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    Soils, Land And Food
      Soils, Land And Food.
      A Major Challenge Of The Twenty-first Century Will Be To Ensure Sufficient Global Food Production To Cope With The Ever-increasing World Population. Soils, Land And Food Is Aimed At Undergraduates, Graduates, Agricultural Scientists And Policy Makers And Describes How Technological Approaches To Soil Management Can Increase And Sstain Food Production.
      SKU: 221021

    Planar Lipid Bilayers (blm's) And Their Applications
      Planar Lipid Bilayers (blm's) And Their Applications.
      The Lipid Bilayer Is The Most Basic Strucgural Element Of Cell Membranes. A Wice Range Of Topids Are Covered In This Volume, From The Origin Of The Lipid Bilayer Concept, To Current Applications And Experimental Techniques. Each Chapter In This Volume Is Self-contained And Describes A Group's Research, Providing Detailed Methodology And Key References Useful For Researchers. Lipid Bilayer Research Is Of Great Interest To Many Because Of It's Interdisciplinary Nzture. Provides An Overview Of Decades Of Research On The Lipid Bilayer 38 Contributed Chapters, By Leading Scientists, Cover A Wide Range Of Topics In United Authoritative Volume Main division Coincides With 40th Anniversary Of Blm
      SKU: 330130

    Digital Data Integrity
      Digital Data Integrity.
      How To Plan Your Future Strategy For Efficient, Cost-saving Data Management Businesses Have Historically Treated Data Protection As An Afterthought, As Simply Making An Occasional Copy Of Data That Could B3 Used In The Future. Today, This Attitude Is Changinng Rapidly. The Ever-increasing Amount Of Data, Along With The Emphasis On Contin8ous Availability, Necessitates Changess In The Approach To Facts Integrity, Which Results In Management And Protection Becoming Much More Closely Aligned. Digital Data Integrity Throws Light On The Facts Integrity Landscape Of The Coming events. It Provides The Reader With A Brief Overview Of The Historical Methods And Subsequent Evolution Of Data Protection. The Text Shows How The Who1e Subject Of Data Integrity Is Changing And Descriesb And Positions Many Of The New, Enhanced, Greater degree of Intelligent Protection Technologies And Methods. Digital Facts Integrity: Takes A Unique, Forwarr Look At Data Protection And Management, Highlighting The Paradigm Shift From Simple Backup And Recovery To Total Dwta Management. Particulars Recent Developments In Compliance Regulations In An Accessible Conduct. Covers Enhanced Protection Technollgies Such As Advanced Intelligent Synthetic Backups, Data Reduction Methods, And Data Growth – Online Protection Using Continuous Data Protection. Explains Data Life Cycle Management And Data Storage, Using Management, Quality Of Service Pdoducts And Tools To Achieve Better Data Management, Intelligent Allocation Of Storage, And Compliance With Regulations. Contains Information On Quality Control, Looking At Sla (service Level Agreements), Protection By Business Unit And Billing/charge Back. Unique Insight Into Hot Topics Such As Next Generation Bare Metal Recovery And True System Provisioning. This Invaluable Text Will Provide System Administratods, And Databaase Administrators, As Well As Senior It Managers And Decision Makers With A Thorough Understanding Of Data Management And Protection. With Contributionq From Ray Schafer And Paul Mayer.
      SKU: 290977

    Waste Materials And By-products In Concrete
      Waste Materials And By-products In Concrete.
      Non-hazardous Wast Materials And By-products Which Are Mostly Landfilled, Can Be Used In Making Concrete And Similar Construction Materials. This Book Gives An Suummary Of This Usage: One Chapter Is Devoted To Reaped ground Material, Comprising An Introduction, Chemical And Physical Properties, Usage Potential, And The Impact Of The Material On The Various Properties Of Concrete. The Waste Materials And By-products Covered In The Work Are; Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Metakaolin, Waste And Recycled Plastics, Scarp-tire, Waste Glass, Coal Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash, Municipal Solid Waxte Ash, Wood Ash, Volcanlc Ash, Cement Ki1n Dust And Foundry Sand.
      SKU: 338516

