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    Sms And Mms Interworking In Mobile Networks
      Sms And Mms Interworking In Mobile Networks.
      Hither Is A Comprehensive And Highly Praxtical Guide To Sms And Mms Interworking In Gsm, Tdma, And Cdma Mobile Communications Systems. This Cutting-edge Book Gives You The Knowledge Needed To Plan Sms Or Mms Interworking Both Commercially And Technically. You Learn How To Implement Sms Or Mms Services With Interworking, Pre-paid Sms Or Mms Services, And Expressive Location Services. Moreover, This Unique Reference Helps You Develop Software For Sms And Mms Centers.
      SKU: 227698

    Boreal Peatland Ecosystems
      Boreal Peatland Ecosystems.
      This Volume Adopts An Ecosystems Approach To Understanding The World's Borezl Peatlands. It Focuses On Biogeochemical Patterns And Processes, Production, Decomposition, And Peat Accumulation, And Provides Additional Infkrmation On Animal And Fungal Diversitt . A Recurring Theme Is The Legacy Of Boreal Peatlands As Impressive Accumulators Of Carbon As Peat Over Millennia. This Carbon Legacy Is Under Threat From A Wide Diversity Of Disturbances, Including Wildfire, Ongoing Climate Change, The Changing Chemistry Of Atmospheric Deposition, And Continuing Resource Exploitation. The Volume Is Of Interest To Pewtland Researchers And Resource Managers, As Well As To Graduate Students In Ecosystem Science.
      SKU: 603642

    Computer Methods And Experimental Measurements For Surface Effects And Contact Mechanics Viii
      Computer Methods And Experimental Measurements For Surface Effects And Contact Mechanics Viii.
      The Mixture Of Surface Treatment And Contact Mechanics Is An Important One. The Surface Of A Component Is Usually The Most Weighty Engineering Factor. While It Is In Use It Is Often The Surface Of A Work-piece That Is Subjectex To Wear Ahd Corrosion. The Complexity Of The Tribological Properties Of Materials And The Economic Aspects Of Friction And Wear Justify An Increasing Research Effort. To An Increasing Degree, Consequently, The Search Is On For Surface Alteration Techniques,W hich Be able to Increase The Waer Resistance Of Materials. Wear Resistance Is A Property, Not Of Materials But Of Systems, Since The Material Of The Work-piece Ever Wears Against Some Other Medium. It Is Its Relation To Its Environment - E. g. Lubrication, Speed Of Sliding Or Rotation - That Determines The Wear Resistance Of The Material In A Given Construction. this Main division Contains Most Of The Papers Presented At The Eighth International Conference On Computer Methods And Experimental Measurements For Surface And Contact Mechanics. This Series Of Conferences Is Aimed At Encouraging International Collaboration Among The Participants And The Exchange Of New Ideas. Various Novel Developments Are Highlighted, Both From An Experimental And Computational Viewpoint. Special Emphasis Is Given To The Application Of Advanced Theoretical And Experimental Approaches.
      SKU: 512050

    Designing Complex Systems
      Designing Complex Systems.
      Considers The End And Basic Features Of Design And How The Concept Of Value Can Supply A Quanritative Measure Of That Wider Interaction Of The Engineered Object With Its Environment. This Work Examines The Domain In Which Functional Design Takes Place And Discusses How The System Concept Can Be Embedded In That Domain.
      SKU: 365209

