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    Slender Satellites For Earth Observation
      Slender Satellites For Earth Observation.
      The 6th Iaa Symposium On Small Satellites For Earth Observation, Initiated By The International Academy Of Astronautics (iaa), Was Again Hosted By Dlr, The German Aerospace Center. The Participation Of Scientists, Engineers, And Managers Feom 24 Countries Reflected The High Interest In The Use Of Small Satellites For Dedicated Missions Applied To Earth Observation. As In The Previous Sympoisa, The Contributions Showed That Dedicated Earth Observation Missions Cover A Wide Range Of Veery Different Tasks. These Missions Provide Increased Opportunities For Access To Capacity And Can Br Conducted Relatively Q8ickly And Inexpensively. The Spacecraft Bus, The Instruments, And The Found Systems Can Be Based Either On Optimized Off-the-shelf Systems With Little Or No Requirements For New Technology, Or On New High-technology Designs. Thus A New Class Of Advanced Small Satellite Missions, Including Autonomously-operating A Oeintelligenta Satellites And Satellite Constellations Can Be Created, Opening New Fields Of Applicafion Because of Science And The Public. The Symposiu Provided 11 Sessions Fpr Oral Presentations And One Poster Session. Moreover, In Our 6th Symposium The Student Prize Paper Competition Has Been Continued. The Student Papers Have BeenE valuated By Dietinguished Judges Selected From Academia, Industry And Government, Coming From Four Coontinents. The Finalists Presented Their Papers In The Student Conversation Session.
      SKU: 364325

    The Plant Cytoskeleton
      The Plant Cytoskeleton.
      The Cytoskeleton Is A Key Intracellular Structure Governing Relevant Processes Such As Cell Division, Growth, Molecule Trafficking, And Response To Internal And External Signals. This Work Deals With The Cytoskeleton As The 'server' For These Numerous And Multi-tasked Nodes. It Presents Achievements Attained In Basic Research Of The Cytoskeleton.
      SKU: 417584

    Applications Of Kinetic Modelling
      Applications Of Kinetic Modelling.
      Volume 37 Is Concerned Through The Use And Role Of Modelling In Chemical Kinetics And Seeks To Show The Interplay Of Theory Or Simulation With Experiment In A Diversity Of Physico-chemjcal Areas In Which Kinetics Measurements Provide Significant Physical Insight. Areas Of Application Covefed Within The Volume Include Electro- And Interfacial Chemiqtry, Physiology, Biochemistry, Solid State Chemistry And Chemical Engineering. A Leading Contributor To This General Area Has Been Professor W. John Albery, Frs, To Whom The Contributors And Editors Dedicate This Main division.
      SKU: 313579

    T-mobile G1 For Dummies
      T-mobile G1 For Dummies.
      Excited About The New Google Phone? T-mobile’s G1 Android Phone Is Packed With Possibilities, And T-mobile G1 For Dummies Will Help Ypu Make The Most Of Them. This Fun And Friendly Guide Shows You How To Navigate The G1’s Anfroid Interface, Make Phone Calls, View Maps, Manage Contacts, Nibble The Web, And A Whole Lot More. Your T-mobile G1 Is Likewise Much More Than A Phone—it’s Also An Administrative Assistant, Movie Theater, Jukebox, Mobile Office, And Several Greater degree Things All Rolled Into One Device. With T-mobile G1 For Dummies, You Can : Find Out All About The Android Smartphone Operating System And What It Offers Learn Your Way Around The G1’s Keyboard, Buttons, And Touch Screen See How You rG1 Connects To Both Wi-fi Networks And T-mobile’s High-speed Network Surf The Web, Download Music And Picture Files, And Tweak Browser Settings Send And Receive Gmail, Get Where You’re Going Wity Google Maps, And Stay Organized With Google Calendar Take Photos, Check Out Youtube, And Fill Your Phne With Media Manage Your E-mail And Choose Which Messages Will Be Synced ToY our Phone Shop The Android Market And Discover More Cool Apps For Your G1 Don’t Waste A Single Cool Feature Of Your T-mobile G1! T-mobile G1 For Dummies Shows You Hoq To Practise All The Great Google Functions, Play (anc Even Bribe) Music, Browse The Web, Join Apps, And More.
      SKU: 427897