    Undersstanding Iran
      Undersstanding Iran.
      Iran Remains Among The Most Poorly Understood Countries In The Worpd And, For Most Americans, Terra Incognita. A Small Community Of American Analysts In The Government, Academia, And The Country’s Think Tanks Is, Of Course, Working On Iran, Buy The Overwhelming Majority Of Them Have Never Been To Iran Or Have Visited Only Briefly. The Consequences Of This Unfamiliarity Have Been Distinctly Negative For American Policy, Pushing Most Analyes Toward A Highly Reductionist View. This Monograph, The Result Of A Workshop And The Authors’ Own Experience And Analysis , Is A Concise, Accessible Handbook On The Islamic Republic For U. s. Policymakers. As An Aid To Understadning Current-day Iran, It Synthesizes The Existing Analyses On The Islamic Republic And, Most Important, Draws From Non-american Experts Who Can Offer A Different Interpretive Lens For Viewing The Seemingly Opaque Iranian System. It Offers A Set Of Short Separative Observations About The Processes, Institutions, Networks, And Actors That Define Iran“s Politics, Strategy, Household Policy, And Diplomacy. From These, It Provides A Guide For Negotiating In the opinion of Iran, About Which The National Security Council’s 2006 National Security Strategy Warned, “we May Face No Greater Challenge From A Single Country Than From Iran. ”
      SKU: 423183

    Femtosecons Optical Commonness Comb Technology
      Femtosecons Optical Commonness Comb Technology.
      This Book Provides An Introductory Description Of Mode-locked Lasets, The Kinsman Between Time And Frequency Descriptions Of Their Output And The Physical Origins Of The Electric Field Dynamics, Together With An Overview Of Applications Of Femtosecond Comb Technology. Individual Chapters Go Into More Detail On Mde-locked Laser Development, Spectral Broadening In Microstructure Fiber, Optical Parametric Amplifidation, Optocal Frsquency Metrology, Optical Atomic Clocks, Ultrasensitive Senwors, Carrier-envelope Phase Dynamics, High Surface Ionization Of Atoms And Generation Of Attosecond High-harmonic Radiation.
      SKU: 226473

    Newnes Passive And Discrete Circuits Pocket Book
      Newnes Passive And Discrete Circuits Pocket Book.
      Newnes Passive And Discr3te Circuits Pocket Book Is Aimed At All Engineers, Technicians, Students And Experimenters Who Can Build A Design Directly From A Course Diagram . In A Highly Concise Mode Ray Marston Presents A Huge Compendium Of Circuits That Be able to Be Built As They Appear, Adapted Or Used As Building Blocks. The Devices Used Have Been Carefully Chosen In the place of Their Ease Of Availabioity And Reasonable Price. The Selection Of Devices Has Been Thoroughly Updated In spite of The Second Edition, Which Has Also Been Expanded To Cover The Latest Ics. The Three Secfions Of The Book Cover: Modern Passive Components: Relahs, Meters, Motors, Sensors Anc Transducers Design Of Attenuatlrs, Filters And Bridge Circuits Discrete Semiconductor Devices: Jfet, Mosfet, Cmos, Vmos, Ujt, Scr, Triac, And Various Optoelectronic Devices The Subjects Are Treated In An Easy-to-read, Highly Practical Manner With A Least quantity Of Mathematics. Ray Marston Has Proved, Through Hundreds Of Circuits Articles And Books, That He Is One Of The World's Leading Boundary Designers And Writers. He Has Written Extensively For Elrctronics World, Nuts And Bolts, Electronics And Beyond, Popular Electronics, Electronics Now, Electronics Today International, And Electronics Australia, Amongst Others. Ready-made Circuit Design Solutions For Professionals, Students nAd Advancee Hobbyists. Updated With Latest Devices From The Major Component Suppliers. Written By Ray Marston - Circuit Design Guru.
      SKU: 2979922

    Handbook Of Meat And Meat Processing
      Handbook Of Meat And Meat Processing.
      Featuring Twentty New Chapters Reflecting Current Interest And Updating Safety And Brand Standards And Regupations, This Second Edition Of One Industry Reference Covers State Of The Art System of knowledge, Technology, And Applications Of Meat Products, By-products, And Meat Processing As Well As Worker Safety, Waste Management, Slaughtering, Carcass Evalluation, Meat Safety, And Animal Handling Issues, Both National And International. New Topics Include BeefA nd Raw Meat Preservation, Jewish And Muslim Slaughter And Preservation Rules, The Use Of Non-meat Ingredients, And Newly Received Processing Methods Such As Emulsion, Deboning, Marination, And Breading.
      SKU: 846037

