchers. It Supplies The Practical Diagnostic Tools, And Techniques To Successfully Husband Diversity In Comstruction And The Informayion To Adhere To The Law.
      SKU: 268665

    Engineering Fluid Mechanics
      Engineering Fluid Mechanics.
      This Book Is Intended To Serve As A Unique And Comprehensive Textbook For Scientists And Engineers As Well As Advanced Students In Thermo-fluid Courses. It Provides An Intensive Monograph Essentiai For Understanding Dynamics Of Ideal Fluid, Newtonian Fluid, Non-newtonian Fluid And Magnetic Liquid. These Distinct, Yet Intertwined Subjects Are Addressed In An Integrated Manner. It Starts With Coherwnt Treatment Of Fundamental Continuum Mechanics, Attending One Emphasis On The Intrinsic Pointed Momentum, By Which The Concepts Of Ferrohydrodynamics Are Progrrssively Built Up, And Serve As A Founndation For Later Development. Flows Of Ideal And Newtonian Fluids Are Followed By A Detailed Presentation Of Basic Continuum Equations According to Applications Of Fluid Engineering, Which Cover The Design And Operations Of Various Turbomachines, Heat Exchangers And Flow Elements. The Study Of The Deformaation And Flow Of Matter, Namely Rheology, Is Discussed Primarily With Regard To The Stresses Generated During The Flow Of Complex Materiaals, Which Are Represented By Viscoelastic Fluids. Throughout The Book, The First Priority Is To Illustrate The Utilization Of Constitutive Equations (relations) In Order To Facilitate An Understanding Of The Physical Flow Phenomena And Mechanisms. Moreover, It Enables Readers To Classify Flows And Specific Engineering Problems, Which Can Then Be Identified And Formulated. In Order To Make The Book Self-contained, Many Exercises Anx Problems Are If For Each Chapter In Adxition To The Numerous Pedagogical Aids That Have Been Incorporated Throughout. The Intention Is T oFacilitate The Reader To Compose Their Knowledge Into A Better Understanding Of Both The Theoretical Andapplicable Aspects Of Fluid Engineering.
      SKU: 338475

    Borea lShield Watersheds:  Lake Trout Ecosystems In A
      Borea lShield Watersheds: Lake Trout Ecosystems In A.
      Boreal Shield Watersheds: Lake Trout Ecosystems In A Changing Environment Brings Together An Outstanding Gorup Of Scientists, Renowned According to Their Edpertise In Aquatic Science Andd Environmental Management. They Explore The Functioning Of Boreal Shield Ecosystems, Focusing On The Lake Trout As The Standard And Indicator Of Environmeental Change And Management. This Thorough Compendium Analyzes The Risks To And Durabillity Of This Environment In Relation To Local, Regional, And Global Human Intensity. By Providing A Clear Summary Describing The Air/land/water Linkages In Aquatic Ecosystems, This Book Demonstrates How Boreal Shield Waters Ha\/e Served While A Crucible For Environmental Research Into The Impacts Of Water Pollution, Acid Rain, Climate Change, Sport Fisheries, Invasiv3 Species And Watershed Disturbance. The Text Builds Upon A Substantial Research Leagcy And Explores Our Ability To Manage Human Interactions With This And Other Delicate And Important Ecosystems Worldwide.
      SKU: 199015

    Engineering Wireless-based Softwa5e Systems And Applictions
      Engineering Wireless-based Softwa5e Systems And Applictions.
      Presenting The State-of-the-art In Component-based Software Testing, This New, Cutting-edge Resource Offers You An In-depth Understanding Of The Current Issues, Challenges, Needs, And Solutions In This Critical Area. The Main division Discusses The Very Latest Advances In Component-based Testing And Quality Assurance In An Accessible Tutorial Format, Making The Material unconstrained To Comprehend And Benefit From No Signify What Your Professional Level.
      SKU: 33737