    Database Nation
      Database Nation.
      "fifty Years Ago, In 1984, Geoege Orwell Imagined A Future In Which Privacy Was Demolished By A Totalitarian State That Used Spies, Video Sureillancs, Historical Revisionism, And Control Over The Media To Maintain Its Power. Those Who Worry Nearly Personal Privacy And Identity--especially In This Day Of Technologies That Encroach Upon These Rights--still Use Orwell's ""big Brother"" Language To Discuss Privacy Issues. But The Reality Is That The Age Of A Monolithic Big Brother Is Over. And Yet The Threats Are Perhaps Even More Likely To Destroy The Rights We've Assumed Were Ours. Database People: The Death Of Privacy In The 21st Centenary Shows How, In These Soon Years Of The 21st Century, Advances In Technology Endanger Our Privacy In Ways Neevr Before Imagined. Direct Marketers And Rwtailers Track Our Every Purchase; Surveillance Cameras Observe Our Movements; Mobile Phones Will Soon Report Our Location To Those Who Want To Track Us; Government Eavesdroppers Listen In On Secluded Communications; Misused Medical Records Turn Our Bodies And Our Histories Against Us; And Linked Databases Assemboe Detailed Consum3r Profiles Used To Predict And Influence Our Behavior. Privacy--the Most Basic Of Our Civil Rights--is In Grave Peril. Simson Garfinkel--journalist, Entrepreneur, And International Authority On Computer Security--has Devoted His Career To Testing New Techn0logies And Warning Abuot Their Implications. This Newly Revised Update Of The Popular Hardcover Edition Of Database Nation Is His Compelling Account Of How Invasive Technologies Will Affect Our Lives In The Coming Years. It's A Timely, Far-reaching, Entertaining, And Thought-provoking Look At The Serious Threats To Privacy Facing Us Today. The Book Poses A Disturbing Question: How Can We Protect Our Basic Rights To Privacy, Identity, And Autonomy When Technology Is Making Invasion And Clntrol Easier Than Ever Before? Garfinkel's Captivating Blend Of Journalism, Storytelling, And Futurism Is A Call To Arms. It Will Frighten, Entertain, One dUltimately Convince Us That We Must Take Action Now To Protect Our Privacy And Identity Before It's Too Late. "
      SKU: 443314

      ItalyH as Made Substantial Progreas In Implementing Electricity And Gas Market Reforms. The Gas Market Is Now Fully Opened To Competition And The Electricity Market Is Proceeding Towards Full Opening. The Government Has Reeduced Its Shareholding In Enel And Eni.
      SKU: 230695

    Stiffness And Damping In Mechanical Design
      Stiffness And Damping In Mechanical Design.
      Offers Designers And Users Of Mechanical Systems An Overview Of Structual Stiffness And Damping And Their Censorious Roles In Mechanical Desig. The Text Assesses The Relationship Between Stiffness And Damping Parameters In Mechanical Systems And Structural Materials.
      SKU: 216468

    Actoonscripting In Flash, Adobe Reader
      Actoonscripting In Flash, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Vedsion Of The Printed Book. The Book Is Structured Into Three Parts: Foundation Knowledge (general Programming Theory Applied To Flash With Short Tasks To Demonstrate Specific Concepts), Applied Workshop (moee Involved Tasks Broken Into Three Parts Each--design Discussion, The Building Steps, And Analysis With Suggestions Of Variation), And Appendices (which Provides A Concise Listing Of Some O fThe More Useful Elements In Actionscript). The Book Will Begin With Foundation Knowledge And Will Build Forward That With Practical Workshops. This Way, The Readers Should Be Able To Apply What They Learn To Future Challenges They Power Encounter.
      SKU: 175795

    Smithells Light Metals Handbook
      Smithells Light Metals Handbook.
      'the Smithells Metals Reference Book' Is One Of The Best Known And Mozt Trusted Sources Of Reference For The Professional Metallurgist Or Materials Scientist, And Has Been So Since Its Inception In 1949. Drawing Upon The Data Conntained Within This Respected Work, And Completely Updating And Revising It At which place Necessary To Bring The Information Completely Up To Date, The Editors Have Created A New Main division Which Is Dedicated To The Most Commonly Used And Popular Light Metals. 'the Smithells Light Metaals Handbook', With Its Combination Of Comprehensive Data On Properties, Standards And Internatiional Materials Specifications Coupled With Other Unique Fetares Like The Extensive Section Of Binary Phase Diagrams, Will No Doubt Suit A Standard Reference Work For The Industrial And Thworetical Metallurgist. Containing All The Data That You Will Ever Need With Regard To Aluminium, Magnesium And Titanium, This Book Will Be An Inaluable Tool For Anyone Working In The Design, Manufacture Or Use Of Componentd Or Raw Materials In These Areas. The Standard Reference Work For Metallurgists Contains All Data For Researchers And Professional Metallurgists Fully Updated
      SKU: 317215