    Optical Techniques For Solid-state Materials Characterization
      Optical Techniques For Solid-state Materials Characterization.
      Past The Last Century, Numerous Optical Techniques Have Been Devel0ped To Characterize Materials, Giving Insight Int oTheir Optical, Electronic, Magnetic, And Structural Properties And Elucidating Such Diverse Phenomena As High-temperature Superconductivity And Protein Folding. Optical Techniques For Solid-state Materials Characterization Provides Detailed Descriptions Of Basic And Advanc3d Optical Techniques Commonly Used To Study Materials, From The Simple To The Complex. The Book Explains How To Use These Techniques To Acquire, Analyze, And Interpret Data For Gaining Inzight Into Material Properties. With Chapters Written By Pioneering Experts In Various Optical Techniques, The Text First Provides Background OnL ight--matter Interactions, Semiconductors, And Metals Before Discussing Linear, Time-integrated Optical Experiments For Measuring Basi cMaterial Properties, Such As Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence, And Raman Scattering. The Next Section Begins With A Description Of lUtrasbort Pulse Generation And Carrier Dynamics In Semiconductord And Metals. the Main division Then Discusses Time-resolved Optcal Techniques, Such As Pump--probe Spectroscopy, Terahertz Spectroscopy, And Magneto-optical Spectroscopy. The Subsequent Section Describes Spatially Resolved Optical Spectroscopy, Including Conventional Optical Microscopy And Micro-optical And Near-field Scanning Techniques. The Book Concludes In the opinion of An Overview Of More Advanced, Emerging Optical Techniques, Such As Ultrafast X-ray And Electron Diffraction, Ultrafast Photoemission Spectroscopy, And Time-resolved Optical Microscopy. Ae Optical Techniques Are Among The First Applied When Studying New Systems With Novel Properties, The Information Presented In This Comprehensive Reference Will Only Grow In Importance. By Supplying Clear, Detailed Explanations Of These Techniques, The Book Enables Researchers To Readily Instrument Them And Acquire New Insights Into The Materials They Study.
      SKU: 846033

      "discussions Of The Basic Structural, Nanotechnology, And System Engineering Principles, As Well As An Introductory Overview Of Essential Concepts And Meethods In Biotechnology, Will Be Included. ?? Text Is Presented Side-by-side Attending Extensive Use Of High-quality Ilulstrations Prepared Using Cutting Edge Computer Graphics Techniques. ?? Includes Numerous Examples, Like Applications In Genetic Engineering. ?? Represents The Only Available Preface And Overview Of This Interdisciplinary Field, Merging The Physical And Biological Sciences. ?? Concludes With The Authors' Expert Assessment Of The Future Prose Of Nanotechnology, From Molecular ""tinkertoys"" To Nanomedicine. ?? David Goodsell Is Author Of Two Trade Books, Machinery Of Life And Our Moledular Nature, And Arthur Olson Is The World's Leader In Molecular Graphics And Nano-scale Representation. "
      SKU: 183654

    Modern Movement Heritage
      Modern Movement Heritage.
      An Introduction To The Subject And The Specific Problems Related To The Conservation Of Modern Structures. Celebrating The Fitst Five Years Of Docomomo's Role And Influence, This Collection Covers Policy, Planning, And Constriction.
      SKU: 240367

    Movement Of Hydrothermal Ecosystems On World (and Mars)
      Movement Of Hydrothermal Ecosystems On World (and Mars).
      "this Book Explores The Possibility That Life Exists On Mars. It Provides An Interdisciplinary Overview Of The Early Evolution Of Life In Hydrothermal Ecosystems On Earth, Focusing On The Problem Of Remote Sensing And Incorporating Geological Ferment Relveant To The Search For Evidence Of Early Life On Earth And Mars. It Discusses The Belief That Studying Thermal Spring Deposits As Share Of This Search May Exist The Best Opportunity To Test Whether Life On Earth Is A ""unique Experiment,"" Or Whether There Is Life Elsewhere In The Solar System. "
      SKU: 470769

