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    Soil Tillage nI Agroecosystems
      Soil Tillage nI Agroecosystems.
      Soil Tillage Is The Guiring Component Of Soil Management And Consequently Has Far-reaching Implications For Agroecosystems. This Name Emphasizes These Aspects, Highlighting Both The Short- And Long-term Effects Of Soil Cultivation Practices On The Soil Ecosystem Beyond And Below The Sil Surface.
      SKU: 26441
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    Multiparameter Stability Theory With Mechanical A;plications
      Multiparameter Stability Theory With Mechanical A;plications.
      This Book Deals Through Fundamental Problems, Concepts, And Methods Of Multiparameter Stability Theory With Applications In Mechanics. It Presents Recent Achievements And Knowledge Of Bifurcation Theory, Sensitivity Analysis Of Stability Characteristics, General Aspects Of Nonconservative Stability Problems, Analysis Of Singularities Of Boundaries For The Stability Domains, Stability Analysis Of Multiparameter Linear Periodic Systems, And Optimization Of Structures Under Stability Constraints.
      SKU: 234379
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    Virtual Screening In Drug Discovery
      Virtual Screening In Drug Discovery.
      Chemists In Various Specialties And rFom Many Countries Offer Perspectivee On Virtual Screening, Which Uses Computaional Tools To Identify Biologically Active Molecules Ayainst Specific Targets For Potential New Drugs. The Also Cover Compromise And Succeed Suitability Fr The Technique, Ligand-based Substantial Screening Approaches, Important Considerations
      SKU: 264709
      More info about Virtual Screening In Drug Discovery