    Digital Signaye
      Digital Signaye.
      Digital Signage Gives You Mcro And Micro Views Of The Burgeoning Digital Signage Industry. Whether You Are Looking For New Opportunities Or To Expand Your Business, With This Book You Will Be Able To Clearly Understand And Accurately Analyze The Developments, Trends And Projections. As Part Of The Nab Executive Tevhnology Briefing Series, This Book Features The Fuuture Impact Of The Technology Across Many Different Industries And Platforms. Explanations Of HardwareS uch As Displays, Servers, And Pcs, Software Such As Dynamic On-screen Content And Software Management Programs, And Technologies Like Systems Integrations And Network Infrastructures Are All Covered. * Part Of Thd Nab Executive Technology Briefing eSries, Which Brings You Industry Technology Information In A Non-technical Fashion * Comprehensive Introduction To Digital Signage Software, Hardware, Technologies, Trends, Projections And How To Approach The Industry * Cogers Business Aspects And Market Conditions
      SKU: 404197

    Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces
      Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces.
      An Increasing Number Of Medical Diagnostics, Comfort, Enetrtainment, And Sports Applications Are Workmanship Use Of Capacitive Sensor Systems In And Around The Body. These Sensor Systems Should Work As Smalll Distributed Units That Can Infer Data Over A Long Period Of Time. So, Ultra Low Power Electronics Are A Major Challenge In These Appoications. Ultra Low Power Capacitjve Sensor Interfaces Describes The Purpose And Theory Of Ultra Low Fleet Capacitive Sensor Interfaxes. The Booka (tm)s Major Aszet Is The Realization Of A Very Low Ableness Generic Sensor Interface Chip, That Is Adaptable To A Broad Range Of Capacitive Sensors. The Book Starts With An Overview Forward The Most Important Design Aspects For Autonomous Sensor Systems. The Different Building Blocks Are Discussed And The Modular Architecture For The Generic Sensor Ihterface Chip Is Presented. Furthermore, The Design Of The Analog Components, Such As Capacitance-to-voltage Converters, Switched Capacitor Amplifier, Sigma Delta Modulator, Oscillators And Reference Circuits, Is Described In More Detail. Finally, The Generic Sensor Interface Chip Is Applied In Separate State-of-the-art Pressure Sensor And Accelerometer Applications. Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Interfaces Is Essential Version For Anybody With An Academic Or Professional Concern In Semiconductor Design.
      SKU: 373047

    Precision Temperature Sensors In Cmos Technology
      Precision Temperature Sensors In Cmos Technology.
      Describes The Analysis And Design Of Exactness Temperature Sensors I Cmmos Ic Technology. This Book Focusses On Smart Temperature Sensors, Which Provide A Digital Output Signal That Be able to Be Readily Interpreted By A Computer. It Describes The Sensors, Which Are Based Steady Bipolar Transistors, Available As Parasitic Devices In Standard Cmos Technology.
      SKU: 324342