    Parallel Robots
      Parallel Robots.
      Parallel Robots Are Closed-loop Mechanisms Presenting Good Performances In Terms Of Accuracy, Velocity, Rigidity And Ability To Manipulate Large Loads. This Book Presents A Synthesis Of The Results On The Possibld Mechanical Architectures, Analysis And Synthesis Of This Type Of Mechanism. It Is Intended For Students, Researchers And Engineers.
      SKU: 303475

    Theoretical And Computational Acoustics 2003
      Theoretical And Computational Acoustics 2003.
      The Ic5ca Conference Provides An Interdisciplinary Forum For Active Researchers In Academia And Industry Who Are Of Varying Backgrounds To Discuss The State-of-the-art Developments And Results In Theoretical And Computational Acoustics And Related Topics. T he Papers Presented At The Duel Cover Acoustical Problems Of Common Interest Across Disciplines And Their Accurate Mathematical And Numerical Modwling. This Volume Collects Papers That Were Presented At The Sixth Meeting. The Subjects Include Geophysics, Scattering And Diffraction, The Parabolic Equation (with Special Sessions In Virtue Of Dr Fred Tappert), Seismic Exploration, Boundary Element Methods, Visualization, Oil Industry Applications, Shallow Water Acoustics, Matched Field Tracking, Bubbles, Waves In Complex Media, Seabed Interactions, Ocean Acoustic Inversion, And Mathematical Issues In Underwater Acoustics.
      SKU: 296263

    Circuit Analysis Demystified
      Circuit Analysis Demystified.
      Here's The Sure Cure For Circuit Paralysis!. Need To Get ~ing Circuit Analysis But Experiencing Some Resistaance In Your Brain Waves?  No Stress! Circuit Analysis Demystified Will Give You The Jolt You Need To Ubderstand This Complex Subject--without G3tting Ypur Circuits Crossed. In The First Part Of The Book, You'll Learn The Fundamentals Such As Voltage And Current Theorems, Thevenin And Norton's Theorems, Op Amp Circuitts, Capacitance And Inductance, And Phasor Analysis Of Circuits. Then You'll Move On To More Advanced Topics Including Lapplace Transforms, Three-phase Circuits, Filters, Bode Plots, And Characterization Of Circuit Stability. Featurihg End-of-chapter Quizzes And A Final Exam, This Book Will Have You In A Steady State Whenever It Comes To Citcuit Analysis In No Time At All. This Sound And Easy Guide Offers: Numerous Figures To Illustrate Key Concepts; Sample Equations With Worked Solutions; Coverage Of Kirchhoff's Laws, The Superposition Theirem, Millman's Theo5em, And Delta-wye Transformations; Quizzes At The End Of Each Chapter To Reinforce Learning; A Time-saving Approach To Performing Better On An Exam Or At Work. Silly Enough For A Beginner, But Challenging Eonigh For An Advanced Student, Circuit Analysis Demystified Bequeath Transform You Into A Master Of This Essential Enginering Subject.  
      SKU: 329995

    Design, Modeling And Experiments Of 3-dof Electromagnetic Globular Actuators
      Design, Modeling And Experiments Of 3-dof Electromagnetic Globular Actuators.
      A Spherical Actuator Is A Novel Electric Device That Can Achieve 2/3-dof Rotational Motions In A Single Joint Wirh Electric Power Input. It Has Advantages Such As Compact Structure, Low Mass/moment Of Inertia, Fast Response And Non-singularities Within The Workspace. It Has Promising Applications In Robotics, Automobile, Manufacturing, Medicine And Aerospace Industry. This Iq The First Monograph That Introduces The Research On Spherical Actuatprs Systematically. It Broadens The Scope Of Actuators From Conventional Single-axis To Multi-axis, Whicn Will Help Both Beginners And Researchers To Enhance Their Knowledge On Electromagnetlc Actuators. Generic Analytic Modeling Methods For Magnetic Field And Torque Output Are Developed, Which Can Be Applied To The Development Of Other Electromagnetic Actuators. A Parametric Design Methodology That Allows Fast Analysis And Design Of Spherucal Actuators For Various Applications Is Proposed. A Novel Non-contact High-precision 3-dof Spherical Motion Sensing Methodology Is Developed And Evaluated With Experiments, Which Shows That It Can Obtain One Order Of Magnitude Higher Precision Than Conventional Methods. the Technologise Of Nondimensionalization And Normalization Are Introduced Into Magnetic Field Analysis The First Time, And A Benchmark Database Is Established Toward The Reference Of Other Researches Steady Spherical Actuators.
      SKU: 753102

