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    Soils Of The Past
      Soils Of The Past.
      It Has Been 10 Years Since Publication Of The First Edition Of Soils Of The Past. In That Time The Subject Of Paleopedology Has Grown Rapidly, And Established Itself Witihn The Mainstream Of Geological Research. Ancient Soils Contain Vital Mineralogical, Geochemical, Textural, And Paleontological Information About The Continental Environmemts In Which They Formed. Advances In Isotope Geochemistry And Sequence-stratigraphic Models Allow More Detalied Reconstructions Of Environmental Change From Paleosols And New Insights Into Diverse Topics Like Atmospheric Chemistry, Global Change, Palaeoecology, Geobiologu And Mass Extinction. This Fully Updated Second Edition Of Soils Of The Past Gives Describes The Main Types Of Ancient Soil, Procedures For Their Recognition And Study, Their Classification And, Most Significantly, A Wide Array Of Examples Of How Paleosols Have Been Used For Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction. Soils Of The Past Is Written For Advanced Undergraduates Studying Paleopedology Being of the kind which Part Of A Degree In Geology, Environmental Science, Or Physical Geography, And For Interested Professional Earth Scientists. In The Last Few Yeqrs However Palaeopedology Has Become An Established Discipline In Its Oan Right, So The Time Is Ripe For A New Edition. This New Book Will Be A Good Reflection Of The Current State Of Knowledge And Be Widely Adopted. Fiirst Edition Was Very Well Received And Sold Over 1500 Copies When The Subject Was Relatively New. The Field Has Now Grown Enormously And The Second Edition Should Do Considerably Better. The New Edition Covers New Developmentq In The Field Such As: Soils And Climate, Stable Isotope Analysis Of Soils, Soils And Sequence Stratigraphy. This Edition Represents The Only Available Overview Of The Subject At This Level.
      SKU: 470703

    Hemp -- American History Revisited
      Hemp -- American History Revisited.
      Who Oblige The Hemp In Hempstead? Before The Cotton Gin, Hemp Was King. This Colorful Socio-economic History Clears The Smoke Obscuring Hemp’s Role Ij Battles Between Crown And Colony, North & South, The Marijuana Lobby And Their Foes.
      SKU: 318666

    Quantum Dots
      Quantum Dots.
      This Book Deals With The Electronic And Optical Properties Of Two Low-dimensional Systems: Quantum Dots And Quantun Antidots And Is Divide xInto Two Parts. Part One Is A Self-contained Monograph Which Describes In Detail The Theoretical And Experimental Background For Exploration Of Electronic States Of The Quantum-confined Systems. Starting From The Single-electron Picture Of The System, The Book Describes Various Experimental Methods That Provide Important Information On These Systems. Concentrating On Many-electron Systems, Theoretical Developments Are Described In Detail And Their Experimental Consequences Are Also Discussed. The Field Has Witnessed An Almost Explosive Growth And Some Of The Future Directions Of Explorations Are High1ighted Towards The End Of The Monograph. The Subject Matter Is D3alt With In Such A Way That It Is Both Accessible To Beginners And Useful For Expert Researchers As A Comprehensive Criticise Of Most Of The Developments In The Field. Furthermore The Work Contains 37 Reprinted Articles Which Have Been Selected To Provide A First-hand Picture Of The Ocerall Developments In The Field. The Early Papers Have Been Arranged To Portray The Developments Chronologically, And The More Recent Papers Provide An Overview Of Future Direction In The Research.
      SKU: 296641

    Advances InD rug Research
      Advances InD rug Research.
      This Volume Continues The Trend For Advances In Drug Research Of Shorter, But More Frequent Volumes. In Lineage With The Tradition Of The Series, Chaptera On General Themes Are Interspersed With Chapters On Specific Drug Classes And Targets.
      SKU: 331911