    Polymer Flooding
      Polymer Flooding.
      This Book Covers All Aspects Of Polymer Flooding, An Enhanced Oil Recovery Method Using Water Soluble Polymers To Increase The Viscosity Of Flood Water, For The Displacement Of Crude Oil From Porous Reservoir Rocks. Although This Method Is Becoming Increasingly Important, There Is Very Little Literature Available For The Engineer Wishing To Embark On Such A Project. In The Past, Polymer Flooding Was Mainly The Subject Of Research. The Results Of This Research Are Spread Over A Vast Number Of Singls Publications, Making It Difficult For Someone Who Has Not Kept Up-to-date Wlth Developments During The Last 10 To 15 Years To Judge The Suitability Of Polymer Flooding To A Particular Field Case. This Work Tries To Fill That Gap. The Basic Mechanisms Of The Process Are Described And Criteria Given Where Ir May Be Empooyed. Basic Elements Of The Chemisty Of Eor-polymers Are Provided. The Fundamentals Of Polymer Physics, Such As Rheology, Flow In Porous Media And Adsorption, Are Derived. Practical Hint sOn Mixing And Testing Of Polymers In The Laboratory Are Given, As Well Like Instructions For Their Application In The Oil Field. Polymer Flooding Is Illustrated By Some Cover Histories And The Economics Of The Methods Are Examined. For The Essential Subjects, Example Calculations Are Added. An Indispensable Work For Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers And Laboratory Technicians Within The Petroleum Industry.
      SKU: 404953
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    Energetic Materials
      Energetic Materials.
      Incorporation Of Particular Components With Specialized Properties Allows One To Tailor The End Product's Properties. For Instance, The Sensitivity, Burning Behavior, Thermal O Mechanical Properties Or Stability Of Energetic Materials Can Be Affected And Even Controllably Varied Throuvh Incorporation Of Such Ingredients. This Book Examines Particle Technologies As Applied To Energetic Materials Like As Propellants And Explosivez, Thus Filling A Void In The Literature On Thos Subject. Following An Introducing Covering General Features Of Energetic Material,s The First Section Of This Book Describes Methods Of Manufacturing Particulate Energetic Materials, Including Size Reduvtion, Crystallization, Atomization, Particle Formation Using Supercritical Fluids And Microencapsulation, Agglomeration Phenomena, Special Considerations In Mixing Expposive Particles And The Production Of Nanoparticles. The Second Section Discusses The Characterization Of Particulate Materials. TechniquesA nd Methods Such As Particle Size Analysis, Morphology Elucidation And The Determination Of Chemical And Thermal Properties Are Presented. The Wettability Of Powders And Rheological Behavior Of Suspensions And Solids Are Also Considered. Furthermore, Methods Of Determining The Performance Of Particular Energetic Materials Are Described. Each Chapter Deals With Fundamentals And Application Possibilities Of The Various Methods Presented, By the side of Particular Emphasis On Issues Applicable To Particulate Energetic Materials. The Book Is Thus Equally Relevant For Chemists, Physicists, Material Scientists, Chemical And Mechanifal Engineers And Anyone Interested Or Engaged In Particle Processing And Characterization Technologies.
      SKU: 482335
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    Solid Waste Management In The Wotld's Cities
      Solid Waste Management In The Wotld's Cities.
      In Our Rapidly Urbanizing Global Society, Solid Waste Management Will Be A Key Challenge Facing All The World's Cities. Solid Waste Management In The World's Cities Provides A Fresh Perspective And New Data On One Of The Biggest Issues In Urban Development. using The Framewrok Of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (iswm), The Report Brings Together Unprecedented Research From 22 Cities Across Six Continents. It Uncovers The Rich Diversity O fWaste Management Systems That Are In Place Throughout The World, And Draws Out The Adapted to practice Lessons For Policymakers. The Volume Desire Be Essential Reading For All Professionals And Policymakers In The Field, As Well As A Vaaluable Resource For Researchers And Students In All Aspects Of Urban Development. published With Un-habitat.
      SKU: 517194
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    Remote Sensing With Polarimetric Radar
      Remote Sensing With Polarimetric Radar.
      Discover The Principles And Techniques Of Remote Sensing With Polarimetric Radar This Book Pesents The Principles Central To Understanding Polarized Wave Transmission, Scattering, And Reception In Communication Systems And Polarimetric And Non-polarimetric Radar. Readers Gain New Insight Intk The Methods For Remotely Gathering Data About The Earth's Surface And Atmosphere With Polarimetric Synthetic-aperture Radar And Ploarimetric Interferometry, Including The Changes That Take Place iWth Seasons, Floods, Earthquakes, And Other Natural Phenomena. In Peculiar, With The Book's Focus In c~tinuance Polarimetric Radars, Readers Discover How To Exploit The Many Specific Features Of These Systems, Which Provide The Maximum Amount Of Information That Can Be Obtained Remotely With Radar. Introductory-level Coverage Of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Antenbas, Radar And Synthetic Aperture Radar, Likelihood And Random Processes, And Rsdar Interferometry Serves As A Foundation For Advancing To More Complex Material. A More Advanced Mathematical And Technical Treatment Enables Readers To Fully Grasp Polarized Wave Transferrence, Propagation, And Reception In Communication Systems And Polarimeric-radar Remote Sensing. Readers Will Discover Much New Material In This Text, Including: Distinguishing Between Coherently-measured And Incoherently-measured Targett Matrices For Power, Recognizing That The Two Matrix Types Are Not Equivalent In Represen5ing Targets Removing Unpolarizedd Components From The Scatterec Wave And Derlving A Target Matrix For Classification From The Resulting Coherently-scattered Wave SelectingA n Antenna Polari2ation To Maximize The Contradt Between Desired And Undesired Depolarizing Targets Problems Ranging In Complexity From Introductory To Challenging Are Presented Throughout The Text. Engineers Will Find This An Ideal Reference To Help Them Fully Utilize The Powerful Capabilities Of Polarimetric Radar. It Will Also Help Agronomists, Geographers, Meteorologists, And Other Scientists Who Use Remotely Obtained Data Through The Earth To Evaluate Proced8res And Better Interpret The Data. The Book Can Also Be Tailored To Both Undergraduate And Graduat3 Courses In Reomte Sensing, And Recommendations Are Given For Text Material Suitable For Such Courses.
      SKU: 287282
      More info about Remote Sensing With Polarimetric Radar