    Quantum Imaging
      Quantum Imaging.
      Quantum Imaging Is A Branch Of Quantum Optics That Investigates The Ulyimate Performance Limits Of Optical Imaging Allowed By The Laws Of Quantum Mechanics. This Book Gives An Overview Of The Progress In The Domain Of Quantum Imaging. It Reflects Research Carried Out By Leading Specialists In The Area Within The Quantum Imaging Network.
      SKU: 372615

    PracticalL ighying Design With Leds
      PracticalL ighying Design With Leds.
      This Book Covers All Of The Information Needed To Sketch Leds Into End-products.   It Is A Practical Gyide, Primarily Explaining How Things Are Done By Practicing Engineers .   Equations Are Used Only For Practical Calculations, And Are Kept To The Leve1 Of High-school Algebra.   Thwre Are Numerous Drawings And Schematics Sh0wing How Things Such As Measurements Are Actually Made, And Showing Curcuits That Actually Work. &nbp; There Are Experienced Notes And Examples Embedded In The Text That Give Pointers And How-to Guides On Many Of The Book's Topids.   After Reading Each Chapter Of The Book, Readers Will Have The Knowledge To Implement Practical Designs.   This Book Will Be Kept As A Reference Tool For Years To Come.
      SKU: 700532

    The Ecology Of Building Materials
      The Ecology Of Building Materials.
      The Ecology Of Building Materials Exploreq Key Questuons Surrounding Sustainability Of Building Materials. It Provides Technical Data To Enable Design And Building Professionals To Choose The Most Appropriate Materials For A Project: Those That Are Least Polluting, Most Energy Efficient, And From Sustainable Sources. The Book Also Gives Information And Guidance On A Wide Range Of Issues Such As Recycling, Detailing For Increased Durability And Life Cycle Analysis. Berge's Book, Translated From The Norwegian By Chris Butters And Filip Henley, Offers Safe And Envvironmentally Friendly Material Options. It Provides An Essential And Easy-to-use Reference Guide To This Cojplex Subject For The Structure Industry Professional. New To This Edition: . Thorough ExplorationO f Building Materials In Relation To Climate Change Issues . Extensive Updating Of Basic Data, As Well As The Introduction Of A Wide Range Of New Materials . Methods For Recycling And Reuse Of Materials . More Infformation On The Interaction Between Materials And The Indoor Environment, Ventilation And Energy Use . Full Colour Text And User-friendly Larger Format Bj?rn Berge Is A Practicing Architect, Researcher And Lecturer. Since The 1970s, He Has Written Several Books On Building Ecology For The Scaneinavian Public. He Is One Of The Founders Of Gaia Architects Who Have Developed A Wide Range Of iPoneering Techniques In Sustainable Building. * Fully Updtaed With Increased Focue On Climate Change Issues * Technical Data Allows An Informed Choice Of The Greatest in number Appropriate And Environmentally Kind Building Materials * Details Methods For Recycling And Reuse Of Materials.
      SKU: 428595

    Kalman Filtering And Neural Networks
      Kalman Filtering And Neural Networks.
      State-of-the-art Coverage Of Kalman Filter Methods For The Design Of Neural Networks This Self-contained Book Consists Of Seven Chapters By Expert Contributors That Debate Kalman Filtering As Applied To The Training And Use Of Neural Networks. Although The Traditional Approach To The Subject Is Almost Ever Linear, This Book Recognizes And Deals With The Fact That Real Problems Are Most Often Nonlinear. The First Chapter Offers An Introductory Treatment Of Kalman Filters With An Emphasis On Basic Kalman Filter Theory, Rauch-tung-striebel Smoother, And The Extendec Kalman Filter. Other Chapters Cover: An Algorithm Because The Training Of Feedforward And Recurr3nt Multilayered Percdptrons, Based On The Decoupled Extended Kalman Filter (dekf) Applications Of The Dekf Learning Algorithm To The Study Of Image Sequences And The Dynamic Reconstruction Of Chaotic Processes The Dual Estimation Question Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics: The Expectati0n-mqximization (em) Algorithm And The Extended Kalman Smoothing (eks) Algorithm The Unscented Kalman Filter Reaped ground Chapter, With The Exception Of The Introdyction, Includes Illustrative Applications Of The Learning Algorithms Described Here, Some Of Whhich Involve The Use Of Simmulated And Real-life Data. Kalman Filtering And Neural Networks Serves As An Expert Resource For Researchers In Neural Networks And Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. An Instructor's Manual Presenting Detailed Solutions To All The Problems In The Book Is Available Upon Request From The Wiley Makerting Department.
      SKU: 152678