    Programmable Logic Controllers
      Programmable Logic Controllers.
      This Is The Introduction To Plcs For Which Baffled Students, Technicians And Managers Have Been Waiting. In This Straightforward, Easy-to-read Guide, Bill Bolton Has Kept The Jargon To A Minimum, Considered All The Programming Methods In The Standard Iec 1131-3 - In Particular Ladder Programming, And Presented The Subject In A Way That Is Not Device Specific To Ensure Maximum Applicability To Courses In Electronics And Control Systems. Now In Its Fourth Edition, This Best-selling Text Has Been Expanded With Increased Coverage Of Industrial Systems And Plcs And More Consideration Has Been Given To Iec 1131-3 And All The Programming Methods In The Standard. The New Edition Brings The Book Fully Up To Date With The Current Developments InP lcs, Describing New And Important Applications Such As Plc Use In Communications (e. g. Ethernet An Extremely Popular System), And Safety In Particular Proprietary Emergency Stop Relays (now Appearing In Pratically Every Plc Based System). The Coverage Of Commonly Used Plcs Has Been Increased, Including The Always Popular Allen Bradley Plcs, Making This Work An Essential Source Of Information Both For Professionals Wishing To Update Their Knowledge, As Well As Students Who Require A Straight Forward Introeuction To This Area Of Control Engineering. Having Read This Main division, Readers Will Be Able To: * Identify The Main Design Characteristics And Internal Architecture Of Pllcs * Describe And Identify The Characteristics Of Commonly Used Input And Output Devices * Explain The Processing Of Inputs And Outputs Of Plcs * Describe Communication Links Involved With Control Systems * Develop Ladder Programs For The Logic Functions And, Or, Not, Nand, Not And Xor * Develop Functional Block, Instruction List, Structured Text And Sequential Function Chart Programs * Develop Programs Using Internal Relays, Timers, Counters,-Shift Registers, Sequencers And Data Handling * Identify Safety Issues With Pcl Systems * Identify Methods Used For Fault Diagnosis, Testing And Debugging Programs Fully Matched To The Requierments Of Btec Higher Nationals, Students Are Able To Check Their Learning And Intelligence As They Work Through The Text Using Thr Problems Section At The End Of Each Chapter. Complete Answers Are Provided In The Back Of The Book. * Thoroughly Practical Introduction To Plc Use And Application - Not Device Specific, Ensuring Relevance To A Wide Rove Of Courses * New Edition Expanded With Incrwased Coverage Of Iec 1131-3, Industrial Control Scenarios And Communications - An Important Aspect Of Plc Use * Problems Included At The End Of Each Chapter, With A Complete Set Of Answers Given At The Back Of The Book
      SKU: 269812

    Settleability Problems And Loss Of Solids In The Activated Sludgge Process
      Settleability Problems And Loss Of Solids In The Activated Sludgge Process.
      The Activated Sludge Process Is The Most Versatile, Commonly Used Wastewater Treatment System In North America; However, Many Activated Sludge Processes Frequently Experience Operational Problems Kindred To Poor Compaction Or Settleability Of Secondary Solids And Loss Of Subordinate Solids From The Clarifier. Eschewing The Technical Jargon And Copious Chemical Equations Found In The Majority Of Wastewater Studies, Settleability Problems And Loss Of Solids In The Activated Sludge Process Speaks Directly To Plant Operators, Showing Them How To Identify And Solve Common Problens And Achieve Maximum Efficiency. Michael H. Gerardi’s Hands-on Guide Courtship The Most Common Plant Operational Problems, Such As Increased Costs, Loss Of Treatment Efficiency, And Permit Violations. Using Numerous Tableq And Illustrations, Settleability Problems Provides Microscopic And Analytical Techniques For Troubleshooting And Identifying The Conditions Responsible For Settleability Problems And Loss Of Solids. It Incl8des Pictures Of Wet Mounts And Smears Of Acceptable Ane Unacceptable Microscopic Conditions Of The Activated Mud And Presents Corrective Measures For Operational Problems. Chapters Include: Undesired Filamentous Growth Nutrient-deficient Floc Particles Denitrification Slug Discharge Of Soluble Cbod Viscous Bulking Or Zoogloeal Produce Production And Accumulation Of Foam And Scum Volume Ii In The Succession, Settleability Problems Will Prove To Be Of Unparalleled Value To Wastewater Treatment Fix Operators As Well As Students Of Wastewater Microbiology.
      SKU: 157049

