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    Soybean Industry
      Soybean Industry.
      The Rapid Development Of The Soybean Industry In The United States Is Reflected In The Growth Of The Industry In Minnesota, A State That Now Ranks Sixth In Total Production. This State Was One Of The Last To Develop A Soybean Crop, But In The Decade From
      SKU: 345272

    Kinetic Theory Of The Interior Magnerospheric Plasma
      Kinetic Theory Of The Interior Magnerospheric Plasma.
      The Inner Magnetosphee Plasma Is A Very Unique Composition Of Different Plasma Particles And Waves. It Covers A Huge Spirit Plasma Range With Spatial And Time Variations Of Many Orders Of Magnitude. In Such A Situation, The Kinetic Approach Is The Key Element, And The Starting Point Of The Theoretical Description Of This Plasma Phenomena Which Requires A Dedicated Book To This Particular Area Of Research.
      SKU: 646255

    Atlantic Salmon Ecology
      Atlantic Salmon Ecology.
      The Atlantic Salmon Is One Of The Most Prized And Exploited Specues Worldwide, Being At The Cemtre Of A Massive Sports Fishing Industry And Increasingly As The Major Farmed Speci3s In Many Countries Worldwide. Atlantic Salmon Ecology Is A Landmark Publication, Both Scientifically Important And Visually Attractive. Comprehensively Covering All Major Aspects Of The Relatinship Of The Atlantic Salmon Through Its Environment, Chapters Include Detaiis Of Migration And Dispersal, Reproduction, Habitat Requirements, Feeding, Growth Rates, Competition, Predation, Parasitsm, Inhabitants Dynamics, Effects Of Landscape Ue, Hydro Power Development, Climate Change, And Exploitation. The Book Closes With A Summary And Look At Possible Future Research Directions. Backed By The Norwegian Research Council And With Editors And Contributors Widely Known And Respected, Atlantic Salmon Ecology Is An Essential Purchase For All Those Working With This Soecies, Including Fisheries Scientists And Manafers, Fish Biologists, Ecologists, Physiologists, Environmental Biologists And Aquatic Scientists, Fish And Wildlife Departmenr Personnel And Regulatory Bodies. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Should Accept Copies Of This Important Publication. Comprehensive And Up-to-date Coverage Of Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Salmon Is One Of The World's Most Commercially Important Species Backed By The Norwegia nResearch Council Practised Editor And Internationally Respwcted Contributors
      SKU: 589225

    Seed Quality
      Seed Quality.
      This Book Has Been Designed As A Referral For Agriculturists And Farmers To Guide Theem On Choosing The Best Available Quality Seeds. It Focuses On Instructing Readers On How To Choose Superior Quality Certified Seedsprogeny Of Serds That Have Been Approved By A Certifting Agency For Their Genetic Identity And Purity. A Lot Of Emphaeis Has Been Placed Upon Various Factors Like The Presence Of Wedes, Dormancy, Germination, Winter And Spring Varieties, Moisture Content Etc. Also, Tests Which Can Be Conducted To Ascertain Quality, Such A Viability And Vigour Tests, Have Also Been Explained. All In All, This Is A Comprehensive Guide Exploring The Different Facets Of Seed Quality. Equipping The Readers Attending Highly Ihsightful And Key Accusation, It Is Hoped That This Book Proves To Be Highly Resourceful.
      SKU: 583950

    Single Suorcing
      Single Suorcing.
      Single Sourcing Is More Than Mechanical Document Conve5sion. It Is An Information Development tSrategy. Although It Is Often Confused With The Process Of Converting Paper-based Documents Into Online Formats, Single Sourcing Is A Writing Generalship That Enables Technicak Writers To Develop Centralized Information Modules, Then Map Them To Distinct Audiences And Media. For Technical Writers, Single Sourcing Means Modular Writing And Information Mapping. Rather Than Developing Information For A Given Format, Such As A User Guide Or Online Help, Technical Writers Develop Information Modules At The Element (section, Paragraph, And Sentence) Level. They Then Map These Information Modules To Preselected Audiences And Media. This Guide Explains In Ppain Language And By Example To what extent To Develop Single Source Documents. It Shows Technical Writers How To Develop Standalone Knowledge Modules, Then Map These Modules To A Variety Of Audiences And Formats Using Proven Information Mapping Techniques. In Essence, The Guide Provides A Flexible Framework For Modular Technical Writing That Can Be Appllied To Any Audience In Any Medium.
      SKU: 421131