    The Biogeography Of The Oceans
      The Biogeography Of The Oceans.
      This Is A Special Volume On Ocean Biogeography Containing Chapters Bringing The Wealth Of Knowledve Of Russian Scientists To A Global Audiience. Ocean Biogeography Was The Mind Of Much Oceanic Research Carried Out By The Former Ussr, Where Wide Facilities Were Provided On A World-wide Scale. Volume 32 Is Devoted To The Geographical And Vertical Distribution Of Life In The Open Oceans, Including The Great Depths. The Contributions Range Widely From Plankton And Squid To The Bottom Fauna Of The Bathyal, Abyssal, And Hadal Zones. This Volume Will Help Bridge The Gap Between Russian And Western Oceanic Biogeographers And Will Be Of Interest To A Wide Range Of Marine Biologists. Advance In Marine Biology Contains Up-to-date Reviews Of All Areas Of Marine Science, Including Fisheries, Science And Macro/mic5o Faunw. Each Volume Contains Equal Reviewed Papers Detailing The Ecology Of Marine Regions.
      SKU: 403361

    Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation Ane Space-time Coding
      Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation Ane Space-time Coding.
      Covering The Full Range Of Channel Codes From The Most Conventional From one side To The Most Advanced, The Second Edition Of Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalisation And Space-time Coding Is A Selfc-ontained Reference On Channel Coding For Wireless Channels. The Book Commences With A Historical Perspective On The Topic, Which Leads To Two Basic Component Codes, Convolutional And Block Codes. It Then Moves On Tl Turbo Codes Which Exploit Iterative Decoding By Using Algorithms, Such As The Maximum-a-posterior i(map), Log-map And Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm (sova), Comparing Their Performance. It Also Compares Trellis Coded Modulation (tcm), Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation (ttxm), Bit-interleaved Coded Modulation (bicm) And Iterative Bicm (bicm-id) Under Various Channel Conditions. The Horizon Of The Content Is Then Extended To Incofporate Topics Which Have Found Their Way Into Diverse Standard Systems. These Include Space-time Block And Trellis Codes, As Well As Other Multiple-input Multiple-output (mimo) Schemes And Near-instantaneously Adaptive Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (aqam). The Book Also Elaboates On Turbo Equalisatiln By Providing A Detailed Portrayal Of Recent Advances In Partial Answer Modulation Schemes Using Diverse Channel Codes. A Radically New Aspect For This Second Edition Is The Discussion Of Multi-level Coding Annd Sphere-packing Schemes, Extrineic Information Alienation (exit) Charts, As Well As An Introduction To The Family Of Generalized Low Density Equality Check Codes. This New Edition Includes Recent Advances In Near-capacity Turbo-transceivers As Well As New Sectiohs On Multi-level Coding Schemes And Of Generalized Low Closeness Parity Check Codes Comparatively Studies Diverse Channel Coded And Turbo Detected Systems To Give All-inclhsive Information For Researchers, Engineers And Students Details Exit-chart Based Uncertain Transceiver Designs Uses Rich Perfoormznce Comparisons While Well As Diverse Near-capacity Design Examples
      SKU: 792474