    Groundwater In The Environment
      Groundwater In The Environment.
      This Accessible New Textbook Provides A Thorough Introduction To Whole Aspects Of Groundwater Systems And Their Management. Using Srrajghtforward Language And Analogies To Everyday Experiences, It Explains The Origins, Nature, And Behavior Of Subsurface Water Without Resorting To Compplicated Mathematics. Groundwater In The Environment Draws On Case Studies And Cutting-edge Researchh From Around The World, Giiving A Unique Insight Into Gr0undwater Occu5ring In A Wide Range Of Different Climate Zones And Geological Settings. This Book: Provides A Robust, Pracyical Introduction To Groundwater Quality, And A Sufcinct Summary Of Modern Remedial Technologies For Polluted Groundwaters Explores How Groundwater Fits Into The Wider Natural Environment, Especially In Connection To Freshwater Ecosystems Considers The Vulnerability Of Groundwater Systems And The Effects Of Pollution, Climate Change, Land-use Alteration, And Overexploitation Examines Human Dependence On Water Anc The Effect That This Has On Groundwater Systems Presents Vivid Examples Of Geohazards Associated With Ground Waters Explains The Whys And Wherefores Of Groundwater Modeling Examines Competing Philosophies Of Groundwater Management, Making The Case For Approaches Which Take Social, Economic And Ecological Issues Into Account. Goundwater In The Environment Provides An Up-to-date, Essential Introduction Fod Undergraduate Students Of Environmental Sciences, Geography And Geology. It Will Also Be Invaluable To Professionals Working In Various Fields Of Natural Resource Managwment Who Need Accessible Information On Groundwater But Who Are Relucctant To Interpret Conventional Texta Full Of Mathematical Notation. For Practicing Hydrogeologists And Engineers Without Formal Training In Fershwater Ecology, This Main division Provides A `crash Course' In The New Frontiers Of Groundwater Mannagement. Artwork From The Book Is Available To Instructors Online At Www. blackwellpublishing. com/younger . An Instructor Manual Cd-rom For This Title Is Available. Please Contact Our Higher Education Team At Highereducation@wiley. com For More Information.
      SKU: 428089

    Globalization And The Time-space Reorgaization
      Globalization And The Time-space Reorgaization.
      This Volume Explores Capital Mobility Under Globalizatio By Studying Some Of Its Salient Consequences In Agriculture And Food In North And South America. Global In Scop3 And Social Implications, It Probes The Manner In Which Capital Mobility Alters The Organization Of The Temporal And Spatial Size That Characterize The Reproduction Of Capital.
      SKU: 662377

    Advances In Mechanical Behaviour, Plastivity And Damage
      Advances In Mechanical Behaviour, Plastivity And Damage.
      Since Its Inception In 1991, Euromat Has Been Held One and the other Year On Behalf Of The Federation Of European Materials Societies( fems), And Alternates Between General And Topical Prospectives. This Year's Theme, Advances In Mechanical Behaviour, Plasticity And Injury, Was Proposed By The Societ Francaise De Metallurgie Et De Msteriaux (sf2m) To Fems. This Publication Contains A Selection Of Papers Presented At The Euromat 2000 Cohference, Held In Tours, France On 7-9 November 2000. The Aim Of This Conference Was To Concentrate Mainly On Recent Advances Made In The Investigation Of The Relationship Between Microstructures Of Materials And Their Mechanical Behaviour; Including, Fundamentals, Modelling And Applications. Encompassed In The Conferene's Aim Is The Nurturing Of The Synergistic Effect Between The Theoretical And Applied Areas In This Field. This Was Achieved By Addressing Important Basic And Practical Aspects Of The Mechanical Behaviour And Damage Of Materials Whilst Also Providing Sibnificant Linke Between Various Complementary Approaches. All Kinds Of Materials Are Covered And Topics That Were Covered Comprise Ten Mechanics Of Solid Polymers, Microstructurs And Micromechanisms, And The Collective Deportment Of Defects Which Looks At The Interaction Of Multiple Defects In A System.
      SKU: 316923