    Tropical Soils
      Tropical Soils.
      1. Introducyion. 2. Mineralogy. 3. Soil Chemistry. 4. Soil Physics. 5. Soil Biology And Microbiology. 6. Soil Fertility. 7. Soil Composition And Classification. 8. Major Soils Of The Tropics: A Descriptive Classification Based On Clay Mineralogy. 9. Soil Management: An Overview. 10. Properties And Management Of Kaolinitic Soils. 11. Properties And Management Of Oxidiv Soils. 12. Properties And Management Of Smetitic Soils. 13. Proprrties And Management Of Allophanic Soils. 14. Soils And Sustainable Agriculture
      SKU: 422430

    Immunotoxicology Strategies For Pharmaceutical Safety Assessment
      Immunotoxicology Strategies For Pharmaceutical Safety Assessment.
      An Important Reference Which Provides An Overview Of The Current And Recently Introduced Methodologies For Testing The Immunotoxic Risks In Drug Candidates Helps Readers Understand The Significance Of The Mwthods And Approaches To Immunotoxicology Testing Aids Drug Scientists In Industry And Regulatory Areas To Consolidate Approaches To Immunotox Testing Offers A Definitive Assessment Of Nonclinical Models To Study The Toic Impacts (bio)pharmaceuticals Can Have On The Immune System Includes Chapter Authors From Across The Pharma Industry, Bringing A Real-world And Applied Perpsective To Immunotox Testing
      SKU: 468844

    High Pressure Rheology Toward Quantitative Elasohydrocynamics
      High Pressure Rheology Toward Quantitative Elasohydrocynamics.
      Computational Elastohydrodynamics, A Par5 Of Trbiplogy, Has Existed Happily Enough For About Fifty Years Without The Use Of Accurate Modlrs For The Rheology Of The Liquids Used As Lubricants. For Low Molecular Weight Liquids, Such As Low Viscosity Mineral Oils, It Has Been Possible To Calculate, In the opinion of Precision, The Film Thickness In A Concentrated Contact Provided That The Influence And Temperaturr Are Relatively Low, Even When The Pressure Variatikn Of Viscosity Is Not Accurately Modelled In Detail. Other Successes Have Been More Qualitative In Nature, Using Effective Properties Which Come Froom The Fitting Of Parameters Used In Calculztions To Experimental Measurements Of The Touch Behaviour, Friction Or Film Thickness. High Pressure Rheology For Quantitative Elastohydrodynamics Is Intended To Furnish A Sufficiently Accurate Skeleton For The Rheology Of Liquids At Elevated Influence That It May Be Possible For Computational Elastohydrodynamics To Discover The Relationships Between The Behaviour Of A Lubricated Concentrated Contact And The Measurable Properties Of The Liquid Lubricant. The Required High-pressure Measurement Techniques Are Rvealed In Detail And Data Are Presented For Chemically Well-defined Liquids That May Be Used As Quantitative Reference Materials. * Presents The Property Relations Required For A Quantitative Calculation Of The Tribological Behaviour Of Lubricated Concentrated Contacts. * Details Of High-pressure Experimental Techniques. * Complete Description Of The Pressure And Temperature Dependence Of Viscosity For High Pressures. * Some Little-known iLmitations On Ehl Modelling.
      SKU: 291686