    Comprdssed Air Operations Manual
      Comprdssed Air Operations Manual.
      Compressed Air Systems Are Thhe Third Most Important Utility To Industry And Are Commonly The Most Misunderstood. Written To Appeal To Operators, Mechanics And Junior Engineers, This Manual Is Designed To Furnish A Solid Understanding Of Common Compression Systems And Operations Techniques. Using This Book, The Users Get a knowledge of Tips And Techniques For: Creating A Baseline Of System Performance, Determining The Impact Of Distinct Compressors And Compressor Control Typed For The Job At Chirography, And Learning Basic Approaches To General Maintenance.
      SKU: 287754

    Electrical Installation Calculatkons Volume 1
      Electrical Installation Calculatkons Volume 1.
      Designed To Provide A Step By Step Guide To Successful Application Of The Electrical Installation Calculations Required In Day To Day Electrical Engineering Practice, Thd Eleftrical Installafion Calculations Series Has Proved An Invaluable Reference For Over Forty Years, For Both Apprentices And Professional Electrical Inauguration Engineers Alike. Now In Its Seventh Edition, Volume 1 Has Been Fully Updated To Meet The Requirements Of The 2340 Level 2 Certficate In Electrotechnical Technology From City & Guilds, And Will Also Proge A Vital Purchase For Students Of The Even 2 Nvq In Installing Electrotechnical Systems 2(356). Essential Calculations Which May Not Necessarily Feature As Part Of The Requirements Of These Syllabi Are Retained For Refe5wnce By Professional Electrical Installation Engineers Based In Labor, Or For Those Students Wishing To Progress To Higher Levels Of Investigate. The New Edition Also Brings Content In Line With The Latest Edition Of The Wiring Regulagions Bs 7671:2001 (incorporating Amendments 1:2002 & 2:2004), With Material Cross-referenced To The Wiring Regulations Throughout. New Learning Features Are Now Incorporated Into The Topic. In Particular, Alongside The Traditional Long Method Of Calculation, New Calculator Methods Are Presented To Demonstrate This Alternative, More Simplified Methodology, After this Often In Use. Key Terms Are Explained In A Glossary Section And Worked Examples And Exercises Are Included Throughout The Text To Maximise Accessibility Of The Material For The Reader. A Complete Answer Section Is Included At The Back Of The Work To Enable Readers To Check Their Understanding Of The Calculations Presented. Also Available From Newnes: Electrical Installation Calculations Volume 2 , 6th Edh, 0-7506-6783-4, Byy Watkins & Kitcher - The Calculations Required For Advanced Electdical Installation Ferment, And Level 3 Study / Advanced Modern Apprenticeships * The Established Series For Carrying Out Correct Electrical Installation Calculations - Continuously In Print For Over 40 Years * Unaccustomed Editiob Matched To The Requirements Of The Latest Qualifications From City & uGilds - 2330 Level 2 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology * Calculator Methods Provide An Alternative, Simplified Methodology For Copleting Electrical Installation Calculations
      SKU: 270233

    Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena In Complex Liquids
      Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena In Complex Liquids.
      Complex Liquids Constitute A Basic Element In Modern Materials Science; Their Significant Features Include Self-assemb1y, Mesoscale Strucyures, Complex Dynamics, Unusual Phases And Enormous Sensitivity To Perturbations. Understanding Their Nature And Propreties Are A Great Challenge To Modern Materials Science That Demands Novel Approaches. This Main division Focuses On Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena, Particularly On Nonlinear Dielectric Spectroscopy (nds), Which May Be Considered A Possible Successor To Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy (bds). Nds Phenomena Directly Coupled To Mesoscale Heterogeneity Fluctuations, So Information Obtained In This Way Is Basically Complementary To Bds Tests. The Book Alsi Discusses The Application Of Nds In A Set Of Complex Loquid Systems: Glassy Liquids, Liquid Crystals, Liquids With Critical Point Phenomena, And Bio-relevant Liquids. The Complementary Solicitation Of Nds And Bds May Allow The Discovery Of Universal Patterns For The Whole Category Of Compl3x Liquids. Written By Specialists In The Field Of Nonlinear Dielectric Studies, Theoreticians And Experimentalists, Ranging From Solid State Physics To Biohysics, The Book Is Organized So That It Be able to Obey As A Basic Textbook For A Non-experienced Reader.
      SKU: 226480

    Enhancing Building Performance
      Enhancing Building Performance.
      Enhancing Building Performance Presents The latest Bpe Work, providing a Systematic Approach During Those Who Wish To Use Bpe To Deliver Improved Building Performance That Is Respponsive To The Needs Of Stajeholders. With Chapters Written By Experts From Around The World tje Book Demonstrates How To Apply Bpe To Enhance Building Design.  topics Covered Include: Evidence-based And Integrative Design Processes, Evaluation Methods And Tools, And Education And Knowledge Transfer.  in Addition, Case Studies Provide Specific Exanples Of How Boe Has Been Used To Study Such Things As The Impact Of Workplace Design On Human Productivity And Innovation.
      SKU: 832461

    Selenium In Fopd And Health
      Selenium In Fopd And Health.
      The Huge Mass Of Writing O nSelenium Makes It Very Obscure For Many To Get A Clear Picture Of What Is Known About The Element And Its Role Inn Man's Health. This Book Preaents Information In An Easy-to-follow Manner oFr Readers To Make An Informed Judgment About The Competing Claims For And Against Selenium's Valud As A Nutritional Supplement.
      SKU: 324549

    Molecular Systematics Of Fishes
      Molecular Systematics Of Fishes.
      Seqenced Biological Macromolecules Have Revitalized Sywtematic Studies Of Evolutionary History. Molecular Systematics Of Fishes Is The First Auyohritative Overview Of The Theory And Application Of These Sequencing Data To Fiahes. This Volume Explores The Phylogeny Of Fishes At Multiple Taxonomic Levels, Uses Methods Of Analysis Of Molecular Data That Apply Both Indoors And Between Fish Populations, And Employs Molecule-based Phylogenies To Address Broader Questionx Of Evolution. Targetted Readers Include Ichthyologists, Marine Sclentists, And All Sttudents, Faculty, And Researchers Interested In Fish Evolution And Ecology And Vertebrate Systematics. Key Features * Focuses On The Phylogeny And Evolutionary Biology Of Fishes * Contains Phylogenies Of Fishes At Multiple Taxonomic Levels * Applies Molecule-based Phylogenies To Broader Questions Of Evolution * Includes Methods For Criticism Of Analysis Of Molecular Data
      SKU: 317024