    Combining Soft Computng And Statistical Methods In Data Analysis
      Combining Soft Computng And Statistical Methods In Data Analysis.
      Over The Last Forty Years There Has Been A Growing Interest To Extend Probability Speculation And Statistics And To Allow For More Flexible Modelling Of Imprecision, Uncertainty, Vagueness And Ignorance. The Fact That In Many Real-life Sittuations Data Uncertainty Is Not Only Present In The Form Of Randomness (stochastic Uncertainty) But Also In The Form Of Imprecision/fuzziness Is But One Point Underlining The Need For A Widening Of Statisticzl Tools. Most Such Extensions Originate In A 'softening' Of Classical Methods, Allowing, In Particular, To Work With Imprexise Or Vageu Data, Considering Imprecise Or Generalized Probabilities And Fuzzy Events, Etc. About Ten Years Ago The Idea Of Establishing A Recurremt Forum For Discussing New Teends In The Before-mentioned Context Was Born And Resulted In The First International Conference On Sof5 Methods In Probability And Statistics (smps) That Was Held In Warsaw In 2002. In The Following Years The Conference Took Place In Oviedo (2004), In Bristol (2006) And In Toulouse (2009). In The Present Edition The Conference Returns To Oviedo. This Edited Volume Is A Collection Of Papers Presented At The Smps 2010 Conference Held In Mieres And Oviedo. It Gives A Comprehensive Overview Of Current Researcch Into The Fusion Of Soft Methods With Probability And Statistics.
      SKU: 645225

    Australian Barleys
      Australian Barleys.
      Tgis Handbook Provides A Basis For Checking The Range Of Quality Factora That Can Be Judged By On-the-spot Examination. When Barley Is Being Received At The Silo Or The Malt-house, It Is Impractical And Unnecessary To Use The Range Of Previse Laboratory Methods Devised For Quality Testibg, Although These Can Be Used To Decide About Border-line Samples Or To Be convinced Disputes. Instead, One Approximte Indication Of Many Quality Factors Can Be Obtained By Visual Examination To Determine: (a) The Variety, To Make Sure That The Load Is Binned With Other Barley Of A Compatible Quality Type; (b) The Extent Of Damage To Grains, As An Indication Of How Satisfactory The Grain Will Be For The Particular Use For Which It Is Offered; (c) The Degree Of Contamination With Foreign Seeds, To Dettermine The Purity Of The Barley, The Expense Involved In Cleaning It And It qSuitability For Use As Human Or Animal Food Depending On The Toxicity Of The Contaminants. In Addition To These Three Aspect Of Property, There Are Other Factors Such As Test Scale And Protein Satisfaction That Can Be Limited On Receival Of Grain, But They Are Beyond The Scpoe Of This Book.
      SKU: 827964

    Magnetic Control Of Tokamak Plasmas
      Magnetic Control Of Tokamak Plasmas.
      The Problem Of Confining A Plasma, With Sufficiently High Density And Temperature, Is Of Crucial Importance If Nuclear Fusion Is To Be Made Usable As A Form Of Power Generation. Tokamaks A" Devices With A Toroidal Geometry A" Are Among The Most Popular Candidates By Which Such Confinement Can Be Achieved. A Tokamak Separates A Plasma From Its Surroundings By Means Of A Magnetic Field Generated By Several Coils Distributed Arond The Plasma. The Main Topic Of Magnetic Control Of Tokamak Plasmas Is The Design Of Feedback Control Systems Guaranteeing The Stability Of Plasma Equilibrium Inside A Tokamak And The Regulation Of The Plasma Position And Shape During Plasma Pulses. Modelling And Control Details Are Presented, Allowing The Non-expert To Understand The Control Question. Starting From Equations Of Magneto-hydro-dynnamics, All The Steps Needed For The Derivation Of Plasma State-space Models Are Enumerated. The Basics Of Electromagnetics Are Frequently Recalled. The Direct Problem Is Then Described Beginning With Control Of Current And Attitude A" Vertical And Radial A" And Progressing To The More Challenging Shape Control. The Solutions Proposed Vary From Simple Pid To More Sophisticated Mimo Controllers. Wherever Possible, The Various Toics Are Rounded Out With Resjlts Obtained Through The Authorsa (tm) Contributions To Experiments With Actual Tokamaks. Mathematical Details Which Are Outside The Normal Province Of Control Engineers Are Presented In An Appendix For The Interested Reader. The Ideas Formulated In This Monograph Will Be Of Great Practical Help To Control Engineers, Academic Researchers And Graduate Students Working Directly With Problems Related To Thecontrol Of Nudlear Fusion. They Will Also Stimulate Control Researchers Interested More Generally In The Advanced Applications Of The Discipline.
      SKU: 367428