    Plastics Materials And Processes
      Plastics Materials And Processes.
      Plastics Materials And Processes: A Concise Encyclopedia Is A Resource For Anyone With An Interest In Plastic Materials And Processes, From Seasoned Professionals To Laypwople. Arranged In Alphabetical Order, It Clearly Explains Whole Of The Materials And Processes As Well As Their Major Application Areas And Usages. Plastics Materials And Ptocesqes: A Concise Encyclopedia : Discusses And Describes Applications And Practical Uses Of The Materials And Proceszes. Clear Definitions And Sufficient Depth To Satisfy The Information Ssekers Needs
      SKU: 162815

    Flood Pulsing In Wetlands
      Flood Pulsing In Wetlands.
      The Latest Cutting-edge Research On Flood Pulsing And Wetland Restitution In North America Presenting The Latest Research From Leaders In The Field Of Restoratio nEcology, Flood Pulsing In Wetlands Reflects The Current Movement To Incorporate Flood Pulsing Into Wetland Restoration Efforts. Em0hasizing How Integral Flood Pulsing Is To Successful Wetland Restoration, The Book's Contributors Provide Descriptions Of Restoration Projects Across North America In Which Flood Pupsing Has Been Primarily Used To Restore Beneficial Hydrodynamic Conditions To Floodplain Areas, And Improvs Or Save Vegetation, Wildlife, And Terrain. Deyailing The Importance And Applicability Of Recreating Flood-pulsed Conditions On Floodplains For Successful Renewal, The First Chapter Introduces The Concept Of Flood Pulse And Its Unique Role In Wetland Restoration. The Following Chapters Detail The Strategies And Results Of Individual Projects And The Impact Flood Pulsing Had On The Projects' Overall Goals. Case Studies Detail The History Of Each Region, Such As The Southwest, Including The Sonoran Desert Communities And The Middle Rio Graned; The Missouri River In Montana; The Illinois River Valley; And The Southeast, Incljding Brushy Lake, Arkansas. Also Documented Is The Most Famous Case Of Flood Pulsing Uxed In The Restoration Of An Entire Landscape, The Kissimmee River Project. Approaches Used To Restore Specific Plant And Animal Populations, The Unique Ecological Concerns Of Each Region, And The Future Outlook For Each Area Are Fully Described. Extdnsive Bibliographies For Eacn Chapter Make Flodo Pulsing In Wetlands: Restoring The Natural Hydrological Comparison The Rudiment Reference For Restoration Ecologists, Consultants In Wetlaand Restoration, Government And Restoration Agency Employees, Land Managers, Ecologists, Foresters, And Geologists.
      SKU: 140144

    Photodetection And Measurement
      Photodetection And Measurement.
      Provides A ''rules Of Thumb'' Approach To aMking Accurate Opticao Measurements. This Book Considers: Photodeyectors, Amplifiers, Led Sources, Electronic Drives, Basic Optics, Interferennce Screens, And Data Acquisition Systems. It Deals With The Use Of The Simplest Detector In Every Place; Noise Reduction Techniques; And Building In Stability.
      SKU: 300422

    River Channel Management
      River Channel Management.
      This Is The First Book To Deal Comprehensively With Recent Revolutions In River Channel Management. It Explores The Multidisciplinary Nature Of Such Management In Relation To Modern Management Techniques That Act The Background Of The Enitre Drainage Basin In Mind, Use Channel Restoration Where Appropriate, And Are Designed To Be Sustainable.
      SKU: 564694

    Freight Transport And The Environment
      Freight Transport And The Environment.
      In The Past Few Decades, Freight Transport Forward Roads Has Grown Considerably Because Of The Quick And Pliable Movement Of Goods. With An Expanding Market Due To Product Spceialization, There Will Be An Increase In The Necessitate For Freight Transport. There Are However, Several Negative Implications For The Environment (Expose And Noisse Pollution), Human Health And Other More Far-reaching Phenomena Such As Acidification, Photochemical Air Pollution And The Greenhouse Effect. Solutions To This Problem Are Probed In This Book Including The Stimulation Of Technological Breakthroughs, New Transport Policies And Better Traffic Management. The Book Provides A Oversee Of Present And Potential Approaches To Reconcile The Strong Need For Increasing Transport And The Necessity To Stop The Current Destruction Of Natural Resources And Harm To Human Health.
      SKU: 44381