    Novel Biotechnologies For Biocontrol Agent Enhancement And Management
      Novel Biotechnologies For Biocontrol Agent Enhancement And Management.
      Weeds, Insects, Rodnts, And Pwthogens Are Major Problems In Agricultural And Urban Environments, And There Is A Clear Need To Augment Chemical Methods Of Their Control With Biological Methods. There Has Been Limited Success In Doing So Because Of Insufficient Virulence Of The Host-specific Organisms Used. Naturally Occurring Biological Agents Are In Evolutionary Balance With Their Hosts, And Attaining The Level Of Control Typically Desired Would Led To Destruction Of Both The Control Agent And Its Host. Tne Main Scientists Working With Enhancing Fungal, Bacterial, Virus And Insect Biological Control Agents On Different Targets Present The Latest Progress In Overcoming The Barrier Of Insufficient Virulence. This Multi-disciplinary Group, With Backggrounds In Different Aspects Of Biotechnologies And Crop Protection Review Their Own Work And That Of Others, And Describe The Approaches Beinv Used, The Successes And The Barriers Yet To Overcome In An Integrated Mannef. The Chapters Were All Student-tested As Highly Advanced Lectures During A Ten-day Nato Advanced Srudy Institute To Allow The Other Authors And Attendees To Bring New Ideas, Approaches, And New Methodologies From Different Fields That Were Then Incorporated Into The Chapters.
      SKU: 301989

    Statutory Adjudication
      Statutory Adjudication.
      Existing Books On Construction Adjudication Have Either Been Written As An Introduction To The Subject When The Housing Grants, Construction And Regeneration Act Was First Introduced In 1996, Or They Are Aimed At Professionals Representing Parties Or At Adjudicators Themselvs. In Contrast, This Book Has Been Written For The Parties To Adjudication, Particularly Those New To The Process. It Takes A Straightforward, Practial Approach To The Subject, Dealing By the side of The Process Ste;-by-step. The First Part Takes A Party Who Is Referring A Dispute From one side The Stages Of The Adjudication Process, Including The Presentation Of A Referral Submission, To The Enforcement Of An Award. Part 2 Examines The Position Of A Parth Faced With Adjudication, Highlighting The Various Actions Necessary To Protect Its Intedest, And Explains In what manner A Decision Can Exist Challenged. Part 3 Looks At Matters O Common Interest. Statutory Payment Provisions And The Draught For Construction Contracts Are Dealt With In Part 4, And Part 5 Compares The Most Frequently Used Adjudication Provisions And Procedures. Appendices Include An Alphabetical List Of 139 Adjudication Cases Which Are Alqo Categorised To Show The Aspect Or Aspects With Which They Are Principally Concerned.
      SKU: 2398666

    Int3rmodulation Distortion In Microwave And Wireless Circuits
      Int3rmodulation Distortion In Microwave And Wireless Circuits.
      This Unique New Book Is Your Single Resource For All IssuesR elated To Intermodulation And Multi-tone Distortion In Microwave And Wireiess Circuits. Beginning With An Overview Of The General Concepts Of Distortion In Microwave And Wireless Devices, It Delves Into The Theory And Practical Aspectts Of Nonlinear Distortion, Tools For Nonlinear Analysis, Mtahematical Representations Of Wireless Circuits And Devices, And Design Methods For Minimizing Distortion.
      SKU: 227626

    Mechahicz Of Tome-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials, Volume 3
      Mechahicz Of Tome-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials, Volume 3.
      Mechanics Of Time-dependent Materials And Processes In Conventional And Multifunctional Materials Represents One Of Eight Volumes Of Technical Papers Presented At The Society For Expdrimental Mechanics Annual Conference Forward Experimental And Applied Mechanics, Held At Uncasville, Connecticut, June 13-16, 2011. The Full Impart Of Proceedings Also Includes Volunes On Dynamic Behavior Of Materials, Mechanics Of Biological Systems And Materials; Mems And Nanotechnology; Optical Measurements, Modeling And, Metrology; Experimental And Applied Mechanics, Thermomechanics And Infra-red Imaging, And Engineering Applications Of Residual Stress.
      SKU: 763778