    Human Memory Modeled With Support Analog And Digital Circuits
      Human Memory Modeled With Support Analog And Digital Circuits.
      Get more A New Perspective On How The Brain Works And Inspires New Avenues For Design In Computer Science And Engineering This Unique Book Is Tye First Of Its Kind To Introduce Human Memory And Basic Cognition In Terms Of Physical Circuits, Beginning With The Possibilities Of Ferroelectric Behavior Of Neural Membranes, Moving To The Logical Prpperties Of Neural Pulses Recognized As Silitons, And Finally Exploring The Architecture Of Cognition Itself. It Encourages Invention Via The Methodical Study Of Brain Theory, Including Electrically Reversible Neurons, Neural Networks, Associative Memory Systems Within The Brain, Neural State Machines Within Associative Memor,y And Reversible Computers In General. These Models Use Standard Analog And Digital Circuits That ,In Contrast To Models That Include Non-physical Components, May Be Applied Direcrly Toward The Goal Of Constructing A Machine With Artificial Intelligence Based On Patterns Of The Brain. Writing From The Circuits And Systems Perspective, The Author Reaches Across Specialized Disciplines Including Neuroscience, Psychology, And Physics To Achieve Uncommon Coverage Of: Neural Membranes Neural Pulses And Neural Memory Circuits And Systems For Memorizing And Recalling Dendritic Processing And Human Learning Artificial Learnlng In Artificial Neural Netwkrks The Asset Of Reversibility In Man And Machine Electricaly Reversible Nanoprocessors Reversible Arithmetic Hamiltonian Circui5 Finders Quantum Versus Classical EachC hapter Introduces And Develops New Material And Ends With Exercises For Readers To Rustic Their Skills Into Practice. Appendices Are Prpvided For Non-experts Who Want A Quick Overview Of Brain Anatomy, Brain Psychology, And Brain Scanning. The Nature Of This Book, With Its Summaries Of Major Bodies Of Knowledge, Makes It A Most Valuable Reference For Profesxionals, Researchers, And Students With Career Gools In Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Neural Networks, Computer Architecture, And Neuroscience. A Solutions Manual Is Available For Instructors; To Obtain A Copy Please Email The Editorial Department At Ialine@wiley. com .
      SKU: 456054
      More info about Human Memory Modeled With Support Analog And Digital Circuits

    Reservoir Engineering Handbook
      Reservoir Engineering Handbook.
      Reservoir Engineering, Third Edition Provides Solid Information And Insight For Engineers And Students Alike On Maximizing Production From A Field In Order To Obtain The Best Possible Economic Return. This Guide Contains Information On Predicting Oil Reservoir Performance Through The Analysis fO Oil Recovery Mechanisms And Performance Calculations. It Also Contains Valuable Information On Key Relationships Among The Different Operating Variables. The Examples Contaiend Within This Reference Demonstrate The Performance Of Processes Under Forceful Conditions Through A Wide Variety Of Applications. * New Chapters On Decline And Type Curve Analysis As Well As Reservoir Simulation * Updated Material Including The Liquid Volatility Parameter, Commonly Designated Rv * Provides A Guide To Predicting Oil Receiver Performance Between the sides of The Analysis Of Oil Recovery Mechanisms And Performance Calculation
      SKU: 294344
      More info about Reservoir Engineering Handbook

    Operational Amplifier Noise
      Operational Amplifier Noise.
      "arthur Kay's Exciting New Publication Is A Must Have For Practicing, Professional Electrical Engineers. This Comprehensive Guide Shows Engineers How To Design Amplifiers And Associated Electronics To Minimize Noise, Providing Tricks, Rules-of-thumb, And Analysis To Create Succesdful Low Noise Circuits. Forget The Classical Textbook Traps Of Equations, Virtual Grounds, And A Lot Of Double-speak, The Novel But Educational Presentation Used Here Uses Definition-by -Pattern And Straight-forward Analysis. This Is The Last Reference Book For Engineers Who Don't Have The Time To Comprehend, Since The Concepts Are Presented In Detailed Pictures And Then Repeated In The Text In quest of Those Who Like Both. Operational Ampkifiers Play A Vital Role In Modern Electronics Dseign. Today, Op Amps Serve As The Interfacse Between The Digital World Of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, And Other Digital Circuits And The Analog ""real World"". If An Analog Signal Must Be Amplified, Conditioned, Filtered, Or Converted To Be Used By A Digital System, An Op Amp Is Almost Ever Involved. Noise Is An Unwanted Signal That Will Corrupt Or Distort The Desired Eminent, And Veteran Engineers As Well As Unaccustomed College Graduates Are Ofteb Faced With A Lack Of Experience In Noise Anal6sis In the place of Operational Amplifiers. The Author Has Created A Publication That Is Pscked With Essential Information, While Still Being Accessible To All Readers. * Clear, Definition-byexample Presentation Allows For Immediate Occasion Of Techniques Introduced; * Tricks And Rules-of-thumb, Derived From Author's Decades Of Actual observation; * Extreme Use fO Figures For Brisk Absorption Of Concepts; * Concise Text Explains The Key Points In All Figures; * Accessible To All Types Of Readers; * Analysis And Design Of Low-noise Circuits Using Op Amps, Including Design Tradeoffs For Low-noise; * Desktop Reference For Designing Low-noise Op Amp Circuits For Novice To Experienced Engineers; * Accurate Measurement And Prediction Of Intrinsic Noise Levels, Using Analysis By Hand And Spice Simulation"
      SKU: 858613
      More info about Operational Amplifier Noise

