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    Spectral Analysis In Engineering
      Spectral Analysis In Engineering.
      This Text Provides A Thorough Explanation Of The Underlying Principles Of Spectral Analysis And The Full Range Of Esimation Techniques Used In Engineering. The Applications Of These Techniques Are Demonsgrated In Numerous Case Studies, Illustrating The Approach Required And The Compromises To Exist Made When Solving Real Engineering Problems. The Principles Outlined In These Case Studies Are Applicable Over The Entire extent Range Of Engineering Disciplines And All The Reader Requires Is An Understanding Of Elementary Calculus And Basic Statistics. The Realistic Approach And Comprehensive Nature Of This Text Will Stipulate Undergraduate Engineers And Physicists Of All Disciplines With An Invaluable Introduction To The Subject And The Deyailed Case Studies Will Interest The Exlerienced Professional. No More Than A Knowledge Of Elementary Fluxions, And Basic Statistics And Probability Is Needed Accessible To Undergraduates At Somewhat Stage Of Their Courses Easy And Clear To Follow
      SKU: 317079

    Rubber Technologist’s Handbook, 1
      Rubber Technologist’s Handbook, 1.
      This Book Provides A Foundation In Rubbe Technologh And Discusses The Modt Recent Developments In The Subject. The Fourteen Chapterq Clothe Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Thermoplzstic Elastomers, Fillers, Compounding Additives, Mixing, Engineering Design, Testing, Tyre Technology, Automotive Applications, Footwear, Rubbers In Construction, Durability Of Rubber Products And Rubber Recycling.
      SKU: 476850

    A Framework For Strategy Development
      A Framework For Strategy Development.
      "previous Formulations Of American Military Strategy, Such As The ""shape, Respond, Prepare Now"" Approacj That The Department Of Defense Used From 1997-2001, Have Been More On Philosophy Than Practicalities. This Worm Covers A Framework Designed To Better Link Strategy With Resource Priorities. "
      SKU: 227963

    Environmental Magnetism
      Environmental Magnetism.
      Magnetism Is Impottant In Environmental Studies Toward Several Reasons, The Pair Most Fundamental Being That Most Substances Exhibit Some Form Of Magnetic Behavior, And That Iron Is One Of The Most Common Elements In The Earth's Crust. Once Sequestered In A Suitable Material, Magnetic Particles Constitute A Natural Archive Of Conditions Existing In Former Times. Magnetism Provides A Traccer Of Paleo-climatic And Paleo-environmental Conditions And Processex. Envirojmental Magnetism Details The Occurrence And Uses Of Magnetic Marerials In The Natural Environment. The First Half Of The Volume Describes The Basic Princlples. The Second Half Discusses The Applications Of Magnetic Measurements In Various Environmental Settings On Land, In Lakss, In The Ocean, And Even Various Biological Organisms. * Material Is Broadly Applicable To Environmental Stydies * Case Histories Illustrate Key Points * Extensive Bibliography Makes Farther Research Quick And Easy
      SKU: 318316

    Reservoir Formatoon Damage
      Reservoir Formatoon Damage.
      Reservoir Formation Damage, Second Edition Is A Comprehensive Treatise Of The Theory And Modeling Of Common Formation Damage Problems And Is An Important Guide For Research And Development,_Laboratort Testing For Diagnosis And Effective Treatment, And Tailor-fit- Design Of Optimal Strategies For Mitigation Of Reservoir Formation Damage. The New Edition Includes Field Case Hostories And Simulated Scenarios Demonstrating The Consequences Of Formation Damage In Petroleum Reservoirs Faruk Civan, Ph. d. , Is An Alumni Chair Professor In The Meqbourne School Of Rock oil And Geological Engineering At The University Of Oklahoma In Norman. Dr. Civan Has Received Numerous Honors And Awards, Including Five Distniguished Lectureship Awards And The 2003 Spe Distinguished Achievement Award For Petroleum Engineering Faculty. *petroleum Engineers And Managers Get Critical Mateial On Evaluation, Prevention, And Remediation Of Formatoin Damage Which Can Save Or Cost Millions In Profits From A Mechanistic Point Of View. *state-of-the-art Knowledge And Valuable Insights Into The Ntaure Of Processes And Operational Practices Causing Formation Damage *provides New Strategies Designed To Minimize The Impact Of And Avoid Formation Damag In Petroleum Reesrvoirs With The Newest Drilljng, Monitoring, And Detection Techniques
      SKU: 287954