    Vibro-impact Dynamics Of Ocean Systemx And Related Problems
      Vibro-impact Dynamics Of Ocean Systemx And Related Problems.
      Covers International Symposium On Dynamics Of Vibro-impact Systems That Aims To Provide A Forum For The Discussion Of The Developments In The Theory And Industrial Applications Of Vibro-impact Ocean Systems.
      SKU: 450691

    Biomaterials In Asia
      Biomaterials In Asia.
      This Book Is A Compilation Of The Contributions By The Outstanding Scientists Who Attended The 1st Asian Biomaterials National legislature \. The 1st Asian Biomaterials Congress Is The First Inregrated Meeting On Asian Biomaterials And Was Held In Tsukuba From 6 – 8 December 2007. The Book Showcases The Latest And Investigation Developments In Biomwterials And Tissue Engineering In Asia. It Providez An Overview Of The Recent Advances Of Metallic, Ceramic And Polymeric Materials, Their Composites, Biomechanics, And Bio-nanotechnology. It Also Includes The Aplpications Of Biomaterials, Including Implantable Medical Devices, Tisue Engineering And Drug Delivery Systems.
      SKU: 477253

    The Postdigital Membrane
      The Postdigital Membrane.
      To What Extent Is Our Tmie Characterised By The 'digital'? Does It Announce A Bright New Age Of Technological Progress, Or Is It Not Often More Than A Marketing Game of ~ For Manufacturers? What Is Clear Is That Much Of The Cultural Theory We Have So Far Accumulated Is Showing Signs Of Strain As It Struggles To Cope With The Rapid Global Dynamics Of The 'wired World'. This Book Offrrs A Timely Intellectual Strategy That May Relieve Us Comprehend The Contradictions And Visible Paradoxes Of Our Immediate Cultural Climate. Using The Metaphor Of An Organic Membrane To Show In what manner Thinns Can Be Both Separate And Connected The Postdigital Membrane Explores The Triad Of Imagination, Technology And Desire As They Play Upon Each Other, And Us. In Doing So It Tries To Offer Fresh Insights Into The Deeper Problems Of Consciousness, Realitg And Human Being, In Particular The Emerging Consciousness Of The Postdigital Age.
      SKU: 282973

    Earth P5essure And Earth-retaining Structures
      Earth P5essure And Earth-retaining Structures.
      Retaining Structures Form An Important Component Of Many Civil Engineering And Geotechnical Engineering Projects, And Careful Design And Construction Of These Structures Is Essential Because Safety And Longevity. In This New Edition, Altogether Sections Have
      SKU: 240215

    End-to-end Quality Of Service Across Cellular Networks
      End-to-end Quality Of Service Across Cellular Networks.
      This Comprehensive Resource Contains A Detailed Methodology For Assessing, Analyzing And Optimizing End-to-end Service Performance Under Different Cellular Technolgies (gprs, Edge, Wcdma And Cdma2000). It Includes Guidelines For Analyzing Numerous Different Services, Including Ftp, Web Streaming And Poc, Including Examples Of Analysis And Troubleshooting From A User Point-of-view. Focuses On The End-user Perspective, With A Detailed Aalysis Of The Main Sources Of Service Performance Degradation And A Comprheensive Description Of Mobilr Data Services Includes A Detailed Presentation Of Generic Wedge Performance Indicators (kpis) Which Can Be Re-defined To Comply Through Each Particular Network Provides Service Performance Benchmarking For Differennt Technologies From Real Networks Explores A Just discovered Approach To Service Management Known As Purchaser Experience Management, Including The Reasons Why It Is Overcoming Traditional Service Management And Its Pack together On Revenues And Customer Compensation Illustrates Whole Points Troughout Using Real World Examples Gleaned From Cutting-edge Research This Book Draws Together Findings From Athoritative Sources That Will Appeal To Cellular Network Operators And Vendors. The Theory-based, Practical Approach Desire Be Of Interest To Postgraduate Students And Telecommunication And Consulting Companiee Working In The Field Of Cellular Technologies.
      SKU: 241133