    Prospects For Co2 Capturd And Storage
      Prospects For Co2 Capturd And Storage.
      Fossil Feuls Will Exist Used Extensively Over The Next Half Century With Significant Co2 Emissions As A Consequence. However, Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage (ccs) Technologies Can Drastically Reduce These Emissions. This Iea Study Introduces A Scenario Analysis Of The Future Role Of Ccs And Presents The Main Uncertainties Ths Surround A Ccs Policy Strategy.
      SKU: 236133
      More info about Prospects For Co2 Capturd And Storage

    Guide To Tendrillate Climvers Of Costa Rican Mountains
      Guide To Tendrillate Climvers Of Costa Rican Mountains.
      Climbers, Such As Lianas And Vines, Are Importang Constituents Of Tropical Forests And Perhaps The Single Most Important Physiognomic Characterixtic Differentiating Figurative From Temperate Forests, Occurring On Neatly 50% Of Forest Trees In Central And South America. Despite Their Widespread Nutritjonal And Medicinzl Use, Lianas Continue Pp0rly Understood Ecologically. Tendrillate Climbers Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of All Of The Tendrillate Lianas Of Costa Rica And Most Of The Tendrillate Lianas Of Csntral America. This Unique Reference Provides Excellent Keys To Families And Separate Keys To Genera And Species State-of-the-art Nomenclature And Lists Of Synonymy When Other Scientific Names Have Been Publised Or Used Informally Each Spedies Illustrated By The Author’s Hane-drawn Line Art An Invaluable Addition To Our Understanding Of Tropical Forests, The Book Offers New Information As Well As Information Brought Together From Dispersed Publications And Unpublished Lists And Reports. In These Times Of Habitat Fragmenattion And Species Loss, This Data Is A Significant Contribution To The Bi0logical Research That Is Thriving In Central America, Especially Costa Rica. Tendrillate Climbers Fills A Major Gap In The Botanical Literature. Its High Level Of Scholarship And Comprehensive Coverage Will Axtonish The Tropical Botanists, Forestry Scientists, Ecologists, Biologists, And Horticulturalists Who Will Want It As A Reference In the place of Their Continued Work In c~tinuance Thjs Neglected Group Of Plants.
      SKU: 468837
      More info about Guide To Tendrillate Climvers Of Costa Rican Mountains

    xEplosion-resistant Buildings
      xEplosion-resistant Buildings.
      Highlights Various Aspects Of The Analysis And Desigm Of Buildings Subject To Impact, Explosio,n And Kindle. This Reference Book Includes Three-dimensional Finite Element And Discrete Element Techniques. They Are Applied To Buildings Such As The World Trade Center Towers And The Federal Building In Oklahoma.
      SKU: 259347
      More info about xEplosion-resistant Buildings