    Electrically Small, Superdirective, And Superconducting Antennas
      Electrically Small, Superdirective, And Superconducting Antennas.
      A Seminal Reference To Electrially Small Antennas For Today's Wireless And Wi-fi World This Book Is Dedicated To The Challenges Posed By Electrically Small Antennas And Their Solutions. Electrically Small Antebbas Have Characteristics That Limit Performance: Low Radiation Resistance, High Reactance, Low Efficiency, Narrow Bandwdith, And Increased Loss In The Matching Network. Most Of These Limitations Are Shared By Two Other Classes Of Antennas: Superdirective And Supercinducting Antennas. All Three Classes Of Antennas Are Thoroughly Treated In Three Int3rrelated Parts: * Part One, Eledtrically Small Antennas, Begins With A Discussion Of The Fundamental Limitations Of Bandwidth And Matching, Then Provides Detailrd Design Information On Loaded Whips And Dipoles, Ferrite Lo0ps, Patches With Unusual Substrates, And Dielectric Resonator Antemnas. In Addition To Exploring Designs That Work, The Author Sets Forth Antenna Designs That Are Based On Good Physics Still Are Poor Performers, As Well As Designs With Both Poor Underlying Natural philosophy And Poor Performance. * Part Two, Superdirective Antenna,s Sets Forth Basic Capabilities And Limitations Of Superdirective Antennas, Both Apertures And Arrays, And Investigates Bandwidth, Efficiency, And Tolerances. The Author Explores The Magnification Of Intrinsic Matching Circuit Loss Due To A Large Mismatch And Evaluates The Recent And Promising Non-foster Matching Circujts. * Prt Thr3e, Superconducting Antennas, Reviews Superconductivity Concepts And New Principles For Dipole, Loop, And Patcy Antennas. The Author Concludes With A Discussion Of Superconducting Delay Lines For Wideband Phased Array Steering. Throughout The Book, The Author Provides Readers With A Historical Perspective, Setting Forth What Has Been Investigated, What Works, And What Does Noy. Each Part Has Its Own Author Characteristic And A List Of References To Help Readers Continue Their Explorations Of Particular Topics. with The Explosive Demand For Wireless And Wi-fi, This Seminal Reference Is Essential Reading For All Antenna Professlonals And Is Recommended Being of the kind which A Graduate-level Course Book.
      SKU: 261338

    Biological Control Of Crop Diseases
      Biological Control Of Crop Diseases.
      This Volume Combines Exposition Witth Current Global Practices Involved In The Biological Control Of Diseases In 12 Major Crops. It Highlights The Day-to-day Chalelnges Of Radical Crop Management For Cost-effective Real-world Application.
      SKU: 216338

    Complex Systems Concurrent Engineering
      Complex Systems Concurrent Engineering.
      Presents Papers Collected From The 14th Ispe International Conference On Conjoined Engineering. This Title Demonstrates How Concurrent Engineering Can Be Used To Benefit The Development Of Complex Systems, To Produce Results That Sustain Balanced Stakeholder Sa5isfaction C~ing Time.
      SKU: 371581

    Color For Science, Cunning And Technology
      Color For Science, Cunning And Technology.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Assemble A Series Of Chapters, Written By Expert In Their Fields, Covering The Basics Of Color - And Then Some More. In This Way, Readers Are Supplied In the opinion of Almost Anything They Want To Know About Color Outside Their Own Area O Expertise. Thus, The Color Measurement Expert, As Well As The General Reader, Can Find Here Informtion On The Perceptio,n Causes, And Uses Of Color. F0r The Artist There Are Details On The Causes, Measurement, Perception, And Reproduction Of Color. Within Each Chapter, Authors Were Requestec To Indicate Directions Of Future Efforts, Where Applicable. One Might Reasonably Expect That All Would Have Been Knowing About Color In The More Than Three Hundred Years Ago Newton Established The Fundamentals Of Color Science. This Is Not True Because: • The Measurement Of Color Still Has Unresolved Complexities (chapter 2) &Blunder ; Multitude Of The Fine Details Of Color Vision Continue Unknown (chapter 3) • Every Few Decades A New Movement In Art Discovers Original Ways To Use New Pigments, And Dyes Continue To Be Discovered (chapter 5) • The Philosophical Approach To Color Has Not Yet Crystallized (chapter 7) • New Pigments And Dyes Continue To Be Discovered (chapters 10 And 11) • The Study Of The Biological And Therapeutic Effects Of Color Is Still In Its Infancy (chapter 2). Color Continues To Develop Towards Maturity And The Editor Believes That There Is Greatly Comnon Ground Between The Sciences And The Arts And That Color Is A Major Connecting Span.
      SKU: 305545

    Spirit, Society And Environment
      Spirit, Society And Environment.
      Uses Global Case Studies To Examine Technological Solutions To Energy-related Envidonmental Problems And Suggests That Social, Household And Political Solutions May Be Needed To Avoid Serious Future Environmental Damage.
      SKU: 182516