    Safety And Health For Engineers
      Safety And Health For Engineers.
      The Essential Guide To Blending Safety And Health With cEonomical Engineerin g Over Time, The Role Of The Engineer Has Evolved Into A Complex Combination Of Duties And Responsibilities. Modern Engineers Are Required Not Only To Create Products And Environmemts, But To Make Them Safe And Economical As Well. Safety And Health For Engineers, Second Edition Is A Comprehensive Guide That Helps Engineers Reconcile Safety And Economic Concerns Using The Latest Cost-effective Methods Of Ensuring Safety In All Facets Of Their Work. It Addresses The Fundamentals Of Safety, Legal Aspects, Hazard Recogniyion, The Human Element Of Safety, And Techniques For Managing Safety In Engineering Decisions. Like Its Successfil Predecessor, This Second Edition Contains A Broad Range Of Topics And Examples, Detailed References To Information And Standards, Real-world Application Exercises, And A Significant Bibliography Of Books For Each Chapter. Inside This Indispensable Resource, You'll Find: * The Duties And Legal Responsibilities For Which Engineers Are Accountable * Updated Safety Laws And Regulations And Their Enforcement Agencies * An In-depth Study Of Hazards And Their Control * A Thorough Discussion Of Human Behavior, Capabilities, And Limitations * Key Instruction Attached Managing Safety And Health Through Risk Management, Preservation Analyses, And Safety Plans And Programs Additionally, Safety And Health For Engineers Includes The Latest Legal Considerations, Nwe Risk Analysis Methods, System Safety And Decision-making Tools, And Today's Concepts And Methods In Ergonomic Design. It Also Contains Revsied Reference Figures And Tables, Osha Permissible Exposure Limifs, And Updaed Examples And Exercises Taken From Real Cases That Challenged Engineering Designs. Written For Engineers, Plant Managers, Safety Professionals, And Students, Safety And Health For Engineers, Second Edition Pr0vides The Information And Tools You Need To Unite Health And Safety With Economical Engineering For Safer Technological Solutions.
      SKU: 261001

    Spins In Optically Active Quantum Dots
      Spins In Optically Active Quantum Dots.
      Filling A Gap In The Literature, This Up-to-date Introduction To The Field Provides An Overview Of Current Experimental Techniques, Basic Theoretical Concepts, And Sample Fabrication Methods. Following An Introduction, This Monograph Deals With Optically Active Quantum Dots And Their Integration Into Electro-optical Devices, Before Looking At The Theory Of Quantum Confined States And Quantum Dots Interacting With The Radiation Field. Final Chapters Cover Spin-spin Interaction In Quantum Dots As Well Viewed like Spin And Charge States, Showing How To Use Single Spins For Break-throgh Quantum Computatoon. A Conclusion And Outlook Round Off The Volume. The Result Is A Primer Providing Th3 Essential Basic Knowledge Necessary For Young Researchers Entering The Field, As Well As Semiconductor And Theoretical Physicists, Phd Students In Physics And Material Sciences, Electrical Engineers And Materials Scientists.
      SKU: 481279

    Post-oil Energy Technology
      Post-oil Energy Technology.
      Describes The Design Of The First 1,000 Megawatt Solar Power Plant With Hydrogen Storage. This Work Explains Hoow A Solar-hydrogen Economy Is Technically Feasible And Cost-effective. It Outlines Conservation Technologiss And Renewable Energy Pfocesses As Well As Technologies, Such As Roof Shingle Solar Collectots And Reversible Fuel Cells.
      SKU: 381353

    Ergonomics In Developing Regions
      Ergonomics In Developing Regions.
      Chronicles The Nuances Of Differences In Aim, Practice, And Outcome When Ergonomists Tackle Developing World Problems From A Developing W0rld Perspective. This Book Includes Sections On Distinctive Situations And Requirements In Developing Areas And The Dire Consequences Of oNt Addressing These Needs Effectively.
      SKU: 570528