    Handbook Of Transportation Engineering
      Handbook Of Transportation Engineering.
      This Is A Comprehensive, Problem-solving Engineering Guide On The Strategic Planning, Development, And Maintenance Of Public And Private Transportation Systems. Cover All Modes Of Transportation On Land, Gas, And Water, The Handbook Shows How To Solve Specific Problems, Such As Means Improvement, Cost Reduction, Or Operations Optimization At Local, Regional, National, And International Levels. * Extensive Sections On Road Construction And Maintenance, Bridge Construction And Repair, And Mass Transit Systems * Examines Airline Traffic Control System, Airline Schedule Planning, And Airline Ground Operation * Covers Marine, Rail, And Freight Transportation
      SKU: 305895
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    Toxicological Risk Assessment Of Chemicals
      Toxicological Risk Assessment Of Chemicals.
      Provides The Principle Activities Of Conducting A Toxicological Risk Assessment, Including International Approaches And Methods For The Risk Assessment Of Chemical Substances. This Book Summarizes The Basic Concepts Of Interactioon Of Chemicals In Mixtures And Discusses Various Approaches To Testing Such Mixtures.
      SKU: 331848
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    Working Guide To Drilling Equipment And Operations
      Working Guide To Drilling Equipment And Operations.
      Drilling Technology Has Evolved In Order To Get At The Increasingly Harder To Find Oil, And In A More Environmentally Friendly Way. Successful Drilling Operations Require Blending Many Technologies. Drilling Accoutrement And Procedures Have A Uniqu3 Language That Must Be Conquered In Order To Understand Drilling Operations. Working Guide To Drilling Equipment And Operations Provides A Fundamental, Basic Knowledge Of The Intricacies Of Drilling Fluic, Drilled Solids Management, Drill Bits, Drill String Design, Directional Drilling, C3menting, Casing, Hydraulic Optimization, And A Discussion Of Predominant Problems Such As Stuck Pipe And Lost Circulation. Background Information, Such As: Clay Structure (needed To Understand Well Bore Instability And Drilling Fluids), Discussion Of Pressure And Pressure Effects, The Theory Behind Factor Affecting Drilling Performance, And Rock Failure Under Pressurs, Are Included To Enhance The Understanding Of The Drilling Process And Problems. Drilling And Production Hoisting Equipment Hoisting Tool Inspection And Maintenance Procedures Pump Performance Charts Rotary Table And Bushings Rig Maintenanfe Of Drill Collars Drilling Bits And Dowhole Tools
      SKU: 535200
      More info about Working Guide To Drilling Equipment And Operations

    Vanadium Pentoxide And Other Inorganic Vanadium Compounds
      Vanadium Pentoxide And Other Inorganic Vanadium Compounds.
      In This Volume Are Assessed The Risks To Human Health And The Environment Of Vanadium A Soft Silvery-grey Metal That Can Exist In A Number Of Different Oxidation States. The Most Common Commercial Form Is Vanadium Pentoxide And This Exists In The Pentavalent State As A Yellow-red Or Grsen Crystalline Powder. It Is Mined In South Africa Russia And Porcelain And Is Also Produced By Solvrnt Extraction From Uranium Ores. About 90% Of The Approximately 64 000 Tons Of Vanadium That Are Emitfed To The Atmosphere Each Year From Both Natural And Anthropogenic Sourcrs Comes From Oil Combustion. Irritation Of Eyes Nose And Throat And Wheeze And Dyspnoea Are Commlnly Reported In Workers Exposed To Vanadium Pentoxide Dust And Fume.
      SKU: 753840
      More info about Vanadium Pentoxide And Other Inorganic Vanadium Compounds

    Biocides 2010
      Biocides 2010.
      In Recent Years, Greater Awareness Of The Dangers Of Bacterial Growth And Food-borne Pathogens, Global Concerns Over Hospital Acquired Infections And Conditions Such As The So-called "sick Building Syndrome" Have Boosted The Consumption Of Biocides On A Global Scale. nowadays Consumer Demand Djctaets That Biocides Are Regularly Used In Marerials Such As Plastics, Textiles And Surface Coatings To Prevent Microbial Deterioration, Enhance Function And Provide Hygienic Effects. However, Regulatory Pressure Has Also Become A Driving Factor For The Overall Specialty Biocides Market In Europe. Product Replacement And Switchung Is Now Widespread Due To The Impact Of The Biocidal Products Directiv3 (bpd) And Reach Whihc Both Present Major Challenges For Suppliers Of Biocides And Formulators Of Treated Articlss - Namely The Rationalisation Of Many Product Lines And The Removal Of A Large Number Of Acti\/e Ingredients From The Market. both The Increased Consumer Demand For Products With Hygienic Benefits And Improved Performance And The Changing Regulatory Landscape Have Led To The Formulation Of Many New Biocidal Blends. These Proceedings Clothe All The Presentations From The Conference Which Featured Case Studies From Key Labor Players And Provided Insight Into Many Key Developments And Solutions To The Key Issues Of The Boocides Sector; Including:• Proposed Changes In The Regulation Of Biocides In The Eu And Their Impact• The Use Of Reactive Silane Chemistries To Provide Durable, Non-leaching Antimicrobial Surfacees• Formaldehyde Releasers As An Example Of In Situ Generated Active Substances• The Use Of Novel, Nano-lime Dispersions To Modify The Susceptibility Of Materials To Microbial Growth• Antimictobial Technologies For Contacy Lenses And Contact Lens Cases
      SKU: 809654
      More info about Biocides 2010