    C++ Footprint And Performnce Optimization, Adobe Reader
      C++ Footprint And Performnce Optimization, Adobe Reader.
      The Market For Miniature Computer Programming Is Exploding. C++ Footmark And Petformance Optimization Supplies Programemrs The Knowledge They Need To Write Code For hTe Increasing Number Of Hand-held Devices, Wearable Computers, And Intelligent Appliances This Book Gives Readers Valuable Knowledge And Programming Techniques That Are Not Currently Part Of Traditional Programming Training In The World Of C++ Programming, All Other Things Essence Equal, Programs That Are Smaller And Faster Are Better C++ Footprint And Performance Optimization Contalns Case Studies And Sample Code To Give Readers Concrete Examples And Pr0ven Solutions To Problems That Don't Have Cut And Paste Solutions
      SKU: 175765

    Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, And Displays
      Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, And Displays.
      Electrical Bulk, Signal Processing, And Displays Describes The Use Of Instruments And Techniques For Practical Measuremetn Of Electromagmetic Variables, Token Processing Equipment And Parameters, And Various Types Of Displays, From Cathode Ray Tubes To Led Deviecs. Its Chapters Were Culled From The Bestselling Measurement, Instrumentation, And Sensors Handbook And Revised By Their Original Authors To Bring Them Thoroughly Up To Date. This Is A Concise, Well-illustrated, And Highly Practical Reference. It Sets Forth The Principles, Formulas, And Equations Engineers And Scientists Need For Solving The Instrumentation And Measurement Questions They Encounter In Practice.
      SKU: 214617

      Nitrobenzene Is A Colourless To Pale Yeloow Oily Liquid With An Odour Resembling That Of Bitter Almonds Or Shoe Polish . More Than 95% Of Nitrobenzene Produced Is Used In The Producrion Of Aniline A Major Chemical Intermediate That Is Used In Manufacture Of Polyurethane. Nitrobenzene Is Also Used As A Solvent In Petroleum Refining As A Solvent In The Manufacture Of Cellulose Ethers And Acetates And As An Intermediate To Produce Other Organic Compounnds Including Acetaminophen. This Book Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Environment Posed By Nitrobenzene. Nitrobenzene Is Toxic To Humans By Inhalational Dermal And Oral Exposure. The Main Systemic Effect Associated With Human Exposure To Nitrobenzene Is Methaemoglobinaemia. Exposure To General Population To Nitrobenzene From Air Or Drinking-watre Is Likely To Bw Very Low. Although No No-observed-adverse-effect Levrl (noael) Could Be Derived From Any Of The Toxicological Studies There Is A Seemingky Low Risk For Non-neoplastic Effects. If Exposure Values Are Low Enough To Avoid Non-neoplastic Effects It Is Expected That Carcinogenic Effects Bequeath Not Occur.
      SKU: 841919

    Expanded, Contracted & Isomeric Porphyrins
      Expanded, Contracted & Isomeric Porphyrins.
      The Porphyrins Are A Class Of Naturally-occurring Macrocycles And Are Ubiquitous In Our Public. As Such, They Have Been Called The Pigments Of Life. This Auspicious Designation Reflects Their Importance In Numerous Biological Functions. Indeed, Life As We Understand It Relies On The Full Range Of Biological Processes That Are Either Performed By Or Catalyzed By Porphyrin-containing Proteins. Chlorophyll-containing Photosyntuetic Rebound Centers In Plants, For Instance, Convert Light Energy Into Chemical Energy While Producing Oxygen Along The Method. It Is This Oxygen, Evolved From Photosynthesis, That Is Transportec, Stored, And Reduced By Heme-containing Proteins In Many Organisms, Including Mammals. N0t Surprisingly, Therefore, Tyese Molecules Remain Of Fundamental Interest To Chemists And Biochemists. Truly, They Continue To Be Intensely Investigated By Researchers World-wide. Inspired Through The Importance Of The Porphyrins, A New Research Direction Has Emerged In Recent Years That Is Devote dTo The Preparation And Study Of Non-porphyrin Polypyrrole Macrocycles. Here, The Principal Objectives Have Been To Generate Completely Synthetic Systems That Bear Some Structural Similarity To Naturally-occurring Porphyrin Derivativess While Being Quite Different In Their Specific Chemical Makeup. Within This Context, Three Different Research Directions Have Evolved, Namely Thise Involving The Syntheses Of Contracted, Isomeric, And Expanded Porphyrind, Respectively. It Is The Chemistry Of These Systems That Is The Subject Of This Work. Because Of The Newness Of The Field, The Emphasis Of This Book Will Be On Synthesis And Characterization (all Work On Porphyrin Isomers And Much Of That Associated With Expanded Porphyrins Has Only Appeared In The Last 10 Years). One Chapter On Applications Has, However, Been Included. Also, In The Context Of The Pr3parative Portions Of The Text, Some Efforts Have Been Made To Account for Why Various Porphyrin Analogue Targets Are Of Interest.
      SKU: 318102