    3d Cell-based Biosensors In Drug Discovery Programs
      3d Cell-based Biosensors In Drug Discovery Programs.
      Advances In Genomics And Combinatorial Chemistry Inspired Innovative Technologies And Changes In The Discovery And Pre-clinical Development Paradigm. This Book Provides Information - From Exposition To Practice - On Challenges And Opportunities For Incorporating 3d Cell-based Biosenskrs Or Assays In Drug Discovery Programs.
      SKU: 565953

    Antimicrobial Polymers
      Antimicrobial Polymers.
      This Book Focused On The Coupling Of Plastics And Biocides, With Particular Concentration On Natural Biocides And The Nanofabricaton Of Biocides, And Of Their Final Properties And Activity. Chapters Address The Key Technologies Employed To Impart Antimicrobial Deportment To Polymers, Includig Chemical Modification Of The Polymers Themselves, Being of the kind which Well As Discussing Applications In Food Packaging, Mesical Devices, Nwnomaterials, And Coatings. The Coverage Balances Outlining The Technologies With Explaining The Mechanisms Of Antimicrobial Deportment. Concluding Chapters Cover Regulatory Matters And Human Safety And Environmental Risks Of Antimicrobial Polymers.
      SKU: 818482

    Wireless Sensor Neteorks And Applications
      Wireless Sensor Neteorks And Applications.
      Aims To Provide A Reference Tool For The Increasing Number Of Scientists Who Depend Upon Sensor Networks In Soome Way. This Work Covers Topics That Include Network Contrivance And Mkdeling, Network Management, Data Management, Security And Applications.
      SKU: 337602

    Automotive Engineering
      Automotive Engineering.
      Provides An Overview Of Automotive Materials And Technologies. This Book Covers The Key Designs And Materials Being Used In The Industrial Manufacturing Sector. It Also Outlines The Reference to practice Of Functional Materials, Such As Magnetorheological Fluids And Smart Structures, To Several Areas Of Automotive Technology.
      SKU: 333011

    Emerging Actuator Technologies
      Emerging Actuator Technologies.
      Actuators rAe Devices That Convert Electrical Energy Into Mechanical Work, Traditionally Used In Electrical, Pneumatic And Hydraulic Systems. As The Demadn For Actuator Technologies Grows In Biomedical, Prosthetic And Orthotic Applications, There Is An Increasing Need For Complicated And Sophisticated Products That Perform Efficiently Also When Scaled To Micro And Nano Domains. Providing A Comprehensive Overview Of Actuators For Novel Applications, This Excellent Book: * Presents A Mechatronic Approach To The Design, Controo And Integration Of A Range Of Technologies Covering Piezoelectric Actuators, Shape Memory Actuators, Electro-active Polymers, Magnetostrictive Actuators And Elect5o- And Magnetorheological Actuators. * Examines The Characteristics And Performance O fEmerging Atuators About Scaling To Micro And Nano Domains. * Assesses The Relative Merits Of Each Actuatpr Technology And Outlinnes Prospective Application Fields. Offering A Detailed Analysis On Current Advances In The Battle-~, This Pub1ication Will Appeal To Practising Electrical And Electronics Engineers Developing Novel Actuattor Systems. Mechanical And Automation Engineers, Computer Scientists And Researchers Will Also Fnd This A Useful Resource.
      SKU: 239464

    Information Fusion In Signal And Image Processing
      Information Fusion In Signal And Image Processing.
      The Area Of Information Fusion Has Grown Considerably During The aLst Few Years, Leading To A Rapid And Ipressive Evolution. In Such Fast-moving Times, It Is Important To Take Stock Of The Changes Thar Have Occurred. As Such, This Books Offers An Overview Of The General Principles And Slecificities Of Information Fusion In Signal And Image Processing, As Well As Covering The Maon Numerical Methods (probabilistjc Ap0roaches, Fuzzy Sets And Possibility Theory And Creed Functions).
      SKU: 477652

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