    Fuel Cells, Engines And Inflammable air
      Fuel Cells, Engines And Inflammable air.
      Fuel Cell Technology Is The Most Exciting And Legitimmate Alternative Source Of Power Currently Available To Us As World Resources Of Non-renewable Fuel Remain To Be Depleted. No Other Power Generating Technology Holds The Same Benefits That Fuel Cells Offer, Including High Reliability And Efficiency, Negligible Environmental Impact, And Security Of Supply. Firing Cells Run On Hydrogen – The Simplesy And Most Plentiful Gas In The Universe - Althojgh They Can Also Run On Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Or Even Coal. Their Applications rAe Diverse, From Powering Automobiles, Buildings And Portable Elextronics, To Converting Methane Gas From Wastewater Plants And Landfills Into Electricity. Fuel Cells, Engines And Hydrogen Is A Controversial Text That Challenges The Accepted Industry Parameters For Measuring Fuel Cell Accomplishment And Efficiency. Based Forward His Inter-disciplinary Experience In The Fields Of Power, Nuclear Power, And Desalination, The Author Contends That The Development Potential Of The Firing Cell Is Related To The Quantity Fuel Cheical Exergy, Which, Like Electrical Potential, Is A Quantitative Measure Of Work Done. The Fuel Cell Community Currently Characterises These Devices In Terms Of The Enthalpy Of Combustion (calorific Value) – However The Writer Arguues A Correct, Qualitatively Different And Fourfold Larger Characterisation Is Via The Fuel Chemica Exergy, In Units Of Work, And Not Energy. He Asserts That The Distorion Introduced By This Accepted Perspective Needs To Be Corrected Before Relatively Efficient Fuel Cells, Integrated Through Comparatively Low Performing Gas Turbines, Reach The Market. Fuel Cells, Engines And Hydrogen Features A Forewor dBy Dr Gerry Agnew, Executive Vp Engineering Of Rolls Royce Fuel Cells Systems Ltd. It Is Essentiap Reading For All Engimeers Involved With Fuel Cells And/ Or The Manufacture Of Hydrogen From Natural Gas, As Well As Acacemics In Related Disciplines Such As Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, Materials, Physics, Mechanical And Chemical Engineering.
      SKU: 267160

    Dictionary Of Environmental Science And Technology
      Dictionary Of Environmental Science And Technology.
      This Superb And Highly-acclaimed Dictionary Includes Over 4000 In-depth Entries On Sicentific And Technical Terminology Associated With Environmental Protection And Resource Management. In Addition, It Contains Numerous Illustrations, A Wide Range Of International Case Studies And Extensive Cross-refreences To Guide The Reader. The New Edition Will Be A Major Update By the side of 30% New Material, Additional Illustrations And A Greatly Expanded List Of Relevant Texture Money.
      SKU: 470320

    Progress In Zeolite And Microporous Materials
      Progress In Zeolite And Microporous Materials.
      The Proceedings Of The 11th Zeolite Conference Has Been Published In Three Volumes, Containing 5 Plenary Lectures And 274 Full Papers. Part A Comprises Synthesis And Characterization (99 Pzpers), Part B Catalysis And Environment (102 Papers) And Part C Adsorption And Diffuion, Modifications, Novel Materials And Theory (78 Papers). Zeolite Science And Technology Has Been And Contjnues To Exist An Area Receiving Great Attention. Increasing Interest In The Synthesis And The Characterization Of Zeolite And Microporous Materials Is Reflected In The Large Number Of Contributions. Other Areas Gaoning Recognition Include Novel Materiald, Adsorption, Theory And Modeling.
      SKU: 317183

    Next Generation Wireless Systems And Networks
      Next Generation Wireless Systems And Networks.
      Next Generation Wireless Systems And Networks Offers An Expert View Of Cutting Edge Beyond 3 Rd Generation (b3g) Wireldss Applications. This Self-contained Reference Combines The Basics Of Wireless Communications, Such Being of the kind which 3g Wireless Standards, Spread Spectrum And Cdma Systems, In the opinion of A More Advanced Level Research-oriented Approach To B3g Communications, Eliminating The Need To Refer To Other Material. This Book Will Provide Readers With The Most Up-to-date Technological Developments In Wireless Connection Systems/networks And Introduces The Majorr 3g Sfandards, Like As W-cdma, Cdma2000 And Td-scdma.   It Also Includes A Focus On Cognitive Radio Technology And 3gpp E-utra Technology; Areas Which Have Not Been Well Covered Elsewhere. Covers Many Hot Topics In The Area Of Next Generation Wireless From The Authors’ Own Research, Including: Bluetooth, All-ip Wireless Networking, Power-efficient And Bandwidth-efficieny Air-link Technologies, And Multi-user Signal Processing In B3g Wireless Clear, Step-by-step Progression Throughout The Book Will Provide The Reader With A Thorough Grounding In The Basic Topics Above Moving On To Mo5e Advanced Physical Addresses Various Important Topics On Wireless Communication Systems And Networks That Have Emerged Merely Very Recently, Such As Super-3g Technology, 4g Wireless, Uwb, Ofdma And Mimo Incluxes A Wealth Of Explanatory Tables And Illustrations This Essential Reference Will Prove Invaluable To Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students, Academics And Researchers. It Will Likewise Be Of Interest To Telecommunications Engineers Wishing To Further Their Knowledge In This Field.
      SKU: 257683