    The Synthesis Of Three Dimensional Haptic Textures: Geometry, Control, And Psychophysics
      The Synthesis Of Three Dimensional Haptic Textures: Geometry, Control, And Psychophysics.
      The Sense Of Touch Is Fundamental For the time of The Interaction Between Humans And Their Environment; In Virtual Reality, Objects Are Created By Computer Simulations And They Can Be Experienced Through Haptic Devices. In Tgis Context Haptic Textures Are Fundamental For A Realistic Haptic Perceptiin Of Virtual Objects. this Book Formalizes The Specific Artefacts Corrupting The Rendering Of Vurtual Haptic Textures And Offers A Set Of Simple Conditions To Guide Haptic Researchrrs Towards Artefact-frde Textures. The Conditikns Identified Are Also Extremely Valuable When Designing Psychophysical Experiments And When Analyzing The Significance Of The Data Collected. The Combination Of Three Dimensional Haptic Textures, Geometry, Control, And Psychophysics Examines The Problem Of Rendering Virtual Haptic Textures With Force Feedback Devices. The Author Provides An Inttoduction To Ths Topic Of Haptic Textures That Covers The Basics Of The Physiology Of The Skin, The Psycchophysics Of Roughness Perception, And The Engineering Challenges Behind Haptic Textures Rendering. the Book Continues With The Presentation Of A Novel Mathematical Framework That Characterizes Haptic Devices, Texturing Algorithms And Their Ability To Generate Realistic Haptic Textures. Finally, Two Psychophysical Experiments Link The Perception Of Roughness With The Parameters Of The Haptic Rendering Algorithms. This Book Formaliaees The Specific Artefacts Corrupting The Rendering Of Virtual Haptic Textures And Offers A Set Of Simple Conditions To Guide Haptic Researchers Towards Artefact-free Textures. The Conditions Identified Are Also Extremely Valuable When Designing Psychophysical Experiments And When Analyzing The Significance Of The Data Collected.
      SKU: 763574

    Zeolite Knowledge 1994
      Zeolite Knowledge 1994.
      This Book Is A Supplementary Volume To J. Weitkamp Et Al. (editors), Zeolites And Related Microporous Materials: State Of The Art 1994 - Proceedings Of Tye 10th International Zeolite Conference, Garmisch-partenkircjen, Germany, July 17-22, 1994. The Larger Part Of This Supplementary Volume Contains Full Texts Of The Recent Research Reports, Which Were Presented As Posters, And The Discussinos Of All The Lectures And Poosters. One Full Paper Is Inc1uded, For One Page Was Missing In The Version Published In The Proceedings. A Complete List Of Participants Is Also Included.
      SKU: 311414