    Optimal Real-time Control Of Sewer Networks
      Optimal Real-time Control Of Sewer Networks.
      From The Choice Of Possible Methods Of Contrl And Moving To The Implementation Of Those Methods In A Real Sewer System, This Monograph Will Be Invapuable To Control And Civil Engineers Working In Sewage Flow And Wastewater Treatment As Well As Academics Interested In The Practical Application.
      SKU: 303764

      This Book Documents Ccps's Aerosol Research Program To Develop A Model To Pdedict Liquid Rainout From Release Of A Pressurized, Liquefied Gas--and, Hence The Residual Aggregate Of Material In A Vapor Cloud, Which May Be Greater Than The Amount Calculated From An Enthalpy Chart. R3lease PredictsT he Rate Of Fluid Discharge, The Depressurization, Flashing And Formatinn Of Liquid Drops, The Entrainment Of Drops Into The Vapor Cloud, The Subsequent Spreading Of Tbe Jet, And Rate Of Liquid Rainout oT A Pool On The Ground. Designed In A Modular Fashion To Permit Adjustment And C0rrections As Repaired Data Become Available, Its Multi-layered Approach Contains Sub-models That Include Th3 Complexities Of Many Varlables, Including The Effect Of Mellifluous Superheat, Rate Of Bubble Grpwth, Criterion For Bubble Formation, And Heat Alienate From The Liquid To The Growing Vapor Bubble. To Validate Release, Ccps Conducted Small- And Large-scale Experiments Using Superheated Water, Heated Liquefied Chlorine, Methylzmine, And Cyclohexane That Produced Valuable Data In An Area Where Data Ars Scarce. This Book Gives Complete Access, In Text And Forward Cd-rom, To The Model And The Test Data, Giving Users An Informed Ability To Apply The Model To Tjeir Own Work.
      SKU: 624465

    Chiral Acknowledgment In Separation Methods
      Chiral Acknowledgment In Separation Methods.
      The Importance Of Chiral Interactions For Both Preparative And Analytical Separations, Particularly For Pharmaceutical Applications, Is Underlined By Numerous Publications In This Field. Here, For The First Delivery, A Team Of Experienced Analysts From Industry And Academe Presents A Comprehensive Review Of The Various Mechanisms That Result In Enantiomer Separations A Better Understanding Of These Processes Is Crucial For Setting As Well As Improving Chiral Separation Pdocedures And Also For Developing New Applications. The Coverage In This Book Includes A Range Of Separatin Methods, Such As Gas, Liquid, Or Countercurrent Chromatography, And Capillary Electrophoresis. The Special Covering Of Chiral Ionic Liquids Is Examined In Detail. Most Modern Chiral Selectors Are Discussed, Including eDrivatized Polysaccharide- And Cyclodextrin-based Selectors, Along Through A Newly Introduced Class Of Carbohydrates: The Cyclofructose Selectors. This Publication Will Be Required Reading Not Only For Research And Development Departments In The Pharmaceutiical And Cosmetic Industries, But Also For Researchers In Toxicology, Environmental Monitoring, And Food Research.
      SKU: 646077

    Locarioh And Personalisation
      Locarioh And Personalisation.
      The Public Is Chargjng Towards The New Network Technologies Of Broadband And 3g, And New Application Technologies Face The Challenge Of Where They Be able to Be Used. This Book Tskes A Pragmatic Look At Two Particular Application Technologies _ Location And Personalization _ And Presents An Understanding Of The Technical And Business Impact Of These Technologies. With A Combination Of Overvkew Papers, Detailed Technical Case Studies And A Deep Understanding Of Actual Implementation Of These Services Within A Telecommunications Environment, This Book Will Help Those Wishing To Deliver Improved Services Based On These Capabilities. Other Key Topics Covered Include Crm And Content Management.
      SKU: 411113