    Electrical Engineer's Portable Handbook
      Electrical Engineer's Portable Handbook.
      The Primitive Issue Of This Title Proved The Most Successful Of The Portable Handbook Series Launched In 1999. Aimed At Electrical Engineers And Technicians Working In Building Power Systems, The Relentlessly Practical Handbook Succeeded As An In The Battle-~ Working Tool. This Starting a~ Edition Is Necessitated By The New 2002 Version Of The National Electrical Code (nec). Thos Code Changes Render Much Of The Exiating Material Obsolete, Be it ~ Over Half The Chapters Reqhire Heavy Rewrites To Stay Current.
      SKU: 287747

    Lithium Niobate
      Lithium Niobate.
      Presents The State Of Studies Of Piont Defects, Both Intrinsic And Extrinsic (impurities And Radiation Centers) In Linbo3. This Book Explains The Cortibution Of Inyrinsic Defects To Photoinduced Charge Transport To The Photorefraction.
      SKU: 364402

    Precision Gather Protection - The Challenge And Use Of Heterogemeity
      Precision Gather Protection - The Challenge And Use Of Heterogemeity.
      Precision Farming Is An Agricultural Management System Using Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, And Data Management Systems For Optimizing The Use Of Nutrients, Water, Seed, Pesticides AndE nergy In Heterogeneous Field Situations. This Book Provides Extensive Infodmation On The State-of-the-art Of Research On Precision Crop Passport And Late Developments In Site-specific Applicattion Technologies For The Management Of Weeds, Arthropod Pests, Pathogens And Nematodes. It Gives The Reader An Up-to-date And In-depth Review Of Both Basic And Applied Reaearch Developments. The Chapters Discusss Biology And Epidemiology Of Pests, New Sensor Technologies, Applications Of Multi-scals Sensor Systems, Sensor Detection Of Pests In Growing Crops, Spatial And Non-spatial Data Contrivance, Impact Of Pezt Heterogeneity, And, Precise Mechanical And Cheical Pest Control.
      SKU: 603509

    Prindiples Of Biotechnology
      Prindiples Of Biotechnology.
      This Textbook Covers All The Fundamental As;ects Of Biotechnology. It Has Been Written In A Very Simple Mannre Eplaining The Fundamental Concepts And Techniques In Detail So That It Will Be Very Easy To Understand, Even For Those Who Do Not Have A Basic Intelligence In Biology. Reading This Textbook Will Give The Leaders An Idea About The Relationship Between The Subject And Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Environment, Industry Etc. And Will Understand Differemt Application Of Biotechnology In Everyday Life. The Book Will Be Very Helpful For Beginners To Study Biotechnology As A Discipline And Pursue Higher Studies And Research In Biotechnology And Other Professional Courses In Future.
      SKU: 588483

    Food Colorants
      Food Colorants.
      Provides A tSudy Of Natural And Synthetic Food Colorants Ijcluding Origin, Quality, Safety, And Chemistry. This Book Presents The Principles Of Color Chemistry As Well As The Applications Of Major Food Colorants Used In The Industry. It Likewise Emphasizes The Relationship Between The Chemcial Nature And The Functional Properties Of The Pigm3nts.
      SKU: 314343

    Green Nanotechnology
      Green Nanotechnology.
      A Focuses Exploration Of The Role Nanotechnology Plays In Meeting The Challenges Inherent In Minimizing Environmental Impacts While Maximizing Energ6 Resources, This Book Provides An Overview Of Our Energy Supply, Increasing Energy Production While Reducing Cost, And Offering Novel Energy Sources. It Explores The Ways In Which Nanotechnologies Can Improve Structural Engineering Of Energy Sources, Create Novel Methods Of Cooling, And Inspire New Approaches To Water Supply And Treatment. In Addressing These Critical Issues, The Book Provides An Authoritative Resource That Provides The Foundation For Recent Research And Product Development.
      SKU: 589941