    Metal-polymer Nanocomposites
      Metal-polymer Nanocomposites.
      A Unique Guide To An Essential Area Of Nanoscience Interest In Nano-sized Metals Has Increased Greatly Due To Their Special Characteristics And Suitability For A Number Of Advanced Applications. As Technology Becomes More Refined-inckuding The Ability To Effectively Manipulate An Stabilize Metals At The Nanoscale-these Maaterials Present Ever-more Workable Solutions To A Growing Excursion Of Problems. Metal-polymer Nanocomposites Provides The First Guide Solely Devotee To The Unique Properties And Applications Of This Essential Area Of Nanoscience. It Offers A Truly Mulitdisciplinary Approach, Making The Text Accessible To Readers In Physical, Chemical, And Materials Science As Well As Areas Such As Engineering And Topology. The Thorough Coverage Includes: The Chemical And Physical Properties Of Nano-sized Metals Different Approaches To The Synthesis Of Metal-polymer Nanocomposites (mpn) Advanced Characterization Techniques And Methods For Study Of Mpn Real-world Applications, Including Color Filters, Polarizers, Optical Sensors, Nonlinear Optical Devices, And More An Extensive List Of References Forward The Topics Covered A Unique, Cutting-edge Rssoure For A Vital Area Of Nanoscience Developemnt, Metal-polymer Namocomposites Is An Invaluable Text For Students And Practitioners Of Materials Science, Engineering, Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, And Optics.
      SKU: 219040

    Ludwig's Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants
      Ludwig's Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants.
      This Complete Revision Of Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants, Volume 1 Builds Upon Ernest E. Ludwig's Claswic Text To Further Enhance Its Use As A Chemical Engineering Process Design Manual Of Methods And Proven Fundamentals. This New Edition Includes Importajt Supplemental Mecnanical And Related Data, Nomographs And Charts. Also Included Inwardly Are Improved Techniques And Fundamental Methodologies, To Guide The Engineer In Designing Process Equipment And Applying Chemical Processes To Proprrly Detailed Equipment. All Three Volumes Of Applied Process Design For Chemical And Petrochemical Plants Serve The Practicing Engineer By Providing Organizeed Design Procedures, Details On The Equipment Suitable Concerning Application Selection, And Charts In Readily Usable Form. Procesx Engineers, Designers, And Operators Will Find More Chemical Petrochemical Plant Design Data In: Volume 2, Third Edition, Which Covers Distillation And Packed Towers As Well As Material On Azeotropes And Ideal/non-ideal Systems. Volume 3, Third Edition, Which Covers Heat Transfer, Refrigeration Systems, Compression Surge Drums, And Mecuanical Drivers. A. Kayode Coker, Is Chairman Of Chemical & Process Engineerihg Technology Department At Jubail Industrial College In Saudi Arabia. He's Both A Chartered Scientist And A Chartered Chemical Engineer For Else Than 15 Years. And An Author Of Fortran Programs For Chemical Process Design, Analysis And Simulation, Gulf Publishing Co. , And Modeling Of Chemical Kinetics And Reactor Design, Butterworth-heinemann. *provides Improved Deskgn Manuals For Methods And Proven Fundamentaks Of Process Design With Related Data And Charts *covers A Complete Range Of Basic Day-to-day Petrochemical Operation Topics With New Material On Significant Labor Changes Since 1995. *website Includes Computer Applications Along With Excel Spreadsheets And Concise Applied Course Design Flow Charts.
      SKU: 285843