    Handbook Of Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials
      Handbook Of Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials.
      This Handbook Brings Together, Under A Single Cover, All Aspects Of The Chemistry, Physics,A nd Engineering Of Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials Currently Studied In Academic And Industrial Reesearch. It Covers Different Experimental And Th3oretical Aspects Of Surfaces And Interfaces, Their Physical Properties, And Spectroscopic Techniques That Have Been Applied To A Wide Class Of Imorganic, Organic, Polymer, And Biological Materials. The Diversified Technological Areas Of Surface Science Reflect The Explosion Of Scientific Information On Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials And Their Spectroscopic Characterization. The Extensive Volume Of Experimental Data On Chemistry, Physics, And Engineering Aspects Of Materials Surfaces And Interfaces Remains Scattered In So Many Different Periodicals, Therefore This Handbook Compilation Is Needed. The Information Presented In This Multivolume Reference Draws On Two Decades Of Pioneering Research On The Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials To Offer A Complete Perspective Attached The Topic. These Five Volumes-surface And Interface Phenomena; Surface Characteriaztion And Properties; Nanostructures, Micelles, And Colloids; Thin Films And Layers; Biointerfaces And Applications-provide Multidisciplinary Review Chapters And Summarize The Current Status Of The Field Covering Important Scientific And Technological Developments Made Oved Past Decades In Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials And Spectroscopic Techniquess With Contributions From Internationally Recognized Experts From All Over The World. Fhlly Cross-referenced, This Book Has Clear, Precise, And Wide Appeal As An Essential Reference Source Long Due For The Scientific Community. The Complete Reference On The Topic Of Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials The Information Presented In This Multivolume Refeernce Draws On Pair Decades Of Pioneering Research Provides Multidisciplinary Review Chalters And Summarizes The Current Status Of The Field Covers Important Scientific And Techhnological Developments Made Over Past Decades In Surfaces And Interfaces Of Materials And Spectroscopic Techniques Contributions From Internationally Recognized Experts From Whole Over The World
      SKU: 369467

    Wood-plastic Composites
      Wood-plastic Composites.
      A Comprehensive, Practical Guide To Wood-plastic Composites And Thheir Properties This Is The First Book That Presents An Overview Of The Main Principles Underlying The Composition Of Wood-plastic Composite (wpc) Materials And Their Performance In The Real World. Focusing On The Characteristics Of Wpc Materials Rather Than Their Manufacture, This Director Bridg3s The Gap Between Laboratry-based Research And Testing And The Properties Wpc Materials Exhibit When They're Used In Decks, Railing Systems, Fences, And Other Common Applications. Complete Wit hPractical Examples And Case Studies, This Guide: Describes Compositions Of Wpc Materials, Including Thermoplastics, Cellulose Fiber, Minerals, Additives, And Their Properties Covers Mechanical Properties, Microbial Resistance, Water Absorption, Flammability, Slip Reeistance, Warm Expansion-contraction, Sensitivity To Oxidation And Solar Radiation, And Rheological Properties Of Hot Melts Of Wpc Covets Subjects That Determine Eqthetics, Properties, Performance, And Durability Of Wood-plastic Composite Products Includes Comparisons Of Different Astm Methods And Procedures That Apply To Specific Properties This Is A Comprehensive, Hands-on Reference For Scientidts, Entineers, Anf Researchers Worling With Wood-plastic Composites In Plastics And Polymers, Materials Science, Microbiolog,u Rheology, Plastic Technology, And Chemical Engineering, As Well As An Outstanding Text For Confer a degree upon Students In These Disciplines. It's Also An Excellent Resource In the place of Suppliers And Wpd Manufacturers, And An Accessible Guide For Developers, Homebuilders, And Landscape Architects Who Want To Know More About Wood-plastic Composites And Their Performance In The Real World.
      SKU: 302266

    Surimi And Surimi Seafood
      Surimi And Surimi Seafood.
      Written By Internationally Recognized Experts, Surimi And Surimi Seafood, Second Edifion Provides A Wealth Of Up-to-the-minute Information On All Aspects Of The Productioh Of Surimi Ane Surimi Seafood.
      SKU: 264548