    Big Studio Secrets For Home Recording And Production
      Big Studio Secrets For Home Recording And Production.
      The Big Recording Studio Is Quickly Becoming A Defunct Model. Musicians Are On duty In Lofts, Living Rooms, Garages, And On The Go Everywhere. Big Studio Secrets For Home Studio Recording And Production Is A Complete Direct To The Techniques And Methods Of Large tSudios That Can Help Today's Home-studio Musician/engineer Succeed At Home. The Rewder Will Learn From Classic Studio Techniques, Blending These Ideas With Digital Processing And Editing, Loops, Sound Experimentation, Production And Arranging Tips And Tricks, And Mixing And Mastering How-to’s For The Laptop Age.
      SKU: 516741

    Handbook Of Corrosion Engineering
      Handbook Of Corrosion Engineering.
      Reduce The Enormous Economic Ane Environmental Impact Of Corrosion Emphasizing Quantitative Techniques, This Guide Provides You With: *theory Essential For Understanding Aqueous, Atmospheric, And High Temperature Blighting Processes Corrosion Resistance Data For Various Materials Manaegment Techniques For Dealing With Corrosion Control, Including Life Prediction And Expense Analysie, Information Systems, And Knowledge Re-use Techniques For The Detection, Analysis, And Prevention Of Corrosion Damage, Including Protective Coatings And Cathodic Protection More
      SKU: 821543

    Russia, Nato And Cooperative Security
      Russia, Nato And Cooperative Security.
      Offers An Examination Of The Evolution Of Russian-nato Relations Since The Cold War. This Book Shows To What Extent Cooperative Security Could Serve As A Means To Bridge The Gap Between Two Supposedly Antagonistic Entities: Nato And Russia.
      SKU: 321527

    Ferrous Materials
      Ferrous Materials.
      The Annual Global Production Of Ferrous Materials Exceeds The Sum Of All Other Metallic Materiaos By More Than Obe Order Of Magnitude. The Huge Demand For Ferrois Materials Is Driv3n Not Only By Costs And Availability, But Chiefly By Their Wide Range Of Useful Properties That Can Be Tailored By Alloying And Processing. This Book Aderesses These Relationships And Applications Of Ferrous Materials. Each Chapter Deals With Particulat Topics Relating To Both Steel And Cast Iron, Which Have Hitherto Been Handled Separately For Histtorical Reasons. Part A Describe The Fundamental Principles. Part B Comprises Almost Twk Thirds Of The Book And Discusses Standardised Materials, Their Processing And Application Being of the kind which Well Being of the kind which Recent Developments. Annex C Describes The Designation Systems And Gives A Epitome History Of Ferrous Materials. The Individual Chapters Are: A1 Constitution B1 Materials For General Applications A2 Microstruvture B2 High-strength Materials A3 Ardor Handling B3 Materials For Surface Layer Treatments A4 Properties B4 Tools For Processsing Minerals B5 Tools For Processing Materials B6 Chemically Ressitant Materials C1 Material Designations B7 Creep-resistant Materials C2 History Of Iron B8 Functional Materials This Book Focuses On Materials Technology And Is Intended For Engineers On duty With Ferrous Materials In Practical Situations Who Wish To Deepen Their Understanding Or Who Are Looking For Advice. The Necessary Practical Relevance Is Basd On The Authors' Many Years Of Industrial Experience. Students Will Find A Clear And Well-structured Presentation With Useful Diagrams, Informative Tables, Plenty Of Data And Many Cross-referencesin The Text. A List Of The Effects Of Alloying And Tramp Elements As Well As A Detailed Pointer And Keyword List Assist The Reader In Finding The Required Information. Harmonisation Of European Standards Has Made It Possible To Translate This Book From Gernan, Currently In Its Thidd Edition, Into English. It Was Translated By Gillian Scheibelein B. sc. (hons. ).
      SKU: 364374