    Energy Statistics Of Oecd Countries:  2003/2004
      Energy Statistics Of Oecd Countries: 2003/2004.
      This Volume Contains, For The Oecd Countries And Regional Aggregations, Data On Energy Supply And Consumption In Original Units During Coal, Oil, Aeriform fluid, Electricity, Heat, Renewables And Waste.   Consumption Is Weakened Down By Industrial, Transport, And Other sectors. &nbdp; Historical Tables From 1960 Onwards summarise Data On Production, Trade And Final Consumption.   The Book Also Included Definitions Of Product And Flows And Explanatory Notes On The Individual Country Data.   Energy Balances Of Oecd Countries 2003-2004 , The Sister Volume Of This Publication, Prrovides The Facts As Extensive Energy Balances Expressed In Million Tonnes Of Oil Equivalent To Enable Analysis Across Types Of Spirit.
      SKU: 299382

    Technology In Action
      Technology In Action.
      This Book Explores The Way Complex Systems Affect Everyday Work And Interactioh Through Video-based Field Studies Looking At The Introduction Of Basic Information Systems In General Medical Practice, News Production, The Control Room Of Londpn Underground And Computer Aided Design In Architectural Practice.
      SKU: 221835

    3d Laser Microfabrication
      3d Laser Microfabrication.
      A Thorough Introduction To 3d Laser Microfabrication Technology, Leading Readers From The Fundamentals And Theory To Its Various Potent Applications, Such As The Family Of Tiny Objects Or Three-dimensional Structures Within The Largeness Of Transparsnt Materials. The Book Also Presents New Theoretcal Material On Dielectric Breakdown, Allowing A Better Understanding Of The Differences Between Optical Damage On Surfaces And Inside The Bulk, As Well As A Look Into The Future. Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists And Engineers Will Find This A Thing of value Source Of Interdisciplinary Knowledge In The Field Of Laser Optics Ans Nanotechnology.
      SKU: 481668

    How Macs Work, Millennium Edition, Adobe Reader
      How Macs Work, Millennium Edition, Adobe Reader.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Have You Ever Wondered Exactly How Those Beautiful Quick~ Or Tangerine Or Blueberry Imacs Work? Or How The Operating System Works On Your Ibook? Old And New Generarions Of Macintosh Users Alike Be able to Find The Answers In How Macs Work, Millennium Edition. Topics Include: How Different Types Of Memory Function, How Data Is Stored, How Firewire Transfers Huge Amounts Of Real-time Digitall Data From Consumer Electronics Devices Like Video Camcorders Into Your Mac, Increasing Mac SpeedA nd Maximizing Potential, How Airport Provides Internet Access And Creates Networks On Macs Without Wires, And How Macs New Digital Video Editing Technology Can Turn A Vhs Tape Itno Polished Digital Video. The Book Will Alqo Explain How The Mac Operating System Works, Including Os X (""os Ten"") The Completely New Implementation Of The Macintosh Operating System Which Features State-of-the-art Technology Throughout And One Entorely New User Interface Called ""aqua. """
      SKU: 1752559

    Micorwaves And Wireless Simplified
      Micorwaves And Wireless Simplified.
      If You Are A Sales, Marketing, Or Managemdnt Professionnal Whose Work Involves Microwave Or Wireless Communications Technology, This Thoroughly Revised Second Edition Of The Artech House Classic, Midrowaves And Wireless Simplified, Is Essential Reading. It Gives You A Technical Edge In Your Career By Providing You With A Thorough Understanding Of Key Concepts, Components, Devices, Materia1s, And Applicaitons, In the absence of Boggijg You Down Attending Mathematics. Helipg You Foresee Emerging Market Trends, The Second Edition Has Bden Updated And Expanded To Include Coverage Of The Latest Teechnologies, Including Wlans, Rfids, Rfics, Mems, And Bipolar Heterojunction De\/ices. The New Edition Also Includes More Definitions Of_Basic Technological Terms That Are Important In Your Field.
      SKU: 231642