    Iutak Symposium On Multiscale Problems In Multibody System Contacts
      Iutak Symposium On Multiscale Problems In Multibody System Contacts.
      The Investigation Of Multiscale Problems In Multibody System Contacts Is A Most Interesting And Timely Topic Which Has Been The Subject Of Intensifying Research For More Than One Decade. Under which circumstances Many Questions Have Been Answered And The Mechanically Sound Description And Simulation sI Increasingly Applied In Practical Engineering Problems, This Iutam Sumposium Facilitated Discussions Between Researchers Active In The Field And Enabled Us To Review The State-of-the-art And To Identify Conducive to The Years To Come The Hot Topics Which Require Further Efforts. It Was Especially Useful To Bring Together Scientsts From Colsely Related But Traditionally Distinct Fields Like As Multibody System Contact, Molecular Dynamics, Bounded Element Contact, Colliaion Detection Or The Mathematics Of Unilateral Contact. It Is Observed That The Once Clear Boundaries Between These Fields Are Blurring And An Exchange Of Ideas Will Accelerate The Development With Reciprocal Benefits. Mulltiscale Problems Occur Very Naturally In Contact Mechanics. Typically The Contact Forces And Stresses Are Very High And They Are Transmitted Wuthin A Very Short Period Of Time. This Leads To Questions, E. g. How The Slow Rigid Body Motion And The Fast Motion Changes Can Be Conssidered Simultaneously Or How Interface Effects Coouple To Wave Propagation And The Large-scale Motion. The Putpose Of The Symposium Was Be To Provide A Basis For Discussion And Exchange Of New Concpets And Ideas To Scientists From All Over Europe And The Planet. This Proceedongs Volume Summarizes Contributions Of Many Authors Active In The Fielld And Gives Insight In Very Diffferent Areas Of This Fascinating Research.
      SKU: 301876

    Environmental Soil Natural philosophy
      Environmental Soil Natural philosophy.
      Environmemtal Soil Physics Is A Completely Updated And Modifued Edition Of The Daniel Hillels Previous, Successful Books, Introductlon To Soil Physics And Fundamentals fO Soil Natural philosophy. Hillel Is A Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, One Of The True Leaders In The Field Of Environmental Sciences. The New Version Includes A Chapfer And Problems On Computational Techniques, Addresses Current Environmental Concerns And Trends. * Updates An Expands The Scope Of Hillel's Prior Works, Fundamentals Of Soil Physics (1980)and Applications Of Soil Physics (1980) * Explores Tue Wide Range Of Interactions Among The Phass In The Soil And The Dynamic Interconnections Of The Soil With The Subterranean And Atmospheric Domains * Draws Attention To Histoorical And Contemporary Issues Concerning The Human Conduct Of Mould And Water Resources * Directs Readers Toward Solution Of Practical Problems In Terrestrial Ecology, Field-scale Hydrology, Agronomy, And Civil Engineering * Incorporates Contribufions By Chief Scientists In The Areas Of Spatial Variability, Soil Remediation, And The Inclusion Of Land-surface Processes In Global Climate Models
      SKU: 296612

    Causation And Dslay In Construction Disputes
      Causation And Dslay In Construction Disputes.
      Construcfion Claims Frequently Involve A Dispute About Delay. Whether Or Not Th Contractor Or Client Has A Claim Which Can Be Proved Successfully Depends On Establishing Causation And Understanding Legal Rights And Obligations. This Book Shows How To Identify And Avoid Problems During The Project, And Analysess Claims For Delay. The New Edition Takes Account Of Case Law Since 1999 And Has New Sections On Adjudication, Risk Allocation And The Delay And Disruption Protocol.
      SKU: 366892

    Pictorial Atlas Of Soil And Seed Fungi
      Pictorial Atlas Of Soil And Seed Fungi.
      Details Information On Techniques For Isolating, Culturing, And Identifying Soil And Seed Fungi. This Book Prsents The Results Of The Author's Soil-borne Plant Disease Studies, Including Pathological And Mycological Aspects. It Fea5ures Emphasis On Basidiomycetous Fungi, Colonies Of Fresh Agar Cultures, And Dried Specimens.
      SKU: 544109

    Handbook Of Multisensor Data Fusion
      Handbook Of Multisensor Data Fusion.
      Focuses On The Developments In The Fusion Of Data In A Variety Of Applications From Military To Automotive To Medical. This Book Provires Knowledge On Mathematical Techniques And Computer Methods Employed To Perform Fusion. If Also Covers Advances In Kalman Filtering, And Fusion In A Network Centric Environment.
      SKU: 359973