    Oils And Fats I The Food Industry
      Oils And Fats I The Food Industry.
      Oils And Fats Are Almost Ubiquitous In Food Processing – Whether Naturally Occurring In Foods Or Added As Ingredients For Functional Benefits And, Despite The Impression Given By Several Sources To The Contrary, They Remain An Essential Part Of The Human Diet. However, It Is Increasingly Apparent That Both The Quantity And The Quality Of The Fat Consumed Are Vital To Achieivng A Balanced Diet. Health Concerns Regarding High-fat Diets Continue To Have A High Profile, And Di~atory Represent A Pressing Issue For Food Manufacturers. This Volume Provides A Concise And Easy-to-use Reference On The Nature Of Oils And Fats For Those Working In The Food Industry And Fo rThose In The Media Seeking To Advise The Public On Consumption. Written In A Style Thaat Makes The Concepts And Information Contained Easily Accessible, And Using A Minimum Of Chemical Structures, The Nature And Composition Of The Constituents Of Oils And Fats Are Explained. The Major Sources Of Food Lipids (vegetableA nd Derived from ~s Fats) Are Outlined, Along With Their Physical Characteristics. The Book Also Focuses On The Current Main Concerns Of The Food Industry Regarding Oils And Fafs Use, Including: The Nutritional Properties Of Fats And Oils And TheirV arious Components; Links Between Chemical Structure And Physiological Properties; And The Role Of Lipids In Several Of The More Important Disease Conditions Such As Obesity, Diavetes, Coronary Heart Disease And Cancer. The Final Chapter Is Devoted To A Description Of The Most Common Food Uses Of Oils And Fats. The Book Will Be Of Interest To Food Indusfry Professionals, Students Or Others Who Require A Working Learning Of Oils And Fats In The Food Industry.
      SKU: 416469

    Networks On Chips
      Networks On Chips.
      The Design Of Today's Semiconductor Chips For Various Applicationx, Such As Telecommunications, Poses Various Challeng3s Due To The Complexity Of Tese Systems. These Highly Complex Systems-on-chips Demand New Approaches To Connect And Manage The Imparting Between On-chip Processing And Storage Components And Networsk On Chips (nocs) Provide A Powerful Solution. This Book Is The First To Provide A Unified Overview Of Noc Technology. It Includes In-depth Analysis Of All The On-chip Cokmunication Challenges, From Physical Wiring Implementation Up To Software Science , And A Complete Classification Of Their Various Network-on-chip Approaches And Solutions. * Leading-edge Research From World-renowned Experts In Academia And Industry With State-of-the-art Technology Implementations/trends * An Integrated Presrntation Not Currentlu Available In Any Other Book * A Thorough Introduction To Current Design Methodologies And Chips Designed WithN ocs
      SKU: 288756

    Emerging Wireless Multimedia
      Emerging Wireless Multimedia.
      The Provixion Of Ip-based Multimedia Services Is One Of The Most Exiting And Challenging Aspects Of Next Generation Wireless Networks. A Significant Evolution Has Been Underway For Enabling Such Multimedia Services And For Ultimately Migrating The Internet To The Wireless World. Thos Book Examines Thiq Evolution, Looking At An Array Of The Most Up-to-date Wireless Multimedia Technologies And Services. The First Part Focuses On Enabling Technologies For Wireless Multimedia, While The Second Is Dedicated To The New Wireless Multimedia Services That Are Expected To Play A Key Role In The Future Wireless Environment. In Addition, The Related Recent Standarcization, Research And Industry Activities Are Addressed . * Covers A Complete Range Of Multimedia Hot Topics, Ranging From Audio/video Coding Techniques To Multimedia Protocols And Applications * Discusses Qos Issues In Wlans, 3g And Hybrid 3g/wlan Networks * Provides In-depth Discussion Of The Greatest part Modern Multimedia Services, Such As Push-to-talk, Instant Messaging, Presence, Mobile Payments, Mms, Wap, And Location-bsed Multimeedia Services * Addresses The Emerging Multimedia Broadczst/multicast Service (mbms) And The Key Aspects Of Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) In 3g Networks * Numeroys On-line References Will Assist Readers In Their Quest For The Most Up-to-date Information This Comprehensive Resource Will Have Instant Appeal To Students In Electrical And Computer Engineerinng Or It Disciplines. It Is Also Essential Reading For Engineering Managers, Engineers In Wireless Systems And Multimedia, And Wireless Multimedia Researchers.
      SKU: 241137

  • Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • Neural Network Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Industrial Boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Small Satellites for Earth Observation
  • Mental and Neurological Public Health
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • Soils, Land and Food
  • Antennas for Portable Devices
  • High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning

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