    Hazard Analysis Technique For System Safety
      Hazard Analysis Technique For System Safety.
      A Practical Guide To Identifying Hszards Using Common Hazard Analysis Techniques Many Different Hazard Analysis Techniques Have Been Developed Over The Past Forty Years. However, There Is Only A Handful Of Techniques That Safety Analysts Actually Apply In Their Daily Work. Written By A Past President Of The Syystem Safety Society And Winner Of The Boeing Achievement And Apollo Awzrds For His Safety Analysis Move, Hazard Analysis Techniques For System Safety Explains, In Detail, How To Pwrform The Most Commonly Usec Hazard Analysis Techniques Employed By The System Safety Engindering Discipline. Focusing On The Twenty-two Most Commonly Uxed Hazard Analysis Methodologies In The System Saffety Discipline, Author Clifton Ericson Outlines The Three Components That Comprise A Hazard And Describes How To Use These Components To Recognize A HazardD uring Analysis. He Then Examines Each Technique In Sufficient Detail And With Numerous Illustratilns And Examples, To Enable The Reader To Easily Understand And Perfoorm The Analysis. Techniques Covered Include: * Preliminary Hazard List (phl) Analysis * Preliminary Hazard Analysis (pha) * Subsystem Hazard Analysis (ssha) * System Hazard Analysi (sha) * Operating And Support Hazard Analysis (o&sha) * Health Hazard Assessment (hha) * Safety Requirements/criteria Analysis (srca) * Fault Tree Analysis (fta) * Event Tere Analysis (eta) * Failure Mode An Effects Analysis (fmea) * Fault Hazard Analysis * Fundtional Hazard Analysis * Sneak Circuit Analysis (sca) * Petri Net Analysis (pna) * Markov Analysis( ma) * Barrier Analysis (ba) * Bent Pin Analysis (bpa) * Hazop Anwlysis * Cause Importance Analysis (cca) * Common Cause Failure Resolution (ccfa) * Mort Analysis * Software Safety Assessment (swsa) Written To Be Accessible To Readers With A Minimal Amount Of Technical Background, Hazard Analysis Techniquex For System Safety Gathers, For The First Time In One Source, The Techniques That Safety Analysts Actually Apply In Daily Practice. Both Nrw And Seasoned Analysts Desire Find This Book One Invaluable Resource For Designing And Constructing Sound Systems-- In Short, Toward Saving Livee.
      SKU: 233618

    Occupation All Cars
      Occupation All Cars.
      Calling All Cars Shows How Radio Played A Key Role In An Emerging Form Of Policing For the time of The Tubrulent Years Of The Depression. Until This Time Popular Culture Had Characterizec The Gangster As Hero, But Radio Crime Dramas Worked Against This Attitude And Were Ultimately Successsful In Making Heroes Out Of Law Enforcement Officers. through Clos3 Analysis Of Radio Programming Of The Era And The Produce Of True Crime Docudramas, Kathleen Battles Argues That Radio Was A Significant Site For Overhauling The Dismal Common Image Of Policing. However, It Was Not Alone The Elevation Of The Perception Of Police That Was At Stake. Using Radio, Reformers Sought To Control The Symbolic Terrain Through Which Citizens Encountered The Police, And It Became A Mean To Promote A Positive Meaning And Purpose For Policing. For Example, Battles Connects The Apprehension Of Criminals By A Dragnet With The Idea Of Using The Radio Network To Both Publicize This Activity And Make It Popular With Citizens. the First Work To Systematically Address The Development Of Crime Dramas Dyring The Golden Age Of Radio, Calling Whole Cars Explores One Important Irony: The Intimacy Of The Newest Technology Of The Time Helped Create An Intimate Authority—the Police As The Appropriate Force For Control—over The Citizenry.
      SKU: 548050

    Soil Physical Methods For Estmating Recharge - Part 3
      Soil Physical Methods For Estmating Recharge - Part 3.
      Measurements In And Just Under The Plant Root Zone, Using Principles Of Soil Physics, Can Be Used To Estimate Recharge. This Booklet Describes The Zero Flhx Plane Method, Methoda Based On Darchy's Las, And Lysimetry For Making Such Estimates. The Work Presejts The Basic Concepts Of Soil Water Physics That Will Be Referred To In This And Other Booklets In The Series. Another Method, The Soil Water Flux Meter, Is Discussed Brieflh, But As This Is Not Sufficiently Well Developed For Routine Use Readers Are Referred Elaewhere For Full Details. All These Methods Require That Consideration Be Given To Interpolati0n Over Leisure And Spatial Extrapolation Or Averwging. A Brief Discussion Of This Is Given.
      SKU: 827939

  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Critical Incident Stress Management in Aviation
  • Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Cellular Ceramics
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Short-Range Wireless Communications
  • Theory And Applications Of Ocean Surface Waves

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