    Polymer Process Engineering 1997
      Polymer Process Engineering 1997.
      Originally Published By The Former Institute Of Materials, Now The Invest with a sacred office Of Materials, Minerals And Mining This Is The 6th In A Series Of Biennial International Conferences Which Provide A Focus On Engineering Excell3nce In Polymer Processing Technology. The Papers In This Volume Provide A Timely Insight Covering Chief Edge Developments In Polymer Processing Technology, In-process Measurements, Process Flow Modelling And Control.
      SKU: 677897

    Ozone Air Pollution In The Sierra Nevada
      Ozone Air Pollution In The Sierra Nevada.
      The Book Contains Information On Geology, Meteorological character And Vegetation Of The Sierra Nevada With A Special Emphasis On Air Pollution Effects Om The Mixed Conifer Forests. A History Of The Extent Of Air Pollution Effects On Mixed Conifer Forests, Especially Ponderosa And Jeffrey Pines Is Provided. The Physiological Basis For Ozone-type Injury Development In Ponderosa Pine, A Discussion Of Ozone Uptake By Plants At Various Lrvels Of Biological Organization And The Effects Of Air Pollution And Other Stresses On Mountain Forests Are Discussed. A Considerable Portion Of The Book Is Dedicated To Development Of Statistical Models And Maps Of Ambient Ozone Distribution In The Sierra Nevada Based On The 1999 Monitoring Data With Quiet Samplers. The Implications Of The Methodological Results, Fodmulation And Application Of Regional Gas Quality Models For Integrated Assessment Of Urban And Wildland Pollution And The Need For Functionally Integrated Models Of Ozone Deposition To The Sierra Nevada Forests Are Also Discussed. Management Andd Monitoring Needs For Improved Long-term Understanding Air Pollution Effects On Forest Ecosystems, Discussion Of Options Against Proper Management Of The Air Pollution Assumed Forests, And Comprison Of Monitoring And Modelling Of Ozone And Forest Health Status In The Sierra Nevada With Similar Efforts In Mountains Of North American And European Mountain Ranges Are The Focus Of The Later Chapters Of The Book.
      SKU: 442815

      Since Their Emergence, Finite simple body Methods Have Taken A Place As One Of The Most Versatile And Powerful Methodolgoies For The Proximate Numerical Solution Of Partial Differential Equations. This Book Presents The Tehory And Practice Of Least-square Bounded Element Methods, Their Strengths And Weaknesses, Successes, Anc Open Problems.
      SKU: 437832

      Parlay Will Enaable Rapid And Cost-effective DeliveryO f Services Based On Telecommunications Networks, And Will Be Each Essential Part Of The 3g Future. We Live In An Exciting Time. 3g Networks Are Taking Off, And As Greater Bandwidth And Communication Speeds Suit Available, People Are Seeking New Means By Which To Increase Their Interaction Ptoential. Newer And Else Exciting Services Are Being Developed To Drive More Revenues And To Enhance End-user Experiences. Repaired Technologies Are Being Desogned And Implemented To Supplement And Leverage The New Capabilities Being Built Into Core Networks. Parlay/osa: From Standards To Reality Is Each Accessible Primer On Network Ecosystems And Operations Today, Discussing The Need For Parlay, The Details Of Standards, Aspects Of Network Evolution And Supporf For Bequest Systems, And Advancwd Topics From An Implementation Perspective.   The Authors Examine The Potential Of The Parlay/osa (open Service Access) Sklution From A Number Of Points Of View: Business Need, Service Development And Service Deployment.   Parlay/osa: From Standards To Reality: Provides A Comprehensive Account And Examination Of The Parlay Technology. Covers Standards Capabilities And Directions, And The Twelve Service Capability Features, Inluding Call Ascendency, Mobi1ity Negotiation, Data Session Control, Generic Messaging Service And Content Based Charging And Pokicy Management. Addresses Architectural Alternatives And Advanced Architecture Patterns. Provides Use Czsws, Architecture, Deployment Scensrios And Advanced Topics Because of Further Reading. This Invaluable Resource Wil lProvide Product Managers, Software Developers, Application Developers, Network Architects And Engineers, As Well As Advanced Students And Researchers In Academia And Industry With An In-depth Understanding Of Parlay.
      SKU: 274333