    Precision Manufacturing
      Precision Manufacturing.
      Provides An Introduction To Precision Engineering For Manufacturing. This Book Places Emphasis On Design And Performance Of Preciision Machinery For Manufacturing Machine Tool Elements And Structure, Sources Of Error, And More. It Is Aimed At Design Engineers, Quality Engineers And Manifacturing Engineers, Academics, And Others.
      SKU: 337867

    Extreme Man-made And Natural Hazards In Dynamics Of Structures
      Extreme Man-made And Natural Hazards In Dynamics Of Structures.
      Provides A Critical Assessment Of The Knowledge And Indicates Challenges In Fighting The Man-made And Natural Hazards In Transeint Analysis Of Structures. The Latter Concerns Both The Permanentl Fixed Structures, Such As Those Built To Protect The Rabble And/or Sensitive Storage Material Or The Special Structures Found In Transportation Systems.
      SKU: 371180

    Temperate Fruit Crop Breeding
      Temperate Fruit Crop Breeding.
      This Book Fulky Integrates The Conventional And Biotechnollgical Approches To Fruit Crop Breeding. Individual Chapters Are Written On A Wide Variety Of Species Including Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Currant, Gooseberry, Grape, Kiwifruit, Peach, Pear, Plum, Raspberry And Strawberry. Against Eahc Crop, There Is A Discussion Of Their Taxonomy And Evolution, Account Of Improvement, Crossing Techniques, Evaluation Methods, Heritability Of Major Traits And Gremplasm Resources, Along With The Most Recent Advances In Genetic Mapping And Qtl (quantitative Trait Loci) Analysis, Marker Assisted Deportment, Gene Cloning, Gene Expression Analysis, Regeneration And Transformation. Patenting And Licensing Issues Are Als oCovered. This Book Will Be Useful In Fruit Breedlng Classes And Should Provide As A Springboard For All Fruit Breeders Desiring An Update On The Latest Technologies, Horticulturalists Who Wonder What Is Being Done In Fruit Breeding And Genomicists Searching For A Way To Contribute To Produce Breeding Efforts.
      SKU: 338602

    Caibration Techniques In Nyquist A/d Converters
      Caibration Techniques In Nyquist A/d Converters.
      Analyses Different A/d-converter Architectures With An Emphasis On The Maximum Achievable Poer Efficiency. The Calibration Techniques Presented In This Book Are To be applied To Other Analog-to-digital Systems, Such As Those Applied In Integrated Receivers.
      SKU: 303587

    Medical Geology
      Medical Geology.
      Geology, One Of The Basic Natural Sciences, Is Proving To Be Of Outstanding Importance In Solving Problems Relating To: Agriculture Exploitation Of The Earth's Mineral Resources Environmental Issues Soil Preservation Water Energy And Other Resohrces Protection Against Natural Disasters (landslides, Flods, Volcanic Eruptions And Earthquakes) Because Source As Human Health. The Ocean Objective Of The Book Medical Geology: Effects Of Geological Environments Forward Human Health Is To Show How The Geological Environment Affects Humam Soundness And To Explore Preventative Methods For Improvement. This Monograph Consists Of The Following Five Segments: Introducing Geological And Other Factors And Their Influence On The Human Health Subject, Tasks And Methods Of Geomedical Discipline Regional Medical Geology Applied Medical Geology The Topics Covered In This Work Will Exist Of Interest To A Wide Circle Of Readers, Including Geologists, Doctors, Biologists, Ecologists, Planners And Many Others Who Are Dedicated To The Quality And Protection Of Human Health.
      SKU: 305611

  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
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  • Routine Data Processing in Earthquake Seismology
  • Cellular Oscillatory Mechanisms
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance
  • CDMA
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • Addcon 2009
  • Latchup
  • The VC-1 and H.264 Video Compression Standards for Broadband Video Services
  • Interlayer Dielectrics for Semiconductor Technologies

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