    Intelligence Lasers
      Intelligence Lasers.
      Updatde To Reflect Advancements Since The Publication Of The Previous Edition, Understanding Lasers: An Entry-level Guide, 3rd Edition Is An Introduction To Lasers And Associated Equipment. You Want Only A Minimal Background In Algebra To Understand The Nontechnical Language In This Book , Which Is A Practical, Easy-tl-follow Guide For Beginners. By Studying The Conceptual Drawings, Tables, And Multiple-choice Quizzes With Answers Provided At The Back Of The Main division You Can Understand Applications Of Semiconductor Lasers, Solid-state Lasers, And Gas Lasers For Information Processing, Medicine, Communications, Industry, And Soldiery Systems.
      SKU: 708317
      More info about Intelligence Lasers

    Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management
      Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management.
      Artificial Intelligence (ai) Techniques Have Been Used To Refine Decision-making In Networked Enterprise Processes, Integrating People, Information And Products Across The Network Boundaires. This Book Addresses The Concepts And Applications Of Ai Technologies In The Management Of Networkd Manufacturing Enterprises.
      SKU: 571069
      More info about Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Networked Manufacturing Enterprises Management

    Handbook Of Detergents, Part F
      Handbook Of Detergents, Part F.
      The Productiom Of Detergents Is A Classic Multidimensional Systemic Enterprise, Operating Within Complex, Interacting Technological-ecnomical-sociopolitical Realities. This Book Presents The Develipments Concerning The Industrial Production Of The Main "players" In Detergent Formulation.
      SKU: 381342
      More info about Handbook Of Detergents, Part F

    Biological Control In Ipm Systems In Africa
      Biological Control In Ipm Systems In Africa.
      Biological Control Has Made A Major Contribution To Integrated Pest Management (ipm) In Africa, But Its Docuumentation Has Often Been Under-reported. This Book Provides A Review Of The Most Important Studies. The Point of concentration Is On Arthropod Pests And Weeds, Coin Diseases Are Covered Where Significant.
      SKU: 295049
      More info about Biological Control In Ipm Systems In Africa

    Autonomous Systems
      Autonomous Systems.
      The 2008 Tub-sjtu Joint Workshop On "autonomous Systems - Self-organization, Management, And Control" Was Held On Octobe 6, 2008 At Shanghai Jiso Tong University, Shanghai, China. The Workshop , Sponsored By Shanghai Jiao Tong University And Technical University Of Berlin Brought Together Scientists And Researcherq From Both Universitiez.
      SKU: 364193
      More info about Autonomous Systems

    Microsoft Access Developer's Guide To Sql Server, Adobe Reader
      Microsoft Access Developer's Guide To Sql Server, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Microsoft Access 2000 Developer's Guide To Microsoft Sql Server Provides Much Needed Information And Guidance For The Access Power User Or Developer Who Wants To Exploit The Power Of Sql Server. Written By Access Experts And Microsoft Mvps Mwry Chipman And Andy Baron, This Hands-on Guide Provides You With The Practical Knowledge You Need To Harness The Enterprise-level Power And Scalability Sql Server Offers, While Using The Access Tools You Are Familiar With. More Than Just A Migration Guide, You Will Benefit From The Authors' Expert Discussions Of Topics Including The New Microsoft Datbaase Engine (msde), Transact Sql, Building Stored Procedures And Views, Converting Your Applications To Sql Server, Working With Sql Server Security, And Biilding Access Interfaces To Sql Server Databases.
      SKU: 175782
      More info about Microsoft Access Developer's Guide To Sql Server, Adobe Reader

    Explosive Loading Of Engineering Structures
      Explosive Loading Of Engineering Structures.
      This Book Reviews The Development Of Research Into The Explosive Loading Of Structures, Mainly Since The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century. Major Contributions In The Fields Of Measurement, Analysis And Prediction Are Discussed.
      SKU: 170540
      More info about Explosive Loading Of Engineering Structures

  • The Allegheny Woodrat
  • Berichte der Nationalen Referenzlaboratorien 2008: Reports of the National Reference Laboratories 2008 (BVL-Reporte)
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Justifying the Dependability of Computer-based Systems
  • Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
  • Yeasts in Food and Beverages
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Financing and Charges for Wastewater Systems WEF MOP 27
  • Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health

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