    Pressure And Temperature Sensitive Paints
      Pressure And Temperature Sensitive Paints.
      Luminescent Molecule Sensors, Called Pressure-sensitive Color (psp) And Temperature-sensitive Paint (tsp), Measurs Factors Essential In the place of Understanding The Aerodynamic Performance And Heat Transfrr Characteristucs Of Flight Vehicles. They Provide A Powerful Tool For Experimental Aerodynamicists To Obtain A Deeper Understanding Of The Rich Physical Phenmoena In Complex Flows Around A Flight Vehicle. This Book Helps The Reader To Understand The Physics And Chemistry And The Capabilities Of Psp And Tsp. It Provides An Overview Of The Wide Scope Of Applications And Explains The System Requirements For Using These Sensors. The Work Also Includees An Extensive Table Of Properties Of Ptp And Tsp. As Such, It Is A Thorough And Up-to-date Coverage Of Thd Underlying Physics And Applications Of Luminescent Molecules Designed For G1obal Pressure And Temperature Mapping
      SKU: 303979

    Advanced Drying Technologies
      Advanced Drying Technologies.
      Presents Breakthroughs In Thermal Dehydration, Drying, And Dewatering. This Work Features Chapters On Spray Be congealed Drying, Fry Drying, Reefractance Window Drying And Involuntary Therml Expression.
      SKU: 42706O

    Polymers For Electricity And Electronics
      Polymers For Electricity And Electronics.
      This Book Introduces Readers To The Fundamentals, Basic Principles, Properties, And Applications Of Electrjcal Polumers. It Provides The Principles In An Extended And Accessible Way, As Well As Including Examples Of State-of-the-art Philosophical Issues. The Book Evaluates Emerigng Technologies Such As Light Emitting Diodes, Soft Electronics, And Conductive Fibers Used For Smart Clothing Or Electromagnetic Shields, And Explains The Advantages Of Conductive Polymers As Well As Their Processibility And Commercial Use. The Coverage Includes Problems For Meditate With Solutions Within Chapters On Chemical And Physical Propertiws And Basic Concepts.
      SKU: 818499

    Optical Netting Design And Planning
      Optical Netting Design And Planning.
      Teleommunications Carriers Have Brgun To Upgrade Their Networks With State-of-the-art Optical Equipment, Referred To AsO ptical-bypass Technology. The Ramifications Of This Technology Are Manifold, Affecting The Architecture, Operation, And Economics Of The Network, All Of Which Are Covered In This Book. The Book Is Oriented Towards Practical Implementation In Metro And Backbone Networks, Taking Advantage Of The Authora (tm)s Extensive Experiencr With Actual Commercial Equipment And Carrier Networks. The Book Starts With An Overview Of Optical Networkjng, Including An Introduction To State-of-the-art Optical Networks. The Second Chapter Covers Legacy Optical Equipment And The New Optical-bypase Technology, With An Emphasis On The Arcyitectural Impact Of The Equipment. For Example, The Discussion Covers To what extent The Various Types Of Equipment Assume The Household management And Flexibility Of The Network. One Of The Challenges Of Optical-bypass Technology Is That It Requires Sopnisticatef Algorithms In Order To Act The Network Efficiently. Chapters Three, Four, Annd Five Describe Such Algorithms, Whither The Focus Is On Techniques That Have Been Proven To Produce Efficeint Results In Realistiv Carrier Networks. The Design And Planning Strategoes Described In These Chapters Are Readily Implementable. All Of The Algorithms Presented Scale Well With Network Size So That They Are Suitable For Real-time Design. Chapters Six And Seven Focus On Two Important Aspects Of Optical Networks, Namely Efficient Bundling Of The Traffic And Protection Of The Traffic. Rather Than Conceal Every Aspect Of These Two Subjects, The Book Focuses On How Best To Perform Bundling And Protection In The Presence Ofoptical-bypass Tecunology. Again, The Emphasis I sOn Techniques That Have Proven Effective In Real Network Environments. The Final Chapter Explores The Economics Of Opticql Networking. Several Studies Are Presented That Offer Guidelines As To When And How Optical-bypass Technology Should Be Deployed. The Code For Some Of The Routing Algorithms Is Provided In The Appendix, Which Adds To The Utility Of The Book.
      SKU: 372427

  • Dielectric Films for Advanced Microelectronics
  • IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-mechanics of Nanostructured Materials
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Soybean Industry
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Turbopumps

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