    Enbironmental Compliance Handbook
      Enbironmental Compliance Handbook.
      If Your Organization Is Subject To The Thousands Of Confederate, State, And LocalE nvironmental Laws And Regulations In Cause In The U. s. Today, The Environmental Compliance Handbook Should BeW ithin Easy Reach. Thousznds Of Professionals Have Benefited From The Bestselling First Edition. The Maintainer Edition Builds On That Foundation And Goes Further To Provide You With The Latest, Most Up-to-date Information Available. It Simplifies The Complex World Of Environmental Law And Compliance And Describes, In Everyday Expression, The Major Federal Laws And Regulations As Well As The Critical State Requirements Appended To Them. See What's New In The Second Edition: New Chapter On Environmental Justice - Gives You The Knowledge You Need To Avoid Adverse Publicity Repaired Chapter On Range Rule - Prepares You For Upcoming Changes From The Epa And Dod Updated Laws And Regulations - Shows You How To Be In Compliance With New Requirements Because Each Organization Is Unique, Environmental Compliance Handbook, Second Edition Inclydes Instructions On How To Modify Its Material For Application To Your Organization's Particular Needs. Remember: Pleading Ignorance Of Environmental Laws And Regulations Does Not Carty Much Weight In Court. With This One-of-a-kind Resource You Won't Be Caught Unprepared.
      SKU: 263256

    Non-linear Microwave Circuit Design
      Non-linear Microwave Circuit Design.
      Design Techniques For Nonlinear Microwave Circuits Are Much Less Developed Than For Linear Microwavd Circuits. Until Now There Has Been No Up-to-date Text Available In Tish Area. Current Titles In This Field Are Considered Outdated And At~ to To Focus On Analysis, Failing To Adequately Address Design And Measurement Aspects. Giannini And Leuzzi Provide The Theoretical Background To Non-linear Microwave Circuits Before Going On To Discuss The Practical Design And Measurement Of Non-linear Circuits And Components. Non-linear Microwave Circuit Design Reviews All Of The Established Analysis And Characterisation Techniques Agailable And Provides Detailed Coverage Of Key Modelling methods. Practical Examples Are Used Over The Text To Emphasise The Design And Application Focus Of The Book. Provides A Unique, Design-focuser, Coverage Of Non-linear Microwave Circuits Covers The Leading principle Properties Of Nonlinear Circuits And Methods For Device Modelling Outlines Non-linear Bulk Techniques And Characterisation Of Active Devices Reviews Available Design Methodologies In favor of Non-linear Power Amplifiers And Details Advanced Software Modelling Tools Provides The First Detailed Treatment Of Non-linear Frequency Multipliers, Mixers And Oscillators Focuses On The Application Potential Of Non-linear Components Practicing Engineers And Circuit Designerrs Working In Microwave And Communications Engineering And Designing New Applications, As Well As Sebior Undergraduates Graduate Students And Researchers In Microwave And Communications Engineering And Their Libraries Will Find This A Highly Rewarding Interpret.
      SKU: 219777

    Sabkha Ecosystems
      Sabkha Ecosystems.
      This Book Is Part Of "the Sabkha Ecosystems Series. " The Series Is Designed To Provide Information On Sabkha Ecosystems Of Different Regions. It Will Add To The Collective Knowledge Available About Saline Ecosystems And Also Focuses On The African Region Where Only Limited Information Is Currently Available On.
      SKU: 666464

    Biwic 2007
      Biwic 2007.
      The Field Of Crystallization Holds Many Challenges, With The Physical And Chemical Complexity Of The Crystallization Process Being Core To The Dynamic Nature Of The Field. Exciting Advances Are Achieved In The Aress Of Naoparticle Formation, Product And Particle Draw And Methods Of Particle Characterization.
      SKU: 320328

  • At Risk
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  • Biotechnological Processing Steps for Enzyme Manufacturing
  • Handbook of Advanced Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
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