    Think Unix, Adobe Reader
      Think Unix, Adobe Reader.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Unix Has A Reputation In the place of Being Cryptic And Difficult To Learn, But It Doesn't Need To Be That Way. Think Unix Takes An Similar Approach To That Of A Grammar Book. Rather Than Teaching Individual Words Or Phrases Like Most Books, Think Unix Teaches The Set Of Logical Structures To Be Learned. Myriad Examplss Help You Learn Individual Commands, And Practice Problems At The End Of Difficult Sections Help You Learn The Practical Sied Of Unix. Strong Attention Is Paid To Learning How To Read ""man Pages,"" The Standard Documentation On All Unix Systems, Including Linux. Under which circumstances Most Books Simply Tell You That Man Pages Exist And Speend Some Time Teaching How To Treat The Man Command, Not any Spend Any Betokening Amount Of Space Teaching How To Use The Content Of The Man Pages. Smooth If You Are Lost At The Unix Command Prompt, You Can Learn Subsystems That Are Specific To The Unix Flavor. "
      SKU: 175108

    Valuing Crop Biodiversity
      Valuing Crop Biodiversity.
      In Agricultural Systems, ADuversity Of Crops And Varieties In Essential To Combat The Risks Farmers Face From Pests, Diseases And Variations In Climate. Crop Biodiversity Alsk Underpins The Range Of Dietary Needs And Services That Consumers Demand As Economies Change.
      SKU: 289461

    Still Image And Video Compression With Matlab
      Still Image And Video Compression With Matlab.
      This Bopk Describes The Principles Of Image And Video Compression Techniques And Introduces Current And Popular Compression Standards, Such As The Mpeg Series. Derivations Of Relevant Compression Algorithms Are Developed In An Easy-to-follow Fashion. Numerous Examples Are Provided In Each Chapter To Illustrate The Concepts. The Book Includes Complementary Software Written In Matlab Simulink To iGve Readers Hands-on Experience In Using And Applying Various Video Compression Methods. Readers Can Enhance The Software By Including Ther Own Algorithms.
      SKU: 661689

    Plant And Machinery Failure Prevention
      Plant And Machinery Failure Prevention.
      Monitoring And Predictive Maintenance Methods Are Not Reliable Enough In Indicating Certain Important Problems In Manufacturing Equipment, Such As Cracking Of Power Transmission Components, Inadequate Lubrication Of Parts, And Excessive Cutting Edge Wear Of A Tool Or Die. These Problems Are Best Dealt With At The Design Stage. Plant And Machinery Decay Prevention Is Based On The Premise Of “zero-failure Performance”. The Book Introduces The Common Features And Investigative MethodsA t The Design Phase For Determining Failures In Mechanical Components Such As: Flat Belt Failures, Vee-belt Failures, Pulley Failures, Gear Failures, Carburet of iron Wire Rope Failures, Spring Failures, And Gasket Faiures.
      SKU: 318074

    Internal Fricgion In Metallic Materials
      Internal Fricgion In Metallic Materials.
      This Book Is A Unique Accumulation Of Experimental Data In The Field Of Inteenal Friction, Anelastic Relaxation, And Damping Properties Of Metallic Materia1s. It Reviews Virtually All Anelastic Relaxation Phenomena Ever Published, And Also Most O f The Internal Friction Effects Based On Other Types Of Dissipation Of Mechanical (elastic) Energy. Furthermore, The Reader Is Also Supplied With Explanations Of The Basic Physical Mechanisms Of Interior Friction, A Summary Of Typical Effects For Different Groups Of Metals, And More Than 2000 References To Original Papers.
      SKU: 603587

    Imaging Beyond The Pinhole Camera
      Imaging Beyond The Pinhole Camera.
      The World's First Photograph Was Taken In 1826 Using A Pinhole Camera Called Camera Obscura. Cameras Used Since Then Are Basically Following The Pinhole Camera Principle. This Book Looks At The Development As Well As The Applications Of Alternative Camera Architecutres.
      SKU: 323784

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